just korra and mako it seems

all I’m saying is that korra and asami were forced to be interested in mako romantically and ended up together and now lance and keith are forced to seem interested in allura romantically and you know where I’m going with this

A long and really, really gay post

Ya know what really annoys me?? What really grinds my gears???

It’s when writers give us a Male Main Character and a Female Main Character and then just expect us to want them to be together purely on the basis of them being, well, the Male MC and the Female MC. See, the reason why so many people in Tumblr fandoms reject the Standard Heterosexual Romance is because writers are too often SUPER LAZY when it comes to “filling in the blanks” (rather, they expect us to do it for them.) Blushing and pining and staring can only progress a relationship so far. Writers have to give the characters a genuine basis for a strong emotional bond, or else it all seems forced for the sake of a tired-out romantic subplot. Moreover, real relationships aren’t static. They change, and they deepen. When a relationship doesn’t do that over the course of the story, it just feels rigid.

Example: The Legend of Korra. Mako and Korra vs. Korra and Asami.

Mako and Korra ended their relationship in Season 2 mostly because it was static. In other words, they both knew dragging out their romantic relationship any further would be pointless. What came between them in the first season came between them later on in the second: Korra’s impatience, Mako’s indecisiveness. There was no longer room for their relationship to develop. Also: For all the criticism of Korrasami being “rushed,” let’s not forget how rushed the romance was in Season 1 — that is, the cloying and uncomfortable insta-love that happened with Ma//korra and Ma//sami.

Korra and Asami, however, developed their relationship over the course of two seasons, as much as some would still like to deny that. It was founded in a deep friendship first, and ultimately culminated in a believable romance. Season 3 spent time pairing them together in moments and situations that would deepen their bond, whether it was a friendly discussion about past romantic blunders, emotional support after a traumatic experience, or working together to figure their way out of an impossible situation (i.e. traversing a vast desert with a giant monster at their heels.) The writers made us want them to be together by the end, because it felt logical and real.

So many other examples, too! Kids on the Slope, Kill la Kill, RWBY etc. 

Why would I ship Kaoru and Ritsuko when the story centers more on the relationship between Kaoru and Sentaro? It is their story and bond that most interests the audience. Kaoru and Ritsuko have little basis for a relationship at all, and it feels a little unsatisfying and unearned for them to be together.

Another! Ryuko and Mako. Regardless of the apparent crush Gamagori has on Mako, it doesn’t change the fact that Ryuko and Mako have a genuine attachment to each other, and support each other and rely on each other in a multitude of ways. Almost everything Ryuko does concerns Mako in some aspect, and vice versa. (And they’re canon? But no one seems to realize this?? Why???)

Last one! RWBY’s Blake and Yang. Why the writers of this show are trying to half-assedly push relationships like Blake/Sun and Weiss/Neptune on us will always be beyond me. Both pairs are based on, as I mentioned before, “blushing and pining and staring” without any real emotional depth or any basis for a relationship. Blake and Yang, however, have been shown to have a very complex and variable relationship. They went from strangers with little in common, to teammates, to friends, and finally to something more complicated than that. While Blake and Sun have few interactions, and share only the common aspect of being faunus, Blake and Yang’s interactions are way more meaningful than that. Such as when Yang confronted Blake about her obsession with stopping Torchwick, and when Blake told Yang why it was difficult for her to put her faith in people close to her. 

Does this mean heterosexual couples are inherently bad? Of course not! Some great examples of when it’s done right: Royai, Shinkane, Kazubisha, Eremika, Yatori, Touken, Edwin, etc. Pairings with solid and realistic foundations, ones founded in respect, trust, and mutual benefit.

Romance writing is only “bad” when it’s LAZY, when the writers expect something from us as an audience based off of weak or nonsensical reasoning. So…there ya go.


It is just me or?…

I admit I AM searching for anything positive in those last few kind of problematic episodes, but you got to admit the similarities are there.

And S2 of Korra was such a huge turnaround in terms of writing, dropping a romance that felt unnatural, starting to up the romance that the fanbase actually liked and upping the plot quality and overall characterization of all those involved(I even grew to like the-just-a-friend-Mako after that!) that you can’t help but wish those similarities to be intentional.

