just let me watch my anime and draw things

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Florbe dear, this might be random but how long have you been drawing? I'm sorry if this has been asked millions of times... do you feel like it took forever to get to where you are now, or did it feel like you got a good grasp of it fairly quick?

hahaha it’s okay! peeps ask me this same question but differently everytime so, I’m glad to answer ^^

About the first question: I draw since I was little. If I have memories I think some are from when I was 5 years old, at Kindergarten hahaha! But it was nothing special, we all know that ALL kids play around and draw a lot at that age XD….The thing is that, according to my parents, I used to spend a lot of time a day just drawing, It seems I liked it very much. 

About the second question: You always improve as long as you never stop drawing. There was a time when, my dad used to mock at me because I watched anime and cartoons, I was just 14 years old! that was so cruel of him and even though it seems a stupid thing, it was a HUGE let down for me and made me stop drawing anime style FOR YEARS!… believing that Realistic is the only valid style to become a “serious artist”. So between the ages of 14 and 18 I drew very little… once a month maybe?, yeah that was a huge waste of time (thanks dad!!)

But then I found DEVIANTART! And the motivation that I had lost for so long came back!. I found so many good artists with so many beautiful art styles, I wanted to be like them! They draw what they want with the style they want and people loved them! So why not? I came back to my fav drawing style and improved fast!! hahaha! All because of motivation!

カワイイノシウムとは・What is Kawaiinosium?

Kawaiinosium is a mineral that is important for all creatures. It is acquired through looking and experiencing something cute or beautiful. It’s a necessary mineral, looking at cat videos or other cute animals is a popular source for obtaining and refilling it. But for people who need a greater income of this mineral, like for me, they need to not just observe at cute things but be it. For then it is important you find that one source of cuteness that you love, playing with makeup and photography, taking care of animals, watching colorful anime or drawing art are just some examples of what you can do to obtain that fulfilling feeling of Kawaiinoisum taking a hold. For me? I play with my character in the roleplaying game, Skyrim. <3

Lack of this mineral may cause extreme depression and change of personality so be aware and let your conviction in all that’s cute guide you.