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reasons why christopher priest should be the only person who writes deathstroke
priest: he’s a villain! get used to it! he’s a bad guy, he’s going to do crappy things.

priest: i don’t know if i can say this or not –you know you can bleep me out but slade –deathstroke– he’s an ASSSSHOLLEEE. 

priest: we’re writing him as a villain, you know he’s a BAD guy. *shrugs* but you know, he loves his children!

priest: i can write him if you let me write him like marv used to write him –as this incredibly terrible person who would do incredibly terrible things not only to his enemies but to his friends.

priest: wintergreen becomes more of his (slade’s) moral compass. and will call him to account on certain situations and deathstroke will take/allow that from wintergreen whereas he would just– he thinks everyone else is pretty much an idiot

priest: when he’s (wintergreen) not around –when deathstroke is not within wintergreen’s sphere of influence, then he becomes that much more of a jerk, and that much more dangerous.

interviewer: so any final thoughts on coming back to comics in a way and picking up on a high profile character like this?

priest: ………he’s a high-profile character?!

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We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you


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That basically if you look CLOSELY at yuri’s eyes from this quick scene in the 10 preview???








November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:

You are loved.

I Just wanted to let you guys know despite the aftermath of the election, I believe that everything is going to be okay. We cannot let negativity control our thoughts and actions. I know it’s hard right now and I am equally as upset as the rest of you.

However, If we continue to fight for our rights and remain strong, we will prevail!
In the meantime, I will continue to work hard, offering you more educational and fun comics!

We all need some cuteness during these dark and depressing times after all.
I hope I managed to make someone smile today, and just remember, you are loved and appreciated.

Have a great night.

newtina thoughts #3

for full otp feels, watch this first

  • these aren’t thoughts as much as look how married and domestic they already seem
  • and imagine married!newtina in future movies
  • and imagine newt shouting tina’s name when he thinks she’s been hurt or something
  • imagine tina shouting NEWT’S
  • like i legit cannot process the fact that they’ll be in love one day and smile at each other and find excuses to touch each other and
  • growing…old…together….
  • it hurts so good already how can this get better
  • even though i know it’ll get 1000000x better
  • haha the part where he catches her…and struggles to hold on…and he’s looking at her like he’s really seeing her for the first time…haha….i’m ok…
  • literally every scene they’re in together it looks like (1) tina is telling him off for doing a dumb (like destroy half of new york with his beasts) (2) they’re a team silently supporting each other (3) they’re a team ACTIVELY HAVING EACH OTHER’S BACKS (4) they’re in soft shy beginner’s love
  • and it’s beautiful
  • i keep thinking, you know, how tina must find newt so unbelievably, fascinatingly beautiful in the way he is and the way he does
  • but then i remember, wow, newt finds her absolutely wondrous and magical
  • and then i’m lost because i can’t tell who’s more devoted to the other and I know I don’t want to know, i just want to watch it happen and i want to continue unpacking it FOREVER
    • literally when i watched the movie the first thing i texted my friend  was like IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU WITH SUCH WONDER

“So,” he smiled, “tell me yours.”

“My what?” She replied.

“You know, your love story, tell me about the guy who made you obsessed with the idea that you’re better off alone.”

She scoffed,
“It wasn’t a love story. Far from that. Barely a story actually. There was fighting, ignorance, stubbornness, cancellations, toxicity, emotional torture, and let’s not forget the constant competition of who cared less. We just didn’t work and I know that killed him just as much as it hurt me but lord knows he was a hell of a lot better at hiding that than I was. We were actually crazy about each other, I know, hard to believe right? I mean, there were times I hated his guts and I swore to myself I would never talk to him again and I meant it too, at the time.. But it never lasted long, eventually we made up, apologised, fucked, you know.. The usual “make up” stuff. But it wasn’t along until the next fight, and I think it just got exhausting, you know.. To keep going round in circles. The routine got boring and there’s only so much pain you can put yourself through before you say enough is enough. And one day, enough was enough and we accepted it, we wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe in another lifetime but certainly not this one.“

