just let them live happily ever after

I tend to wonder, when I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop looking out onto the street, about the stories of the people passing me by.
Have they ever truly fallen in love? And fallen out of it? Are they tending to a broken heart? Or are they desperately looking to love someone?
What is it that doesn’t let them sleep at night? And what is it that gives them comfort?
Are they trying to move on with their lives after a bad relationship? Or are they happily in love with someone? Do they feel more like the spring or like the autumn?
Are they falling in love? Or falling out of it? Or are they just trying to cope with life right now, without the burden of love?
Are they worried about their future? Or are they finally feeling content with their present after a long, hard fight to get there?
Is there someone or something that constantly haunts them, doesn’t leave their mind like their shadow doesn’t leave their body?
Are they happy? Are they sad? Are they in that ‘somewhere in between’?
—  life isn’t life without tragedy, and I wonder what theirs is // a.b


❛ You can’t take back texts. ❜
❛ You don’t push through every moment. ❜
❛ You pay attention. You take everything in. ❜
❛ I like your glasses. ❜
❛ I like that you don’t smile at everyone. ❜
❛ I choose you over everyone. ❜
❛ You don’t have any friends. ❜
❛ I object to every single thing you just said. ❜
❛ Internet friends don’t count. ❜
❛ I’m just really active in the fandom. ❜
❛ What the fuck is ‘the fandom’? ❜
❛ You flirt with everything. ❜
❛ Don’t make me angry-kiss you. ❜
❛ Maybe we should go on lots of double dates. ❜
❛ What’s wrong with Starbucks? ❜
❛ Don’t argue with me. You’re beautiful. ❜
❛ I can’t even go nine hours without seeing you. ❜
❛ I spent four months trying to kiss you. ❜
❛ All I want now is to make it right, to make you see how sorry I am. ❜
❛ I just want to know - are you rooting for me? Are you hoping I pull this off? ❜
❛ There are too many people. And I don’t fit in. ❜
❛ Why were people always going on and on about the heart? ❜
❛ I don’t want to kiss a stranger. ❜
❛ I don’t like the idea of lips out of context. ❜
❛ I didn’t want to like him/her back. I tried to be mean to him/her. ❜
❛ I thought you were just mean. I liked that about you. ❜
❛ Will you warn me when you take off your glasses? ❜
❛ I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. ❜
❛ Just… isn’t giving up allowed sometimes? ❜
❛ I’m a complete disaster. ❜
❛ I’m not really a book person. ❜
❛ That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me. ❜
❛ How do you not like the Internet? ❜
❛ Have you been watching me sleep? ❜
❛ I feel sorry for you, and I’m going to be your friend. ❜
❛ I’m sorry you ruined it by being so pathetic. ❜
❛ I like that we’re not friends. ❜
❛ You give away nice like it doesn’t cost you anything. ❜
❛ You’ve got your shit together, you’re not scared of anything. ❜
❛ I’m scared of everything. And I’m crazy. ❜
❛ I only ever let people see the tip of my crazy iceberg. ❜
❛ You know that I’m falling in love with you, right? ❜
❛ I don’t just kiss people. Kisses aren’t… just with me. ❜
❛ My plan is to do things that make you want to hang out with me again tomorrow. ❜
❛ There are other people on the Internet. It’s awesome. ❜
❛ I’m the kind of girl who fantasizes about being trapped in a library overnight. ❜
❛ The ultimate act of heroism shouldn’t be death. ❜
❛ Isn’t the best revenge supposed to be a life well-lived? ❜
❛ The punk-rock way to end it would be to let them live happily ever after. ❜
❛ Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination. ❜
❛ You’re wearing at least four different kinds of sweater. ❜
❛ It’s not my job to want you or not want you. It’s not my job to earn you. ❜
❛ You’re not a book person, and now you’re not an Internet person? ❜
❛ You shouldn’t reward me for endangering your life, you know. ❜
❛ That just shows how much you need new people.… ❜
❛ You’re working on your final project? ❜
❛ How many people make a career out of writing anyway? ❜
❛ You’re a sad little hermit, and it creeps me out. ❜

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Everybody always says that Percy and Annabeth are going to try for The Isles of the Blessed and go for rebirth but what if this was their third life? Like their first lives were as Perseus and Andromeda, their second life were as roman demigod's with Perseus the Son of Pluto and Abby the Daughter of Neptune (They grow close due to them both being outsiders) and Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. With them literally being soulmates.

I love this idea, please just let them rest and be done, my god, the thought of them getting to just live happily ever after is so Pure and I adore it thank you

Ever After (1998)

And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

Being Bruce Wayne’s Long Term Girlfriend

- You two definitely dated in secret for a very long time first

- Dick was the first to notice something was up, He had grown up with playboy Bruce.

- Bruce was showing all the signs of someone in a relationship

- When Dick went to Tim, Tim already had your information on file and a timeline of Bruce’s relationship. Tim was a detective after all.

- They both decided to keep quiet for a bit, but they wanted to know what was going on.

- “Happy Anniversary. Have anything special planned?” Tim asked casually at breakfast.