Not sure if Yang is Asami or Korra tho since in regards of that the two characters get kind of muddled as both Blake and Yang have both Korra and Asami traits. I mean Yang’s mom plot is akin to Asami’s dad plot yet she is  literally going through Korra’s  S4 PTSD plot right now(just it seems less well written and less respectful to the trauma, sadly). While Blake seems to have Korra’s S2 family conflict now. If Sienna Khan is Ghira’s sister/brother I will flip out.

you know a little something i really want the comics to make clear is where the hell is asami living

‘cause like i think she’s been living at air temple island this whole time. i feel like she wouldn’t want to live in the mansion all alone with so many bad memories tied to it now (but she’s sentimental enough to not want to sell it), and plus why would she want to live there with mako and bolin’s family, who, presumably, she wouldn’t know as well as tenzin and pema. plus after korra left, i think she would have found some comfort still living on ati. also she designed the new airbender suits, so perhaps she had been around the airbenders enough to know what would work best for them because she lives with them

not to mention “remembrances.” korra was at the gazebo and didn’t seem to expect asami. why invite asami over just to ditch her? and asami seemed comfortable just going and making tea for korra

i just really need to know this okay

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So I have a few questions: 1. What are your thoughts about Korra's character development as a whole throughout LOK? 2. What are your thoughts on Korra's development in Book 4 specifically? 3. How would you write Korra's character development throughout Books 1-4?

I was so excited when I watched Legend of Korra for the first time! The setup for Korra’s character arc was excellent. She was brash and headstrong, but a master of three elements while lacking spirituality. Meanwhile, her initial antagonist plays upon her weakness—her lack of diplomacy, her headstrong nature, her absent airbending—in order to force her character to develop.  It was a smart idea, making Korra the polar opposite of Aang, so we could have a journey from a Korra who embraced being the Avatar as her core identity, to a Korra who learned to be herself as well as keeping balance in the world.

Too bad they didn’t actually go through with it.

Bryke’s problem from a writing standpoint is that they seem to get bored very quickly. They don’t have the patience for depth and complexity that lends itself to the best character arcs. Korra shouldn’t have just punched her airbending into existence because Mako was in danger, much like Bolin shouldn’t have suddenly learned lavabending by going “HRRRRNGH!” and throwing up his arms. Let’s take a very simple scene from A:TLA and apply it to Korra.

In early Season 2, Zuko starts off by saying that the peasants they’re surrounded with should be waiting on them hand and foot. However, he and his uncle are rendered helpless by Azula’s machinations and are forced to take shelter with an Earth Kingdom family. While there, Zuko sees Song’s struggles and the damage the Fire Nation has caused, in a way that makes him identify with and understand her. While his actions don’t change for the better immediately, the encounter plants a seed in his mind that bears fruit farther down the road.

Korra should have gotten to know the Equalists—and not just them, but what it’s like to be a nonbender in Republic City. She should have lost her powers completely at the end of Book 1, and that could have caused her to experience what other nonbenders live with. She could see the dismissal of her power and bond with Asami over being underestimated, instead of just seeing Asami as a rival. And Amon should never have been a bender to begin with; he should have been a nonbender who has learned to take other people’s energy through spiritual means. This would set up Book 2.

Then in Book 2, we could focus on building up Korra’s identity and coupling that with spirituality. Perhaps Korra would be without bending, but she would be able to perform some of the astral projection that Jinora was capable of. She would have to discipline her mind as well as her body, and learn to think strategically in order to navigate the Spirit World. We could learn more about the origins of the Avatar in this book (hopefully in a way that would coincide more with A:TLA’s mythology) and Korra would conquer an underling, maybe the Lieutenant, in the Spirit World before returning to the physical world, ready for action.

In Book Three, Korra would find the world very different upon her return—a throwback to Aang coming out of the iceberg. In response to Amon’s coup over Republic City, Kuvira would be rising in the Earth Kingdom—essentially two populist movements from the bending and nonbending sides. At first, it seems like the “will of the people” will win out, and Korra finds herself doubting her purpose in this world. After all, does the world really need an Avatar anymore? This isn’t helped by the fact that she has difficulty negotiating with different sides. But as the two opponents conflict more and more, Korra realizes that maybe “the world” doesn’t need her—but the world she wants to make for the future does, and not just as the Avatar. She ends up talking with Kuvira and understanding her point of view, but when Kuvira cannot be talked down from extremism, Korra makes the ultimate decision: to strike a deal with Amon to defend Republic City.

