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Not really fuck anyone, just a weird thing that happened. So I have a friend, let's call him James, who hates when call centers call him. So he always answers an unknown number by shrieking like a pterodactyl or a flippin crow. Anyways, I get a job at a call center. It's whatever. Anyways. Here's how my call just went: Me: *Gives standard speech* Caller: *͏͕̞̪̮̲̘U̩͙̹̳n͈̠͉̞̞̖͖h̜o̡l͔̬͜y̢͓̼̩̲͍̭ ͠s̢̺͔̯̮͕̦c̺͙re̤̫̙e̲̱c҉͎̫h̪in̢̼̼̭͍g͈̦̀*̛͓̹̼ͅ Me: ... "James?" Caller: *panicked* CAW CAW *click*

lmfao I wonder if he’ll stop now that he knows you might be on the other end at any random time. -Abby

Full Circle (Friends)

Summary: (College!AU) In which your relationship with Steve comes full circle when you go from being strangers to friends to lovers and back to strangers again.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,764

A/N: For @viollettes​, my forever love.

Originally posted by mackievanstan

“Why are Thursdays so long?”

You look up from your homework just in time to watch Steve unceremoniously collapse in the seat next to yours. He puts his head down on the table and sighs loud enough for some of the people in the study lounge to turn and look at him.

“Thursdays aren’t that long,” you reply, accepting that your homework needs to momentarily be put on the back burner now that he’s here. “They just feel that way because you crammed as many classes as possible in one day to avoid Friday classes.”

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Imagine : “what do you mean my body is now your body” (Part 1)

In which Peter and the reader are best friends going through a “little” argument and stay upset with each other (but also very sad), not much talking during the rest of the day only to find out in the morning that the universe is playing with them. They exchanged bodies and the reader soon find out that their best friend is spiderman.

You knew even before he spoke that Peter wouldn’t be there tonight. You knew it. Not only because it was written on his forehead but because it was now something regular, something you got used to. The boy with curls you loved and a frown you disliked made his way to you, getting pushed by others students’ shoulders.

“Hey-” he stopped, trying to breathe normally again, “Hey.” he repeated.

“What’s up ? Did you run or something ?” you asked, kind of bitter. It wasn’t like he was late, since there was nothing to be late for. Not anymore.

Peter’s frown grew deeper, his eyebrows almost touching. “N-no. I mean, not really. I was afraid you would leave before I got to you.” He blinked several times, his heartbeats coming to a normal rhythm only to start racing again a moment later. You weren’t the only one to know your best friend, Peter did too, which is why he knew something was up with you. Your face was blank, not showing much emotions.

“Yes, because it’s obvious I’m leaving. Alone.”

Peter took a step back, “what ?”

“I was going to come home alone, right ? You didn’t need to rush Peter, I already knew our plan was canceled. Because that’s what you were going to say, isn’t it ?” A part of you felt horrible to speak to him like you did, a part of you knew it wasn’t fair, a part of you knew Peter would spend his lifetime with you if he had the chance. But you muted this part, letting the anger go.

“No.” he said, kind of upset. “Listen, I know I’ve been busy but I’ll be there, like we said. I’ll help you study and then we can watch a movie or just- just do anything you want.”

“Then why do I feel like it’s gonna end like the others times ? Why do I feel like you’re gonna ditch again ?” you asked, not really waiting for an answer. You closed your locker, trying to ignore Peter’s frustration.

“I know it’s not fair to you, but I don’t have any choice !” his voice started rising but you both knew it wasn’t toward you. Peter would never scream at you.

“Tell me, exactly, why you don’t have a choice ? What it is that makes you so busy ?” Peter didn’t miss the way you emphasized the word ‘so’ which made him wince. “And don’t even tell me it’s freaking Stark. What am I to you ? Someone you can lie to ? Because you’re wrong Benjamin Parker.”

Peter’s cheeks were red, and so were yours. You were letting go all the frustration and anger you kept during those weeks. You didn’t want to say things you would not even think or regret so you took your bag, ready to go. Peter could say whatever he wanted, you knew you would end up alone tonight, so any hope is forbidden. You would work and stress alone, thinking about how Peter was a genius and would pass all the exams without a problem while you needed to work your ass off. Of course, you weren’t mad at Peter for being as smart as the whole school reunited. You were just mad you couldn’t count on him anymore.

