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signs as dumb YA novel clichés

Aries: The Chosen One~ “This wasn’t how my life was supposed to go. When I turned 18, I wasn’t expecting to be thrust into the Underworld. I was gonna go to college, be a normal student and rush Sigma Phi Chiapet my sophomore year. But everything is different now. The prophecy has spoken and I’m going to go through a training montage and become really badass really quickly even though I was against being the chosen one in the first place but now I have a black belt after a month of punching bags of sand and now I’m ready to save the world. And guess what. At the end of the book…………. I save the world.”

Taurus: The “you don’t know think you’re beautiful until a boy tells you so / not like the other girls” average looking protagonist~ “Hi. My name is Tookiewisp Flowerspark. I’ve got mousy brown hair and bright brown eyes. I’m tall and thin and I don’t have boobs yet. I love to wear my worn out high top converse and skinny jeans. Maybe if I wore a dress, boys my age would notice me. But to be honest, I’m just not into girly stuff like most other girls are. You could say I’m different.”

Gemini: Crush throughout the entire novel turns out to be an asshole~ “He’d never notice a girl like me. He doesn’t even know my name!’ *sudden makeover transformation where she takes her hair out of a ponytail and takes off her glasses* Boy: ‘Wow, Winteria Snow. I never realized how pretty you were until you put on makeup and put in some contacts. Will you be my girlfriend?’”

Cancer: Instant love~ “That’s when a saw her, walking down the street. She was coming my way. Her hair blew in the wind like a majestic mane of gold. The way she walked made my heart skip a beat. I started sweating and I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. I stared at her as she walked past and I tried to say hello, but my words came out in a jumble. She gave me a weird look and walked away. It was at that moment that I knew I had fallen in love and found my soulmate. Also, by the end of this book she falls in love with me even though I basically obsessively stalk her throughout the entire novel and have no redeeming qualities.”

Leo: The Queen Bee~ “That’s Brooke Richardsworth. She’s the coolest, most popular girl in school. She’s got long, straight blonde hair and wears pink skirts, pink cardigans and pink headbands. Those are her two slightly less attractive friends, Chelsea and Paige. Brooke is also dating my crush. We used to be friends, but ever since I accidentally spilled my chocolate milk on her back in the third grade, she’s done everything she can to make my life miserable.”

Virgo: Problematic parents~ “My parents recently got divorced, so now on the weekends I hang out with my dad, and during the week I hang out with my mom. It gets pretty tiring going back and forth after a while, but every other Saturday my dad (who is also a professor at a university) takes me camping and we roast hotdogs over a campfire which really makes up for it. Recently though, he’s been hanging around a new young blonde woman named Tamara Blake. He’s been spending all of his time with her. We haven’t even gone camping since they met!”

Libra: The improbable love triangle~ “What am I going to do? I have two boys who just got into a fight at school because they both are in love with me, average annoying weird superiority complex girl. On one hand, there’s Jackson- the brooding bad boy who wears leather jackets and rides motorcycles and treats me like garbage when he’s in a grumpy mood. Then on the other hand, there’s Theodore- the quiet sensitive one who reads books and drinks tea and I always catch him watching me from behind a bookshelf in the library! This is the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make in my life. I HAVE to choose one of them. But… who?”

Scorpio: The dystopian society~ “Hi, I’m Bland McBore. In our society, the rich and the poor are divided into two groups and all the rich people are evil and live in a city where there are floating vehicles and all the buildings are white marble and/or chrome, and all the poor people live in mud huts and have to eat bugs and also everything is a weird shade of gray to represent sadness or something. I am going to start a revolution and overthrow the government with the help of my two best friends and once we start to cause trouble with our rebellion, the leader who is probably an old white guy with a pointed beard will offer us riches that we originally fought against in the beginning but don’t worry we will heroically reject them and fight for equality and won’t stop until society is no longer divided. Also people will definitely die but it will all only be people we are conveniently close to. Me and my two best friends get to live until the very end because we move the plot forward.”

Sagittarius: Protagonist just moved to a new school~ “My dad got a new job so we had to move across the country. I’m really shy and quiet and dorky so I know that my first day is going to be horrible. The teacher will make me stand up at the front of the class and then I’ll cry because I’ll be thinking about my life in my old town. Then as I sit back down at my desk, the teacher will keep on teaching instead of addressing that one of her students is visibly upset and crying. Then, the boy behind me will tap on my shoulder and introduce himself- this boy will be the guy I keep as my friend until the end of the novel where, plot twist, he ends up being my perfect match all along.”

Capricorn: The Intellectual~ “My favorite past time is to go to this tree up on a hill where my mom is buried that is also conveniently in the middle of the woods but also within a short walking distance from my house. I go there and I just think. Not of a lot of kids from school do that these days. Everyone is so obsessed with the latest gossip or the latest trend that it seems like everyone forgot how to, well, think. Sometimes I wish I was like them. I wish I could turn off my brain and mindlessly walk around without a care in the world. But I can’t because I’m different and smarter than everyone else and I also like to read and I love the smell of old books and reading and did I mention that I also love to read.”

Aquarius: Really weird “quirky” names~ “Hi, I’m Ingridagelica Applewindbalmkettlefish and this is my story. I know, I know, my name is pretty strange. My parents picked it because they said that when I was born they knew I was going to grow up and do something really great and unique and they also said that it means “not like the other girls” when spoken in Latin.” 

Pisces: The “nice guy” guy friend who turns out to be The One all along~ “I just can’t believe my crush won’t notice me! Tell me Carter, what am I doing wrong?” “Nothing, Skylightquia. If it’s worth anything, I think you’re pretty…. uh, pretty awesome, I mean.” *Skylightquia sighs and looks up at the stars from the rooftop they got onto somefuckinghow* “The stars are really beautiful, aren’t they?” *Carter looks at her meaningfully* “Yeah they are”

Cheating - Reggie Mantle

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In which the reader has the locker next to Archie, her best friend since kindergarten.

Words: 871

Warnings: None

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10 Books Any Gentleman Should Read

A gentleman is a lot of things, but there is one aspect that is rarely discussed but equally important: being well-read. This not only applies to keeping up to date in a man’s chosen field but also reading for pleasure. I begin the list with 10 essential books for a modern gentleman.

The Odyssey by Homer

The epic journey is a theme close to the essence of manhood, and there is no journey more epic or wrought with trials, revenge, destitution and perseverance than Odysseus’ galumph across the ancient Mediterranean.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

While The Great Gatsby is a highly specific portrait of American society during the Roaring Twenties, its story is also one that has been told hundreds of times, and is perhaps as old as America itself: a man claws his way from rags to riches, only to find that his wealth cannot afford him the privileges enjoyed by those born into the upper class. 

Death In Venice by Thomas Mann

A repressed homosexual gentleman endures a silent and unrequited passion for a young boy while staying at a Venetian hotel during plague season. Gentlemen will enjoy this famous novella for its lavish descriptions of hotel lobbies, hallways and reception rooms – just the sort of places where gentlemen hang out.

A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu by Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust’s sublime portrait of fin-de-siecle Parisian high society; a must for an understanding of the infinitely fine grain of snobbery – also something of a soap opera if you read it fast enough. For those unable to make it through the whole 1,500 pages, the film adaptation by Volker Schlondorff is an acceptable substitution.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Few book quotes or titles have penetrated the common vernacular like the phrase ‘Catch-22’, and few books have managed to dance the tightrope of satire, philosophical rambling and comedy quite like Joseph Heller’s masterpiece. If you like to think and laugh at the same time, you are a man who will love ‘Catch-22’.

Ulysses by James Joyce

The tale of two peripatetics: a shabby-genteel supply teacher and an ad’ space salesman wandering the streets of Dublin in the early 1900s. There isn’t a gentleman in this novel – the finest written in the English language ever – and that alone is a good reason for soi-disante ‘gentlemen’ to read it… and marvel.

The Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

Steppenwolf begins with a preface narrated by the nephew. The nephew meets Harry Haller, or Steppenwolf, when he rents rooms at the aunt’s boarding house. The nephew dislikes Steppenwolf immediately because he seems shy, unsociable, and snobbish. The nephew admits that he grows to like Steppenwolf after spending time with him and learning about his divided nature. He views Steppenwolf as “a genius of suffering.” The nephew tells the reader that he will present Steppenwolf and his story without any commentary, but he repeatedly interjects “psychological observation[s].” Steppenwolf leaves his manuscript to the nephew, who then publishes it. The text, or “Harry Haller’s Records,” is the result.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

In my opinion, one of the best book ever written. You will not want to put this book down even at 1,400+ pages. You’ll see the best and worst sides of a brilliant, cunning man. From rags to riches and back again, it’ll leave you wanting more.

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer

With a critically-acclaimed movie, multiple books and a Congressional hearing, we all know the story of Pat Tillman as someone who turned down millions of dollars in the NFL to serve his country in Afghanistan.  What makes Krakauer’s account so compelling is that it goes inside the complicated, emotionally charged and sometimes contradictory forces of patriotism, honor, intellectual curiosity and justice that drove Pat Tillman.

The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s book was influenced by Huysmann’s, and despite being a blatant crib and full of purple passages it has become the most influential of modern fairytales, ever alerting us to the price we pay when we pursue style in lieu of substance…


episode six - a murder of gods.

