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Jughead X Reader

Wordcount: 1,888 

Request:  Bit of a different request, but could you do something where Jughead is helping the reader recover from past substance abuse and addiction?

Warnings: Mentions on substance abuse, swearing, angst 

A/N: This issue is very personal to home with me, that’s why I’m writing it. Last year I lost a friend due to substance abuse, and many of my friends take drugs recreationally and have become addicted, so I’ve dealt with addiction first-handedly. I’ve seen the way this has affected them and it’s not a pretty sight. There is plenty of support out there if anyone ever needs to speak to someone about substance abuse. My inbox is always open if anyone wants a chat…Even if it isn’t about substance abuse. 

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Rating:Mature (I guess, closer to explicit without being explicit?)

Fighting the Galra and following distress beacons rarely leaves the Paladins with free days so when they have the opportunity, they take it relaxing to the fullest. There’s Coran who checks in on the ship’s status, Allura and Shiro finally stopped beating around the bush, They were somewhere making lovey dovey faces at each other and In one of the common rooms the rest of the Paladins gathered  trying to make heads and tales of a new game Lance had created. In the middle of his animated explanation something low in his stomach lurches stilling his movements. He was doing something, what was he doing? The room swims dizzily and,Why. Can’t. He . Just. Focus? Then there’s a buzzing in his ear.

“Lance, Lance!” “Huh?” he turns and the world tilts on its axis. “Lance are you ok?”  He frowns was he?  “I don’t- I don’t feel so well.”  he stands takes a step stumbling into Keith. “Lance what the hell?” Keith catches him a hand brushing against his neck and Lance’s legs buckle. Keith looks down at the Blue Paladin he’s surprised to see him staring wide eyed at him.

“Lance?” His breath quickens as his face heats. “Alpha.” The Alpha growls possessively his hand already coming to grip his neck. Lance feels his body go limp and his head falls back as he bares his neck. The beginnings of the sweet scent of slick floats through the air. From somewhere on his left Keith hears his name and another growl rumbles in his chest. The Omega in his arms squirms lazily pawing at his clothes. “Keith!” The realization that Lance was going into heat and he was only egging it on sobered him up. “I can’t” he gasps as he lets go of Lance forgetting that his legs had turned to Jelly.  Lance yelps, the rejection cutting deeper than the floor. Breathing hard he pushes off the ground. Keith already clear to the door leaves trying to forget the devastated look in Lance’s face.

Hunk places a steadying hand on Lance. “You ok?” Lance takes a moment to answer still slightly lost in the haze, and Keith’s scent clinging to his clothes aren’t helping. He was far from Ok but he wasn’t going to tell Hunk that.

He clears his throat “Yeah, I guess it’s just an off day,” he pats Hunk’s hand in thanks “I’m gonna go lie down maybe that’ll help”

The walk to his room has him insanely agitated not in the angry way but the way the leaves a bad taste in his mouth and the feeling of bugs crawling under his skin. Pair this up with the worst feeling of rejection and embarrassment you could muster and you had Lance.The action of  Keith pushing him away broke something in him. They’ve been on the way to dating still butting heads occasionally,but now he doesn’t know where they stand. It’s like all their connections have been severed. If he had actually paid attention to the Garrison’s Pack Behavior course, he would have realized it was essentially due to his status in their little pack.

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we were always meant to say goodbye

@philukas wanted pain. i give you: pain

au in which ryan kane shoots both the boys

Lukas Waldenbeck has always thought it strange how quickly and slowly time tends to pass.

It seems like childhood stretches into infinity, and then one day, it ends, and you’re fifteen and then sixteen and then seventeen and the world is slamming into you. It takes your breath away and never gives it back.

Lukas is watching like it’s an hourglass with a crack in it, and time is slipping out onto the floor.

Death is all he can think about these days. Philip dying, his own mother’s death, his father dying, Tommy dying, Tracy dying. All of these deaths that he may or may not have caused, the ones he may or may not cause.