“Don’t leave.” he took your arm, gently, to be sure you would listen to him. You could tell he was angry now, though he was as gentle and as soft as if you were both having fun, as if everything was alright. You wanted to hug him and forget everything for a second, but knew better. “I wish I could tell you everything and I wish that what I already gave you was enough, but I see it’s definitely not. And it’s the only thing I can offer for now. If you’re not happy then…”

“Then what ?” you asked, moving your arm away. “If I’m not happy then I better leave ?”

Peter didn’t respond for a long minute, keeping his gaze on the ground. You could feel your eyes watering slowly but surely, just like your heart were breaking, slowly but surely too. It felt like heartbreak, maybe because it was the case.

“I’m definitely not happy, but I’m not leaving either. You’re the one who is leaving Peter. Actually… You had been for weeks now.”

You decided to end whatever was happening. You walked away, refusing to let him see your tears, even though he was hearing your heart beating to an abnormal rhythm. He could almost hear it break.

It was now 11pm and you still had no news from Peter. You didn’t really know if you could expect anything from him since you had a fight but your heart still ached from his silence. You wanted to think that things would be alright, it was just a fight. Everybody get in an argument sometimes. It doesn’t change your feelings, you still love this person with your entire heart. But does the other person love you if they’re distant ? You sighed, that was the only thing you could focus on, even if what should matter was your exam. You finally fell asleep around 2am, after a lot of thinking, of ‘what if’ and a lof of revising, though the key word is trying. The only things on your mind before you blacked out were Peter and how incredibly loud was the thunder that came out of nowhere.

You woke up the next morning with an energy you never had before. Your eyes were still closed but it felt like you could see and feel everything around you. You could feel where the sunlight coming through your window was beginning and ending. Hell, you felt like you could hear what couldn’t even be heard, the emptiness, the void. Something didn’t feel right. So you opened your eyes, adapting your eyes to the light in your room.

Your room.

It wasn’t your room. You frowned. The walls you were looking at were blue, almost grey. There were Star Wars items and genius posters and pun. The bed was not your bed, everything was definitely not yours. But Peters.

How did I get here ?

You rolled out of the bed and rubbed your eyes, then froze.

That wasn’t your hand.

“What the hell ?”

“Peter ? Is everything okay ? I made breakfast.” It was May’s voice.

Peter ?

You looked down and saw a male body in underwear. A male body with strong legs and arms, and defined abs. You blushed. You didn’t know Peter was that strong. But the thought vanished and was quickly replaced by pure panic.

“Peter ?” May asked again. She was right behind the door.

You forced yourself to speak, hoping it was just a dream. A really weird dream.

“Y-Yes ! C-coming !”

You looked around you, trying to find anything to cover yourself. This couldn’t be happening. 

What is even happening ? I can’t be in Peter’s body !

It then hit you that if you’re in Peter’s body -that you saw barely covered-, Peter is also in yours.

Your vision went blurry, anxiety present in every cells of your body. You searched for Peter’s phone and called your number after your trembling fingers finally typed the right number.

You didn’t even let him speak when he answered, “Y-your body ! Peter, I’m in your body !”

Still in a groggy state, Peter didn’t realize what was happening, or that you spoke with his own voice, “(Y/N) ? What do you mean my body is now your body ?”

There was a pause, probably Peter realizing he spoke with your voice, that he was in your body.

“P-peter ? Peter, please.” was the only thing you could say. Your throat was dry and too tight to speak. “Please. S-say something.” It was probably the first time you ever begged for something. Like, really begging.

It was still silent, which was killing you. Did he faint ?

“Peter !” you screamed. It was probably the first time that Peter’s voice went that high. “Fucking answer me ! What is happening ? Why am I in- I can’t-”

Peter was utterly shocked and couldn’t move or say anything for a moment. He wasn’t prepared or even expecting to see a hand he knew too much holding a phone that wasn’t his. At least, he wasn’t expecting to be the one controlling that hand, or that voice. It should be impossible. Things like that didn’t happen in real life.

Being spiderman should be impossible too.


If you were in his body, there was a chance you could have his powers too.


But that’s when he heard you having trouble breathing that he forced himself to really react.

“I’m coming. Yeah, I’m coming. Don’t do anything. (Y/N) don’t- don’t even move.”

“Don’t even move ?” you repeated. “We exchanged bodies and the only thing you say-” you stopped, hearing a familiar sound. Peter had hung up, leaving you completely desperate. In an attempt to free your frustration and fear, you tried to throw his phone but it stuck on your hand. Frowning, you tried to take it with your other hand but something sticky kept it on your skin.

