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S4 Finale

The last scenes in the finale should be two separate love confessions. Gina will have Jake over and confide in him that since her accident she’s realized she’s in love with Rosa. She makes him promise not to tell anyone, even Amy. Meanwhile, Rosa breaks down and confesses to Amy that she left Pimento. At first Amy thinks Rosa’s upset because of the break-up, then Rosa admits she felt she had to leave him after Gina’s accident because realized she was in love with Gina. Rosa likewise threatens Amy not to tell anyone, including Jake. (This way Gina’s accident can serve some larger plot-purpose.) 

Now it’s S5 and high-jinks ensue…

Jake and Amy are terrible secret-keepers, but trying their best to honor their friends respective wishes. 

Amy relates some of Jake’s recent sketchy behavior to Boyle who mistakenly thinks Jake is getting ready to propose! (Of course he already wrote his best man speech YEARS ago!)

Amy’s secret-keeping is getting to Jake as well who shares with Gina. Of course, Gina swears she had a friend who acted similarly while she was trying to keep her pregnancy secret. (Insert snide and meta-comments such as “how did she think we wouldn’t notice she was pregnant?” because Chelsea Peretti is currently pregnant.)

Without knowing Rosa’s feelings, Jake goes on a bunch of stakeouts with her where he constantly talks about Gina (because he totally ships it). However this only makes Rosa feel like Amy told Jake and that he’s is trying to get her to confess herself that way it doesn’t look like Amy spilled the secret. Naturally, Rosa then shuts down when he talks about Gina in protest to the couple which makes the unaware Jake super concerned about Gina’s chances!

Then there’s Amy who’s even more helplessly awkward! She keeps planning “girls nights out” and then finding increasingly poor excuses to bail and leave Gina and Rosa alone. Now Gina is the one convinced that Jake told Amy everything. 

And Holt and Terry are essentially just going: “why are our cop-children (and gina) like this?”

….and of course once Gina and Rosa get together we’ll have to deal with Boyle’s insecurities because he and Genevieve were always Jake and Amy’s go-to double date partners and now he feels they’re being replaced by Gina and Rosa.

Hear Your Heart (M)

Genre: fluff, smut, hybrid!au

Word Count: 11k 

Summary:  You really liked learning more about Yoongi. You liked that he didn’t need to whisper all of his deepest secrets into your ear because you felt like you could see into his heart- see who he truly was behind all of the fronts he put up in front of others.

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(A/N): I honestly love protective steve so much

Request: Can you write a StevexReader story where the reader is at college and has to work as stripper to get the money for it because her parents won’t pay it? And Steve sees her as Tony tracks him there one day to make him lose his virginity. And some guy starts to be rude to her and Steve comes to protect her?

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor

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   “You gotta get some experience Cap,” Tony mutters as he shakes his head, stuffing his hands in his pocket as they pass by the retro Strip Club, one that had ladies dating back to all sorts of times. You had your classic 80′s rocker, the 90′s grunge, the 70′s disco, the 60′s flower child, and Tony’s personaly favorite the 1940′s showgirl. “It’s completely authentic Cap, it’ll be reminiscent!” 

   “I don’t remember any strip clubs back in my day, “ Steve mutters as he nearly throws open the door, the old piece of wood smacking against the equally old brick. With an angry sigh he stuffed his hands into his pants pocket as he trudged into the club, his gaze raking over all the different girls. It was obviously a break of some sort for they had all congregated in the front room, not in their individual blast from the past showrooms. All the girls, some of them the drapper 30′s girls straight to the early 2000′s ones all sat around, either smoking or drinking, maybe chatting with one another. Every pair of eyes land on the two as they walk in and Steve can practically feel them undressing him on the spot. 

   “Hey girls!” Tony calls out boisterously, waving flirtatiously to some of the strippers. “We could a little problem here,” 

   “We’re on lunch break, sorry,” One of the girls gives him a small smile as she takes a drag from her cigar. If Steve guessed right she looked like she belonged to the 70′s era. 

   “Would uh- this convince you otherwise?” Tony waves a wad of cash in the air, watching as the girls followed his hand hungrily. 

   “Hm…” One of the girls rose from her seat, showcasing her rather voluptuous form. “I’m sure I could work on Mr. Tall and Blonde for ya,” She sways her hips as she walks towards the two, stopping just in front of Steve. “He’s pretty cute if I do say so myself,” 

   “Tony-” Steve begins, casting his friend a side glance when he stopped, his eyes catching onto one of the girls lingering in a corner, sitting by herself but still there. The dark of the room almost shadowed them but Steve would recognize that face anywhere. “(Y/N),” Steve sounds just the tiniest bit confused, his brows furrowed as he gazed into the corner. Tony perks up a bit too, his gaze travelling over the girls until they landed on the shadowy figure in the corner. 

   “Well I’ll be damned,” Tony chuckles, stuffing his money away as he made his way towards (Y/N)’s table. “Looks like we got yourselves quite the showgirl,” Tony clicks his tongue as he takes a seat right next to (Y/N), giving them a sort of twisted smile. “How perfect for our very own Captain America,” 

    “Leave me alone Tony,” (Y/N) mutters, folding her arms over her chest as she huffed just a bit. Even in the poor lighting Steve could see how exhausted (Y/N) looked, not even her copious amount of makeup could cover up just how tired she was. 

