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[BTS-Reaction] When You Pass Away Unexpectedly (A/T)

Helloooo~ It’s been awhile since I’ve post anything due to me being busy, BUT! I wanted to post this reaction that I wrote awhile ago but never got to post on here! It is quite a bit long, I was wondering if I should just put it under each individual member but then I thought, fuck it! Lmao, I hope you all enjoy! 

P.S. Congrats to our boys for their BBMA win! Truly inspiring and a big step for K-pop! I’m so proud of them for chasing their dreams and not giving a fuck about what those haters got to say



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She’s gone… She’s really gone…” Jin thought as he laid in his bed. The faint smell of your perfume lingered on his pillow and he couldn’t help but bury his head deep inside the pillow, as if the more he smelled it, you would come back. Jin closed his eyes as he remembered;

“Oppa! Aish~ I bet you don’t even miss me when I’m not here with you because you have Namjoon-oppa to keep you warm! I bet when I’m not here snuggling with you, Namjoon-oppa keeps you good company,” you had pouted.

“Thats right. Namjin is better than Y/N & Jin,” Jin had chuckled while pulling you into his arms and snuggling you closer to his chest. Kissing you lightly on the forehead and whispering love words only for you.

Jin opened his eyes, tears welling up. He missed you so much. He missed the way you mimicked his windshield wiper laugh and the way you cooked for him, even though most of the time they weren’t even edible. He missed the way you took care of him, looking after him. He was the eldest in the group and was used to taking care of the other members, he’d forgotten how it felt to be taken care of. The tears fell down as he closed his eyes, holding in the scream he wanted to let out. “How could you do this to me Y/N? I loved you so much, I thought we had forever….” Jin wondered thoughtlessly.


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The living room was dark, the only light source was from the lamp lit besides the bed. The Daesang trophy sat on the dresser across from Suga who was on the bed,  the trophy sat staring at him, as if taunting him. “We won an award today Y/N…. We got Daesang….” Suga thought staring at the gleaming trophy. The other members were out celebrating with Bang PD-Nim and the other staff while he had opt to come home, saying that he was too tired to party. Everyone knew it was lie, they knew he was hurting, but what could they say? Jimin had offered to come home with him but Suga had told him to go celebrate. He didn’t want anyone to suffer with him.“Why… did you leave me like this?!” Suga thought angrily as he stared at the trophy. “Why…” he thought as he closed his eyes tightly, suppressing the anger. 

~Flash to the past~ 

“Oppa! Let’s go out to eat! We haven’t gone out in so long! Just one dinner and you can come back and work on your song,” you had pleaded going full-on aegyo mode. “Maybe another night, I’m busy Jagi, I really like the way this song is coming together,” Suga had replied not even turning to look at you from his computer screen. “Just one night, I swearrr,” you pleaded. Giving in, Suga turned to look at you, sighing and telling you, “okay fine, just let me save these lyrics and this beat and transfer it to my phone.” You had shot up from your spot on the sofa in the Bangtan Room and started dancing for successfully making him cave in. Suga smiled at your silly dancing, grabbed you by the waist and lightly resting his forehead on yours.Later at the dinner, Suga had ignored you, his eyes only on his phone, his lips wordlessly murmuring lyrics. The whole time, you stared at him, willing him to look up and smile his gummy smile at you and at least start a decent conversation with you. He never did. The only time he looked up was to order and to eat. When you arrived home, you had let him have it, complaining about him working all the time.“You didn’t even talk to me! We just ate- in silence! Because you were too busy writing down lyrics. Dammit Yoongi! You’re making me go crazy, I just wanted a nice evening out with you to catch up and eat and you couldn’t even do that. Am I not important? I understand your music and career is important but could you at least make a little time for me? Is 5 minutes too much to ask for?” you looked at him, holding back tears.

Suga had looked at you with annoyance in his eyes and shot back “Jesus Y/N, you are important, but you know I live for music and I was… I don’t know, I just had to write it down before I forgot it.

Yeah, I guess so, I guess I’m always the last thing on your list of things to-do,” you had said before turning away from him.

~Flashback to the present~

Suga opened his eyes, gasping for air. Yeah, he was a piece of shit. He should’ve showed you he loved you when you were still around. Now you were gone. You were dead. 6 feet under the ground, laying in a coffin that had been nailed shut. He had always pushed you behind, focusing on his music, forgetting about dates and text messages. Forgetting about you while you were at home anxiously waiting for him to come home or at least shoot you a text. “I’m a piece of shit,” Suga thought glumly. Looking at the trophy, Suga thought to himself in the stilled darkness. “All I wanted was a Daesang… All my life, I just wanted to be a successful artist, producer, and rapper. I was so focused on making music and winning that Daesang that I forgot I already had the best trophy with me. That trophy was Y/N. Now I lost her, I can never hear her voice nor listen to her snoring besides me. I got a Daesang. But I lost my one true love…” tears streamed down Suga’s eyes as he realized what a fool he was to lose you.


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Just smile. Smile, you can do that. You can do it,” J-Hope recited in his head as he smiled to the cameras. “C'mon, you do it better than that!!! I’m J freaking Hope!” he screamed internally. As the whole BTS moved on from the cameras, a reporter screamed loudly “J-Hope! J-Hope! How are you feeling?! How is life like after Y/N?” He froze dead in his track. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…. My precious Y/N…” J-Hope held down the urge to attack the stupid reporter. “No comment,” said Suga, as he glared daggers at the reporter making the reporter shrink back. Suga grabbed onto J-Hope’s arms and dragged him to the van, taking them to their photoshoot.

Arriving at the location of the photoshoot, every member had their individual shots for their upcoming album, as the photographer was taking pictures of J-Hope, the photographer suddenly stop, looked at J-Hope and said loudly, “Sir, your expression looks too dull, please, be brighter.” J-Hope smiled, well, grimaced actually. After a couple of shots, the photographer told him that it would do for now. J-Hope walked away from the set, too tired to even look at the photos. Once in the break/waiting room, he plopped himself down in the nearest seat and closed his eyes. “You know, holding it in isn’t going to do you any good, talk to us Hyung.” J-Hope heard Rap Monster say. J-Hope shook his head no. He wasn’t going to talk about it. He didn’t want to. “Leave it, don’t bother him,” Suga said somewhere from the room. J-Hope opened his eyes to see every member looking at him. He made eye contact with each individual one and lastly saw their manager walk into the room. He stood up and walked over to the manager. “Manager, am I done for the day? May I head back to the hotel?” J-Hope asked. The manager stared at J-Hope’s face before finally giving him the okay to leave.

Once alone in the hotel, J-Hope took a long hot shower and sat done on the armchair staring out into the night view of Hong Kong. Ah, Hong Kong, he loved visiting Hong Kong. The way the skyscrapers stood tall, as if they grew from underneath the ground and were reaching towards the skies. Reaching into his pant pocket, he took out his phone and opened up his iPhone. Your photo appeared and his heart did a double take. “I miss you Y/N. I miss you so much, why didn’t you wait for me, at least wait for me to see you one last time…” J-Hope cried. He glanced through all the photos you had once took on his phone, silly ones, laughing, sticking out your tongue. He clicked on a video he had taken of you, turning up the volume.“Look, look, look, I said look!!!” you screamed joyfully. You were dressed up as a horse for Halloween and were dancing to Dope. “I’m J-Horse, J-Dope!” you laughed maniacally as you did  messed up the tricky footwork and tripped over the ridiculously long tail of the horse costume. “Aishhh~ My Jagi is so adorable!” J-Hope heard himself say as you continued to dance pretending to be J-Hope.The tears were coming out too fast now, his vision blurry, the video ended and he started crying, bawling his eyes out.

