just leave the poor girl alone

Human Trolls Head-canon AU!

Ok, but I imagine Branch working at some place, whatever you want him to work at/with, and everybody knowing him as the grumpy kind of person. 

Everybody would know he doesn’t like hugs, or physical contact whatsoever and don’t you dare entertain him with meaningless conversation. You go to him when you want something done and that’s it, otherwise, just leave the poor guy alone.

Either way, the rumor spreads that he has a girlfriend, and everybody would be wondering who on Earth would date him. Probably someone as grumpy as him. 

But then, one day, let’s say, Poppy pops in the workplace because Branch had forgotten his lunch or something, or perhaps she just wanted to surprise him, right? 

And he would be busy attending something but everybody would see this girl with pink hair and glittery make-up and colorful dress try to sneak up on him making everybody signs to keep quiet, and they would be like “Is she crazy? Who on Earth is this girl?” And then she would just jump and embrace him in a bear hug shouting his name, but instead of getting annoyed he would be pleasantly surprised to see her.

And then everybody learned that he, the grumpiest of them all, had the happiest girlfriend of all, and holly hell, Branch can actually smile!!


Is anyone else tired of all the Elizabeth hate? I swear, she just can’t catch a break no matter what’s happening. She’s always hated on for being “weak”. I remember reading a comment during their reunion scene where someone said, “great character development, just Elizabeth crying over Meliodas again” and it just rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, seriously? I’m pretty sure this scene shows how strong she is, actually. I think everyone forgets this girl is still only sixteen. This journey that she’s been on with Meliodas is basically her first time leaving her sheltered upbringing in the castle EVER. I mean, the special chapter of her shopping should show just how sheltered she’s been. She’s never even seen a silver coin before! Elizabeth is shouldering the burden of her country, she hasn’t heard anything about her family in forever, plus she had to witness the love of her life die by having a bunch of swords rammed into him as she could do nothing but stand by and watch. Speaking of, Elizabeth is also experiencing love for the first time and all its complicated emotions. Who does she really have to confide in besides Diane? This girl also just learned she has a power within her that she doesn’t know much about or doesn’t truly understand. Give poor Elizabeth a break. It seems like she’s basically been on her own with just Hawk for a couple of months trying to do her best for Meliodas by watching over him and the tavern while worrying about a million things at once. She’s been through so many life changes within the span of a few months and yet she’s still continuing on. I’m sure everything has to be overwhelming. However, she’s getting stronger. She’s trying her best. Let Elizabeth have this moment. You know what? I’d say our princess is doing pretty well. ❤ “A strong woman knows how to keep her life in line. With tears in her eyes, she still manages to say, “I’m fine.”

Can we all make an agreement not to hate on Inge?  She’s a sweet girl with a tough life, please don’t tear her apart just because she’s in love with a main character who’s popularly shipped with someone else. If your problem is the heteronormativity, please take it up with Rick and leave this poor girl alone, this happens way too often in fandom, almost exclusively to female characters, and she doesn’t deserve that.

The Importance of Just Showing Up

So, I’ve been in this business for a couple of years, and it boggles my mind that some girls can’t find a good SD.  From my experience, the main complaint I hear form men is this:

Women are flakes.

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do!

The statistic I’ve heard most often from men is 1 in 4.  1 in 4 potential sugar babies will show up to an actual meet.  Whether its coffee or dinner or whatever you have planned, most SBs will just flake, not show up and won’t tell their POTs, leaving the poor guy sitting at a restaurant alone.  That’s really shitty.

So, with this in mind, my advice to you all is: just go with it.  I know meeting someone for the first time is scary but just do it.  Regardless of how nervous you are, as long as you show up to make an impression, I can tell you, it’s significantly better of an impression than the girl who didn’t show up at all.  

All these men want (essentially) is someone to be there for them, someone to listen to them, pay attention to them, and be nice to them.  So if you come and bring that lovely smile on your face, you are that much closer to your SB goals, whatever they may be.  

You might not get any money from a POT date (and you should NEVER have sex on a POT date unless he’s given you a per-meet allowance first - no money, no honey I always say), but you could end up with a fabulous arrangement as long as you let your wonderful personality shine through. 

For every serious SB out there, ladies, there are 3 more who aren’t serious.  So take advantage.  Be the girl who actually shows up.   He’ll be impressed if you do.

Until next time.

