just let me have my werewolf girl

Okay lets be real. these fuckers would risk their life for this new baby and if you disagree with me then thats okay i guess cos we all have different opinions.

This is just a small lil sketch because I’ve had this idea for ages. I’m not particularly happy with how Waverly turned out but hey-ho. Also that baby better have a name that begins with W or I will not release my werewolf!Nicole drawing. 

P.s. I will draw boobs Rosita when she earns my trust because lord knows i do not trust that girl.

Love Bites-(Lydia Martin)

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Characters: OC, Malia Tate, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin and Reader

Word Count: 1842

Warnings: some angry Lydia and making out??

Pairing: Lydia x Reader

Summary: you and Lydia (not so) subtly drop hints for the pack that you’re dating

(A/N) Woo, just in time before Pride month ends, here’s some gay stuff :) I’ve been wanting to write something with Lydia for soooo long and now I finally have a good idea so here it goes :)))

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Virgin Mary 2.0//Elijah Mikaelson

A/N: I’m probably gonna make multiple parts for this, also reader is Hayley’s sister and the story starts at the end of episode 1 of season 1. 

Part 1!      Part 2!       Part 3!

“WHAT?” You screamed into the phone.

“Hayley you can’t be serious! How did this even happen? And most importantly why am I being punished for shit that you did?!” You angrily asked. 

“Don’t get mad at me! Get mad at the witch who did this to you. Be glad I told you!” Hayley argued. 

“You need to come to New Orleans so that your Jesus baby daddy can take care of you.” Hayley said. 

“Right, and who’s baby am I carying? I atleast want to know his name.” You said.

“His name is Elijah Mikealson, he-”

“I know who he is, he’s an Original, he’s my roomate’s brother.” You said, looking around for Rebeckah. 

“Well she’s supposed to coming here for Elijah or something.” Hayley said. 

“I’m gonna go pack, I’ll see you tomorrow with her.” You said before hanging up. 

“So let me get this straight, your brother, Elijah, the guy who’s baby is in my stomach. Called you and told you that I was in danger because of his baby?” You asked Rebeckah, as you were driving to New Orleans. 

“Basically, he just told me that some witch named Sophie linked herself to Klaus’ baby mama and told her that Elijah’s baby was in your stomach. But I know you never met him and you’re a virgin so… think of yourself as Virgin Mary two point oh.” Rebeckah said, laughing. 

“Oh great, I’m pregnant with some guys baby that I never met.” You sighed. 

“Don’t worry, your sister got the worst brother. Elijah’s the noble sibling, he’ll do anything for you and Hayley, protect the babies.” Rebeckah said trying comforting you.  

“Whatever, you’ll be there so I know for sure that I’ll be okay.” You said looking at her through the pale moonlight. “I’m scared Rebeckah.”

“It’ll be fine, we just have to let my brothers do whatever while you and your sister are babysat by me.” Rebeckah rolled her eyes. 

“But you realize that I have no superhuman powers, I’m human until I kill someone. And what does that make the baby? Half-human half-vampire or half-werewolf half-vampire?” You asked.

“We won’t know until that baby is out of your stomach. Time will tell. Oh! What are you hoping the baby will be? A boy? A girl? A vampire? A hybrid?” She asked, taking her eyes off the road to look at you.

“I don’t know what I’m hoping for, I guess I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl, but definitely no supernatural powers for my children, not if I could help it. But I don’t think that’s gonna be possible with an Original vampire’s baby in my stomach.” You said, eyebrow quirked up. 

“Don’t be so mad about it, as soon as you have the baby and we figure what it is, we can, I-I don’t know, leave all the problems that Klaus will cause. You and I could raise the far, far away from the problems my family bring.” Rebeckah said.

“Oh! Maybe you’ll fall in love with Elijah, I can see you two together. You guys would be so cute together! Maybe that’s what’ll happen, then we can all be a happy family!” Rebeckah exclaimed. 

“That’d be like the happy ever after, after the pregnancy.” You smiled, before dozing off. 

The feeling of someone shaking you was what woke you up. You also recognized Rebeckah’s voice telling you to wake up, her voice sounding all most panicked.

“Ugh, are you okay? You sound panicked.” You said, rubbing your eyes.

“That’s because your baby daddy has been daggered and handed off to someone dangerous.” Rebeckah said, motioning for you to follow her into the house. 