“I miss you so much Y/N. You were my happiness, with you, I didn’t have to pretend about being happy. With you, I was truly happy. I could be my true self with you, tell you my deepest secrets and you didn’t judge me, you helped me through my depression, even with antis attacking me and sending me hate through the internet, you had always been supporting me, loving me even when I couldn’t love myself. You accepted me the way I was when others couldn’t, and now you’re gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,” J-Hope lamented as he cried into the night, your photo smiling back at him on his phone screen.


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***The song mentioned is Leona Lewis’s song “Yesterday” please go listened to it if you haven’t heard it, its a beautiful song!

~I just can’t believe you’re gone,

~Still waiting for morning to come,

~Want to see if the sun will rise,

~Here without you by my side,

Leona Lewis crooned in the background as Rap Monster sat in the kitchen eating cold leftovers. All the members were out doing there own things, with the exception of Suga who was sleeping as usual in his room. Rap Monster rarely listened to love songs. He was often listening to the latest rap song by his favorite artists and getting inspired by daily life to write his own beautiful lyrics. But on the occasions that he did happened to come across a meaningful love song, such as this particular song, he listened to it on repeat.

~When we had so much in store,

~Tell me what is it I’m reaching for,

~When we’re through building memories

~I’ll hold yesterday in my heart

Rap Monster slammed his chopsticks to the table, breaking them. He pushed the plate of tasteless food away from him. He didn’t have any more appetite. Not after everything that’s happened. He ran his hands through his hair, finally resting his head in his hands, covering his eyes. He let the music wash over him.

“I’m so tired Y/N… I’m so tired of fronting… Tired of acting like I’m fine.. I’m not fine. I miss you,” the unspoken words rung in his head. He gritted his teeth together as he reminisce about you-


“You know… To be completely honest with you, I don’t even see you as RAP MONSTER or Namjoon… I see you as… you. I don’t know if that makes sense,” you said catching him off guard.

“What?” Rap Monster had chuckled at you. “What do you mean you don’t see me as Rap Monster or Namjoon? My name is Namjoon, silly girl.”

“No.. I mean like, I know we are all given names from our parents, dumbass. But like, you know, when you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re tough and manly, not that you’re not manly now, but like you have this vibe around you. When you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re the leader of BTS, you’re the fierce don’t-mess-with-me-or-i’ll-cypher-you-up guy. When you’re NAMJOON, you’re the you that everyone in your close private life knows. The one your parents know, you’re childhood friends know. When you’re Brain Monster, haha, IQ148. Your members get to know both RAP MONSTER & NAMJOON. But for me… What I mean by being you, I mean that I know you. Well I think I know you. You let your guards down and you’re just being you… silly, full of aegyo, dorky, and kind of a sarcastic asshole at time, but caring and lovable. You’re a different Namjoon. I think that this side of Namjoon isn’t seen by everyone. Sorry, if this doesn’t make that much sense, i’m all over the place,” you had laughed at the end.

Rap Monster had sat there looking at you, processing what you had said. Sure, you didn’t make sense a little, but thats what he loved about you. You said what was on your mind even if it didn’t make any sense. What you said though, was right. He was a different person with you. With you, you made him feel exposed. Naked even. Although you were a little quirky, you made him feel so comfortable and loved that he soon let down his walls for you. You got to see the side of him that nobody else had seen. The one where he could be his true form, without having any worries. He could confide in you. Talk to you about anything, even if it was touchy subjects, he knew you would listen him out. You didn’t see him as Brain Monster with IQ of 148. You didn’t see him as Rap Monster. You saw him as a human being. As a delicate fragile person.

~Flashback to the Present~

~You always used to say I should be thankful for every day

~Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes

~But I never believed them till now

~I know I’ll see you again I’m sure no it’s not selfish to ask for more

~One more night one more day

~One more smile on your face but they can’t take yesterday

~I thought our days would last forever

~But it wasn’t our destiny

~‘Cause in my mind we had so much time

~But I was so wrong

~Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made

~I’m looking back on yesterday

The tears he held inside for so long slowly made their way out. Snaking down his cheeks, dropping onto the wooden table. He laughed. Laughed out the pain. The laughing only lasted for about a couple seconds before he was gasping, clutching his side, shaking with sadness, crying in despair.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” he whispered your name over and over again as he continued to cry softly.


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“Jimin! It’s kick, kick, spin, arms out, left foot, turn and jump!” the choreographer exclaimed as he ran his hand through hair.“I’m sorry,” Jimin replied. He hated when the members couldn’t get the choreography right and when it was him who was the problem, he hated it even more. He despised making mistakes. “It’s getting too late,” the choreographer said looking down at his watch. “Let’s all just call it a night and go home, get a good nights rest and we’ll do this again tomorrow.“ The rest of the BTS members nodded their head in unison and the choreographer left the room, leaving the members alone to gather their things and go.

"Jimin-ah, let’s go,” V said as he came up to Jimin. Jimin shrugged V off.“You guys go first, I’ll come home soon,” said Jimin.“It’s almost 3 in the morning Jimin-hyung. Let’s just go home,” Jungkook persist. “No. Just go, leave me alone,” Jimin said turning his back on them. “Whatever then,” Suga said shooting Jimin a worried glance but since he was so exhausted, he exited the room going home. “You better be home by 4,” Jin said sternly. Jimin nodded curtly as the other members stared at him for his reaction. “I know you’re upset, but don’t overwork yourself, you’ll just end up fried from it and it won’t be good for your health. Y/N wouldn’t want that for you. Just so you know,” Rap Monster said resting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder before heading out. Jimin locked his jaws. He so wanted to hit Rap Monster for mentioning your name. That caught him by surprised. He wasn’t a violent person. But with your passing, it had taken such a toll on him, his mood swings were out of control. Jungkook and V gave you a glance and without a word left.

“Want me to stay and help you?” J-Hope asked. He was also the Choreographer leader and the ever helpful hyung. “No Hyung, you go home and rest, I promise I’ll get it down by tonight and I’ll be back at 4am,” Jimin said hoping to persuade J-Hope. “Well, if you insist…” J-hope said as he gathered his stuff, giving Jimin a quick one arm hug and leaving the room. Finally alone, Jimin turned up the music and started dancing to full capacity. As he danced the new moves, your past comments about his dancing made their way into his mind. 


“Oppa, don’t try so hard! You look good enough as it is!” you had said.FLASH!“Jiminie~ look at that jibootayyyy~” you had playfully teased.


“Omo, look at that little tummy! I like what I see! I like those cinnamon rolls better than those chocolate abs,” you had said smiling making Jimin laugh out loud.

