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It’s Okay if it Doesn’t Rhyme, Right? (1/?)

Summary: AU based off the movie “Music and Lyrics”; Phil Lester’s a “has-been” - a jaded popstar slowly fading into obscurity. But when UK’s new princess of pop, Zoella, asks him to write her next single, Phil gets a chance at reinvention. There’s just one problem - he’s never been good at writing lyrics, just the music behind it. Enter Dan Howell, the strange young man who waters his plants and has a way with words. 

Genre: AU/Fluff/Mild Angst (later chapters)

Rating: PG-13, could go higher

Word Count: 3979

A/N: i know i said i’d update dsww before my mini-haitus but i wasn’t able to finish the next chapter, what with all my studying and whatnot. i did want to post, though, so here’s the first chapter of a fic i started a while a go but never go to posting. special thanks to phangirlingforphan for beta-ing this and to constipatedhowell for being my cheerleader (and also beta-ing bc she’s the best and i love her v much), as is this the first phanfic i started writing after i went to her for advice/encouragement. 

Chapter Description/Excerpt:

“Can you remember the name of the other front man of Orange Excuse? What ever happened to Phil Lester?“

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6,000 Miles

Summary: Being in a long distance relationship is a lot harder than you thought, especially when your boyfriend is a celebrity.

A/n: Bc I was listening to N Y L A by Blackbear (who’s one of my favorite artists) and was hit by a truck load of feels and writing ideas. Also Monaco by MKTO is really good and it’s been on repeat for me for 2 weeks.

You had met Joshua through a friend. Well, something like that.

See your friend was hosting a “small get together” at her house. She invited a few of your friends, who ended up invited their friends and the cycle went on. Soon enough her house was filled with well over 100 people. Unknowing of what to do, your friend turned the stereo onto some provocative music and the whole living room turned into a dance floor of sweaty, hormonal teenagers. Not wanting to join, you seek refuge in the kitchen to find tons of alcoholic contents scattered across the counter, all of which you assumed were from the guests. You grabbed a soda from the fridge and walk outside to the backyard.

That’s where you stumbled across him. He was sitting on the bench, guitar in his lap while he strummed a familiar tune. Then he started singing and you were in awestruck from his voice. You close your eyes and let his smooth voice calm your nerves. Not realizing you were humming along, the boy stops and turns his attention to you.

“I didn’t know I had an audience.” The boy chuckles, and the first thing you noticed about him was his eyes. They were kind and caring, and if you could describe eyes as smooth, they would be just like his voice.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt, but was that Monaco by MKTO? That’s one of my favorite songs.” You confess. He smiles and you can see small crinkles by his eyes making his eyes your favorite feature about him.

“It was, would you like to join me? I can tell you’re not a huge fan of parties because you’re out here.” You agree and automatically the two of you hit if off.

You did your introductions and he played a couple more songs. Then the rest of the night you two talked. And talked. And talked. That is  until Joshua received a text from his parents that they were worried he hasn’t come home for the night. Not wanting whatever was between the two of you, Joshua asked for your number and if you wanted to go for coffee sometime. You agreed, and exchanged numbers.

That night when you got home and laid in bed, your only thoughts consist of Joshua and how easily your were wrapped around his finger. You received a text from Joshua, proposing for the coffee date to be Saturday. Squealing silently, not wanting to wake anyone up, you text him back agreeing.

The two of you went on your date date and it was just as magical as when you two met. After that there were so many more dates to come. Everything about your relationship was perfect. Joshua was such the gentleman and every time you see him you would get butterflies.

But then Joshua broke the news that he was moving to Korea. He said he was gonna be a trainee for a entertainment company and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Of course you were happy for him, extremely excited actually.  The fact that your relationship was gonna be long distance didn’t worry you one bit. It didn’t even come across your mind once.

They all told you it would be hard. Not one single word of encouragement. The different time zones, his busy schedule, your studies, they would all get in the way of your relationship. But the two of you didn’t listen, you were blinded by love. It started off a little rocky, but eventually you two got a routine down. Joshua would call you early in the morning and the next day you would do the same for him. The conversations wouldn’t be for long though because one of you would have to hang up first, whether it was him because he had practice or a music show, or you when you had to get ready for work or school. It didn’t bother you because at least you could hear his voice. Sometimes you guys would even get the chance to video chat, but that was on rare occasions, usually when the rest of the guys are recording and he had some free time before it was his turn.