“Am I hallucinating ? What the fuck.”

Sam x Reader:

“You’re staying in again? (Y/N), why don’t you just go out with us tonight. It’s going to be awesome!” My friend, (Y/F/N), begged with a pleading stare. She swung my hand in hers as she stood in a short red dress and I wore sweats with a black tank top. “Leave the anti-social world for awhile.”

“I’m exhausted, go have fun with the girls tonight. I love you, get home safe, and don’t overdrink.” I rose an eyebrow and warned with a serious stare. She let out a laugh and raised her arms in surrender.

“Trust me, I know Mother.” She answered sassily before placing a kiss on my temple and waved as she walked out of the door with her purse and phone in her hand. I sighed and shut the door behind her. I shivered from the chilliness of the room and grabbed a warm blanket to wrap myself in. Once I took my popcorn out of the microwave, I waltzed to my couch and plopped down right in the middle. I flipped through channels before giving up and choosing a movie through Netflix. Finally deciding on re-watching a few episodes of New Girl, I dug my hand into my popcorn bowl.


I was seven episodes in when I heard loud banging on the door. I jumped because it sounded terrifying, but I stood up to look into the peephole. It was difficult to see at first, but I saw a figure knocking on the door. My first initial thought was stranger danger, but I opened the door anyways. I regretted the decision as soon as I acted on it, because the figure turned out to be a male in his early twenties and he busted through the door and stumbled into my living room.

“I could really go for some pizza right now.” He slurred his words and stopped near the island in the kitchen. “Hey, this isn’t my flat.” He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion. “Who the hell are you?” I showed a surprised expression at his question and reluctantly shut the door.

“Are you a murderer?” Was the first question that came out of my mouth.

“Does it look like I have a weapon on me?” He asked with a drunk attitude. “Who are you? And do you have pizza? Ooh! Popcorn!” He stumbled and rushed to my couch to grab the bowl of goodness and comfort. I snatched my bowl away and scowled at the strange man.

“What’s your name and why are you here?” I ordered questions while placing the bowl near the kitchen sink.

“My name…My name is…Sam? Yeah, I’m Sam. Sorry about showing up at your door. I think I got the room numbers mixed. This is a really nice place, can I please have the popcorn back? I’m starving.” He moved and stood up to head back for the popcorn bowl, but I pushed him back on the couch. “Look, you’re a gorgeous Lass and all, but I don’t know you enough to have sex with you.”

“Oh whatever, you’d be lucky as hell if I had sex with you.” I gasped at the sentence that popped out of my mouth, what the hell was I saying!? “Nevermind what I said, you need to leave. I don’t know you and it’s really late. Do you have a number to call?” I leaned my weight on my right leg and waited for an answer.

“You’re quite the confident one, arent you?” He eyed me up and down, I scoffed as I grabbed a toss pillow and threw it towards his smug face. “I was only messing with you Love. I’ll call my brother, Harry.” He stood up and had to steady himself so that he wouldn’t fall the the floor. “Can I borrow your phone, Principessa?” He imitated a terrible Italian accent and I cringed as his warm breath fanned my face. I didn’t say anything, but I handed him my cellphone and waited for him to finish his call. “‘Ello, Harry, Lad, do you mind telling me what the room number of the flat is? I stumbled into a really pretty lady’s apartment, she doesn’t seem to like me…oh man, you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous this Lassie is. Anyways, about that room number. . .” Sighing with tiredness, I plopped back on the couch and pressed play on New Girl. It was close to two o'clock in the morning and once this guy leaves, I’m so heading to bed. I gasped quietly when I felt hands on my ankles. I turned to see the man, I mean Sam, picked my legs up and sat down before sitting down and setting them on his lap. He continued eating the popcorn and watching the TV as if nothing happened, as if we weren’t total strangers. . .


“Why don’t they just hook up already?” Sam asked out of the blue and I was snapped out of the Netflix trance.

“Because if they do, then things will be weird between them.” I answered with a small smile. This was one of the strangest nights I’ve ever experienced, I’m just glad that he didn’t turn out to be a crazy murder guy. He was fun to hang with, even if it’s only for the remainder of tonight. It’s been about an hour and a half or so, Sam said he’d stay to watch a few episodes so he could eat his drunkness away. . .whatever that means. I figured letting him stay couldn’t do any harm, he didn’t seem dangerous.

