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YOI Art Telephone Game

The Art Telephone Game is similar to the children’s game where one child whispers something into their friend’s ear and then the friend repeats the whispered phrase to the person next to them and so on. At the end the last person says the phrase out loud and the first person laughs because it has inevitably changed throughout the course of the game.  

One at a time you will each draw a picture based on the art you are given.  You will only see the previous artist’s work and then you must redraw it in your own personal style.  It doesn’t have to be line for line, you are drawing the image in your style and your interpretation, how you see it. At the end, I put them all together and see what you all came up with ^^


1. Your picture must be colored.

2. For simplicity sake, transparent BG, there … no one needs to fret about the BG lol

3. Keep it PG guys, let’s make it so that everyone can enjoy your art ( ^.~ tho I do love the nsfw stuff, don’t get me wrong!)

4. Feel free to alter the image if you need to in order to match your personal style.  Everyone’s individual interpretation is what makes this so interesting.

5. You are forbidden to post your picture or discuss it with anyone else but me ^^

6. I am your keeper, when you have finished your art, send the file to me please!  I will message you each my email address or you can send me a Google drive link privately, but I want the high resolution versions for the final compilation please!  I will then send the picture to the next artist in line.

7. If you decide you can’t or don’t want to participate, let me know ASAP.

8. You have one week to complete your piece once you receive the previous artist’s work.  If you need more time or something comes up please let me know!  That way I can shuffle you back, give you an extension, or replace you if need be.

9. The goal is to have all the art done one week before Yuuri’s bday (Nov 29th) so I can compile the art and post it ^.~

10. HAVE FUN ^_^

There are 10 of you so far, I am just waiting to hear back from a few more.  I’m shooting for 12 total.

Here is the randomly selected order for the game:

@crimson-chains who has agreed to start our game!  Thank you dear ^.~












Remember, no talking to each other you cheater pants!

Oh my gosh you wonderful artists!  I am too excited about this ^^  Thank you so much for agreeing to participate!  Together lets make a super unique present for our favorite cinnamon roll ^.~

Update: Wow 😳 the response to this has been amazing!!! Evidentially I’ll have to do another round after this one.

So here’s the deal I am going to give the other 4 artists that I first contacted until 1pm EST tomorrow to respond. After that I will fill the remaining 4 spots with those artists that have reached out to me.

If the 12 artists end up finishing their art pieces before my Nov 22 cutoff, maybe we can squeeze in a few more. I just don’t want to rush them. I want each of them to have the time they need. Thank you for all the interest in this lil event 😁🙏 stay tuned for more updates


Heal My Wounds - Part 2

Masterlist - Part 1

Peter has a massive crush on the reader but can’t help but wonder why she always covers her hands with gloves.

author’s note: I’m so shocked with the positive responses this got! Ya’ll are just too nice ilysm (this chapter is kinda dull idk idk i don’t like it’s really shitty)

word count: 1k (it’s kinda short but i wanted to give you guys something, the next chapter will be longer i promise)

warnings: angst i think?

Hearing Peter’s panicked voice from downstairs you had quickly jumped up to your feet running the brown fabric over your hands as you walked down the stairs every step becoming slower and lighter when you heard what Peter was talking about.

“She has a metal arm Tony, a metal arm!” your stomach sank as the words rolled of Peter’s tongue and you slowly turned around quietly making your way back up the stairs and into his bedroom.

When you finally stepped over the doorframe of his room you grabbed your backpack and stuffed the school books you had laid out on Peter’s night stand back into it, stealthily making your way towards Peter’s window you pushed it open before swinging your legs over the edge and jumping down.

As soon as your feet hit the pavement you pulled back the glove on your right hand seeing it had started to slip off and the metal now shone brightly due to the sun that reflected on it.

You pulled your hood up covering your H/C hair, a nervous habit you always found yourself doing when you felt like you were being followed. 

Unlocking the door to your apartment you threw back your hood and quickly ran into your bedroom, where you practically kicked the closet door down in search for a duffle bag. 

You breathed out a sigh of relieve when you finally found it stuffed in between the many shirts and hoodies you had thrown into a pile in the middle of the closet, to lazy to fold your clothes and put them into your drawers.

Grabbing the bag you threw it onto your bed and started grabbing every piece of clothing you could find, it didn’t matter what the only thing that mattered was getting out of there as soon as possible.

As you were zipping the bag shut you heard a light knock on your door and you froze quietly letting the bag slip of your shoulder as you walked past your couch and towards the wooden door.

You looked through the peep hole and groaned when you saw Peter standing there anxiously biting his nails “Y/N will you please let me in” he pleaded his knuckles hitting the door yet again as he rolled back and forth on the balls off his feet.

Coming to Queens had originally just been an escape plan and your small apartment was a safe house you had managed to come across a couple of months ago when you were still on the run.

But now it was obvious that your secret had been discovered and you had to get out of there, it wasn’t safe anymore, it wasn’t home anymore. Now someone knew about your arm and with that information it wouldn’t take them long to find out about your past.

Slipping out of the front door you slammed it shut behind you and you were now stood face to face with Peter.

“Y/N listen to me I’m not here to hurt you” he spoke, the concern he felt practically radiating of his own body “I want to help you, please let me help you” a shaky sigh left your lips as you looked down to your feet.

If it had been anyone else you would have already ran off and proceeded with your escape plan but this wasn’t just anyone it was Peter Parker, the guy who had just confessed his feelings to you a couple off hours ago.

There was something about him that made you believe that he truly only wanted to help you but there was still the voice in the back off your head telling you to run and never look back.

You looked back up at Peter taking a step back you turned around only to be met with another body towering over you before everything faded into blackness as you fell back into Peter’s arms.

Peter’s POV

Guilt washed over Peter as you fell back into his arms, he knew you would have never came with him willingly so he had Steve accompany him and sedate you (I’m not really sure it’s sedation that does this but let’s just pretend it is) incase you decided to try and run away.