  • ❝ you saved me. thank you. ❞
  • ❝ you already know my name. ❞
  • ❝ what are they ?
  • ❝ oh motherfucker, you never just answer a fucking question
  • ❝ that’s not a question, ___ , a question would be: what do you believe you saw ?
  • ❝ i don’t know what i believe. ❞
  • ❝ it was a warning to me, and a sacrifice to them. ❞
  • ❝ sacrifice ? like –– like what, for –– for a god ?
  • ❝ what’s a god ? can we even know they exist ? people believe things, which means they’re real. that means we know they exist. so what came first ? gods ? or the people who believed in them ?
  • ❝ where was all this before i met you ?
  • ❝ there’s always a window. but people are frightened to look through it. it’s safer in the prison cell. ❞
  • ❝ we’re not safe now. ❞
  • ❝ who are you ?
  • ❝ i believe in some things. ❞
  • ❝ your wife obviously has a temper. not used to getting her way, huh
  • ❝ your dearly departed has departed and i suggest we should do the same. ❞
  • ❝ was she a ghost ? i mean, do you think you saw a ghost ?
  • ❝ you know, you’re not questioning any of this. i’m questioning everything right now. ❞
  • ❝ i’m not so young nor so narrow to assume the dead are dead, and there’s no spectrum or spectral in between. in my experience, the dead that aren’t rarely come back without purpose. ❞
  • ❝ her purpose was to let you go, now get in. ❞
  • ❝ now you’ve seen who’s after us, and you know what they’re capable of. you can hang around here if you want, but i’m getting out of here. ❞
  • ❝ fuck ! where the fuck is my car !
  • ❝ yes, it does belong to the dead woman, i am the dead woman. where’s my fucking car
  • ❝ first piece of luck i’ve had in days. ❞
  • ❝ worse things out tonight than you. ❞
  • ❝ isn’t she lovely ?
  • ❝ i’ve done the math. this times that equals you’re a cunt, divided by the only way i’m gonna get what i need is if you give it to me equals the only way you’re gonna give it to me is if you don’t need it. ❞
  • ❝ like my friend jesus christ, the only thing you need, ___ , is resurrection. ❞
  • ❝ did you just name drop jesus christ like you know a guy who knows a guy ?
  • ❝ i can be very convincing. ❞
  • ❝ is this you being convincing now ? because you suck at it. ❞
  • ❝ i’m trying to convince you to live. real living. not whatever rot living this is. ❞
  • ❝ why don’t you put that on your fucking scales and weigh it
  • ❝ what the fuck are you ? i mean, what the fuck are any of you, but first, tell me, what the fuck are you ? seriously, what the fuck are you ?!
  • ❝ please stop stealing my cab. ❞
  • ❝ i have been traveling in the direction of mecca for days, looking for a jinn. ❞
  • ❝ i’ll tell you where to find a whole murder of gods, demi and otherwise. every god damned one of them. ❞
  • ❝ i know a charm that can lift grief from a grieving heart. ❞
  • ❝ do you know a charm that can stop bleeding ?
  • ❝ i know a charm that can cure sickness and pain and a charm that can turn away the weapons of enemies. i know a charm that can heal with a touch. ❞
  • ❝ excuse the cold hands. ❞
  • ❝ there’s always been a god shaped hole in man’s head. trees were the first to fill it. ❞
  • ❝ mr. wood was the trees, mr. wood was the forest. see, he was a very old god who saw something very new. he saw a god fearing society turn towards complete industrialization. so what did he do ? he sacrificed his trees, he sacrificed his forest, and he became something else. ❞
  • ❝ well, at this stage it’s ‘we’ll see’, or, ‘time will tell’, but if it’ll rest your weary head, then yeah, it’s gone. ❞
  • ❝ religion inspires in those who fear nothing, fear of the gods, and using that fear requires a certain element of fucked up. ❞
  • ❝ i’m not scared of anything anymore. ❞
  • ❝ i’m scared you’re never gonna shut that flapping hole of yours. i’m sitting here having a fucking anxiety attack because i am genuinely terrified that you are never gonna shut the fuck up. ❞
  • ❝ did you kill ___ ? i won’t tell. ❞
  • ❝ my name is ___. or … it was ___. i do not know what my name is now. ❞
  • ❝ i just realized that i’m never gonna see my mother again. i’m never gonna hear her say my name again. i’m never gonna eat her cooking again. ❞
  • ❝ are you dead ?
  • ❝ this is my afterlife, ___. ❞
  • ❝ did you pray for another life
  • ❝ i do not pray to ask god for things. i pray to thank god, for bringing me where i am. to this time, to this place, where i finally know what i must do in this life. ❞
  • ❝ i pray i find ___. he is my afterlife. i knew him. we knew each other. and now i wish to know more. ❞
  • ❝ people will defend the warm safe feeling their america gives them. they will defend it with bullets. ❞
  • ❝ less a funeral than a celebration of a sacrifice. ❞
  • ❝ if i know my friend, somebody got tossed into the volcano. ❞
  • ❝ this was a human sacrifice ❞ 
  • ❝ that’s him. head of the crowd. the one they flock to. ❞
  • ❝ please, go in peace. ❞
  • ❝ what rock did you crawl out from under ?
  • ❝ playing a little hide and seek. hiding from the proverbial them, and seeking … you. ❞
  • ❝ i need you to believe in me. ❞
  • ❝ i’ve heard your name on the wind. ❞
  • ❝ we’re at war already, and we’re losing. you, me, all of us. they’re taking honey from our mouths. ❞
  • ❝ i have no use for shame. ❞
  • ❝ it’s easier to pass for the living in the dark, if i felt the need to pass. ❞
  • ❝ your heart’s not beating for this life anymore, ___. this life is done. ❞
  • ❝ that doesn’t obligate him to feel shit. ❞
  • ❝ perhaps i misjudged the kiss. ❞
  • ❝ death do us part, take the fucking hint. he’s gone. your man came, saw you, tasted death on your tongue, and he fucking left. ❞
  • ❝ your kind of love, ___, is the worst kind of love of them all. you can love somebody even when you know they don’t like it. even when you know they don’t want it. ❞
  • ❝ that’s some profound fucking knowledge for you right there, wrapped up in a quaint sexual metaphor. ❞
  • ❝ people do tend to behave if they know they’re being watched. they like being watched. ❞
  • ❝ somebody’s watching. somebody’s always watching. ❞
  • ❝ what did you do to become the god of this little universe that you’ve created ?
  • ❝ you’re no stranger to sacrifice. ❞
  • ❝ they don’t sacrifice anymore. not to me. ❞
  • ❝ you could always sacrifice yourself. you’ve done it before. ❞
  • ❝ you ever see a man hanged, ___ ? throat crushed, gasping for life. it’s a terrible way to find your faith. faith doesn’t have to leave the faithful dangling. ❞
  • ❝ you are what you worship. ❞
  • ❝ the power of fire is firepower. ❞
  • ❝ not god, but godlike. and they believe. ❞
  • ❝ god bless the believers. ❞
  • ❝ i’ll make you a blade worthy of a god. ❞
  • ❝ i know who he is, and who he’s always been. i can depend on that. ❞
  • ❝ you’re not here at the moment. you’re distracted. i wonder why. ❞
  • ❝ she’s out in the cold, but … she doesn’t feel it anymore. or maybe … maybe it’s all she feels, now. ❞
  • ❝ they make blood sacrifices to you. ❞
  • ❝ you could use a blood sacrifice. ❞
  • ❝ you sold us out. ❞
  • ❝ you saw what i was. i was a story people forgot to remember to tell. and they gave me a gun. they put power back in my hands. and i gotta tell you; it feels good. ❞
  • ❝ i never needed my religion to be moral. ❞
  • ❝ moralizing religions are materialistic ones. they all need their martyrs. ❞
  • ❝ i’m laying down a curse. i’m cursing the whole fucking thing. ❞
  • ❝ god is great. ❞
  • ❝ life is great. ❞

No one remembers how it starts, but by the end of patrol, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin are standing on a rooftop arguing about who’s the better liar.

They all maintain that they’re the best out of the four of them, but since no one’s willing to give ground, it escalates.

Of course it escalates.

When they get home and out of comms, they decide that the only way to settle this is to have a competition to see who can come up with and sell the biggest lie. 

The rules are simple: 

  • You can’t sabotage anyone else’s attempts in any way
    • Jason and Damian argued vehemently against this, but Tim and Dick said the point was to win fair and square
    • Ignoring the fact that this is a competition to prove who’s the better liar
  • It can be a lie of any caliber or category - you just have to sell it

So… basically, there’s only one rule.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, I love your edits, they are all gorgeous and I hope you know that ♥ And secondly, would you mind making a mini tutorial on how to make the drawing effect gif as you did here post/158606758288/hogwarts-houses-ϟ-slytherin-or-perhaps-in? I would really appreciate that

aah thank you!! this is so kind of you to say :”) and sure thing, hun! I’ll be explaining how to make something like this from this photoset:

what you’ll need: 

— photoshop 
— patience 

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It all happens when you start finding objects randomly scattered along the shore on your daily walks on the beach. At first you don’t notice them, thinking them just the scattered remains from passing tourists but inspecting closer, you see that they’re oddly suited to you. Smooth, round cobbled stones, the kind you like to collect, pearl necklaces strung over the dark jagged rocks along the coastline. Pieces of driftwood that have been cut and twisted into intricate little sculptures, just left there.

Almost like it was left for you.  

No matter how late or how early you get up, or how isolated the beach is, you start to get a feeling of being watched. But whenever you turn around, there’s a sudden splash, but no-one is there. 

You start to believe that you’re slowly going insane, until the day you see a webbed, scaly hand clinging to a rock, outlaying a homemade bracelet of clinging seaweed and aragonite pieces. 

That’s how you meet them. 

They had been watching you from the sea, and had fallen hopelessly in love from afar. As divided as you both were by land and sea, they had been determined to catch your attention by bringing you all the treasures of their world- things that no human had ever seen before. 

They had told you this in a small, embarrassed voice. It sounded like it was the first time in their lives that a human had actually spoken to them instead of just running away screaming.

You found yourself flattered by it’s intentions towards you. Rather than being frightened of them, their inhuman appearance only captivates you. Their wet tail shimmers like diamonds under the sunlight as they bask on the rocks, with bluish spiraling bio-luminescent markings that light up the evenings when you go out to visit them. There’s a beauty in them, as wild and enigmatic as the rolling blue seas. 

You soon find yourself going on walks, not to just be alone, but to talk to them. They were lonely. 

And you understood that better than most. 

    You grew closer without even realizing it, falling further under this sweet sea-dweller’s spell. That was when they had taken you by the hand and offered you a night swim. 

Without even thinking, you agreed.

There was a cold shock as you plunged into the calm waters. The moon shimmers from above the rippling surface of the waters. You make out the faint glow of blue, a webbed hand holding yours. The darkness is strange, almost frightening, but knowing someone is close to you helps ease such feelings. 

You feel safe with them. 

Their tail flicks, sending a stream of bubbles behind as they swim, faster than a human, pulling you along by the hand. You struggle to keep up with them, still amazed by their stamina in the water. Fast and strong, yet graceful and still, the kind of movements you’ve never seen in a humanoid before, frothing white jets of water streaming out from behind them with each arm stroke.

It’s beautiful to watch- like some underwater ballet.

Suddenly, they stop. As you wonder why, they turn to face you, you realize why they brought you here. The hanging moonlight makes them almost glow under the water, ethereal. They find you equally beautiful too, your form aloft in the floating waters.

A webbed hand encloses over yours. Even though the only sound you can hear is rushing water through your ears, you understand perfectly. 

You embrace, folding your arms around each other. It’s the most indescribable experience of your life- feeling equal cold from the waters surrounding you to the surprising warmth of your touch. Your fingers gently rake over their fins and scales, never feeling so close to another person in your life. 

They swim upwards, more for your sake than their own. The kiss was electric to them too, but they know well that humans can’t survive for long without oxygen. Your heads both bob above the surface of the water. 

They bashfully look at you with their wide, bright, lapis-lazuli- colored eyes. 

“It was my first human kiss…I’ve only seen humans kiss from the beach. Was it good?” 

Still exhilarated from the prior kiss that still tingles on your lips, you start laughing, echoing over the silently lapping waves.

You may walk on  the land, but you know your heart will always belong to the sea, where one will always wait for you. 

Title: everlasting
Summary: Sasuke shows up to her doorstep from his two-year journey. Sakura is overcome with an impulse at the sight of him.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: It Was Always You
Rating: K
A/N: Someone sent me an a headcanon in an ask once and I started writing for it years ago, but it kind of got lost in all my WIPs. I found it again, and decided it was perfect for this prompt!

I miss you. 

That was what he’d written her last.

When Sakura had gotten his letter all but two weeks ago, she hadn’t been able to believe her eyes. Sasuke, who was always all about retaining composure and simple fact-telling, slipping out of habit to send her this one simple piece of paper, containing nothing more than these three words? These three quiet, heart-exposing, wistful little words?

He was never one to admit such things.

(which is why it had hit her so hard.)

But, as she found him there, standing at her doorstep, shoulders hunched and gaze weighted with a mix of fatigue and something vulnerable—it made her breath catch. Because she could see it now; could see those three words written in every inch of his features, could see how lonely he had been. Could see the relief in seeing her as she was now, standing right there, in front of his very eyes again.

He really had missed her.

Somehow, knowing this, Sakura couldn’t stop herself from taking those two steps dividing them, gentle fingers reaching out to twine themselves firmly into his hair as she pushed herself to the tip of her toes and brought her mouth to his, kissing him deeply. It was a bold move, she knew. Probably even stupid considering the fact she didn’t even know with certainty where his heart stood with her—but then his lone arm slipped around her back, holding her tight as his lips started responding to her own with equal feeling, and Sakura sighed, melting against him in sweet contentment.

Neither of them made any move to pull away when they finally parted, breaths fanning warmly against each other’s cheeks and hands wrapped tightly in each other’s clothes. Too eager to stay close, not yet ready to part ways once more.

(not ready to put distance between them when in these past two years of redemption, that was all there had been.)

“Sakura,” he murmured, at last, breaking the too-thick silence filled with nothing but their shared warmth and long-repressed yearning. His brows were furrowed, swept over with sweet, heavy emotion.

Sakura couldn’t explain why it only made her smile, the softest little laugh tumbling from her mouth. Sasuke’s mouth curved into a frown at that, brows creasing all the more in clear bemusement.