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
Text from Eskild, 21.11.2016

Dear Isak. Just a little greeting from your guru, or Genie in a bottle. i find it so wonderful that you came to me yesterday. Hope I didn’t break your heart. But anyway, this guy. Even. He’s just one of many who’ll show up in your life. I promise. What happens, happens, que sera sera. But look out for yourself, because I mean, it’s so shitty to be hurt or feel like you’ve been used. Either way I think you’re brave. Buut, If we have “boys’ night” we’ll go out and find a new guy for you to fall in love with? Know that many in my squad would find you totally adorebelle. I’ll let you borrow some tights and mascara from me.


Gee, thanks EasyE

161113 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - V Ment

Did you prepare this event for us? When did you prepare all of this? 

Everyone, do you know what’s the meaning of the color purple? 

Purple is the last color of the rainbow. It means to trust and love each other for a long time, till the end. I made this up a moment ago. 

But, just like the meaning, I hope we can see each other like this for a long time, forever. Because we’ll always trust you guys, and we’ll all rise together. Don’t just push us up, take our hands and come with us. 

We will soar high in the sky. 

ARMYs who let us have such a big fanmeeting at such a big place, thank you. I love you.

© Melly_to_V, namjun912

3 Years (John x Reader)

Word Count: 3,977

Warnings: Swears, Alcohol, Smut (It’s hella fluffy smut)

Authors Note: So we hit 800? I’m dying I love you guys so much I don’t deserve any of you. Anyways, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with some smut yeah? lol. Get ready, it’s so sweet you could get a cavity. Big thanks to @adolescenthowell for dealing with my smut writing process shit. Go follow her! I LIVE TO HEAR FEEDBACK FROM YOU GUYS AND I LOVE TO JUST HEAR FROM YOU IN GENERAL. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Requests:  Reader x Laurens where they go out with the squad and reader looks really hot and Laurens whose like in love with reader can’t control himself and maybe leads to smut if you’re ok with that

John Laurens + reader teasing him while they’re at a bar?


Friday night meant going out with your friends for drinks, especially after you had met Alexander. You and Alex had met in college and after that you two hit it off instantly, doing everything together. You would be lying if you said you two hadn’t hooked up once or twice but you both mutually agreed that you two were better off as friends, you even helped snag Eliza for him. Being friends with Alex meant being friends with his friends, and thankfully they all liked you. All but one. John Laurens. For some reason, you two had created a friendship of your own filled with nothing but dry, sarcastic humor that nobody seemed to understand. You greeted him with insults and he would happily take them and throw one back at you.

You stepped into the taxi and gave the driver the name of the bar as you smoothed out your barely there dress. The forest green silky fabric felt like air to your skin, and you had to make sure you had actually worn clothes out. If the short length wasn’t enough, the dress also was backless as the fabric in the back started below your ribcage. You didn’t know why you had chosen to wear that dress. On Friday nights you had usually opted for a pair of jeans and a nice top but today you felt like dressing up a bit more, and you were definitely feeling yourself. The taxi came to a screeching halt in front of the bar, and you thanked the driver as you handed him a ten dollar bill. You swung your legs out of the cab and gracefully stood up as the New York City breeze hit your body. You smoothed out your hair before walking into the bar.

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hi sam. ^^ for fundraiser fic, i'm requesting that neal caffrey and peter burke meet steve. mostly for neal and steve discussing art and other cuteness.

FBI Agent Peter Burke seemed like a nice guy, and he wasn’t barking at Clint over jurisdiction, so Clint was inclined to be friendly.

“Look,” Burke said, clearly working on being patient, “You know we don’t need the Avengers on this, right? It’s uh. More…detective work than your…usual MO.”