He swooped you up into his arms and gave Steve a nod before they both walked out of the building. Steve walked in front of Peter shielding him incase someone walked past them so they wouldn’t see you. 

Luckily there had been no one, the streets unusually empty as he carefully placed you into the back of the white pickup truck they had came here in. And as soon as Peter felt you were safe enough in the position he had laid you down in he got into the front with Steve and they drove back to the tower, your light snores filling the previously quite vehicle.

As soon as they had arrived Peter carried you inside just as he had carried you out of your apartment complex and he couldn’t help but smile as your cheek rested against his chest and you curled up more into his tight grip around you.

Steve had ordered Peter to take you up to Bruce while he went to get the rest off the team, Peter of course did as Steve told him and walked into the elevator yelling out for F.R.I.D.A.Y to take you both up to Bruce’s floor.

When the elevator doors opened he saw Bruce had already been waiting for him and guided him into the hospital room where he ordered him to lay you down on the soft mattress and he would take care of the rest.

Peter was hesitant to leave you at first but Bruce assured him that you were going to be just fine and would most likely wake up in a couple of hours, and with that Peter walked out the guilt he felt only increasing as he made his way towards the conference room to meet the rest off the team.

He was nervous to say the least, when he saw your arm he didn’t know what to think. He knew what Bucky had gone through and it made him sick to the stomach thinking you had most likely went through the exact same things, maybe even worse.

He slammed his eyes shut trying his best to think about anything else than that but the thoughts rolled back into his mind and he leaned back against the wall off the elevator.

Hopefully he had done the right thing by bringing you here.

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Drunken Bets
Summary: You find yourself tied to a motel bed after losing a bet with Dean.
A/N: Sorry guys! I wanted to get this up a bit sooner but I ended up not getting it done. Anywho. Here is is.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: smut, language, oral (female receiving), slight dom!dean, lots of teasing, a tiny bit of over stimulation
Word Count: 2,160

Originally posted by frozen-delight

One of the few good things about having to dress up like FBI agents all the time was that suit ties did an excellent job of securing your wrists to the headboard of a motel bed. You and Dean were drinking the other night, made a bet –that you lost– and now here you were.

“I never took you for the dominating type.” you told him as you laid there already undressed as he tied you up.

“Well, if I’m being honest-” Dean began as he stood up to finish taking his own clothes off- “there’s somethin’ about you sweetheart.”

Your stomach felt as if it was doing back flips from his words and your eyes drifted south as he shredded his last piece of clothing, allowing his cock to spring free. You were certain you let out a whimper at the sight of him.. Dean was quite the sight to see.

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Neither you or Namjoon has time for one another  pt.5END

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Originally posted by meanyoongis

Y/N’s p.o.v

It was late, and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about him nonstop, as if he was the only person I knew how to think about - which right now seems to be the case. I’ve been lying here for hours now, thinking over and over again how stupid all this was. After what he said, I cried. Buckets and buckets of tears. He hasn’t responded to my messages that I sent to him a couple of hours ago, he’s probably busy, like he always is or maybe he just doesn’t want to reply. I guess I really was a regret to him. 

My doorbell rang and I groaned, not wanting to move from my bed but I knew I had to. I ordered chicken and beer to try and drown my unhappiness away and I had to go pay. I grabbed my wallet, shoved on a hoodie putting the hood over my head to hide my ridiculously puffy red eyes and opened the door. I kept my head down as the person who stood before me stretched out his hand and dangled the plastic bag of food in front of me. 

“How much is it?” My voice cracked. I swallowed hard and rummaged through my purse readying myself.

“It’s on me.” That voice - I could recognise it from anywhere. I didn’t want to lift my head, I froze and stood there not moving until I decided to take a step back wanting to close the door. But of course I couldn’t hold him off, did I even want to?

“Y/N, please.” I dropped my hands from pushing the door and took a step back. He walked in and closed the door behind him. “Y/N, why won’t you look at me?” I felt his hand underneath my chin, ready to direct my face towards his direction but I shook him off. I didn’t want him to see me, especially not like this. I looked like a train wreck, I hadn’t seen him in so long and I didn’t want to be looking this way when he saw me. I didn’t want him to see how much I was suffering because he told me what he did. 

He placed the bag on the ground and took a step towards me, but I only took a step back. This process continued until my back was pressed against the wall. His right hand by the side of my head, his left inching it’s way closer towards my face until he placed it on my cheek.

“Y/N, look at me.” I hesitantly looked up at him, his eyes searching mine as if he was looking for some kind of answer, answers I probably couldn’t provide. His thumb, swiping my cheek - doing so made me realise that I was crying again. “Why are you crying?” His voice calm and soothing to my ears. But I couldn’t help let more tears fall, as if the answer wasn’t already obvious.

“Because, you don’t love me anymore.” I sounded so pathetic, why is it that I need a man in my life in order for me to gain happiness? But Namjoon wasn’t just any man. He’s someone I grew to love more and more each day throughout our six years of being together. I’ve never known to love anyone else. I’ve always only loved him, and to have someone I love so dearly regret even asking me to be theirs in the first place has put me on another level of low. 

“But I do.” Our eye contact didn’t break once. I used to be able to read him like a book, but right now I had no idea. I didn’t want to believe his words, because I was afraid to but at the same time I wanted to trust him again and know what he’s saying is the absolute truth. 

“I don’t know if I can believe you, no matter how much I want to.” 

“Why won’t you believe me?” I could feel his breath against my skin, his breathing got heavier and the tone of his voice lowered.

“Is that really a question Namjoon? I don’t think you quite understand how I’m feeling right now.” 

“But I do!” He fought back. I shook my head in disagreement.

“How could you possibly know how it feels to be told that you’re a regret by someone you love?” 