   “I’ve got money (Y/N) and if you’re working here you obviously need it-” 

   “Tony,’ Steve warns, his tone light for now. 

   “I just want to know why our precious little (Y/N) is out here, working that pert little ass off for money when she doesn’t need it,” (Y/N) bites her lip, blushing just the tiniest bit. “You’re so conservative at the tower, always covering up, damn- I didn’t even know you looked this good,” Tony licks his lips, allowing his gaze to travel up and down (Y/N)’s exposed body. 

   “Tony, that’s enough,” Steve growls, his patience running thin. “(Y/N) must have a good reason for working here, right?’ Steve looks to her, hoping his gaze was sympathetic. (Y/N) looks at Steve with almost shame filled eyes as she nods her head. 

   “I need the money for college, I can’t pay with a regular job but working here is sufficing,” 

   “You know,” Tony leans forward, getting way too close to (Y/N) to Steve’s liking. “If you gave me my own private little show I’m sure I could pay you those college loans for ya,” Tony’s lips brush against (Y/N)’s ear and the flinch, her face taking up an expression of both horror and distaste. 

   “Tony, stop-” (Y/N) whispers, attempting to push away from the man but he remained steadfast, quickly grabbing onto (Y/N) to keep her in place. That was all Steve needed to rip Tony away from (Y/N) and shove him against the wall, his elbow digging into his throat. 

   “When a woman tells you to stop you better fucking stop, got that?” Steve growls, pushing his elbow against Tony’s neck even more. The man coughs and chokes, clawing at Steve’s arm to let him go. Somewhere behind him the girls are all whispering about Steve and Tony and no doubt (Y/N) as well. “Do you understand Stark?” Tony nods weakly, clutching at Steve’s arm fruitlessly. With an angry grunt Steve let Tony fall to the floor, instead turning to (Y/N) to ask if she was okay. 

   “Are you okay?” Steve asks, his tone much lighter than it had been a few seconds ago. (Y/N) nods meekly, pursing her lips as she does. 

   “Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened to me,” (Y/N) smiles sadly and Steve can nearly feel his heart break. 

   “When do you get off work doll?” The nickname slides from his lips easily, almost unconsciously. (Y/N) smiles just a bit, rubbing at her arms in the chill of the club. 

   “A few minutes actually,” 

   “How bout you get dressed and I can take you out to that cafe you like so much?” (Y/N) smiles even more as she nods, her spirits slowly but surely rising. 

   “I’d love that,” (Y/N) brushes past Steve, stopping by his side to give his cheek one little peck, one that had Steve’s cheeks ablaze and his heart hammering. 

   “Thanks Stevie,” (Y/N) whispers, their lips brushing against his cheek with each word. “I think I owe you your own private show sometime,” Steve’s cheeks flush even more, and he swears his heart presses against his chest with how fast it’s beating. 

   “Let me take you on a few dates first,” Steve smiles sheepishly. (Y/N) only smiles, nodding their head as they do. 

   “Cafe is date number one, bookstore is the second one next week, that okay with you?” Steve nods, a little unbelieving chuckle falling from his lips. 

   “That’s perfectly fine with me,” 

Date Night {Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader}

Prompt: You and the boys out for a date.

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Word Count: 981

Warning: Embarrassment.

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assumptions | archie andrews (riverdale)

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prompt: 50-“if i asked, you’d say no” “you don’t know that”

the siren sounds the crowd jumping up from the bleachers cheering as the bulldogs seal their win

you let out a cheer jumping around with the rest of the squad shaking your pom poms and doing tricks as you help keep the crowd hype.

you turn to watch the boys praise their team mates jumping onto each other ruffling each other’s hair whilst giving each other ‘bro’ hugs

betty & veronica break formation and rush over to you jumping up and down shaking their poms in your face “stop” you chuckle shaking your own in their faces

the girls wear smirks on their faces as they glance behind you “what?” you giggle turning your head to see your red headed best friend smiling stupidly, helmet in hand.

you turn biting for lip “ill be back” you rush over toward archie jumping into his arms a smile wide on both of your faces.

“congrats archikins” you tease as he places you back on the ground, his friends walking past and congratulating him on a good game.

“why are the girls giggling like maniacs” you turn to give the girls an evil glare.

“i honestly don’t know” you rock on the back of your heels “pops?” he smiles and nods throwing an arm around me

we walk back over to our giddy friends “pops?” we announce and they nod like maniacs “what’s gotten into you two” archie retorts concussion in his words

“where’s jug and reg-” i squeal as i pull from archie’s grasp and lifting up into the air, my hair swishing around as i fight against the strong hold

laughs fill the field as they all enjoy the torture im enduring from a very hype raven haired jock “reggie!” i yell annoyance in my voice

“c'mon mantle put her down” archie eases smiling as im thrown over the boys shoudlers, my ass practically out for the world to see.

