just leave me here to suffer

@allistics who want to cure autism

It seems that most of the argument on curing autism and other disabilities is that people “don’t want anyone to suffer it”

But here’s the thing about autism. We’re born autistic. We don’t know anything else. And as long as I have access to my coping methods, I’m totally fine.

I’ve been autistic my entire life. I didn’t know it until a couple years ago, but I’ve been finding my own ways to deal with sensory issues since I was born. It’s not really a problem to me. I have soundproof earbuds to block out extra noise. I have a necklace full of perfume in case of a bad smell, stim toys in case I get anxious. I know ASL in case I have a nonverbal shutdown. I know how and where to seek out accommodations for myself if I need them. My autism-related problems are hardly problems at all. They’re just life for me.

So here are the reasons I suffer due to my autism:

  • when I get overwhelmed but can’t leave the room because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I can’t plug my ears if there’s a sound I can’t deal with because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I get ridiculed for stimming in public
  • when I get ridiculed for whatever my special interest is
  • when people force me to eat food I can’t eat
  • when people force me to use spoken English when I’ve gone nonverbal
  • when people talk down to me because I’m autistic
  • when people try to force me to do things that my brain can’t handle under the assumption that I can do it if I believe in myself

Notice what all those things have in common? They’re all problems caused by people who don’t try to understand that our brains are different.

We don’t suffer because of our autism. We suffer because of YOU.

So don’t give me that “nobody should have to suffer the burden of having autism” crap. If you actually cared about autistic people, you’d let us be different and try to understand the way our specialized brains work. You don’t care about us. You just don’t want to deal with us.

more sentence starters !!

here’s another compilation of my fav sentence starters bc i love making these !!  feel free to add your own (◕‿◕✿)


1. “Your hair is so soft..”
2. “It’s too cold! Come back!”
3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”
4. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”
5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
6. Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.
7. What? does that feel good?
8. Just pretend to be my date.
9. He/She did it. No he/she did.
10. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.
11. It’s not a double dat. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.
12. No no–it’s alright, come here.
13. I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.
14. Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.
15. If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.
16. I think I might be falling in love with you.
17. Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.
18. It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.
19. Mmm.. you’re warm.
20. You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..
21. I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..
22. No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.
23. Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was really.
24. You know I’m/we’re always here for you, right?
25. Please talk to me about it.
26. You have something in you hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?
27.  I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..
28. I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.
29. I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.
30. I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.
31. Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?
32. So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home..
33. Let’s just stay in bed.
34. We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.
35. I think I might be pregnant..
36. I want to try for a baby.
37. You would make the perfect father/mother.
38. Think about it. The little patter of children in our home.
39. I want to marry you.
40. I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.


41. You’re just not the same anymore..
42. It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?
43. What the hell is your problem?!
44. Why do you run away from your problems all the time?
45. You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.
46. Hey, I know you’re hurting.. but, you’re not alone, okay?
47. I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.
48. You lost your chance.
49. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
50. You can’t just lose your temper like this every time you get a bit upset!
51. Calm down! You’re scaring me!
52. Don’t look at me like that.
53. Were you ever going to tell me?
54. I’m done trying to help you!
55. Sorry doesn’t fix everything.
56. You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.
57. It isn’t up for debate.
58. I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.
59. I’m fine. Stop asking.
60. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.
61. I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.
62. Pack you shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!
63. Is this how little you think of me?
64. I can’t do this anymore.. not with you.
65.Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!
66. You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?
67. Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?
68. I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!
69. We can be friends instead.
70. I tried to move on, but nobody is you.
71. Do I look like I’ve moved on?
72. I don’t remember a fight or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?
73. Can I at least buy you a coffee? For old times sake.
74. I can’t take the loneliness anymore.
75. What are you talking about? You’re married!
76. I feels like everyone just forgot I exist.
77. Maybe I’m meant to be alone.
78. I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.
79. I’ve been alone for so long..
80. But you promised..


81. I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.
82. I want you. Right here. Right now.
83. I’d be more than happy to show you a good time, if you’re looking for one.
84. It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.
85. It’s been a long day. Why don’t we help each other unwind?
86. Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.
87.They always make shower sex sounds so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.
88. Did you just… finish?
89. Tell me what you want.
90.Get on your knees. Now.
91.Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like..
92. I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.
93. Move your hands to the side. I want to hear you.
94. You’re so sexy when you’re all hot and bothered.
95. How bad do you want me?
96. Do you know how bad I want you?
97. I’ve been thinking about this all night.98. Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.
99. Come sit in my lap.
100. You’re so beautiful all spread out like this, just for me.

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Tbh I always thought that the whole “I have eaten the fruit of the land of the death” excuse that Persephone gave her mother was kinda convenient so consider this:

Hades “kidnaps” Persephone, but what he’s really doing is helping his real live actual girlfriend escape the clutches of emotionally abusive/toxic mom Demeter (see “I can’t talk to my daughter for six months so I’m gonna mope and make the rest of the world suffer with me”)

Super clingy mom Demeter shows up and demands her daughter come back with her, using her own emotional stability and the fucking FATE OF THE WORLD as a guilt trip

“I would totally love to mom, but wouldn’t you know it, I ate this one pomegranate seed and as a result I’m stuck here forever so you should probs just leave and forget about me because it looks like I’m dead forev–”

Zeus shows up.

“Nah man, as king of the gods I can totes negate the effect of those pomegranate seeds, and let you go back to the real world with your mom.”

Cue frantic head shaking and silent pleads from Persephone & Hades from behind Demeter’s back for Zeus to shut the fuck up man, that is not the plan. Zeus catches on instantly.

“But only for half the year, because, uh the laws of–you know, biology or some shit?”

The goddess of flowers and the queen of hell quietly contemplates what she will plant on Zeus’s grave after she murders him.



Obi-Wan gets a lot of shit about the “Dreams pass in time.” comment but this is not the face of someone who doesn’t care or who is dismissing what Anakin is feeling, as we see over and over that Obi-Wan very much does love Anakin, of course he cares about what Anakin’s going through and wants him to feel better.  And we have the foreknowledge of what’s going to come of Anakin’s dreams and the tragedy that happens because of them.  

But Obi-Wan doesn’t know any of that.

He just knows that Anakin is lingering on something that is upsetting him and wants to help Anakin get past it, wants to help Anakin regain emotional balance.  I have been in that exact place so many times–when someone I care about is hurting, my immediate instinct is to fix it, fix whatever’s wrong so that they feel better and are happy again!  I love them and so I want them to not linger on this thing that’s hurting them.

If they’re worrying over nothing, this is good advice, and for all that the characters know, this is nothing, because they’re Jedi, they do have dreams that might seem important, but will pass in time.  It’s a tragedy that this isn’t one of those times, it’s a tragedy that Anakin had these dreams and then had to live through what happens later, but this moment wasn’t for lack of care, it was precisely because Obi-Wan does care for Anakin that he’s trying to help soothe what’s bothering Anakin.

Wild Space covers this as well:

Obi-Wan reacts to Anakin’s pain with sorrow and regret, but he won’t let go of Anakin, because he loves him too much for that.  And:

“I would have saved her for you if I could.”


Just.  Leave me here with my feelings on how guilty Obi-Wan would have felt, how much he would have wished he could have changed things, how of course he would have saved Anakin’s mother for him if he could have, that Anakin belongs with the Jedi, in Obi-Wan’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean he would just let someone die like that, would just let Anakin suffer through that, wouldn’t understand exactly what it’s like to lose a parent and wish that you could change it, even if you still have to get up and keep going and move forward again.  OF COURSE HE UNDERSTANDS AND WOULD HAVE SAVED HER FOR ANAKIN.

ok so as i said regarding this excerpt from the winter soldier novel, i have realized that Official Movie Novelizer is my true calling and would like to apply for that position immediately. to prove i am prepared for this responsibility, i have used the passage in question as a jumping off point and written the rest of the scene. as u know, the official novelization goes like this:

Then Steve decided to open up as well. “I grew up with a guy. We grew up together.”