Clint nodded. “Have you tried telling Captain America that?” he asked, gesturing to where Steve and Burke’s partner, a guy in a sharp suit named Caffrey, were chatting excitedly in front of an empty painting frame at the Met. 

“I wouldn’t dare tell Captain America anything,” Burke admitted. 

“Not when he’s like this, anyhow,” Clint said. “Just…let him tag along, you never know when you might need an art-loving sensitive kind of guy to punch someone through a wall.”

“I have always wanted to see that,” Burke admitted. 


“So you met Picasso?” Neal asked, in a voice that was nearly a squeak.

“Yeah, while I was overseas. Nice guy, massive egomaniac. Damn, but I hate to see one of his go missing,” Steve said, looking up at the empty frame. “Think we’ll get it back?”

“Oh, sure,” Neal waved a hand dismissively. “I recognize this guy’s technique, I’m pretty sure I have the address somewhere of the storage unit he probably stashed it in. You like Picasso’s work?“

“Well, sorta. I like Magritte more.”

Neal made a soft noise. “Did you meet him?

“Nah. But he’s got a quality, you know?”

Neal nodded. “Have you ever seen his photos?”

“Photos? No,” Steve said.

“Yeah, the Met’s got a bunch of his gelatin prints around here somewhere.” Neal grabbed Steve by the arm and dragged him to where his boss, Burke, was talking with Clint. “Peter, Steve and I have some really important investigation to do. He’s on the case with us, right?”

Clint looked amused. Burke looked like a dad considering letting his kid have a friend sleep over. 

“Keep out of trouble,” Burke ordered. 

“Come on, before he changes his mind,” Neal whispered, and led Steve off. “You’ll love the photos. Then we can steal back the painting and you can punch the thief if he tries to stop us.”

“I do like punching art thieves,” Steve agreed amiably. 

[Yang Xiao Long walks around her room ,gathering Zwei’s things as Weiss Schnee enters the room]

Weiss- What’s going on here ?

Yang- Oh,hey Weiss !Dad just sent me a text……we need to send Zwei back to Patch

Weiss- Is that so…..

Yang- Yeah [chuckles] I’m going to miss the little guy……

Weiss- Hey Yang….why don’t you let ME take care of this thing you’re doing……

Yang- [looks up] Really ?

Weiss- Of course ! You’re my teammate, I know how much you love that little mongrel

Yang- [drops toys in box] Wow thanks Weiss  ! That’s really nice of you

Weiss- I know ^^ [points to door] Why don’t you go and grab a drink and relax

Yang- You’re right [walks to door] I need to relax and [Yang steps into the hall]

[The door closes and locks behind her]

Yang-  [ turns around and knocks on door] Weiss  !

Weiss- …….

Yang-  [knocks on door] Weiss  ! [knocks] Open up this door !

Weiss- [from inside]  NO!

Ruby - Yang !  [walks up to Yang] What’s going on ?

Yang- Dad wants us to send Zwei back, and Weiss isn’t taking it well

Weiss - [from inside] He’s my precious baby, and you can’t take him !

Ruby - She’s grown really attached …..

Yang- I know right !

Ruby - [leans in towards Yang’s ear] Don’t worry Yang…I have a plan ;)

Yang - Sweet [claps hands together] No one can stand up to our sister tag team =D

[Ruby and Yang high five]

Weiss- [from inside] What are you two doing out there ???

Ruby- [knocks on door] Weiss ! I’m coming in to talk

Weiss- Ruby, I will launch you out that window if you try to touch Zwei. I’ve done it before, don’t think I haven’t

Blake- [from inside JNPRs room ] She has…. be careful

Ruby - [flashes a thumbs up, whispering ] Don’t worry guys, I’m a professional [turns back to Weiss] It’s only a talk !

[The door creaks open]

Weiss- Lock it when you get inside

{Ruby walks iniside and locks the door]

[Yang stands outside, smiling with pride as she waits for her little sister to calm their wayward teammate]




[9 hours later]

[Yang wakes up in the hallway, to the same situation as before]

Yang- [stands up] Ruby ? [knocks on door] Everything ok in there ?