“babe you better but her down, otherwise archikins here my start throwing some hands for his girl” ronnie tease causing the boy to set me back down

i straight out my uniform punching the boy in the arm causing him to cry out, i stick my tongue out at him as veronica cuddles into her awfully tall boyfriend.

i turn to see archies face turning red, he refused to make eye contact with me. “oh my god” ronnie giggles teasing the red headed boy “he’s blushing because i called her his girl!” she squeals as her boyfriend notices his best friends discomfort

“c'mere ronnie, leave the poor guy alone” he rests his hand on her hips

archie shakes his head “oh no it’s fine, we’re just friends v” he throws his arms over my shoulders as my smile slips off my face.

i pull away from the gesture, rolling my eyes i take off the boys letterman jacket and shove it into his chest “ill see you later friend” i smile sarcastically walking away from my group of friends

archie & i had been living next door to each other since we were born and we’d grown up together, but as the years passed you grew closer and closer until you hit high school

something had changed, those lingering looks were no longer just archie being weird and friendly. it was something more, it was flirting and that’s how it’s been the past 3 years.

constant flirting, we’d have sleepovers and cuddle sessions and to anyone who didn’t know you would think that we were a couple. but if you did know me you’d know that ive had a crush on archie andrews since i was thirteen.

i thought that the feelings weren’t one sided and that maybe just maybe archie was just waiting for the right time to ask me out but now it just proves that im just another girl to the red headed boy. just a ‘friend’“

the two girls rush after me the guys lingering on the field unaware of what the hell just happened.

we wound up at pops sipping on milkshakes like any other day, except it wasn’t. the booth wasn’t filled with as many warm bodies as it normally is.

the girls have been trying to cheer me up by talking about only the cutest guys at school which evidently according to the two girls were jughead & reggie, but they argue that their opinion is definitely not bias and definitely not because they’re dating the two

“so let me get this straight, the two bachelors your offering aren’t actual on offer because well they’re dating the two of you dorks?”

they glance at each other bursting into laughter “okay maybe um- im sorry” i roll my eyes dipping into bettys chips as the door chimes indicating another customer

my eyes move toward the door to reveal reggie, jughead & the one and only archie andrews.

“i gotta pee”

i stand up quickly moving away from the booth and legging it to the girls bathroom ignoring archie desperate calls

i cuss under my breathe trying to plan out how i can flee without them noticing but coming up empty. guess ill just have to leg it.

the door creaks as i open it and i instantly cuss giving away my presence to the group, i stop stupidly plastering a smile on my face. i slowly edge over to the group reaching out for my purse.

“im suuuper tired, im going to head off” i force my legs to move as fast as possible as the carry me out into the car park no sign of anyone following me until i hear someone yell my name.

i sigh turning around as archie jogs over to me “im sorry” he blurts creasing his brows a sad smile on his beautiful face

“i shouldn’t have said what i did back at the game”

i sigh crossing my arms across my chest “im listening” he half smiles stepping closer to me

“the guys they gave me a little pep talk before we came her.. why didn’t you tell me you had feeling for me” he asks hope in his eyes.

“why didn’t you? why didn’t you ask ME out” you question back

“you’d have said no-” he huffs glancing back into the diner as our friends crowd around the window peering out

“you don’t know that” i clap back anger beginning to run through my veins.

“archie i don’t get you!” i and exclaim running my fingers through my hair “i had this idea- it’s sounds so stupid to me now-” i pause laughing to myself

“i thought you had the same feelings as i did, i thought that the flirting the sleepovers the lingering looks! i thought that was a sign and now i just look stupid”

“(y/n)” he tried to interject but i shake my head at him “no archie im not done” he puts his hands up in defence

“that guy that didn’t want chuck clayton to be my first kiss because you knew he didn’t ‘love me’, that guy that kissed me because you told me that my first kiss should be with someone who truly loves you”

“that is the guy i feel for, the goof ball, the music enthusiast. the boy that protects me no matter what- i thought that i was giving you enough signs” i laugh to myself

“guess it wasn’t-” i turn away from him walking away but im stopped me he grabs my arm pulling my into his chest.

“i was so stupid, please let me make it up to you” his puppy eyes burn into my head and i groan placing my head into his chest “fine”

a smile graces his lips, his eyes beaming down on me “movies? tomorrow night?”

i perk up my eyebrows “are you asking me out?” he nods “i sure am”

“well i mean i guess i could squeeze you in to my busy calendar” i tease poking his chest

he grabs my face and connects are lips, my arms running up his chest and through his red hair.

we break apart and head back into pops hand in hand back toward a friend, who tried to act nonchalant like they weren’t just watching us argue and makeout in the parking lot

we slide into the booth, archie instantly pulling me into his chest. an arm wrapped protectively around me

the others glance at one another smirks dripping from their expressions as they enjoy the company. “shut up!” i laugh chasing the rest of the group to break character and blurt a bounce of random nonsense

“it’s about damn time!”

“nod kidding” i giggle looking up to the red headed boy, glowing with happiness. i return the smile back as he dips down and kisses my head

“better late then never, right?”

One-Time Thing

Yoongi - Roommate AU
Word Count: 4090ish
It’s okay to fuck your roommate if it’s only a one-time thing.

A/N: There is honestly no excuse. But come on, no strings attached with Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi was really more of an acquaintance than a friend, all things considered. You knew his name and the fact that he was taking classes at the college, but not much else aside from his rapping. Rather hard not to know about the rapping, what with him being your roommate and all.