Ugh! Jimin collapsed to the bare empty floor of the practice room, the music cascading over him. He laid on the floor, covering his eyes with his arms. He could feel the sweat rolling off of his body and he could hear his heart thumping loudly, as if it was trying to break out of his rib cage. “I hate this. I hate that you left me, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!” he screamed. “I hate you Y/N! Do you hear me? I hate you so much! I hope you can hear me wherever you are?!” he continued to scream.Jimin crawled to the music player, turning it off and laid back down on his back. He had so many questions for you, why you left him in this world by himself. He thought he would get to be with his first love, he thought he would get to marry you and you would have his kids. He wanted you to be the mother of his kids. But now you were gone. You left without a word, and he never got to see you. He had been overseas promoting his new album with group when word got to him that you had gone back to the heavenly. Just thinking about it got him angry. “Why God, why?! Why did you have to take her back so soon…” he thought as he laid drenched in his own tears and sweat.


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5 months. 5 months since you had left him without any warning. 5 months since you had died. Wasn’t it suppose to get better? Wasn’t the pain suppose to subside? Each day seemed harder than the last to V.

V took a swig of beer as some stupid love song played from Jungkook’s room. “Kookie-ah! TURN IT DOWN!!!” V yelled angrily. The music continued to play as V took another impatient gulp of the bitter beer.

~Flashback to the past~

“Oppa, do you know that drinking 2 or more alcoholic drinks each day can shorten your life at about 23 years? Please don’t drink! I want you to live with me forever!” you had exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, Y/N, I promise I will only drink on special occasions, other than that, I will try not to do it so much,” V had promised you.

“Pinky promise oppa?” you had said.

“Pinky promise,” V said as his pinky finger entwined with yours.

~Flashback to the present~

“Pinky promise my ass. Pssh. Yeah, live with forever, what a lie,” V thought angrily, downing the beer bottle, throwing it away and reaching for another one. “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” the accusations continued in his clouded mind. As he was about to open the new bottle of fresh liquor, Jungkook snatched it out of his hand, throwing it across the room.

“HYUNG! YOU CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!” Jungkook screamed at him. “I know you’re hurt, but that doesn’t mean that you have to waste your life away. I understand Y/N is gone, but what?! You drinking is and getting drunk is going to bring her back?!”

“Go away you pest, sheesh, always in my way of things,” V slurred. Yeah, he wasn’t in his right mind. But the thing that was as clear as day in his mind? You. You were. He would try to sleep and you would invade his dreams. He would be drunk out of his mind, and all he could see were you scolding him, laying out drinking facts to him. “I know what I’m doing kid, just leave me be,” V said as he reached down again to grab a new bottle.

“This can’t go on any longer,” the harsh sound of the leader cut through the air like a knife. V looked up to see Rap Monster glaring down at him. V smirked and said “Wah? Wahcha gunn do?” Rap Monster glared at him and was about to say something when J-Hope stepped in. “V-ssi, go take a shower and go to sleep, go sober up. You look like shit.” With a last glance at Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Jungkook, V got up and slowly made his way to the restroom, knocking over things and laughing all the way.


A little sobered up, V walked the lonely cold streets of Seoul, drowning in his thoughts. “Maybe a shot of whiskey would make me feel better,” he thought. He looked up to the moon and swore. “Y/N… I just can’t believe it. I thought you said you wanted to live with me forever, but you were the one to leave me first. How can you say things and not mean them. What are words if you don’t mean them when you say them? Y/N…”

He walked the lonely streets, lost in his thoughts before walking into the park that he had taken you on your first date together. He walked until he saw the bench that you both had sat on, where he first had asked you out, then had proposed to… He sat down on the bench. Looking to his right, was your spot. Memories invaded him as he sat there motionless. You laughing there, you smiling and cracking stupid jokes. You feeding him strawberries, you just holding his hands and resting your head on his shoulder. God he missed you. He missed you so much.

“Y/N…..” V whispered your name as he sat on the cold wired bench letting the tears flow freely.


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Jungkook sat against the walls, looking at the only picture he had left of you. A single polaroid of you sleeping peacefully with his jacket covering you, your hair splaying out in different directions. This polaroid, the only memory he had left. This picture, he took everywhere with him, stuffing it in his wallet, and looking at it whenever he missed you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… If only I had made it in time…” he weeped silently. Some people say that he didn’t know what love was. Being the maknae that he was and his young age, people often assumed that he didn’t know anything. “You don’t know what love is- you don’t know this, you don’t know that-” the comments from strangers.

But god, did he know. He looked at your picture once again hearing your last words ring in his head; “Kookie-oppa… I… I love you so much. And I miss you. Please tell me you love and miss me too,” you had said.

“I love you and miss you so much baby, when I get back from tour, I promise to take you to eat at your favorite restaurant and we can come back and play Overwatch!” Jungkook had said excitedly not knowing you were on your deathbed.

you had chuckled faintly and told him, “I’d love to… Promise me to always be happy okay? And work hard, and love deeply.”

Jungkook had been confused at the time, not knowing why you were saying what you were saying but he had agreed. Then, you told him you loved him one last time and before he knew it, all he could hear were the sounds of muffled cries. “Whats going on?!” he had thought. “Jungkook, my daughter has passed away. She just wanted one last phone call with you and not let you know that it was her time. I’m so sorry son.” your father had told Jungkook chilling him to the bones.

With the news of you dying, Jungkook had frozed. You? Dying? When were you ever sick?! He was your boyfriend and he never once knew of anything, any diseases, illness that you had had. What kind of boyfriend was he?!

Jungkook continued to weep as he remembered your funeral, you had laid peacefully in the coffin, not one trace of worry on your delicate face. He had ran home, cried his heart out and yelled at himself for being a terrible person. His hyungs had tried to comfort him but it just made him feel worse.

I’ve failed you Y/N… I’ve failed you. I loved you, I still love you. I love you, I love you, please just come back,” Jungkook cried as he stared at your photo.


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS)

Funny how the universe always finds a way of healing wounds and one of its greatest band-aids is time.

Three Years Later, New York City…
The scent of the air was definitely different, but the energy of New York is a different break from Seoul. You dragged your small suitcase behind you and searched for a familiar face in the sea of people who were also waiting for the other arrivals. You spot a petite figure holding up a cute card with your name on it.

She waves happily, “언니!”

You wave back and approached her with light steps. “Dachi! Long time no see!” You give her a one-armed hug which she returned gleefully. 

“Ah, you’re really here! Feels like yesterday when we were  overthinking this whole trip.” She laughed as she expertly led you through the airport. “You have to tell me everything! Aren’t you starving? Wanna grab a quick bite first or should we go straight where your boyfriend is?”

“He can wait. I need some food in my system.” You chuckled, while you did miss him, food comes first. “So… How’s New York? You look like you’ve adjusted pretty well over the year.”

Dachi shrugs pompously and you ruffle her hair. “I’m still me but if it weren’t for your English lessons, I would’ve evaporated.” She hails a cab and you quickly give directions to your boyfriend’s shared flat where you will be staying for the next two weeks. “There’s a really great pizza place near the flat. You should eat nothing but New York pizza today. I’ll treat you!”