- “What?” Bruce asked, looking at Damian very quickly.

- “He’s a big boy, Bruce,” Tim rolled his eyes.

- “I would act surprised, but I’m not. About time one of you put it together.” Bruce smiled.

- “What’s going on, father?” Damian asked

- “Today’s his one year anniversary with Y/N.” Bruce glared at Tim “Band-Aid, easier to just rip it off.” Tim walked off with his coffee.

- After then, you two started to be a bit more public with your relationship.

- You met Dick and Tim first, they’d called dibs. Damian didn’t want to meet you.

-  All the kids had betting pools on how long you’d last now the relationship involved them.

- Dick, being a hopeless romantic, said you’d marry and live happily ever after.

- It was only after your two year anniversary that Damian finally gave up and let himself meet you. He didn’t care for his fathers companions and had assumed you would be gone by now.

- People in the media were waiting for you to confirm the relationship before they said anything. Messing with teenagers lives was one thing, but Wayne Enterprises literally owned everything.

- You had met Clark earlier on in your relationship, when he and Bruce were having breakfast together and Bruce had forgotten some papers at your apartment.

- Your dates had always been kind of low-key at first.

- It was a private relationship so you both had chosen more private locations.

- On your second date, you had gone to a pub and played pool. You were actually really good but pretended you didn’t know how to play.

- That meant Bruce would wrap his arms around you to show you how.

- When he found out he made you play him properly, surprised when you won.

- Stephanie and Cass both really like you, Steph isn’t sure why you’re with someone like Bruce.

- You weren’t supposed to meet Jason when you did, Bruce wasn’t sure he wanted you to meet his gun wielding son.

- You had run into him in the Wayne Enterprises Lobby. He had been talking to Tim

- “You’re Bruce’s new girl then?” he narrowed his eyes at you

- “I’d hardly call it new.” you’d laughed and held out your hand. “Y/N.”

- “Jason.” he said whilst slowly taking your hand.

- “Oh, you’re Jason.” you smiled, determined to make a good impression.

- Bruce started running when he saw you talking to Jason.

- “Y/N.” he skidded next to you, putting a protective arm round your waist.

- “Hey, I was just having a lovely conversation with Jason about his love of literature.”

- “Really?”

- “At least pretend like you paid attention during my childhood.” Jason jabbed

- You knew Bruce loved his kids so rolled your eyes at the comment. Jason had been lovely until Bruce arrived.

- Once Damian finally accepted you as part of Bruce’s life, you started hanging out at the manor more often.

- You were practically living there the second it was okayed by the kids.

- You figured out the Batman thing.

- “You’re Batman, aren’t you?” you said when he appeared in bed extremely earlier in the morning. He’d thought you’d been asleep.

- “What?”

- “You disappear almost every evening, after you think I’m asleep. You always have new bruises or cuts someone. Plus, most nights I notice you gone for an extremely long time, someone usually ends up in Arkum. That’s either the biggest coincidence and you’re cheating on me, or you’re Batman. I know you aren’t cheating on me.”

- “Are you angry?” he would have to explain things in the morning.

- “Just keep coming back each night and I’ll be fine.” you snuggled into his chest and held him very tight.

- You and Alfred worked together to make every meal, he was happy to have help.

- You learnt how to do stiches and help with injuries to help ease your mind each night

- You accidentally overheard Damian and Bruce arguing.

- “I’m happy with her living here, isn’t that enough.” Damian snapped.

- “You could at least pretend not to hate her. You would like her if you actually tried.”

- “Why is my opinion so important. You two will settle down whether I agree to it or not and probably have kids of your own. I’ll have nothing to do with you two.”

- “Damian, you are my son. My true son.”

- “Not for much longer. My mother isn’t apart of this perfect family you want. Neither am I.”

- “He’s allowed to be upset Bruce.” you said from the door. “He’s scared of being replaced.”

- “I’m not.” Damian hissed.

- “That’s not something you have to worry about, Damian.” Bruce assured him.

- “You say that now.” he huffed.

- “No, we say that forever.” you looked at your shoes. “Since I can’t have kids.”

- “What?” Bruce and Damian said at the same time.

- “I found out when I was in my early twenties, I never mentioned it because we haven’t even talked about marriage, let alone kids. Plus, you already have so many that I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

- Bruce rushed to your side to hug you tight.

- “So, yeah, Damian.” you had always told yourself that you were fine with it. You’d had years to accept you’d been without a blood child. “You aren’t ever going to be replaced.”

- Damian and Duke were the youngest two, so you always saw them a lot more than all the other kids.

- You felt like you’d finally made a break through with Damian when you’d found some tarot card art he’d done.

- There was one for each of his family, painted on the front on back - one for their superhero identity and one for their normal lives.

- He was working on one for you.

- You had hugged when you’d next seen him, after a second he’d hugged back.

- The media still hadn’t had any confirmation on whether you and Bruce where together, but when a picture of you wearing a wedding ring was found, they went crazy.

I want to address the, “emotionally unavailable man with a tragic past meets woman who falls in love with him, and then after suffering through great lengths of the consequent emotional abuse, finally helps the man find his breakthrough and they have perfect sex and live happily ever after” trope.