Oh, and his abhorrent sleeping habits. For the love of god, could this kid maybe not sleep in until 2 in the afternoon and still be cranky if you accidentally woke him up? Or at the very least, was it too much to ask that he shut down his computer and stop messing around with his music sometime before 6am?

At least he was good-looking. Like, really good-looking. The few glimpses you had of him when he emerged for food and left for class were enough to confirm that he was swoon-worthy. If you were into the whole sleepy eyes/arrogant smirk/I-don’t-give-a-shit thing. Which you definitely weren’t. For the most part. Kinda.

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EXO: dating Baekhyun would include

•  not even joking this kid will get whiplash when he sees you
•  will try to contain himself and not run up to you, bc he knows those lame ass jokes never picked up anybody except chan
•  so like he’d try and get to know you better and become friends bc he’s like what can go wrong :)
•  until he falls in love so hard
•  chanyeol help me make this girl fall for me before I lose my mind :):):)
•  is hella cheesy when telling you he liked you
•  might end up offending you bc he’s like “I don’t wanna be friends with you” and takes a long dramatic pause before saying he loves you
•  gets caught up in the moment and (trips) kisses you
•  so I think you can already tell he’d be a pretty laid back bf
•  like he really isn’t the type to get jealous, esp not with the other guys bc he’s so happy the people he cares about get along
•  speaking of
•  he’d want you to meet his whole family pretty soon
•  and falls in love with you all over again when you get along with his parents and brother
•  is v spontaneous and dates with him are always unexpected
•  3/4 are dates with Chanyeol
•  but you’re not complaining
•  though it would take some time, you’d be surprised when he shows his emotional side and wears his heart on his sleeve
•  like it’d be a complete 180 from his usual goofy side
•  you wouldn’t even need words to comfort him, just by holding him and kissing him you’d make him feel so loved and wanted
•  spoils you so much, esp candy and food
•  plays with your hair and runs his fingers over your neck without even realizing what it does to you (or does he)
•  being that couple that always looks good but too lazy to workout
•  he’d rather be cuddled up with you on the bed just enjoying each other and having tickle fights
•  calling you when he’s away and trying to sound happy over the phone for your sake
•  but he’s breaking on the inside and all he wants to do is have you by his side
•  sometimes refuses to Skype or FaceTime bc he doesn’t want you to see him crying bc he feels like he’s become too emotional around you
•  can be a brat when he’s sick but he can’t help but use your affection to his advantage sometimes
•  lazy, slow but passionate kisses
•  tummy rubs when he’s tired
•  is the type of dummy to send you pictures of his knees and pretend some girl is with him and took a nude lmao
•  and you’re like wtf why are your boobs hairy
•  tbh why can’t you just be jealous, give the poor kid some ego boost and make him feel wanted
•  pretends to be mad when you’re not paying attention to him
•  he’d steal kisses and play footsies with you until you finally give in to his affections
•  "no you can’t borrow my eyeliner, we’re only going out for dinner with Min" “kkaebsong”
•  everyone thinking you’re too adorable to he picked on, and eventually they’d leave you alone
•  hypes you up so much it’s ridiculous
•  you’d just be tying your shoes or posing to take a selfies and he’s like
•  "Baby wtf… you look so good. My sunshine, my everything…what did I do to deserve such an angel, such a perfect human being?“
•  makes you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re together 💛

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I had my first Aggressively Feminist Moment today when I was walking from work and saw this teenage couple bickering and it looked like the girl was in trouble, and as I got closer it turned out she indeed WAS in trouble

and I am a woman of substantial size and strength lmao so idk I just approached them and ended up shoving a teenage fuckboi (much harder than I’d thought possible mind you I didn’t know I had that kind of strength) when he wouldn’t leave her alone, and then sat the poor shaking thing on a bus home and idk I guess it feels good not to be just one of the crowd walking past and pretending they don’t see a guy being violent to his girlfriend


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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I need to rant

I watch Supergirl, Flash and Arrow and recommended all three for my boyfriend to watch too.  He watched Arrow and Flash on his own time and we watch Supergirl together.

He’s not completely caught up on all of them, (I am,) but yesterday we had an hour long conversation about the shows (mainly Supergirl), the storylines, the characters, etc.

We both loved Supergirl season 1.  We loved sassy and feminist icon Cat Grant putting everyone in their place, loved Kara’s character development, Alex and Kara sister bonding, grumpy space dad, Winn, James, everything.

And then there’s season 2.  

I talked it up because I love lesbian Alex, I love the introduction of M’gann and I absolutely fucking LOVE the addition of Lena Luthor.  I did warn him about the lack of character development for Kara and the unnecessary addition of Mon-El.  

While watching season 2, he immediately picked up on Lena’s obvious love for Kara.  That’s a no brainer, and truly, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?

We also discussed Mon-El and how he truly did NOT contribute anything meaningful to the first half of season 2.  He ate up screentime from other characters, (especially Alex and Maggie.  They could have explored so much more in Alex coming into her sexuality, she went from questioning, to acknowledging, to full on being totally in it.  Instead of giving Alex and Maggie five minutes an episode, cut the stereotypical white male love interest and give that story line the depth and attention it DESERVES.)