Ruby - …….

[Yang jingles the doorknob]


[A bullet flies through the door , next to Yang’s head]


Ruby - YOU HAVE AURA ! [fires and misses again]

Weiss- MY ARMY GROWS BY THE DAY ! [evil cackling]

Yang- You little BRATS [hair bursts into flame as she begins pounding on the door]

Blake- [stern] YANG !

[Yang turns to face Blake, breathing heavily]

Blake- Calm down. A war’s not won in a day

Yang- [calming down] You’re right……

Blake- Come in here [motions Yang to come inside JNPR’s room] We have planning to do

[Yang turns around and walks into JNPR’s dorm room]

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About the Sherlock  South Korean OCN Trailers..

I know we all know about these… But can we just appreciate those gems more and more like, how they don’t even care what’s happening and they just know the whole gist of the show from the beginning and just went with it..

BBC: Here is Sherlock, a detective story.

OCN: There are two men in it.

BBC : They are best friends..

OCN : [ after watching the preview ].. Yeahhhh absolutelyyyyy 

BBC : We beg you.. Make the trailers like a thriller , DON’T EVEN LET THEM KNOW THAT IT IS ACTUALLY A LOVE STORY..

OCN : say no more..

*background music* LOVE OF THE LOVELESS






OCN : We ain’t listening

When Johnlock becomes canon, make some acknowledgements for South Korea..

(I do not own the videos, they are from YouTube)

@whereisjawn here, I made a whole post to appreciate them xD

story time

Played a few games over Overwatch last night with my mates (one was my roommate) and this one guy who my friend decided to tolerate for the evening (Lets call him B) comes along with another guy (Let’s call him M). I’ve known B for ages, sweet kid love Overwatch, so I don’t mind.

M is B’s friend and I’ve never met him before, but you know those people who just say one sentence and you can tell what kind of person they are right away? We all pop into B’s Discord, I say ‘hello’ and M is like ‘Ohhh a girl’. No. Oh no. No, no. Please no.

I decide to just flat out ignore his existence and just keep playing. To those who I haven’t played with before, I am aggressive and and swear like a mother fucking sailor, okay? It’s gross.

ANYWAY, we are getting demolished by this other team because B and M don’t seem to understand the concept of team work, but, y’know, you just gotta have fun anyway.

At one point, M and I were herded into a hall by the enemy Reaper and he ulted. M was D.Va out of her mech and I was behind M as Zenyatta. We actually survived cause I very luckily headshotted Reap’s while he had an Orb of Discord on him.

Funny thing is, M starts to brag over mic. “Oh man, I just shut down that Reaper so hard. He ulti’d and I was out of my mech suit and he still couldn’t get me, blah blah blah”. He just kept going? No one was talking, so no one was egging him on. I wanted to tell him off, but I kept quiet over mic because no one else was around to witness what happened. Plus it’s a game, so whatever. Just let the little boy brag.

And then the best thing ever happened. M bragged over match chat and tried to call the Reaper out on their ‘good effort’. The Reaper had the best comeback ever. “Actually, it was Zenyatta that shut me down.”

I legit started laughing so hard. I could hear my roommate laughing from his room too. He heard me yell about how I was the one who took the Reaper down.