In Book 4, Korra marshals all of the strengths she’s gained and all of the allies—from the Spirit World to the Krew to the Equalists. Korra’s continued championing of equal rights for nonbenders has eaten away at support for Amon’s extremism, and he ends up attempting to kill her, only to be assassinated by Kuvira (or her agents). Kuvira uses this to paint Korra as weak, and Korra faces pressure from her own allies to duel Kuvira and depose her once and for all. Korra answers that it’s not enough for the Avatar to defeat the Great Uniter in an epic battle. Change has to come from within the Earth Kingdom itself: it’s the only way to make that change last. Fortunately, Kuvira’s crackdown on spirituality (since she would see spirits and eventually even Avatars as tyrants) has come with a price, and a resistance movement is building. Korra can then go and argue for cleansing the chakras, meditation, etc., from the point of view of someone who once denied that she needed such things. If we are to bring the airbenders back or have spirits enter the human world, it should not be by chance, but by a conscious act on Korra’s part—a supreme act of will and compassion that gives her team an edge when things look their lowest. Korra fighting side by side with a host of different allies (nonbenders, Equalists, benders, and spirits) would create new forms of bending that hadn’t been seen before, and convince enough of Kuvira’s people to defect that she would lose (maybe then Varrick could get a real redemption arc!).

After all, that’s what the Avatar is: many voices inside of one. It’s a city full of lifetimes inhabiting a single human soul—one that can borrow from the wisdom of the past, but embrace the future as well.

What Your LOK OTP Says About You:

Korrasami: Outgoing, forward and invested in your hobbies. You are so proud of your OTP and lets face it, you probably crack-shipped it back in book 1. Very very defensive of your precious canon lady ship, maybe even to the point where it can be off putting. But your fellow Korrasami friends will always have your back. You’re independent, hardheaded, and brash. Optimistic, but mildly cynical about society. You have to learn to pick your battles, but you are good at winning the ones you do.

Makorra: You hold a deep, seething sad hole inside of you after the finale that just can’t seem to be filled, though you try and try again with AMVs, fanfiction and fan-art. These two will probably be the literal death of you. Low-key emotional mess but you cover it pretty well with sarcasm. You believe that Mako and Korra need to be protected at all costs. You long for the days when book 1 was see-all end-all. A nostalgic piece of garbage with a great sense of loyalty, love, and humility.

Bopal: A real softie with a heart of steel. Your endless love for Bolin gives you a sense of peace when you realize he landed himself a quality lady. You’re warm and fun to be around, even if you have a bit of an emotional side. Generally a lovely person and a top-notch friend. Your relationships tend to look big picture rather than in the moment romance.

Kainora: You cheesy little shit, you. Nothing makes you smile more than seeing two people who are perfect for each other finding one another. You’re a sucker for good girl/scoundrel romances (Hello! Lady and the Tramp? Aladdin? Classics man!). You’re quiet and maybe a bit reserved around large groups but with your friends you’re quite the jokester!

Masami: You are drawn to the “love at first sight” AUs, even if you don’t really believe in it yourself. You’re a rare breed, but that just means that those of you who remain aboard the ship are loyal to a T! You’re pessimistic in love, but that doesn’t mean you’re bad with relationship. It just means, you’re more cautious. You don’t throw yourself at just anyone! Driven and passionate in your career.

Borra: Love that buds from a close friendship is your biggest relationship goal. You are drawn to people who are as hilarious and outgoing as you. Quite the romantic, you tend to fall for people easily. Your celebrity crush and you? You still totally have a shot! Never say never! You remain optimistic and loyal in your friendships. Like the big sister of your friend group. You’re a riot and a grand time, but you know your limits.

Bosami: Nothing hurts more than the sad, sick pain of seeing their beautiful friendship fade away as the books progressed. The end of book one opened so many doors for them that you saw mildly explored in book 2, but your dreams were smashed within a few episodes. However, you are still a strong believer that good people will find each other. You are very protective of your friends and family. You don’t actively seek romance, but if it finds you, you will go with it! You’re very open-minded and understanding.

Tahnorra/Amorra: Everything after book 1 was a lie.

