just know that i was pressured

voting season has officialy started so here few reminders:

  • if you can’t vote every day it doesn’t make you a bad fan. remember that it’s not a matter of life and death! if you feel bad or don’t have time, remember to take care of yourself first
  • don’t feel pressured to do it! you don’t have to vote for someone just because people are shaming you for not voting
  • if you’re multifandom and have problems choosing between groups, you can vote for different group every day, it doesn’t make you any less ‘loyal’
  • if tumblr/twitter stresses you out, take a break  
  • don’t engage in fandom wars, they’re useless and only make your favorite group look bad
  • i know it’s easier said than done but… try not to worry about voting this much. awards don’t measure talent or hard work. if your favorite group/artist isn’t nominated/is loosing/can’t win, it doesn’t mean they’re not as good as others
  • be nice!!! at the end of the day we’re all kpop fans, no need to be rude

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Charles started checking for a ring after Jake and Amy had been dating for a month. 

In a very un-Charles like move, he didn’t mention that fact to anyone. Sure, he pressured them. How could he not, right?? He had shipped it from literal day one. He knew they were perfect for each other. He knew they’d figure it out eventually. And Charles would be the first to notice. He’d be the first to know. 

So out of habit, he takes a look at Amy’s left hand as he strolls into the evidence lockup, bragging about escaping from the handcuffs–

He sees it.

He thought he was prepared for this eventuality. 

He is not. 


thanks to @biminnie for tagging me ^^ (psst i have a lot to say to you in the tags..)

Ultimate bias: My hope, my angel, Jung Hoseok. If we’re counting other groups as well than Chanyeol from EXO (i have other biases in other groups but they don’t really come close to these two…maybe Youngjae frm got7 idrk..)

Ultimate bias wrecker: Kim Seokjin and the meme himself, Jeon Jungkook. These two they really… give me a hard time…TT

Favorite kpop song: …..currently? I’m Fine by VROMANCE, Roach by Moonmoon, and this song by AKMU that i forgot the name of… but it was a bop

First kpop song: first song i ever heard?? save me - bts… song that actually got me into kpop?? OVERDOSE BY EXO LKAJDSFKJDSA THATS STILL MY JAM

Favorite kpop album/single: ooh tricky… i REALLY liked the Dark and Wild Album, as for singles I think I’d have to go with The Manual by Eddy Kim..(not sure if that counts..)

Favorite kpop ship: taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook (also..yoonmin wOW)

Hard stan or soft stan: soft stan plz im smol and innocent

Favorite kpop company: um i guess big(s)hit?? i dont really know enough about the other companies to judge but based off of what ik, bighit would probably be the way to go

Backstory of how you got into kpop: oooh boy how do i keep this short? okay..

1. I watched this behind the scene of tae’s scene in INU where he stabs that guy

2. I completely forgot about it

3. Timeskip to a few months later I saw the Save Me MV… I was interested but not interested enough to really care

4. Timeskip to anoTHER few months later and I hear Overdose by EXO, long story short i completely fell in love with EXO

5. I remembered the Save Me MV after a while stanning EXO, BS&T showed up in my recommended so I watched it and basically abandoned all my former EXO-L glory to become bts trash

lmao thats basically it

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Are you doing your self love challenge?

I was just talking to @winterelf94 about this! I’m going to be doing a self love spell tonight under the full moon and tomorrow I’ll be starting the challenge. I’ll be posting my responses(though it’ll be under a read more most likely) and I know Morrigan and @river-cottage-dweller were considering posting but I’m not sure if they are! Just keep your eye out! 💜✨

I hate having a birthday on facebook.

I don’t want to remove it in case relatives need to look it up without being embarrassed for forgetting….BUT:

1) I will remind everyone who matters, thanks. I’m chronically ill and obnoxiously proud of every year I stay alive

2) FB pressures people to leave “birthday wishes” and so you page is flooded with “HBD” from people who feel obligated but don’t actually care

3) Those who do care now are pressured to leave something special

4) Awkwardness everywhere for neutroatypical folk

5) The birthday-haver either responds to every halfassed abbreviated greeting or has to craft the world’s most public and mass and generic Thank You note

6) Which then further guilt trips those who initially resisted the peer pressure

7) Can we just not? If you’re my friend, I know you care. I don’t need a choreographed performance of friendship when I’m trying to celebrate my survival with cake and wine.

I don’t wanna be anything anymore. I feel too connected to all these bullshit constructed facets of my personality and the pressure of living up to them is enough to give me a stomach ulcer. I don’t wanna be a punk, I don’t wanna be a boy, I don’t wanna be a skater, I don’t wanna be “cool” or “fashionable”. I want to play casio keyboards in the woods and drink hot coffee and just fucking breathe knowing that I don’t have anyone to please but myself.

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Maria, I'm so sorry to hear you are having a bad day as well. Just wanted to send you some love and let you know you're not alone. ♥️ Don't worry about your exam. There's much much more important things in life. A grade is the least important of them all. Love you!! 😘

I don’t know where would I be without you, Julie. I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself. I love you so much and as you said there are more important things in life to worry about. Sending you all my love🌹

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I know requests are closed so no pressure but just a fun lil thought to consider: aphrodisiac + Davey Jacobs...but he's the one who took it

Ooooooooo shiiiiiit! That’d be fun as hell


peter & gamora + every scene ever [28/?] | telltale’s guardians, episode 2: under pressure

“Hey, Gamora. Are you, uh…you okay?”