“I didn’t mean it, I feel guilty about it because I never should have said those things. It was a mistake.”

“One mistake after another, how do you expect me to believe you?” 

“Because you love me and I believe in you to trust me.” 

“Am I easy to you? Is that why you asked me to be your girlfriend to begin with?”

“No of course not, don’t be ridiculous. It wasn’t a mistake for asking you to be mine. I’ve had the best six years of my life being with you and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.” I could feel more tears falling, my heart ached seeing him. His hand didn’t leave my face, I honestly wanted to wrap my arms around him and cry into his chest but I couldn’t move.

“You know Namjoon, not being able to see one another as often as we used to really opened up my eyes.” He swallowed hard, anticipating what I’m about say next. “It made me realise how much I love and miss you every time you’re not around, it made me cherish the time that we have together more.” His eyes gleamed, hearing the positivity. 

“But I feel like I was feeling those things alone.” After I had said that, his whole face dropped. “Whenever we got the time to be next to one another, you’d still be on your phone or laptop doing work, and when I’d ask what you’re doing your reply would always be something along the lines of ‘you wouldn’t understand even if I told you’, I felt so excluded, like my presence didn’t even matter.” 

“You always held a book in front of your face when I was around, so how different are we really?” 

“What else was I supposed to do? And your love for literature is the same as mine, it’s an interest the both of us shared. Something we both enjoyed. Don’t you remember how we spent our first couple of dates as a couple?”

“We sat in the corner of a library, exchanged our favourite novels and we’d sit with a coffee whilst reading. Occasionally we’d look up and smile at one another. Sometimes I’d watch you read, and see your facials change depending on which part of the book you’re reading.” He remembered clearly.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to relive those dates. Every time I asked to meet at the library, you’d push away the idea and suggest we hung out here, that way you could access your work. I missed the old us. I know I’ve been studying a lot lately and haven’t been able to make time either so we’re both at fault. Thinking about it more clearly, maybe we’re not meant to be.” It pained me say that, but I didn’t want to be his distraction. 

“But we are meant to be, we’ve been together for six years Y/N we can’t just throw it away as if it never happened.” 

“I wasn’t the one who threw it away though Namjoon. I wasn’t the one who wanted to break up. I honestly would have never wanted that.”

“Baby I’m sorry. Please give me another chance? We’ll bring back the old times hmm? I can’t be without you Y/N, you’re my everything. I always worked best around you, that’s why I always did it - and I’m sorry it made you think that I was neglecting you, but I wasn’t. It’s because I feel at peace, like I’m at home when I’m with you.” 

“I asked you if you’d regret breaking up with me Namjoon, I-”

“I regret it, that’s my biggest regret. Not having you around anymore is my worst fear.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want or need to be hurt again.”

“Of course I’m sure! Baby I swear I’ll make it up to you, I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said, and I know it’d be selfish of me to ask you to erase those things that I’ve said to you, but princess please just forget those words.” 

I couldn’t and didn’t want to lose him. I loved him too much to let this all go. His eyes showed desperation and that was enough for me to confirm his feelings. A smile crept onto my lips.

“God Y/N, you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky, you know that right?” I couldn’t help but smile. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his waist and buried my face into his chest only to have him place his hands on my shoulders and push me away. I pouted like a little kid and he smiled. 

“I love you.” He said as he pressed him lips against my head.

And that concludes ‘Neither you or Namjoon have time for one another.’

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Note: Here is the last part for this. FINALLY! I know this has been in my inbox for so long and I started writing this but then I lacked creativity and since then it`s just been stuck in my drafts folder. But now I`m done with it so I hope you enjoy it. Also this bacame a little longer cause I found a really good soundtrack that sparked my creativity :D

BTS version

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.

Rap Monster

Stress had taken its toll on him lately as his mind was flodded with mission plans and coordinating the meetings and whatnot. And today it`s been even worse. Namjoon wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a few hours of sleep, instead however he found himself destroying the apartment in a fit of rage. He had come home to find a note from you, saying you were sorry for using up his time and apologizing for not being what he wanted. So after taking apart the place he used his contacts to locate you before making his way there. He`d grab you wrist making you look at him before furiously yelling.

“Why the fuck would you do that? Why the fuck would you run away? Are you crazy? Do you know how fucking worried I was?”

When seeing your scared face he`d look defeated, calming down. He wasn`t angry with you at all. It was himself he was angry with really. So in the next sentences he made sure you understood just how much you meant to him. He`d let go of your wrist, instead catching both of your hands his and continuing in a soft but firm voice.

“I can`t loose you. I was a fucking dickhead I know. I was so caught up in my work that I neglected what`s most important in my life. You. Y/n, I am so sorry I did you so wrong. You are not a burden. You are the only thing keeping me sane. Shit, I never beg but if it takes begging for the rest of my life for you to stay then I will. Please y/n. Don`t leave me.”


The last few months have been a disaster. Things just didn`t play out the way he wanted and it was driving him insane. Today especially. That`s why he decided to get off work earlier. Maybe a quite day at home was what he was lacking. And if he was honest with himself he missed you. His happy thoughts of cuddling and a nice dinner however were thrown completely off board when he stepped into the bedroom to find a suitcase packed on the bed and you trying to close it. Your head would whip around to look at Jin when you heard him ask what you were doing. 

The next few minutes where filled with you explaining your feelings to him while you profoundly apologized for being a burden and not being good enough for him. Jin would be silently listening to you, not because he was being polite but because he didn`t know what to say. He couldn`t believe he made you feel this way and the only thing he wanted right now was to make you feel wanted again. So he did the only thing he came up with. He kissed you. Pouring all of his feelings of shame and longing into it. And as the kiss progressed so did his yearing for you and as you were both laying beside eachother, sweat cascading your bodies and heavy breathing filling the air around you, he said out loud what his actions just now have said for him.