I dunno who or where you are random good guy Reaps, but I hope you get some PotG’s for being honest. <3

To those people that are calling Renee an attention whore/fake for joining total divas when she said she wanted to keep her relationship with Dean private. Let me remind y'all that Nikki and John were the same, but you get to a point where you’re like fuck it I want everyone to see what I see in you. I want everyone to know how in love we are. Not because you want to rub it in people’s faces but because you don’t care what anyone thinks you just to want to show off your love. May I also remind y'all that John was very private, business and strict till he started dating Nikki. That’s Dean and Renee. Dean is very private, keep to himself, mellow guy but Renee is bubbly and loves the camera there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Both of these guys did total divas because the girls wanted it but they weren’t obligated they could have said no. They wanted to do something that would make their girls happy, and said fuck it lets do this show. These relationships aren’t fake and less just because they decided to put it on TV. It’s clear that these guys are head over heels for these girls, heck they’re willing to make their private life public if it’ll make them happy. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

guys i’m just. so overwhelmed right now. i’m sure some of you know just how important yj was to me as it brought me out of some super dark times, and it let me meet all you wonderful people and as a result i’ve grown to become a much better person. and then it got canceled and i remember just how devastated so many of us were, and we worked so hard to bring it back. so hard! against the nonbelievers and the slimmest odds. but we kept at it because it was more than just a show to some of us. it was more than just a show to me

and now it’s back. 

we worked hard and didn’t give up and we got the show back

thank you. thank you all for your hard work and for not giving up. thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

“Okay now we all know how most of the MM fandom are on Seven being the endgame partner but think about Jumin. He’s the other guy. He knows that once you’re done with him, you would rush to Seven, heck you would even rush Jumin’s route just to be with Seven and would replay Seven’s route forever. Let that sink in while staring at this broken man that will love you forever.” -Pepper.
[credits to the owner] :)

Oh look, more prompts.

Hey guys, send me a few of these with Seb or any of his characters! I’ll work on them over the next few days. c:

1. “I don’t want to stop loving you.”

2.”Shut up and kiss me.”

3. “Please stop being so stubborn and just let me kiss you.”

4. “A blind person could see that you’re in love with me.”

5. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.”

6. “If you cant sleep… we could have sex?”

7. “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me, but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”

8. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

9. “Promise me you’ll stay.”

10. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”

11. “My life is my own to ruin.”

12. “No emotions. No relationship. Just sex.”

13. “You have no right to fall in love with me.”

14. “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.”

15. “Do you ever shut the fuck up?”

16. “I didn’t want it to end, I just thought you’d be better off without me..”

17. “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”

18. “If this is the last time I see you, know that I love you more than anything.”

19. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.”

20. “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”

21. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”

22. “Please.. don’t leave.”

23. “I should be the only one making you happy.”

24. “We were never just friends.”

25. “Stop avoiding me!”

26. “That’s all I was to you? A one-night stand?”

27. “Is that my sweater?”

28. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

29. “Please, just one more time, and then I’ll leave you alone forever, if you want.”

30. “Then come over here and make me.”

31. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

32. “I miss you every second of every day.”

33. “I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.”

34. “I’d rather fight with you than make love to anyone else.”

35. “I’m trying to forget you the best I can, but damn it, we belong together.”

36. “You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.”

37. “You say I got us into this, but you didn’t stop it from happening, either.”

38. “I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”

39. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”

40. “You’re blushing.”

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I know you have a pretty big following on Tumblr so I was just wondering if you could let your followers who love gmw know to sign the petition to move the show to Netflix and to contact both Netflix and Hulu about a season 4


many, many people have called into netflix. and netflix has said to the people calling in that if we make enough noise they will STRONGLY CONSIDER picking up the show. it’s on their radar.



It took me literally two seconds LETS DO IT :D

“Well, that was cute.”

