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Who's most into PDA and takes the teasing from the boys best/worst?

Depending on the PDA, it’s a tie between Gladio and Prompto for who is the most into it.

Gladio is into full-on displays of affection. If he sees someone getting flirty with you to a degree where you look physically uncomfortable, he’s not above grabbing you in his arms and dipping you low for a mind-blowing kiss. He also likes putting his arm around your shoulder or his hand on your waist, and likes putting his hand in the back pocket of your jeans so he can gently squeeze your ass at the most inappropriate times.

Prompto is the one who likes the more cutesy-type displays of affection like hand-holding and kisses to the cheek. He’s the kind of guy that needs to be reminded that you care for him just as much as he cares for you. If you’re walking side by side and you link pinkies, he’ll be over the moon. He can be a little clingy at times, but really, he’s clingy in the way that an adorable puppy is clingy. You want that kind of warmth and affection around you always.

Noctis is probably the worst at taking the teasing from the guys. All he wants to do is sleep, and sometimes he can’t because the other guys are too busy making fun of him for whatever reason. He knows they do it in good fun, but depending on the amount of hours of sleep he’s gotten the night before kind of dictates how quickly he’s going to snap at his friends. And he swears on his life that it wasn’t him who farted in the car, Gladio and Prompto were just being dramatic for no reason.

Ignis handles the teasing the best, mostly because he has the intellectual upper hand on his other friends. Every time they try to tease him for anything, he just lifts his chin and says something way too smart with way too many words and the others take too long of a pause thinking of a comeback. He also has that demeanour of stoicism that’s definitely to his advantage, so even if something is bothering him or if the teasing is getting too ridiculous, you can never tell by just looking at him. When Iggy tells you to shut up (in more than just two words), you shut up.

hey I haven’t logged into this blog in a lil while, I’m sorry for missing messages! I’m stocking up the queue again. also while I’m here u should follow me on tweeter maybe ( ̄ˇ ̄)

After Flash Back, they let Hartley out of the Pipeline to help with Evil!Wells but a part of Cisco just can’t get ‘Holy Harry Potter’ out of his head.

He has to know how deep that wells goes.

He enlists Barry’s help and together they stage of ‘discussion’ within Hartley’s hearing range.

It starts innocently enough, talking about the books and movies and what not, but they keep getting things wrong. It starts off with little things but start escalating to bigger things - mispronouncing Hermione’s name, calling Molly by Holly, etc, before moving onto the ‘Ron was totally a death eater or was going to be one’ and “Snape and Lily should have been together’.

As it goes on, Hartley becomes visibly pained and very determined to try and ignore them.

Then Cisco says ‘The plot to Cursed Child totally made sense.”

Hartley loses it, all but jumping from his seat and starting a rant that lasts 10 minutes, correcting every single thing Barry and Cisco had gotten wrong as well as how much that play makes absolutely no sense but Albus and Scorpius should have gotten together and how dare they.

Once he’s done, he just sits back down with his head in his hands and bemoans that ‘he’s worse than Cisco’.

Cisco has never been happier in his life and if he just so happens to have a HP movie marathon and invites Hartley along, well, that’s his business, isn’t it. its not a date stop laughing barry

i once had a friend who had recently gotten into a relationship, and only two weeks in, she exclaimed “my boyfriend went away on a business trip. thank god. i can’t stand seeing him more than three times a week.” then there’s the ball and chain jokes. and the people who just can’t stop badmouthing their partners behind their backs. why are people like this? why would you waste a part of your life committed to a person you can’t stand? why has this become so cute and trendy thing amongst straight people?

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How much do you usually invest in a con?

Kiriska: Not quite sure how to answer a question this broad, honestly. :o Investment is both constant and on a per-con basis.

I’m nine years into the convention game. A lot of the supplies I got nine years ago I still use, but a lot of things have been gradually replaced over the years. I couldn’t say how much my initial round of supplies cost for my first con ever, but it was probably less than $100 for PVC, tablecloth, and a handful of prints. Nattosoup has a great post about AA essentials for under $30.

