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Well since I now have all of the CR cast’s signatures (and am bored atm) here’s some insight into their personalities by me, a 100% professional signature interpreter!

Taliesin, Laura, Liam and Travis all sign by including their characters’ names because they are great and love their fans a lot. Sam and Marisha don’t bother with such pedestrian activities because they are boss and know it.

So first up, Taliesin. This man just went completely crazy.
I actually thought I had an ‘unknown’ signature on my box because I couldn’t figure this one out. Like, I was legit wondering if I had somehow forgotten a cast member because this signature obviously wasn’t Ashley’s, or even Brian’s… That is until I was sure I recognised a ‘De Rolo’ in there.
Yes that’s right, I’m 90% sure Taliesin designed an elaborate signature for one fictional ‘Percival De Rolo’. He signed his own full name below it (but smaller than Percy’s) and then, just for good measure, he added another ‘Percy’ below that one. My 100% non-fake but extremely professional opinion is that Taliesin believes fictional characters are at least as important if not more so than real people, and honestly that’s a personality trait I can appreciate in a man. Either that, or he has crippling self-doubt and believes none of us remember who he is.

Liam’s signature is pretty legible, although he kinda gave up on writing his last name. But to be fair, all good signatures do that.  Below it he signed ‘Vax ≡’ (yes, with three horizontal lines which I can only assume mean ‘dagger, dagger, dagger’. Good stuff).  Liam is the only one who signed at the front of the box, which tells me, a professional, that he doesn’t mind standing apart from the rest and is therefore obviously the visionary leader of the group. He also is the only one who somehow managed to include his character’s catch phrase, by just drawing three simple lines, which honestly only helps to strengthen my belief that he is the true visionary leader of the group.

Travis’ signature basically looks like it was made by someone who only likes writing pretty, loopy letters while completely ignoring the rest of the alphabet. “Grog” is surrounded by springy quotation marks which make it look like he surrounded it with sparkles. Both of these things tell me that Travis uses the character of Grog to express a roughness and bluntness that he himself does not naturally possess. He has a delicate, kind soul.

Laura’s signature is a complete illegible abomination and I love it, A++. Honestly, the only reason I know it’s Laura’s at all is because she signed ‘Vex’ underneath it. My opinion is that Laura knows her signature is fucked, which is also the only reason she signed it with ‘Vex’. This tells me she cares enough about other people to go out of her way to accommodate them, even though at the same time she is completely confident & comfortable with herself. Laura Bailey, ladies and gentlemen *harp music*.

Marisha writes her name in full, completely legible, with a nice loopy thing at the end & a little scribble on it that could be a little heart, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s very cute nonetheless. Although one might be inclined to think this means she is not yet used to writing her signature a lot, this interpretation is laughably wrong. No, the reason Marisha writes out her full, legible name, which takes time and is a pain to do many times in a row, is entirely because Marisha is a perfect human being who honestly believes every single person deserves her full, undivided attention. We do not deserve her.

Sam has apparently invented a new way of writing in which each letter somehow manages to represent at least 2 letters at the same time, thereby being very efficient and taking up minimal space… but it somehow still manages to be the largest signature on the box (not counting Taliesin’s who, to be fair, is basically cheating). This tells me that Sam likes to achieve maximum effect with the least amount of effort. However, he probably painstakingly moulded and practised this signature countless of times before finally, comfortably settling on this most efficient of versions. This tells me he likes to plan ahead even though he likes to give off an air of effortless nonchalance. I’m on to you, Mr. Riegel.

Matt writes out his first name in full, but gives up on writing out his last name just like Liam, but in a very aesthetically pleasing way. His signature is quite nicely slanted and looks very sharp. This tells me he strives for excellence and is very professional. It also tells me he is a nerd who practised his signature over and over until it was perfect because, like I said, he is a Professional. Like, I’m not kidding, he’s got this shit down guys. In my opinion this means he doesn’t like to leave things up to chance, he just decides to get good.

Drack has the ‘dad talk’ with Liam

inspired by this post | or read it on AO3 | Ryder’s gender is unspecified

“So, kid… You and Ryder, huh?

An innocent enough question, if it hadn’t been Drack asking. The ancient krogan stood leaning against the Nomad. A krogan who could very easily break every bone in his body, Liam reminded himself. Liam shifted his weight from one leg to the other, trying to get his brain working. He’d just woken up from a nap on his couch with a burning throat. All he wanted was a glass of nice, cool water.