“I love you y/n. Please don`t leave me.”


Yoongi isn`t someone you play around with. Everybody knew that. But it turned out that there were people who don`t see it as a threat but rather a challenge. Ever since he found out that he had a spy in his group he was on edge. Snapping at everyone and everything. You included. He wasn`t proud of it and he knew he was being too harsh. So when the day finally came that he cought the traitor and dealt with it he set his mind on making it up to you. But he was too late. As he came through the door he knew something was off. He had tried to call you earlier but you hadn`t answered. He had wondered why. Finally finding your letter he got his answer, finding out that his plan of making it up to you came too late. 

He was shocked to find himself calmly sitting in his office rather than trashing the whole place, but he knew this wasn`t the time to throw a fit. He knew you still loved him, or so you said in your letter. The only reason you left was his incompetence to remind you of his love so he just had to show you. And he was determent to make sure you would never question his loyalty and love to you ever again. After having his people drive you back to his office he now stood infront of you. He felt a pang of guilt hit him when he saw how sad you looked as he started talking. 

“My job is important to me and you know that. You also know that this situation I was having was out of the norm and demanded a high level of attention. That being said, I also thought you knew how much I love and care for you. But I understand why you would run away. I have not done my job in giving you the attention you deserve, by that letting you think one hell of fucking aweful things and I cannot apologize enough for it. Fuck. You know I`m bad with words so I`ll just get to the point. I need you y/n. I would never forgive myself if I let you leave like this so stay with me. Please.”

Saying the last sentence he gave you a small black box, inside lay a promise he swore to never break.


You had never seen him like this as he was always the smiley, bright and positive Hobi around you. So drawing your conclusions out of it, you must have become a burden to him. It hurt like hell writing your note to him and even more so to leave your shared flat for the last time. Hoseok didn`t notice any of this as he was currently trying to stay calm at all the stupidity going on around him. This had been going on for a few months now and he was sick and tired of it. When he finally left work he was worn out once again. His tired eyes would scan the flat curiously as he didn`t see nor hear you anywhere. Feeling his heart speed up he found your note on the kitchen table, your apartment key next to it. The next few hours were a blur. The only thing he could remember was a call to his team with the demand to find you and him releasing all of his stress by tearing up the place and screaming his throat soar. Now he was in a car on his way to your location, nervously bouncing one of his legs up and down. 

The moment he saw you through the window, he jumped out of the car running to you and catching you in a tight hug. In this moment nothing around him mattered except for you. As he reluctantly pulled away and locked eyes with you he couldn`t help but tear up, no letting go of all of his feelings.

“You don`t know the fear I felt when I found your note. I.. I can`t loose you. I don`t want to loose you. I`m miserable without you. I am so incredibly sorry. I truly am. I was a horrible partner and I understand if you hate me now but y/n, I love you. I will change. I promise. Just give me a chance. I swear to make you happy. Just… don`t leave me.”


His heart broke the second he read the first line of your goodbye letter. All the problems he had thought were crazy important just a few seconds ago were now nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to loosing you. His chest rose and fell quicker at the thought of you sitting here alone with these horrible thoughts of not being good enough gnawing at your mind. Not to mention the constant pushing away and screaming he had done to you. But the thing that bothered him the most was that you didn`t leave him because he was an asshole. You left because you thought you were a burden. This was the point at which he would be sitting on the kitchen floor, your letter still in his hand, as he stared blankly infront of himself. He would need a good hour before he finally got back the courage to get up and find you.

With the help of his people he`d get your locations in the matter of a few minutes, not loosing any time to set out to your location. He didn`t want to let you go around with those thoughts for a single second longer. The moment his eyes would meet your, from crying, bloodshot ones his heart would break a second time. He quickly grabbed your arm and drew you close to him when he saw you trying to run. In his arms you tried to protest, telling him he`d only make it harder for you to leave if he kept holding on.

“Good. Then I`ll never let go. I don`t want you to leave. Never. I know this doesn`t make up for my behavior these last few months in the slightest but I am so so sorry y/n. You only deserve the best but what I did was worse than the worst. I made you believe you were useless and a burden when in reality you are all that I am fighting for every day. I don`t expect you to stay when I let go of you now, but please know that I really, truly love you.”

And holding on to his last straw of hope he let go.


This was the worst day of his life. Not because his million dollar deal had gone to hell. Not because several utterly important files had been stolen from his organization. And not because his right hand man, that he had trused for years, turned out to be a traitor. They were not the reason he was currently driving at an inhuman speed down the streets, his hands sweaty and heart beating so fast he thought it was going to burst. No. The reason for why he was a mess like this was the apologizing letter you had left him on your shared bed. His mind was buzzing with guilt, and quite frankly, anger. Not at you but at himself. He was sure he shouldn`t be driving in this state, but the thought of losing you was too much for him. His mind telling him you`d be where you felt the safest. In the park where you two had first met. More precisely on the bench under the great oak tree where you two had fallen in love. 

And he was right. He found you sitting there, your head in your hands as he could hear your sobs filling the cold air of the night. He`d be careful when approaching you. Any signs of his recklessness from earlier gone as he didn`t want to scare you. He`d hesitantly stand infront of you, your tear filled eyes staring at him as he softly spoke up.

“I knew I`d find you here. You really love this spot don`t you. I do too. After all, this is where I found the love of my life. Someone I thought I would never find. But it seems I have fucked up bad. I didn`t treat you the way I should have and now your head is filled with these… these horrible thoughts that aren`t true. You should be mad at me. Yell at me for being the dick that I am, butinstead you are blaming yourself. Y/n, I don`t deserve you in any way. I never have. And if leaving me will make you happy I won`t stop you. But if you still love me, like I love you, please… don`t go. Let me make it up to you and show you how important you are to me.”