Over time, I’ve replaced tablecloths, gotten banners, ordered round after round after round of business cards, gotten new sets of PVC, wooden display racks, new suitcases, etc, etc. Investment is constant, both for promotion, visibility, and just to make my life easier. 

Product investment is also constant. I don’t order product on a per-con basis anymore and usually expect for orders to last 3-4 cons, depending on the set of shows. For example, I have three cons coming up in rapid succession in the next month and I just ordered like $600 worth of prints. Just prints. Doesn’t include other products or supplies.

But again, I’ve been doing this a long time. I have a bunch of big cons in a row. I know which prints are likely to do well, so I order a lot of them. Nine years ago when I first started, I would’ve never spent $600 on prints. Hell, five years ago I would’n’t’ve. My experiences aren’t necessarily applicable to everyone else though.

You can invest as much or as little as you’d like. Return on investment doesn’t always scale the way you’d expect or hope. Some shows turn out better than others, and some investments are more worthwhile than others. But again, not everyone is gonna have the same experience, so it’s important for every artist to experiment on their own and see what works and doesn’t work for them specifically.

Nattosoup:  Like Kiri, my convention game is a several year investment (going on seven, at this point).  My first con, I invested in a tablecloth, some plate stands, some mini comics (three I believe, at 10 copies each), and not much else.  Sales were not good.  Over the years, the investments I’ve found to have been worthwhile, for MY setup and MY merch were:


  • Attending and researching conventions to see if they’re a good fit for me and my work
  • Printing copies of my comic, 7″ Kara, to sell
  • Printing copies of my mini comics, especially my themed sketchbooks- Japantrip, Magical Girl March, Favorite Fictional Femmes
  • Getting banners printed (6′x2′, 3′x2′)
  • Tablecloth
  • Wire grids, and ADDITIONAL wire grids
  • Display materials- cake stands, easels, magnets
  • Mini prints
  • Square/card reader
  • Commission supplies- papers, pencils, ink, watercolors
  • Mailing supplies


  • Developing a blog and an audience
  • Developing a Twitter presence and engaging my peers
  • Developing a Tumblr audience
  • Developing an Instagram audience
  • Past conventions spent talking to potential customers, completing commissions in a timely fashion
  • Engaging other artists as friends and potential con-mates (hotel shares, table shares, getting tips on where product is made)

We have years of con reviews and con tutorials here on the blog that should hopefully help you decide which investments are right for you, your wares, and your interests!

You Just Had To Ruin The Moment.

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Warning(s):None, unless you count me shitting on Alexander’s gross Bjorn beard

Note:I am still taking request! This imagine can be found on my Ao3.

Requested by an Anon:” Can I ask for an alexander ludwig imagine? where Gyda DIDN’T die (RIP) and YN is the actress who plays an older Gyda and her and Alex become an item and the fans love them together? “

You are waiting to be called onto set, about to shoot a scene with Alex Høgh Andersen. You play grown up Gyda, Ragnar and Lagertha’s daughter. Through the seasons and episodes Gyda has became healer of a sort. Although you play a sister to Alexander, Jordan, Marco, David, and Alex, it is safe to say you are closest with Alexander. Over the years of filming and playing close siblings together, you and Alexander had also grown close. Everyone knows of you two being close, but no one knows that you two are in a relationship. You guys don’t like hiding your relationship, but you both feel as though it is best as of right now.

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In a test of my ability to self-regulate my emotions and better utilize my willpower, I am vowing to effectively quit social media.

I say effectively because I am not planning to terminate this blog, but that it will probably be the only social media platform I keep around, and update sparingly. I will do my best to only post content to this blog when it is actually meaningful and worthwhile rather than to just dump my thoughts.

It’s really more than that, though. As silly and trivial as social media might seem, I think it’s slowly but subtly worked to sap away my life force. Which sounds dramatic. But over the many years I think it has robbed me of the opportunity to not only make friends in real life, but also to just be… present.

Social media is not helping me get where I want to be. On the contrary, it’s holding me back. It’s such an integral part of my everyday life that it’s hard to clearly see that right now, but I know it must be true.

