just laugh pls

Listen, as much as I believe that Ducktales reboot will be promising

I really don’t think they will top this moment with Donald:

b/c to be honest with you, I lost my absolute shit when i saw this as a kid and I still lose it when i rewatch this fucking masterpiece of a movie

and if they do? Mother fucking applauding them

Mob Psycho 80′s style!
(click for better quality !!)


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?



you boys♡ (≧∇≦)

Get yourself a tc who teaches

geography because they will know how to show you the world;

a language because they will know the sweetest ways to talk to you;

P.E. because they will know how to motivate you to do unavoidable things you’re trying to keep away from;

politics because they know how our world works;

music because they will bring a good rythm in your life;

maths because they will be the rational part of all your ideas;

art because they know how to paint your world in the most beautiful colours;

chemistry because they know about all the little things and will know some really cool lifehacks;

history because you will learn so interessting things while spending time with them, trust me;

physics because they will be there when your world is out of joint;

and biology because they are f biology teachers!


It’s like they know I never wake up early enough for breakfast….. *sweats nervously*

jason: yeah green was my favourite colour as a kid but i dont really like it anymore cuz of associations with the lazarus pit ya know?

kyle: welp time to change my colour scheme i guess