He just wants to forget about it, but in the world Lukas has found himself in as of late, it’s impossible not to. Death seems to be the new fad for him. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going out of style anytime soon.

What Lukas really wants is to forget about saying goodbye. The way it’s become something that falls into his lap on a regular basis. The way he seems to recite the same lines to different people and watch them go.

Now it’s his time to be on the other side.

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Sonny x Reader

You and Sonny are married but have kept it a secret from the squad. 

A/N: This is my first imagine that I have posted. If you guys like it and want a part 2 please let me know! Feed back is always welcome!

When Sonny was transferred to Manhattan SVU, he had waited to tell everyone he was married. Not because he was being shady, but he wanted to make sure his family didn’t get thrown in the line of fire. You couldn’t blame him, with a toddler at home, you wanted to feel as safe as possible. It never really bothered you.

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anonymous asked:

How will react the RFA if mc has her hands soo cold and put them in their cheeks, neck, stomach or somewhere else?? Sorry 4 my English uwu

Your English is so great!!

Yes, here you go! We need a fluff break.

◉ Yoosung

  • You guys were out shopping for Christmas presents
  • But you forgot your gloves T_T
  • Yoosung was busy looking at a shop window
  • You snuck up behind him and shoved your hands under his scarf and around his neck
  • OMG
  • Screamed so loud !!
  • Jumped
    • “Get AWAY MC!”
  • You chased him around
  • He was running for his life
  • Finally you caught him in your grasp and stuck your hands on his neck again
  • He accepted defeat
  • Whined and shivered
  • Yay you had a new personal hand warmer!

◉ Jumin

  • The penthouse was so cold
  • Why was is so cold????
  • You ran up to Jumin and pressed your hands on his cheeks
  • He literally didn’t even move for a minute
  • Like
  • Didn’t care
  • Grabbed your hands in his own and kissed them
    • “You’re cold. Hmm, perhaps we need to schedule an appointment with the doctor. I read somewhere that cold hands could mean poor circulation…we should have you checked out just to be-”
    • “Jumin! It’s just cold in here…” -_-
  • He chuckled
    • “You’re so cute. Well then, allow me to warm you up.”
  • Picked you up and started carrying you to the bedroom
    • “J-JUMIN!” (//∇//)

◉ Zen

  • You were out taking a walk together to get some exercise
  • It was freeeeezing!
  • You slipped your hands underneath his shirt and onto his abs
  • Those ABS!
  • He shivered a bit and laughed
    • “You’re cold, princess!”
  • You nodded
    • “You know, they say one of the warmest spots on the body is between the legs…”
    • “ZENNNN!!!!!”
    • “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.”
  • Was now rushing you home before the beast was unleashed
  • But not before giving you his coat and holding your cold hands

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys were cooking dinner together
  • She was completely unsuspecting
  • You crept behind her and stuck your hands up her shirt and grabbed her sides
    • “You know MC, some people have such a problem cutting onions but really I just don’t-OH MY GAWD!”
  • Jumped a bazillion feet
  • Threw a bowl
  • She couldn’t help it
  • You just started laughing and she was laughing too
  • You didn’t mean to scare her so bad
  • Once you guys calmed down she grabbed your hands
  • Put them on her sides
    • “I can warm you up, you just need to warn me first,” she giggled and kissed you

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys were just hanging out in the apartment
  • Laying around together in bed watching TV
  • You were so cold!
  • Cue evil grin
  • You put your cold feet on his feet
    • “GAH! Ice queen stay away!”
  • He pushed your feet away with his own and put his hands on your tummy
  • OMG
  • His hands were freezing
    • “Cold hands, NOOOOO!” you cried
  • Now it was a battle
  • You were pressing your feet everywhere in him and he was putting his hands all over you
  • Both laughing
  • You both lose and give in to the other
  • The cuddles eventually make you warm enough, though >.>