If he thought he was beaten down already from his day, now he was truly broken. This situation was completely overwhelming him and he didn`t know what else to do than angrily walk up and down the living room. His hands, no, his whole body shaking in what he could only describe as rage and sadness. He was trying not to cry but failed miserable at it as he noticed wet trails on his cheeks. He had found the note you left him and had immediatley tried calling you only to hear the sound of your ringtone in the livingroom where you left your phone. Now he was only waiting for his men to bring you back. 

What the fuck could take them so long? He was waiting for over an hour already and his patience was wearing thin. That`s where the door would open and you`d step into the apartment. Right on time, he was sure he would`ve gone crazy had it been just a few minutes longer. You couldn`t even say a word when you were suddenly enveloped in a hug, his head tightly pressed into the nook of your neck and his arms having a grip on you as if he was afraid you`d crumcle beneath his hands. And as he felt you hugging him back he let go of everything he had failed to say to you.

“I love you so much y/n. I love you. I don`t even know where to begin to tell you how sorry I am for making you think I wouldn`t love you anymore and that you are a burden. You are anything but useless to me. You are all that I am waking up in the morning for. I made a horrible mistake at not taking care of you when you were feelings this way and I apologize for it. If you still love me, I`d like you to stay here with me. I swear to take better care of you from now on. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it if it makes you stay.” 

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this is a shout out to the woman who worked at a dog care shelter/day care: i hope the person who dropped off their dog actually came back and picked them up! i know the number they gave u ended up being my call centers number and i know you called 5x for about 3 hours because i answered all your calls (double shift)! this is just me sending good vibes and hoping that some asshole didnt just abandon their dog on you because its better than out in the woods! (JUST GO TO A FUCKING SHELTER PPL)

Omfg please let us know how this went. :( It does sound like an abandonment. I know not all cases are out of maliciousness. If it was they would have tossed the poor dear from a car. I’ve seen some articles about sad cases where an owner had to do the right thing because of an abusive relationship or they were dying. Either way this pup is probably going to find a forever home. Troubled situation or not. I just want to know that happens. -Abby

Hi!! Are you feeling happy today? Well we can’t have that, can we? Please allow me to thoroughly ruin your mood so I don’t have to suffer alone.

Because I am somewhat a masochist, I chose to go back and replay the 5th episode of Secret Ending 01.

And here it is; the iconic scene. Rika blinding V, right at the beginning of the episode.

For some other reason, I was much more patient and chose to actually wait and l i s t e n.

And let me just say.. props to Ho Sa for that absolutely breathtaking voice acting he did there. You can specifically hear V’s muffled groan of pain and the the breathless gasp of, “Rika!”.

Go back to the fifth episode. Listen. Really listen. I don’t know how a single world could have made me feel that many chills.

It makes you wonder what V felt in that moment; terror, resignation, agony? All of those? What did he feel? Was his mind rushing with thoughts of the world he could never see after Rika was done with him? If you think about it, she was the kast thing his undamaged eyes clearly saw. Was he committing the moment to memory? Was he memorising the anger in her voice, the features of her face…Was he trying to memorise the way she hurt him? Seeing as just an episode ago, he literally said “I liked the pain, because you gave it to me”, I wouldn’t think chalking it off to V literally remembering the pain she was causing him AS she was doing it - and committing it to memory and somehow convincing himself it was right and he deserved and it was okay because it was Rika hurting him- would an unrealistic assumption.

But I also can’t help but wonder if in that moment, he just felt… scared? Cornered, and anxious and terrified, thinking of all the starry nights he could never see and the photographs he couldn’t take, wanting all the pain to stop and go away, wanting to see, wanting to breathe, wanting his eyes to stop hurting.

I don’t know which scenario is more heartbreaking.

Either way, this scene messed me up and I’ll probably think about this for too long.

ignore the misleading banner this is just me asking for questions


so yesterday I hit 8k and um, to repeat what I said at 4k, how? it’s only been two months from then and how quickly this blog has grown continues to shock and amaze me. I’m so, so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received since joining the phandom. everyone who has sent me an ask, interacted with my posts, and all the lovely friends I’ve made since starting this blog mean the world to me. thank you so much. (shockingly, I am still a sap). 💛

so, since I haven’t done anything since I hit 4k, I figured it was time to celebrate. 

voice thing? wtf are you on about?

so inspired by other lovelies in the phandom (especially @nihilist-toothpaste) and per the suggestion of @ferrettmalfoy, I decide to do a podcast-style non-podcast to celebrate. pretty much, you guys send me questions and I’ll answer as many as possible in a recording of my voice and woo the end.

so send me questions ?? please ??

(if this flops it never happened)

questions about what?

anything. honestly. dnp? I can ramble for days. life? cool. mental health? sure. chronic illness? please. politics? go for it. advice? I’m not the best person to ask but if you want then yup. sexuality? sure. (the only reason I’ll avoid a topic is if I can’t get away from my family to record this, in which case I’ll answer them in text on my blog). 

thank you again for 8k 💛 I love you all sm 💛

(also, under the cut explanation as to why I chose this)

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One of Sam's many hidden talents

A super short Sam drabble where Sam plays the guitar for the reader

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 450ish

Originally posted by idjitlovespie

“Wait, you can play the freaking guitar and you never thought about letting me know” you threw a pillow at Sam, hitting him right in the face “Dick move Sammy” you laughed out.

“Hey, hey i didn’t know you would care much about it” he said, throwing the pillow back at you “Its just one of my many hidden talents i guess” Sam winked at you jokingly and you giggled.

“Okay, but you know you will have to play it for me, like right now and like everyday for the rest of my life” you got closer to him,wraping your arms around his neck “Pretty please”

“Where the hell am i suposed to find a guitar?”Sam asked

“Well i have great news" you said “When i was searching up my new room in the bunker i found one” You smiled enthusiastically “I thought i will never need it but i kept it in my room anyways, and i’m so happy i did”

“I will be right back” you jumped of your bed and kissed him quickly before running out of the room

Couple seconds later you ran back into your room with a guitar in your hands.

