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Constant | Part I

Vernon x Reader

2484 words

Synopsis: When Vernon puts up an ad online for finding a roommate for university, the last person he expects to answer it is you. When you reply, Vernon is conflicted about how to share a house with you when he can barely think straight around you.

A/N: I’m finally back with a series! Inspired by Seventeen’s comeback and the fact that I think being Vernon’s roommate would be super chill.

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Bobby’s Daughter - Part Four
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Summary: You remember what had happened the last time you’d seen Castiel
Words: 1,523
Castiel x Reader
Warnings: None? (a bit of kissing, implied sex, but nothing graphic)

One year, twenty days ago.

You were stood at the small kitchenette in your motel room, humming along to the songs coming through the radio. You were in the process of making your signature single-serve pasta and tomato sauce when youfelt a gust of wind. Suddenly arms were around your waist from behind and aheavy head was rested on your shoulder.

“Welcome home, angel,” you grinned, pushingyour cheek against his, the scruff of stubble slightly scratching your smoothskin, “How’d it go?”

He smiled and kissed your cheek, “I think I… what is it you say? ‘Ganked that bitch?’”

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Hi there! Do you guys have any Sterek fics where Derek is younger than Stiles? Thanks so much!

Here you are nonny. A switch up. - Anastasia

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I’m Breaking Up With You by samsdawson

(1/1 I 972 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

“Why?” Derek smiled in disbelief. “Why are you doing this to me? What did I do wrong? Is there something I can fix?” Derek walked toward Stiles frantically and grabbed his shoulders, forcing him to stand still and look at him again. “You tell me, and I’ll do it. I promise. I can fix this.”

or the one where Derek gets his heart broken and Stiles can’t tell him that it breaks him inside.

Inspiration by orphan_account

(1/1 I  1,104 I General I Sterek I Teacher/Student)

Stiles is a first year teacher who agrees to stay after school to help his student Derek try to get some homework done. Derek is more interested in Stiles.

2Cool + 2B = 4Gotten by FiccinDylan 

(1/1 I  2,507 I Teen I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

Braeden and Scott carry the listless body out of La Iglesia towards their ragtag pack. Malia’s eyes flash blue as she looks between the body and Stiles excitedly.

“Is that him? Is that Derek?” She waits impatiently for an answer as Stiles goes suddenly quiet, trying to process what he’s seeing. He swallows hard as his heart catches in his chest.

‘It can’t be, but… it is.’ Stiles blinks several times as an image he’s only heretofore associated with 2-dimensionality and horniness materializes in front of him. A boy, no older than 17 lifts his head weakly and peers at Stiles. He doesn’t seem to recognize him quite yet, but he seems to understand that some familiarity exists. He gives Stiles a shallow grin that hits him like a wave, crashing into his body and culminating in his balls. Want and desire emanate from his fingers, his toes and every pore on his body. His sweat is steeped in lust and he gets a little dizzy from the sudden u-turn his blood does as it rushes quickly south.

He looks at the boy once more and finally nods, answering Malia without moving his gaze.

“Y-yeah. Well, kind of, but mostly. That’s… that’s Derek Hale.”

Attachment by addictedtofics

(1/1 I  2,818 I General I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

Prompt: ok so talk to me about de-aged Derek like a witch hits him with a spell and he’s like 4 years old again and forms an attachment to Stile

Take You Down Another Level (Get You Dancing With the Devil) by Robomantic

(1/1 I  4,067 I Explicit I Sterek I DubCon)

Derek is tired of being seen as Laura’s good little baby brother so he doesn’t back down when she issues him a challenge. She sends him to the sheriff’s son to buy weed, but Derek ends up breaking the rules in ways he never expected once he gets there.

Returning from Then to Change the Now by NekoIzumi

(1/1 I  6,027 I General I Sterek I Mates)

Having turned the light on he went behind the counter to leave his jacket in the staffroom… only to blink at the confused form turning to him and staring with wide hazel green eyes. Even after all this time Stiles would recognise those eyes anywhere, even if they belonged to a boy he technically had never met. How had he gotten here, why was he here? Was it some spell gone wrong again? Wouldn’t be the first time.
“Derek?” he said softly… earning a slow nod. “What are you doing here?”