“Why are you laughing?” he mumbled, pushing his forehead to her own while his hand dragged her closer. He sounded puzzled, slightly annoyed—or maybe even embarrassed.

Sakura only smiled wider. “Sorry,” she said, eyes crinkling. “I just—Well, this is our first kiss and it’s so… different from what I’d imagined it could be through all these years.” She laughed again, so lightly. “Better.”

His features seemed to relax with this, something like relief curling faintly at his lips.

(relief… and satisfaction.)

And then, he said, “Second,” and it was her brows who furrowed now, green, green eyes meeting his own in silent query.

His gaze softened in return. “That night, all those years ago,” he went on, quiet, “I couldn’t leave without taking something of you with me. Without being selfish one last time before severing all my bonds.”

Her heart skipped a beat at this; breath catching in her throat.

“I kissed you on that bench, Sakura.”



It was always her, she realized. Even since they were twelve, since he was bent on revenge and running away towards a dark, lonely path—it was always her.

(it was always sasuke-kun, too.)

The Sweetness of Singleness

I remember wanting a friend. I remember late at night wishing I had strong arms to hold me. I remember writing him, not knowing who he was, or where- just because I wished I could talk to him. I remember longing for more. I remember feeling ready. But all those prayers never fell on deaf ears, and while I wanted to be impatient, I gave up all these things to Him. I spent some nights in tears, crying out, hoping He hadn’t forgotten me- but I let Him lead me to what He had in store. I had no idea it would unfold so wonderfully.

Sometimes, that desire for a companion can well up so intensely you almost feel miserable. It’s okay to desire something good so deeply. I did. Over and over, I had to turn that desire over to God and entrust Him with it. If you are single, please- do not despise your singleness. I know if you have the desire for more, it can be hard- but listen, singleness is such a special time.

Take it from a young woman who spent 25 years single, had one break-up, and married her best friend less than a month ago. I love being married; but coming back to where I spent most of my time single, I was reminded of the sweetness of that time. I wish I could speak to the girl I was and reassure her how beautifully God had everything planned out. But then, I realize- isn’t that what He whispered in those moments to me?

Yesterday, I took the familiar wide open road to visit the home I grew up in. My parents weren’t home, so I cleared the table and took my favorite spot in the kitchen. I spent so many mornings there –every morning there- with God, studying the Bible, alone with Him. Feelings rushed to me being there again.

Not very long ago, this was my home.

I sat at this very table and spent time with You.

My Bible open, right along with my heart, You were my Best Friend.

Many times, my only friend.

You never abandoned me.

You always understood me.

You loved me and I loved you, deeply, fully, without reservation.

I remember one January spending hours every day, that entire month, just feasting on learning from You. I was learning a lot about being a godly woman, about godly relationships- I felt challenged. I was so hungry for more. There was nothing I was holding back, no area I didn’t open up to you. I grew so much. Truth was pouring into me and saturating my life.

I’m still close to You.

But a lot happened between that time, those moments with You, and today.


I’m married, I have a new home, another Best Friend, it’s not only me and You now.

Yet I’m back at this table, wanting that same friendship as fiercely as before.

Not because I’ve lost it.

But because the I miss the girl I was in those days.

Perhaps it was the innocence between the hurt. Before I experienced the pain of trusting my heart to someone else. 

Before any man had touched my heart or soul- when I was only Yours.

Not because Kyle doesn’t love me well, but because no man has ever loved me as perfectly as You-

And no man can love without it being broken.

I miss the safety of being single, the purity of keeping myself only for God, the sacredness of You knowing me best.

Yet how You’ve revealed Your love for me through giving me such a gift in Kyle. Yet how You taught me about Your truth and nature and heart for me through the times I was met with the opposite. How clear it is to me what Your love looks like. Through heartbreak I learned better ways. My eyes were opened to my own depravity, my need for grace, the depth of it You extend to me, and the forgiveness that doesn’t play favorites. If I hadn’t been through a breakup, I wouldn’t have grown in ways I needed. The brokenness was used to make me whole. 

You used it all for good. 

But here I am, having all I could dream, and wanting still-

Because still, my heart yearns for You.

Nothing and no one, still, ever compares to You.

You don’t get married and everything is good now- because we were created for more than another human heart can satisfy. We were created for an infinite God with infinite love for us!

If you think, being single, dating, or engaged that all your issues will just go away if you were just married already- know that the main purpose of marriage is to sanctify you.

Exactly the same thing God is doing when you are single. 

There is nothing to covet in being married as opposed to being single. Be content where God has you! It is good. It is meant to be enjoyed. Find your joy there, in Christ. Because if you can’t find your joy in Christ while being single, let me just confirm it will just as difficult when you are married. Let Him be your source of joy. Don’t make a relationship your goal. Make your heart resting in Him, closeness with Him, your desire.

Everything is good for our growth in God’s perfect timing. The wrong timing brings a different kind of growing- one that’s painful. Don’t seek something for the pleasure. Every other pleasure will fade away and not fully satisfy if you idolize it, no matter how desirable it may seem. There is no pleasure greater than knowing God. The safety of singleness or marriage, they’re both good. The delicate balance of what you pursue between is the hardest. In marriage, there is only a new level of relationship shared, one where the bond is greater. Because you are not just one, you are one with someone else. It’s not one plus one plus God equals three. It’s one plus one equals one plus God equals one. You all are striving for one. There’s nothing like that, relationally, until marriage. That’s the main difference between being single and being married and your relationship with God.

I love my husband. I love being married! I love loving God with my husband. I love being one with him, and seeking to have one heart with God together. There is so much beauty in growing together. There’s probably nothing more awesome than when you feel one. One mind, one spirit, one heart, one desire, one purpose, one physically. When you marry, you both are two different people and it takes work to become one- it’s not automatic. “One” doesn’t mean the same person, it more means in agreement, not separate or divided. I’m not going to be Kyle, he is his unique self. He is not going to be me, either- he can’t. But together, we balance and complement each other in a way that were one is weak, the other’s strength plays in. This is how we serve each other. This is how we work as one together. And it’s a beautiful picture of how God sustains both of us in loving each other- where we are weak, He is strong.

You don’t want to desire the right thing at the wrong time. You don’t want to be distracted with the wrong thing in the right time. You want to trust God’s timing and seek Him every step of the way. If you are demanding Him to bring what you want to you, chances are you not being patient with His timing. I know it’s hard, it was hard for me. Still, you can trust Him. If you have given up, chances are you are doubting His ability to fulfill that desire. Have hope. Leave that hope in His capable hands. He can do way better than your plans for yourself. I promise.

I’ve forgiven and healed from the times I’ve gotten hurt. I’ve learned from the times I suffered. The best advice I can pass on is always turn toward God. Never stop. If you have to, run to Him. He’ll catch you. He’ll embrace you. He’ll comfort you. If you need anything, Jesus is the one you need to look to. He always loves you, He cares for you, He’s going to be there. Also: never, ever believe the lies that come to you when you’re weak. Tell them to shut up, and shut them down immediately. Don’t even ponder them, don’t give them room. Reject them. Speak the truth instead. Repeat it and stand firm on it. Lies will destroy you from the inside out and mess with your perception. Don’t even let them in.

Marriage is vulnerability. Marriage is not stapled by being alone or keeping your heart hidden. It’s laid bare, swung wide open- and you not only entrust it to God, but also to the care of your spouse. That’s a wild adventure!

If you are single, enjoy the sweetness of that time. It can be sweet. Be alone with God. Grow. Learn contentment. If you are dating, don’t idolize that relationship and stay free in God’s will for you. If you are engaged, keep accountable and patient. God has good for you. He is the greatest love you will ever enjoy, so get lost in that and let Him care for you. He’s got you.

Pretty Little Liars 7x20 Til Death Do Us Part - Thoughts

I literally just finished watching the finale and A-List Wrap party right now. I have not seen a single comment about the finale, I don’t know how it was received, at all. Sorry if these comments are just reinforcing what everyone else has been talking about for the past several hours, because again, I have no idea what everyone is saying. Here are my thoughts! 

- It did not feel like a series finale to me and I cannot pinpoint why. I felt the goodbye scene at the end was not strong enough. Sasha said that they had to keep re-filming that scene because she was crying too much when she said “this feels like the end of something” - well, I think they went with the take that had not enough emotion, to the point it felt like a regular line and it lost its power. Not just this line, but in general, I never got a sense of “farewell PLL” from this episode, unfortunately. Not saying it’s a bad episode, but, I didn’t get that sense of “thank you and goodbye Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, Alison and Rosewood”. 

- Marlene said that there is one question she cannot wait for fans to find out, but she can’t tell us what this question is without telling us who AD is. What the hell could be this question?



- I’ve always said Pretty Little Liars is a two-part show: half a romance show, other half a mystery show. They really demonstrated that tonight, by having almost a very equal divide between the romance and mystery. The entire first hour was romance, and the entire second hour was mystery (plus farewells). The first hour, I was shaking my head. “This is not good. Not good at all.” Sure, there were some cute scenes, like Emison’s proposal, but there was too much fluff in the first half. The second half, it really kicked off. 

- So, my theory ended up being so damn accurate, what the hell! I can’t believe it! Even though Spencer’s twin was my foremost suspect going into the finale, I still ended up being shocked, because of the simple fact that they went with it almost exactly exactly exactly how I said! Not just the who, but also the why! I even got the name Alex Drake! 

- Okay, so I got the part wrong about the twin having helped Charlotte play the game from season 3 onwards. And honestly, that is my biggest complaint about the finale: AD started playing the game after Charlotte died, period. Again this is my biggest complaint and this is where the finale fell flat for me. Technically, PLL could have ended with Charlotte’s reveal in 610. Everything we got with Alex Drake’s story, was purely an extension because we got renewed for more seasons. I just know there will be people saying “ugh I’m so mad that AD has no connection to pre-time jump” and yes I fully agree, and that’s my biggest complaint too… but my response is: weren't the extra 2 years nice? Sure AD is irrelevant to seasons 1-6A, sure that is incredibly underwhelming and no where near as good as the fan theories… but we got an extra 2 years of PLL in our lives because of this extra, final A story? I’m grateful? #alwayslookingforthepositiveside

- I do not understand Ashley’s comment. Quote “you finally get to find out who A is, who’s been torturing us for the last 7 years”. Girl… it was just a month or two, in Rosewood time. 

- Am I the only one who never really felt a sense of danger, or intensity? Weird, since it’s the series finale, and literally anyone could’ve died. It’s not like we had another season, and I knew Spencer was safe from dying. Yet, I never truly did feel like Alex would win the fight. I can’t take PLL villains seriously for some unexplainable reason.

- I really liked the flashbacks that explicitly showed us the scenes where “Spencer” was actually Alex. That was great. I wanted more flashbacks to earlier seasons, however. (I did appreciate that they played some music from the pilot, though!)

- THANK YOU MARLENE for not doing another Charlotte reveal where A sits around crying all episode, trying to make us feel sorry for them. Sure, Alex (nearly said Twincer!) had a sad story, but she embraced her sadness, and it fuelled her anger to take over Spencer’s life. That was really good. I loved seeing Troian walk around with an axe. Bless. 

- I was surprised we didn’t hear of Radley (as a sanitarium). Honestly, thank god.

- I think the motive is the strongest we’ve ever had, of all the A’s so far: Alex was so jealous of Spencer so she wanted to break up the girls, yet her threats only made them closer. Therefore, she decided, “why break them up, if I can just become Spencer?” That is so evil and I love it. 

- I EVEN CALLED IT that there will be a scene where someone holds a gun to Spencer and Twincer, and they have to prove who the real Spencer is. I LOVED that! 

- I have a feeling that once I finish typing this, the first word I’ll be seeing people use to describe the motive is cliche. Especially the above mentioned scene about not knowing which Spencer to shoot. It is a bit cliche. (”I’m Buzz Lightyear!” … “no, I’m Buzz Lightyear!” Toy Story 2.. anyone? That’s where my mind went, lol) An evil, jealous twin is a tad cliche. I can’t defend that. But within this world of PLL, it worked well I guess. 