Now that we are on the second half of season 2, my boyfriend has recognized the reason behind Mon-El’s behavior, (him acting like an actual five-year-old because he ‘LIKES’ Kara.) We both think it’s stupid, but it’s more understandable.  


We both agreed that the show is about KARA.  It’s called Supergirl for fucks sake.  Her character has remained stagnant, her story line relying on Mon-El for content.  Her anger, her loss, her want for an identity on Earth, (all these beautiful things they began touching on in season 1) are all gone. Replaced by her, ‘training’ her new student, her getting a love interest, (who, while he has moments of seeming decent, does not listen, has a horrific past of being an abusive, misogynistic slave owner, and overall, is NOT a healthy relationship for Kara.)  

Kara has not grown in this season.  Glimmers of development like addressing her abandonment issues starting with Winn, James, and Alex keeping the Guardian secret, Alex starting to spend more time with Maggie, and the rift caused by Jeremiah’s homecoming.  But that was over before it even started,

Then there is the Super + Luthor relationship that had the ability to blossom and grow throughout the season where the big bad is, (should be? I don’t honestly even know at this point with all the Daxam bullshit,) Cadmus, aka Lena’s MOM.  

(Also to mention Lena is a wonderfully complex character with endless possibilities exploring how she was raised, how that affects her now, what kind of issues does she have from that?  I feel like her and Kara have so many similarities in what they have lost, they only difference being that Kara does have family and friends that genuinely love her.  Lena’s character just keeps getting put in shitty situations that are emotionally scarring.  Leave the poor girl ALONE. Give her some HAPPINESS.)

@ CW.  No one asked for Supergirl to be turned into a teen drama with the good-looking bad boy swooping in to save the day.  

Literally did not ask.

In conclusion, 

Develop your god damn characters.

Give the season a fucking coherent story line.

Give us our feminist, girl-power show back.

(and no, calling an episode, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and putting Kara in a Girl Power sweater is not enough.)


Word Count: 2255

Request: “Pietro x Shapeshifter! Reader. Maybe she’s like a friend of Bruce’s or Pepper’s.” 

Summary: Pietro seems determined to keep you out of the fight, and you’re getting tired of it.

Warnings: Brief mentions of injury, language

A/N: This one gave me a lot of trouble, but I tried. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

You were going to kick Pietro’s ass.

Honest to god, you were. Gone were the days of being the greatest pranking duo the world had ever seen. Gone were the late nights of great entertainment that an insanely fast man and a shapeshifting woman can attain in New York City. The most frustrating thing of all was that you couldn’t figure out what exactly had changed, where you had gone wrong. You certainly couldn’t remember doing anything to warrant his ridiculous behavior, which brought you to your inevitable solution:

You were going to kick Pietro’s ass.

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Omg poor dean, he had to leave the room and get some fresh air. He couldn’t take it, see her in pain.

Sam and Dean devaster because Claire might be dead. My feels!!! They love her so much!

Gods, Sam looked so relieved. Dean’s soul came back to his body.

“That girl is a walking miracle” (mick)

“Yes, she is” (dean). And I’m sure he’s said that not only referring to what had just happened.

Sam is such a proud uncle and got Claire to call Jody.

Awww, Claire hugging dean (so sweet!)

Claire wants to hunt alone. And she called Jody her mom. And to tell Alex not to touch her stuff.

  • Me During Iron Man: Pepper's really awesome. It's nice to see a strong woman who isn't necessarily a fighter.
  • Me During Thor: I love Sif! She's the perfect female warrior!
  • Me During Captain America: God! I can't decide who I love more, Pepper or Peggy! I think they tie for my fav!
  • Me During Avengers: I am falling in love with Natasha. She's the spy who puts James Bond to shame and I love it!
  • Me During Avengers 2: Oh My God! Can someone hug Wanda! I love this poor girl! Hope she stays around for a while!
  • Me During Captain America 3: ... Uh... Meh. I don't really like Sharon.
  • Me: O_O
Ballroom Night

Daredevil Imagine
Character: Matthew Murdock
Reader: Female
Word Count: 2,382
Warning: Smut, extremely hot waltzing, swearing, very fluffy ending.

Author’s Note: I know it’s long but I hope you like it!!!!! Hope you wanted fluff, smut, and fun! toratoratoramikey

“To Nelson and Murdock!” Foggy says as he holds up his glass.

“AND,” Matt starts,“both of our beautiful assistants.” I know he can’t see, but I swear he could sense my blush.

“I’m glad we decided to hire you Y/n. One assistant for each of us, because god knows just one of you can’t handle us both. This past year wouldn’t have been the same without you. Either of you. You two are special.” Foggy says.

“You’re just glad you finally have Karen to yourself Foggy.” Matt retorted.

We all took a drink and laughed a little. Foggy got up and grabbed another bottle from Josie. While he was gone Karen got up and went to the bathroom. Leaving me alone with Matt.

It was a secret I only shared with Karen. I had the biggest crush on Matt. Honestly, I might just be in love with him.

He’s just sitting there and smiling and knowing smile. I feel as though my heart is going to beat out of my chest. Damn that smile.

“Y/n…” he looks at me and smiles.

“Yes Matt?” I say looking up from my drink.