Sam knew by the tone in Steve’s voice it was someone who had served with him. “He make it back?” Sam asked.

Steve sighed and looked to the floor, pain in his eyes. “Killed in action.” There was a silence between them for a few seconds before Steve continued, “I’ve been through a lot of changes. I don’t know if anything hit me as hard as losing Bucky.”

“We fight for our guys, ya know?” Sam said.

now i have not actually read this book but i am reasonably sure that the next few paragraphs should go like this:

“I do know,” said Steve, looking deep into Sam’s eyes. “Nothing’s ever been more important to me than my guys.”

“Right?” Sam was getting a certain vibe from Steve but he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Maybe this was just the way guys acted back in 1943. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Like if I had a guy right now, I would definitely treat him right.”

Steve looked in both directions like he was making sure they were alone and stepped closer to Sam. “This is amazing. No one I’ve met since I woke up understands me the way you do.”

Sam was sad to think of Steve alienated and suffering. “Oh, hey man…I’m here for you.”

Steve’s face lit up. “Really? Do you wanna leave your fulfilling and socially useful job to risk your life defying the American government at my side?”

Sam wanted to explain to this hot sweet hunk of dumbass that you can’t be so open and trusting with someone you basically met five minutes ago. On the other hand, Steve had assessed him correctly. Sam knew himself to be intrepid and loyal, a brilliant fighter with a built-in skepticism about the American government’s commitment to civil liberties. Plus, Steve looked so excited and happy Sam didn’t have the heart to say no. There was just one potential problem.

“Steve, what if your guy turns up alive with a bunch of assault rifles and starts shooting everybody?”

Steve bit his lip, clearly giving the matter some thought. Then he put his hand on Sam’s arm. “That wouldn’t be a problem for us, Sam. Of course I’d still love him…but I have so much love to give.”

Sam felt ambivalent about the possibility of having to share Steve with a brainwashed cyborg assassin, but after all it was only a hypothetical. “Okay,” he said at last.

“So you’ll do it?” Steve dropped to one knee, overcome with joy. “Really, Sam?”

“Yes, Steve,” Sam said, taking Steve’s hand. “I’ll marry you.”

marvel pls contact me for an interview at your earliest convenience

the dregs as texts i've sent
  • kaz: my brother was in my dream last night i woke up cryin bc he told me im always in his way in life and he wishes i were dead so i told him to just strangle me next time
  • inej: id literally rather die than read a single page abt entitled white men
  • nina: actualy i can cause so much more pain i just choose not to bc i have a fragile heart
  • matthias: i came to talk to yall for once and u know what? im leaving
  • jesper: honestly ive aged four decades since i graduated high school
  • wylan: this just in: im gay as fuck
  • (bonus) kuwei: none of us [asked for this life] yet here we are all of us quietly suffering thru our own miseries
prompts for writing

feel free to use any of these! 

send in requests!

1. “Your hair is so soft..” 

2. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”

4. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”

5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

6. “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.”

7. “What? does that feel good?”

8. “Just pretend to be my date.”

9. “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

10. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

11. “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

12. “No no–it’s alright, come here.”

13. “I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.”

14. “Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.”

15. “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.”

16. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

17. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.”

18. “It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.”

19. “Mmm.. you’re warm.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..”

21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..”

22. “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.”

23. “Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was really.”

24. “You know I’m/we’re always here for you, right?”

25. “Please talk to me about it.”

26. “You have something in you hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?”

27. “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

28. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.”

29. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

30. “Are you wearing my shirt?“

31. “Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”

32. “So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home..”

33. “Let’s just stay in bed.”

34. “We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.”

35. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

36. “Shooting star. Make a wish.“ 

37. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

38. “Wow, you’re hot.“

39. “I want to marry you.”

40. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

41. “You’re just not the same anymore..”

42. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”

43. “What the hell is your problem?!”

44. “Why do you run away from your problems all the time?”

45. “You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.”

46. “Hey, I know you’re hurting.. but, you’re not alone, okay?”

47. “I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.”

48. “You lost your chance.”

49. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.”

50. “You can’t just lose your temper like this every time you get a bit upset!”

51. “Calm down! You’re scaring me!”

52. “Don’t look at me like that.”

53. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

54. “I’m done trying to help you!” 

55. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

56. “You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.”

57. “It isn’t up for debate.”

58. “I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.”

59. “I’m fine. Stop asking.”

60. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

61. “I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.”

62. “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”

63. “Is this how little you think of me?”

64. “I can’t do this anymore.. not with you.”

65. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

66. “You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?”

67. “Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?”

68. “I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!”

69. “We can be friends instead.”

70. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

71. “Do I look like I’ve moved on?”

72. “I don’t remember a fight or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

73. “Can I at least buy you a coffee? For old times sake.”

74. “I can’t take the loneliness anymore.”

75. “What are you talking about? You’re married!”

76. “I feels like everyone just forgot I exist.”

77. “Maybe I’m meant to be alone.”

78. “I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.”

79. “I’ve been alone for so long..”

80. “But you promised..”

81. “Isn’t this, like, illegal?” “Probably.”

82. “You’re really drunk right now. I don’t think you’re gonna remember any of this.”“No, I’m not drunk at all. You’re just blurry.”

83. “I have a feeling we should kiss.”“Is that a good feeling or a bad feeling?” 

84. “Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don’t take it personally. It’s just easier.”

85. "You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “I’m not jealous.”

86. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

87. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

88. “Bite me.” “Eat me.” “Kiss my ass.”

89. “You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

90. “You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.”

91. “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

92. “I vote today be a pajama day.”

93. “You aren’t supposed to laugh! I’m embarrassed!”

94. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

95. “There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendship.”

96. “I saw that. You just checked me out.”

97. “Are you stupid or stupid?”

98. “How about you make me?”

99. “Do it. I dare you.”

100. “Rise and shine, motherfucker.”

101. “Well fuck me!" 

102. "Are you… Drunk?" 

103. "Walk it off." 

104. "Did you just go throw up?" 

105. "Could you turn it down? A bit? Maybe?" 

106. "Don’t drink that! I saw that guy slip something in there!" 

107. "Get out of here! This is my hiding spot!" 

108. "Quick, pretend your talking to me." 

109. "Could you hold my hand?" 

110. "You’re hiding under that blanket because you’re blushing?" 

111. "Can I kiss you?" 

112. "Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off." 

113. “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “ 

114. "Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be using cheesy pick up lines?" 

115. "You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute." 

116. "You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you." 

117. "Can we please pretend I never said that?" 

118. "Forget the douche. He’s a dick. He’s a dickdouche." 

119. "You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!" 

120. "How ‘bout you stick it up your ass instead?" 

121. ”“Punched” is one word, “Fisted” is another.“ 

122. "Please! Leave me alone!" 

123. "It’s too late for you to be out by yourself." 

124. "You seem like a friendly face, mind if I sit with you?" 

125. "You made me this way." 

126. "I think about you all the time, it’s freaking annoying." 

127. "Bill Nye couldn’t even help you." 

128. "You left your shirt at my house. It’s mine now." 

129. "I just wanted to hear your voice." 

130. "I saw a shooting star and I thought of you.”

anonymous asked:

hey!! do you have any multi-chapter zutara fic recs?