- Sorry Troian, I wasn’t too convinced by the British accent unfortunately. But my gosh you slayed the rest. WHY COULDN’T WE GET AT LEAST ONE SCENE WITH TROIAN IN THE HOODIE!? That was a real shame. I get that it was set one year later, but… still, Alex should’ve wore the hoodie for a scene or two. For satisfaction’s sake, and it’s also just iconic for PLL. 

- SHOUTOUT TO A FOLLOWER OF MINE WHO MESSAGED ME AFTER THE AIRPORT SCENE IN 715 SAYING THAT TWINCER SOUNDED BRITISH. HOW DID YOU GET THAT PART TOO!? “Are you going someplace?” sounded very British, I agree, but I never picked it until I was told to listen for it. Genius.

- We even got it right as to who Wren was shooting: Twincer, so that she can look like Spencer. Gosh, is there anything we didn’t predict?

- Bethany who? Eddie who? Seriously though, I’m going to spend hours editing my unanswered questions list. We got a lot. You can say whatever you want about the finale, but you can’t say we didn’t get answers. Like, c’mon. If you’re saying we didn’t get answers, you’re the type of person who complains over nothing and is just impossible to please. Every word that came out of Alex’s mouth was golden. We had rapid fire Q&A with Alex and Spencer. I’m not saying this finale answered 7 years worth of questions; I’ll probably find some unanswered things once I start going through my list. But… You. Can. Not. Say. We. Got. Zero. Answers. I hope that when I finish this post, I don’t see people spreading such stupid negativity. 

- Wren died? How? Why? That was unnecessary. This finale really lacked a major death. I wanted to say OMG to at least ONE thing, and unfortunately, I couldn’t. Not one thing shocked me.

- Am I the only one who thought Wren’s involvement seemed a bit forced?? What are the actual odds of Wren running into Alex at a bar in London? Seriously? But whatever. I’m so glad he played a role in this, and a damn big one too. 

- So ALEX was the British person Mary was talking to on the phone in 701!!!

- I loved the scene between Alex and Charlotte!!

- I found it really really random that Alex started messaging Mona 1 year later. They had just moved on and all of a sudden Alex is back to start to reveal herself. Maybe I’m forgetting something because that was just weird.

- I was disappointed that there wasn’t a major reason Alex took Ezra. I was waiting for them to reveal a mind blowing alliance between the two but then it slowly became obvious that he had just been kidnapped and wasn’t on the friendly side with Alex. 

- Melissa’s mask was just pointless. That was pure fan service to MelissA theorists. (And also to throw us off for a bit.) And I knew Melissa wasn’t AD since there’s no way they’d reveal Uber A so randomly at a picnic like that. I knew it was a mask.

- I got dollhouse vibes when Spencer (or Ezra?) said “we’re still underground”. I thought that was creepy!

- Seriously… they make reference to the mums getting out of the basement, without actually giving us an answer??? “Do you remember how we even got out of there?” said Veronica. It would’ve been better to leave that dialogue out completely. Teasing fans over something they’ll never get, is far worse than acting like it was just forgotten. 

- Did Veronica know that Spencer has a twin, since she made a comment in 4B about not knowing who is coming down for breakfast; Spencer or her evil twin? They really made it out as if no one knew about Alex.

- Wren is the father of Emison’s baby!? That was so subtle, the way Alex said it. WHY!? That makes no sense. I’ve noticed that this show is really big on “who” but not so big on the “why”. I’m just going to assume that Wren was the only male she had “access” to, to pull off the stunt, so she used Wren simply out of convenience. That’s all I can think of.

- So Ezria got married, Haleb is having a baby, Emison is engaged with twins, and Spoby is??? I was really really shocked actually that one ship is still left up in the air. It’s not a sad ending, but it’s not happy either. Maybe that’s the one thing that doesn’t get answered that Marlene was talking about.

- That last scene with the recreation of ‘that night’ should NOT have been the last scene of the entire show. If Freeform wants to launch a spinoff, fine, go ahead, but how dare you cut to the end credits after that scene. Call me fussy, but I call it passion. The final scene of the show should have been Mary and Alex stuck in Mona’s dollhouse. Cut to the credits after that closeup on Alex (Which, was brilliant by the way, and aligns with Janel’s comment of Mona having her own unique happy ending.)

- The wrap party was boring. Just saying. It should’ve been the 6 liars (yes Mona too) with Marlene, sitting in Spencer’s barn, talking about the making of the finale, any questions that couldn’t get wrapped up, favourite episodes, etc. I finished the finale and thought “it’s okay, I still have one more chance to farewell the show since the last scene didn’t do it for me!” and nope, this third hour was no better.

- FULL CIRCLE HOW??? Can someone name one thing that happened, that can be classified as “full circle”??? In my mind, full circle means Alison dying and the girls having a sleepover in the barn!?

- Overall, this is how I summarise the finale:

It did not feel like a finale. The first half was boring, even for a series finale. The goodbyes were not strong enough, and I did not feel like I properly said “thank you” and “farewell” to my favourite fictional characters ever. The scene with the girls at the end was far too short. The AD reveal was very predictable for me and other dedicated detectives, but I think other fans across the world will be pleased since it wasn’t actually that obvious. The motive was great. Troian slayed. But, coming from a person who also has a non-rhotic accent (Australian), I felt put off by Alex’s accent. The final scene was just stupid, I’m not watching a spinoff - the final scene should’ve been Mary and Alex. We got a shit ton of answers, but, as I’ll soon see when I go to my list, I don’t feel like it was everything. But absolutely, most things, yes.

In 3 words: slow, predictable, fun. 

Here’s my theory where I correctly solved Alex Drake

Here’s my farewell letter

I’m so happy you guys are still tuning in to my Jughead Serpent story! You guys are so awesome! ****** Last part:https://bughead4days.tumblr.com/post/160673823636/once-again-you-guys-amaze-me-with-all-the-support

Jughead slammed his hand against the metal trailer door, leaving it swinging open and letting the cool air filter into his dirty,stale home. He was so angry he couldn’t see straight, his knuckles were aching for something to hit and the closest thing was his kitchen cabinet.

The meeting at Snake bar went as well as could be expected, the older members of the Serpents were gearing up for quite the battle against Clifford Blossom and his many Riverdale cronies, F.P led the meeting declaring all out war and explaining his expectations, Jughead had been minding his own business leaning against a bar stool when he heard his name leave his fathers lips.

“We’ll need to get in their heads, show them no one is safe, not even their children, Jughead can lead the march on that one. The fight at Pops yesterday was a good start but we need more, go after more than the football team, I want you to take on every Riverdale High student you can, I know you all seem to have a way with the girls, work your way there.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the young boys as they high fived and grinned wickedly. Fortunately Keith and Dean came to stand behind Jughead, a few other Serpents following, they liked Betty, they wanted to keep her safe they wouldn’t go along with this stupid plan.

“You got that son?” F.P asked dangerously. His father had been scorned by Clifford Blossom and he would stop at nothing to take him down, Jughead knew parts of his old dad were buried deep inside the jaded, bitter man but it was getting harder and harder to find him.

“Yeah F.P, you got it.” He mumbled.

For a moment Jughead swore he saw his father flinch at the choice of name, but before he had a chance to analyze it, the man was back to discussing plans to take down the north side.

“This is what you were born into Jughead, this is your legacy” he mocked, spitting into the sink and slamming his hand on the countertop.

“Is now not a good time?”

He whipped around at the familiar voice and stared wide eyed as Betty stood nervously in his doorway, her tiny white skirt and soft yellow tank top stood out drastically against his dirty metal trailer.

Shaking his head quickly, he moved towards her, gently tugging her inside and away from prying eyes

“No! No, it’s never a bad time for you.” He smiled, placing a hand to her arm and tracing a finger over the veins on her wrist.

Betty looked at him skeptically before her eyes lit up
“Is that a dog?! You have a dog!” She pointed behind him and he turned to see his trusty sheep dog, hotdog, poking his head from behind the door. Looking back up to Betty’s eyes he couldn’t help but chuckle at the unrestrained excitement, he released her and she flew towards the shaggy white dog.

“Hi love! Your daddy didn’t tell me you existed, I would’ve come here a long time ago.” She giggled as the dog placed a sloppy kiss to her cheek, she pushed her face into his fur and scratched his belly. Jughead watched the scene with a goofy smile on his face, for some reason she seemed to fit perfectly into his trailer, her bright smile and laughter instantly lighting up his dark home, the Southside could use a little bit of her sunshine.
She looked up at him and smiled, beckoning him to come join her.

Dropping to his knees he scratched behind the dogs ear as Betty cooed lovingly, there was something unbelievably maternal about her, something Jughead hadn’t seen since he was six years old.

“He doesn’t get out much, especially now with the turf war going on. I can’t let him out of my sight, you never know the lengths these people will go to hurt people like me, can’t risk this one getting caught up in the cross fire.” He looked at her fully, his eyes boring into hers, hoping she understood his hidden message.

Betty looked back at him with equal intensity
“Well some things are worth getting hurt for. I think hotdog is willing to make that sacrifice.” She answered softly, her hand coming up to grasp his cheek as she stroked behind his ear, his eyes fluttering closed

“Hey! I’ve got a plan.” She pulled her hand away, standing up and brushing her hands on her skirt
“I think we could both use an escape, and hotdog could definitely use a place to run free for a bit, there’s a carnival over in Pembrooke it’s only a few towns over, that means the beach will be completely deserted, hotdog can run as far as his little heart can take him.” She bent down and ruffled the excited dogs fur “you’d like that wouldn’t you boy?”

The dog barked and wagged his tail, pushing his snout against Betty’s palm as she giggled, Jughead smiled, grabbing his Serpents jacket from its space on the couch and pulling her hand towards his truck, hotdog happily following along before hopping in the back seat.

Jughead never thought an hour long car ride could be so amusing, between Betty’s singing (and damn was her voice the prettiest thing he’d ever heard) and hotdog howling alone, he bought his face might break from smiling so much, she laughed along to his stories about Dean and his absolute hatred of anything alcoholic and he internaly celebrated when she described Her embarrassing childhood crush on Archie and how when they kissed she realized she felt nothing for him.

He only had to bite the inside of his mouth a few times when he noticed bruises he had never seen before as she lifted her arms up making the tiny tank top rise and reveal pieces of her stomach.

After about an hour of hotdog running through the water and Betty splashing Jughead with the salty ocean waves, they were both fairly exhausted as the sun went down but neither of the teens had ever felt so happy or content.

Clutching Betty’s hand as they watched hotdog trail the edge of the water Jughead heard her sigh softly

“I wish it could stay like this, we could just stay here, never have to go back, never have to worry about divided homes and responsibilities.” She whispered, reading his mind.

He squeezed her hand tighter and nodded
“I know, it just feels like.. like the world is closing in on me sometimes, like I’m right there in the ocean but I can’t get out, I’m drowning.” He looked down at her eyes and saw her nod understandingly, urging him to finish, to let it out.

“My dad.. he just.. he wants me to be this almighty Serpent prodigy, and yeah I love the Serpents, they’re my family but.. I don’t want it to be like this.. I don’t want our town to be separated. This responsibility to do what he thinks is right.. it’s all bullshit.”

Saying it all out loud, letting float into the waves, he felt like a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders and it was all thanks to the beautiful girl beside him who was looking at him with complete understanding and respect.

“I get that” she said “I’m so tired of trying to do what everyone thinks is right. I’m so tired of letting everyone hurt me.” She instinctively placed a hand to the bruises on her wrist “but Jughead, with you right now? I feel safe, like I can be myself, I know it sounds silly but..” she was cut off by Jughead bringing her wrist to his mouth placing a gentle kiss to her bruises.

“It’s not silly, I feel the same way. I can’t remember a time where I’ve felt so… at home.” He whispered against her pulse.