But one day he broke the routine. He forgot to call, so you called him but there was no answer. Deciding he was probably exhausted from his busy schedule, you let it go. It went on for two weeks before you got to hear his voice again.

“Sorry, everyone has been trying really hard to make sure this comeback is a perfect as possible.” Joshua’s smooth voice says over the speakers of your phone and relief washes over you.

“It’s alright, I figured it would be something like that.”  There’s a silence between the lines before Joshua speaks up.

“I really miss you y/n.” His voice is a little horse this time and you know he’s about to crack.

“I miss you too Jisoo. Just work hard and take care of yourself.” You say concerned for his physical well being.

“I gotta go, I’ll talk to you soon… And hey, I love you don’t forget.” He says. You started to feel your eyes water but you hold it in.

“I love you too, bye.” You hang up quickly and let the tears stream from your face. Curling up in your bed you can feel your heart shatter one piece at a time. This relationship is taking a bigger toll on your emotional state than you thought it would.

Having the day off you planned on sleeping in, that is until your phone started vibrating, waking you from your sweet sleep. You’re a little grumpy to be woken and and a little bummed when you see it was a text message from your friend and not a good morning text from Joshua.

Hey you should check twitter.. there’s been a lot of drama involving Joshua..

Grabbing your laptop you log onto twitter, confused on what she could be possibly be talking about. When you log on you see the same two photos of Joshua with some girl over and over again. One is of them holding hands and smiling and the other is Joshua giving the girl a kiss on the cheek. You give a sad smile seeing his beautiful eyes again, but your heart hurts knowing that it’s not you that’s his looking at.  That used to be us. Hoping it was some big misunderstanding you click on the link to the article.

Seventeens Joshua dating rumor confirmed?  

It has been confirmed by Pledis trainee Lee Hanah and Seventeen’s Jisoo ‘Joshua’ Hong that they have been dating happily for 3 months.

“I met Joshua at an awards show. He bumped into me after Seventeen’s performance.” Lee says.

“I was a mess! I just came off stage all sweaty from performing and was in a hurry to look for a bathroom. That’s when I met her.” Joshua states.

The couple seems to be happily together and we hope for the best. We want to know your thoughts about the couple. Do you think its fake, or real love?

You slam your laptop close, trying to swallow the disbelief rising in your throat. Quickly you rack your spinning mind for words. Scrolling through your contact list, your finger hovers overs Joshua’s contact, contemplating if you should call him. Remembering the photos of the happy couple, you press call. The phone rings for a little bit before Joshua picks up

“Y/n, why are you calling? I’m about to go on stage.”

“I just wanted to hear your voice one last time,” you murmured solemnly.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his tone suddenly laced with worry, “Y/n is everything okay?” 

You opened your mouth to confront him, but no words seemed to form on your tongue. You sat on the bed, a series of emotions churning your stomach. 

“Y/n, are you there?” his questioning voice called out, echoing through your ringing ears, “hello?”

“E-everything seems to be perfectly fine for you,” you finally managed to say in a whisper. Your hands grew tighter around the phone, a sharp pang hitting your chest. The line grew quiet, a confused pause lingering through the air.


“H-how’s Hanah? She seems to be keeping you great companying while I’ve been alone all this time,” you muttered in a forced tone, your voice slightly shaking as irritation boiled through your veins.



“Was it fun leading me on?” you speak over him without hesitation, “saying I was the only one for you… Was everything you said to me all lies?”


“No, y/n! I-I can explain,” Joshua stuttered frantically, his voice breaking. You let out a light scoff of disbelief, slowly shaking your head.


“I don’t need an explanation… I got everything from you confirming your new relationship,” your tone subsided into an emotionless murmur, “Joshua I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore…"


“Y-y/n what are you saying?” he pleaded in desperation, “please—”

“Good bye Joshua,” you whispered, “t-take care.” You let out a slow breath.


“Please y/n-” but you hang up, cutting him off without any desire to hear of his useles excuses. 

The moment you ended the call, a wave of misery flooded your heart. You let out a loud gasp, as if you were drowning in your overwhelming sorrow, slowly giving away into the sheets of your bed. The tears you had fought so hard to keep in that day began to flow down your cheeks, a quiet sob racking your chest.

They were right all along. All their words, all their advice, all their warnings…. they knew how you two would end. Long distance relationships were difficult, and you should have listened to them after all…