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Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 2,448 

Request: “ Hi there. I really love your blog and was wondering if I could have an imagine with Peter? Where Tony is a family friend of Adrianna’s and he is very sarcastic in trying to set me up with Peter without Adrianna realizing it and it just gets all cute when Peter becomes all dorky and flustered when Tony brings her to the Avengers Pad to help with some of the mechanics. And the ending ends with Tony catching Adrianna and Peter in a kiss  Thanks, Love 💓 ” - from @misshollander1

A/N: I’m really sorry this took so long for us to do. We got a lot of requests at once, so it kind of got buried in our Google docs. I hope you guys enjoy it. As usual, please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback. :) 

Adrianna Emmons beat out the best and brightest engineers, many of whom had way more experience than she did, but she, somehow, managed to get a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at eighteen years old, which led to her employment at Stark Industries. Her family goes far back with the Starks, back to Adrianna’s grandfather working with Howard Stark on the redevelopment of Dr. Abraham Erskine’s famous 1940’s formula. Working with Tony Stark was challenging, but Adrianna loved it. She loved building something new everyday, and working with the latest and greatest tools, as well as interacting with the world’s leading scientists and engineers.

Adrianna plopped the stack of papers onto her lab desk, straightening her glasses. She flipped open the specs for the next random modifications that Tony Stark gave her. She saw a diagram for some kind of wrist band with a miniature pressurized fluid cartridge, with a lever that fits into the wearer’s palm. She crinkled her brow. This wasn’t a typical Tony Stark device. She flipped through more of the specs, seeing an elastic mask with mobile eye covers. She gaped at the complex circuitry that was needed for the mask, which essentially had micro motion sensors that sensed the wearer’s eye lid and eyebrow movement, causing the mask to move with them. This definitely was not a Tony Stark tool. Why would Mr. Stark need an elastic mask and a web shooter? He had the Iron Man suits. She bit her lower lip and picked the phone on her lab desk, and held it to her ear, pushing the extension in for Mr. Stark’s lab.

“Mr. Stark’s lab, Pepper speaking,” The crisp voice of Pepper Potts filled Adrianna’s ear.

“Hi, Pepper, it’s Adrianna,” Adrianna answered, scanning through the rest of the specs Tony gave her. “I have some questions for Tony regarding the new modifications he gave me.”

“I’ll hand the phone to him,” Pepper said. Adrianna admired another specification for a full-body elastic and lycra suit, with an extensive amount of flexibility, allowing the wearer to complete complex acrobatics. She turned the page, and saw the details for gloves of the suit, with microscopic pores in the palms and fingertips. What was the deal? Adrianna wondered, contemplating what Tony had planned.

“Yo, M&Ms,” Tony shouted, using the childish nickname for her, based off of her last name of Emmons. “What’s up?” Adrianna heard the clanging off something metal falling off a contraption and Tony mumbling several swear words under his breath.

“I had some questions about the new specs you gave me this morning,” Adrianna answered, leaning on her foot.

“Shoot,” Tony said, his voice slightly muffled. He was probably working some new Iron Man mask.

“These specs aren’t for a new Iron Man suit,” Adrianna said, scanning the specs again. “Everything is composed of lycra or elastic, there is no armor on this suit whatsoever, the mask has expanding and contracting facial lenses, there are micropores in the fingertips of the gloves…” Adrianna’s voice trailed off, her whirling thoughts impairing her ability to speak. “What are these for, Tony?”

She heard a loud crash and she winced, knowing Tony was working on a new suit, or at least new flight boosters.

“They’re for a new recruit,” Tony groaned in response.

“A new recruit?” Adrianna repeated, planting her spare hand on the desk. “What new recruit? You didn’t tell me.”

“I didn’t realize that you wanted to know every single detail about my daily decisions, M&Ms,” Tony shot back at her, more loud clanging almost cutting his voice out. “You know, I went to the bathroom at around five a.m. this morning, and then Pepper and I had this-”

“Ew, please stop,” Adrianna said loudly, desperately not wanting Tony to finish his sentence. “I was just confused on why you didn’t clarify.”

“Just stop being so nosy and do your job, M&Ms,” Tony said. “Friday, go get the kid.” With that, Tony ended the call, leaving Adrianna with more questions than answers. She sighed and put the phone down on its stand, staring at the pile of specs. She should get to work since there were around fifty pages of information for her to decipher.