◉ Saeran

  • You two were lounging on the couch together
  • He hogged the blanket and you were cold T_T
  • Slowly you crept your freezing feet over to him
  • He saw right through you
    • “Stay away.” he warned with a scowl
    • “NO! I’m cold, Saeran plsss”
  • Your toes inched closer to him and he batted them away
    • “Why you are always so damn cold?”
    • “You have the blanet, jerk! Now be a good boyfriend and help me!”
  • You stuck your feet under him and snuggled up
  • Slipped your hands under his shirt
    • “Holy SHIT WHY MC!”
  • Screamed
  • Tried to wiggle away but you were stuck to him
  • Gave up with a pouty face
    • “Damn it…fine.”
  • Pulled you in closer and rubbed your shoulder, tossing the blanket over you

◉ V

  • He was sitting on the couch listening to music and smoking his pipe
  • He didn’t even know you were home yet tbh
  • Your freezing hands were like heat seeking missiles
  • Crept up behind him on the couch and placed your hands on his neck
    • “wwwWWHHHAATT!”
  • Omg this poor boy
  • ScreECHED!
  • Threw his book and choked
  • He calmed down once he heard your laugh from behind him
    • “Not nice, MC…” he laughed and breathed a sigh of relief, “Come here, you.”
  • Pulled you over the back of the couch and into his lap
    • “Is someone cold?” he smiled
  • Rubbed your hands and kissed them, blowing warm air onto them
  • Put your hands around him and kissed you

grigori-girl  asked:

yeah can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #6 w/ bokuroo


Kuroo does not like mornings. Kenma knows this. Yaku knows this. Anyone who has ever heard the name ‘Kuroo Tetsurou’ even in passing knows this. 

But most of all, Bokuto knows this. 

He hears the alarm goes off. Barely registers it, stirring slightly in his sleep, but Bokuto does hear it. Also hears (with much relief) its silencing. 

He’s almost completely back to sleep when he notices the problem. There is too much silence. 

“Work,” Bokuto mumbles, its slurred and spoken more into the pillow under his head than anything but he knows he hears it. 

Bokuto knows he hears it cause he wouldn’t sleep that ridiculous fucking way and his hair wouldn’t be such a mess if he didn’t virtually hear everything in this world. 

So he says it again, a little bit clearer this time. A little bit sterner too. “Tetsu…” pauses, yawns, starts again with eyes still closed. “gotta go to work.” 

Kuroo mumbles this time. Digging his face into the pillow even further to avoid the morning light coming through the blinds. “-on’t wanna,” he says, sounding like a child rather than a mature adult.