Popular media and societal norms tell girls that it’s normal for dating to be a struggle. They learn that it’s normal to expend copious and consistent efforts of emotional labor without receiving anything in return because men are so emotionally lacking or otherwise “hyper masculine.” On tv and in movies girls are shown that if they truly love a man they should never give up on him because behind his emotional unavailability is a dark past that only she can heal. So they hold out for the moment when he—and only because she finally breaks through his strong exterior with the perfect words—speaks from an emotionally vulnerable place for one short monologue and tells her everything that she has wanted to hear. Then they have perfect sex and that is what young girls grow up romanticizing.

On the flip side, boys grow up learning that they are not supposed to be emotional beings. They are told not to cry when they are hurt, they are taught that emotional impenetrability is “strong” and admirable. They are mocked for expressing love and are made to feel embarrassed for receiving it in front of others. And for boys who feel this pressure to deny emotion, any traumatic events in their past go unaddressed, and the toxic behaviors just keep repeating. Then they’re warned to mistrust women, told that they’ll deceive him and trap him and steal from him, but are reassured that “the right woman will come along” and she will create the perfect environment of understanding and support in which he can finally let his guard down.

Women have romanticized emotionally unavailable, broken, and unhealthy men all their lives, they are attracted to these types of men in real life and become deeply emotionally attached (because this is who the girl always ends up with in the movies, right? This is going to be the happily ever after). But for the men who are like this in real life, their pain isn’t just part of a script, it (whatever it is) actually happened to them and they don’t know how to deal with it. It has instead created a defensive foundation of distrust and emotional detachment. So they hold out for their “perfect woman.” A woman who will adjust her actions and words and efforts to gently break down his walls. And these real-life women will desperately try everything to be that for him but the catch is that there is NO SUCH THING as this elusive “perfect woman.” Perfection is unattainable, first of all, but more importantly there is no secret code or big-screen-worthy speech that can instantly disintegrate the years of unaddressed pain, one incident after another, like bricks in this proverbial wall.

Men and women must both be held responsible for dealing with their pasts and any residual unhealthy behaviors. Men and women are both responsible for taking themselves out of abusive or toxic relationships. And we all as a collective must hold ourselves, our actions, words, and the media we create, accountable for what kind of messages we are sending to others, and especially impressionable youth. Because while it makes for dramatic story lines and happy endings in hollywood, all it does in real life is teach men and women that stunted emotional development and emotional abuse are both fine and it’s all a normal part of heterosexual relationships.

The end of the beginning

This was a story told by Helena about her sestras. This explained so much - especially abut that baby party being eerily similar to the one Helena imagined. And now the story ended but their lives together are just beginning.

All the bad people are dead.

Alison and Donnie are happily ever after letting their sex freak on.

Helena lives in their garage and her twins are boys. She identified them by the colour of their socks until she found perfect names. Names of two men who helped her the most. Purple is Arthur and Orange is Donnie (also I see what you did there Orphan Black).

Cosima and Delphine are travelling the world saving all the Ledas one injection at a time. Until all 274 of them are accounted for.

Sarah, Felix and Kira are home. And when they need all their sisters and cousins and friends are there for them.

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I was hoping we could get the DA:I companions and li's reaction to the first time they see the Inquisitor without their arm? Thank you. btw this blog is awesome.

Cassandra: She knew it was coming to this. She knew it was their life or the mark and likely their arm, and it was gone. Still, she’d be lying if it didn’t strike her odd the first few times she sees the arm is missing. She offers her sympathy to them, and her heart aches with pity when she sees them upset or struggling with tasks that were once easy. If Romanced: She’s relieved to know that he will live, albeit with the loss of the arm, and she knows that he’s in for a difficult transition. She’s determined to help him through this and be there no matter what, and calmly reassures him that she will be there to help.

Blackwall: The man stares for a moment before heaving a great sigh and sitting beside the Inquisitor. He asks how they’re feeling, and he tries his best to reassure them, though words can do little. Part of him is relieved to see it go, if it means they live. He’s relatively calm about it. If Romanced: She’s shaking and stressed, and he wants to help. He never thought he’d be relieved to have his lover lose a limb, but he was– he wasn’t going to lose her. He asks if there’s anything he can do, and she tells him just to stay with her. So he does.

Iron Bull: He knew it was going to have to go, and he’s not at all thrown off by seeing it gone. “Don’t worry, Boss,” he tries to reassure, “you can still kick plenty of ass with one hand. Besides, we’re both all right, now. That mark can’t hurt you anymore.” He buys them as many drinks as they want, and keeps an eye out for them the rest of his time there. If Romanced: He holds his Kadan tight, never wanting to let go. They’re visibly upset, but all he feels is relief and worry for their stress levels. He spends a long time with them laying in his arms, just stroking the back. “It’ll be okay, Kadan,” he tries to soothe, “you’re still the strongest, sexiest, most amazing person I know.”