“That’s dumb, they should be together.” He pouted and dropped his face in his hands. I laughed at his face and paused when I heard a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” I walked in front of him and to the door to look through the peephole. There was a man who looked around the same age as Sam. I opened the door fully with a tired smile.

“Oh- uh- Hello, is Sam still here?” He was a lot taller than I was, but not taller than Sam. “I’m his brother, Harry.”

“Ye-Yeah, he’s here, come on in.” I let him inside and shut the door behind him.

“Hey, Harry.” Sam stood up and hugged his brother. They talked for about three minutes until they both turned to me at the same time, it was freaky. “I’m off to my brother’s flat, Love. Thank you for the popcorn and TV, I will hopefully see you again because tonight was fun. Sweet dreams, Lassie.” He swiftly kissed my cheek and I flinched slightly from shock. He whisked his brother out the door and shut it softly. I sighed and fell back on my couch after locking the door. The peace and quiet felt wonderful as I began to doze off.

Would I see Sam again. . .?

Maybe a part two, honestly, I probably will write a second part. Sorry if this is shit.

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Five}

Words: 2774

Warning: none really?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I find this part to be an explosion of emotions! But, it’s absolutely cute in the end! :) Thanks to @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

Dylan hasn’t really been himself the past couple weeks. Malissa watched him mope around at work, barely coming out of his office and just barely talking overall. She would stand by his door, Dylan oblivious of her presence as she watched him work, his eyes glancing towards his phone every few minutes. Mal would assume that he’s been waiting for you to contact him.

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Are you an ana who needs a group of friends who are like you?

Are you an ana who feels like you’re alone in your fight and you don’t know anyone who can relate to you?

Are you an ana who needs a safe space to feel accepted, loved, and supported?

if the answer to any of those questions was yes, then I have the perfect thing for you!

search petiteplease on Kik and join the groupchat for a chance to make friends with girls who are just like you. guys are welcome as well! let’s be there for each other.


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hiya! so i just pledged to your patreon but i had a quick question about the bonus, patron-only comics - because i know all of the comics you work on are true stories submitted by readers, does that mean that it's possible people won't see their comic if their story ends up being a bonus comic and they /aren't/ a patron? or would there be like a process of some kind that still lets them see the comic based on their story? sorry if that sounds confusing haha - keep up the good work guys! <3

Hi there! I figured I’d answer this one publicly because it’s a good question.

The bonus comics will not be based on people’s submissions! So don’t worry, if you submit a story you’ll definitely be able to see it, regardless of whether you’re a patron.

The weekly bonus comics will likely be from the artists’ point of view, about our own experiences.

And thanks so much for becoming a patron!! :)

🍁 Hello everyone 🍁

I just want to let you know that I won’t be as active during the week because of college. I do have a queue that posts 3 times a day and I will try to make more posts/reply to messages/catch up on your beautiful stories on the weekends. I am sorry, I know I have some messages in my inbox which I appreciate a lot and I will answer them as soon as I can, I promise! Thank you for sticking up with me, it means a lot! Hope you have an amazing day and, as always, happy simming 💕

so i had a coding assignment due on monday (today), but i left my charger in one of the school buildings, and when i called on friday they said they had it but i couldnt get there before they closed. and it only opened again on monday

so i tried doing the assignment on the school computers on saturday, but you can’t install shit on them and i needed to, so i texted my roommate/best friend and was like hey can i borrow your laptop. and she was like yeah of course, go ahead my room is open! which was really nice of her, like she could have said no. but then i went to her room and it was locked, and she didn’t answer her texts bc she was drunk. but i was like ok ill just do the assignment on sunday. so i text her to let her know i can just borrow it on sunday night instead. and then sunday night im like hey so i can i borrow it? and she’s like “oh, no i brought it with me today and now im at my gf’s. i hope this all works out for you though!!” like ok bitch bail on me whatever but “i hope this works out for you”?? pls know you’re actually screwing me over!! you could have told me earlier that i couldn’t use it!!!

so i went to an internet cafe at 2am, but i forgot my wallet so i only had enough money for 2 hours. i ended up getting a bit of work done but i still had like half of it to do.