DO I?! 

Originally posted by positivegrunge

Okay before I start, here’s a link to my original masterpost of fanfic recs. A lot of the masterpost is made up of one shots, but I do have some great multi-chapter fics on there as well. 



Once Around the Sun by eleventy7 (RATED K+)

Oh MAN. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you would know that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Zutara fanfiction. HOLY. CRAP. It’s so good. Taking place shortly after the end of the show, this post war fic is the slow burn we all deserve. Starts K//at/ang and M/a-i/ko, and it beautifully highlights the flaws of both endgame ships without demonizing either Aang or Mai. AND we get an amazing Ursa and an AMAZING Azula. Sometimes if I need a pick me up I just read the last two chapters and sob at the beauty. 

The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish

This absolute BEAST of a trilogy is an absolute CLASSIC and if you haven’t read it I’m assuming it’s because you’re intimidated by the size (all three together are about 900k words). But DON’T BE. It reads insanely fast and is just so. good. It is, to date, the only first person fanfiction I’ve ever attempted to read and enjoyed. The second of the three is my favorite. Stalking Zuko takes place from ‘The Western Air Temple’ to ‘The Southern Raiders’, Not Stalking Zuko takes place from ‘The Southern Raiders’ to after the Agni Kai in the finale, and Not Stalking Firelord Zuko takes place from the coronation til post canon. Absolutely hysterical and one of my favorites. 

Fall of the White Lotus by Boo-82 (RATED T)

Do you love soap operas? Do you love sweeping romances? Do you love the idea that the entire Avatar-universe would be DESTROYED if Katara and Zuko didn’t fall in love??? If yes to any or all of those, than this fic is for you. An epic of a post war fic, this story could take the alternate title of ‘Road Trip of LOVE: A Zutara Story’. Has some Taang on the side, so if that’s your thing you’ve got that added bonus. 

Such Selfish Prayers by andromeda3116 (RATED T)

Didn’t you hate how in the comics Katara became a shell of herself who did nothing but wait on Aang hand and foot? Yeah, so did the rest of us. So here’s a story where Katara’s just chilling, watching the acolytes, and is like “Uhm wtf am I doing this isn’t me”, leaves Aang, and goes on to change the world because she’s that awesome. And yeah, Zuko just happens to be a part of her epic world changing. So beautiful. 

Our Fortunes Together by NomDeGuerre (RATED M)

Like arranged marriage tropes? Love slow burn? Well here have both of them in the SAME FIC. Yep, that’s right, a slow burn arranged marriage fic. Really awesome AU where rather than be banished, Zuko has to suffer with Azula and Ozai after the Agni Kai, and the slaughter of the group he tried to save is blamed on him. His final shame is being married off to a member of the Southern Water Tribe, our babe Katara. Excellent story. 

i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by raisindeatre (RATED T)

brb just sobbing over the beauty of this modern AU. I don’t like modern AUs. But I LOVE this one. It’s just… the best thing ever. Honestly. It’s so fluffy and cute and I’m blushing right now writing this summary for it. It’s the "I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital" AU none of us knew we needed from Zutara. Also anyone else think of The Raven Cycle when they hear this song? Just me? Alright sorry this is a zutara fic rec I’ll stay in my lane

What Fortunes Lent by lewilder (RATED T)

Even So is one of my all time favorite one shots, but What Fortunes Lent by the same author is also an amazing worthwhile read. In this AU, the Southern Raiders mission comes when Katara is older and they take her prisoner rather than kill Kya. There are so many moments where you’ll clutch your heart and just want to cry but the ending is just beautiful if not horribly ambiguous… absolutely all around lovely fic. 


Southern Lights by colourwhirled (RATED M)

Now, I don’t really like drastic AU’s. They just aren’t what I’m typically interested in reading. But this one, oh man. I’m so in love and invested. It takes place in a universe where there is no Avatar (but there is Aang) and Sozin successfully conquers the world. The worldbuilding is FANTASTIC, characterization is amazing, and at this moment the plot is really picking up and getting interesting. Slow burn is absolutely fantastic in this story, and I’m so excited to see what happens. What I love the most is hints of events that happened in canon are sprinkled throughout, giving this feeling that some events are always meant to be, even in drastically different scenarios. 

Brightest Nights or Darkest Days by Kittenshift17 (RATED M)

I want to give a warning with this one. This Zutara fanfiction will not be for everyone. This author is mainly a Dramione writer, and you can absolutely see that in how she writes the dynamic between Katara and Zuko. If you love Zutara but hate Dramione, you probably will not like this. However, as someone who likes both, I can say that this is a really well written season 2 AU and in the last update we just got an interesting addition to the plot that appears to be here to stay. 

HOPEFULLY these will keep you busy for a while. Happy reading!!! 

dragon age starters

feel most free to change pronouns ,  etc .

❝ it doesn’t matter that they won’t remember me. what matters is i helped. ❞
❝ bad things should happen to bad people. ❞
❝ i’m here to set things right. also ? to look dashing. that part’s less difficult. ❞
❝ planning has never been my strong suit . now, killing…killing & love-making. those i am better at. ❞
❝ oh ! we could get matching outfits ! ❞
❝ i’m not saying i should be your first pick for a dance partner at the ball , but in the deep roads , i’m your man / woman. ❞
❝ draw your weapon & say that again ! ❞
❝ we’re here to kill them all, yes ? for sport ? ❞
❝ you tend to get up to interesting things. you meet interesting people & then you kill them. ❞
❝ i never worry, darling. a leash can be pulled from either end. ❞
❝ it’s like you need permission to be alive. ❞
❝ has anyone told you what marvelous eyes you possess, my dear ? ❞
❝ have you ever licked a lamp post in winter ? ❞
❝ i’ll try not to hit anyone. ❞
❝ there you are. everyone’s been looking for you. ❞
❝ the last man standing gets final say on who is right or wrong. ❞
❝ i like my hair the way it is, thank you. ❞
❝ do you think about how to kill everyone you meet ? ❞
❝ are you… sassing me, ____? ❞
❝ yes, but she/you seems more… “ooh, pretty colors !” than “muahaha ! i am princess stabbity ! stab, kill, kill ! ❞
❝ congratulations ! you have found a wastebin . ❞
❝ what are you going to do with that sword ? ❞
❝ not listening ! la la-la la la ! ❞
❝ i saw you looking at the girl/boy in town earlier . ❞
❝ anyone wishing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try. ❞
❝ …did you cut your own hair ? ❞
❝ ”one by one they follow, drowning in the sea”. the rest of the poem is sad.. ❞
❝ you aren’t all stone, ____. there is a person inside of you. ❞
❝ we crush the heads of rude women when we feel like it. just so you know. ❞
❝ protect what matters with everything you have, or you’ll have nothing, and deserve it. ❞
❝ i want you to know that what we had was real. ❞
❝ in the end you are always alone with your actions. ❞
❝ somebody’s been drinking. ❞
❝ let’s show them our hearts, and then show them theirs.. ❞
❝ do you feel that ? my magic-sensing nose is tingling. ❞
❝ well, shit. ❞
❝ you worry me, you know that ? ❞
❝ i’m cold. & it’s indoors. this is so wrong. ❞
❝ i saw what you were doing back there. ❞
❝ we will never speak of this again. ❞
❝ you’re a big softie ! ❞ 
❝ i’ve got just the thing to cure that pout. ❞
❝ eight, nine, now you die. ❞
❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞
❝ i don’t need my pants, anyway. ❞
❝ smiles. we must be careful how we present ourselves. ❞
❝ be careful what you wish for. power is treacherous. i have seen many people–great leaders–consumed by it. ❞
❝ don’t touch me ! stay away ! ❞
❝ i think of him/you/her as much as he/you/she thinks at all. ❞
❝ i knew nothing of friendship before we met. ❞
❝ you can approve or not approve as you wish, but this is one thing you cannot influence and mold to your liking. ❞
❝ there you go, breaking my heart. ❞ 
❝ does anyone else feel the verge to vomit? ❞
❝ i…love you. just… wanted to tell you that. ❞
❝ let those who would destroy us step into the light. ❞
❝ it’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right. ❞
❝ if you love a character, you give them pain, ruin their lives, make them suffer. maybe even throw in a heroic death. ❞
❝ i do quite like watching you leave. ❞
❝ send him a fruit basket. everyone loves those. ❞
❝ did i stutter ? ❞
❝ are you kidding ? i’m surprised you didn’t kill anyone just coming over here. ❞
❝ the world may want my time, but you have my heart ❞
❝ have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’?  now would be the time to consider it. ❞
❝ that sounded much better in my head . ❞
❝ i have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. & good hair.  ❞
❝ the air hurts. i have to stop. ❞
❝ challenge someone to arm-wrestle me. ❞
❝ so, you’re not like a lot of other girls/boys. ❞
❝ not long ago this was impossible to imagine. you, the man i love, victory close at hand. ❞
❝ how do you do that ? make everything better with a smile ? ❞
❝ it gets no easier. your struggles have only just begun. ❞
❝ there comes a time when you must stop running, when you turn & face the tiger.  ❞
❝ it’s family, you protect. doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not. ❞
❝ perhaps we should carve our names into the giant tree ? ❞
❝ hey ! that’s mine ! ❞
❝ our mistakes make us who we are. ❞
❝ fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could. ❞
❝ don’t let anyone tell you when to move on. take their hand & say, “my choice". ❞
❝ words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find. ❞
❝ shitballs. fuck. shit. crap. ❞
❝ living a lie … it festers inside you, like poison. ❞