“Look, I’m just saying that I am perfectly capable of-” Peter said. It was irritating to him that Mr. Stark wouldn’t let him help with the modifications on his suit. Well, there were so many modifications, and they weren’t even touching his old suit, Mr. Stark was basically building him a brand new suit from scratch. Peter wanted to see the process, because of he was at Stark Industries. The Stark Industries! There he was, standing in Tony Stark’s personal lab as Tony completed finishing touches on one of his Iron Man suits.

“Look, kid,” Tony interrupted, waving a screwdriver at Peter, “We’ve been over this; I’m giving you an upgrade. Or rather, one of my engineers is. She-”

“She?” Peter repeated, his spine straightening and his eyebrows shooting up, almost off his forehead. “Did you say ‘she’?”

“Yeah, she,” Tony confirmed, focusing his attention back on the suit. “Adrianna. Smart kid. Known her since she was a fetus.” Tony glanced at Peter, who had a look of awestruck wonder and curiosity on his face.

“You could meet her. Friday,” Tony said, the volume of his voice increasing when he addressed the AI.

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” The AI responded, making Peter flinch. Oh my gosh, that is so cool! Peter thought, looking for the speakers that blasted the AI’s voice into the lab.

“Where’s M&Ms?” Tony asked, dropping the screwdriver he was using and picking up a soldering gun, holding it against the suit, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Peter opened his mouth to comment on how Mr. Stark should use a welding mask, so he didn’t get a spark in his eyes, but Friday answered Tony’s question before Peter could get a sound out.

“She’s in the main mechanics laboratory, Mr. Stark,” Friday responded.

“Great,” Tony said, still soldering something in his suit. Peter just stood there, staring at Mr. Stark, unsure of whether he should go see this girl engineer, or if he should try to help Mr. Stark with his suit. Peter’s spider sense went off, letting him know that something was hurtling towards him. He held up his hand and caught a large monkey wrench. He glanced at Mr. Stark, who was standing there was a smirk on his face.

“Go away,” Mr. Stark said, waving Peter towards the door. “Go see M&Ms.” Peter smiled and darted out the door, curious and excited to meet a female engineer named M&Ms. Maybe she would have some advice for him about colleges.


Adrianna slipped on her prescription safety glasses, her regular glasses sitting on the table next to the specs for the circuitry inside the mask. She hunched forward, stabilizing her elbows on the table as she began to solder the wires together, focused on her work. She made good progress; sewing the suit, gloves, mask and shoes in about two hours. The mechanics for the wristbands, which she discovered were web shooters, took another hour. The trickiest part was the wiring the micro motion sensors in the mask since they were small and their circuitry was incredibly intricate. She finished soldering all of the wires for one of the lens. She put down the soldering gun, holding the mask up. Now she needed to see if the micro motion sensors worked. She was just about to pull the mask over her own head when someone tapped on the desk.

She jumped, almost dropping the mask, staring at the person who knocked on the desk with wide eyes. A boy. A cute one. To make matters worse, he looked to be around her age. She looked the boy up and down. He had brown hair styled into a modern take of a comb-over, a navy blue zip-up, jeans and a unit circle t-shirt drawn as a pizza. He had a soft jawline, giving him a slight babyface appearance. His eyes were what got her heart pounding like a drum. They were the riches brown she had ever seen, and they were wide as they drank her in. Maybe his heart was racing as much as hers was.

“Hi,” Adrianna squeaked out.

“Hi,” the boy said, his voice quiet.

“I’m Adrianna,” She said, turning her gaze back to the mask.

“P-Peter,” the boy said, stuttering in the most adorable way possible.

“What are you doing here, Peter?” Adrianna asked, risking another glance at him. He was staring at her as if she was the most precious piece of art in a museum.