Oh Alpha My Alpha by PolarisTheYoungWolf 

(2/? I  6,330 I Teen I Sterek I Werewolf!Stiles)

Talia always warned Peter to keep his mischievous side in check or face the consequences when he gets in trouble. He doesn’t think much of it until he nearly gets him and Derek killed, and Ennis’s pack by hunters. Talia kicks Peter out. Derek doesn’t hear from Peter until about a year later. He’s found a new pack. From there, Peter and Derek communicate mostly from post cards…

Until the Hale Fire happens. When it’s just him, Laura, and Cora, without a pack or an Alpha, Derek reaches out to Peter, who asks his Alpha to consider letting the three other Hale’s join.

Stiles’ precious little Der-Bear by alphabetgirl

(2/2 I  6,374 I General I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

A witch has turned Derek temporarily into a three year old, meaning that Stiles has to look after the tiny tearaway. And if he gets one grey hair as a result there will be hell to pay.

Mr. Stilinski by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I  6,461 I Explicit I Sterek I Student/Teacher)

But he’s never really forgotten Wade or those guys from college, definitely not Brayden, the motorcycle-driving musician who devastated him senior year. He hasn’t forgotten the way a fuck-it-all attitude draws him in like a moth to a flame, speaks to his own rebellious nature that has always manifested as abrasive sarcasm and clever manipulation of rules and half-truths. And even though he’s never really forgotten, he’d thought he’d gotten over the bad boy thing, had grown out of it.

But then, in his last class on the first day at his new job teaching English at the high school he graduated from fifteen years ago, Derek Hale walks into his classroom and Stiles feels like he’s out in the parking lot back in 1995, nearly tripping over his own feet with stunned attraction, immediate and shockingly powerful. His lust is tinged with the familiar but long forgotten thrill needing to get closer to that mysterious cool, compounded infinitely now because this dangerous-looking bad boy is his student.

This wilderness of my heart by Kamalika

(3/? I  6,924 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

What if the ages of Derek and Stiles are reversed. What if Derek is the sixteen year old kid devastated by his losses, but brave enough to try to take on the world single-handedly even though it frightens the shit out of him and Stiles is seven years his senior…but not necessarily more mature!

In a world where Stiles knew Derek since when he was just an adorable toddler and has a hard time reconciling him to his new serial-killing image, Derek is a surprising mix of sass and fierceness and heart-wrenching innocence. Also, legally emancipated or not, Derek is under-age.

Whereas the mad attraction Stiles feels for him is bad news from every angle and with Derek even refusing to acknowledge he knew Stiles from his childhood, it is up to Stiles to solve the mystery named Derek Hale without coming across as a ‘Goddamn paedo’! And he will need to walk on eggshells here for whatever has happened to Derek before or after the fire, it has changed him greatly, for the worse and Stiles is determined to change it back!

Anchor by Moosey

(4/6 I  8,602 I Mature I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

“Yeah?” he answered guardedly.

“Oh thank god. I need your help, seriously… I had to go back to visit my family in California and Cora’s brother offered to take me, I said okay and so we were taking a super long road trip, which was fine because he’s a quiet guy, and he never really seems to sleep all that much so we were making good time, but we were accosted in a parking lot just outside of Sacramento and I don’t even understand what happened because one minute they’re trying to drag me in to the back of a van, and they were so strong, and Derek was fighting to stop them and the next minute I wake up slumped next to the car with a little kid passed out next to me.”

It’s a Matter of Choice, Not Chance by Krissy_Stilinski-Hale (castiel52)

(5/12 I  13,533 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia, Danny/Isaac I College AU)

Derek Hale is 19 and starts college as a freshman in Mechanical Engineering in the MIT.

He is quiet, sensitive, socially awkward who loves to be on his own, but when he meets senior History student Stiles Stilinski in the library, he knows has to go out of his way (and go out, literally) to make the older student notice him.

Fitting in Stiles’ circle of friends is not as easy as he thought; being a freshman, for one thing, and a reserved one at that.

