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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍


     It’s amazing to think back & remember that when I first made Buster into a roleplay blog, I was the very second roleplayer in the fandom altogether! I didn’t even know if there would be much craze about the film, & yet 400 OF YOU DECIDED TO FOLLOW ME! Whether it’s we’re friends, you like my portrayal, or you just love this little koala man —— I’m so astounded! & with this, I must thank EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU! Even if you have not been mentioned on this list, you are so very much appreciated! Here’s to hoping I do not disappoint you all in the future!

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I NEED TO TELL SOMEONE. That's I love my boyfriend very much. I just, have, many emotions over that adorable human. Someone needed to know I decided it would be you. Also your great I love your blog.

I am so happy for you !! And your boyfriend is so lucky !! I hope he knows how much you love him :’D. I am so glad that you chose me to tell this. Have a nice day sweetie. And I hope that love never fades . xx

This is the first part of a small series I’m doing in preparation for season two of attack on titan! Jean is probably my favorite character in the anime, mostly because his character development is very, very well done. I could talk for a while about him but I won’t, just know that I love him(^ω^)
Reblogs are always appreciated, thank you so much to everyone who has supported me thus far!

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Hello! So I've been scrolling through your Deamus tag and I just have to tell you that you're super talented and I love your writing. It's so effortless, though it might not feel that way to you. And I have a prompt for you: "I don't know how", for Deamus or Neville x Hannah. Thanks! Keep up the good work. ❤️

I know I thanked you before for this lovely message but I must thank you again because it’s so nice!!! And you’re so nice!!!! So thank you very very much.

I hope you like this :)

Through the large gothic window in the corner, Seamus can tell from the mixture of dark navy and black in the sky that it’s probably close to midnight. 

His new friend Dean mentioned on the train that he was into art, he’d probably be able to tell the exact shade the sky was but Seamus decides not to ask, he doesn’t want to interrupt this moment.

Dean sits on one end of the couch with his legs tucked in beside him while Seamus sits with his legs crossed on the other end and there’s a pack of Seamus’s cousin’s old exploding snap cards between them.

Seamus was shocked when Dean didn’t know what exploding snap was and set out to inform him a while ago when most of the Gryffindor students had retreated to the dorms to settle in for their first night in the castle that year.

He notices the crease in Dean’s brow when he asked why they couldn’t just go upstairs and play there with the other boys in the dorm.

Seamus hopes that Dean didn’t catch onto his wide, frightened eyes or notice the stutter in his voice when he said that he’d prefer if they stay down here where it’s quieter. Thankfully Dean nodded and that was the end of that.

Now Dean is the one with wide eyes, except his are large with excitement and wonder as he stares at the cards that playfully explode here and there whenever someone loses.

Seamus smiles to himself as he thinks that Dean is probably losing on purpose just to see his cards dissolve into pretty red and orange flames.

“You know I tend to explode things sometimes.”

His remark is so casual and flippant that it takes Dean a second to catch it, but when he does his eyes quickly dart away from the cards waiting on the couch between them to Seamus’s eyes.


Seamus chuckles, “Yeah, I don’t know how I do it to be honest. Ma doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. Magic kids can cause haywire sometimes, you know before Hogwarts because we’ve not been trained yet? But she reckons that I’m different. I was washing the dishes just last week, the muggle way of course and my magic just…I don’t know…came out and set all the plates in the sink on fire.” Seamus shivers at the memory “Oh Ma went mad, completely crazy. I don’t know what I’d have done if school hadn’t started this week. I’d probably still be grounded.”

“Woah” Dean says his voice a low whisper “That sounds brilliant.”

Seamus frowns, “What?”

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Hey this isn't an ask lol. I just wanted to let you know that I got my Selena (she's only a 3 star though >.<) but have been waiting for Camilla or Lucina (I ship her with those two the most) and I got both her wives in the same summoning (and their both 5 stars!!) I feel like I was blessed by the lesbian goddess. I also want to say that I love your hack and you are doing amazing work :)

… Jesus Christ the gay is very much with you. You have been chosen for a gayer purpose. And thank you!
- Mod GF

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I'm so so sorry that it's so dark for you rn, but please please stay. Please don't stop fighting. I love you so much and you are so lovely and sweet and important, and you honestly mean so much to me. I'll always be here to support and love you as best as I can. Please please just don't give up. I don't know what to say to make it all better, but I wish I could make it all go away, I wish I could give you peace and happiness. But just please know that you are loved and I believe in you and ily

“+ You are so important to me, I hope you realize that. You’ve always been so sweet and kind to me, and I truly love you so much. I know I tell you that a lot, but I really do mean it. I haven’t known you very long, and I don’t know you very well, but you play such an important part of my life. Please please keep fighting, you are so worth it and I hope with my whole heart that it gets better for you very very soon. I love very very much, please keep fighting, you are amazing and I believe in you 💖”

Awwww Kate, I love you SO MUCH. You have no idea how much your words mean to me and how much you make me feel loved, and safe and capable. You really make my day better everytime you send me something, and it doesn’t even need to be a long message. Sometimes you just send me a little heart and that makes me SO HAPPY. I’m thankful for you being here and for you believing in me. Always. Like you are the sweetest person ever. I can’t thank you enough. I’m just so glad we are friends. 