I CAN NOT get over the fact that, apparently, the crystal gems (including Steven) were just going to leave the rubies out in space.
I mean, think about it. Steven is such a sweet kid who is against any kind of unnecessary suffering and hates the thought of shattering gems. Yet, now, HE IS TOTALLY OKAY WITH DOOMING SEVERAL OF THEM TO FUCKING FLOAT THROUGH AN ENDLESS ETERNAL HELL OF NOTHINGNESS.
A gem never dies, a gem lost in space means that they will literally float in nothingness for an eternity. Now, i can just speak for myself here but that is the absolute worst thing i could imagine, i would RATHER DIE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
So basically, our “heroes” are suddenly completely fine with doing this. I don’t get it, why the fuck is this glossed over? I can’t get over it.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the crewniverse decided to have Steven say they were going to get the Rubies on the way back from the zoo because all it did was call attention to this glaring problem with the writing. I hate it so much, god.

No More

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (it’s barely there) / Fluff

Words: 2k+

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“Fuck, I can’t watch this anymore!” you whisper exasperatedly, peeking through your fingers at the large cinema screen in front of you, tired of all the jumpscares and loud screeching violins booming out of the speakers. Jungkook chuckles quietly next to you while Yoongi grumbles a ‘shhh’ to you, both their eyes glued onto the screen. You want to get up and leave, but the ghost’s horrific face in the movie is already burned into your memory and you didn’t dare leave the dark cinema alone.

You hated this, the fact that you were forced into watching this movie late at night by Yoongi just because you lost that stupid bet about Jungkook getting a girlfriend.

“Look, that girl just isn’t Jungkook’s type, okay? I mean Lisa’s the complete opposite of him, and she doesn’t even like lamb skewers.” Yoongi snickered at you as you both watch Jungkook and his ‘future’ girlfriend talk about god knows what at the far end table of the dimly lit restaurant, both of you shielded from their view.

“Didn’t you know that opposites attract, Y/N?”

You set your glass down on the table and roll your eyes at Yoongi who’s got a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Okay, wanna bet, then?” You’re pretty confident that Jungkook’s going to ditch the girl, so you decide you’ll play the bet with Yoongi.

You nod at him, “So what happens if you win?”

The corners of his mouth curl upwards slowly as he brings his hands together and leans towards you, making him look almost sinister under the harsh light which falls onto his face. “Watch a horror movie with me and Jungkook, at midnight. And – you can’t back out.”

Your jaw drops slightly at this as you already feel fear slowly arise in your stomach, actually thinking that Yoongi was cruel for doing this. He knows how much you loathe horror movies and how badly it can affect your sleep, once making you skip a day of classes because you couldn’t get any sleep at all.

“Okay,” you sit back against the seat and cross your arms over your chest with a grimace on your face. “If I win, I’ll call you every day for a week and ask Seokjin to tell you a total of ten dad jokes.”

Yoongi groans loudly, “Can’t you think of something worse, Y/N?” he asks desperately, his expression making you hold back a smile.

“I’m pretty sure that this is the worse I can do for you. It’s settled, then?” You glance at Jungkook and Lisa, and it seems that Lisa can’t stop laughing at something he said, the both of them seem much closer and comfortable together than they were before.

Well, shit.

“Jungkook’s gonna get the girl, trust me,” he winks at you.

And he obviously does about a week later, barging into your room where you and Yoongi were both debating about whether zombies could survive without oxygen or not.

So guess what?” Jungkook asks enthusiastically, a grin which showed his bunny teeth etched into his face, definitely bringing good news as he sits down across the both of you. Or maybe just for Yoongi. Seeing him look happy was enough to make you smile, but it quickly falters when you see a triumphant grin take form on Yoongi’s face. The next four words that came out of his mouth made your stomach drop straight to your feet.

“I got a girlfriend!” he exclaims. Yoongi makes his way over to Jungkook to congratulate him, patting his back proudly as you force yourself to appear as happy and enthusiastic as possible in front of Jungkook. You’re happy for him, but you’re upset at what’s about to come and bite your ass.

“Jungkook, that’s great! I’m so happy for you,” you say. Yoongi approaches you and places a warm hand on your shoulder, startling you a little bit.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie to celebrate, yeah? My treat,” Yoongi suggests casually, probably glad that he won the bet and wouldn’t have to listen to Seokjin’s dad jokes seventy times in a week.

“That sounds great, what movie are we watching?”

“The Conjuring 2. At midnight, if that’s okay with you.”

Jungkook glances over at you with a look of concern on his face, “The Conjuring 2? Y/N wouldn’t want to wat-“

“Oh, she does. She’s been raving about it to me the entire month, right, Y/N?”

You grit your teeth hard, “Oh yeah, definitely.”

Jungkook, who’s completely fooled by your acting just breaks out into another happy grin, “Well that’s great then. I’ll see you guys soon!” He gives you a quick hug before he’s out of the door, leaving you and Yoongi alone as you glare at him, wishing lasers would magically come shooting out of your eyes.

Now you’re here, stuck between a complete asshole and a guy who’s completely oblivious to your suffering. You should’ve at least brought a pair of earmuffs so you could block out the intense horrific music, then your hands would be sufficient enough to cover your eyes.

After what seems like an eternity, the movie finally ends and the credits start to roll. You curse every single one of the characters in the movie, especially the main protagonist. The three of you walk out of the cinema and you cling onto Jungkook’s arm the entire time as though it would keep you emotionally grounded and prevent you from going into hysteria.

You feel someone nudge your arm gently, the little gesture itself already making your heart almost leap out of your chest but feel instant relief when you see that its only Yoongi with a shit eating smirk on his face.

