just know that my love for you all is equally divided

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I know you're in a relationship with one of your spirit companions, but how does that translate into your relationship with your boyfriend? Does either ever get jealous of the other? I'm in a sort of situation where my boyfriend, who's a Druid, isn't happy with one of my companions wanting to be in a relationship with me.

I am! The key is really communication. Neither get jealous, they both understand that I love them all equally and but differently, and my time with them is just that, with them. It might help that my boyfriend is pretty spiritually clueless, but its really communication. Your relationship with your boyfriend came first though, so you have to find a way to either make it work with him where he is completely comfortable with it, or tell the spirit no, otherwise it will create rift in the relationship with your boyfriend. If he isn’t, he can consider it cheating in a way, and thats a huge divide to mend. Your companion should understand that you have to take in the feelings of your boyfriend first as you and your boyfriend had that type of relationship first. I hope that helps?

Look, if people are allowed to have multiple internet wives or bbs or what-have-you, I’m allowed to have multiple queens and Tam is definitely a queen. Words. Graphics. Historical knowledge. Is there nothing you can’t do, Tam? CAN YOU MAKE A PERFECT SOUFFLE? CAN YOU HEAR THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING IN AN EMPTY FOREST?

Geebus, share some of that talent, Your Highness.