“”I-I’m uh, um, I’m here for the, uh, um, s-suit,” Peter croaked out, pointing quickly at the mask in her hands before shoving his hands in his pockets. Or, at least he tried. One hand landed in his pocket, but the other one missed, sliding down his leg. Since he applied so much force on his hands, his hand missing the pocket caused him to stumble forward. Adrianna flinched, leaning away slightly as Peter tumbled towards her. The hand that missed his pocket shot out, landing on the table in front of Adrianna, stopping him from colliding into her. The result was Peter towering over Adrianna, staring at her with his gorgeous brown doe eyes. Was this Tony’s new recruit? Adrianna thought. 

“S-s-s-s-sorry,” Peter stammered, his eyes staring at her lips, which were parted slightly. Adrianna fixed her gaze on the neckline of Peter’s shirt, which had fallen open a little bit since he was leaning forward. She could see the gentle divet of between his pectoral muscles.

“It’s ok,” She mumbled, tearing her eyes from Peter’s muscles. Peter straightened, putting his hand slowly in his pockets. Thankfully, this time both of them hit their target.

“So, you’re here for the suit?” Adrianna asked, hoping her voice wasn’t going to betray her still-thumping heart.

“Y-yeah!” Peter said enthusiastically. “Are you finished?”

“I was just about to test the micro-motion sensors in the lenses in the mask,” Adrianna answered, holding the mask to Peter. “Do you want to try it?” Peter nodded and seized the mask from her hands, pulling it over his head. Adrianna focused on the lens, trying not to imagine Peter’s heart-melting eyes under them. The eyes started to expand and contract, rapidly. She smiled.

“Great! They work!” She said excitedly. Peter pulled the mask off, the motion messing up his formerly-groomed hair. He looked even cuter with messy hair.

“That is awesome!” Peter said, the biggest smile breaking across his lips. “Thank you so much!” Peter’s eyes met Adrianna’s again.

“No problem,” She said quietly, giving him an equally wide smile.

“Hey, Parker,” Tony’s voice rang over the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” Peter yelled, his gaze fixed on the ceiling.

“Cap’s about six hours from Germany. We need to leave. Now.” Tony said his voice firm. Adrianna pursed her lips, trying to think of why Captain America being in Germany would be important.

“On my way!” Peter shouted, darting towards the door. Before he left, he turned to Adrianna. “Thank you, Adrianna.” He flashed a sweet smile at her before he turned on his heel and ran to wherever he was going. She sighed, resting her elbow on the desk and propping her head on her hand. About a second later, she heard several thumps and saw Peter sprint back into the lab, running to Adrianna. She straightened, feeling her brow furrow in confusion.

“Peter, you’re supposed to-” She started to say but Peter interrupted her.

“I forgot something,” Peter said. He reached her and grabbed her face, slamming his lips against hers. Adrianna felt the world stop, even if it was impossible, as she closed her eyes and savored the kiss. She raised a hand and rested her fingertips on Peter’s stomach, feeling a set of surprisingly firm abdomen muscles. Peter gasped a little and pulled away from her, staring at her. There was a moment of silence as both Peter and Adrianna recovered from the kiss. There was a slow clap, causing them to jump. Peter faced the doorway, holding Adrianna behind him, so she could be protected from the ‘dangerous’ genius, billionaire philanthropist standing in the doorway, clad in his Iron Man suit, leaning against the door frame, slow-clapping.

“Well, that was cute,” Tony said, straightening. “But we have to go now.” With his comment still in the air, he flew off, the sound of his modified boosters echoing down the hallway. Peter stepped away, blushing.

“I, uh, I should go,” He mumbled, motioning towards the door.

“Okay,” Adrianna said, pursing her lips. “The rest of your suit is already on the jet since Tony said you might need it on short notice. Peter glanced at her as he walked to the door, with a look of wonder in his eyes.

“Thanks, Adrianna.” Peter’s voice made her heart melt and she smiled wide. Peter started sprinting when he reached the doorway.

“I’m coming, Mr. Stark!” Peter shouted, his voice fading down the hallway.

Adrianna smiled, admiring Peter’s dorkiness. 

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