You laugh and look out the window, suddenly recalling how your strange friendship with Dachi began. After the whole ruckus, Dachi had gone back to school and established her fame as a genius pianist in the university and Jin, being the nosey pants that he was, assigned you to cover Dachi’s story for one of his final student council projects. You learned then that she was just young and prone to stupidity and that you were being petty for harboring a grudge against a person who only loved to the point of insanity.

Apologies were made, introductions were properly redone and the rest was history. 

You were so lost in the memories that you hadn’t noticed that you’ve arrived. 

“You have a key, right?” Dachi asked as you two ascended the stairs. She left you to grab something in her flat which was only two floors above your boyfriend’s. 

You took in the idyllic room, remembering his strict instructions not to open the blue door on the right because that was his roommate’s room and go to the white one on the other side instead. Twisting the door open, you smiled at the immediate sight that greeted you. The room was simple and bright, much like his personality. On the bed was a bear wearing your shirt and a bouquet of peonies. 

You set your bags in a corner and went to his desk,. Finally recognizing the background, as you stood by it, that you’ve seen through countless video calls. Framed pictures of your selcas with him and that one artsy shot of you looking at each other taken by Hoseok’s girlfriend. You invited yourself over to the bed and took out the card from the peonies.

‘Ah… I have to say something romantic, but I want to see you as soon as possible, so get out of the house now.’ It said and you laughed like a lunatic.

“Y/N-unnie, let’s go! We’re going to be late.” Dachi’s voice rang through the apartment and you immediately grabbed your carry-on bag to meet her in the hallway. You linked your arms with her as you descended into the streets of downtown New York once more and though Dachi frowned at your choice of pizza, she chatted animatedly about her life in New York and her stint as a pianist for the New York City Ballet Orchestra as you both walked towards your next destination.

“Oh, by the way, Yoongi sends his regards. I guess it’s his way of saying, ‘Hi, I’m fine. Hope you’re doing okay.’” You cut through her story about missing japchae and k-pop. You saw how she tried to hide the blush that crept on her cheek. It was undeniable that she was still crushing on Yoongi after all these time.

“D-Did he really say that?” she sputtered out as you crossed at an intersection.

“Gosh, you’re so cute.” You remarked and she shot you a look before you finally said, “Yes! He’s sending his regards, but I hope you don’t get your hopes up ‘coz he’s dating someone.”

“Wh-Who said I was getting my hopes up?” she huffed and let go of your arm pretending to be mad as she walked ahead of you.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled under your breath, pulling out your phone to send a quick text when you bumped into someone, briefly losing your balance until the other person steadied you.

“Y/N?” His deep voice was as alluring as he tried to meet your eyes.

“Namjoon! What a coincidence, I was just about to text you.” You both exchanged a friendly embrace before pulling away to take in each other’s appearance. He was in a dapper suit with his signature glasses and sleeked back hair. “You look great!”

“Really?” He averted your gaze easily, the way he always did when he received compliments, and flashed you a dimpled smile when he recovered. “Thanks, so do you! It’s great to see you here in New York, Y/N and congratulations on landing that job by the way, I knew you’d get it.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten it without your help, Joonie.” You laughed, the old nickname immediately surfacing without a hint of awkwardness.

“What help? It was pure coincidence, but makes me think how small the world is. When my girlfriend saw your resume, she simply asked me out of chance and how can I not put in a good word for you after everything we’ve been through?” he shrugged, taking a sip out of a coffee cup that he’s been holding.

“You mean how I slaved under your office during senior year, Mr. President? You know what, looking back, you do owe me a few things.” You teased and he easily snickered along. “Anyway, let’s catch up soon? I’ll be going to the company to sign a few papers on Monday anyway.”

“Yeah, sure! Just let me know. I’m busy with transferring to the new firm and all that, but I can make time.”

“Okay, see you around.” You passed by each other, but when you were a few paces ahead, you turned around and called, “Hey, Attorney Kim!”

He turned to look at you with an amused smile at his newfound nickname, “I’m not an attorney yet!”

“You will be!” you held up your best ‘fighting’ pose and he shook his head in embarrassment. When he already pivoted on his way, you said in the sincerest manner, “Thank you for being my friend, Namjoon-ah.”

Suddenly, you felt Dachi grab your elbow and drag you in the opposite direction, “Let’s go! You’re so slow.”

In a matter of moments, moments that didn’t prepare you at all for the sudden influx of emotions, you were sitting in front of a stage where hours later, a huge winter gala will be held. Dachi winked at you and beamed as she sat on the piano bench. The lights dimmed and the music played for the rehearsal of one of New York’s finest dance companies. Your heart was drumming a faster rhythm than the piano accompaniment and your fingers were twitching in anticipation until finally, you saw him.

With his silver hair and fair skin, his dainty fingers… all clad in black as he flew onstage where he always felt like a thousand miles away and yet, you knew that’s exactly where he belongs. He didn’t belong to you, he never did. You were someone whose hands he held along the way and when the time came, you were the first to set him free.

And yet there you were because you said you can wait. When the music came to an end, he didn’t even spare a second and jumped off the stage, barefoot and short of breaths. He closed the distance between you in three, easy strides and gathered you in his arms to kiss you. You tried to meet him halfway, launching yourself towards him and wrapped him tight in your embrace.

His kiss was as sweet as that first drunken night years ago and your veins sung for his name as you both inhaled each other’s scent.

Park Jimin, Park Jimin, Park Jimin… your head went completely white and only his passion-colored name was imprinted in your thoughts as he kissed you deeper, his tongue caressing yours in an urgent manner. He would not have pulled away if the dance company and the orchestra hadn’t started applauding. Most of them hollering in disbelief at how cute, bubbly Jimin was locking lips with a girl they’ve never met before.

Goosebumps covered your arms when his eyes met yours. “Hi.” He barely said in his sweet tone before he went in for another kiss. “Y/N, my Y/N, you’re here.” He chanted against the crook of your neck as held you close. “I missed you so, so much. I can’t believe you’re finally here with me.”

You could tell from the way his voice cracked that he was close to tears while you were already shedding them. “You’re so clingy. We just haven’t seen each other for one and a half year…” You muttered against his chest. “…one and a half year that felt like it was 10.”

“I know, finally.” He kissed you again then kissed your forehead. “Finally, I’m right where I belong.”

“Here in this hall?”

“No, with you.” You laughed at his cheesy remark, but your heart swelled at the thought that he was longing for you as much as you were longing for him. “You’re home, my own personal home.”

“Welcome home, then, love.” You smiled and he wiped your tears away.

“I’m home.”

And when the lights, the music, the glitter and the noise of New York City died down that night, you only listened to the sound of each other’s heart as you lay in bed, skin to skin, lips to lips.

You chose a path and you were glad that it led to that one exact moment in the lifetime of moments you wish to share with Jimin.

End of Epilogue.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxJimin

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven TwelveThirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: Hey lifetime of moments anon, I finally used your phrase! Lol here’s the epilogue I had the idea to make it longer and more comprehensive, but I guess this captured what I wanted to tell.  Not my best to be honest, but… ah, I don’t have excuses. byeeeee


replied to your



what kind of ex-therapist can’t understand why a…

Hey. Are you going to be okay?

yeah, I think so. I’m just anxious as hell. I feel like everything keeps changing on me and it’s just the same issue over and over. but it’ll be over soon, just another couple of weeks.

now if I’m lucky, since I’m stuck in the area, my boss will let me keep my job.

