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Singing In The Rain

phillipa soo x reader

prompt: you weren’t the kind of person caught in the city in the middle of a downpour. pippa has other ideas though.

a/n: a little pippa fluff for your life 


You and your girlfriend, Pippa, were currently walking the bustling and crowded streets of Manhattan. With your hand firmly clasped in hers, you allowed Pippa to lead you through the sidewalks and streets of the city you both learned to love.

It was fairly late, maybe around ten o’clock, as you and Pippa weaved yourselves through the still busy sidewalks of New York City. You had just gotten out of Pippa’s shows, for once not staying back to hang out with the cast. 

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Love Triangle-Part Two

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Summary: (Y/N) has feelings for her best friend, Scott. Scott’s in a perfect relationship that she doesn’t want to destroy. Theo has feelings for (Y/N), feelings he’s never felt before. So what happens when she’s caught in the middle?

Theo Raeken x Reader
Scott McCall x Reader

(Y/N) = Your Name
(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

Part One

Requested: Can’t remember but I think so.

Sorry to everyone that has been waiting on part two. I’ve been really busy with school and my personal life that it’s just gotten in the way. I hope you enjoy this after a long wait J

Next: Hopefully Family is Forever but if not then if not then One Year-Part three or four can’t remember. 

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anonymous asked:

What's it like when you're writing all of these AMAZING FanFiction stories? How do you get your creative drive? How do you just picture everything that's going on?

Oh goodness, hahaaa. Thank you! I haven’t had any time to write creatively over the last like year because my life is journalism, journalism, journalism… 

I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing, but my life has only gotten more and more busy. But honestly, my entire process is just…write. I literally make up everything on the spot as I go. I never premeditate anything, hahaa. 

anonymous asked:

sorry for the bother i haven't been on here in a while , i used to see a lot of admin m answering questions ( I LOVE YOU NINI AND TAL PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY ) I just haven't seen her answering at all anymore and i noticed in the bio about the admins she doesn't have a get to know me type thing. if you answered this already i'm sorry i just wanted to know

she hasn’t been active in a while and we don’t have a link to the intro post that she made (dw, we all miss her, so i feel you)

the last time she posted was 3 months ago and my theory is that she got busy, or has gotten to a better place in her life and isn’t using social media, or the same social media



I’ll be out for a while. My life has gotten super busy and I hope everyone understands. You can still submit, I just might not post it for another week.

Thank you,

Just some general housekeeping things:

I’ve updated my guidelines! I’ve had a few people ask for clarification on certain issues, so I’m hoping this clears it up.
I am not taking on new threads on this blog for the foreseeable future; life has gotten busy, and I’m struggling with my OCD, particularly “bad numbers”. Until I have it all under control again, I’m staying in my comfort zone. This isn’t counting threads we’ve discussed but have yet to start; if I’ve promised you a starter, it’s coming.
If our thread has been inactive for more than a month, I’m considering it dead unless we’ve discussed it OOC. I’m happy to un-archive threads if you get in touch in the future, but for now just for my own comfort, they’re shelved. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve told everyone, but if I haven’t this is here. 
My schedule has changed recently, and will continue to change this year. Replies are going to be a little more spaced out than they have been in the past. I feel a little conscious that my writing quality has been lacking lately, and I don’t want to do that to you guys. You all give me your best and I want to be able to give my best back. So, I’ll limit my replies to clear-headed days.
Literally just thank you for being patient and sticking around, I appreciate everyone here, too much. 

Prompt: Dry Spell.

It had been 18 days, 21 hours and approximately 4 minutes since he’d last had her, not that he was counting.

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My newest CREEPS book comes out a week from today, just in time for October!  I’ve always like fall-centric spooky kid stories, and I’m glad to have gotten to do one.  I hope you’ll pick it up for yourself or a kid in your life.  And the other Creeps books are available, too, of course!

Here’s what some fancy reviewin’ folks have said about the series:

“Schweizer has created a story with just enough icky, spooky action for middle-grade readers who want horror stories but don’t want them too scary…The mixed-gender, multicultural team guarantees that this series opener will appeal to a broad range of readers." Booklist

"An excellent complement to his prose, Schweizer’s cleanly paneled art is bright and busy, ever ready with a gag that helps blend the ghastly with the goofy, making his gang’s antics reminiscent of Scooby Doo…Silly fun with a smattering of science." Kirkus Reviews

"A wide range of readers will tear through this well-written and zanily-drawn book, and they will be eager to see what wild adventures the four friends will have in the next volume." School Library Journal

I came out on facebook today

I had told myself for months that I would do it the day I started hormones, and that day was Thursday. I was just so busy that day, that I decided not to do it. I didn’t want to do it friday, because april fools. I kept putting it off, until I decided to do it today.

I felt like I was going to die or pass out when I was hovering over that post button. I could’ve lost everyone in my life in the click of a button. My life could’ve been over.

But it wasn’t. Everything went okay. In fact, no one has said anything mean at all, and I’ve gotten even MORE friend requests since then. Crazy. My life sure has been wild the last week lol

Hope & despair

There’s a girl you probably have known for a while now, but never have truly gotten to know.

She was a party girl once, but now tries to stay in.

She blows off plans because she says she’s “busy,” when actually she’d just like to be

She was never really bullied, but has always had this sadomasochistic relationship with herself, beating herself up in almost any way possible for the pleasure of it.

Everything she does is either black or white, life or death, excitement or dread, even that “terrible beauty.”

She has a couple different groups of friends who she shares different parts of herself with, but sometimes she can’t stand any of them. Rather, she’d be reading a book at a place no one she knows has been to.

She hates what she looks like, but debates over whether or not to have an eating disorder. Sure, it’d be helpful, but also so messy and weakening.

She thinks, see me anyway, see me anyway, as I am, and love me for it.

She wants to shout. Sometimes, she even turns off the music in her car just to hear herself scream.

You probably know this girl.

She writes everything she feels on paper, leaving it in places anyone can find. No one ever has, though she still hopes.

She waits and she waits. She hopes.

#TransformationTuesday photo to boost my motivation! There’s times like these past few days, where I feel that my #workout game has gotten a little weak. However, that’s just part of the game, and a part of living a busy life being a wife, student, instructional aide, and future certified personal trainer. This role set, and my goals define me at this period in life, and I will do my best to always accomplish the goals I set for myself. ✌🏻

Left: 2011 Aug, already a few months into my major weight-loss.
Right: April 2015.

Got an A in business Exam earlier… I feel like I have accomplished a lot! Also, the IT department in our school asked me if I wanted to be an IT Ambassador for the school which means that I get to help those younger than me in school with Computers etc helping people is what I love doing and the fact that I get to do that more, is just amazing! I couldn’t be happier and it’s all because of Taylor!

been eventful week. Very eventful indeed.

Ever since Taylor liked/Followed/Sent me a package my life has just gotten so much better, I just feel so refreshed and confident… I don’t know why I just do! Even my friend said to me on Monday ‘You’ve a new glow about you, never lose it’

Thank You.

It has been 2 years since My Chemical Romance broke up but I am proud of how far they got and how many lives they have saved. Gerard has his own album, Ray is busy making songs, Mikey is now part of Electric Century and Frank is in Frnkiero andthe Cellabration. They are all doing what they love… just not together. Gerard is living a happy life with his family and Mikey has gotten over his addiction. The black parade will never die, they will forever change the world