“Here we are with a new bottle. Starting over but drunker than before,” he laughed holding the bottle as though it was handed down from God.

"Pour me another glass Mr. Nelson.” I smile.

“Oh, come on. I told you Y/n, call me Foggy.” He said with a mock sternness.

“Leave the poor girl alone. I mean she has it bad enough,” Karen pinches my cheek. “It’s ballroom night and she’s got no one to dance with.” She stuck her lip out and gave me the puppy eyes as sympathy.

“I’ll dance with you Y/n.” Foggy smiles. I look across the table and see Matt visibly tense.

“No offense Foggy, but you can dance. Like at all.” Karen laughs and will all join in.

“How about you Matthew? Will you salsa with me?” I ask feeling my liquid courage kick in.

“MATT? Ha! Thats a good one Y/n. Matt is just as bad as I am. He can’t dance.” Foggy laughs.

Immediately Matt gets up and walks around to my side of the table. Grabbing my hand he plants a light kiss on the back sending my heart fluttering.

“May I have this dance Ms. Y/l/n?” he says as he bows.

“Why yes you certainly may Mr. Murdock,” I smile. I catch Karen’s wink as I stand. Grabbing my drink I take one last swig and lead Matt out to the dance floor.

"I won’t make you look bad.” Matt whispers in my ear. “I hope.”

“Wait one moment.” I walk up to the DJ and ask for one of Tchaikovsky’s Waltzes. He nods and I turn and walk back to Matt.

“A simple waltz shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner, right?” I say as he puts his hand on my waist. My breathing hitched, and he smiled as if he noticed. His hands are so large the practically reach my spine. Those long fingers. I silently thank god that I wore an open back dress tonight.

“Right,” he laughs.

The music begins to play. Matt and I sway back and forth. I rest one hand on his shoulder and slide the other into his larger one. I feel the roughness of calluses against my fingers and palm. He grips my hand lightly.

Suddenly he pulls me flush against his chest. The hand on my lower back practically lifting me to him. He smiles and places a soft kiss to my cheek.

“The thing is honey, I am no beginner.” He pulled away and lead me into the most professional waltz I’ve dance since graduating from Cromwell Academy of the Arts. Each stride was as if we have been dancing together for years. We dance perfectly insync. We dance like leaves floating in the autumn wind. I don’t even have to think. I can’t think.

Matt’s hand grips tighter on my back. If it were possible we are now closer than we were before. He leaned in and his lips brushed my ear.

“You only dance like this with me from now on. Do we have an understanding Y/n?” He gives me one of those devilish grins, and slips his hand lower on my back. I just nod in fear that if I spoke it would just come out as a moan. God those hands. What those hands could do is driving me insane!

“Your heart rate is off the charts Y/n. You aren’t thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?”

He spins me and pulls me pack into his very inviting arms. I put one palm to his chest and slowly push him backwards. His right hand captures mine over his heart. Pulling my hand from his chest he spins me, then pulls me in so his chest is flush against my back. I can fell his heart beat against my back. Steady and strong. We sway back and forth. Back and forth. He spins me out and pulls me in only this time we are face to face as we resume our waltz.

As the song comes to an end Matt dips me. When I come back up he holds me flush against him. I’m almost afraid to move, so I just stay still. The feeling of our chest heaving together trying to get our breath back is dizzying. He leans in slowly, and my breathing hitches. Both of his hands are on my back. One between my shoulder blades, and the other just above my butt. My hands snake their way around his neck, and tangle themselves in his hair. Our faces are just inches apart.

“Goddamn it Murdock! Could you just let me win for one night?!” Foggy yells from across the room.

I brake away from Matthew’s embrace, and finally see the crowd that had assembled to watch us dance. The other dancers must have vacated the floor just for us. Aww. What a romantic notion. I grab Matt’s hand and lead him back to our seats.

“Murdock what was that? Huh? I thought you told me you were a hopeless dancer. Why didn’t you tell me?” Foggy says in mock offense.

“Remember in college when I told you I was taking ‘Intro to British Literature’?” Matt asks.


“I took dancing lessons instead.” Matt smiles.

“That’s fantastic Matt. What dances do you know how to do?” Karen asks smiling.

“All of them.” I answer. Everyone looks at me, and I try to hide the colour rising to my cheeks. The corners of Matt’s mouth curl up slightly at the silence.

“If he can dance the waltz THAT well, he can dance any dance he sets his mind to.” I shrug trying to hide my insecurity.

“Yeah! You! How did you learn to dance like that? Plus why didn’t you tell us about it. We could have company dance parties.” Foggy almost yells.

“I went to 'Cromwell Academy of the Arts’. I have a Masters in dance. Majoring in dance and minority’s in law. Cool huh?” Foggy nods excitedly. “I could go pro, but I like sticking around with you two avocados, and this peach.” I jerk my thumb towards Karen. We all laugh and have another round.

“Y/n, why don’t I take you back home? Foggy, will you take Karen home?” Foggy mutters a yep and I nod.

“She just nodded.” Foggy smiles.

“Oh, shot. Sorry Matt I forgot.” I apologize sheepishly.

“Remember I’m not made of glass Y/n.”