BTS Reaction to their s/o being attacked/tortured (Mafia AU)

Anon Requested:  Hi! Can I have BTS react to their s/o being attacked/tortured because of them (Mafia AU?) 

Okay so these are going to be longer than usual just so I can give the request it’s full potential

Jungkook: Your screams were ringing through the building. He saw you, hell he was only twenty feet away from you sitting in a leather chair strapped up. You knew this could have happened, you knew this would happen eventually, you being taken because of what your fiance does for a living. He had to make sure you were 100% ready for a life like this, he made sure you were ready to be completely wrapped up in his world, he had to make sure you were safe but still had to teach you the ways of being engaged to the leader of one of the world’s most dangerous mafia’s. He knew something was up when his spouse to be was welcomed into the family so easily..it was almost too easy. Before he knew it you were gone. You had only went to go grocery shopping when you hadn’t come back. He had left his workshop to try and call you when he had been taken himself.

You were tied up, arms raised up with your hands and wrists bound by chains keeping your feet a few inches above ground. You knew you had to be strong, that was the first thing you had been taught by your fiance when you had moved in together. You stared into the eyes of the man that would soon be your father in law, knife bared in his hands. He whipped his head back around to face his son, a sinister smile placed on his face. 

“One last chance son, just transfer everything over to me and I’ll let you and your little fiance go.” You shook your head vigorously, answering the question instead. 

“No! Jungkook don’t you dare.” You yelled out staring straight at Jungkook. Your father in law turned around, eyes full of anger as he swiped down with the knife against your bare arm receiving another scream from you. He soon placed the knife against your throat pushing hard, so hard that you didn’t dare swallow or breath too deeply in case the knife would break the skin. Jungkook’s eyes widened, he lunged forward only to be brought back to the chair by the restraints on his ankles and wrists. 

“Transfer the money or she dies.”

V: He looked at you from across the table, a slight smirk played on his lips. He hadn’t changed much from the last time you saw him, other than being a foot taller and now the leader of a rival mafia things had been the same. 

“My, my, my..You’ve changed quite a bit, haven’t you (Y/N)?” Taehyung’s voice spoke, eyes not deterring away from you. You rolled your eyes, sure this is the boy that you’ve known since you two were in diapers but things change. Especially when you were involved with what you do.

“Let’s cut to the chase Taehyung, why’re you here? What do you want?” You state towards him less than asking. You leaned back in your chair, arms crossed over your chest. 

“Do you remember when we met up again last year? We hadn’t seen each other in years. You moved away without a single goodbye leaving me to wonder where my best friend went.” Taehyung’s voice spoke unkindly, clearly there was some sort of emotion behind his words. “Obviously when we met up it wasn’t under the circumstances I would have liked but-”

“Yes I remember, what’s your point.” You interrupted him quickly, trying to get to the point of what he was getting at. You remember the day he was talking about very clearly. It was six years since you left, you left your best friend, you left your hometown, you left who you hoped to be back there. 

“Let me go!” You called out, tears threatening to spill from the constant pain in your back, legs and stomach. You knew there was a puddle of your own blood forming from under you. You’ve been cut, whipped and prodded for the past 48 hours yet you refused to give up any information. There was no way you were giving any of your families information up. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t feeling the effects of what your kidnappers have done to you. But you had to be strong, you’ve been through much worse. You felt your wrists begin to rub raw from the rope tied around both of your wrists, your legs wanted to give out but due to them each being locked by your ankles to the shackles on the floor and your arms held up by rope there was no use in having that happen. “I’m not telling you anything.” You say matter of factly looking in the eyes of a stranger.

“Boss your nephew is here.” One of the men who had originally tied you up spoke from the door. The ‘Boss’ just nodded waving his hand for his nephew to come in. “Now (Y/N), I’ve done some recent digging on your family seeing that your father had actually wiped everything about you guys clean off of any public and private records.” The man had this evil scowl on his face while speaking to you. Eyes cold and full of nothing but evil. “But you want to know what he hadn’t been able to erase? Pictures. Yes my dear, you see he thought having you pack up and leave your hometown would be easy enough for you. But he was wrong, my nephew was actually the one who helped me find you.” The man moved to the side so you could clearly see his nephew. Your stomach tightened and felt your breath hitch in the back of your throat.


“My point is you (Y/N). I’m here for you, I want you.”

Jimin: He seemed completely unfazed at the fact that these men had just dragged a random girl off the street and into a room full of weapons. The room was dark but you could see the mans facial features from the dim light hanging above him as he sat alone at the table in the middle of the room. 

You were thrown down on a chair at the other end of the table, quickly strapped down, arms tied back behind the chair. Your hair was a mess and your body felt sore. 

On the way to this building you had tried your hardest to get away. You were first just dragged backwards arms being gripped by the two men’s large hands. You had almost escaped before you were thrown against the brick wall in an alley way and had a bag thrown over your head. You actually had no idea where you were, you just knew that you were kidnapped off of the street on your way home.

“I told you two not to hurt her.” The man in front of you grumbled, eyes like daggers to the two men behind you.

“She was a bit more difficult than we would’ve thought.” Your eyes grew wide as you examined the room. All around you pinned on the walls were assault rifles, pistols, shotguns. On the table in front of you were daggers, knives, swords and an occasional gun here and there.

“Are you going to kill me.” You squeaked out soon cursing yourself for sounding so weak. The man in front of you simply chuckled and leaned forward over the table getting a better look at you as you were him. 

“No, no, none of that.” His mouth curved into an eery smile, one that looked like you could trust him but you knew very well that you couldn’t. “I’ve been watching you for some time now..The names Jimin and I need your help.

J-Hope: Hoseok couldn’t believe his eyes. Last thing he remembered you saying was ‘I love you’ and now he see’s you like this. Arms tied up and chained to the wall your back was against with your legs the same. He was the bruising on your arms already showing up and the red marks from the whips you were being tortured with from earlier. He thought he was able to keep you safe from all of this. He wanted you to stay hidden but you insisted that it was okay because you believed you’d be safe at all times with how many men he’d always keep around. How did they manage to capture you? What had he done wrong?

That answer is simple, he hadn’t done anything wrong. You were captured by his rival, it was as simple as that. They had managed to do the worst to Hoseok, they tortured you. They wanted any kind of information they could’ve gotten on through you but with your pleads and cries they still didn’t believe you. You had been passed out from the pain from earlier, head hanging down with your body still tied up.

“Whatever you want you can have it. Just let her go and never harm her again.” Hoseok hissed through gritted teeth, knuckles turning white from squeezing his hand into a fist so tight.

“She sure is loyal, Hoseok.” The man in front of you muttered turning back to face your boyfriend. “Never spoke a single word of where you could be. We were looking for you all this time, but all we had to do was take her.” The man laughed to himself as if this situation was funny. 

“Just let her go.”  Anger was boiling deep within his system. It churned inside, hungry for revenge on the man that had caused you so much harm. The pressure of this anger within him would soon explode and cause him to have to threaten everyone in this room that had helped do damage to you. Hoseok knew what he was able to do and he knew it wouldn’t end up well for anyone other than himself. Hoseok is well aware that he could hurt people, he hasn’t felt this kind of rage since he met you. But seeing you in the state you were in had something snap within him causing him to let out a side he had never wanted you to see.