“That wasn’t too bad, right? I mean, you survived didn’t you?”

This time, you feel anger wash over your entire body and course through your veins. He knew how much you hated horror movies, yet he made you watch one of the scariest ones over a dumb bet. You would’ve preferred to do anything else besides that, though you couldn’t help but feel that it was your fault for believing that Jungkook and Lisa wouldn’t end up together.

You turn around on your heel and face him, pointing a finger into his chest which wipes the smirk off his face instantly.

You. Because of you, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, or maybe for this entire fucking month because this was the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. Because of you, I’m going to be scared of taking a shower, with the fear that a terrifying face will appear when I open my eyes after I’m done shampooing my hair! Because of you, I’m going to live in constant fear of god knows what following me around and watching me in my sleep!”

Yoongi and Jungkook are both in shock at your sudden outburst, and Yoongi begins to open his mouth to speak but you’re already walking away from the both of them, feeling their eyes bore into your back. Poor Jungkook, he didn’t need to see that.

“I want to go home, now,” you bark at the both of them..

And so fifteen minutes later at three in the morning, you reach your house after a car ride with Jungkook and Yoongi that’s filled with complete, awkward silence. They knew better than to agitate you even more while you’re already fuming, so they kept quiet the entire ride.

You step out of the car and close the door, about to head into your house when Jungkook calls out your name as the car window slides down, revealing Jungkook with a look of utmost concern and sympathy on his fake.

“Will you be okay, Y/N?” he asks?

You glance at Yoongi who’s staring straight into the road with an unreadable expression on his face as he grips the steering wheel hard, a muscle in his jaw twitching.  

You smile reassuringly at Jungkook, leaning into the car window to give him a quick hug.

“I’ll be fine, Kookie. Good night.”

You unlock your front door, instantly switching on the lights when you step inside of the living room. You feel safe with the lights on, so you stick your head outside of the door and wave at Jungkook who signals Yoongi to drive off.

You sneak up the stairs to your bedroom quietly, making sure to not make any noise and risk waking your parents up who’ll start complaining about how late you are. Actually, you wouldn’t really mind their company right now. You finally reach your bedroom, freshen up in the bathroom – which you manage to do successfully as you kept yourself distracted with happy thoughts, and then change into a t-shirt and shorts.

You crawl under the silk covers, making sure that your whole body, especially your feet were covered just in case something decided to yank it from under the bed and pull you to your death.

Here comes the hardest and worst part, trying to sleep.

Your mind is fully awake, trying to convince you that you weren’t alone in the room, making fear constantly present itself unwelcomingly in the back of your mind. The face of the protagonist in the movie is etched into your mind, making you toss and turn in your bed as you try your best to drown out your negative thoughts by reciting your favorite songs and memories in your head.

That’s right, Y/N, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. Think of your two best friends, and how happy you are for Jungkook now that he’s finally got a girlfriend. Think of Yoongi, and how big of an ass-

What was that?

You hear a loud thump against your roof tiles, the sound coming from the window right across your bed.

You feel your stomach clench painfully with fear as your breathing accelerates and the sound of your heart pounding erratically against your chest drowns out the noises of whatever it is that’s lurking outside of your window. You know you should probably hide under the covers even though it only provided a false feeling of protection to you, but you’re frozen in place, your wide eyes attached to your window as you squeeze your pillow tightly to your chest.

Suddenly, a pale hand appears, grasping onto your window ledge as it begins to pull itself into your window, soon a long arm appearing and finally – a body drops onto your bedroom floor with a muffled grunt.

Wait a minute.

Ghosts don’t grunt… right?

You jump out of your bed swiftly and turn the light on.

Laying on the floor across from you – panting and out of breath, was Yoongi.

“Hey, Y/N,” he mumbles as his chest moves up and down, peering up at you from the floor.

You close your eyes for a minute and take deep breaths, giving yourself a moment to gather your composure. It’s just Yoongi, and not anyone or anything else. Get yourself together, Y/N. He’s out of breath, you need to help him.

You walk over to him and help him up, making him sit on your bed, “Stay here, okay? I’ll get some water for you.” You return quickly with a glass of ice cold water and hand it over to him which he gulps down quickly, and then proceeds to sit against the headboard of your bed.

You sit across him and place your hands in your lap, curiosity forming in your mind as to why he was here. “So tell me, Yoongi, why did you decide to climb through my bedroom window and scare the living shit out of me?” you ask.

He places the glass down on the floor, trying his best to not meet your eyes. “I, uh… I felt bad for forcing you into watching the movie so…,” he trails off as a light blush spreads across his cheeks.

Your eyebrows quirk up in surprise at his confession, thinking that he came to terrorize you even more. “You’re here to make me feel better?” you ask.

“Look, I know I was mean to you, Y/N, but I’m here to make up for it. I know the movie was… worse than the other ones you’ve seen, right?”

You nod your head lightly, shivering when the protagonist’s face appears in your mind once again. Yoongi notices you shiver and he’s suddenly right in front of you, pulling you into an embrace which makes your heart stop momentarily, then starts beating furiously against your chest.

Min Yoongi is holding you. In his arms. You can smell the faint scent of caramel popcorn and his favorite coffee that lingers in his t-shirt, and you find yourself leaning into his body, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll never know. All you know is that you find yourself enjoying the scent of him, and the feel of his arms wrapped tightly and comfortingly around your body.

You never thought that Yoongi was the type to comfort you like this, since he never really seemed to care about most things, though you do know that he’s actually a really caring and kind person underneath his constant grim expression and foul moods. Strangely though, you found yourself tolerating him and once you really got to know him, you knew that he only showed his true self to those he trusted – to those he really loved.

“Y/N,” he whispers into your hair, “I’m really sorry.”

You hear his heart beating softly against his chest as you press your ear over his heart, the gentle thumping of his heart beating making you feel even more comfortable than you already were – in his arms.

“It’s okay,” you mumble, “I’m actually glad you’re here, asshole. Even though you scared the living shit out of me.”

You feel his body vibrate lightly beneath yours as he chuckles quietly, his hand beginning to tangle itself in your hair as he brushes through it with his long fingers. “I’ll be here as long as you want me to, okay? If you want me to leave, just let me know.”

He’s here for you. Because he cares about you. You don’t think you could ever possibly turn him down. Not even once.

You look up at him through your eyelashes, only to find him looking down into your eyes tenderly. “I don’t ever want you to leave, Yoongi,” you whisper.

He reaches a hand out tentatively and places it on your flushed cheek as he begins to stroke it gently with his thumb.

And suddenly –

His lips are on yours.

You freeze momentarily, but your lips respond by moving gently against his as you to relish in the softness and delicious taste of his lips while sparks and colorful flashes of fireworks explode inside your head, behind your closed eyes. He places his hand at the nape of your neck and slowly massages the area, sending tingles in all directions over your body. Your body is pressed flush against his, the warmth radiating from his body surrounding you with comfort and coziness, making you feel as though you were slowly being engulfed by bliss – the absolutely wonderful feeling of warmth and love which Yoongi provided you so readily – so easily.

All this time, how could you not have known?

You were in love with him.

And you knew without a doubt – that he was too.

Your lips finally pull apart, and you both take a while to catch your breaths as you press your foreheads against each other, now reveling in the silence in your room.

“Min Yoongi, what does this make us?”

“Y/N,” he whispers with a raspy voice while pressing his lips lightly to your ear, sending shivers down your spine, “we can be whatever the hell you want to be, as long as we’re together.”