Drack seemed to have taken a particular interest in Ryder, whom he referred to as ‘very trustworthy and pretty capable on the battlefield, for a squishy human’, and was looking at him with something of a glint in his eye, appearing casual but determined. Liam nervously rubbed his forehead. He wasn’t ready for this conversation. But the combination of being half asleep, a burning desire to get that drink, and just being Liam, made him decide to just address the unspoken question instead of playing along.

“You gonna ask me about my intentions, old man?”

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upforitlouis  asked:

Ummmm 28 and lilourry please :)

(this is basically won’t get to space if you haven’t got a rocket verse)

“I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.” Louis folded his arms and sat down in the middle of Liam’s living room floor. “Or a sausage roll. Oh my god, we need fucking steak bakes.” He tried to stand up. “Gotta get to Greggs.”

Liam put a hand on his shoulder, and gently shoved Louis down onto the sofa. “It’s two in the morning. Greggs is closed.”

“Don’t care,” Louis said. He’d had a lovely evening all by himself with a lovely bottle of tequila and some lovely lemons and some less lovely salt and now he was perfecting his best mutinous face because Liam wouldn’t let him go to Greggs for a steak bake. “Where’s Harry? Harry would let me go to Greggs.”

“Greggs is still closed,” Liam sat down next to him and tucked his hand into Louis’s. “I’m sorry you were all by yourself tonight.”

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okAY I’ve literally had this in my inbox for months i’m so sorry (it’s from my old blog lmao that’s how old it is hence the screenshot) buT if it’s any consolation this is actually massively long (just under 5k lmao whoops whats a short fic i’ve never heard of that). also, while i’m pretty satisfied with the job i’ve done, i would like to disclaim that i literally know NOTHIGN about porn like i don’t think anyone expects me to be a porn expert but literally if there’s ANY accurate knowledge about filming porn in here whatsoever that’s entirely a coincidence. i made this shit up. all of it. okay. on with the fic.

           Zayn doesn’t think he’s been this nervous since his A levels. Maybe not even then. This may actually be the most nerve-wracking moment of his life, excluding the time he went on a plane for the first time and fucking Louis told him it was going to do loops in the air. Come to think of it, Louis’ been involved in all his worst moments in one way or another. It’s certainly his fault that Zayn’s here now. Well, his and Harry’s fault, if Zayn’s being completely fair, but he prefers to blame Louis for everything because he knows that if the positions were reversed, Louis would do the same.

           Anyway, today is Zayn’s first day on a new job.

           He’s going to be doing porn.

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- Take My Breath Away       , by @realitybetterthanfiction : There is a prestigious school in the British Royal Navy classified as Premier Delta - or as it is known by its flyers, 1D. These select pilots are an elite set of Naval lieutenants who are trained in the skill of aggressive aerial combat. They are instruments of war, trained in times of peace. They are dogfighters, relentless and fearless in their mission to protect their beloved country. From their lofty vantage, they are always watching, waiting, and ready to lay it all on the line.Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

Larry Top Gun AU (153k). Yes i’m gonna talk about it again. This is one of the best fic i read in 2016 so far. YEAH REALLY. Maybe look at the TW before, but OMG, the feels. (and also amazing smut) (power bottom Louis mostly). READ THIS NOW

- somewhere I can rest my soul , by @lourrynavy :   “I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.   Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.” Or, the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

Larry soulmate AU and X Factor Era (3k) : absolutely cute and fluffy and just *SIGH*. Soulmate AU with tattoos are my weakness. No smut.

- Oh Glory  , by @alivingfire :  Tomlinson looks Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”  “Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”  “Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. “Shame.” Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

Larry Olympics AU (21k) : I want 100k of this thank you ! I’m still screaming about the smut, just saying. (bottom Harry).

- I’m always tired but never of you , by @lalalaartje : Shall we go, then?” Harry asked, surprising Louis a bit with the invitation, though not at all unpleasantly. “What does your Lonely Planet suggest?” Louis grinned, grabbing the travel guide from his back pocket and started reading out loud, Harry chuckling at the stupid jokes he threw in between. He quite liked the other guy, even if they just met and likely had nothing in common but their motherland. After a while of playing pretentious tour guide, Harry leaned over his shoulder while they were waiting to cross the street, his long curly hair tickling Louis’ cheek. “That seems like a nice place,” he pointed at a picture of a small, secluded square. “Let’s start there.” Harry is a photographer on his way to a summer course in Paris. Louis is a almost paediatric resident on his way home after a month of backpacking through Europe. They meet after their train is stranded in a foreign city. All they have is one night before they each leave for their own destination, so they decide to make the most of it. Or the Before Sunrise adaptation that somehow decided to be a hospital fic with doctor!Louis who pines after photographer!Harry who is currently at the other side of the North Sea.