It’s a good thing you were unconscious.

Rap Monster: Your parents rose to power through the mafia through deceitfulness, treachery and wrong doing. You’ve learned how to deal with this, You’ve learned how to be just like them, You didn’t know if that’s a good thing or not, probably not. Soon enough they had become the head of the mafia, killing those they simply do not like and stealing from those who have something they want. So once they heard their daughter, their own flesh and blood was soon to be married to one of their arch nemesis’s son’s they reacted the only way they knew how to. Torture you until you submit to their ways and if not, they simply had to kill you.

All you could smell was blood. Your clothes were sticking to you as your once white long sleeve had now been stained completely red. You knew your now ripped up jeans were soaked in blood because you could actually move your legs. Everything was sticky with the new blood that had been dripping down from your stomach, arms, legs, everything on you had a cut of some sort on it. 

“All you have to do is end it. End it and everything can go back to normal.” Your mother said from across the room. She and your father were watching you, watching everything that had taken place. A shot of pride went through them seeing you put up such a fight against them and their wishes to end your engagement. But it quickly went away knowing that it wasn’t them who had made you withstand the torture from them for so long, it was Namjoon who had made you go through all this pain for so long. 

“N-No.” You weakly said, head drifting down slightly. You were getting dizzy and weak from the lack of blood but you refused to abide by their rules any longer.

“How do you think your lovely fiance will like seeing this? How do you think he feels knowing he’s the reason you’re in all this pain?” Your father spoke lowly, eyes dark with no care for you in them.

“What?” You raised your head to see someone roll in a large chair with a laptop on it. Once they turned it around there you saw him, Namjoon had witnessed this whole debockle. Eyes wide with fear but you knew when this was all over that it’d soon fill with anger. “He knows he’s not the reason for this, you are. Go ahead and do your worst, I’m not changing my mind about him.” And with those words you spoke with so much confidence no matter the state you were in your father nodded. Your eyes went back to the screen to see the man that you love, you saw him nod before mouthing the words ‘I love you’ to you. your head soon fell down slipping into unconsciousness before your father spoke his final words of the night.

“Kill her.”

Suga: In your intense silence you had managed to scream with your whole body. Your eyes clenched shut, mouth rigid and open, your face bleak and immobile while your fists squeezed with blanched knuckles and nails digging into the palm of your hand as they were suspended above you. The scream tore through you like a shard of glass, your pulse quickened and your heart began thudding against your chest so hard that you were almost positive it could have burst out at any given moment. 

The blood drained from your face and your legs began to wobble once you saw the knife with thick red blood on it, your blood. The pain came searing from your stomach, it burns around your insides as everything feels scolded and move or not you were in more pain than you could have even imagined. A bullet would be a mercy to you right now but all you got was a low chuckle from the man who had caused you so much pain. 

All you were doing was looking for your boyfriend, you had swore he gave you the right address but once you gave one simple knock the door swung open and a bag was place over your head and you were pulled into the room you had hoped your boyfriend was in. Your arms and legs were bound and you were soon up against a wall with your arms tied up. Once the bag had been removed from your head you immediately started asking questions telling the man you were just looking for your boyfriend but he didn’t seem to believe you. Even when you spoke of Min Yoongi’s name the man just shook his head and denied that Yoongi even had a girlfriend and that you were just a spy.

“Look, just tell me who sent you and you can go, I’ll forget you even came over hear..shoot I won’t even tell the boss that you were looking for him.” The man simply spoke as if what he had just done to you hadn’t even mattered. He had dropped the bloodied knife on the table in front of you soon getting closer. “Don’t think that I won’t get the boss, he’ll do worse to you than I ever could.” You shuttered at his words, just thinking of the pain that could happen. 

“Who’s..your boss.” You sent out a shaky and raged breath. Your body was hot from the pain and you felt nauseous. 

“Well Min Yoongi of course, why else would you be here. Clearly not for anyone other than him.” The man said as if it was obvious. He looked at you, you were paler than ever, beads of sweat began to form on your forehead as the searing pain down below got worse. 

“Go..get..Yoongi.” You weakly spoke, head slowly drooping. Once again you heard a laugh and soon enough a hand clasped down on your chin yanking it up to look at the man in the eyes. But at the sudden force it drew you over the edge. You had brought your knees up to your chest and shot your legs out kicking the man in the chest sending him back to hit the table. Another scream left your throat as the movement made the pain even worse. The man stomped his way to the back of the room opening the door and slamming it shut, not even a minute later you heard a loud crash and yells coming from the other side of the door. You expected the man to come right back out but instead came Yoongi running towards you unhooking your hands and caught you as you fell into his arms completely unconscious

Jin: You had been laying in bed when you heard your boyfriend shuffle around to face you. You turned your head to see a small smirk come up on his face. 

“Do you remember how we met?” A small smile and sarcastic comment soon followed from you.

“How could I forget? You had me kidnapped.”

You jerked upright, panicked but your wrists refused to move. Something cold and sharp dug into your wrists, as you looked down you noticed you were cuffed to the table you were sitting at. You groggily looked around the room seeing that it was small and had a single door and no windows to it. 

You heard the door slam causing you to jump a bit even though you couldn’t go anywhere. A man came into the room and began to uncuff you, you immediately made a run for it but soon getting stopped once another man came through the door, knocking you down to the ground. 

“Grab her. Cuff her to the table.” The man simply said. You felt yourself get yanked up from the ground and soon slammed onto the table. With both men cuffing you at the same time you had no chance of getting up and getting out of this unforsaken place. 

You had been cut numerous of times by both men. They wanted information you had and you weren’t giving it to them. We can never truly feel another’s pain but the scream that you had just released gave a very good idea of what kind of torture the men were putting you through.

From the very depths of his being flowed out emotion. The groan passed his lips as he pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation with his two lackey’s he sent out to retrieve you for an interrogation. 

“I told you not touch her.” 

A deep laugh came from Jin’s body as his head went back into his pillow. 

“I did tell them not to touch you.”