A wide grin spread across your cheeks as happiness washes over you knowing that he felt the same way about you as you felt about him. You push him down onto your bed, snuggling up to his chest as he wraps his arms around you, pulling your body tightly to his.

“Mmm,” he coos, “I’m going to love getting used to this, Y/N.”

“Well you won’t get any of this if you make me watch another horror movie, Yoongi. I’ll torture you with Jin’s dad jokes. Forever.

His face morphs into an expression of feign shock, earning a small chuckle from you as you lean down to capture his lips again.

“No more horror movies, I promise.”

anonymous asked:

Hanzo has a moment of insecurity about 'killing' genji to where he doesnt understand why his s/o would be with a killer but they comfort him and reassure him that they love him? Can you make it a scenario please❤️ (btw love you and your blog🤗)

Originally posted by hanzofromoverwatch

At first, Hanzo would say nothing. He has a bad habit of holding things in and letting everything brood and get worse in his mind.

His way of thinking can be odd. At first he believes that he’s too close to you, which is why you chose not to leave his side. As a result he will distance himself alot.

If you want to get answers from him, you have to be a mix of direct and beat around the bush. Beat around the approach. Maybe he’s meditating, lie and say you’ll meditate with him.

Hanzo would try to get up and walk away, this is where you become direct. Grab his hand and pull him back down.

“Why have you been avoiding me, Hanzo?” you asked, looking at the frowning man.

He didn’t dare to look you in the eye as he spoke.

“Why are you with a murderer?” He asked, ignoring, yet answering your question somewhat.


“I said, why? Why are you with a murderer? You do not deserve to live with someone like me. I don’t deserve the love from someone like you.” He began, his stoic face hiding all the emotion behind a frail clay mask of coldness.

You frowned, gently cupping his cheek, “Hanzo… What happened was not your choice-”

“Yes it was! I chose to drive my sword through my own brother. I chose to kill him!” He said, raising his voice as his facade slowly cracked and fell apart.

“But you chose not to let him suffer at the hands of the rest of the clan. They could’ve done worse to him and you knew that. You cannot change what happened. But you need to keep going forward. I’m here for you, Hanzo… I am not leaving. I have made choices I wasn’t happy with too, and just like you, I am living with them in my mind.” You pulled him in a tight embrace, feeling his shoulders stiffen as his breathing hitched.

“But you still love me even if I made my mistakes, and I’ll always love you even  when you make mistakes.” was the last thing you said that made Hanzo break. All his pent up emotions spilling like a sea as he hid his face in your shoulder in embarrassment, sobbing as he shakily hugged back. 

Random Encounters — The FNAF Musical {Sentence Starters}

  • ❛❛ Hello? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’d like to leave a few quick words. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ That’s completely absurd. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Time to play. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Did one of them just move? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Don’t be dumb! That’s insane! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What’s that sound? It seems to be screaming. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Seal the door! Hit the lights! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I think that camera’s dead. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t move… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Wow, I’m feeling kinda loopy… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Are you here to kill me? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Something here just reeks of blood and suffering. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ These halls are echoing of death.. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ In all my dreams I see a maze of halls with bloody walls and countless scrawls… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Don’t play these games. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m armed with more than a light. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Just you and me, a gun or three… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We forgot to lock the perp in again. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I know we haven’t spoken in a while… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I tried to move on and just forget… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m wondering if it’s all in my head. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What should we do? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ How could he just disappear?. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Why is he tied up? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Watch out, he’s coming for you!. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Good thing this door can be locked. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Please don’t kill me. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ A little overtime never killed anyone. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Is it true? Are they really back? Am I going mad? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ One mistake is all it takes and this may go bad. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Is somebody there? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’ll fill the void with noise. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I swear we’ve met before. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You won’t take me alive! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You should show him a little respect. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Are you with them? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We’d go to the police, but they’d think we’re crazy. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What do I get out of this? Psychological damage? Uh, a horrible gruesome death? Twenty five to life with a cellmate named Buffalo frickin’ Bill? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Turn that off or I will kill you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Laying low is usually done quietly. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I killed a guy. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I put three rounds in his chest. The guy must have known black magic. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Survive until 6am. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What am I here for? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Don’t let things get any worse. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I can’t find this alone. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I didn’t even want this job. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m kinda wanted for attempted murder. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You are kinda stupid. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ This is a crime scene. And you’re the victims. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You’re gonna burn for this. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You should probably override the door controls. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ It’s probably obvious now, but… I didn’t die in that fire. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I figured I’d give you one last ring; for old times’ sake. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ There’s nowhere you can go that I won’t find you. There’s no place you can hide that I won’t kill you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ This isn’t over. ❜❜

Saved by an Angel

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Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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Run Away - Luke Castellan Smut

Note: This was suppose to be an imagine and it turned into smut. This is by the way the first smut I have written in I don’t know how long, so enjoy.

Warning: Unprotected Sex (On Purpose-ish)

(In Flashback, you and Luke are 18. In present 21. Also, flashback is in bold) 

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Your Pov

“Run away with me.” Luke says, appearing from nowhere.

I clutch at my chest from the scare, “Luke, what are you talking about?”

“Run away with me please. If I stay here, I’m afraid. Of what I could do to this camp, to everyone, to you. I don’t want to hurt you.” He’s practically in tears.

I guide him to my bed, making him sit. “Luke, calm down. Tell me what’s going on.”

Luke explains how Kronos had come to him in dream. Telling him he could make Hermes and the other gods suffer for not paying attention to their children. How at first he agreed but then realized that wasn’t what he wanted.

“He wants me take the bolt at the field trip to Olympus.” Luke finishes.

I gasp, “That’s next week.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t want to. I want out. I can’t do that if I stay here. And I know I can only leave if you come with me. If we are leaving we have to leave today. I just need to burn this.”

He pulls out a leather bracelet. A symbol I’ve never seen before carved into it. I grab the bracelet inspecting it. “Looks easy enough to burn.” I see him give a glare at the bracelet. “I’m going to take a guess that you found the bracelet, put it on and that’s how Kronos got a hold on you.”

Luke nods, “I didn’t realise until I forgot to put it on after a shower one morning. Best decision.”

I smile at him, “I hope you realise that I won’t ever run away.” I get up, opening a canister. I put a few pieces of paper in it before setting the paper on fire. Then I put the bracelet in. Sitting back next to Luke, we watch the bracelet burn.

Luke registers what I said and gives me a sad look. He turns his face away from mine.

I take his face in my hands, “I said, won’t ever run away. It’s not running away if you have an apartment and are eighteen.”

“We’re going to leave?”

I give him a soft smile. I kiss him on the lips. His smile growing. “Yeah.”

I smile at the memory. Looking out the window at the city. The sun just rising. The only thing covering me are a pair of underwear and one of Luke’s shirts.

“What are you doing up?” Luke asks, his bare chest pressed against my back. His arms wrapping around my waist.

I melt into him, “Watching the sunrise. Why are you up.”

He turns me around, “You left the bed. I immediately woke up.”

“Sorry.” I give him a small smile.

Luke chuckles, “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

He leans down, kissing me. My arms going around his neck. His hands slide from my waist, to my bare thighs. Picking me up and walking to the bedroom.

He sets me on the bed before joining me. His hands running up and down my sides while mine are threaded in his hair. His lips trail to my neck, giving me a chance to breath. He nips at my neck, leaving red marks that disappear after a few seconds.

“Luke.” I moan, as he sucks on my sweet spot, leaving a more permanent mark.

His hands go to the bottom of his shirt that I’m wearing, “Sit up.” he mutters.

I sit up, his hands tug off the shirt I’m wearing. His mouth goes to one of my nipples, taking one in between his teeth. Biting down lightly, drawing a moan from me. Luke pulls away, giving me a smirk.