Sera: Normally, people would be shocked or dismayed to see their friend’s arm missing, but all she feels is complete and utter relief to see it gone. It’s not hurting them anymore, and it’s far better to lose an arm than a life. When the Herald expresses dismay, she’s quick to reassure them. “I know this shite’s not easy, but I’m glad that ruddy old mark is gone. I’m just sorry you had to lose the arm, too.” If Romanced: She’s doubly relieved to see her wife’s arm and the mark upon it gone. “You’re going to live, Wifey,” she whispers to her, “we’re gonna live happily ever after. Fenny’s gonna have arrows up his arsehole to make sure of that.” She stays with her through her grief and pain and holds her tight.

Varric: “Shit.” He wishes he hadn’t uttered the word, because the Herald looks away in shame. Immediately feeling guilty, he hurries to them and tries to rectify the situation. “Hey, don’t take it that way, I didn’t mean–” He groans. “I’m glad you’re alive. I’m just sorry it came to this. Listen, if you ever need anything, I– you let me know, alright?”

Cole: “It doesn’t hurt anymore, but it does differently.” he remarks sadly. “I am sorry. None of us think less of you. Some even think more. So brave, so strong, I’m glad they’re still here. It hurts, but you will heal. You always do.” He brings them all manner of trinkets or sweets, whatever the Herald likes, in attempts to cheer them up.

Solas: He almost looks back at them as he walks away. He knew what it would look like. He knew what he did to them, and he regrets that they had to suffer this for their accident. But there’s nothing left to do for them, he tries to reassure himself, it’s what’s necessary. Somehow the words ring hallow. If Romanced: Numerous times, he’s torn, and wants to turn back and forget everything. He could use magic to give her a new arm. They could live in blissful harmony, forgetting everything. He chokes back a sob as he finally drags himself through the eluvian, deciding upon his duty.

Dorian: He pauses for just a moment before huffing out a small sigh and a frown as they self-consciously rub the remainder of their arm. He sits by them, and they look up to him, fighting back tears. If they need to cry, he holds them and tries to murmur reassurances. “You’re still beautiful. You always will be. I’ll do some research; maybe I can find you a prosthetic. If not, you’ll make it through this. You always do.” he says earnestly. If Romanced: He doesn’t want to leave. He wants to stay with him forever and tell him it’ll be okay. They’ll make sure the future is safe for both of them together. “You are the most beautiful, strongest man in the world, amatus,” he soothes in an almost-whisper, “and no matter what, we will always be together.”

Vivienne: There is no shock or even mild surprise. She knew this was going to happen if they survived from the moment she saw them at the Winter Palace. The mark had to go. She gently reassures them that many great leaders had missing limbs, and it never stopped them from being great or doing their duty. She orders a tailor to fix all of their clothing (she offers to pay) and takes them to another spa day– she managed to pull some strings, and they need it.

Josephine: Her heart sinks when she seems them despairing over the loss. She drops everything to try to comfort them, and she tries to reassure them however she can. “Inquisitor, I… I’m so sorry.” she mourns. “None of us think less of you, I assure you. We will survive, with you at our side. Let me know if there’s anything you need.” If Romanced: She holds them tight, never wanting to let go. They’re alive, and still with her. If they seem distressed over the loss, or embarrassed to ask for help, she quickly reassures them that she doesn’t mind in the least, and neither does any other friends of theirs. With a gentle kiss and a squeezing of their good hand, they know it’ll be okay.

Cullen: The man just does his best to reassure the Inquisitor that he, along with everyone else, is there for them. He’s not surprised, just worried. To their surprise, he manages to find them a mabari puppy, to help them in their trials. For the first time in perhaps days, they smile. If Romanced: She seems so embarrassed, so ashamed, when she needs help with things like cutting food or hair care, and requires his help. When he notices, he kisses her and holds her in an embrace. “Listen to me,” he whispers soothingly, “you will never, ever be a burden to me. You helped me when I needed it. Let me help you now. I want nothing more than to be with you, my beloved, beautiful wife, now and forever.”

Leliana: Like Vivienne, there is no shock; just pity. She has her agents running double time for any and all information on Solas– he would pay for this. In the meanwhile, she reassures them that it would be okay– they’re still capable with or without the mark. Together they could still stop the madness threatening to overtake the world. “Just remember,” she says, “the dawn will come.”

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I think the sad thing is... James Flint was in love with John Silver but Flint doesn't exist anymore. He's James McGraw again and the only person he wants, the only person he loves is Thomas Hamilton. And John Silver knows this. That by delivering James to Thomas... He lost James Flint for good and while he's ecstatic James is reunited with the love of his life... He's heartbroken because he realised too late he's in love with Captain Flint and he'll never get him back.

