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No matter how broken someone is and they are a good friend, I will not leave them, giving up and moving on from them isn’t an option. I wont change who they are, cause you can’t really change a person, all you can do is love them for who they are, no matter how much they tell you to stay away just not to lose you or scare you away, cause it wont happen. I just wont leave when they need someone the most

@gaymz-homofield tagged me for the 6 selfie challenge thingy, tysm! 💕
i look like a fucking poser lmao anyways!!!
i tag @willowrosenbergh, @princess-consuela-bananahamock, @raskolnkov, @jesusslutty-moustache, @sleepingwhereiwant2, @starvewars, @sailor–poon, @davemustaineismyhusband and @agentjb! 💋💖

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You're a slut and you don't even fucking belong here. Why don't you just leave? Nobody wants you to have a blog and nobody even cares. You flirt with all these guys and you have a boyfriend; no wonder you're still a virgin. Go fuck yourself, bitch. I hope your 'boyfriend' breaks up with you once he realizes what a hoe you are. Everyone probably hates anyways. Delete your blog.

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I’ll just…leave this here!!