‘Max rewinds to the beginning of Episode 1’

Max- 'wakes up in bathroom’  FUCK NO 'gets up and shuffles to doorway’ Nope,nope,nope,nope,nope

'Max shoves herself through the doorway , just as Nathan turns the corner’

Nathan - Caulfield ? What the FUCK are you doing here ?

Max- 'crosses arms’  I can ask you the same question Prescott  

Nathan - I don’t have to answer to you  'shoves Max ’ You’re just some poor scholarship kid !

Max- 'shoves Nathan back’ And you’re a punk ass who begs like a little girl, and talks to himself !

'crowd starts to form’

Nathan - 'starts sweating 'hisses’ Move…out…of the way….CAULFIELD

Victoria - ’ walks up to Nathan’s side’  What do you think you’re doing Maxine ? Leave Nate alone

Kate - 'emerges from the crowd, and takes up a defensive position in front of Max, looking like she’s on the verge of tears ’

'Chloe walks around the corner, spots the commotion and turns around’

Max- 'turns Kate around and hugs her’ Thanks Kate, but could you go stop that blue haired girl ? I need to talk to her later

Kate - Are you sure ?

Max- Yeah, I’ll be fine ^^

'Kate looks between Max and Nathan several times before glaring at Nathan and running away’

Nathan - You know what, fuck this you crazy bi…….

Max- 'takes a deep breath’ 'yells’ NATHAN’S GOT A GUN !

Nathan - What ? !

David - 'in the distance’ 'spits coffee’ What ?!

Victoria - 'instinctively throws Nathan over her shoulder, knocking the gun out of his jacket , and  slamming him into the ground’ What ?

David - 'runs around the corner;’ BLACKWELL ACADEMY IS A GUN FREE ZONE !

Nathan - 'groans’ No wait, I can explain’

'David jumps on Nathan, knocking the wind out of him before handcuffing him’

David - 'lifts Nathan to his feet’ We’re going to have a long talk at the station PUNK

'David walks Nathan out of the school’

Victoria - 'holds head in worry’ I can’t believe  Nathan brought a gun to school 'notices Max gaping at her’ 'glares’ What are you looking at ?

Max- 'stars in her eyes’ 'breathless’ I didn’t know you could do that

Victoria - Well  'blushes momentarily before regaining her composure, adopting a smug expression’ there’s alot you don’t know about me Maxine 'pecks Max on the cheek, and winks’

Max- =o

'Victoria walks away’

Mrs. Grant - 'walks up to Max’ What just happened here Max ?

Max- 'determined face’ True love just happened

Mrs. Grant - 'What did you just say ?

Max- I know what I said

anonymous asked:

To your other anon about Sam meeting the actress on Saturday. Did you see she also said in the other post that she met 'other actors' not just 'an actor'. Pedantic I know but could also support the probable theory Mackenzie was with Sam and took the picture (the girl has also not acknowledged any messages about who he was with which is good!)

Good possibility anon! I hope that people leave that poor fan alone though. She had to deal with one troll already. Oy!