Betty brought her free hand up to his cheek, cupping it and smiling shyly

“Are you gonna kiss me or not Jughead Jones”

With wide eyes Jughead didn’t waste a second, dropping his lips to hers and instantly melting, it was like a ship coming into dock, she tasted like strawberries and vanilla and he had to muffle his moan against her lips. She gripped the lapels of his jacket and brought him even tighter against her, the taste of cigarettes and peppermint was now officially one of Betty’s favorite flavors.

The moment was broken in a flash as Hotdog leaped on both of them sending them flying into the sand, Betty dropped on top of Jughead as Hotdog attacked his dads face with messy kisses.

“Alright boy! Okay!” He laughed freely, his hands coming around Betty’s waist and pulling her against his chest as they sat facing the ocean.

Sure there was a war going on in their very little town, but right here right now, two damaged kids had found their home and they weren’t giving it up for anything .

Okay gang, bear with me because I'm going to talk to you about a glorious dumpster fire of a Shakespeare play called Henry VI part 3 and why I love it.

This is a boring sounding title, but it is SO NOT a boring play.

This thing is almost unperformable. It has more battle scenes than any other Shakespeare play. It has the longest soliloquy in all of his plays. It has over 40 characters in it. Many of them die. The characters and events depicted in it are indecipherable to American audiences, who probably have never really learned about the Wars of the Roses.The same two guys keep getting crowned and kicked off the throne in dizzying succession. I just saw a fittingly wack rendition of it performed in a pub with actors openly drinking beer onstage and changing name tags and hats to indicate which characters they were playing, which I think is fully in the spirit of the play, and I want to talk about why I’m so fond of it.

Anyway, you all know that I am obsessed with Richard III. I directed the play. I wrote a NaNoWriMo novel based on it. WELL, that play makes a whole lot more sense, and several of the characters have more depth, if you’ve also read Henry VI part 3… like, yeah, there are two other parts before that, but if your aim is understanding Richard’s role in the story, this play is the ‘villain origin story’ that brings him to the point of his famous opening speech in the play named after him– the speech in which he plots to murder his way to the throne, eliminating any family members standing in his way without a second thought.

But near the very end of this very raw, rough early play of his, Shakespeare manages to condense Richard’s self-loathing, rejection of family ties, and motivation into a few short lines that, in my mind, are even more effective than the entire 'Now is the winter of our discontent’ speech:

“Then, since the heavens have shaped my body so,
Let hell make crook’d my mind to answer it.
I have no brother, I am like no brother;
And this word 'love,’ which graybeards call divine,
Be resident in men like one another
And not in me: I am myself alone.”

The 'rejection of family’ thing is especially powerful because, having read and seen Richard III first, I had certain preconceived notions of Richard’s family dynamics. I had assumed that Richard was treated like an outcast and inferior by his family because of his deformity, and that his older brothers, Edward and George, were portrayed as virtuous compared to him, based on the way characters talk about them in Richard III.

Instead, when Richard bursts onstage in the first scene of 3HenryVI, it is to impress his father with a trophy of war, who compliments him and says “Richard hath best deserved of all my sons.” His older brother, Edward, who will later become Edward IV, brought a comparatively meager relic of war, and George isn’t even there.

Throughout the early scenes, Richard consistently impresses us with his bravery, wit, daring, and combat skill. He is… cool. Compared to him, Edward looks weak, whiny, unprincipled, useless (he gets captured and needs to be rescued by Richard) and a total skeeze who puts his personal life ahead of battles and grants mercy at the wrong times. George looks like a double-crossing, weak-willed, indecisive, and materialistic crybaby who barely appears in battle. In such a time of brutal war, Richard’s incredibly cruel and violent personality makes him look HEROIC. The three brothers may disagree, but they also support each other and seem to care about each other. Richard is in no way excluded- he leads the way. All three brothers equally participate in the murder of the Lancaster crown prince– one that Richard is blamed for in “Richard III.” He claims the prince was slain by Edward, which is played as a lie, but if you look at Henry VI part 3, Edward did strike first. This makes more sense as to why all three brothers are cursed by Queen Margaret in the next play.

And what’s more, nobody in his family ever draws attention to his disability, even when squabbling with him. It’s only the people on the opposing side of the battle who bring it up, constantly taunting him for his deformities. If he comes to see himself as an irredeemable monster whose body reflects his mind, it wasn’t brought on by how his family treated him. There’s sadistic behavior on both sides of the war, but Richard is the only major player who is physically unhandsome, and therefore the easiest to demonize.

We also see a young Richard deal with serious trauma from the horrifying murder of his brother Rutland (portrayed as a little brother and a child in the play, though he was older in history) and his father. When he gets revenge on the people who did these deeds, we feel good about it. He even angrily confronts the man who did it for being a murderer of children– ironic if you know what he’s going to get up to in the future.

It’s when his brother Edward becomes king that the real divide happens between the York brothers. The bond of war that united them instead divides them, as Edward and George become preoccupied with matters of love, sex, and money, and Richard realizes that the world holds no potential pleasures for him except for angling for power.

Killing is all he is really good at– he’s been fighting since he was a kid and has been praised for it, but those qualities that made him an admirable warrior are distasteful in peacetime, especially when civil wars have been tentatively smoothed over. In court, the disfigured little brother has no real place to shine. He was a kid who was totally desensitized to violence very, very early in life.

Also? Queen Margaret, who I played in Richard III, has a much bigger role in this play– and much more sadistic than she appears in Richard III. She’s SUPER vile, and the only character to appear in all four Wars of the Roses plays. And she wears armor and commands armies. I love her. At one point, a character says to her incompetent king husband, “I would your highness would depart the field: The queen hath best success when you are absent.” It’s a pity Shakespeare used his most formidable female character this early in his career.

This play is totally wack, but there’s so much great stuff going on with it, and I really urge people to read it if they’re interested in Richard III. The Hollow Crown did a shortened version of it (Though it’s called Part 2 there), and I really want to see the American Shakespeare Center’s production of it this fall.

let’s talk Jon and Sansa

I always say ‘there’s a reason I don’t write Jonsa metas’ and I don’t believe I’ve ever actually said what that reason is. Since this is going to be that one big post where I’ll just let loose all the  thoughts I have, I thought it might be time to confess I don’t write about Jonsa because I feel that no matter what I say, people (outside of that shippers fandom) won’t take me seriously anyway. I am a book reader above all else, I’m so sick of hearing that I don’t root for Dany just cause ‘you like Sansa well that explains!’. I write about more than just Jon and Sansa, and I should hate for people to think I’m biased more than they already do. I’m biased of course, but I can take off my spectacles. I truly believe that. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t ship it, cause I do, and I love shipping it, but sometimes I hate shipping it. Love to hate it too, hate to love it from time to time as well. 

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I thought it was time to write down my sincerest of opinions/feelings/thoughts so here we go. This is what I think, in case someone is actually interested:

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anonymous asked:

do you have tips on taking notes?

yes!! i have many, so i tried to make it easier for you to navigate :)

L O N G post ahead of you, covering lecture notes and readings notes, from a college senior :)

lecture notes:

  • i suggest using a notebook and pen, physically writing down. it’s easier to study, and since it’s using your body, you have a much higher retention rate on your side than if you use a laptop.
    • i have used my laptop for taking notes before. it’s easier to take more notes, word for word, but that’s not always helpful. maybe that’s your style, especially if you enjoy rewriting your notes all pretty and more successfully when you get home. i am not that girl. 
    • more notes does not always equal better! it’s good for you to listen actively, selecting what is important and what is not. i take very thorough notes. i take a lot of notes. if you need notes for a missed class, i. am. your. girl. that doesn’t mean i write out everything word for word. selecting details, clauses, and images really helps me to not only keep up, but also to memorize later. plus, when you’re typing, it’s easier to type all the words out without really processing the whole meaning. remember that dense notes are harder to study
    • finally, when you write by hand, you can get more creative with your style. occasionally, i’ll web notes out from one, rather than a traditional outline, bc it makes more sense for the topic
    • it also helps my anxiety! so much! if i force myself to take great in depth notes, then my mind has to dedicate more brain space to the task at hand than to my anxieties.
    • stick to one of these though. it really sucks to get into a test and realize you didn’t study half of your notes bc you forgot half were on your laptop. it’s awful lol.
    • if you use a laptop, get used to how it works first. do u know how much i resent trying to switch from a bullet that is under other bullets (like this one, not filled in) to a main point bullet (the ones filled in). it can be so confusing. also make sure you use a program you like. you can take directly into documents, but i find that i really love evernote, as i can make notebooks for classes, stacks of notebooks for my college, and that i can tag notes with specific classes and topics.
    • if you’re on paper, for fuck’s sake, divide your notebook into sections for classes. keep it all together. those notebooks with handy dandy dividers are so helpful, and they keep you from carrying around 5 notebooks at once.
  • i wouldn’t worry too much about highlighters and such in class. there’s just so much going on then. save highlighting and color coding for later, and count it as studying.
  • don’t worry about traditional outlining styles, with roman numerals or whatever. i take notes very simply. bullets/dashes, subnotes under a broad note. 
    • do it how it makes sense to you! maybe that includes different bullet styles, different places for different types of information (on a simple level, i start writing chapter numbers and titles as far to the left as i can go, over the margins, in bold and capital letters. i also usually go over these later in a certain color marker)
    • in some classes it is helpful for me to write the topic along the top of the page in a highlighter (color coding is lovely) the main idea/topic for each page. the classes this was most obviously helpful in were astronomy (COMETS or BLACKHOLES etc) and shakespeare (MUCH ADO ACT 2 or ROMEO etc)
    • it’s easiest to just note page numbers of referenced complex diagrams, as they are usually in your reading or accessible online
    • your style might look different in each class. whatever works.
  • note everything (everything) your professor writes on the board. if it’s important enough for your professor to write it, it’s probably important enough for you to write it.
  • note examples only if it’s helpful for your memory. however, make light note of things like famous people and their science/psych experiments. but in math and such, note! the! examples! and! reasons! will help you so much.
    • examples that have emotion, imagery, or sound are going to be more helpful. applicable examples are most helpful. good professors will lecture you accordingly. lazy ones will not.
  • star anything that the professor stresses or hints will be tested. anything that they say is a major theme or whatever.
  • note main ideas/points/themes, definitions, conclusions, 
  • use your tests to help you figure out what you need to know. ask questions about the tests too. in every class i’ve taken, i’m totally shocked at how willingly people ask about exam format and how willingly the professor will tell us how it will work. they want you to succeed.
  • people learn differently! i suggest taking notes in class and later adding touches that help you. count it as study time too. a warm up, if you will. 
    • if you’re visual, this might include highlighting, color coding, drawing diagrams, etc.
    •  if you’re an auditory learner, reading the notes out loud and organizing them accordingly, as well as making up rhymes, rhythms and such, might help you. some auditory learners actually like to record lectures and listen to them later. 
    • if you learn best through movement, rewriting or making flashcards will be great for you.
  • sometimes professors go really. fuckin. fast. why. idk? but
    • dont be afraid to ask them to go back a slide bc i guarantee, you will be the class hero for asking
    • develop a little bit of shorthand. sometimes i end up using initials, arrows, abbreviations… this is where i got “bc” and “thru” and “u” and such. lol. also, list things vertically, rather than using commas and “and/&/+) it’ll be more clear later
  • some professors you literally cannot take notes on. it sucks. you’re going to need to do the readings and pick their brains on how the test will be to figure out how to prepare. take home tests are your best friend. thank god for them. seriously. get your butt to church and do some worshipping.
  • if your professor puts powerpoints online, save the powerpoints, ya never know.
  • look at inspiration if you want, but remember that notes on studyblr are usually copied from class notes. if you’re too focused on how pretty your notes are, good luck to you
  • finally, the day before an exam, i review my notes that i have (hopefully) been studying. i like to make a one page cheat sheet / study guide on everything i didn’t remember, leaving out everything i understand, memorized, or want to disregard. 

reading notes:

ima be real and tell you i hardly ever do reading unless i will be tested on it in class in multiple choice. and im an english student. ye i suck, i know. i dont condone shirking the system but u know what, reading shakespeare or 18th century lit literally makes me want to kill myself. so, im a senior in college, and have barely ever done the reading for a class. the thing is, if you do it right, anything is better than just reading the words on the page and not getting the meaning. dont be a reading zombie. read actively, even if it’s not the actual reading. doing this, i have a 3.9 gpa. so. there’s hope for us yet.

first of all, yall need to do your damn reading. idc how. but due to the fact that a test will be multiple choice, essay answer, a presentation, or a paper, you’re going to not love pulling nothing out of your ass. can be done tho. just be fake deep.

that being said, i’m writing a lot below, but the reality is that if it’s lit, your notes dont have to be longer than a sentence. if it’s a textbook, more.