“Well, you’re not made of steel either.” I touch one of the cuts on his brow. He doesn’t wince in pain, but he takes off his glasses and closes his eyes. For some reason I feel honored that Matt finally trusts me enough to show me his most vulnerable side. Usually he only shows this to Foggy and sometimes Karen. I didn’t notice but they had left why I was staring at Matt.

“Let go Y/n.” Matt says offering his arm.

We get out of Josie’s and walk four or fave blocks south. Matthew taps his cane as we walk. Sometimes he taps a trash can, and I can’t help but giggle when he jumps in surprise.

“I thought you were a badass avocado at law Murdock. Now you got little trash cans scaring you.” I laugh and we ascend two flights of stairs. We come to a stop at a thick green door, and Matt begins fishing for highs keys.

“This isn’t my place, right?” I shouldn’t have drank that much.

“No. This is my place. You are staying here with me tonight.” He ushered me in with his hand dangerously low on my back.

I set my bag, coat and shoes down on the bench in the front hallway. Matthew pulls me into the main room pointing out the rooms and things in his beautiful big ass apartment. Unable to control myself further, I turn around to face him. He looks at me as though he could see me. I crash my lips into his. He is surprised at first, but finally gets the memo. We move in sync just as we had in the dance floor. Our lips pressed firmly together, and only breaking apart so we can remove our shirts. They’re thrown across the room along with our pants.

Matt’s hands rake over my entire body as if committing it to memory. My hands tangle themselves in his hair as I main against his lips. I break the kiss and turn my neck, and Matt starts kissing and biting my collar bone.

“Your skin tastes like honey Y/n,” he mumbles. His left hand slides up my inner thigh making me arch my back. Matt takes this opportunity to expertly u clasp my bra and slide it from me. He wastes no time in mapping out the newly exposed skin with his tongue. He kisses his way down to the waist band of my panties. He raises his head.

“Are you sure you want to do this Y/n?”

I feel the answer erupting in my chest, and I almost forget to answer.

“Yes! God yes Matt. Have to since I met you.” I breathe.

“Same here sweetheart.” In one swift motion he removes your underwear.


“Ready.” I smile and pull him back up to kiss him passionately. His tongue slides across my bottom lip and I gasp at the sensation. Matt takes advantage and maps out my mouth with his tongue. He lines himself up and slowly thrusts into me. His thrusts are agonizingly slow.

“Matt… faster… please!” I moan. He picks up his pace as if he eager to please. With each blinding thrust he hits my sweet spot. Soon his thrusts fall out of rhythm, and I know we both are close. I tighten around him and he groans thrusting faster.

“Y/n!” he groans as he releases, and that’s all it takes to throw me over the edge.

“Matthew!” My vision goes white as we ride out our highs together.

When we finally come down he pulls out of my and lays down next to me pulling me to his chest. I hear his steady heart beat as he wraps one arm around me and strokes my back. I lay one of my hands on his stomach, and he covers it with his own.

“That was amazing!” Matthew whispers into my ear. “Even better than your dancing!”

“I was just about to say the same thing!” I plant a kiss to his chest.

“Let’s go to sleep Y/n.” I nod against his chest and driest of to the steady beat of his heart.


The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon and kisses being planted all over my face. My eyes open to see Matt with two plates of bacon and eggs. I sit up and grab one of Matt’s white shirts and button it up a little. He sits down cross-legged at the end of the bed.

“Good morning beautiful,” he says handing me a plate and then a cup of coffee.

“Hmm. Morning handsome.” I lean in and give his a heated kiss.He smiles and begins to giggle into the kiss. He pulls away taking a drink of coffee.

“I have something to say Y/n.” He puts his cup and pate down.


“You might be mine at the office Y/n, but I want to make you all mine. Everyday, I want it to be you and me. I want to sing you to sleep at night. I want to wake up every morning and feel your heart beat against my chest. I want to kiss you awake on Sunday mornings. Make you breakfast in bed. I want to be the only one to comfort you.“ Matt says, his voice getting louder and more excited.

"I want you to be the one I come home to. Honestly, I’m so in love with you that I’ve dreamed about a perfect life for you and me. I want to be the father of your children. God, I want to be with you so bad. I know this is probably forsaking you out because we only just had sex last night, and we haven’t even been seeing each other. I just had to tell you, or I thought I might just explode. After the way we danced last night I knew it was now or never.” He takes a deep breath.

Matthew opens his mouth to talk again, but I shut him up with a kiss. Passionate, deep, and meaningful kiss that would last a lifetime.

“Will you marry me Y/n Y/l/n?”

“Well that escalated quickly!” I laughed. “Yes of course I’ll marry you.”

He pounces on me, and peppers my face and neck with sweet kisses. “How. Many. Kids?” he asks kissing me after each word.

“How about we start out with one mini Daredevil and go from there?” His kisses answer my question. We stay like that. Our brake fast completely forgotten.