“Fuck.” I cry, his thumb pressing on my bundle of nerves.

Luke pulls away, until he’s barely touching me at all. He moves down, his hands rest on the top of my panties. Instead of removing them like I thought he was going to, he moves one of his hands to rest on my center. Feeling my damp panties.

He groans, “You’re so wet.”

I moan as one of his finger taps my clit. “Luke, please.”

Luke smirks, “what, babygirl? What do you need.” He tugs off my underwear, flinging them somewhere in the room.

“You please. I need you.”

One of his fingers circle my entrance before sinking into me. “Mmm. So, wet.”

He adds a second finger. Pumping them in out of me. Luke adds a third. Stretching me.

“Please.” I beg.

He removes his fingers, drawing a whimper from me. He brings them up to his lips, tasting me. “You always taste so good.”

Luke stands up, removing his boxers before making me stand with him. He leans down, kissing me. I can taste myself on his tongue. I go to reach down and stroke him but he breaks away. “You want to ride me, baby girl?” He asks, a smirk playing on his lips.

I nod, not trusting my voice. Not sure how after all these years he can still affect me like this. He settles on the bed. His back against the headboard. Hand stroking his cock.

I straddle him, knees on either side of his hips. Using the head to tease me. Running it through my pussy lips. The head hitting my clit. My hands fly to his shoulder gripping them tight. He groans.

“Please, Luke. Fuck me hard. I need you.”

Luke groans, losing all control. Gripping my hips, he slams me down on his cock. A deep, ragged moan leaving his lips as he fills me.

“Luke!” I moan, raising my hips up then sliding down.

Luke’s head falls back, eyes closed, mouth open in pleasure. He leans forward slightly. My hands go under his arms to grip his back. Scratching at the skin there, making him thrust up into me, hard. I moan again as he thrusts up into me. I rock back and forth. Slowing the pace. His face buried in my neck.

He brings his hips up slightly, making me moan as he hits that one spot.

“Fuck.” I breathe out as he hits that spot again.

He groans, “I can’t. This to slow. You wanted me to fuck you hard. That’s what I’m going to do.”

He pulls out of me. Pushing me onto my back. My head nearly hanging off the bed. I part my legs more. Kneeling in between my legs, my legs wrap around him. Luke enters me again. His hands gripping my hips as he thrusts into me. Our hips knocking against the others.

I clench down on him as the coil in my stomach gets tighter, making him goran.

“I’m not going to last.” He warns me.

“Me either.” I breathe out. His length repeatedly hitting my g-spot. “Luke.” I moan as the coil snaps. Cumming over his cock. I clench down on him again.

He groans, spilling his seed in me.  

Luke pulls out, his cock softening. He gets up from the bed going into the bathroom, returning with a washcloth. Cleaning the both of us up. After throwing the washcloth in the basket he lays next to me. Head propped up on his hand. He smiles down at me.

“I love you.” I tell him.

Grinning he kisses my hand, “I love you too.”

“And as much as I would love to stay in this bed, naked. We have to grocery shop.” I tell him, already standing up. Luke pouts. “What are we going to eat if we don’t go?”

“I could just eat you.” he murmurs, standing up. Kissing me on the shoulder.

I scoff, “You would love that, wouldn’t you?”

I go over to the closet. Pulling out underwear and some jeans. I try to remember the date. Are we already in the second week? Pulling on my jeans. A thought comes to me. We may have just gotten me pregnant.

“Luke!” I call out, hurriedly pulling on a flannel. “What’s the date?” I walk out of the bedroom, going to the kitchen. Seeing him in shorts, unbuttoned and a t-shirt.

“The 8th, why?” He asks.

A smile breaks out on my face, “I’m ovulating.”

Luke kisses me, “Fuck, going to the grocery store.”

I laugh, pushing him away. “We need to go to the grocery store. I’m just as excited about this as you but we can’t do anything if we are running on empty.”

One of his hands travels to my stomach, “I hope we just made a baby.”

I press my lips to his scar, “We have all day to try.” 

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Sith Obiwan and empress Padme finding their run away Jedi lover Anakin after a couple years.

You know I started this with the idea of having a short thing and then THIS HAPPENED. Some mild warnings: the last scene in this fic is not how consent works at all. Do not do the thing in real life, this is fiction. Also, this is not an accurate portrayal of intersex people in any way, shape, or form.

Out of all the things Obi-Wan expected to find, he can honestly say he didn’t expect this. When he realized that Padme was in danger, he had expected anything from someone pulling a blaster on her to another flunky of Sidious’ – not a little boy with tears in his eyes and a determined face as he held a blaster to the Empress’ head. The boy had a steady hand and his blond hair was familiar in a way that made Obi-Wan ache, but more pressing was the fact that he was clearly strong in the Force – strong enough to keep every handmaiden and guard in the room pressed against the wall while also keeping his attention on Padme.

Padme herself is still seated on her throne. (‘It’s not a throne; don’t be ridiculous, Obi-Wan! I just refuse to sit in a hard chair for hours while I unfuck the Galaxy!’) He could easily disarm the boy before he manages to get a shot off but those blue eyes mixed with that head of hair is making him want to be gentle. He switches his lightsaber off and tosses it in the boy’s direction. The lightsaber skids across the floor and then changes course to jet out of the window, creating a small hole in its wake. Obi-Wan sighs and tries not to hear Anakin’s sarcastic voice –

Oh no, did you lose your lightsaber? Guess your life isn’t that important to you!

Anakin, really?

And fails, as he usually does.

“As I said a few moments ago, you have my attention, child.” Padme says, voice regal and steady, and the boy’s eyes dart to her momentarily before going back to Obi-Wan. Someone has clearly taught him to always keep his eyes on the enemy, that’s good, but he’s young enough that he hasn’t learned that just because someone isn’t as strong in the Force as he is doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

“I need help.” The boy says and he sounds so young, so small. Padme’s jaw clenches and an old grief wraps around her momentarily. Interestingly, the boy jerks as if to go to her side, to soothe her pain, before he remembers himself and levels the blaster back on her. He swallows and sniffs, the very image of a determined child doing something even when they’re frightened. “Jabba the Hutt has taken my father and sister hostage and I managed to find out that my sister was smuggled into the Empire recently. I can feel her in this building. I know she’s here and I will take her with me when I leave. I don’t want to hurt you; I just needed the building to go into lockdown.” He continues.

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[ Imagine #22 ] Thunderstorms ~ Newt

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 2000 words

Request: Can I please get one where NewtxReader are at the Right Arm and one of the girls flirts with Newt. Him and reader get into an argument that Newt sleeps in a different tent. There’s a thunderstorm, reader hates thunderstorms. So she goes to the tent where Newt is at. There’s one that literally scares Newt wake and he sees her trying to shield herself. He cuddles her and they both apologize? Please just loads of fluff please? Sorry if I doesn’t make sense.

Tthanks for the request and i hope this is what you wanted ^^



I sat on a rock a bit secludedly the camp of the right arm, staring in the distance. Since we escaped WICKED three days ago, i had a lot to think about.

I had barely spoke to my boyfriend Newt, he was either with Thomas  to discuss plans against WICKED, or with his long lost and now found sister Sonya and her friends.

Don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t be more happier for Newt that he finally found his sister, but i missed him. I  missed the time in the glade, when it had been only the two of us, i missed talking to him and i especially missed sleeping next to him.

Back in the glade we slept together in my room, and now i wasn’t really used to sleep alone and without him. We still shared a tent, but he woke up long before me and in the evenings he stayed up late, so that i usually was long asleep before he layed down next to me.