To my online friends: I appreciate you. Your friendship is real to me. But it has just gotten to a point where I’m too available to online friends and not enough to offline friends. I want to still keep in touch, but not in a way that Snapchat or instant messaging would allow.

Most urgently, I have 18 credits of upper-level physics and chemistry courses this semester. I have to work a certain amount to pay bills. I’m just too busy to be toying around with my time like I have. I need to value my time equally if not more than I value the time of others. I really can’t do this to myself anymore.

I hope you all understand.

Singing In The Rain

phillipa soo x reader

prompt: you weren’t the kind of person caught in the city in the middle of a downpour. pippa has other ideas though.

a/n: a little pippa fluff for your life 


You and your girlfriend, Pippa, were currently walking the bustling and crowded streets of Manhattan. With your hand firmly clasped in hers, you allowed Pippa to lead you through the sidewalks and streets of the city you both learned to love.

It was fairly late, maybe around ten o’clock, as you and Pippa weaved yourselves through the still busy sidewalks of New York City. You had just gotten out of Pippa’s shows, for once not staying back to hang out with the cast. 

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Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but life has gotten in the way of my perving in a big way. First it was work and then some personal issues that have left me tired and uninterested in writing about jerking off.

And to everyone who were interested, yes, I did get to cum May 9th. But I was so busy with life that the edging schedule I had made masturbation feel like work rather than the fun it’s supposed to be, so the orgasm was far from exploding. It mostly felt like a chore that I just had to get out of the way for some reason. From that point on masturbation was something I could barely squeeze in in my daily schedule, so for a month every orgasm felt as much a chore as the one I had on May 9th.

Then it got easier, and I have been enjoying orgasms a lot for the past week. They have all felt like my cum is getting ripped out of my balls through my cock, and just so good. They’ve left me shaking and panting on my bed, forced to take a shower even though I’ve just wanted to fall asleep right after. That first orgasm I had in the beginning of May feels like a bad joke compared.

As always, cuming this great has been building up to me wanting to stroke longer and longer, and today I’ve had an awesome one hour edging session browsing all the great content you wonderful people have posted, and I think I’m going for at least a short denial period. 

I haven’t set a date and don’t really want to this time, just to eliminate a situation I had a month and a half ago. I’m just going to thoroughly enjoy myself and see where it goes.

So happy fapping, I certainly will!

Headcanon No. 28

What they have to say about those they hold dear

Jeff: “Our friendship has gotten to the point that if he were to die, I’d let Jane kill me because I can’t live without that clown.”

Laughing Jack: “Nothing will ever separate us. Whoever or whatever tries to keep us apart will get the business end of my claws.”

Eyeless Jack: “I just want to see what he looks like. To put a face to his voice. That’s all I’d want. Just to see his face.”

Jane the Killer: “I trust him with my life. I know that he will protect me and be there for me. And I will do the same for him.”

Masky: “She’s my life. She’s one of the only ones who’s been kind to me during my time here. I’d never admit it, but I think she knows that I’d do everything to protect her, though I know she’s capable of protecting herself.”

Hoodie: “All the people I knew, all my friends, left a long time ago. Death does not suit them well and it doesn’t fit me either. I have to survive. For them.”

Toby: “Most of the people here….they’re my friends…but…He doesn’t mock me. He treats me with basic human dignity. We’re both….different. We understand eachother. Which is what draws us closer each day. I just want….I need to see him happy again.”

EXCLUSIVE: 'Mary Kills People' Star Caroline Dhavernas Embraces the Bizarre

Caroline Dhavernas, star of Lifetime’s Mary Kills People, has always been a fan of the unusual.

The Canadian actress – who sunk her teeth into characters like Jaye Tyler on the short-lived whimsical dramedy Wonderfalls and Dr. Alana Bloom on the poetic psychological horror-thriller Hannibal – is eagerly awaiting Showtime’s upcoming Twin Peaks revival. “I can’t wait,” the 38-year-old exclaims giddily over the phone during an early morning chat in April. “I’m beside myself. I don’t understand why I’m not a part of that show.”