Korroh/Irohsami: Like Tahnorra and Amorra, except you feel a little more betrayed. You are personally offended at the lack of Iroh in the later seasons. Professional and mild on the surface, but a super exciting person underneath. Tbh, you still have hope (maybe naively, but still).

Boleska: Book two was probably your favorite. You loved Eska and the idea of the Andy Dwyer/April Ludgate relationship between she and Bolin. You are sarcastic, a little childish, and you really enjoy balance. You’re a sucker for opposites attract relationships. The little brother of the fandom that everyone at least likes enough to admit it happened and maybe just look the other way, rather than hating on it.

Zhurrick: The only ship that really mattered in your opinion at the end of the series. Sure everyone else was nice, but THIS! You’d been waiting for their wedding, hell, just their confessions of love since book 2! You are optimistic, witty and tactical. A planner, but willing to throw that all away every now and then when the situation calls for spontaneity. The funky uncle in the friend group who everyone loves, but will just sit back and watch things go down. 

Wuko: All of that potential for a queer ship with depth, RUINED! You’re more than convinced that these two had romantic feelings for one another. You’re goofy, but well mannered when you need to be. Your friends can come to you for anything because you’re a great listener, although you would talk their ear off if they let you. Lucky you, both Mako and Wu ended the series single, so ship on! So much potential to explore!

Korpal: Like a more intense and sadder Bopal shipper.  

Korvira: A natural born leader. You are loud and in charge and full of energy, that is, when you feel motivated. When you lack motivation, you can be really lazy. You are ok with settling for Korrasami but your heart will always belong to Kuvira.

What your _____ OTP says about you series: [ATLA] [Harry Potter]

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What do you like most about korrasami? And what was the scene that you liked the most in the series?

Oh gosh, it’s going to be hard to narrow this down because there are so many things I love about them!

I think what really stuck out to me the most was just how organic their relationship was. I know there are people out there with differing opinions about this (and that’s fine), but their growth throughout the books felt so natural to the point of where I think it may have taken some of the creators by surprise. Korrasami just sort of… wrote itself in a wonderful and romantic way. Sure, it would have been nice to have seen some more intimate interactions between them in the show, but restrictions placed by Nickelodeon made that a thing difficult to do.

I think this idea of an organic approach works hand-in-hand with just how well Korra and Asami complement each other. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to witness. We have Korra, the figurehead of spiritual wisdom in comparison with Asami, the figurehead of technological advancement. Korra is known to be abrasive and hotheaded while Asami is quite meticulous and cautious. Korra is master of all four elements while Asami isn’t able to bend a single thing - despite this, it does nothing to effect how synchronized they are together in their battles together. 

These two characters have seen each other at some of their best and worst times. Asami was Korra’s caretaker after the Red Lotus ordeal despite her position at Future Industries. Korra was there for Asami after losing her father TWICE (via Amon and Kuvira), making sure that she had someone to lean on. 

The two of them could have completely had a rift between them due to the Mako situation, but we see that they don’t take it out on each other. In fact, they seem to grow from it.

It just seems that despite everything that was thrown at them - all of these things that could have completely ruined their relationship - they persevered. Their friendship turned into something absolutely unbreakable and untouchable. Despite all odds, they made it through their darkest times and found each other at the end of the tunnel. They balance each other completely and this worked perfectly with the overall theme of the forth book - “Balance”.

* * * * *

As for my favourite scenes in Korra (I’ll try to give one besides the final Korrasami scene, seeing as how I just wrote paragraph about how perfect they were), the first one that comes to mind is Korra bending the poison metal out of her body. This is also on par with Korra entering the spirit world with Zaheer’s assistance. 

These two scenes are just a testament to just how far Korra had come after the finale of book 3. While I’m sure she’ll keep having to deal with her PTSD throughout the rest of her life, it was just amazing to see Korra face some of her biggest fears head-on and use them as way to become even stronger. 

Those scenes just made me immensely proud of Korra and her character arc. Just seeing her in that wheel chair to where she is now… it’s just amazing. It still leaves me speechless to this day!

* * * * *

Thanks a lot for the message anon! I had a blast answering your questions! <3

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So I only casually watched LOK because I wasn't a fan, but aside from the ridiculous Mako/Korra/Bolin love triangle, and the way he treated Asami, from the episodes I saw I liked Mako? And I kinda liked the idea of him with Korra at the end of the series, but apparently the fandom hated that. Do you know why?