“So this is Hayley’s sister? The non-werewolf, werewolf?” A male voice said behind you. 

A loud smack was echoing around the house as you whipped around to smack whoever was behind you. 

“Wow, for someone who’s almost a foot smaller than me you’ve got bite.” He said. 

“Hardy har har.” 

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Detention *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Word count: 1,299

Warning: smut, oral, hate oral? is that a thing? idk let’s just roll with it

A/N ‘ight so heres another smut because apparently I’m trash and I don’t hate writing it as much as I thought I did so here ya go. Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er

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“I can’t believe you got us detention, Stilinski,” you mumbled as you crossed your arms over your chest and leaned back into your seat.

“Me? How exactly is this my fault, y/n?” Stiles spat, twisting around in his chair three rows ahead.

Just as a little recap, during sixth period in Mr. Harris’ chemistry class, Stiles thought it would be a good idea to start talking to Scott about whatever supernatural crisis they were having today. You couldn’t help but listen into the conversation since one, your werewolf hearing is top notch and two, everything they were saying involved you. You chimed in, most likely saying something smartass-ey or sarcastic and Stiles, being the usual spaz that he is, replied back with something along the lines of, “That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.” Unfortunately, he spazzed out a little extra and basically yelled, causing Mr. Harris to literally twist his head around like in the exorcist. In Stiles attempt to defend himself, he threw you under bus. So here you were. Sitting in an empty classroom, an hour after school got out, with the person you tolerate the least at this school. Lucky you.

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The Beginning Of The End: Coming Back

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Allison, Liam, Deaton

Pairing: None in this chapter. Derek x Y/n in future parts

Word count: 1574

Warnings: curse words. sorry. but nothing else really. no angst or fluff or smut or anything in this. just appreciation of Derek Hale aka perfection. Writing in italics show the readers thoughts. 

Summary: Y/n arrived back in Beacon Hills after being away for 10 years and discovers the truth about the small town

This is the beginning of a series I’m planning. Which will be filled with fluff and angst. Smut possibly if people want it but if people don’t really ask for it then i don’t know. Depends on whether or not I’m in the mood for writing smut. Either way there you go.


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

Finally, I had arrived. 

Beacon Hills. 

I was born here, moved to New York when I was 5, then came back at the age of 12. Then I had to move back to New York when I was 15. Now I’m here again. 

I never really thought I’d return to be honest. I didn’t really know anyone here except Deaton, the vet. 

We worked together while I was in high school. Just a job I wanted cos I didn’t have many friends. 

Anyway, back to it. 

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Since Hogwarts

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You had gone to The Leaky Cauldron for a quick drink before you would head in to Diagon Alley to get a few things for yourself. You were sitting at the bar and asked for a Firewhiskey, the bartender gave you a smile and handed you the glass. You took a sip as a man sat beside you, you turned to give him a polite smile.

“HI, there.” He said, turning to face you.

“Hello.” You said, giving a small smile. Little did you know, your school crush Newt Scamander had come in the door and was looking at you two with jealousy. He also had a crush on you but he was too shy to say anything. He’d been expelled the previous year and everyone knew all about it, but he didn’t know that you knew it was Leta’s fault. You were sipping your drink as the man was talking.

“I saw a dragon in the wild once, it was a beast of a thing, only just walked away with my life.” He bragged taking a huge gulp of Firewhiskey.

“Oh, I like dragons, I’ve met one too, let me pet it’s scales.” You said, absentmindedly.

“Well, I came face to face with a werewolf. It nearly tore me apart.” He exaggerated.

“One of my friends is a werewolf, lovely girl she is.” You replied, tucking a hair behind your ear.

“I’ve gotten stung by a Billywig, had to go to St Mungo’s.” He said, puffing out his chest.

“My friend has a Billywig.” You replied, rolling your eyes a tad.

“What magical creature have you not seen or know anything about?!” The man said, chuckling.

“Very few.” You replied, smiling.

“Excuse me, excuse me, sorry for interrupting but can I speak to Y/N for one little second, here could I maybe…” Newt Scamander trailed off before smacking his lips against yours, in all honesty it was more of a head butt if you were honest.

“Newt Scamander?” You questioned. He nodded, bowing his head slightly. “How about we try that again, but softer this time, yeah?” You asked laughing softly, you pulled his face closer to yours and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

“Better.” He mumbled, you nodded and turned the other way as there was a chair on the other side of you, you pointed at it and Newt sat down.