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Boyfriend! Youngjae

  • Youngjae had been your next door neighbor since the age of 12 when his family first move into the town.
  • you rarely see him at the playground nearby your house because he’s usually playing some games in his room.
  • although sometime you see him at the grocery store when his mom made him run some errands.
  • you guys were actually in the same class together and you strike up a conversation about how you should get to know each other more because you live next to each other.
  • he seemed shy at first, but the boy’s smile and happiness is like an infection because you always find yourself laughing with him because he’s so loud about it. 
  • you guys continue on to go to the same school in high school,but not the same class. however, he comes to your classroom during lunch break to eat his with you.
  • he drags up a chair next to your desk and put his lunchbox down. “today, omma made so much sausages. do you want some?”
  • you: “i’ll trade you with these radish kimchi”
  • you often hang out at his house because he wanted to show you a new game he found. you end up just watching him play for a bit until you got bored and just lay around on his bed while doing your thing. it was a comfortable silent that you guys enjoy. no need for talking as long as you guys are together it’s good enough. 
  • except sometime his mouse clicking and random scream can get pretty loud when he’s so into his gaming.
  • “AAH..AH OhHHH”
  • you: “ your mom is downstair she’s going to run up here from all your screaming”
  • turned his head over his shoulder a bit, but remained his vision on the computer screen, “WHAT?? WAIT WAIT IM ALMOST DONE JUST A BIT MORE”
  • you turn to your side to look at him from the bed and yelled back “I SAID LOWER YOUR VOICE. TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONE”
  • mom burst into the room “WHATS GOING ON”
  • you thought you guys wouldn’t get into the same college, but here you guys were. this time Youngjae have less time with you because he seems to be a bit more busy due to his singing classes and after school activities.
  • you see him hang out with 6 other guys around campus sometimes and you suspect they’re the same loud guys you hear in his house during the weekends. 
  • one day you texted him saying you guys should hang out together like the old days.
  • immediate text reply from him with a yes.
  • he was a lot more quiet than usual when you guys were together. you asked him why it seemed he was avoiding you, but he quickly denied that thought. 
  • “i-im not ignoring or avoiding you really it just that i been a bit busy with the classes..”
  • you: “Youngjae-ah you have free time with the boys and i see you with them all the time for the past week, but we haven’t get to see each other at all. i thought we were long time friends”
  • “…i know..that’s why.”
  • you: “thats why? what do you mean”
  • “ no it’s nothing”
  • you: “i thought we close enough to not keep things.”
  • a week after that hangout you rarely saw Youngjae at all, but you also didnt go out of your way to find him either. you were silently sulking.
  • Then, you woke up from constant thuds sound at your window. you woke up to check the time and it was 11pm. is someone seriously throwing stones at your window right now? you open the window and look down to see Youngjae and his 6 friends standing infront of your house. you were about to yell down what they’re doing, but one of the guy turn on music and youngjae started singing.
  • this boy…is serenading you..with the help of his friends.
  • after he finished, the others pulled out big white sheet of paper from behind them and held it up for you to see. you read it out loud “i like you”
  • Youngjae is staring at you in silence.
  • you: “did you seriously just did the most cheesiest thing ever”
  • he continued to stare at you and you thought he didn’t hear but before you repeat yourself, you witness his bright smile that you love to see since you were little again
  • apparently he and the boys been preparing Youngjae to confess to you and Jackson thought this was the way to a girl’s heart and you’re not surprise it was his idea. 
  • now the sunshine is always near you on campus and off campus. you teased him that now he’s like a little kid following you around, but he just blinked at you and said that he noticed a lot of guys were interested in you but you’re so oblivious so he’s putting his guard up. 
  • he also confessed that it was hard to stay away from you during the time he was preparing the confession so he wanted to hang out where you usually are on campus which explain why you always see him with the other boys because he actually been watching you from afar. 
  • he’s too shy to do PDA, but you do them to get him flustered: quick peck on his cheek, hug attack from the back, reaches out for his hands across the cafeteria table and put them against your cheeks.
  • his reactions to it are always loud, but he secretly enjoys them since he never told you to stop and smile so widely.
  • sometime you guys go on a picnic and just lay around under the tree enjoying the cool breeze.
  • you guys have couple phone charms and earmuffs.
Never Watched Star Wars Before || Peter Parker x Reader

you guys ever watch that ProzD vine where he goes off on his friend for not watching A Goofy Movie?

this story is that vine. Also, I have never watched the original star wars trilogy either, so like, this is definitely a self indulgent drabble for me ;;

warnings: none, just a lot of gentle kisses from Peter

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!


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Before John goes back to work and Harlow goes back to school and I get back to focusing on my new book I wanted to get the family together and go for some ice cream and drive around the city enjoying the weather.

After when we came home we just layed around in our bed and watched movies till the little one’s passed out. Such a great day. 💖

I love my little family. 💕

Blind Trust

Prompt: A Matt Murdock x Reader (you can decide if it’s romantic or platonic) where the Reader is curious if he knows about all of the other powered people/heroes that have popped up in New York (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danny Rand) and he responds with “I’ve been keeping an eye on them” (bonus points if the reader retorts with “Was that a blind joke?”) by @avengerdragoness

Y/N loved these days. It was one of those one in a million days where Matt had day off and had decided to be lazy with her all day. They had decided against putting on a movie in favor of just laying around in bed and talking about everything and nothing.

“Why don’t you ask me what you have been thinking about for the past ten minutes.” Matt said as he drew patterns on her back.

“How did you know?” Y/N said in shock.