“Well look how well that turned out.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! You give really good advice, especially on AP classes so I was wondering if you could help me: What exactly are AP classes + how are they different from honors? I'm a sophomore in hs rn, and they wouldn't let me take any ap classes bc I just transferred from an ib school. So next year I guess I'll be jumping into 3 AP classes (APUSH, AP Lang, AP Psych); is this reasonable??? Ahh I'm v confused and anxious so I was hoping u could dispel some advice (": thanks and good luck on your studies! 💗

ap courses are designed to prepare you for ap exams at the end of the school year. if you pass the ap exam, you can get college credit depending on what college you choose to attend. even if you don’t want college credit, ap looks good on your transcript.

ap is verryyy different from honors. You’re not really under pressure to retain information from the entire year in honors whereas in ap, you’re expected to retain most of everything if you want to pass the ap exam. There’s a lot more information and you learn everything a little more in depth. It’s nothing scary though; its just a notch up. If you’ve never had to study before, you will now… but theres no need to be anxious. AP is very structured and that makes the subjects easy to study IMO. 

yuuus, three ap courses is completely do-able especially if you’re a junior. only two of the ones you mentioned are content-based (AP Lang is skills-based) so you only have two courses you need to spend extra time studying for. Before the year starts, I would go out and buy the AMSCO us history book and a review book for ap psychology. Ive never taken ap psych so i couldn’t recommend a specific book but you should be able to find recommendations from other students on collegeconfidential. as you’re learning each unit throughout the year, read the review books and watch videos online. if you’re a natural writer, ap lang will be super easy. if youre like me and you suck at reading AND writing, i won’t lie.. ap lang is gonna be hell LOL my teacher also made us write every friggin day tho so theres that

its a lil scary at first but once you get into the rhythm, its a piece of cake. I BELIEVE IN U. stress makes everything worse. chill out a lil, do ur work, n u’ll be gucci 

  • Nozomi: Well then I was all like no and then you were like you are and she was all like no but then you are and then I was like I kinda am, so long story short she's kinda my girlriend right now
  • Nico: I am so pretty.
  • Nozomi: You really are *laugh* is there like cheer practice today?
  • Nico: Um... excuse me?
  • Nozomi: Hello?
  • Rin: What?
  • Nico: Who the fuck are you?
  • Rin: Who the fuck are you?
  • Nico: I asked you first.
  • Rin: I asked you second!
  • Nozomi: Oh--! Ah, she's Yazawa Nico, duh, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, part time model
  • Rin: Oh.
  • Nico: Who the fuck are you?
  • Rin: I'm Rin. I'm new.
  • Nico: Who the FUCK let you in here?
  • Rin: kousaka.
  • Nico: kousaka who?
  • Rin: kousaka honoka.
  • Nozomi: honoka isn't even in charge of the door.
  • Nico: So, Rin, let me tell you how things work here.
  • Rin: I already know how things work here.
  • Nozomi: Honoka is in charge of snacks, why is she letting people inside of the door?
  • Nico: This is my bathroom, this is my school, and this is me telling you that you need to learn your place.
  • Rin: Guess what? I already know those things.
  • Nico: Oh really?
  • Rin: Yeah!
  • Nozomi: Anju is in charge of the door, what the fuck is she doing letting Honoka let people in?
  • Nico: You're not from around here, are you, Rin?
  • Rin: I just transferred, from UTX .
  • Nico: Well, let me tell you how things work around here in Otonokizaka high
  • Rin: I already know how things work around here in Otonokizaka high.
  • Nico: REALLY?
  • Rin: YEAH! See, Hanayo told me all about it!
  • Nozomi: Is Anju sick? Does she have mono? I feel like her Dad might have... died.
  • Nico: WHAT THE FUCK are you doing talking to Hanayo?
  • Rin: We have Algebra 2 together!
  • Nico: That's my fucking girlfriend, betch!
  • Rin: Oh really? That's not what Minami Kotori said.
  • Nico: Well Minami Kotori is a fucking liar!
  • Rin: Oh she seemed to know a lot about you and Maki Nishikino!
  • Nico: Okay... Rin, just... what the FUCK do you want?
  • Rin: I want to poop here. Whenever I want, for as long as I want.
  • Nico: Fine. But know this. I-- do not like you.
  • Rin: I feel indifferent towards you.
  • Nico: Ah! I'll be watching you!
  • Rin: I'm going to poop now.
  • Nozomi: Wait! Umi's dad is sick, Anju's dad is a senator. DUH Nozomi.

I translated the story on Hinata’s “The Younger Brother’s Individuality” card, Kurou’s “Costume Craftsman” card, and Yuuta’s “The Older Brother’s Direction” so… haha. They’re all in one post, since they’re related, and separating them is kind of a pain, I’m sorry;;

2wink is so cute~ Tetora is so cute~

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Ice Ice Baby (Tony x Reader drabble)

Prompt: Imagine you and Tony playing a small joke on Steve, which then turns into a full rap session. 

Imagine Credit: fandom-drabbles 

Author Note: Just to clarify the words in brackets ( [  ] ) is the ringtone. Words in italics are words that are sung/rapped. The song is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice just in case you aren’t familiar. If you’ve never heard the song, listening to it before reading would make the writing make more sense. This idea just came to me yesterday and I had to write it. Hopefully you guys like it!

You and Tony tried to act normal when Steve came into the lab asking for the tracking algorithm Tony was working on. Now was the perfect time to play your joke on Steve. About a week ago, after you heard Tony call Steve a Capsicle, this great idea popped in your head.  

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Don't talk shit to your ride

Bit of background, I’m a city bus driver, route I was on runs every 15 minutes or so at the time this story takes place.

I pull up to my last stop before turning around, I see a teenage girl running, I wait, there are another three teens behind her, but they’re just strolling, and seem to have no interest in getting on. So I close my doors, but then they start waving at mecto stop, I open again, still no damn hustle, just strolling. When they get to the doors, I motion them to enter, quickly shut my doors and go. School is about to let out, I have zero time to spare.

As I’m making my turn, the one guy in the group puts his fare in and asks for a transfer. I tell him to just wait until I’m finished turning. He says “yo, just gimme a transfer!”

Excuse me? I let him know exactly what I think of his “gimme”, before I finally give him his transfer. As he’s walking away, he calls me a little bitch under his breath.

Park the bus, hit the four ways, tell him he can apologize or go for a walk. “ Yo, I’m not apologizing all I said was I want a transfer”. I tell him I heard what he said, and ask him if he’s gonna repeat it and own up to it, he does not. Whatever, just some dumb kid. Move on.

Next week, I pull up to the same stop a couple minutes early, see him walking to the bus. He sees me, starts running. I give him a little wave and drive away.

Next week, I think, okay, enough is enough, he’s learned his lesson, I almost feel bad about last time. I kill some time so I won’t be too early, pull up to the same stop, same kid, still late, except this time when he sees me he gives me the finger. Congratulations, you played yourself. I just smile, shake my head, and drive away.

I am extremely happy to finally launch my shop on Red Bubble! Since I’ve been getting a lot of asks about products with my drawings I prepared a bunch of designs. Now you can purchase phone cases, notebooks, stickers, pillows and many more! I am looking forward to hear your opinions the products, I am open for suggestions what kind of drawings you’d like to see being transferred onto gadgets and just let me know how you like all this! 💕🙏🏼 LINK IN BIO

wheres-the-dam-snackbar  asked:

Patroclus is the local doctor au? ^-^ your blog is amazing!