Study Dhavernas’ resume and you’ll see why. As the aforementioned roles indicate (both notably with frequent collaborator Bryan Fuller, whose next project is Starz’s American Gods adaptation), the Montreal, Quebec native has a knack for leaning into the quirky, the peculiar and the just plain weird – and she’s absolutely OK with that.

“I like when things are completely absurd. I love that people will step away [from] what has already been done and pre-chewed. I like when people take risks,” Dhavernas says. “I want to be able to challenge myself and challenge the viewer and challenge the back of our mind – the subconscious mind. I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks and any show that will fall into that type of dream-like weird stuff.”

PHOTOS: Cue the Nostalgia! Favorite TV Reunions

Her new series, the six-part Mary Kills People, could classify as “weird,” though not in the Twin Peaks sense. In the Lifetime drama, Dhavernas plays Dr. Mary Harris, a single mother and ER doctor who helps people suffering from terminal illness by illegally ending their lives with assisted suicide. It’s a real-life topic that has been polarizing, though Dhavernas admittedly had difficulty comprehending why a show with such a premise could be seen as provocative.

“I didn’t quite see it as controversial when I first read it, [but] when I saw it marketed that way, I realized that it was because it’s a very sensitive issue for many people,” she recalls, noting that it recently became legal in Quebec for patients to seek physician-assisted dying.

Caroline Dhavernas plays a mother of two living a double life in Lifetime’s Mary Kills People.

Getty Images

“All sorts of characters [on our show] have different opinions on the matter. Mary certainly feels that people should have the right to choose; other characters don’t feel that way,” Dhavernas says. “When I saw the first episode at home with my buddies, we started talking about assisted dying and it was a great way to start a conversation – if that happens in many households, then good.”

Mary Kills People doesn’t pick a side; instead, it digs its heels into Mary’s double life and her gradual downfall with a heavy helping of drama, a splash of sexiness (there’s a hookup or two in the first two episodes) and a dash humor sprinkled throughout (see: Mary’s unique friendship with her partner-in-crime, Des).

“The writers set a really cool tone for it because it could’ve been a very depressing subject matter, but they found a way to give it a lot of meaning and to add a bit of humor. It’s a fun show even though we have moments that are beautiful and dark and deep,” Dhavernas notes. “As an actor, that’s what you’re looking for: different layers, different nuances and gray zones – and Mary is certainly filled with her own contradictions and complexities.”

WATCH: Caroline Dhavernas Struggles as a Door-to-Door Saleswoman in ‘Easy Living’

Early on, Mary meets Joel (Beauty and the Beast’s Jay Ryan), who seeks her out for her services. He’s unlike any other patient she’s helped before, in that he’s attractive, mysterious and has a morbid humor about his upcoming death. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from the first episode, Mary and Joel’s first meeting is fraught with tension – the good kind, of course.

“There’s this very strong, sexual connection there. When he says 'I’m going to die, can you make it happen faster?’ It’s that banter that she really gets,” Dhavernas says with a chuckle, though there’s more to Joel than meets the eye. “She doesn’t really have time for her love life and her sexuality, and he’s just there and they get each other.”

For Dhavernas, the “compact” first season – which aired in Canada earlier this year – was beneficial. “I liked that we shot for three months [in Toronto] and then after that, I went back to traveling and promoting the show, but having a bit of a life as well,” she explains. It’s something Dhavernas has learned to prioritize in her life, as she’s gotten older.

“I don’t really think ahead because in this business, there is so little control over the parts that I have access to,” she says when asked about roles she’s still reaching for, mentioning “crazy talented” TV mind Fuller as someone she’s happy to be associated with.

“He has that capacity to imagine you and takes pleasure in seeing you do the exact opposite of what he’s seen you do before,” Dhavernas praises. “That is so rare in this business.”

Mary Kills People premieres Sunday, April 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

Watch Dhavernas play a self-destructive makeup saleswoman in a clip from the indie film, Easy Living.