“He, Y/N! Come down for dinner!”

This was Thomas, and because he obviously was to lazy to just climb up to me, he yelled so loud that probably the whole camp had heard him and i got up and slowly walked down to get my dinner.

I sat down next to Thomas and Minho, Newt was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t really hungry, so i just shoved my food from one side of the plate to the other, withoutpaying attention to my surroundings.

“I’m surprised at how calm you are, Y/N” i heard Minho say and i looked up and tilted my head.

“What do you mean? Why shouldn’t i be calm?”

He shrugged and pointed over his shoulder while he stuffed his face with food.  "Maybe because this girl over there flirts with you boyfriend? I don’t know, just a question.“

I followed his finger with my gaze and saw Newt sitting at a table right next to his sister. On is other side i spotted another girl. I couldn’t see her face since they sat with their back to us, but what i could clearly see was that she sat way too close to him. Way too close. She had a hand on his shoulder and pressed her whole side at his while she talked animatedly to him. Also she laughed a tad too loud and much and  sometimes casually twirled a strand of her hair with her finger.

And the worst thing: Newt didn’t seemed to be bothered a bit by her attitude and much rather enjoyed it and laughed a long with her.

This picture filled me with nausea and i shoved my plate away and stood up apruptly.

“I’m not hungry anymore. I’ll go to bed”, i said flatly and quickly walked away.

Thomas P.O.V

Thomas shoved Minho, who almost choked with his mouth full of bread.

“Was this really necessary, Minho? She was fine until you had to make your idiotic comment.”

The black haired boy shrugged . “I just pointed it out. I thought she knew!”

“Whatever. I go talk to her and look if she’s ok.”

With this words Thomas stood up and left Minho with his food, not without throwing a thouthful glance over to Newt. He didn’t understand why he acted like this, because he knew that his friend truly loved Y/N, and it was obvious that he was hurting her with his behavior.

Thomas found Y/N sitting on her usual spot, the rock a bit seperated from the camp, carefully approached her and laid his hand on her slightly  shaking shoulder, which made her turning around to him.

When she recognized him, she immediately tried to wipe the tears from her face, but he softly pushed her hands down and pulled her into a hug. She tensed up, but then started crying and buried her face in her best friend’s shoulder. He held her until she calmed down and then asked concerned: “Are you ok, Y/N?”

She shook her head and asked with a shaky voice: “Do you think he’s cheating on me, Tommy? Am i not good enough for him?”

“No, Y/N, stop thinking like this. Newt loves you and sure as hell isn’t cheating on you. Just talk to him and it’ll be fine. I think he doesn’t even know how much he is hurting you right know. But i promise, it’ll be fine.”


After my little break down after dinner i sat in Newt’s and my shared tent, waiting for him. This time i wouldn’t be asleep, i wanted to talk to him.

After i almost fell asleepa few times, i finally heard someone approaching the tent; and then Newt carefully opened it and came in. His surprise was obvious, when he realized i was not sleeping.

“Hey, Y/N. Why are you still awake? I told you you don’t have towait for me.”

He laid down next to me and attempted to kiss me, but i turned my head so that he kissed my cheek instead of my lips.

“I want to talk to you, Newt.” I hated how little and vulnerable my voice sounded.

“Is everything alright, love?”, he asked somewhat concerned.

I felt warm spreading in my stomach when he called me ‘love’, but then i remembered what i had planned to do.

“Are you cheating on me, Newt?”, i confronted him, and it sounded harsher than i wanted it to.

He seemed taken aback by my question,and quickly shook his head. “What wouldmakeyou think that? I would never cheat on you! I love you!”

“Really? Because it doesn’t seem like it. For me it looks like you really enjoyed this girl’s presence at the dinner, didn’t mind her flirting with you, in the evening you never come back before i’m asleep and in the mornings you leave before i wake up. I can count on the fingers of my hand how many times we talked since we arrived here, and i’m sick of it! If you don’t want me anymore, just say it, but don’t let me suffer like this!” With every word my voice had raised and the last ones i had screamed at him with tears brimming in my eyes.

Newt stared at me in disbelief and when he spoke, his voice was dangerously low. “And because of that you think i’m cheating on you?! We didn’t talked because you were never by my side, and this girl - she actually supported me in the last few days unlike you, my bloody girlfriend! Because you, my girlfriend, were busy talking to her oh so best friend Thomas the whole day. Don’t think i didn’t saw you two on this rock, all cuddly and doing who knows what! Do you want to know what i think? I think that you cheat on me with Thomas!”

Now he screamed too, fist balled at his side and i had to admit, he scared me, because he had never before screamed at me.

He angrily took his blanket and stood up. “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

I looked after him, speechless, and then fell back and my blanket with tears rolling down my face.

What had i done?

Now my boyfriend, the only person i truly loved, hated me and thought i would cheat on him with his best friend.

It felt like he had ripped my heart out and left a hole in my chest wtih his words.

I was completely shattered.

▪ ▪ ▪

I had cried myself to sleep after a while without Newt coming back, but i woke up when i heard loud thunder.

There was literally nothing that scared me more than thunder and lightning since we all barely survived this storm in the scorch. I desperately felt for Newt with my hands, as always when i was scared at night, but he wasn’t there.

I remembered our fight and almost started sobbing when i heard another thunder, this time louder.

I clutched my blanket in my hands hard so that my knuckles turned white, while i started shivering and breathing faster.

I could feel that i was getting a panic attack, and when my heart nearly stopped when i heard the thunder again, i decided to search for Newt.

In this moment i didn’t care anymore that we had had the worst fight in our relationship last evening, and that he probably hated me and thought i would be cheating on him, i just wanted to lay down next to him cuddled up in his arms so that the storm wouldn’t hurt me.

I stood up and left the tent, the blanket still tightly pressed against my chest and turned around, frantically thinking where he could be.

I then stumbled over to Thomas tent, and when i opened it, i saw Newt peacefully sleeping under his blanket, his blonde hair tousled, while Thomas was nowhere to be seen.

I just decided to lay down next to him, as close to him as possible without waking him up, when it thundered again, the loudest thunder i had ever heard in my life. I let out a shriek and raised the blanket about my head, trying to shield myself.

Then i suddenly felt a warm hand and my upper arm, and Newt softly pulled me down to him.

“Are you scared, love?”, he asked, concern evident in his eyes.

I nodded, sobbing and he laid his arm around my waist and pulled me close to his warm chest, where i buried my head in his shoulder.

After a few moments, Newt spoke up.

“Y/N…i’m sorry. I’m sorry that i yelled at you and i shouldn’t have said the things i said. I would never cheat on you. I’m so sorry, i love so much, i couldn’t live without you.”

I raised my head, our noses almost touching and wispered: “No Newt, i’m sorry. I was just jealous and didn’t think straight. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I love you too. ”

Newt sighed in relief and pressed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“You don’t have to be jealous, Y/N. You’re so bloody beautiful, inside and out and i didn’t know what i would do without you and how i even deserved and angel like you, and i could never leave you, because no girl in this universe is nearly as perfect as you.”

I almost started crying again when i heard his words. I had never heard something more sweet and perfect in my whole life.

“Thank you Newt, and you should know that i could never leave you, i love you more than anything else in this universe and i’m so lucky to have you. And i didn’t cuddle with Thomas. He just comforted me after i saw you with this girl.”

“I know, Y/N. He already told me, i guess i was just overreacting and jealous of seeing my best friend so close with my girlfriend. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

I kissed him softly on the lips and then cuddled into his arms, not bothered by the loud thunder anymore.