Which Batman Villain Should You Fight?
  • The Joker: You should fight the Joker but don't. He's always got some dirty trick up his sleeve and he's smarter than you think. Even if you win and don't die, he'll probably come back with some horrific retaliation against you and your family.
  • Poison Ivy: Don't fight Poison Ivy. She might not be the best hand to hand but she's got all those strangling vines and giant venus fly traps to feed you to. If you win, you're never going to be able to leave your house again and if you have a garden, you're fucked.
  • The Riddler: You should absolutely fight Riddler. He's an arrogant, patronizing nerd who thinks he can get away with talking smack. Fight him and shove him in a locker. Asshole.
  • Mr Freeze: I mean, you can fight Freeze but why would you want to? He's done some bad things but give the guy a break, okay? He's just trying to help his wife. Don't be a douchebag.
  • Catwoman: Why would you want to fight Catwoman? She's just here for your stuff, which is probably insured. She's got a lot of hungry kitty mouths to feed, okay? Just calm down. Plus, she's x10 a better fighter than you'll ever be. Don't be fooled by the tight-fitting spandex.
  • Scarecrow: Fight him, so long as you have a gas mask. He's an asshole. He got his "violent dancing" but it's 99% most likely bullshit.
  • Two-Face: Oh yeah, fight the scarred guy. Does he deserve it? Well, yes. I mean, he beat up the first Robin with a baseball bat and has killed a bunch of people but his life is HORRIBLE. Do you know how hard it is to find a date looking the way he does? He'd probably just shoot you before you could land a punch, anyway.
  • Bane: Don't fight Bane. It's not a good move, ask Batman.
  • Harley Quinn: Lots of people have tried and failed to fight Harley Quinn. Why would you want to? She's so adorable. And she's got enough on her plate as it is. She'd probably kick your ass but give the girl a break, jeez.
  • The Penguin: Fight Penguin. He's a pompous prick who needs to be taught a lesson. Watch out for the sharp end of that umbrella, though.
  • Man-Bat: Don't fight Man-Bat. Poor guy can't control it. Just leave him alone.
  • Killer Croc: What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't fight Croc. Dude eats people, which should be motivation enough to stay away from him but apart from that he's a chill guy. He gives people a home in his sewers. It's fine, don't fight him.
messy little things

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood ft. confused slytherin quidditch team

genre: crack and fluff and more crack

word count: 1,873

A/N: i’m aware pygmy puffs were bred by Fred and George, but for the sake of fanfiction and general havoc, let’s ignore that.

a little feel good fic for @flintwoodandco and @2muchtroubleforyou ❤︎

The first thing Adrian Pucey notices as he slides into the train compartment is a pink ball of fluff being petted by a large hand belonging to Marcus Flint.

“What the fuck.”

“Pucey.” Marcus nods, barely acknowledging his fellow Chaser in favor of placing the pygmy puff on his shoulder. The fluff-ball sways gently, whirring happily. It looks like cotton candy from a distance, sun warming its fur.

Adrian places his suitcase to the side warily, unsure if he’s suddenly stumbled upon some alien alternate universe where Marcus Flint harbors a penchant for cute things. (Terence had taken a liking to Muggle science fiction flicks over the summer, and Adrian has watched enough that the idea of an alternate universe isn’t that absurd.)

Marcus doesn’t seem to be paying attention, too busy transfiguring a stray button into a beetle and back with childish glee. The pygmy puff stares at Adrian with wide eyes.

Adrian stares back. “So, uh, Flint – does that thing have a name?”

“Bludger.” Is the terse response he gets.

“Bludger.” Adrian repeats. “You named that pink ball of cotton candy ‘Bludger’.”

Marcus raises a dark eyebrow and sneers, lips curling. Bludger the pygmy puff trills. Adrian raises his hands in surrender – obviously, Marcus is protective over his new pet.

Miles swoops into the compartment just then, suitcase clanking behind him, and does a double take at the sight of Marcus. “Uh. Captain, what’s with the pink shit?”

“The ‘pink shit’ is my fucking pet, so shut your mouth Bletchley, before I shut it for you.”

The auburn haired Keeper quiets, smartly so, only to pipe up again after the candy trolley has made its rounds. Marcus sucks on a sugar quill as he flips through the Daily Prophet; Adrian and Miles exchange frantic glances in a silent conversation of who’s going to press the issue next.

“Can I hold it?” Miles asks, after an encouraging glare from Adrian.


And when Marcus lets Bludger snuggle into his shirt collar, Adrian knows its going to be a long year.

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Hold me Down (Part 21)

Summary: You and the Winchesters finally face the Yellow Eyed Demon.
Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Azazel (Yellow Eyed Demon)
Chapter name: Battlefield (Part 2)
Warnings: I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases; cussing, song use; angst Gifs aren’t mine, they’re from Google or Tumblr. Set on season 1. A bit of foreshadowing. Canon typical violence. Injury to reader. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet, but here reader is mixed-race.

Hold me down (Masterlist)

Meet me on the battlefield

They waited and waited, and quietly entered the house when the time came.

Thing got wrong, really wrong, but they managed. Dean and Sam fought the father, but they could manage and she was the one who took the baby away before the fire started.

Outside the building, she handed the kid back to her mother.

But they couldn’t get the demon.

Back at the motel, she was the one walking circles around that room and calling John while Dean and Sam had a fight.

Something was wrong.

“Sam.” She yelled when he pinned Dean against the wall, but her boyfriend raised a hand.

“It’s okay, babe.” He calmed her.

They were full adrenaline.

“Sam…” He looked at his brother. “We four… That’s all we have. Dad, Y/N, me and you. You three are all I have.”

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