Larry AU (30k) : starting like a Before Sunset adaptation (if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t talk to me anymore), then progressing in an angsty fic (read the tags for TW, but warning for very stressed Louis and alcoholism). Barely smutty. Very nice.

- Come As You Are  , by AFangirlFantasy   : “Mr. Tomlinson, You have been cordially invited to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School’s, Class of 2006 Tenth Year Reunion.” or highschool reunion au where Harry is Niall’s flatmate, Zayn and Liam are married, and Louis is just trying to find his way back home.

Larry High School Reunion AU (12k) : “long time no see” fic, nice ! So smut at all. (also side past Elounor)

- love and kickin’ , by @camiii :  When Nick looks up in direction of the pitch he nearly chokes on his mouthful of coffee.  The Arsenal player standing behind the sideline, ball in his hands and number 28 splayed across his back, is fit. Really fit.   In all honesty Nick can only see him from behind, but the first thing he notices is a quite spectacular bum and nicely muscled thighs and, well, football might have its redeeming aspects after all. Or the fic where Nick has no interest in football but is dragged to a football match, Louis is the Arsenal player that catches his attention, and maybe there are some redeeming qualities to the game after all.

Tomlinshaw AU (60k) : it’s been a long time without a good Tomlinshaw fic ! Absolutely not ansgty , amazing smut, and so much fluff! I love it !

- keep them in your mason jars (i’ve come home) , by @since-he-was-eighteen :  “I saw them there and I wanted to know what they were. I thought they were maybe tea lights or something but there’s things written on them. Like middle school and other happy things. Do you collect things?”  “Memories,” Louis blurts out, hand so tight on Harry’s shoulder his fingers could bruise into him. But he needs something to hold onto in fear he may fall over and pass out if he doesn’t. “I collect memories.”  But the silence between them is unsettling. As each cold second passes, the thought of Harry shouting out loud that he’s a freak is doubling. The thought of Harry running away and never coming back to him again is tripling.  Until Harry speaks. “You have fifty mason jars sitting outside with memories inside them?”or the high school au where louis believes he can hold memories inside mason jars to last a lifetime, and harry holds both louis and his unique tradition deep in his heart. otherwise known as the mason jar fic.

Larry high school AU (84k) : very beautiful story, angsty (very depressed Louis, TW), a lot of pinning, great smut (bottom louis). The slow pace is really amazing and not so commun in fics.

- to kill the mess we’ve made  , by @paynner : And when he’s finally standing, Liam fussing over him, rubbing his hand at the red mark blooming on Harry’s forehead, does Harry learn two things:One, he wasn’t actually hit that hard, and Tommo–or Louis, rather–is just as pretty when Harry is staring at him head-on and,Two, Louis is the Adidas model he’s going to be working with on today’s photo shoot.(or: AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn’t.)

Larry Models friends with benefits AU (42k) : amazing smut (bottom Louis) and angsty (of course).

- So Much We Didn’t Say , by  whyidontknow1   : Harry’s near fatal accident exposed the cracks in his and Louis’ eleven year marriage. A serious error in judgement by Louis shattered it completely.

Larry famous - sport - kid fic AU (52k) : Harry and Louis are famous skateboarders, almost retired now. I dont know what to say : it’s a getting back together kind of fic? Very well written, some trigger warning about a bad past for Louis (also, Niall is 68yp and adopted Louis, don’t ask), and a side Ziam. And bottom!Louis. And angsty of course.

- wings to break your fall , by @karamelised:  “I’m glad you like my clothes,” Harry whispers, sliding his arms further along the couch until he’s speaking directly into Louis’ ear. “Would you like me to take them off?” orstrip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.Featuring: spilled drinks, meddling mums, accidental insults, a pivotal plot point masquerading as a private dance, Harry with wings, slow morning sex, a secret relationship, and tea that fixes everything.

Larry stripper AU (102k) : angsty and funny too, and smutty . Ooohh so smutty (kind of share that). so well done !