“Im sorry if it doesn’t sound that good, i haven’t played one in years” Sam smiled at you taking the instrument from your hands as you sat on the bed next to him.

He spent the whole night playing all the songs you could think of for you. After hours and hours of listening to him play the guitar, by the morning you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore and you slowly drifted away.

When you woke up couple hours later, you found Sam laying next to you, the guitar still in his hands. You pulled it out of his tight grip before curling up closer to him.

“I love you Sammy” you whispered out.

You were sure he was sleeping, until he pulled you closer to him, your chest now resting onto his, before whispering “I love you too” back at you

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Horsie people tell me they aren't supposed to eat fresh bread. Soz, Zehn. Still to the doggos.


I can’t even believe that I sat here and googled whether horses could eat bread JUST TO PROVE MY SON’S HORSE INNOCENCE. According to some ladies on the internet who have many horses, there is nothing wrong with feeding horses bread as an occasional treat. What probably happened is that Zehn has joined a Bread of the Month Clerb,  he had just received his baguette shipment and happened by a horse, and was like “Heah horse ah will share wif yew” because he is a kindly soul. 

And that horse? That horse was served a tiny piece of bread gently and tenderly by the Premiere Hair and Skincare Game Artist Of Our Generation™. That horse was privy to Zayn’s new and innovative Lewk before us. THAT HORSE LIVED AND HE LIVED BETTER THEN THE REST OF US. 

A helpful illustration of a horse living his best life today. Credit: Me and my company provided Photoshop.

DIVE Part 3

Hey Lovebugs! 

Thank you for baring with me yesterday! I just had a long day, and the BEST time at RAW! 

Please enjoy this chapter you guys, I don’t know how long I’ll keep this going, but as long as you guys enjoy it, I guess I’ll keep writing!

Let me know what you all think! <3

Taglist:  @wrestlingbabe @caramara3 @alexahood21 @blondekel77 @isawthesights 

“Oh my God.” Seth breathed, his mouth forming into what can only be described as a confused smile. “Ella…I–I can’t believe you’re here.”

I nodded, “Neither can I.” Part of me wanted to embrace him, to have him pull me into his arms, and kiss me like he used to. But my memories were with the old Seth, I no longer knew the man that stood in front of me.

I cleared my throat. “Seth, just please stop. You’re causing a scene for no reason. I’m the one who asked Hunter not to let you know I was here.” I spoke as sternly as I could, despite my trembling voice.

He scoffed, “I’m causing a scene?!” Seth’s raised his voice again, “You knew I was gonna be around, so why are you even here? I thought you stopped coming to work because of me in the first place!”

Oh hell no. This son of a bitch is not going to have an attitude with me, he as no right.

“Not that its any of your concern, but I came back because Hunter asked me two. He and Steph offered me a job, and I took it.”

Seth opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by HHH, “May I suggest the two of you finish this conversation in my office. These sort of things should be discussed in private, Ella.”

I shoved my hands in the pocket of my sweatshirt, thankful for the bagginess of it, and placed them on my stomach. The baby was wiggling around like crazy, it always did when ever my blood pressure started to rise.

Seth threw the door open and walked inside, Hunter stopped me before I entered. “You need me, just yell.”

I nodded and walked into the office. Seth had perched himself against the desk, arms crossed, eyes locked on me.

HHH closed the door, and then it was just he and I. Something that used to feel so normal was now the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

I kept my gaze on Seth as he began to pace the length of the room. He punched the filing cabinet, and while it looked like it hurt, it seemed to help him calm down. He moved his way back over to the desk and let out a few breaths before speaking.

“How are you?” Seth asked, his tone much calmer now that he didn’t have to act macho.

I sighed. “I’m fine. Not that you actually care, but I am.”

“Don’t say that, you know I care about you.” He sounded offended.

I couldn’t help but let out a laugh, “Really, Seth? That’s the line you’re going with? Pretty sure when you care about someone–”

He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off. “Ya know what, I don’t even wanna get into that.”


“I’m over it.”

Lies again.

Seth let his arms drop to his sides as he let out a chuckle. “Exactly what about this situation do you find funny?!” I said flustered.

“Nothing, Els. You just–well you still tap your foot when you lie.” He motioned to my moving right foot. “Dammit…” I mumbled.

A moment of silence passed between us as he stared at me. I did my best to ignore his gaze, but to be honest, I haven’t looked into his eyes in so long they almost hypnotized me.

Seth’s gaze drifted to the floor before he spoke, “Why did you come back? The real answer. Not the one you’ve been telling everyone.” Seth said pushing himself off the desk. “Better yet, why did you leave? You just up and vanished.”

I flopped myself on the couch, “No offense, Seth but I didn’t exactly owe you an explanation. I still don’t.”

Seth looked down and nodded. “So that’s it then? Is you’re plan to ignore me completely until you retire, or decide to disappear again?”

I sighed, “No, not exactly. I just–”

He ran his hands through his hair, then back over his face. “Ella, I thought it was my fault.”

I looked at him confused. Obviously I didn’t leave cause he cheated on me, but Seth seemed to think that was the case. He sounded almost…guilty.

“I asked anyone who would know anything and no one told me shit. Hunter stopped taking meetings with me that weren’t about business. I even offered to go to Smackdown if it would help you get back here.”

I stood slowly from the couch, “Why would you do that?”

Seth approached me slowly, “Because I know I hurt you, Ella. I didn’t want to be the cause of anymore pain in your life.”

I felt my heart skip a beat in my chest. Is he acknowledging what he did? “I appreciate that.” I said trying to sound as casual as I could, but all that was about to fly out the window.

I spoke suddenly, but softly. “I have something to tell you.”

He looked puzzled, “What is it?”