Sorry if I worried you. I never wanted to do that. I love you and I care so much about you, friend. So I hope you are okay and having an amazing day. If you need anything, just let me know. Thank you again. Your words mean a lot and geez, they make me feel so much better.

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Hey sup. I know youre weeabootale won't be as active, but just wanna say I LOVE THIS AU. It's awesome to know there's someone who feels the same way about the UT fandom. :) Yeah that's about it. Yeah bai.

Hi! Sorry for being so late jzjxjsbxks'dosldfbslx’d

Thank you very much!
And yeeeah… the Undertale fandom is such a strange fandom ha ha-
But it does have some really amazing a cute people too-

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How much longer till FL ditches the lab?

She will just stay with him till she finds a better option.

She will do groundwork behind the scenes, then at the first chance, monkey branch on over.

She literally can’t be a single day without overt male attention. That is not what I call ‘free’.

FL I know watch all my stuff and read all the comments etc. My message to you is learn to love yourself. You don’t need botox, you don’t need so much money and you don’t need to be so competitive that you even repelled the very person who helped you more than anyone else will ever and end up just attracting people who will use you so overtly that you will let them because you fear being alone by yourself - which is ironically the very thing you need to heal yourself.

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YO GIVE SIN A BREAK FROM ALL THESE ASKS ((not that she doesn't love em because I know she loves em lmao)) but seriously, Sin has a life just like every other person and deserves a day to REST AND TREAT HERSELF LIKE DAYUM SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR US

You’re so very kind to say such things. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate it. Thank you, anon. ❤️ I don’t mind the asks, but I was resting and just dealing with stuffs. Thank you for the concern.

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HENLO   BEAUTIFUL   ANGELS ,   IT’S   TIME   FOR   ME   TO   GUSH   ABOUT   @cluefound   FOR   A   HOT   SECOND :    damn   noel   you   sure   reblogged   that   meme   at   a   good   time !   i   was   already   planning   on   doing   this   later   tonight   but   fuck   it .    ok   here’s   the   Deal .   you   breathe   life   into   nancy   with   your   writing ,   i’m   not   gonna   beat   around   the   bush   with   this .   your   writing   is   fluid   and   beautifully   poetic ,   it   suits   nancy’s   character   so   well .   your   narration   of   her   makes   it   very   clear   u   understand   her   and   are   still   on   that   path .   you   took   a   relatively   well - know   character   and   fleshed   her   out   so   completely   that   sometimes   i   forget   you’re   not   writing   an   ORIGINAL   CHARACTER .   not   to   disregard   her   creator/s   but   you   have   completely   turned   her   around   and   made   her   yours   and   that’s   one   of   the   coolest   things   i’ve   seen   on   tumblr   rp .

but   i’m   not   here   to   just   ramble   about   how   much   i   love   your   writing   and   portrayal ,   i’m   here   to   ramble   about   YOU .   you   are   ridiciously   talented   and   creative .   you   constantly   come   up   with   characters   and   ideas   and   concepts   that   i’m   just   completely   blown   away .    you’re   sweet   and   a   total   cutie   and   i’m   so   so   glad   that   we’re   friends   because   you   are   honestly   such   a   blessing .   i   love   you   so   much   pal ,   i   can’t   wait   to   see   more   of   you   and   your    writing   in    the   future .    ♥

hood & glove - Fahye, hawberries
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iiiit’s fic rec time.

i don’t read a lot of yuri!!! on ice fanfiction but when i do it’s intensely good otayuri fairy tale aus. this one has got some fucking beautiful imagery (with great!! fairy tale references!!) by @fahye complimented by beautiful illustration from @hawberries and just a wonderful overall tone and voice and i love it so much, you guys.

anyone that’s known me for a significant amount of time knows [at full volume] I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR FAIRY TALES, but for more wonderful, wonderful work by the same author, we’ve got stargazer, an victuuri sports au of a sports anime but this time in space!! with royalty!! and it also has a otayuri follow up in the form of gravity, which i like just as much IF NOT MORE. they are all!! very enjoyable!!

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hey this is for the funny Arctic Monkeys moments if you're still doing it and i thought about when Matt and Alex give slang lessons and at the end Matt goes ''go share it with your wank friends'' and Alex just snorts (btw i love your drawings, they're amazing and beautifully done each time ^ ^ ) cheers love!!