I think, though, that this is only what Silver believes. I’m convinced that James Mcgraw could have loved him. Did love him, in fact. Silver had been bringing him back for all of s4, he just didn’t notice. Jon said it himself: “We’ve seen Flint invest in people before, but not in this way, where he has allowed himself to  be both Flint and McGraw” (x) 

They were both in love with him, but Silver thinks McGraw only came back because of Thomas, when he was already there. What happened is that Flint ceased to exist, and therefore his need for this war gave way to his love for Thomas. And at the tought of finally reuniting with the love of his life, who was presumed dead for ten years, and probably thinking that John would never feel what he felt for him, it’s not surprising that he gave everything up. I mean he was probably exhausted. You’re right in saying that the tragedy is Silver realizing too late that he was in love with him, when he had already let him go. And he resigns himself to never seeing him again, because he knows James is happy now. But James’ fate is tragic too as well. He might have Thomas now, but at the same time he lost Silver. And the fact that Jon confirmed he drinks himself to death after thomas dies of old age

But that’s all fine because i’m convinced either james and thomas escaped the plantation or madi told silver to go rescue them and they lived happily ever after RIGHT :))) 

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Jonsa prompt: "one more and that's it"

Sorry, anon, you were probably looking for, IDK, orgasms, but please instead have some soulmate AU angst (of the type where soulmates share dreams, unless you’re Jon, who took the night shift specifically to avoid his soulmate):

One more hour, Jon tells himself. One more and that’s it. The problem is, there’s nothing conducive to staying awake about desk work late at night. Or rather early in the morning. If he worked first or second shift, then he could go on patrol, interview people, do something interesting. Something active. Sometimes that does happen in the third shift, but not always, and not tonight. Tonight has been one hundred percent paperwork and boredom. People are always surprised when Jon tells them how much policework is just paperwork.

“Time for trash can basketball,” Pyp announces, slapping Jon on the back. “Unless you want to take a nap?” he adds, eyeing Jon.

Jon shakes his head adamantly. No napping. He’s made that mistake before. Even just a few minutes of overlap is a few too many. He rubs his hands together, mimes enthusiasm. “You just want me to take a nap because then you won’t have any real competition.”

Pyp whoops and everyone gathers around the trash can in shuffles of varying awake-ness. It’s a familiar game: they all take turns tossing crumpled paper balls into the can from increasing distances. If you miss, you lose and you’re out.

It’s a dumb game, but Jon likes the third shift guys he works with. Most are rookies stuck with the night shift until they work their way up. They’ll be glad to get out of here, to get back to a normal sleeping schedule and back to dreaming with their soulmates. Captain Mormont is always bugging Jon about moving up, getting off the career-killing graveyard shift, but Jon dug in his heels years ago: he works nights or he quits. Others are more like Jon. Cotter Pyke hates his soulmate’s guts and never wants to dream with them. Uncle Benjen, who led the night shift when Jon started at the station, didn’t have a soulmate at all. Neither did Ygritte, which had been at least part of what attracted Jon to her: that she did her own thing, was beholden to no one. That’s what Jon says, too, when people ask. They always do, especially when they learn he works at night and offer their sympathies. That must be so difficult. How lonely. You poor thing.

But Jon knows otherwise. What’s actually difficult is when he fucks up and nods off at his desk, and he’s catapulted into her dreams. Even catching a glimpse of her makes him see red–ha, ha. His body has learned to jerk awake at the first sign of her dark auburn hair. It was especially hard when she was in college and went to the occasional party, staying up late and sleeping in late enough to catch up with him. Sometimes she was still drunk enough that she tried to explain–as if he hadn’t understood her disappointment in him for exactly what it was–but in a drunk, self-absorbed, rambling way that made it clear nothing about her had really changed. He spent many of those Saturdays perpetually exhausted from trying to avoid her. Recently, too.

Grenn wins trash can basketball, like he always does–it’s his reach, Pyp claims, every single time, and argues they should institute a special penalty for him and giants like him–and by the time Jon looks at a clock again, it’s almost time to go. He and Sam organize everything to hand off to the day shift and head out together, Jon tugging down his sunglasses as they step outside.

“You’ve been more tired than usual lately,” Sam observes.

Sam’s the only one who knows about his soulmate and why he avoids her, so Jon admits the truth. “She’s started taking naps in the afternoon. It’s messing with me.”

“Maybe she wants to talk to you.”

Jon gives a short laugh. “About what? Everything’s been said.” There’s been some mistake. It can’t be you. It just can’t.

Sam gives a shrug, not committing to Jon’s interpretation of events. It’s annoying, but also very Sam in a way that makes Jon fond. Sam’s a nice guy. Nicer than him, for sure. Good at keeping an open mind, and unwilling to judge strangers on the words of friends. Jon respects that. In a weird way, he thinks that might be the reason he told Sam in the first place. As much as the memory of their first dream together makes him grind his teeth, Jon isn’t interested in a bunch of people who don’t know her, even his friends, bagging on her. Even if they would say all the things he’s thought in the past (what a bitch).

“There are people who think there aren’t any pre-existing connections between soulmates at all,” Sam offers.

Jon frowns. “How would that work?”

“They suggest that who we dream with may just be random–that people make connections based on the dreams, not because of fate or the gods or any other outside force.”

“That’s unexpectedly nihilistic of you. Don’t let Gilly hear you say that.” Jon laughs.

“I didn’t say I agreed with it,” counters Sam. “But–I don’t think it’s nihilistic at all. It’s all about what we make of it, isn’t it? We already know having a soulmate doesn’t predestine you for a life full of happiness and perfection. Case in point.” He gestures toward Jon, though he looks a little apologetic as he does.