I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That way I wouldn’t have to have any goddam stupid useless conversations with anybody. If anybody wanted to tell me something, they’d have to write it on a piece of paper and shove it over to me. They’d get bored as hell doing that after a while, and then I’d be through with having conversations for the rest of my life. Everybody’d think I was just a poor deaf-mute bastard and they’d leave me alone … I’d cook all my own food, and later on, if I wanted to get married or something, I’d meet this beautiful girl that was also a deaf-mute and we’d get married. She’d come and live in my cabin with me, and if she wanted to say anything to me, she’d have to write it on a piece of paper, like everybody else
—  J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
Episode summary.
  • Simon: an idiot with many women who have more than friend feelings. Not a vampire. Holder of mundane money.
  • Me: yeah. I know. It's the flu.
  • Alec: to be married off for political purposes. Strong virgin Shadowhunter energy. Jace's lap dog.
  • Me: what century are we in again??
  • Jace: asshole. Who has some seriously poorly concealed feelings for Clary. Grocery errand runner.
  • Me: just go get the drug and leave Simon alone. Then you can finish your no mundanes allowed treehouse.
  • Izzy: fierce. deals with moms crap. Needs a new cookbook, makeovers! No honor.
  • Me: Poor Izzy. You stand up to her you go girl! Mayrse you need to chill. Big time.
  • Mayrse: political strategist. Needs family honor.
  • Me: just go away.
  • Max: nutrients rune, fire rune. All the same.
  • Me: I love you you adorable thing you.
  • Robert: gives Izzy a cookbook. Doesn't judge Izzy's relationship choices.
  • Me: I like you...please don't ruin it.
  • Magnus: super great storyteller. More than a little resentful to Valentine. Knows clary more than clary knows clary.
  • Me: you sparkly warlock you...
  • Valentine: phsyco who wasn't always a phsyco.
  • Me: yeah he's a phsyco. The end.
  • Jocelyn: needs Luke. Loves Luke. Devoted good shadowhunter. Loves clary more than anything in the world. A wonderful mom/best friend.
  • Me: awwww mommy. Wouldn't it have been so much easier if you could have started us off with the truth?
  • Luke: betrayed by his parabatai. Loves Jocelyn. Loves clary. Can tell a mean backstory.
  • Me: bro. Wait. Didn't we already see this backstory? Oh well. You are still half dead I'll let you off the hook this time. Lies of omission aren't nice. But DAAAGG you go straight to the point. She wants you to tell clary and you tell clary alright. And that gasp/sit up thing at the begining...
  • Clary: everything that is me is lost to the demon-but I'll draw some awesome pictures for you anyway. I need the stress relief. And blame people. And rant. I'm not a good listener but I'll ask you a million and one questions and object and agree while you try to explain it to me!
  • Me: Clary dear, Take a deep breath. Now Count to 10. Now go continue being your strong fierce badass self.
  • Jalec: he's his lap dog. No. Just no. Malec. All the way.
  • Malec: I. Ship. It. So. Hard. That. It. Hurts. Magnus always needs Alec's strength. Malec. Malec. AND MORE MALEC!!
  • Garrowfray: so. Now I'm intrigued. Luke, you seemed very unsure of how to respond when Clary asked if you were her dad. Have you been with Jocelyn or not? Yes or no?
  • Clace: Jace is still on my bad side. But at the end there...curse Simon for ruining the moment!
  • Climon: eeeppp. Simon has LOST HIS MIIIINNNNDDDD. Hallucination or demon? Or oh wait! VAMPIRE!! Yeah I don't ship it romantically. Neither does Simon lol.
  • J.C.: wooaahhh died in a fire? Do they have proof it was ACTUALLY Jonathan Christopher or is he gonna come in at 19 years old and be like GOTCHA!?! *refuses to acknowledge the high potential of Jace being JC*
  • Best part: malec. One more drink?
  • Most insane: Marrying Alec off for political purposes.
  • Weirdest part: Simon vs Jace. Will somebody PLEASE go ahead and realize he does not have the flu??!!
  • Worst part: what's up with the blue back stories. And why did we see Luke's backstory twice? Yes I know they made it longer but...I guess it was great seeing Jocelyn kick Val's butt to save Luke and the Cup. And the super speed thing...weird.
  • Saddest part: Simon leaving at the end telling Jace to tell clary he has something to do leaving $20 mundane money on the seat.

I was scrolling through eleanor’s instagram account today and alright i’m a massive larry shipper but seriously guys how can you just spend most of your time spamming every single picture she posts (even not louis related!!!!) with ‘LARRY IS REAL’ ‘your boyfriend is gay’ ‘beard’ and so on. What the fuck is that, leave her alone. Do you even know what respect is? Do you even know bullying is fucking wrong?! You can ship whatever you want but YOU MUST NOT FORGET she might not be louis girlfriend but SHE IS A PERSON and you’re just being mean and vile. Honestly I am shocked.

taylor: looks sort of sad in one candid which was probably nothing she just got photographed with no emotion on her face
taylor: smiles in a candid. literally she just smiles

I wish people would realize how much Taeyeon is under pressure right now, her instagram getting hacked, hate comments, having a tight schedule, being under a company that doesn’t care about their idol’s health, come on! can’t you just leave the poor girl alone, what did she do to you, she’s not even a bad person or someone who just you, stop trying to justify she’s the problem, she might be skinny, but she’s got weight on her back that’s probably really hard to carry, TAEYEON FIGHTING~!

“fuck cis people!! but like, not cis POC. they already face a lot of oppression. also cis gay people are awesome!! i love gay people; i follow 27 gay porn blogs because i love seeing hot cis guys having sex!! i also love yaoi and yuri!! i love stylish cis girls; i reblog so many photos of half-naked cis girls on the beach and i love these fashion blogs with cis people wearing incredibly beautiful clothes. so yeah, leave those cis people alone. also leave poor cis people alone. they can’t help but be poor. this economy is terrible.”

“.. so uh, yeah. fuck white, rich, privileged cis people. they deserve to die. just those cis people though. no other ones.”