Look After Me by alicuh

(7/7 I  16,805 I Teen I Sterek I De-Aged Derek)

“It’s like a sleepover. With people you know nothing about, but who know everything about you,” Stiles said, regretting his choice of words immediately. “Fun, right?”

After months of being away, Peter turns up at a pack meeting with with an 18 year old de-aged Derek, showing up to drop him off and leave. Stiles has missed the sourwolf, and when him and younger Derek start getting closer, they both start dreading the day Derek will be changed back, and the odd circumstances take a toll on both of them.

As We Become Men by secretfanboy

(5/5 I  18,968 I Mature I Sterek I College AU)

The wildest frat on campus is the Kappa Beta house. Sheltered nerd Derek Hale, who has always done what was expected of him, is excited just to get to see the inside of the building. Once inside he meets man about campus Stiles Stilinski and his world is turned upside down. Stiles is nothing like anyone Derek’s ever known and Derek finds himself doing things he never imagined he’d do.

What is this power Stiles has over him?

And who is turning frat boys into werewolves?

Weave Soft Spells Over My Sight (As Thy False Eyes Do) by AgnesBlue

(2/2 I  51,424 I Teen I Sterek I Werewolves Are Known)

Derek had blossomed steadily over the past year, growing into his ears and turning even more handsome, if that were possible. But instead of going out and melting the panties off the girls, suddenly he was coming to Stiles all bashed in, demanding that he patch him up like Stiles was some freelance nurse. It was a familiar pattern by now.

In which Stiles has been living with the Hales for a few years as their assistant and friend. He needs to deal with Derek, who keeps coming to Stiles with bruises and cuts to be treated, while trying to figure out what the elderly alpha of the Hale pack is up to.

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Day 15 (Taehyung)

Happy almost Valentine’s day. We are so happy to be able to share our love for BTS and EXO with so many fans, and we hope that you enjoy these countdowns. Thank you for all the support and love. <3

-Admin Kat

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Westallen Prompt humor A rival of Iris' gets a photo of her kissing Barry (while in his Flash suit). Now everyone thinks Iris is cheating on Barry with the Flash. I'd love to read everyone's reactions to that happening especially those who don't know Barry is the Flash.

Haaay, nonnie. Thank you for suggesting such a fun prompt. This is gonna be slightly AU since so many ppl know Barry’s identity, but I hope you enjoy!

It was just one kiss. Stolen atop Jitters’ rooftop after dark, with the lights of Central City painting warm tones on two bodies that were pressed against one another. Barry’s hand traced the soft curve of her jaw; Iris’ teeth scraped his bottom lip with a wanting hunger, a need. Soft whispers of I missed you permeated the air.

This moment was for them, meant to be tucked away from the rest of the world.

But Leo Jackson, beat reporter for CCPN’s Entertainment section, was determined to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Leo, what the hell is this?” Iris West approached the squat reporter while grabbing coffee at her office’s espresso cart; her other hand held a slim tablet showing CCPN’s Entertainment News section. “The Flash: Speeding His Way Into Iris West’s Pants?!”

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Hey it’s the Brooklyn Nine Nine AU I wanted and decided to write myself. Not my strongest work, but I had a lot of fun with it. There will probably be more eventually. Hiccstrid. Modern AU.


Romantic Stylez

“Morning everyone. Morning, Hiccup.”

Hiccup looked up and his eyes met Astrid’s across their desks. A second later they were both on their feet and sprinting towards Stoick’s office door. Astrid’s desk was closer, but Hiccup had a secret weapon.


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38 Reasons, Part Three

Previous chapters can be found here and here. Feedback is always appreciated! Or just tell me that the time I spent on this was worth it lol

Mamrie puts in a solid effort to cheer up her best friend by coming up with the most ridiculous ways for Chester to suffer. “I mean, you could deny him sex, but then why cause yourself pain? Does Chester have a cat that you could feed dog food too? Can you feed him dog food? We could lace his microphone with hot sauce. We can sell his organs on the black market! How do you feel about moving to Vietnam for two weeks…” Mamrie goes on and on, each idea become more ridiculous than the first.

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