  • so achilles still lives in his hometown as a twentysomething and he’s been going to the same doctor’s office for everything ever since he was born
  • his doctor is great but she’s looked to be on the cusp of retirement for every one of those last twenty-odd years, and when she finally does retire achilles knows he’s had it too good for too long and her replacement is going to be awful, just to balance the cosmic scales
  • he comes in for his next appointment and the doctor who comes into the exam room is barely older than he is, and achilles is like, that figures, here’s some jumped-up kid right out of medical school. i’m probably his first real patient ever. fantastic.
  • he can’t help noticing how attractive he is, though. like, really, seriously attractive
  • (by the way, achilles is in for a physical, so all he’s wearing currently is one of those flimsy paper gowns. you can draw your own conclusions from that)
  • anyway
  • doctor junior introduces himself as patroclus, and he seems really sweet so achilles feels kinda bad for assuming he’s going to suck at his job
  • patroclus starts doing all the typical doctor things like checking achilles’s heartbeat and breathing with a stethoscope, opening his mouth to look at his throat, etc
  • except, it’s all different now because instead of a woman who could be his grandmother doing these things, it’s his own real life mcdreamy and there’s an electricity in the air that achilles is sure patroclus must be feeling too
  • suffice it to say that patroclus probably isn’t getting an accurate idea of achilles’s normal resting heart rate
  • achilles is still in the thrall of the moment when he leaves the exam room, and he impulsively schedules a follow-up appointment with the receptionist
  • fast forward to a few weeks later when achilles is sitting in the waiting room again, feeling a little stupid because there’s nothing actually wrong with him to justify his being here. but it’s okay because when patroclus comes out to the waiting room to tell achilles it’s his turn, patroclus is smiling in surprised happiness and his cheeks are tinged pink
  • achilles goes back to the exam room and patroclus asks him what the problem is
  • “um…….my heel. it hurts.”
  • patroclus takes a look at it, presses his fingers in different places, and achilles is too lost in “wow his hands feel nice” to remember to make pain noises
  • patroclus is like “as far as i can tell your heel is completely fine. nothing unusual there.” his finger trails just a tiny bit on achilles’s leg as he lets his foot go
  • patroclus is looking at achilles like he’s hoping achilles will say something to prolong the conversation, so he makes a decision
  • “i actually wondered if you could send my files over to dr. smith’s office, i’m going to be going there in the future”
  • achilles sees shock and hurt on patroclus’s face before he puts on a mask of professionalism and asks, overly detached, if achilles would mind telling him what prompted this decision
  • “well, i really want to ask you out but i figure you guys have rules against dating your patients, so…..”
  • and patroclus is smiling again and he says “let me just transfer those files, you can pick a date”

I reblogged the “what’s most noticeable about my style” meme a while back (PLEASE DON’T SEND ANYMORE, I’M TRYIN’ TO CLEAN OUT MY INBOX) and got these!  Thanks so much for the response, guys, this is so cool to see!

Trends: unique noses/mouths, expressions, bold linework, dynamic poses.

swellatrad  asked:

What's your dance story? :)

Well, I guess I should finally answer this. 

At the age of 6 I was offically diagnosed with ADHD and my mom spent a long time figuring out what activity she was going to get my into to keep me active. At the time, one of her co-workers had a daughter who danced and she thought that would be a good fit for me. Little did she know that I would throw a massive fit before going to dance. After promising that she would give me a Beanie Baby (back then they were cool) I went to class and fell in love. I started my dancing career with the Trinity Irish Dancers in Milwaukee. My first competition was Gaelic Park in 1996 and I took home all first places. Little did I know, that I was pretty dang good at this and within two years was dancing with their top classes. Thats when I met Bridget, who is my current teacher. She and Amy Moran saw something in my that the other Trinity teachers did not. She did everything she could to get me into workshops on invitations. When she left Trinity, my world shattered. I was no longer invited to workshops and it felt like everyone has just given up on me. So when she opened up her own school, I decided to take a look into it. That’s when Trinity realized they should probably do something before I left, so they stuck me on a ceili team for the 2000 Oireachtas. We did alright from what I could remember. But I still decided to transfer in early 2001. Upon departing, a teacher at Trinity told me that I would never make it as a solo dancer and should just stick to show dancing. That’s totally what you should tell your students, right? Good job on that one. 

That brings me to the next chapter of my dancing life with Glencastle Irish Dancers. And let me just say, I couldn’t have been more happy to have transferred. Back then, you didn’t have to qualify to go to Oireachtas to after serving my 6 months of suspension, I competed for solos at the 2001 Oireachtas. I had NO idea what I was getting into. I got up, danced two solid rounds and waited for recalls. Thats when the world felt like it stopped. This was also the time where you just got numbered from ‘1’ instead of '101’. So, my number was 4. I kid you not, people thought my mom was having a heart attack after she screamed and dropped to the floor after hearing my number. She left the hall shortly after and ran into the same teacher who told me that I wouldn’t make it. The teacher proceeded to 'comfort’ her by saying “We told you that she wouldn’t make it”. I don’t think my mother shot someone down so fast in her like. “She RECALLED’ she declared and walked away. That first year I took 39th out of about 200 dancers. Yup, thats right.

Oireachtas’ were an up and down thing. Over the time span of 14 Oireachtas’ I recalled in all but two of them. Well, one I technically did but they never read my number. Thanks for that guys. I was never the dancer who was placing high up in the numbers though. Up until 2009, the highest I ever got was 25th. Which totally puzzled me because I was placing really well at the Nationals (23rd my first time out- which was good for me). After getting 25th in 2008, I was determined to qualify for the worlds. I didn’t care what place I got, I just wanted to go. So I worked the hardest I ever did. I remember my teacher pulling me aside the week before Oireachtas and saying "I have no doubt that you will qualify for the worlds, it’s just a matter of where you place”. Those words of confidence really stuck with me. I got up on stage and danced a horrible first round, which was hard shoe. I got off stage and sobbed and no one could calm me down. I knew it was over. But then one phone to a friend later, i got up and danced the best soft shoe round I have ever danced. To the point where my teacher was in shock at it. So the recall was inevitable. I got up danced my set and waited for results. I remember I felt beyond sick waiting for my results. And then I was called up for the top ten. I had at first never felt so out of place. I didn’t know any of these girls and I am over there sobbing like a crazy person. Well, 10th place was called. Then 9th and so on until 5th. I literally thought they had missed my number because if you know Tim O'Hare, its a common mistake. Then 5th was read out and it still wasn’t me. I was beside myself. That year I got 4th was the best year of my life. I felt like everything has finally clicked. (By the way, I got a 1st, 4th and 6th in my hard shoe.. the round I thought was crap)

Worlds 2010 was alright. Honestly, I had just gone out there to have fun and gain the experience. I got 55th, 5 away from a recall. I was beyond pleased. Then Oireachtas 2010 came around an I had dropped to 10th place. I quit dance that night. I isolated myself from the dancers in my school, spent the rest of the night crying my eyes out to my parents and telling them I was done for good. I was heartbroken and felt like the year before was a fluke and I didn’t deserve it. After a while, I realized that I was being rash and came back. I competed in three more Oireachtas’- 2 solos and teams last year). 

My dancer career ended with me dancing 14 Oireachtas, 6 Nationals, 2 All-Irelands and 1 Worlds. With all of that, including qualifying for the worlds, my top two dance moments haven’t even been with me and dancing. Number one would be Wrapping Jane and all of you beautiful souls that helped. The second being watching our little worlds team take 7th in Boston and walk (and discount double check) across that world start to accept their Worlds Medal. Best. Feeling. Ever.

That has lead me to where I am today, sharing my passion for dance with the dancers at Glencastle and studying to take my TCRG. I never want any of my dancers to feel like they aren’t good enough or had the words spoken to them that were spoken to me. If you truly set you mind to something, you will achieve it. My story probably isn’t the most inspiring, but there it is. I’m sure I left out a lot but I tried to keep it a little short.