“Hey, now,” Jon protests. “My life is just fine, thanks.”

Sam’s look is skeptical, but he doesn’t push on that front. “I’m only saying, maybe you should resolve whatever it is between you. Maybe you’re not going to get married and have five kids and live happily ever after–lots of soulmates don’t, you know, they’re best friends or mortal enemies or just someone who changes your life–but if you’re nothing to each other, that’s on you too.”

“That was her choice.”

“Yours too. You sort of let her make it, didn’t you? And you’ve avoided every opportunity to change it.”

Jon scowls. “That’s assuming she does want to talk to me at all, remember? Maybe she just really likes naps.”

“Naps are wonderful,” Sam allows, letting the subject go. “Gilly takes them in the afternoon with the baby, while I’m asleep too. It’s nice.”

“Well, go on then, enjoy your perfect life.” Jon waves Sam up to his apartment building, and smiles to take the sting out. “You deserve it.”

Sam’s words stick with Jon on his way home, churning. Four bus stops take Jon to his place, and to blissful, uninterrupted, dreamless sleep.

“She’s been here for a while. Only wanted to speak to you,” Pyp explains as Jon comes in the next day, bleary-eyed with his red-eye coffee.

“They didn’t call me?”

“She said she was happy to wait. Wouldn’t talk to anyone else.” Pyp shrugs. “Get this, though, she’s a total babe. I didn’t know you knew any babes, Snow.”

Jon tries to think of who it could be, and fails. “What’s her name?”

“Wouldn’t tell us. Weird, right? But we patted her down. She doesn’t have anything to kill you with, we’re pretty sure.”

It is pretty weird, he has to admit. Until he rounds the corner into the bullpen and sees her sitting by his desk and understands exactly why she didn’t tell anyone her name. The coffee slips from his hand and spatters on the floor as Jon, only dimly aware, sees a face he hasn’t seen in ten years but in the occasional dream.

She looks less surprised to see him. “Hi, Jon.” Sansa gives him a small, sad smile. “I need your help with something.”

[part 2]

klance klance klance kla

  • lance is an animal lover. like a huge animal lover. A HUGE ONE. he will literally take every stray dogs or cats he sees on the streets. like. he doesn’t even care. picks them up and takes them to his apartment. keith doesn’t mind at first, but now he is suffering too much.

° lance, slamming the door open with his feet and a puppy on his hands: GUESS WHOS HOME WITH A SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!

°keith, surrounded by the cats and dogs: lance i know this apartment is pet friendly but we literally have like 10 dogs and 8 cats can you please stop

  • lance likes to play with his pinky. or keiths. he jut likes touching them. sometimes he intertwines his with keiths. keith doesn’t mind at all. he’ll squeeze lances pinky and continues to do his thing.
  • keith likes to cling to lances back like a koala when he’s stressed. sometimes even in public. lance doesn’t care if someone thinks it’s embarrassing. sometimes people point it out and he will literally snap at them.

° some bitch: why is he clinging onto your back like that?

° lance, holding keiths hands tightly: why don’t you mind your own damn business, BITCH *zooms away*

  • keith has so much cryptid documentaries??? like?? the boy has a whole collection for each one??? sometimes he watches it with pidge or lance or both at the same time. pidge obviously gets excited to have more company, but hates it when they do their Thing.

° pidge: ALRIGHT!!!!!!!! time to watch some alien documentaries!!!! who’s ready for this shit!!!!!!!!

° lance, in the middle of smooching lance : i sure am when my boyfriends here<33

° keith: AW BABE!!!!!!!! <33

° pidge: nevermind. we’ll just see it when you guys aren’t sacking faces w each other.