“So what brings you here?” You asked, intrigued.

“I’m staying here actually just for a little bit, I’m heading to Egypt in a few days.” He said.

“Oh wow, look how far you’ve come since Hogwarts!” You said laughing. He turned a deep scarlet.

“T-thank you.” He mumbled, his gaze not quite meeting your eyes.

“Hey, you already kissed me, no need to be embarrassed now, want to come in to Diagon Alley with me?” You asked, grinning. Newt nodded and you walked hand in hand to the wall.

Little wolf -Derek Hale Imagine

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Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 1527

Warnings: Fighting, death, reader killing people

A/N: I wrote this in a attempt to get rid of my writer’s block. Hope you enjoy it :) I still have a Theo request to write, which will hopefully be posted sometime next week. 

There’s still time to enter the secret santa writing challenge! 

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“Do you have to go?” Y/N asked softly, her eyes focused on her boyfriend’s back. Derek turned around at her words, while putting on a shirt. 

“I’m afraid so, it’s a packmeeting” He replied, walking up to the bed where she was seated. He placed a gentle kiss to her lips. 

“I’ll be back soon, I promise” He smiled. 

“Fine. I’ll just stay here and eat all of your snacks” Y/N winked.

“As long as you stay out of trouble, you can eat how much you want”

“Like I would get into trouble” Y/N scoffed. Derek sent her a knowing look.

“Alright fine! But that wasn’t my fault. He asked for it” 

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anonymous asked:

Can you maybe do an imagine where the pack has to come and pick up you up from a wild party, and your drunk and high and the pack walks in on you when you were having sex with a random guy and Paul, Sam, Eberly, and Jake gets worried about it cause had unprotected sex and Eberly gets mad about it cause you are his imprint!!

A/N: I’m just going to make it the next day so she can speak and whatnot… so yeah xD

Title: Reckless Imprint

“Morning,” you speak up awkwardly, watching as the entire pack turns to you with shameful expressions.

“Morning sleeping beauty,” Embry hisses angrily, crossing his arms along with the rest of the pack, “how was your night?”

“I don’t even remember what I did last night. Why do I feel so shitty?” you question, “and why are you acting so bitter?”

“Oh, well let me refresh your memory!” Embry stalks up to you, his anger flaring. Knowing he’s a werewolf, you step back in fear.

“Embry, calm down before you hurt her,” Emily speaks up.

“I’m fine, Emily. I swear, I’m fine,” Embry waves her off, “but you want to know what happened? You saw me talking to a girl, who just happened to be fascinated by my warmth, and you got jealous because you must have thought that I would rather be with her, than my own soul mate. So, you went to a club and got drunk off of your ass. Not to mention, you also were high as hell, so you weren’t in your right mind when you had unprotected sex with some random stranger,” Embry snarls.

You gasp in shock as shameful tears spread down your cheeks, “I… I did that?” you whimper, flicking your eyes up to see Embry’s. At your shameful expression, Embry’s face softens a bit before he brings you into a hug.

“Yeah, you did. If you go into town and see a guy covered in bruises, just know that all of that was all Paul. I knew I would hurt you if I got too close to you, so he carried you out and got you dressed,” Embry tells you.

Paul dressed me? You all saw me naked? Oh, my God,” you cover your eyes in embarrassment.

“I have an imprint; I honestly could care less that I saw you naked. All I want is for you to be safe. So, Emily called the Doctor’s and they’re going to test you just in case that guy gave you anything,” Paul replies.

“Or you can feed me to vampires. That sounds like a better idea. I’m such a terrible soul mate; i’m sorry, Embry. But it wasn’t seeing that girl feel your body that made my day so terrible that I did all of that,” you whisper, just now remembering why you wanted to forget everything.

“Wait, if that’s not it… then why?” Embry asks.

“I… I can’t get pregnant,” you inform him, “I want so much to be able to give you a child that you can pass your genes onto but I just can’t. I found out yesterday and I was figuring out a way to tell you. But then I saw her touching you and I was a little jealous, but I realized that she would be able to give you what you wanted and I just… broke down. I’m sorry,” you sob into his chest.