  • the same formatting question comes into play here, except it’s should you take notes in your book or in a notebook?
    • listen i’m always going to be pro notebook, pro physically writing it out as it helps me really get the information into my head, rather than more passively highlighting
    • i tend to do both, if im willing to mark up a book. i underline and highlight things that stick out to me, and i write them down as well. sometimes when reading literature/essays, if i know the contextual/meaning notes will be interesting to me later, i will copy notes both into my notebook and also less in depth onto post it notes (which also make sweet little flashcards btw), which i will stick into the passage. this is so helpful when a) im reading it again later and b) when we are discussing a passage in class
  • buy used books. it’s cheaper. until it happens to u, u do NOT UNDERSTAND how EXCITING it is to get a book that has highlights and underlines in it ALREADY. DUDE. my work is basically DONE for me. now take that lightly, bc often different ppl will highlight different pieces of information. however, it is helpful.
  • look up summaries. do not simply rely on cliffsnotes and sparknotes, esp since professors are very aware of these. google “title of book, summary, chapter notes, whatever youre looking for” and use the blog posts, the book reviews, the papers that come up. does this method probably take a bit longer? maybe? but it’s easier on my tired brain.
  • if you don’t have time to read your textbook one day and really want to, read the introduction and the conclusion to the chapter, or the first and last sentences to the paragraphs. it’s not great, but it’s something.
  • like your lectures, note definitions, conclusions, and helpful examples, as well as people and dates. if i’m reading literature and i’m deciding to be a smart student i will keep several logs as well. these logs will make it so. easy. to study for your exam:
    • updated character lists, including name, relationships, and anything defining and important
    • scene/chapter summaries, just a sentence summarizing what happened where
    • any quotes or themes that stand out
    • i highly highly highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of the well educated mind for note taking on a range of genres. this is what i had to use through high school and while it’s involved, it’s incredibly helpful.
  • if you’re going to have to cite your notes, note the page number in the margin every time you flip the page
  • the biggest issue i have with reading is when and where to do it. before or after class? always ask your professor if they do not tell you. where in your notebooks? i always do it on the next blank page bc leaving space stresses me the fuck out. make notes on the top of your pages of corresponding lectures/readings. 

for both lectures and readings i really really really suggest either having something to drink or something to snack on (think fruit, loose nuts, m&ms. small loose things rather than things u bite? idk they just last longer?)

okay i hope this was somewhat helpful even tho it’s an incredibly longwinded post. it seems like a lot, but the reality is that while i take a lot of notes, i don’t make them complicated, i don’t have rules, i just do what feels right in the moment. they’re not at all stressful. just take it easy and do whatever works for you :) 

if anyone has other tips, feel free to reply :)

amoralamusement  asked:

Hello, I always enjoy the work on this Tumblr. It's informative, interesting, and satisfying. Anyway, being an Ne dom like yourself, do you have any tips to not be overwhelmed by Ne a.k.a. How to Train Your Ne? I admit there are times when the ideas are buzzing and I yearn for stimulation then I become drained to the point of being physically tired.

Good timing, since I was just reading about Si-grips last night and realizing I basically live in one six months out of the year. :P

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, so I’ll cover all the bases I can think of.

There’s pretty much four stages in my life:

Ne-dom Extraordinaire: this is when you are the unbeatable monarch in your field, when you are on such a roll that not only do you finish your project ahead of the damn deadline, you went ahead and did sixteen other magnificent things that day too, just because your brain was on such a rush of SO MANY IDEAS. For example: you felt good about finishing your essay, so you wrote six movie reviews, four e-mails, 26 blog posts, and worked on your book to boot. And then you went to bed with a smile on your face because damn, I’m so fine.

Ne-dom Uninspired: this is when you feel “meh.” Not awesomesauce, not the lowest of the low, just plain MEH. Meh for a Ne-dom equals: semi-bored, semi-uninspired, semi-annoyed about it. Now, a sane person on this day goes and watches 24 episodes of ALIAS in a row to chill. Me, I FORCE myself to be ‘creative.’ And because I’m generally good at what I do, it comes out fine. Not knock your socks off stupendous, not awful, not even average, just fine. But it feels like dragging my brain through a cheese grater and I go to bed mad that my Ne-brain was lazy as hell today. Like, it’s supposed to be AMAZING all the time!!! What’s up with this?!

Ne-dom Bored-as-Hell: generally, this happens when your life is stagnant, or you are stuck on the same god-awful project for weeks, or your friends have not spoken to you in days, and you are so bored you can hardly stand it, but NOTHING appeals to you. You crave something, but don’t know what it is. You drag yourself through the work / school day like a fish on dry land, you scope the depths of depression, you maybe force yourself to do stuff, but it’s a clear indication that your Ne is STARVING TO DEATH. You must feed it. How? That’s up to you. Get in the car and drive. Go hang out with someone. Start learning something new. Read a book that you know you’ll hate, and blow your own mind by loving it. Try something totally, radically different.

Don’t be like me, and dye your hair purple and cut into a punk rock style. Although, God knows I looked adorable.

Ne-dom Work-a-Holic: also known as tunnel vision, also known as inferior Si grip, also known as the perfect way to make yourself exhausted at the end of the day. Picture a nice normal Ne being a freight train barreling through a tunnel at 976 miles per hour. Now picture a peasant maiden (or peasant lad, if that’s you’re thing) running out onto the tracks, and holding it in place for about 15 hours. It grinds to a halt, its wheels start to smoke, and the peasant maiden/lad is inching forward at, oh, about 6 miles per hour. Fast by her standards, slow by yours. Now imagine that’s what happens to your Ne, when you develop tunnel vision. All that power, going nowhere fast. Imagine the tremendous energy that just ground to a halt. The creeping subconscious despair of the engineer. You are both the peasant maiden/lad and the freight train. See the problem? You are ripping yourself apart. How’s that peasant maiden/lad going to feel at the end of the day?

Yup. Exhausted.

Now, what if that peasant maiden does this day after day for about a week?

Exhausted. Mental exhaustion, from holding back the train, forcing Ne to stay on one topic, or focus on “boring” things for days on end. Where’s the fun? Where’s the zany? Where’s the sarcasm and jokes and random connections? Hello, inferior Si. Obsessive compulsive, aren’t you? Fixated. BAD.

How to Train Your Ne:

1) Give yourself permission to stick to one idea for awhile.

I get it. You will have thousands of great ideas in a single lifetime, or maybe even a week. If you follow all of them right now, you will never finish anything. Do what I do: think about them, ponder them, don’t let them get too developed, and write down the ones you want to hold onto, put them in a jar, and… walk away with the biggest, shiniest, most exciting idea you just had. The others will keep. Let them stew in their juices. Focus on THIS IDEA.

2) Reward yourself for finishing things.

If you want to accomplish something, give your Ne what it wants – a challenge, and a reward. I used to motivate myself through “boring” tasks by setting time deadlines and writing like a bat out of hell, or dividing the task up into separate shorter parts that I can cross off after I do them. That shows me I am making progress. Right now, I’m sitting next to a half-crossed-off list of chapters in my book, which I am proof-reading / editing. Each time a pink line goes through someone’s name, I know I’m THIS MUCH CLOSER to finishing. THIS MUCH CLOSER to starting a NEW project. THIS MUCH CLOSER TO THAT PIECE OF CHOCOLATE I PROMISED MYSELF.


3) Accept that you cannot be at 110% all the time.

This may be hard for you to hear, but you’re a normal human being. You need sleep. You need rest. You need food. You need days off, and dates, and to go places, and be with people, and do things other than your job or your school or writing or whatever it is that occupies 90% of your time. Those normal things that a sensor can do without much fuss, wear you out. Tedious details wear you out. Planning wears you out. Keeping track of things wears you out. The temptation when this happens is to under-estimate what you, as a low Si, needs – which is a break. You tend to way overestimate what you can do in a single week, and sometimes you get way too much on your plate… so, if you know about things in advance that are going to “drain” your Ne, because it requires other, lower functions to be heavily used in your stack, plan to limit your interaction with those functions in excess of your responsibilities.

In other words, if you (me) have to do a bunch of tedious line-editing at work, it is not a good idea for me to come home and do… a bunch of tedious line-editing on my novel at the same time. That’s all Te/Si stuff.

Ne-stuff is… new ideas, new people, new philosophies, reading things that excite your mind and imagination and help you see things in a different way, or watching something new, or going somewhere where you can just be yourself. Your Ne cannot run on full power all the time, especially when you’re trying to hold back the freight train – so give yourself permission to take time off.

4) Pace yourself.

This piggybacks on the above, but as a Ne-dom, you way over-estimate how much you can do physically. Things like going places, driving for hours, being in crowds, walking long distances, etc., are tiring to someone with minimal sensing. Ne-doms need down time, to process their experiences. You are an introverted extrovert. Remember that, and give yourself down time. Try not to be out and about 24/7. But don’t stay home all the time either. That’s a cesspool of Ne-draining boredom waiting to happen.

5) Either do it right now or write it down.

My usual pattern is: get a good thought about 10pm. Then springboard into another idea. Then zip over that way for more ideas. I lay there, staring at the ceiling, telling myself to go to sleep, while thinking about everything I should talk about, investigate, or do in the morning. By morning, of course, either the ideas are all gone or I have lost any motivation to do them. Some of my best work is from dropping everything and doing it RIGHT NOW. Strike while the iron is hot, my dander is up, whatever. Some of my best short stories or articles came from getting up at 5am and pounding the keyboard. So, do it NOW… or write it down. If you write it down, you won’t have to try and remember it (also a chore for Ne).

The best things you can do for your Ne are the following:

  • Accept that this is who I am, and it’s okay.
  • Realize that mundane or tedious tasks drain your Ne
  • Let your mind wander
  • Give yourself permission to fantasize
  • Reward periods of the mundane with fun activities
  • Never let a week go by without planning something ‘fun’
  • Stimulate yourself with constant NEW things (books, movies, music)
  • Read a wide variety of things on a continual basis
  • Give yourself challenges and deadlines to beat
  • Make sure they are SHORT-TERM (you cannot stay too long)
  • Always have something in the immediate future to look forward to

Hope that helps.

(This week on tumblr has been DULL. Is it just me or is it dead?! Thank God for a new Doctor Who tomorrow! I need me some NEW Capaldi + Bill Potts. I totally want to be her best friend and hang out in space and eat blue cubes together.)

- ENFP Mod

Webbed - Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt (request): Anon said: “hi, could you do a peter parker imagine where they’re partners on a school project or something and they have to like meet up after school? And it’s really awkward and there’s a lot of tension and stuff because it’s obvious they both like each other and are too scared to admit it, and then it has a really fluffy ending with them kissing or along those lines?? thank you so much!!” thank you for requesting, dear anon, I hope you like it!

Featuring: May just being May.