Because Makorra, like… it basically dissolved into a dysfunctional mess. They butt heads constantly, fought all the time, and were always mad at each other for something. It was, essentially, Bryke’s way of ‘proving’ Zutara wouldn’t have worked— It didn’t make sense, in any way, because Mako and Korra made good friends, and Zuko and Katara had a great friendship. Bryke can’t seem to grasp that supportive, respectful, loving friends will be supportive, respectful, loving partners. They just like drama and last minute copouts to seem progressive. Too bad they whitewashed an entire universe. 

So ok I know I’m in a really small boat here but I have a lot of OTP feelings happening right now so just ignore me while I rant about one of the most underrated Friendships/Ships in the ENTIRE LOK FANDOM OK HERE WE GO

One thing that pissed me off about the last two books (mostly book 4) in the LOK series was the lack of general character interaction like as friends between the crew. The one that I feel most deeply is the lack of Bosami. The friendship between them stared kind of simple which made it feel natural and relatable. Like you don't have to meet your soulmate/best friend in a wild chance accident (like hitting them with your motor bike or sneaking into a pro-bending match). They just knew each other.

We saw them both go through so much heartbreak and pain and through it all, they always seemed to constantly be ok with one another. Like Mako hurt Asami and Korra hurt Bolin. Mako hurt Bolin and Asami and Korra were at odds all through book 1. But through it all, Asami and Bolin had each other.


So to make things even more intense, like when Asami is facing the most difficult situation imaginable, fighting against her father, the only family she has left, when she is down and out, who comes to her rescue? wHO HAS HER BACK ALWAYS?!

You’rE GOTDAMN RIGHT ITS BOLIN! This is the moment I started shipping them. Not because they were the “side characters” and they didn’t have anyone, but because Bolin knows how much this is hurting Asami. He isn’t doing this to impress her or for any gain of his own really. He does this because he is disgusted at how Hiroshi treated his daughter (“You are a terrible father!!”) and he knows that Asami deserves better. He truly cares about her.

Afterwards, in book two, I was so grateful to see their friendship being explored again. SO GLAD that bryke didn’t fudge it up (yet).

Originally posted by katabatics

Bolin goes along with Asami to help promote her business. He genuinely just wants to help and dang son that’s just so sweet. And he does more than help! He pretty much solidifies the deal with Future Industries and thennnnn….

BOOM! ONE OF MY FAVE SCENE IN THE WHOLE SERIES TBH!! It’s so real! So innocent! So BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She is so thankful to have a friend like Bolin by her side and she isn’t afraid to show it. The way she leaps into the hug. The way she ruffles his hair. His goofy smile at her I JUSTTTTT !!!

And it doesn’t stop there! They go one to have some very heartfelt moments later on in Book 2. They confide in each other. They comfort each other. They TRUST EACH OTHER

Once again, when everything is falling apart around them, they have one another to lean on. AND THEY SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Asami goes to Bolin’s mover premier! Bolin is her Future Industries assistant! Neither outshines the other! They’re equals in their relationship and that is super important.

I mean lets not forget that he’s an idiot/dork and she’s always right next to him, ready to let the world know that “Yeah he’s an idiot, but he’s my idiot my god what did he do this time?”

IT THANKFULLY, DOESN’T STOP THERE!!!! There are some great Bosami moments in B3 too! Like how can we forget their reunion after being separated in the desert?

Look at how big his smile is How he ran to her so fast, he didn’t give her time to open her arms. He missed her so much, he grabbed her, arms and all, and LIFTED HER UP!! IM YELLIIINNNNN

Like ok imagine this: Bolin has liked every girl on the show so far. Korra, Eska, Ginger, Opal… My ideal OTP set up would have been he goes through all those relationships and ends up hurt every time. He wonders if he’ll ever find someone and finally, he just looks at Asami and knows. Like a “you’ve been there the whole time” type thing how fricken cUTE WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN THOUGH YOU GOTTA ADMIT

Bosami is literally that BR/OTP that will spend hours, competitively playing Mario Kart Pai Sho

How can you tell me that this friendship that grew so strongly from Book 1 until Book 3 just fizzled out in the final season? How could two people who care about each other so fricken much, who’ve ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR EACH OTHER have less than five minutes of conversation total in an entire season?