“Shh, (Y/N), it’s okay. I don’t want a child unless it’s with you. I don’t want anyone else; you know this. I’m sorry for lashing out on you when you weren’t even in your right mind. I never thought that it’d be something else.”

“Yeah. I guess we’re both at fault. Um, when’s the appointment?”

Dean x Reader Drabble Request

This was requested by an anon: #35 you’re my reason for living. Screams dean at me wouldn’t you say?

Word Count: 454

Warnings: Fluff

After shoving the demon knife into the demon you were taking down, you felt a force shove you across the room.  You slid across a table, hitting the wall behind it with brute force.  You clenched your jaw, trying to get through the pain that filled your body.  You got on all fours in an attempt to force yourself to stand up.

As the demon sauntered up to you, it grabbed you by your neck and slammed you against the wall.  Seconds later, an orange glow emitted from the demon’s eyes and it fell lifelessly to the floor.  Dean quickly put his demon knife back in his jacket pocket before grabbing your arms.  He wound his arms tightly around you as you fell into his arms.

“I should have known they would gang up on you [Y/N],” Dean muttered.  “They think you’re not tough enough, but I know better.”  Dean knew how hard you took it when you got thrown around by demons and monsters alike.  He knew you were strong and could handle yourself.  He only wished you wouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

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Mom Knows Best

Summary: Lydia’s mom pulls Stiles aside to meet her daughter’s ‘boyfriend’ that she can’t stop talking about… aka Stiles finally figures out that Lydia returns his feelings.

Rating: K+

Genre: Semi-AU/Fluff in significant amounts

Author: holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight

A/N: Inspired by this text post. I did deviate from it slightly, since my muse took things in another direction, and it’s already a teensy bit AU since Lydia’s mom has yet to meet Stiles. I wrote it with the mindset of them being in the earlier seasons, but there’s no Jackson and I do make references to things that happen in 3A so I guess it’s pretty AU after all. Hope you guys like :) This is probably one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever written. I also make reference to an exchange of lines in The First Time, a movie Dylan O'Brien stars in. Trying to have a new fic for every day of Stydia Week so apologies that it’s so old and not up to par! Love you guys :)

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Brett Imagine #2

98. “Don’t you die on me!” A/N: I feel like I’m in a writing mood and hopefully it’s paying off! Hope you enjoy! ~~~ “Just wait here.” Brett instructed. “I know the rules ok? Just be safe.” You sighed, taking his hands in yours. “I always am, it’s you I’m worried about.” Brett laughed. “I know the drill. Jut sit back here and keep quiet, and if anybody comes just run.” You stated, repeating the instructions you had heard countless times before. “I love you.” Brett sighed. “I love you too, now go kick some butt and be safe.” You smiled. He jogged out of the weird warehouse and went to join the rest of the pack. Fun stuff. You also knew that waiting could be the most boring part so you came prepared. One fully charged phone with 3 games and an old Gameboy you found laying around in a drawer. You were so into the game that you didn’t even hear the footsteps. It was only when there was a growl that you took in your surroundings. A pair of shining blue eyes were found merely a yard away. You quickly got up and ran out of the warehouse and into the woods. The branches and leaves hit you in the face, the cold air burned your throat and your lungs, but you kept on running. You stumbled over a rock, the trip letting the werewolf get closer. You turned your head to catch a glimpse of where they were but there was no sign. Then all of a sudden, they came out of seemingly nowhere, tackling you from the side. You landed on a jagged rock and tried to get up but you were quickly kept down by the werewolf who slowly ran their long claw down your exposed side. “Pleas don’t. Please, please! No!” You screeched as the female werewolf began to scratch you deeply. You let out another scream as you struggled in the werewolf’s hold. She continued to badly scratch you up just for starters. She quickly revealed her fangs and had the complete intentions to bite you before Brett showed up and Satomi took care of the girl. “(Y/N), look at me. Stay with me baby.” Brett mumbled as he carefully picked you up and carried you to a safer place to examine our wounds. “I can’t feel my leg.” You stated. “Oh my gosh, Satomi we have to get her to the hospital. Don’t you die on me!” Brett panicked. “We’ll get her there since it seems we don’t have anything for any injuries this severe.” Satomi answered. “Brett, I’ll be ok.” You smiled weakly, trying to calm Brett down. 5 minutes later you were getting fixed up at the hospital. Stitches and a lot of disinfectant. Maybe some numbing medicine that made you act silly but it wasn’t that bad, it just made you laugh at everything. “You have curly hair.” You laughed. “(Y/N), please stop moving.” Melissa instructed with a sigh. “Oh yeah.” You giggled. Brett ran a hand over his face tiredly, now he was going to have to babysit you. Melissa finished patching you up with some gauze and a wrap. “If she has anymore troubles an Advil would still do just fine. If the cuts get infected going to the doctors should be fine, they’ll usually prescribe some cream. Make sure she takes it easy and that’s about it! Be good (Y/N).” Melissa instructed. Brett took you home, safely sneaking you up to your room and tucking you in. “You know I’d never leave you right? Today was my fault, and I even left my Gameboy.” You pouted. “No, I knew this fight was happening and I decided to be selfish and invite you for my pleasure. I should have not let you go.” Brett replied. “I’m still alive, I’m very much alive.” You told him. “If I hadn’t showed up you’d be dead.” Brett said, angry with himself. “But you did, and I knew you would. Maybe you can train me though, if anything happens unexpectedly. Then you and I would feel safer.” You offered. “You’re so smart.” Brett smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. “But you’re never going to back ever again.”