- Every Story Ever Told , by  Rearviewdreamer: Becoming a best-selling author isn’t as difficult as Louis would have guessed. It seems all you need these days is the perfect blend of alcohol induced philosophy, complete disregard for one’s dignity, a live blog about how fucked love is, and a bored publisher interested enough to offer him a deal.

Larry hate to love AU (54k) : I looooove this fic ! Author!Louis and baker!Harry , hate to love, Twitter interactions, and fluffy, and no smut ! Very well written :)

- maps can be poems when you’re on your own , by @fukcinglouis  “Harry, this is Louis, the guy I was telling you about,” Liam says. “Lou, this is Harry, my roommate.”  Harry looks up and locks eyes with Louis, who is very clearly drunk. Louis just giggles in surprise and claps a hand over his own mouth, widening his eyes at Harry comically.  “Nice to meet you,” Harry croaks, watching as Louis tucks himself more firmly into Liam’s side.Or, Harry falls in love with the guy his best friend is fooling around with.

Larry roomates AU (19k) : okay so don’t read it if you’re not comfortable with a side Lilo AND a bit of cheating. But if you can, go read it, it’s great, and angsty and smutty (bottom!Louis).

- Second Time’s the Charm , by @cherrystreet  : Louis’ mother is convinced she met her son’s soulmate at the market. Louis is extremely hesitant to go on the blind date she’s set up, but she’s persistent, begging and pleading, pulling out all the stops. After all, mothers do know best.(Or maybe they don’t.)

Larry blind date AU (8k) : OMG it was so great ! Amazing plot, and funny , and also car sex is great.

- the dreams you left behind , by @cat33x13 : After Louis returns from a week-long guest spot a US chat show to an empty flat and a ‘Dear John’ letter from Harry, life as he knows it changes completely. Fast-forward two years and Louis has taken to hiding away in a tiny village in the English countryside where he isn’t known as Louis Tomlinson, ex-boybander, and has managed to live a relatively quiet life. That is until Liam, Zayn and Niall come to see him and he remembers everything he has tried to forget.When he reads of Harry’s Christmas engagement in the papers, he does the only thing he knows to mask his sorrow; drinks so much he ends up in hospital. Cue visiting family and a return to London, where he learns not everything is as it seems, the mistakes of the past can be forgiven and that maybe he might get his happy ending after all.

Larry ex to lovers - future fic AU (31k) : awesome and angsty. Like a lot. Both. no smut.

- Portions For Foxes , by  pukeandcry   : You know how Tommo is about dares,” Harry says, laughing once, without any humor.  “An idiot,” Nick supplies, feeling a bit dazed. “But he’s always like that, so.”Or, Louis injures himself, and somehow Nick winds up taking care of him.

Tomlinshaw canon fic (16k) , ex to lovers and hurt!Louis. awwwwwwwww <3

- you’ll remember in the morning , by @hogwartzlou: Louis meets a really cute boy at a party. Said boy is his boyfriend Harry, who he came with, but he doesn’t remember that.

Larry party AU (2k) : drunk!Louis and cute ! no smut.

Like always, you can find all my fic recs in my Fic Rec Masterspost!

Liam had left home earlier than usual that morning, so he had time to get in the Timmies instead of rushing through the the drive-tru. He parks close to the door, getting out of his car and stretching. The weather is nice for September, a few puffy clouds in the morning sky. Hux holds the door open for an elderly couple, smiling at them and wishing them a good day.

Striding in, he gets in line, getting his phone out and browsing his e-mails. It’s just before the morning rush, there’s only a few people in the place, just like Liam likes it. Although, his view is blocked by a very tall and very broad man. On his screen, a dozen of desperate message from one of the coach begging for a new power forward.

Hux looks at his phone, then up, up, up to the man in front of him. Fuck it, it’s Canada for crying out loud, one out of three guy plays hockey on some level. Clearing his throat, Liam gently taps the shoulder of the stranger.

“Good morning! This is gonna sound very strange, eh, but do you play hockey by any chance? See, I’m manager of a small league and we’re short by one guy and I’ve been asking around for weeks. Any position is fine, we can shuffle the lines around.”

Liam closes his mouth, realizing he’s rambling. He always gets excited when he talks about the league, it started as a small 3 team playing against each other and since Hux took over, there is 5 teams and they even have a tournament with the French league from Gatineau. He’s very proud of it, and it always shows when he gets to talk about it.