Matt chuckled and kissed her softly. “You take in a little bit of breath and your heart speeds up when you are about to ask something. You’ve started to ask me something three times, but decided against it.”

“Sometimes I think you are too perceptive for your own good.” Y/N laughed. “I was just thinking about those other powered people in the city. Have you met them?”

Matt wasn’t really surprised that Y/N was curious about them. In all honesty, he thought she would have brought it up before now. “Yeah, I have met them. They are good people.”

“Are you worried about what they could do? Look at what happened to the Avengers. They have split in two.” Matt heard the jump in Y/N’s pulse. She was afraid. Worried that he and the Defenders would end up breaking apart. Afraid for what it could mean for him and the city.

“Don’t worry about that. We are working together and communicating. Besides, if someone does go off the rails, I’ll know before they can do any real damage.” Matt said with confidence.

“But how? You cannot watch over three people at the same time, plus your normal Daredevil work.” Y/N pointed out. She wasn’t trying to argue, really, but her worry for her boyfriend and for her city had been weighing on her for weeks now.

“You’ll find I cannot watch much of anything, Y/N.” Matt teased.

“You know what I meant.” Y/N huffed and lightly smacked his arm.

“I know. I need you to trust me, Y/N. I know what I am doing.” Matt whispered as he cradled her cheek in the palm of his hand.

Y/N sighed and nodded. “I’m sorry I doubted you.” She said as she buried her face in his shoulder.

Matt just smiled and held her closer. The world outside might be chaotic and in need of a savior, but right now all that mattered was in that room.


Hey guys! I think I’m going to start giving you updates on some select experiences of mine as they happen. Kind of like mini stories but they’re about me and they’re real… So, yeah I’ll start now I guess!!

Last night around 6, maybe 7, I was just laying around in bed - normal Friday night stuff. Scrolling through my dash because I was kinda horny 😊. I’ve got a lot of filthy stuff on my dash so the further I scrolled the more aroused I became. I’ll skip the two hours of me laying in bed scrolling through porn and skip straight to me deciding to head to the bathroom… One thing you should know about me is that I typically won’t use the toilet for pooping at all when I’m at home, only exception is when I’m sick or something like that. Back to the story! I walked in, took off my three sizes to big T-shirt leaving me in just pink-ish cotton panties. I’d seen something on tumblr that pushed me over the edge of just looking at scat, to wanting to play with mine. It was a GIF of a girl kinda chubby, very pretty and adorable underwear 😍. She was straddling the side of her bathtub with a very big mess in her panties. Using the side of the bath to push her poop up past her pussy and out the back of her panties. So, I stood in my bathtub pushing out my load (maybe two days? I don’t know for sure.) as well as wetting myself. It wasn’t the biggest load but the texture and consistency was perfect 😏. I mounted the Side of the tub, just like that girl and started pushing my load around. I can tell you right now it felt amazing. My warm piss soaked panties rubbing my clit in rhythm with my hips movement. The warm soft but firm poo being pushed up the back of my underwear and slowly moving upward towards my pussy… It didn’t take long to cum from that 😍. I think I’ll be doing that again soon.

So… That’s a bit of an insight into how filthy I am. I’ll post these semi regularly I think, not all will be In this much detail. Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy!!


Live Blog - The White Princess Episode 2

Here’s my live blog of TWP Episode 2, it’s just over four pages.  I’ve given it a once-over rough edit, but this is what I wrote up while watching the episode.  Hope you find some humor here!

“drawn from the novel by Philippa gregory” righhhhht.

Wait, why is she smiling like that when she’s entering his apartments?  I can see a fake or strained smile, but she looks shy and happy?  Wtf?  Last I left them she was like “i don’t like this guy”, unless this is supposed to be her tricking him?

What is the hell is this scene?? She’s like… being seductive??  Also, neither of their costumes are working.  Her sleeves are ridiculous.  And he looks like he’s wearing an emo bathrobe.  Jacob is too good for this show.