Stiles imagine for anon

A loud bang and the swerving of Stiles distinct blue jeep alerted us that something wasn’t right. I instinctively grabbed hold of Stiles shirt as he slammed on the brakes but let go when I realised what I was doing. I knew I shouldn’t have come, I should have just stayed in Beacon Hills. It’s not like I was any real help to the pack, I wasn’t a banshee or a Kitsune and I definitely wasn’t a werewolf or werecoyote. I was just a normal girl with an overprotective streak, I couldn’t let my friends go alone and I definitely couldn’t let Stiles go without me not that he knew that. He was my ex after all, though we weren’t together I still loved him, I just don’t think those feelings were mutual anymore not since Malia came into the picture.

I sat quietly in the backseat as Scott got on the back of Braedens bike and rode off to find Kate and Derek. I had a feeling we were going to be here for a while.


“I told you this thing was nothing but trouble, you should have gotten rid of it a long time ago”

I groaned as I shined a small torch over the engine of Stiles jeep while he attempted to fix it. I was met with a steely glare

“I will not abandon this jeep and you know that, please just hold the torch and be quiet”

I was about to reply when a loud roar filled the air, I whipped around to see Malia running off in the direction of a rocky outcrop


Stiles shouted worringly and although I knew It was ridiculous I couldn’t help feel a little jealous at how concerned he looked for her

“That can’t be good, damn it Stiles get back here and fix this thing”

He was still staring off in the direction Malia had gone and Kira who had followed her but quickly turned his attention back to the jeep giving me a glare as he did

“Why are you giving me that look for?”

I huffed, by now Lydia had climbed into the jeep obviously sensing the tension between Stiles and I

“This whole trip you have been nothing but negative and you’re mean to Malia every chance you get seriously what is your problem?”

My heart clenched a little but I kept head held high

“I have not, if you haven’t noticed shes not exactly the friendliest person around. I’m sorry if you think I’m being mean to your little girlfriend”

It came out a angrier than I expected and Stiles immediately put his tools down and turned to face me

“She’s not my girlfriend Y/N. Scott and I are helping her and what’s it to you anyway? Why are you even here?”

Now that one stung, his words were like a switch turning my anger off and replacing it with hurt. I could feel my eyes welling up and took a step backwards into the dark

“I’m here because I want to help, I’m here because I can’t stand to lose anymore friends. Stiles im here for you, because I can’t stand the thought of anything happening to you, not again”

I placed the torch on the edge of the jeep and walked around to the back before he could see my tears fall. Memories of when he was possessed my the nogitsune came flooding back and so did all the pain I felt having to watch that monster take control of the guy I loved.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it”

I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and turned away from Stiles so he couldn’t see how upset I was.

“Y/N there’s nothing going on between Malia and I. I wouldn’t think of it, I couldn’t. Not when I still love someone else”

I froze at his revelation and turned to face him only for him to pull me into jis arms and kiss me hard

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and that won’t change”

My stomach filled with butterflies as o leaned up to kiss him again

“Can we try again?”

I asked hopefully, he wrapped his arms around my waist and nodded his head

“Hell yeah we can, now come on help me fix this baby so we can get out of here”