so in the morning on monday i wake up and rush to the building where i left my charger, and i go to the front desk, and it turns out the charger they have isnt even mine. so class is in 2 hours, i still need to do the assignment and get to the class, and i dont have access to a computer where i can run the program to make sure all my coding is right.

so i decide fuck it i’ll just write and submit the code on my phone and hopefully it’s right even though i can’t actually see the output.

but at the same time i missed the first two lectures bc i wasnt enrolled in the course yet, so there’s some parts i dont really understand? but theres this girl breanna in the class who gave me her number so i text her like “HELP im on my phone and have an hour to finish the assignment”, and she walked me through the parts i didn’t get and then ran parts of my code for me on her laptop to check that it worked, and i submitted the assignment with like 10 mins to spare 🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🌈🌈⏳⏳⏳🙆🙆🙆🦄🦄🦄

so anyways in conclusion friendship ended with rebecca, breanna is my best friend now!!!!!!!!!

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hey im sorry if you already have answered this but i really wanna dye my hair pink and love your exact color! what dye/shade did you use?

hiii yes a girl from my school did it she mixed two argan oil bubblegum pinks, a manic panic pastelizer, a little bit of blonde dye, and a shit ton of conditioner! it turned out pretty good she did a good job on it!

my best friend is redying it tomorrow and we are just using the bubblegum pink and conditioner, i’ll let you guys know how it turns out :)

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Wanweird - An unhappy fate. with Pride? <3

Fear forced Dwayne’s legs to move, following you out the door. “Y/N, honey, hold on a second.” He called out. His longs legs assured that he’d be able to catch up quickly, and he did. Dwayne skirted past, stopping you without having to touch you.

His eyes were wide and fear. Hands held out to keep you in place. But right now, you were just angry enough to punch Pride in the face. “Dwayne, let me leave.” You mumbled, meeting his sad eyes with your own, infinitely more fired-up.

He was surprised by the venom in your voice, but lightly shook his head. “If I let you go, baby, will you come back?”

Your lack of a response scared Dwayne. “I don’t know.” You ended up answering.

With a single blink, he numbly stepped to the side, allowing you to storm past to your car. Dwayne flinched physically when the car door slammed shut, and he turned around just in time to see the bumper of your car disappear.

Drabbles are closed

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Hi! I think you're really talented! I've read all of your fics so many times. I wanted to thank you for writing them. What do you think of Zen X Kihal?

Thank you, nonny! I’m always happy to hear that people enjoy my writing!

SO! Let’s talk about… Rare pairs, KiZen Edition

You know, I’ll be honest - I never really thought about it before @sabraeal and @claudeng80 started writing them, but I *definitely* see the potential there now.

Let’s evaluate.

[more below the cut]

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heyo!! another mutual loving post coming up lolol, so if you were to (platonically) pair yourself with a mutual and compare it to an astro ship and why!!! eg. "jakganimxsomeone = moonrock because we are brothas from another mothaa" dude if this confuses you or makes you uncomfortable ? I'm so sorry an dont feel the need to do it!!


this was harder than i thought hahaha yikes :)))

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Can’t we all just enjoy Harry’s music and this tour without turning everything into a debate about sexuality. I know the answer is no but ugh. Fucking hell its so annoying. Maybe he just liked the song??? Maybe it’s not as deep as you all are making it! Maybe it doesn’t fucking matter why he sang it. He sounded beautiful and you all are ruining it by constantly dissecting every little moment to prove some sexuality that doesn’t even mattterrrrrrrr. I’m so tired of this discourse.

Hey there just wanted to let you know i know the pain of dealing with headaches as i too have recently had to deal with some of them too. though thats because i had to start wearing glasses. not sure if you do in real life or not but if you dont maybe get the eyes checked out. they maybe straining a bit. if you already do then i dont know, just remmeber to relax and take your time with stuff. 

I hope you feel better soon.


I do wear glasses and I’m on a computer screen so often, I’m not surprised they could be partly responsible for the headaches honestly. I may need to try and find some glasses made for computer screens to help my eyes out a bit.

On a good note tho, I’ve seen my doctor yesterday about this, and everything seems normal. The headaches seem to be caused by my horrible lifestyle hehe, so I’ll just need to work on that for a few days, that’s all. =w= Gonna try resting and spending a little less time on my computer for 2-3 days and see how that goes. 