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andrevvjosten  asked:

that's awesome! I'd love to read a preview :)

Neil lay in bed with just the bed sheet rucked up around his hips. It was summer and temperatures soared to an oppressive 105 degrees during the day and barely dipped down to 90 degrees at night. The oscillating fan overhead didn’t help much either, just churning the hot air through the dorm room. Neil rolled over, unable to fall asleep because of the uncomfortable heat. He pointed his toes and felt his socks slide against his feet. He wasn’t quite used to sleeping in a bed just yet, and while he knew the only monster under his bed was a five foot tall muscular blonde, he still didn’t have it in him to sleep barefoot. In fact, the sleeping in the buff was a recent development, but anyone would get over irrational fears of nudity in this heat. He always had his sheet to cover his scars, and really the bed was lofted so high that not even Kevin could see him clearly from the ground.

Kevin was snoring, face down on his bed in a pair of burgundy boxer briefs that Neil knew had Jeremy Knox’s number in a bright gold on the left hip. He knew this because he had climbed into bed with Kevin earlier in the evening, hoping to snuggle, but was eventually booted out because of the heat. Neil, stranded in the middle of the room in his black socks and matching boxers, had given Andrew a hopeful look, and was met with the quirk of an eyebrow before Andrew spread out on the bottom bunk, effectively banishing Neil to the top bunk for the rest of the night.

Neil rolled, searching for a cool patch of mattress that hadn’t absorbed his body heat yet, but he had been in bed for hours at this point and it was all hot. He heard the window slide open and the slight sound it made when Andrew shoved a book in the sill to keep it from slamming shut. A soft breeze blew through the room and Neil heard the snick of lighter before Andrew exhaled towards what Neil assumed was the window. Andrew sniffed and rapped two knuckles on the wooden headboard, prompting Neil to peek over the edge. Kevin was still on his stomach and Neil sent a brief thanks to the exy gods that he was kicked out when he was, because Kevin looked sweaty as fuck in the dim light. Neil’s eyes darted to the bright cherry in the darkness under his bed. His head was blocking the light so he couldn’t see Andrew’s face, but he dropped his arm in a wordless plea for a cigarette.

Andrew blew smoke up towards Neil and stubbed his out on a bottle cap in the windowsill before grunting that it was too hot to smoke. Neil cocked his head to the side and snorted at the sight of Andrew in sleep pants and a long sleeved shirt.

Neil dropped off the edge of the bed and stood for a moment feeling the shocks shoot up his legs. Andrew affected a bored stare towards Neil’s crotch causing a grin to blossom on the man’s face, the moon glinting off the left side of his body.

“You’re lucky you didn’t fall on your ass jumping off the bed in socks like that,” Andrew stated coolly.

“Ice cream run?” Neil asked hopefully. His inability to sleep turned into restless energy. He felt like he could run a marathon. The only thing stopping him was the heat.

“No. I’m going to go take a cold shower. You can take one after me. Your boyfriend could probably use one too. He smells.” Andrew walked towards the bathroom and clearly didn’t want to be followed.

Warren Worthington III hcs

Tagging: @emmcfrxst @rax-writes @shayara

- Cuddles are mandatory 

  • It was a rainy day, you and warren were snuggled up in bed just sitting in each others arms listening to the rain hit the windows, his fingers worked through your hair as yours played with his soft white feathers.

- Warren LOVES when you wear his clothes

• Warren had walked in his room to see you curled up asleep in his bed, wearing on of his old Metallica tshirts, he practically died on the spot.

- He is often self conscious of his scars from the cage :(

  • He was staring at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, his emerald eyes glossy with tears. “How can you love me?.” he asked, you just kissed every single one of his scars, telling him how beautiful he was.

- You two spent most your time in his room just lounging around listening to his old records

  • You were laying on his bed as he sat at the desk, as the music softly played in the background. He eventually got up and danced with you after you begged forever

- Warren loves when you massage his back and wings after a long flight

  • He was laying on his stomach as you straddled his waist slowly massaging his shoulders, then moving to the base of his wings and running your fingers through his feathers, pressing soft kisses to his shoulder blades.

                                              nsfw under the cut

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