You know I’ve got an eye on this one and I’m really happy someone had this moment in mind too! Thank you so much for your suggestion, I really love when Matt makes Alex do this haha 😍😍

Also thank you very much for the compliment as well, I can recognize your blog from time to time reblogging my stuff and I really appreciate it a lot! I’m glad you like them!! 😙 😙  Hope you’re having a great one!! Will get back to you soon ❤️

okay so after watching episode 11 for the second time i feel like i need to talk about viktor and what he might be feeling. this is going to be a long one, so take a seat, my dudes. 

we begin with viktor watching yuuri skate, and while he’s always been very active in his support, this time he was so much more into it. 

a fist pump and then even going so far as jumping with yuuri

(i know it’s a bad shot just work with me tho)

and by this and the way he watches yuuri you can tell just how much he loves him and loves watching yuuri skate

but as the show goes on, he starts looking at the other skaters’ with the same look of adoration and just as much excitement and determination as he watches yuuri with

now we’re starting to see a new viktor nikiforov. a viktor that’s not trapped in his career like a prisoner. a new man that misses the ice, that misses doing what he loves. he’s a viktor that is filled with a new passion for skating and he wants, he wishes that he was showing just how passionate about skating that he’s become. but what changed his mind on it? what made him want to skate again? helped him see the light?

yuuri did. coaching yuuri, watching him skate has shown viktor everything that he loved about skating and has caused him to miss it. and yuuri is beginning to see that.

yuuri has always been scared of dragging viktor down through his failures and now he’s seeing this new fire lit inside of viktor and he realizes that he can’t keep holding him back. he wants viktor to do what he loves and to be happy.and that’s why this:

is not the face of a man who is going to break it off with his boyfriend/fiancé/lover. this is the face of a man who is going to set his own dreams and goals aside for those of the man he loves and i, personally, cannot wait to see what the next episode will bring.

@markiplier, I know this is gonna sound like the other millions of posts you’ve seen, but honestly your words are falling on deaf ears Mark. Tumblr is a horrible place full of bigots and horrible people. As much as I like being a user there are far too many people who leech onto drama like this just for kicks. 

I love you and Jack both very much, I know you both could never be two cold hearted people. I know Felix isn’t either. He made a mistake and he’s now paying the consequences. 

Again however, please don’t waste your time setting people right on this website they could go on forever how “you’re a horrible person” and “evil”.

Please just focus on making others happy, it’s what you do best. If they can’t see that then that’s their issue.

Good luck Mark, I’m with you all the way.


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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the best running theme of Phoenix Wright is that he 100% just rolls with whatever relationship other people decide to have with him. His only girlfriend basically just walked up to him and said “you. we’re dating now and you love me very much” and he was like “yeah okay, lemme know if you have a sweater I can wear to really drive the point home.” The Fey sisters basically grabbed him and said “I guess you’re our brother now” and he was like “yeah sure do you have any family drama I could get involved in?” Even Trucy just sorta told him “hey you’re my dad” and he was like “Mm. Guess I’d better get a job, huh.”

I know everyone and their mother seems to be screaming about this show right now - so for those of you who don’t watch it, I’m sorry, just bear with me a sec. I’ll try to keep things vague for those of you avoiding spoilers.

But you know the one thing about Yuri on Ice that gets me? 

How normalized everything is. 

For example, that moment in Episode 7 where Viktor very openly expresses his affection for Yuuri in front of an international audience? I was honestly expecting shit to hit the fan in Episode 8, at least to some degree. Here is a male celebrity (a Russian male celebrity, for that matter) at the peak of his career and with a large fan base… some of whom blame Yuuri for taking him away from them in order to coach. I was sort of dreading the backlash that they might face as a result or at the very least the judgmental glances they may get from assholes who don’t approve. The figure skating community alone is known to be pretty damn hostile toward even the mere suggestion of homosexuality.

Except they didn’t. The story just continued.

And now in Episode 10… that moment in the restaurant where the congratulatory announcement was made after a misunderstanding? No one questioned it. No one second-guessed it. A whole restaurant of strangers clapped for two people they presumably did not know but could clearly see sitting at the table and no one batted an eye at the fact that they were applauding for two men. 

While there is definitely a need in fiction to explore the struggle, the backlash, the hatred and homophobia that same-sex couples face… when I think about it, that narrative has dominated almost every piece of LGBTQ fiction I’ve personally encountered, to the point where I feel like it can overshadow the relationship at the center of it all.

But in this show, it doesn’t. You just get to enjoy them for who they are and how they care about one another and celebrate each step they take along the way.

And that is so fucking refreshing.