  • let lance give cute nicknames for keith, let lance give cute nicknames for keith, LET LANCE GIVE CUTE NICKNAMES FOR KEITH, LET LANCE GIVE CUTE NICKNAMES FOR K
  • AWKWARD!!!!! HAND!!!!!! HOLDING!!!!!!!!!! LET THEM!!!!!! AWKWARDLY!!!!! HOLD!!!! HANDS!!!!!!!
  • cute morning rituals!!!!! when lance wakes up first —which rarely happens ahem— he likes to wake keith up by peppers kisses all over his face. when keith wakes up first he likes to wait until lance wakes up and when he does he likes to play with lances hair and kisses his forehead. lance sometimes gets a bit mad bc keith was supposed to wake him up but keith tells him that he had a cute sleeping face and that he was scared to wake him up. lance proceeds to oversleep everytime.
  • clingy boyfriends, clingy boyfriends, clingy boyfriends, CLINGY BOYFRIENDS, CLINGY BOYFRIENDS, CLINGY BOYF
  • they just love living happily ever after and theyre each other prince charming!!!!!!
What if...
  • Lance: Keith, what will you do if I got a boyfriend?
  • Keith: *choke from drinking* What?! A boyfriend? I thought you were straight!
  • Lance: I never say I was straight. I am bisexual.
  • Keith: *rethink about his life*
  • Lance: So what if I got a boyfriend... What will you do?
  • Keith: If you got a boyfriend, I am going to kill that boyfriend of yours
  • Lance: Whaaaa... Why?
  • Keith: *grab Lance by the collar and kiss him* Because you are mine.
  • Lance: *smirk* So are you saying you will kill yourself if you are my boyfriend?
  • Keith: Yes... What? Me, your boyfriend?! You got to be kidding me! As if I would want to be boyfriend with you!
  • Lance: So why did you kiss me?
  • Keith: I-I... I don't freaking know, butI will admit I will be jealous if you got a boyfriend. And that doesn't mean I like you! And-
  • Lance: *Kiss Keith from finishing his talking/blah* So what if... I told you, I am in love with you...
  • Keith: I'm going to go kill myself *left the room quickly while turning red*
  • Lance: *cant stop himself from laughing*
  • Pidge: *walk into the room after overhearing their talking* You do know he is going to kill himself, right?
  • Lance: Yeah.....OH SHIT!!!!!*Quickly left the room and went after Keith to stop him from killing himself or worse*
  • Shiro: *Just walk into the room* Pidge, do you know why Lance is running around the castle, scream Keith not to kill himself?
  • Pidge: *smile innocently* Nope, not a clue.
  • ~~~While with Keith and Lance~~~
  • Lance: Keith, you better not be doing what I think you are doing!!! *banging his hand onto door to Keith room*
  • Keith: Shut up! As if you know better!
  • Lance: Oh I know I am in love with you and you are in love with me too.
  • Keith: Am not!
  • Lance: Are too!
  • Keith Am not!
  • Lance: Are too!
  • Keith: Am not!
  • Lance: *sigh* Keith if you don't open this door then it look like I will be going out with Lotor, the Prince of Galra.
  • Keith: WHAT!!!
  • Lance: You heard me. I will be dating a Galra who doesn't try to kill himself and let their boyfriend into their room to see them.
  • Keith: .....
  • Lance: .....
  • Keith: What if...
  • Lance: What if what, Keith?
  • Keith: What if I told you, I am gay.
  • Lance: Ah shit *regretting his words as Keith open his door and pull Lance into in room*
  • Keith: What if I told you... I am willing to give up everything just for you... What will you do then?
  • Lance: What if I told you, falling in love with you was just a joke? *smile nervous was Keith pin Lance onto the bed*
  • Keith: Too late to go back on your words now *Keith lick his lip and lean down to kiss Lance*
  • *For nearly five hours, Keith and Lance were not seen anywhere in the castle. Shiro was worry Keith actually kill himself while Hunk and Coran own Pidge some money for a bet they lost after Keith and Lance came out from Keith's room. Lance was totally cover in kiss mark and Keith just stick his tongue out to Shiro when Shiro realized what happen for the last five hours..... And Lance... well he learn from that mistaken... To Never Play The "What If" game with Keith anymore. He suck at it. And-
  • Lance: Keith, stop looking at my @55!!!
  • *Let just say, the two of them live happily ever after... Well at least for one of them, it is...
to live happily ever after (a tale of sparks and wolves)

When Stiles and Scott have to flee from Kate Argent, Stiles never expects for his brother to turn into a wolf or for them to meet a prince.

But Derek Hale might just turn his life into a fairy tale.

If only Kate Argent left them alone.

A Sterek retelling of Brüderchen und Schwesterchen for the September Theme of the Sterekwritingroom: Fairy tales. Sterek, Teen Wolf, T, 19k

 “Run, Scott, run!” Stiles shouts, trying to keep one eye on the path before him and one eye on the path behind him, to make sure that no one is following them. Scott is stumbling through the forest in front of him, his harsh breaths loud even over the pounding in Stiles’ ears, a stark reminder that while they      have     to run, running is the one thing they - or Scott rather - cannot do. At least not for much longer. But running is their only chance - running until they are out of Kate Argent’s dominion.

 Because Scott? Had to fall in love with Kate Argent’s niece. And while Allison is indeed very lovable, and also very pretty, and      definitely     very scary when she wants to be, her aunt is an evil witch. Literally. Unfortunately they haven’t known that very long. Kate Argent is very good at making herself seem like the hero of the tale, not the villain.

[Read more on AO3]



1.     The Secret’s in the Telling by pyrophoric                

“It’s the sixth of October. A pivotal moment in Storybrooke’s history and the turning point in Regina Mills’ life. And it all began with a spell, a Sheriff, and a thief.”

WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I know it is a slow start but give it a try and it’s all worth it.)

2.    The Worlds You Never See by writetherest

   The lives I’ll never lead / Couldn’t make me sing / Could they? Could they? Could they?
   As soon as she had stepped through the doorway, the door closed tightly. And only then, with Regina inside, did the lines, curves, and swirls shift and move, assembling themselves into words within the heart.
   The Road You Didn’t Take


*cry emoji*

3.     The Art of Being Extraordinary by purplehershey
AU. Henry, age 23, decides to give the crowd what they want, what they really want. A story. So he tells them the only one he knows: the greatest love story of all time, and it just so happens, that this love story is his mothers’. Henry’s on and off POV. WARNING: VERY ANGSTY MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN A CHARACTER DEATH
 I cried.