Word Count: 1,392

Y/N felt as if someone suctioned the blood from her body with a vaccum. A couple of days before, the teacher had announced they’d be doing an experiment project report working in pairs that was worth 20% of their grade. A couple of minutes before, she announced she would be picking the partners herself. Just a moment before, Y/N’s only friend had been picked as someone else’s partner. F/N looked at her half terrorized, half apologetic, as Y/N breathed heavily expecting the worst… Being one of the smartest students wasn’t easy at all, she spent 90% of her time studying and working, the other 10% divided equally between chores and spending time with her only friend, F/N. Ergo, she didn’t have any time to socialize, and because of that she was nervous right now. Plus, she was somewhat anxious. Finally her name was called.

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Of chemises and mermaids

I hope I’m not to late for Jonerys Smut Fest 2k17 anyway here’s my smut it’s very tame buuutttt it’s my first time writting smut

Anyway, as a closer for Nasty Night, here it is!

-My lords, ladies, King and Queen, please be seated. – said Tyrion raising his hands.

Ladies Karstark, Mormont, Lords Manderly, Royce, Davos, Sansa, Arya and Daenerys and Jon sat down at the grand table. Alys and Lyanna were sitting between Manderly and Royce, Davos and Sansa on the head of the table, Daenerys, Arya and Jon on the other side. Tyrion was standing on it, holding some papers and explaining the treaty with the South.

-And my sister promised not to murder anyone.-

Daenerys poured herself some wine.

-How can we be certain?—

-We can’t.-

Daenerys put down the cup.

-Well, that is unfortunate.-

Jon was mentally absent. His mind was tied up in tactics on how it the best to defeat the Walkers. Then he noticed the small pale hand with a ring adorned with two pearls shimmering in the light, tapping the table in front of him. His own fingers reached out to hers, first grazing them and then carefully intertwining with them, their hands clasped together. Daenerys didn’t stop talking until she looked down. She felt a soft blush crawl up her cheeks. Taking the goblet of wine she just poured, she took a large sip out of it, as if trying to cover it up. Tyrion sat down finally, locking eyes with Davos who just looked shocked. Then the maid came in, bowed and told them supper is almost ready. Jon brought up her hand and kissed it, causing everyone on the table to raise an eyebrow and slowly realized where he was, the looks around him and the terrified look his lover gave him, causing him to put her hand down carefully. Daenerys licked her lips and sipped the wine again.

The King and Queen were blushing in front of everyone. Jon placed his hands awkwardly on the table, while Dany put hers behind her back. Silence covered the room like thick coat of snow that the maid stopped when she came with their food. The nobles ate in quiet until Sansa broke the ice finally.

-The stew is amazing.-

-It is! Reminds me of my Marya’s stew!-

Everyone nodded in agreement although no one ever has tasted the cooking of Davos’ wife.

-My King, are there any future marriage plans? After all, you need heirs.-

Dany stirred in her seat and Jon took her cup accidentally and drank from it. Everyone noticed again.

-I think, after the Great War is over, we will open this theme for further discussion.-

-You know, my granddaughters, Wylla and Wynafryd are eligible for marriage. They are both virgins, bled, kind and true Northerners.  – Said Manderly while looking at Daenerys.

Jon nodded and poured more wine, thinking it was ale into Daenerys’ goblet. He rose an eyebrow at the red colour but decided to drink it.

-We should save this topic for later. I doubt you want me as a grandson-in-law.-

-Everyone would want you as a grandson or son-in-law, Your Grace.-

He took a sip and turned to Dany.

-Is this one of those from Meeren?-

She nodded, raising her eyebrows.

-Gods, it’s sour. Who put this wine in my cup?-

-That’s my cup, Jon Snow.-

At the name Jon Snow, Lady Mormont rose an eyebrow, looking at them. Now that she actually paid attention, she saw they we’re sitting close. Too close to be appropriate for an unwedded couple. Both of them looked extremely comfortable with each other, also the looks they were exchanging could be described as heated. The Little Bear noticed the way the corners of his lips rose for a second while he was looking at her. She had a smirk and rolled her eyes.

They broke their gazes and the man nodded.

-My apologies, Your Grace, I drank your wine without offering you anything it return.-

-I think if we keep tabs on our mutual debts we shall never come to an agreement, Your Grace.-

-We might be completely different, but I am glad that we share a military alliance.-

She took the goblet from his hand and rose it, drinking the rest of the wine. His lips curved at the motion and he licked them, hungrily. Manderly got up from his seat.

-Perhaps I can bring over my granddaughters for you to meet them. They are here in Winterfell, after all.-

Sansa nodded.

-It would be an honor, my lord.-

Jon was about to decline the offer but Sansa and Glover shut him down. Daenerys excused herself and got up, the blood red cape flowing behind her. Jon Snow got up and ran after her, but she was fast and the sound of heels clinking made him crazy.

-Dany! Wait!-

-This is beyond disrespectful! Am I your whore?-

He backed a step down, feeling the flames poking their heads out, ready to devour him. Jon Snow had a thing for women who could murder him in cold blood.

-No, love, Manderly is just trying to seize as much power as he can. And no, you are not my whore, because I am your whore already.-

She put her arms around her body.

-I am Queen and yet I am looked down upon like a common courtesan. They only see me as your mistress with an army…-

-If they were aware of how many lives you saved my love…- He took her hands in his and kissed them both. He went up and kissed her neck, sucking and leaving bite marks, she moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist, her head falling back. He pushed her back against the wall and started undoing the clasps of her coat, kissing, sucking and biting her skin. She was already undoing his jerkin when he slid the coat of her shoulders, leaving her decollate exposed. He returned to her lips but they were interrupted by Manderly’s voice.

-Your Grace! My granddaughters are here! - He said in a sing-song voice.

Dany fell out of Jon’s hands and pushed their foreheads together. She bit his lip and let it go.

-You need to go there. We’ll continue later.-

-Then you must come, love. - He extended his arm and they walked down the stairs together. The King and Queen entered together, shoulder by shoulder (actually shoulder by neck), as equals. Jon took up his seat in the makeshift throne room, the Great Hall, by the table. Dany sat down on a chair away from the table, crossing her legs, while the Stark sisters sat down at the benches, opposing Glover and Ladies Mormont and Karstark.

Lord Manderly walked in followed by two slim blonde girls. One had dark blonde hair and the other one lighter, but with washed out green streaks. They both wore similar dark blue gowns with collars ebmbroidered with sea motifs, and the girl with the darker hair wore a hairpiece made out of seashells, while the green haired one had a large brooch with a merman on her left side. They curtsied for the King and smiled at him.

-Your Grace, may I present to you, my granddaughters, Wynafryd and Wylla.-

-Welcome, my ladies.-

-We’ve been here for a week, Your Grace.-

-I was not aware of that, I am very sorry. I suppose you have not met our guests? - He said while pointing at Daenerys.

-No, my King.-

-This is Daenerys Stormborn, Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar…-

They gave Daenerys a brief curtsy.

-My King, both of my granddaughters are young, fertile and virgins. You will see they’re humble and respectable noblewomen.-

-Good to know. - Said Arya under her breath. Sansa giggled.

An awkward silence followed.  

Daenerys eyed Jon and he nodded at her.

-Now, what is your true purpose here?-

The two girls looked at each other in panic.

-And this is where old man Manderly messed up. - Whispered Arya.

-They look so lost, poor ladies. - Whispered Sansa.

-They want him for the crown. She actually loves him. – Whispered Arya back, pointing her chin towards the Dragon Queen. Sansa stared at her profile. She was beautiful, but she did have wilful streak, but what enchanted people was definitely her charisma and grace. She radiated charm, it was like a warm sun that you’d love to soak in, as if she was a sea and a bystander was just a small boat on it, feeling the sea’s power. She changed positions so her back was now resting on the chair, arm on the arm rests and legs crossed. What was interesting to watch were Jon’s reaction’s to her position shifts. He bit his lips, eyes radiating desire. Never had any of the Stark sisters seen their brother behaving like that. Yes, Sansa recalled Robb’s and Theon’s quests back in the day, but that seemed like in another life. Jon was always reserved, he never even ventured with them to a brothel.

She looked at the Dragon Queen. She was giving Jon a similar look and turned her head, so her hair tumbled down her shoulders. She rose an eyebrow at him and smirked and he looked up.

-My ladies, shall we continue our conversation tomorrow? Her Grace and I need to discuss an important matter. We need to divide some food resources among the North and South.-

-Perhaps we all can eat tomorrow together? - Suggested one of the girls.

-Of course!-

They nodded at the King, as they had no other option. He extended his arm towards Daenerys and she got up, walked past him, swaying her hips. Jon inhaled deeply and went after her.

Arya laughed out loud now.

-I love how they’re past decency.-

Daenerys ventured through the halls of Winterfell, looking around. Jon finally caught up with her, grabbed her and leaned on a door.

-So many clothes… How much clothes do you wear…-

-This is a cold place, Jon Snow…-

He kicked the door behind them with his heel and opened it. He was out of breath now. The cloak fell of his back on the floor, just as her dragon brooch and sash. He undid the top of her coat, revealing her breast. He started kissing down her neck, slowly, sucking now and there, earning a moan.

-Not so hasty, my Queen…- His raspy voice made her melt again. Who would have thought that someone could use her title and say it in such a tone that made her quiver? She took of his jerkin leaving him in his undershirt only.

He took of her coat finally and threw in on the floor. Her pants followed soon, so she was left in her chemise only.

-It’s not fair that I’m the only one getting undressed, Jon Snow.-

-Very well, my Queen. – How can a man that honest say something so formal in such a dirty and mocking tone?

He was left only in his pants by now, hands tracing her body.

-Are you just going to stare at me?-

With that, he jumped on her, they fell on his bed. He rolled up the soft gray chemise, leaving her hips bare and started kissing them. He licked his lips and proceeded to lick hers too. She moaned and threw her head back, propping herself up with her elbows. And then he hit a spot she didn’t expect him to even graze. The sound out of her mouth was very unqueenly and birds flew of the roofs of Winterfell. In the room bellow, Davos Seaworth was trying to go through some reports with Tyrion Lannister.

-What in the world was that?-

-I don’t think we would want to know, Sir Davos. Proceed. – The Imp grinned and finished his goblet.

She took of her chemise and threw it on the bedpost and undid Jon’s pants. She climbed atop of him, giving him a bite on the collar bone. He slid his member inside of her slowly, her back arching. She intertwined their fingers, palms against palms and looked him in the eyes.

-My turn.-

He wouldn’t mind dying again now. Not with the lovely sight atop of him. He grabbed the muscle of years of horse and dragon riding, along her thighs and ass. She rolled and jumped up and down, causing him to let out a loud moan. He groaned again, this time louder. She stared at the soft gray chemise at the bedpost.

-I might have an idea.-

Downstairs, Tyrion and Davos looked up at the celling. Sansa entered the room carrying some unfinished paperwork, Arya following her with a puppy in her arms.

-I need a solution to distribute grain between… What in the world was that?-

A man groaned upstairs. Sansa’s mouth dropped. Arya grinned.

-Is that what I think it is?-


-We’ll it better be or I’m going up.-


She snickered, covering the puppy’s ears.

-I love how they gave up on being subtle.-

Dany fell on the bed, exhausted, panting. She looked up at the celling and exhaled.

-Mind untying me?-

-I could leave you like that. Lock the room up, and come back whenever I want.-

-That sounds lovely, but the other way around. Please, my arms hurt. – He pouted.

She rolled her eyes and moved over to untie him, purposely showing her breast in his face. He inhaled deeply between the two mounds of skin and tried to remain calm. She laid back, soaking in the air on naked skin. He stretched his arms, torso and neck splattered with purple love bites.

-This was…-


-Amazing. The first time we had sex was less… adventurous. Where did you see that trick?-

-Dothraki make love in public. They’re much more creative that the Westerosi, I suppose.-

Jon hugged her, flushing their bodies together, giving her a deep kiss.

-It’s late, we need some sleep. - He pulled the covers back and they fell asleep. Now, Jon slept like the dead. The Wall could fall on his head while he was asleep. Daenerys woke up first as usual and decided to soak in the peace and serenity of being in the arms of the man she loved. And then there was a knock on the door.

