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Today my coach tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to run with him. He told me he firmly believes that I can run crazy fast times. After, he went on about how I had everything it took to be a state champ one day. And how the other coaches talked to him about wanting an athlete who dug as hard as me. I'm so thankful that I have a coach who believes in me and who's gonna be here to help me chase my dreams. I'm wanna be great someday. Haha someday it'll be me. But I'm just a freshie. Who knows.

THIS MADES ME SO HAPPY!!! I am so proud of you and excited for you! You are going to do some incredible things, and I am so glad you have such an incredible support team behind you! These things can make such a difference in peoples lives, and I encourage you to be the support system to someone else. Tell them you believe in them and their passions too and spread the love around. I know you will be great and I wish you the very very best! You have so many adventures ahead of you!

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Can you make a cómic about buff mari? Please ;-;

After this, Kim no longer challenges Adrien to competitions. He goes straight for Marinette.


magnus playing with his rings


The way that we are
Is the reason I stay
As long as you’re here with me
I know I’ll be OK

  • Me: *despises thinking about myself in sexual situations
  • Me: *finds other people pleasing to look at but gets wierded out at the thought of sex
  • Me: *is generally uncomfortable when it comes to sex
  • Also me: but am i really asexual


His name is Ernie Reyes Jr. but he played a character named Keno (KENO?? KEITH?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT) in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (again, don’t ask how I got here)

He’s a pizza delivery boy that gets caught up in turtle shenanigans and literally only exists for one movie but please just look at him.

The black t-shirt, the bright red jacket, tHE MULLET. Did I also mention he’s Filipino because I could go for some Filipino!Keith headcanons like sign me the fuck up

AND WHAT’S THIS??? Have you always wanted to know what Keith would look like reacting to meeting cryptids irl well HERE YOU FUCKING GO. THROWBACK TO THE OG CRYPTIDS OF MY CHILDHOOD: GIANT RATMAN AND HIS GREEN DISCIPLES

Here’s him ready to fight a bitch in a tank top because he loves fisticuffs and is a hella good martial artist. Within the first like four minutes of the movie, he sees these dudes robbing a store and goes up to them ALONE telling them “you’re under arrest” HOLDING A BUNCH OF PIZZAS and attempts to take all of them out alone. I mean he beats the shit out of them but like then a bunch more guys come running out and then he’s like oH SHIT I DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH but luckily the turtles come to save his ass.

Did I also mention that out of all the turtles he is most similar to Raphael? The red turtle. The most impatient and impulsive turtle. Always ready to fight. PLEASE. Also Raphael doesn’t really like him at first but then Keno suggests he use himself as bait to find the baddies and suddenly Raphael is like “I hate to agree with him but he’s gotta point.” So even though Splinter is like “TOO DANGEROUS” the two of them break off from the rest of the team and do the mission anyways (um) and accidentally find The Big Bad™ (uM) and then get into hot shit (UM) and Raphael sacrifices himself for Keno (UMMMMMMMMMM). But don’t worry Keno brings everyone back to save him.

And then later there’s a scene where Splinter tries to teach him how to meditate but Keno physically can’t do it and runs off to fight instead because fuck patience he needs to kick something. Here’s this idiot literally back flipping onto the stage to fight Shredder one-on-one like wtf he’s so extra™

He also had an action figure even though he was only in one movie and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MORE KEITH LIKE THAN THE KEITH ACTION FIGURE????


Bonus: Keno sticking his leggy out

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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.


it’s hard to put you in a box when you keep it so blurry,
i think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly moving out and getting a dog


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

Hello, my dears!

“I am Demon Lord,” he pauses. “Well, former Demon Lord Ghirahim, but you can just call me Ghirahim… but you can call me Demon Lord Ghirahim if you insist.” The sword spirit winks, a chuckle escaping his throat.

“Anyways, according to Ma-,” he clears his throat, “Ganondorf, I need to… aquatint myself with others, so I have set up this portal here,” he waves his hand to the swirling mass of light in the corner of the room. “So any of you are welcome to pop on by and, oh, what do you humans do…? Chat? You know, get to know each other? Mingle! Ha ha! That is what everyone does right?

“But also, if you just want to leave a note or a question here for me, just go ahead and send one through and I will get to it when I can.” The room temperature suddenly rose as smoke billows into the room. “Now, I will leave you to do… whatever you tiny humans do, as I think my eggs are finally done!” A huge grin appears on his face as he saunters out of the room with a wave. “Ta ta!”

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