I inhaled and exhaled slowly, feeling as though I was going to throw up any second. “Please just listen for a sec okay?”

He nodded, and stepped closer to me. “I don’t even know where to begin to tell ya the truth.”

I began to pace, another sign to Seth no doubt that I was nervous. “I just need you to know that I didn’t find out about this until we were over. I was so angry and disgusted with you and I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t want you back in my life if I’m honest…”

I let out  breath I didn’t know I was holding in, “But I also didn’t want to disrupt your life.”

Seth shook his head in confusion, “Ella, what the fuck is going on?” He asked, sounding genuinely worried. I let out a deep breath and paused for what felt like an eternity.

As Seth’s brown eyes watched me, I slowly lifted the front of my hoodie. I stopped when Seth had a full view of the bump. “I’m a–I’m p-pregnant.”

Seth backed away from me slowly, “Y-you’re what?”

I held my stomach with both hands, “I’m pregnant. About 5 months.”

The color had drained from his face. “5 months…” He mumbled. “Is it–do you–are you sure it’s mine?” He stammered

I scoffed, offended at what he was insinuating, “Last time I checked I wasn’t the unfaithful one in our relationship.”

He stammered about for a moment, before he composed a coherent thought. “For fuck’s sake, Ella!”

He paced in small circles, “You don’t just fucking spring this on someone!”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I didn’t think I would ever have see you again! Then I find this out? That the father of my unborn child fucked another woman in the bed and home we shared together?” I felt the emotion welling in my throat, but I pushed it back.

Seth stopped moving and looked at me, “I’m sorry you weren’t the first person I ran to.” I shocked myself with how frankly I was speaking.

“Regardless of what I did, I had a right to know, Ella. Especially something like this! You’re 5 months? Would you ever have told me? Or would you just have given birth and kept me in the dark.” Seth sounded so hurt. Now it was me that was feeling guilty.

“That is my kid too. You should have told me the second you found out.” His voice trembled on those last words.

He was right. I sighed and sat back down on the edge of the couch. “You’re right. I’m sorry for that, but honestly can you blame me? Every time I thought about you, I wanted to throw up. I almost sold the house, because every thing, every room in it reminded me of you! I hated you, I think part of me still hates you.”

I sighed, “I didn’t think you’d want to be involved. I thought you just run when you found out.”

Seth flopped down next to me, “Ella I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I did to you. But you know me, how could you think I would ever abandon you because of this?”

“Seth I knew you, I don’t know you anymore. You’re at a totally different place in you’re life than I am. I’m ready to be a parent, I’ve accepted it. I also prepared myself to be single parent if I had to.”

“You won’t have too.” He spoke quickly. “When we were together, we knew we would want kids someday. Granted it’s not the most traditional way of doing it, but we were never exactly traditional, Els.”

Seth grabbed my hand, causing me to flinch for a moment. “Ella I promise, whatever you need, I’ll be there. Not just for this–” He gestured to the bump, “But I’ll be there for you.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you, Seth.” I couldn’t believe Seth was being so caring. He made me feel so instantly comfortable. Now, here’s to hoping I can trust him again some day.

I slowly rubbed my bump. “Do you know what it is yet?” Seth questioned.

I laughed, “No actually, I haven’t wanted to know yet. But I do have a doctors appointment next month. Maybe I should have them tell me there, I am kinda sick of referring to him or her as ‘it’.”

He paused before he spoke, “Would you mind if I went with you?” He asked hopeful. I turned to see his eyes staring back into mine.

A smile spread across my face, “I would actually really like that.”

Seth laughed comfortably. He shifted his body so his chest was towards me, “Can–Can I hug you?”

My heart skipped a beat at the hopefulness in his voice, “Y-yes. Yeah, you can.”

He wrapped his strong arms around me slowly, I felt myself melt into his hug. I’ve forgotten what it felt like to he held by someone, it’s been so long.

I inhaled his scent, it was so unbelievably comforting, Seth jumped back suddenly. “Whoa! What was that?”

“What? This?” I asked, grabbing his hand and placing it on my stomach. The baby was kicking like crazy! Seth’s face lit up, and he had that big cheesy smile on his face.

“Oh my God. That’s crazy.” He brought his other hand to my stomach and placed it on it. “Hey little one…” My head shot up as I heard Seth speak to my stomach. “It still doesn’t feel real. I don’t know why I’m so happy.” Seth said smiling ear to ear.

I nodded, “Welcome to my world, dude.” He laughed with me.

“I know this doesn’t change things, but I’m really glad you’re here, Ella. And this, well this is just icing on the cake.”

My soft smile hid the inner turmoil my emotions were putting me through. I hated this man. Everything he did to me, how he broke me, and how he ruined what was the best time in my life by being so selfish.

“I have to go get ready for my match but if you need me, come find me. Anything you need, I’m here okay Els?”

I nodded, “Go kick some ass…”

“Hey! No swearing in front of the baby!” He joked, I laughed lightly as I rolled my eyes.

But I still have some kind of love for him. The baby is making it hard not too, but I couldn’t be in love with him again.

I opened my hotel room door after getting to the next town. I was so exhausted from being on my feet all night. I laid in bed, only to have a knock at my door not 10 seconds later.

“Uggghhhh!” I groaned out loud.

I opened my door to see no one there, but a bouquet of white tulips on the floor beneath me. I bent down, (and I’m using that term loosely) and grabbed them when I noticed the note.

I unfolded the envelope to see Seth’s handwriting as my eyes began to skim the note.

Hey Ella-Bella…

I hope you made the trip okay, I asked Nia to swap and let me ride with you, but she wasn’t having it.

You know I’m not that great with my words so I figured if I wrote them down it might sound a little better.

I am so unbelievably sorry for what I did to us, and to you.

I know I hurt you more than words can express, but you have to believe me when I say that I didn’t do it because I didn’t love you. I loved you more than anything in my life. I still do.