-Your Grace! You’re needed downstairs!-

Dany got up and panicked. She shook Jon but he barely moved. She started searching for her clothes, but in the darkness of the room she was only able to find Jon’s shirt, which thankfully covered her torso and crotch up. She was no stranger to nudity, but she was already under scrutiny here.

-Your Grace? Is everything alright?-

She opened the door so that her eyes could just be seen and smiled at the maid.

-Oh, is this the wrong room? - Asked the green-haired Manderly girl.

-No, these are the King’s rooms…- Said the maid, looking Daenerys up and down. Her hair was a mess, lips swollen, neck covered with dark speaks, and there was one word to describe her. Ravished. Completely, utterly ravished. She tried to close the door but the maid was insisting.

-Is His Grace here?-

The two ladies looked the Queen up and down. She was a beautiful woman, small, but stunning. She had perfectly curved hips which were visible now as she was leaning on the doorway. Her violet eyes were wide and she was trembling almost, the shirt she wore was clearly a man’s, as it was too large for her.

-I don’t think so…-

-Daenerys, love? What is going on?-

The Queen pinched her nose bridge. He sleeps like the dead and decides to wake up the exact moment she needs him to be asleep. She heard a rustling in the background, the unmistakable sound of a man putting pants on and getting up. He was shirtless and sleepy and yawned. The King positioned himself on the doorway, one hand on the handle the other one around his consort.

-I bid you good morning, my ladies.-

The three women giggled.

-The Queen and I have some matters to attend to, but we will be at the table in half an…- He noticed what Dany was wearing and that her bare ass was pressed against his crotch.

-Make it an hour.-

He closed the door.

The three women giggled.

-Grandfather is going to be so mad!-

-The King seems to be besotted, I mean busy attending other matters.-

-What else did he mine on Dragonstone I wonder?-



Arya Stark was sitting at the window.

-You caught them too?-

-You did also? Where?-

-In the halls once. I love how they’re past the point of hiding.-

Shall We Test That? (Loki/Thor x reader)

Request: phantomsmenace said: hi bonnie! i was wondering if you could write one where during the events of the first avengers movie where Loki tries to protect you while everything is going on? either romantic or platonic? thank you!! 

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

Loki heard Fury reply to his taunting, but he didn’t hear the words from his mouth.  In fact, he barely knew what he, himself, had just said. He was simply buying time, waiting for the moment when the Hulk would take center stage against a team that was barely his own, and when Loki could be free to make his escape.  He didn’t care at all about anyone on this floating fortress other than one; he only cared about where they were holding you and how he would reach you.  If his connection to Barton was holding, the archer would already be following his orders to retrieve you and keep you safe.

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Request:  Hey! Im so in love with your stories omg, if you acknowledge this I’d probably have a heart attack!!! Can you do one where the reader is Tony’s daughter and in Civil war she is on Steves side and she gets really badly hurt so he has to get her heart going again or something like that?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

Summary: You have always been a daddy’s girl but when it comes down to choosing sides, you turn your back for the sake of justice.

Word Count: 1,591

Genre: Angst

Notes: Reader is like Sharon Carter ability wise. Also, this fic isn’t my best work and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been trying to get my body back and ready for school to start up again and it’s really affecting how I’m doing my regular stuff.

Also thank you to @navyandnotquiteright because without your advice I probably wouldn’t have finished this today

You and your father had a very tight relationship. There was no secrets, you trusted your father more than anyone in the world. Your father was your hero even now as an adult, he helped cultivate you into the person you were today. Tony knew what was best for you and you truly believed that with all of your heart, until now.

The Sokovia Accords went against everything you believed in. You knew that if general Ross or the united states government had a chance to control The Avengers, they would corrupt everything that made you proud to be an Avenger. Sadly it seems that your father didn’t believe so. Tony Stark was fine with signing the accords, it almost seemed like he didn’t care that he and his daughter would be becoming the government’s watchdogs as soon as he signed the dotted line. You two fought over it for more nights than you would like to remember. You were so adamant about fighting against their plans for you but your father was equally convinced that giving up control of the Avengers was the best way to keep everyone safe, to keep you safe.  

When it was clear that separation was immanent, you had no choice but to side with Steve. You refused to lose your free will and ability to help those in need because of greedy politics and fears and it seemed the captain reciprocated the sentiments. Now stood side by side with Wanda, Bucky, Scott, Clint and Sam while Cap and your father taunted  each other from opposite sides of the airstrip.

You weren’t paying much attention to them as you looked around at the other side. You were truly divided down the middle, the team you once knew and loved were separated by what felt like an ocean of mixed emotions and angst.

“Alright, I’ve run out of patience.  Underoos!” Your father yells, your attention snapped back to the man who raised you just as something shot down from the sky and ripped Steve’s shield right off of his arm.

Suddenly just above your father sat a boy with an oddly familiar suit. Your vision almost went red as you noticed it was the same kid that you convinced Tony to ignore before your falling out. He was just a kid, he didn’t need to be dragged into the crumbling mess that the avengers were, apparently your words didn’t go far as the boy was sitting right in front of you.

“Are you kidding me Dad? You dragged a kid into this mess?” you yell outraged.

His eyes snap to yours and you see his face soften, but his eyes only held betrayal. “Well, when the one person you expected to stay by your side leaves, you gotta find a substitute.”

With that said, the battle began. You tore your eyes away from your father just in time to watch the team break off, Bucky and Sam went after peter and Clint faced off with the black panther while cap and Scott took on your father. You stayed close to Wanda as she launched projectiles at the other side while blocking incoming attacks. You pulled out your guns and began returning the fire coming from War machine. Across from yo you see Scott grow and you hear your father mean sarcastic remarks about any other hidden abilities  while Peter swings out of the terminal, no longer followed by Bucky and Sam.These were your friends, your family that you were fighting against. All you ever wanted to do was protect the innocent and the government warped that idea until it turned the entire team against each other.

you broke away from Wanda and followed the flying spiderboy. He was only a child, he shouldn’t have been dragged into the fight, but if you were the one fighting him maybe you could minimize the damage while distracting him from the rest of the fight.

“Wow! Ms. Stark, it’s so cool to meet you! I have like 5 of your trading cards!” he said excitedly. God, he was so innocent and young, what was your father thinking?

“Do you even know what you’re fighting for? Do you understand the implications of choosing Tony’s side?” You ask incredulously.

“Not really, but I really want to impress Mr. Stark, so I’m going to have to cut this conversation short!” he says as he webs your hands together quickly.

“Like that would stop me!” you said. You ran to him and began attacking him with everything but your decommissioned hands, obviously pulling your punches. You finally get your hands separated just in time to see Scott accidentally hurdle a giant piece of debris directly towards you and Spiderman.

“Y/n no!” Tony yells, but it was too late. You had already pushed Peter out of the way and effectively sealed your fate.

“I’m sorry.” you whisper. You knew Tony could hear you but you needed to apologies before you become buried under the debris. You were always a daddy’s girl and you shouldn’t have let the stupid accords split you so easily.

Your body explodes in pain as he ripped off wing of a plane crashes into you and you see the familiar sight of red and gold hovering above you before your vision goes dark.

As soon as Tony saw that wing fly towards you his stomach dropped. He never wanted this to happen. He didn’t even want you to be an avenger, you were still supposed to  be playing with your barbies on his office floor not be risking your life for national security. He knew there was no way for you to agree with him, he knew he raised you to be selfless but he was being stubborn and he knew that if you continued down the path you were you were destined to get hurt. All he wanted was for you to be safe and cap didn’t offer that. The sight of that plane piece flying towards you woke him up from his stubborn stupor and he instantly dropped what he was doing and flew towards you. He pushed himself as fast as he could but it was too late. He saw the scared look on your face and he cursed himself for not being faster.

“Y/n!” he yelled. He dropped down and starts pulling things off of you.  Peter joins in next to him and continues trying to pull the seemingly never ending pile of scrap off of you.

The battle field around them went dead. You were the one person that no one ever really hated. You were like the light of the team, no matter how dark things could get you always found something to smile about. They couldn’t imagine you gone, soon more and more of the team had come together to remove the debris.  It made sense, if anyone could bring back the team it was you.

Tony finally saw you and he dug harder. He finally got everything off of you and they held their breath as he put his ear to your chest, he heard nothing but silence.

“No, no! Come on baby girl you have to come back to me alright?” he said as he began doing CPR. He was ready to do anything for his little girl.

He put his ear to her chest again and was met with the same deafening silence. Around him he heard the sounds of quiet gasps and quiet sobs. Suddenly Tony had an idea, it was a last ditch effort and it had to work if Tony was ever going to hold his baby girl again

“Friday, charge my hands.” he said.

“I would not advise that M. Stark-” The AI said.

“Just do it!” he yelled

The AI did what it was told and Tony’s hands were buzzing with electrical current. He put his hand on her side and by her heart, giving her a dose of the current before pulling it off and putting his head on her chest while also checking on her pulse.

It was weak but it was there, Tony let out a sob. You were okay. You were alive. Tony couldn’t hold back his tears as he pulled your unconscious body to him in a hug before shoot hing back into the air quickly as to get you to a hospital.

The two teams looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Tony was still supposed to bring the group into custody so that’s exactly what they did, only they missed the who people that hadn’t been with them the entire time; Steve and Bucky who were now on their way to Russia.

Tony sat next to you in the hospital.You looked pale and lifeless, you had awoken for awhile but were instructed to get more sleep after a quick check up by a doctor. Tony swore after seeing you wake up that he wouldn’t do anything that hurt you again. There were two angry burn wounds on your sides from the shock but it brought you back to life so Tony didn’t feel too terribly bad about it. These damages could have been easily avoided if Tony just listened for once, if he had stopped being so stubborn you would be awake and laughing and tinkering away in his lab like usual.

Seeing you so banged up in that bed, Tony made a silent oath to you both. As long as you still had a heartbeat, Tony would be there to keep you safe whether it be a natural disaster or Tony himself. He would stop it from effecting you because without you he had no heartbeat of his own.

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anonymous asked:

Just venting I need to get this out:I firmly believe that there are Key 6, not 5, players in ASOIAF. And Sansa is one of them. GRRM has himself named Sansa as one of his key protagonists (there were 6 in total inc Sansa) and also that Sansa,Arya and Bran's journeys were paramount for him. I know this subject has been done to death &I'm really sorry for imposing on you but yeah to me,based on all this,Sansa is one of the Key 6. (you dont have to post it. Just venting. Thanks for reading)

Hi! Sorry to bother you again. I’m the Key 6 players anon. You don’t have to post my initial ask. I know the whole thing has been done to death. I was just venting and getting it out of my system. I hope I didn;t offend. Thanks for understanding.

Hi Anonny!

Oh gosh please DON’T apologize, you didn’t offend me at all in the slightest! I am just slow af and take forever to answer things and am generally The Worst… But my Ask is always open for venting! Especially venting about people who don’t ~recognize, respect, and appreciate~ the Noble and Poetic Land Mermaid that is Sansa Stark.

Yeah, the Key Players debate does continue to be a kind of ~weird bone of contention~ in the fandom for some reason. I think (and like to hope) that a lot of the time when people talk about or make fanart for the Five Key Players, that they aren’t excluding Sansa or leaving her out maliciously. I think they might just be going off of, or wanting to acknowledge, the five main characters GRRM listed in his original outline for the series in 1993.

But you’re right, I have definitely seen people who insist that Sansa is not a main character or key player in the story, which simply isn’t true. GRRM even identified her as a main character himself in 2016:

I’d thought the whole story could be told in three books, and that it would take me three years to write them, a year per book. That picture was taken just a few weeks after I blew my first (bot not my last, oh no) deadline on the series. Ah, how innocent I was… little did that guy in the picture imagine that he would be spending most of the next two decades in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, Bran, and all the rest. (x)

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