Bosami is underrated and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Bryke for crushing their beautiful relationship

After rewatching the original Avatar the Last Airbender and halfway through rewatching Legend of Korra, I thought I’d poke around the fanfic situation and.. it always is interesting to see “Zuko and Mai’s daughter” or something. Zuko and Mai never even got married. Hell, their relationship didn’t even last beyond the first year of Zuko’s reign as Firelord. Granted, that’s info that you’d only know if you read the canon comics that came after but like.. idk it just kinda makes me think.

Legend of Korra kinda makes a point to show that these romantic entanglements don’t usually work out on the first try but it always baffles me. Like, these kids are teenagers and so often you see like.. a future image or something in shows of these teens married to their sweethearts they had when they were 15. I couldn’t even imagine being married to someone I dated in high school. 

It just seems like a weird expectation for a lot of children’s cartoons to reinforce. That you’ll meet your soulmate before you can even drink or pay your bills. Legend of Korra definitely does better with how it handles how messy things can be and gotta love Korra and Asami ending up with each other instead of Mako or something.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if of the original Team Avatar, only Katara and Aang ended up staying with each other. I can’t speak for the Sokka and Suki situation but it’s never extrapolated either way, but Zuko definitely didn’t stay with Mai.

It does actually make me curious about Zuko’s reign and family life, considering his own childhood. I imagine he’d be a better father to his children. His daughter Izumi seems to have her act together and definitely lacks her father’s temper.

I kinda hope we learn more through more comics or something.

Unpacking Wuko

Fandom fabrication or canon supported?

“Just because two characters of the same sex appear in the same story, it should not preclude the possibility of a romance between them” (x).

Mako ended up alone. For that reason, among others, shipping Mako with anybody at all is a bit of a hot-button issue in the fandom…one where we can’t seem to agree. Given the existence Korrasami, both Korra and Asami are off the table as romantic interests for the boy, having ended the series in quasi-elopement, which the creators even called “happily ever after.” So where does that leave our favorite firebender? Bryke mentioned a scrapped romantic plotline featuring Iroh II’s sister as a potential love interest for Mako, and Bryan even made a joke resulting in the S.S. Makoperator: Patch Me Through.

But there’s another romantic possibility for Mako that much of the fandom has picked up on—one born out of the Book 4 narrative: Wuko. And though many of us (myself included) may be/have been slightly resistant to this relationship for myriad reasons, it is hard to deny, especially after rewatch, that there’s something there.

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Woah woah woah woah. I just had a realization. Women dont exactly have close friendships in the avatar world. That’s kinda sad considering what amazing strong female characters the show had

Azula manipulates her friends and mai and ty lee don’t seem that close. They are friends but we don’t really get to see them by themselves or how they relate to each other outside of being abused by Azula. In fact, all their conversations center on Azula. We never even find out if they stayed in touch. Or how they feel about each other.

Toph and Katara don’t have a close friendship either. Most of the time they act like people who are friends because they have the same friends. The first episode centered on their relationship they spend fighting. It’s the episode where they are sleep deprived and Katara and Toph are at each other’s throats. Even when that episode is done, they go back to being friends cuz they have the same friends. There’s one episode after that where they have a heart to heart about beauty but after that the only other episode centered on their relationship is the one where they again, spend fighting and resolve their differences and then nothing is done to bring them closer or a closer friendship aside from “we have mutual friends”.

Sukki doesn’t seem to be close to anyone else besides sokka. We can assume shes close to the other kyoshi warriors but we are never shown anything of the sort.

Now you might think “What about Korrasami?”. No offense but Korrasami honestly came out of left field. Korra and Asami started to become close friends with a well developed friendship after they both dated Mako. The show never once hints at a romantic or sexual relationship or interest on their parts. Just when you start to believe that we are finally seeing a close relationship between two women on the show Bryke announces that they are lesbian lovers???? I am all here for representation, but it honestly comes across as gay baiting and it undoes the one instance two women in this world had a close friendship. Can women only be close if they are gay?

Aang, sokka and zuko all have developed relationships amongst themselves. Entire episodes are devoted to showing their friendship grow, and that is further developed as the seasons go along. Mako and Bolin are shown to be very close to each other. And while they are brothers, they do have a close relationship with someone of the same gender.