4.     Shadow Haven by Delirious_Comfort                

   Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story.
   Emma was silent for a long time. Truth be told, she had no idea if she wanted to stay here. She desperately wanted the break, but didn’t want to spend her time with some stranger who had been hostile from the moment she had laid eyes on her. Hostility that had been replaced by semi-friendliness as soon as money had been added into the equation, and Emma wasn’t sure how she felt about that.
   “I don’t know,” Emma finally said.
   “Give it one week, Miss Swan. If you are not enjoying yourself here on Shadow Haven at the end of that time, we will look into the possibilities of returning you home,” Regina offered as she stood up from her spot on the couch and made her way over to Emma. She held out her hand to the younger woman when she reluctantly gave the gorgeous brunette a nod, “It is nice to meet you Miss Swan. My name is Regina Mills. Welcome to Shadow Haven, I do hope you will enjoy your time here.”

Definitely NSFW, This story is not just hot but I also love the development of Emma and Regina’s relationship.

5.      Bait and Switch by JuiceCup
Henry Mills is sick and tired of his mothers skating around the truth and not realizing that they are perfect for each other and that they belong together.  So he has a plan to bring them together and convinces his grandmother to help.Robin and Marian had never left. The story starts out with MILD Outlaw Queen but there is NO KISSING and NO SEX, so NO WORRIES!  THIS is a Swan Queen story with major Swan Queen feels already in the first chapter!

6.      I’m Not A Writer I Just Drink A Lot About It by Exquisiteliltart            

Regina decides to write her own happy ending and Emma helps.

So much feels!!! Fluff and Swan-Mills Family *sighs and watch them live happily ever after*

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anonymous asked:

DOFP is like a hidden romance movie. The Charles is sad & depressed after a very bad break up. Enter Logan who straights him up, gives him a purpose, & inspires him to fight. Everything turns out well. Charles has led to a purposeful life (thanks to Logan). They're back together. Happy ending.

Nothing hidden about it lol. Don’t forget we have the ‘the ex resurfaces in Charles’ life and they reconnect with a possible reconciliation in the offing, only for the ex to mess things up again and make things even worse then they were before’ interlude! Really it wouldn’t take much to turn the basic premise of DOFP into a romcom if you just…sort of ignore all the Sentinels and the probable extinction of the mutant race :)

I mean basically it’s –

New guy shows up = lots of sexual tension but then:

Hot eye fucking with the newly reunited ex:

Originally posted by jensmishapie

Leading to OH SO MUCH ANGST:

But then…almost reconciliation?:

Uh uh not so fast!: 

And meanwhile there’s this going on:


But then there’s THIS:

Which of course leads to the epic fight between the old and new boyfriends:


I would like for Roxanne and Megamind to dance together. I would like for them to wear fancy clothes, and I would like for them to dance. Twirls, dips, and lifts should definitely be involved. We know from the movie that Megamind can definitely lift her without trouble. I would like for this to happen, please.

I would like for Minion to have some time off as well, possibly while they are dancing. I would like for him to be eating his favorite snacks, swimming in his own private pool (it’s under the Evil Lair; it’s absolutely huge , and it is awesome), and I would also like for him to listen to his music (the kind Megamind dislikes) and watch some of his favorite shows.

I would like for Metro Man to get a very strong talking to about responsibilities and caring about the welfare of others and how your actions or inaction can affect other people. I would also like for him to learn about setting boundaries, setting limits, and knowing that it’s okay to say no to people. I think that he has it in his head that he has to help everyone all of the time and be on the job and camera-ready and willing to put the welfare of others above his own All The Time… or else he might as well quit and not do anything or help anyone at all. Neither of these attitudes are good or healthy, and I would like for Metro Man to learn some balance.

I would like for Bernard to have a good day. I would like for him to get out of the Evil Lair, and be okay. I would like for him to have just compensation for the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing (something along the lines of money, replacement for housing and property that may have been seized in his absence, etc.), and I would like for him to write a very popular and lucrative book having to do with Megamind, with reference to the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing, because it’s only fair.

I would like for there to be dancing with Megamind and Roxanne. I would also like for them to go bike-riding, and for them to go on picnics together with him wearing his real face, and I would like for other people to be okay with that. I would like for there to be picnics. I would like for them to go to the Fair together, as themselves, and for him to win her many prizes because he has very good aim, and because he can recognize and compensate for how the games are rigged. I would like for them to eat cotton-candy and corn-dogs. I would like for Megamind and Roxanne to go on the rides together, and cling to eachother– not because they are scared but because they like one another.

I would very much like for everyone to just live happily ever after together already. Please? Pretty Please? Just give them a happy ending. That’s all I ask.

Can Abby and Marcus go live on a farm just like Ilian’s away from everyone’s bullshit? Marcus is always having to pull peace negotiations out of his ass, getting chained up, thrown into the ground and threatened. Meanwhile, Abby is always caught in between the conflict because of Clarke. Let them live in peace, give them a farm with cows and tomatoes so they can live happily ever after. Thank you. That’s all.