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-don’t reblog
soo, just an update,

i’ve been getting some nice requests, and i still had a lot i’ve wanted 2 do, but :”D i most likely won’t be drawing anymore t.g. i’m rly sorry i just don’t have it in me lol ;; switch has been flicked and what not.

anyways;; i’ll still possibly draw requests for like:

y.oi, (i need 2 rewatch tho and respark my love 2 draw for it lmao)
aka.tsuk.i n.o yo.na,
myb some other fandoms,
and (my own) ocs,

but rn i kinda am “in between fandoms” and also a bit busy w life stuff (i just recently got a job!), so we’ll see what happens next. i hope i can find something i’ve liked as much as other series i’ve gotten into. i’ll definitely keep drawing tho lol! i’ve been doodling a lot on the side.

(if u wanna req me series tho! that would b cool and super appreciated.)

thanks so much an sorry! i’m so grateful for all the fun i’ve had in t/g, how kind and fun everyone has been, and all the nice and cool requests i’ve gotten, even ones i didn’t get around to make for. sorry this happened kinda suddenly, too. i hope we run into each other again in other places, but if not, enjoy the rest of ur journeys. hope they are good and everything you hope for.


I haven’t drawn much at all in nearly a year and the last time my tablet was plugged in was in December. It makes me so sad because I used to draw all the time but now school has gotten busy and life in general and I haven’t had the time to sit and just DRAW, you know? And when I do have time, getting the motivation is so difficult. Augh, frustrating.

I want to just come back and draw dumb dragons but its so hardknadskjaskl

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How are you guys doing? I've noticed an increase in replies that probably aren't meant to be hurtful or dismissive but are and I just wanted to check that y'all are feeling okay, I hope that's alright <3

While I can’t speak for the other mods, Mod Sean and I have been doing pretty well. We’ve been very busy lately as we just held a yard sale this past weekend so the last week was very busy for us. 

I’ve gotten to a much better place with my meds, both for physical and mental health issues, which is making life a lot easier to deal with. As my friends and I joke, Yay meds! 

Sean’s been having some health difficulties which has been taking a toll on his mental health, but that has nothing to do with the blog. It’s just hard to be ok when you’re in pain all the time. But, he’s managed to keep his spirits up pretty well and we had a lovely weekend together. 

Thank you so much for your concern. We really appreciate it. <3


((( Mun here! Announcing this blog’s hiatus until further notice…
I REALLY DON’T WANNA, TRUST ME. This blog is soooooo fun to run, and making you guys so happy feels amazing! But my life has gotten really busy lately, on top of some really difficult summer classes that I just started, so I have to put my hobbies aside for now! Jyushi may still occasionally make text posts, but the asks and drawings have to be put on hold.

I don’t know yet when I’ll be able to start updates again, but im NOT quitting the blog anytime soon, so don’t worry about that! There’s LOTS of stuff Jyushi still wants to do! So please stick with us ok? We love all 400+ of you! (Yes we hit that milestone a few days ago, u guys are AWESOME.) And I’ll still be on my main blog here. 

SO bye bye for now!!!! But we’ll be back to play again soon, we promise!!! )))


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I've been so lazy lately ahaaa, I'm sorry the ghostbuster au stuff I said I make is waaay overdue, I just procrastinate alot and have second thoughts like "should I redo it??? Does it look bad???" I'm sorry ;;; Anywho are you doin well?

Oh, I don’t mind it at all. It’s sweet of you to even start some fanart for my AU! I appreciate it greatly.

I’m doing well! My life has been super busy and I’ve only just this afternoon gotten a chance to get to sit down and draw/ do some Tumblr-ing.

Life updates

Life has gotten very busy suddenly! I’ve had three weeks off school and in that time my parents told me they’re moving like 900 miles away. Which is fine I’m happy for them! It’s just going to be a quick turn around and I’m not going to be home all summer to help.

I’m heading back to school tomorrow but not actually to go to school. I’m lucky where I live they allow students to stay free for the summer. I’m going to be there doing my internship in the city all summer! The Internship starts this Monday and goes for 10 weeks.

I’m excited, but unfortunately I don’t know how much I’m going be posting! I’m hoping to continue semi regularly but it won’t be like it has been these last few weeks. Which bums me out because I’ve enjoyed playing and writing so much recently & catching up with all of you guys’ stories. 💚