I’ll still be announcing the winners of the raffle tho, no worries about that! ^^ 

Gentle Reminder To Those Who Have Questions For Me

Hello everyone! This is just a small reminder that if you have a question or a message to send me, I prefer you submit it in an ask. If you message me in direct messages, there is a very high chance I will forget to reply, since I have a nasty habit of reading messages and then forgetting about them. If all of my questions are in my ask box, they’re easier to find and answer and I can still answer them privately if that’s a concern for you.

I get a lot of messages and they’re hard to keep track of and find time to answer properly. I like to put time into talking to you all and having conversations and helping you and offering as much advice as I can, and I am always a resource. All I ask is that you consider my preference and send questions to my inbox and if you’d like me to answer privately, just let me know.

Thank you all so much,

Kate. x

P.S. My direct messages are still very much open to you all. If you have a question you feel will be more of a conversation or you just want to talk to me, that’s totally fine. This is only referencing the very specific questions that don’t require a back and forth dialogue. Just thought I’d make that clear:)

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Just want to let you know the mistress!verse is literally the air I breathe and I appreciate you I wanna be the person in the inbox who goes IN for that fic because oh my god it's a masterpiece and is everything to me I will not let this go unheard any longer you have to know it's the best thing ever amen

IT IS ALSO THE AIR I BREATHE! I have been laughing maniacally to myself for weeks planning that series out and let me just say, I think it’s going to be some of my best work.

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Why do you think you're so high and mighty, Isis? Just because you think you're a tranny and have your head up your ass solely because Max let you in on his cute little comic. Do you really think you're so special because a kid who barely KNOWS the real faggot ass cunt you are added you to his comic? I'm sure he's better off either on his own or with someone else. You're still a conceited, transtrending, abusive little bitch after all these years. Go off yourself, you two-faced faggot dyke.

I’m dead imagine wasting your time in sending me this ask 😂

meowdoglover  asked:

Hahaha, I know I already sent you guys some, but I'm tired and still have another class to go to so yeah, you guys cheer me up and give me motivation! May I please ask how the 1ps meeting usually goes? I love your 2p one!<3

Awww yeah, let’s hope this cheers you up! -Admins Sarah and Jay

America: “DUDES! Ugh…nevermind…”
Alfred would be talking and trying to get his ideas across, but since no one really takes him seriously he would just sigh and sit down. If he isn’t trying to talk and get his point across he would be on his phone looking at anything to get his mind off the meeting. Maybe texting Matthew or sending him jokes as he browses the internet or plays games on his apps. Mostly he would be counting down the minutes until he can get away from everyone.

England: “Listen up you bloody idiots!”
Arthur would be yelling at Alfred to pay attention or have serious ideas, arguing with Francis and just exasperating himself. He would be so tired from yelling that he would hardly be paying attention to anything else. After a while, he would just huff and sit down as he checks the clock for how soon he can leave. He would just be tired and need time alone to recharge and relax so he doesn’t bite someone’s head off. Mainly Francis.

France: “Hm? Oh no, I am listening..sort of.”
Francis would occasionally listen to what was going on in the meetings. Though, much of his commentary would come from him randomly joining in on the conversation to add something that he thought, or arguing with Arthur or Alfred. Sometimes when the topics would bore him he would use his phone under the table, probably on Instagram trying to decide what filter looked best with his latest picture, or drawing crude drawings over pictures of Arthur.

Canada: “Excuse me-!…What about-…okay…”
Matthew would be used to being talked over, ignored, cut off, all of it. He would try to talk when it applied to him, or he had something useful to say, though sometimes they wouldn’t hear him or they would brush off his comments. Whenever he would just sit there he would probably doodle on the side of his papers, or be throwing paper balls at Alfred when Alfred wasn’t looking, chuckling as he watches him look around frantically.

Russia: “Are we ready to do the arguing?”
Ivan would walk into the meeting room ready to fight, and I don’t mean he walks in looking to pick a fight with someone (*cough* Alfred…*cough cough* Arthur..), but, he is always ready to deal with the arguing that surrounds them in the meeting room. It would remind him of home! Whenever he would get bored or need a break, he would most likely knit under the table, after all, he may need a new scarf! (that is actually a head-canon, look it up!)

China: “You all are so dumb. I’m done.”
Yao is the oldest and therefore has the least amount of patience with the others. He would be trying to get his ideas across and if the others weren’t listening or too busy arguing, he would just shake his head and yell at them…or hit them with his wok, you know, whatever happens first. But Yao would just look at them all and get a little sad that they couldn’t work together.