I know it will bring up a lot of pain, and a lot of hurt. But please let me explain myself to you. It might not change things, but I need to get this off my chest.

Let me know, you know where to find me.


My eyes welled with tears as I let out a sob. Can I deal with all of this again? I don’t know.

But I guess I’m about to find out.

Bound to Please Announcement

Most writers or artists know you have to be in the right frame of mind to work on a chapter or a piece.  If you can’t ‘feel’ your work, it isn’t going to turn out the way you want.  

I can’t get in the right frame of mind for Bound to Please right now.  

BtP is getting ready to take a turn and with everything going on in life, I’m not feeling the positivity. I am NOT abandoning this fic, I just need to grasp the right emotion that eludes me at present.  I’m hoping it will come back soon, but I wanted to let everyone know.

Thanks for understanding.


I’ve Got The Feels 300 Followers Celebration

I am so freaking excited to have come this far, and still climbing! You all are amazing. Your support, your comments, your advice, your friendship. It means EVERYTHING!! 

So to celebrate, I reached out to some friends for thoughts on the topic, and one stood out in particular, given to me by @reigningqueenofwords (Love you, B!!). I also thought, since I’ve been going through my own spectrum of emotions lately, this seemed to fit nicely.


  1. You do not have to be following me, but it’s totally awesome if you want to. ; )
  2. Must be from the Supernatural fandom.
  3. Pick a character AND an emotion. No list below. Just send me one character and one emotion.
  4. Fics cannot exceed 300 words!! (It’s a challenge!)
  5. Deadline is September 31, 2017. If you need more time or need to drop out, let me know.
  6. Please tag me, @sofreddie, and include SOFreddie’s 300 Feels Celebration in the first 3 tags. If I don’t comment on the fic within 48 hours, please message me.

Have a blast! And thanks again for taking me this far!!

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Opinion: Should we do a Pearl/Splatoon/Nintendo themed giveaway?

~Please ask/message me your opinions! Thank you!~

We are reaching a follower milestone soon, and the mod wants to do something cool for it! However, I want your opinions as to what should be offered (‘cause I’ve never done it before)! Here are a few notes about this:

-Nothing super expensive of course

-OP is able to travel to Nintendoworld in NYC, where they have a lot of exclusive gear and merch. Though they might not have exclusive splatoon stuff, they certainly have exclusive Nintendo stuff.

-If I offer a Shirt as one of the goodies, what size is a safe bet?

So, please send me an ask or message with what YOU would like to see in a fresh giveaway, coming soon to a blog near you!

anonymous asked:

The other day I created pins(pintrest) of one of your comic from Facebook. (Paopu Inc.) I didn't realize until later that you may not have wanted your art pinned. I added your website to give you credit for the pictures however, since you are the original artist I feel like you have a say in wether or not your art should be there. I apologize if I crossed any lines. I found your comic enjoyable and meant no disrespect. My profile is named EpicSparkleUnicorn. Please let me know what you think.

Hi, Anon. I really appreciate you coming to me about this. 

If someone asks for my permission before posting my art on a website I don’t use (Like Pinterest is fine but don’t repost my Tumblr art on Tumblr, guys wtf???), and they provide a link to my work on Tumblr (Please don’t just mention my username! Link to my blog!), then most likely I will be okay with it.

Even if you plan to provide a link to the source, you should always always ALWAYS ask the artist for permission to repost first. Never post an artist’s work somewhere without making sure it’s okay first! That’s a major party foul. :(

No hard feelings since you came to me and asked, Anon– just please make sure you ask me in advance next time. :) I hope Pinterest likes whichever silly doodle you shared hahaha.


Ahhh….some Hange x Nora…these i’m quite proud of. They are just quick sketches and doodles. I doubt I’ll actually finish any. But I enjoyed drawing these. I seriously have such fire for these two. lol No hate please. I love my oc x canon pairing. (this is just the beginning of sketches…i have more of them laying around) 

Refs and model photos were used. It was fun converting real people into these two 

If anyone has a favorite let me know lol My personal favorite is the last one…big sunglasses all day every day >_<

Just A Little Bit More

with: Chanyeol (EXO)

genre: Romance

count: 250

You shove your lesson plans into your book bag as you rush to your next class. The wind rushes through your hair before you brush your fingers through them, putting your strands back in place. You sigh, turning a corner and bumping into a certain someone.

Letting out a soft ‘oof’ before finding your balance again, you find before you a smirking Chanyeol. 

“Miss,” he says suggestively, “How are you this morning? Late to class again?”

“Please Park Chanyeol,” you sigh, “Just because I’m your teacher doesn’t mean you have to use formal language with me, we are the same age, you know?” you shove him aside, almost tripping on your heels as you raced to class again.

“You look beautiful today as always,” he strides beside you, your short frame no match for his long legs.

“Ok, Park,” you brush your hands through your hair again, “This is still a student-teacher relationship okay?”

“Not after I graduate your class,” he grabs your wrists and pulls you closer to the hallway walls, a teasing smirk on his lips.

You press your lips together before mumbling “That’s true,” The proximity between the two of you caused your brain to fry, and your heart turn to mush. 

He lets out a light chuckle at the sight of your flustered face before leaning away and heading inside your classroom.

You breathe, just a little bit more and he would’ve definitely pushed you over the edge, “This is dangerous,” you sigh under your breath.

A/N: here you go my love! @kpopworldofzodiacs I hope that you like it !! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scandalous 

Coffee Shop  The Dark Storm

Summary: Negan & Kate are growing closer but will have to face am unknown danger.

Word Count: 4340

Warnings: STRONG violence, bodily harm, mentions of PTDS (very little) language, smut,etc…

Feedback please!  I want to know if I should keep going with this story or just drop it.  Let me know if you want on/off taglist.  Let me know what you think! 

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