“Hey, Peter. Yeah, I - I just, um…little nervous about seeing Nebula again, I guess. Our last conversation didn’t go well. I just hope we can still catch her. Before she does something incredibly stupid.”

“Don’t worry. We’re gonna catch her.”

“I hope you’re right. And I hope she doesn’t cause too much destruction before we do.”

“So if this Eternity Forge can bring back the dead…who would you bring back? If you could.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Thanos killed my family, but…I don’t know if I would want them to see what I’ve become. I don’t think they’d be able to recognize me anymore.”

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Rin has days where he completely cuts himself off from his friends yukio and shura he ether stays at the dorms or go somewhere they cannot find him or if they see him and try to talk to him doesn't talk to them doesn't even acknowledge them no one knows why he does this not even yukio

Man, Rin, I do the same thing. He’s not quite sure why he does it, but in reality it’s just himself taking a short break. He’s put under a lot of pressure (just like Yukio but in different ways) constantly, he can’t help it if he just needs to stop every once in awhile.

-Admin Caspar

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I like the dynamic they have of the Core 4 being together, but only Veronica is every super intune with what's going on with Archie -- she's always the one who asks if he's okay and whatnot

I agree with you. I mean …. Betty kind of brushed off the fact that Archie’s still traumatized to go back into Pops. Not to sound crude, but she didn’t seem to give a shit, which is …. I don’t know, it just rubbed me the wrong way. And I’m really, really not vilifying her. I understand that she was distracted with other things but … I don’t know. I wouldn’t have pressured Archie to go to Pops =/ Same goes for Betty blackmailing Cheryl. (then again, Cheryl has been a bully so I don’t know =/ its complicated).

And same argument could have be made for how Archie kind of brushed of that FP is going to jail (because I’ve seen a few people argue that Archie ignored that to focus on his own problems)… but then again, I don’t think he did. Maybe I need to rewatch it. But I think Archie handled that pretty decently, considering that my boy is having ptsd flashbacks. 

Veronica was literally an angel™ this episode. She stormed to the Andrews the moment she found out that he wasn’t sleeping; recommended therapy/counseling, and told him she was proud of him for stepping into pops. I kind of understand what Cami now meant when she said that if there is anyone who could help Archie through this moment, it’s Veronica. She’s literally an Angel, I know I keep saying that but its true. I love my girl. 

Now it’s up to Archie to seek out that help and stop being so stubborn.

The amount of parents I’ve met who’ve told me, as a soon-to-be father, how much kids ‘ruin your life’ makes me so fucking sad.

These are all people who had kids because it was 'the next logical step’. Like they have this mentality of 'Marriage? Check. House? Check. Well, guess we better have kids!’ And then bring small dependant humans into the world…and get upset when their lives are inconvenienced or changed as a result.

It really saddens me because there’s this damaging culture of children being part of the standard. So people who shouldn’t be parents (and I mean that in the simplest of terms - not in a judgemental way, but a 'it’s just not for you’ way) feel pressured to have children and regret it. And then the poor child grows up feeling like a burden.

It’s not fair on anyone. The parents, the children.

As a post on this site once said - children and the decision to parent should be 'hell yes or hell no’. If you think for any reason at all that you might not be big on raising kids, do not actively go out of your way to have kids. Having them won’t magically make you want them.

All the people I know who wanted - really wanted - their kids and to raise kids have said 'it’s difficult but I LOVE it. I love being a parent.’

Can we please eliminate the idea that parenting should suck? And that having children is a necessary part of adulthood?

And can we please eliminate the idea that people who don’t want children are somehow lacking? And that those who do want children are doomed to misery?

Signed, a very excited father-to-be who understands it’s not something everyone wants or should want.


1/ days of hobi

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

Fanfiction rant

My parents never liked my reading fanfiction and actively attempted to stop me. Me, being a rebellious teen at the time, obviously found ways round this.

Point is, one of my parents arguments was how much time I spent reading the /quote/ “stupid things” (excuse me?! But true😂) and I wasn’t learning anything (yeah riiiiiiight)

Do you know how many things I’ve learnt from fanfiction??

From Court cases, to latin, to basic first aid, to extensive knowledge on pressure points and how to use them when torturing (oops 😂). And honestly, those are just the ones I can think of the top of my head.

I’ve learnt soooo much knowledge from fanfiction that I constantly practice in my daily life, I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

Point is, fanfiction is actually, despite the evidence against it (sleep deprivation, reading stories totally not for your age cuz let’s be honest, none of us paid attention to those 18+ warnings😂), really good for you and educational.

Praise the writers, cuz in maybe 50 yrs time, your gonna remember some random fanfiction fact and it’s gonna save your life.

Its proven true so far in my (short) life.

(feel free to delete this if you would like to reblog it without) I started writing my #MeToo post but ended up exiting out instead of posting it. It’s just not a story I want everyone to know and it still triggers my anxiety like crazy so I was not trying to get comments and messages and all that, its not something I want to talk about. So it was calming to read this soon after. You don’t owe your story to anyone! If you’re not comfortable, please don’t feel pressured. You are still valid, it still happened and you’re still a strong beautiful *person 💖 #YoureNotAlone