Bryke, give the girls strong female friendships. And make gay relationships that don’t show up out of nowhere. Did I miss something on the show?

Headcanon: (Sort of) I feel like Mako and Asami would just be at an event and would be talking then the topic of Korra and Asami’s relationship would come up and Mako would just say as a joke “Good luck dating the Avatar” and Asami would just turn to him look him in the eye and say “I’m not dating the Avatar, I’m dating Korra” and then Asami would just walk away to find Korra.

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So I've noticed that makorra seems to be hated more than zutara. Why do you think that? Personally I don't ship makorra, I'm more of zutara and korrasami shipper. But often I see people compare makorra to zutara so I wonder why people don't seem to like it that much. I don't hate the ship either but I'm just curious

I believe it is because Bryke used Makorra as ‘proof’ that Zutara would never work. They took a beautiful ship and mocked it, by making Mako and Korra fight and bicker constantly. It was not only a contradiction of Mako and Korra as friends, it also displayed a blatant disregard for the wholesome, supportive, respectful relationship between Zuko and Katara. That’s why it’s hated. 


Requested by anonymous

“Who knew Bolin could officiate weddings?” you commented to Mako at the reception after Varrick and Zhu-Li officially became married.

“My brother will try anything at least once,” Mako replied with a shrug of his shoulder before taking a sip from his cup. “But I think I’m good staying with the police force.”

You looked up at your boyfriend. “Just because Kuvira’s dealt with doesn’t mean you have to stop being careful,” you reminded him.

Mako kissed your cheek. “I know,” he stated. “And who knows what kinds of chaos the new spirit portal will bring?”

“Hopefully Korra will help with spirit portal chaos,” you replied, cuddling into Mako’s side. The firebender wrapped his arm around you. You were getting a little cold, and Mako always had plenty of body heat to share. “So what now?”

“What do you mean?” Mako asked.

“What’s next?” you asked. “We usually don’t have to think about what we’re doing, because the world pushes us along. But now it seems like we have a moment to decide for ourselves.”

“Well, I know I’d love to take you on a proper date before things get crazy again,” Mako replied. You smiled. “We deserve more time for just us.”

You nodded. “I’d like that,” you replied. “Even if it’s just lounging, listening to the radio at your place.”

You felt Mako brush his hand through your hair as you watched Varrick and Zhu-Li dance. “I’ve messed up relationships before. I’m trying not to mess this one up,” Mako stated.

You smiled. “Certainly not messing it up yet,” you stated, before leaning in to kiss Mako.

Thoughts on The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars (Part One)

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything original on my blog about The Legend of Korra (or just anything original period). I’ve reblogged several Avatar related posts and art (as well as things from other fandoms), but I haven’t posted hardly anything myself since the Book 4 finale! I’ll just take a moment to wave hello to anyone still following this blog and my fellow Avatar buddies (Waves enthusiastically!). S’up Peeps! OH and if you’ve yet to read the Comic, don’t read any further than this because SPOILERS! I’m pretty sure most in the fandom have read them but just in case.

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Korrasami Analysis: Relationship "Health"

Anon ask #1: In your opinion, what makes Korrasami a healthier ship in general than Makorra/Masami? I have no hate for Mako but it was pretty clear that his relationships with Korra and Asami were unhealthy. What do you think sets Korrasami apart from that to make it a healthier relationship?

Anon ask #2: I saw a post somewhere saying that Korra and Asami doesn’t work because Korra let Asami to yell at her and she didn’t do anything and saying it wasn’t Korra. Saying that they don’t have conflict like mako and Korra (even katara and Aang argue) did where after they argue they get over it and saying Asami takes grudges and stuff and I’m like what. Do they know that Korra need one thing that doesn’t bring conflict to her life like being an avatar is? And that’s Asami who supportive all the way.

These two are very much related, because the “issue” raised with Korrasami in ask#2 gets at why it is that they work so well. I can’t believe anyone would view that argument as a bad sign for a relationship.

Before I jump into this, I will say I’m hardly the arbiter of what makes a happy, healthy relationship. But what I can do is look at characterization and hopefully explain how certain dynamics play into the emotional needs of the individuals.

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