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Hi gorgeous! Have you ever rp’d any male characters besides wolfstar with TT? I know you’re not into rp that much anymore, but I wanted to ask since myself I have very feminine facial features and I noticed that you have too (you’re just so damn beautiful ohgod!! marrymepls wait what), so did you ever have problems making yourself look more masculine? I’d love to rp male characters but I only see a girl with a beard when I’m trying to do that :(

((OOC: We do not talk about those dark days……

Really though, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. TT did my make up when we rp’d Wolfstar, while I sort of sat there suffering loudly. And like, already have man arms ;)

I highly recommend Jessie’s vlog tutuorial because…she actually….knows how to do the things…. *thumbs up*.))

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My favorite head canon for force sensitive Hux is him being related to Palpatine by blood but he grew up not knowing this because yes for his security and such. Imagine his and Ren's shock when they find out and Hux shows signs of being strong with the force.


Just imagine that his mother was the estranged daughter of Emperor Palpatine and that makes Armitage his grandson. But it’s only when he and Kylo get into a relationship that Kylo begins to notice things that are out of the ordinary. Hux has very vivid dreams that are actually visions and only when he projects it onto Kylo does it become clear what they are. Things rumble and shake when Hux is angry or upset and he thought it was just a gravity issue on the ship but Kylo knows a Force disturbance when he feels one.

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Can I remind you to tell us about those ex-villain!Merlin headcanons now? Because I'm very, very intrigued

(I totally didn’t phrase it like that because I wanted someone to ask, what are you talking about? :) )

You all know how much I love villain!Merlin (if you didn’t, you must be new, hello). But I’m just so…drawn to the idea that Merlin being a villain isn’t in his future or in an adjacent timeline, but something he’s put behind him.

How it happens…I have a few different ideas I go with, usually having to do with the people who raised him (be it his parents or whatever). But I really, really like the idea of a precocious Merlin who feels like the world has abandoned him because why the fuck are bad things like that happening to a young child and he just…stops giving a fuck. 

…he may or may not blow up his house in some versions.

And I keep thinking about this, like, 12 year old kid that no one wants to take seriously until Jesus fuck is that a fucking bomb? Did he build a fucking bomb? and practically overnight this teenager starts to become an arms dealer because why the fuck not? It’s good money, and he’s clever enough to do it, and it’s not like the world has ever done him any favors.

He doesn’t watch the news. You can’t feel guilty if you don’t know who you’re hurting.

And then he’s fifteen and he’s bored because his work practically runs itself and teenagers never make smart decisions anyway and he thinks “why don’t I try being more hands on?” (Look, I have thoughts about why Merlin is such a good sharpshooter at the end of the first Kingsman movie). And maybe he picks up a rifle, and being a sniper is kind of fun for awhile, because he has a good aim and he’s so far removed from it that he can sort of pretend it’s fake.

But he doesn’t like sitting still for hours at a time, hands carefully in position, alone with his thoughts. So when he’s seventeen, he branches out again. He’s good with his hands, and these computer things are pretty new but they’re interesting, and he figures out quickly that he’s really, really good at hacking. And this, like being a sniper, he’ll do for anyone who pays well enough, no matter what they intend to do with the data.

And Merlin (only he’s not called Merlin yet. The papers call him all sorts of things, but the papers are crap, and it’s not like any of them know his real name anyway) never gets caught. He’s smart, he knows how to cover his tracks.

But maybe he’s starting to have trouble keeping the guilt at bay. Yeah, he kind of has it out for the world at large, but not everyone in that world is bad, right? Maybe he needs someone to keep him in check. So maybe he accidentally-on-purpose slips up. Doesn’t cover his tracks quite well enough.

And he’s eighteen or nineteen years old when he meets Agent Galahad, aka Harry Hart.

Harry is only a few years older and he’s utterly appalled by Merlin’s attitude towards life and death and people in general. Kingsman has given him instructions to bring him in, so he does, and the flippancy with which Merlin talks about this stuff is just horrifying. And Kingsman gives Merlin an ultimatum: he can work for them, or they can kill him. Merlin’s surprised that being locked up isn’t an option, but it’s not like there’s a prison in the world that could hold him if he was really dedicated, and Arthur knows it.

So he decides to work for Kingsman.

And dear lord, is Harry Hart annoying, always banging on about ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘looking for the little acts of kindness’ and ‘not being such a fucking sadist.’

But Merlin isn’t a sadist. And he starts to think maybe Harry has a few good points. And Harry starts to see that maybe Merlin isn’t just the hardened exterior he likes to present. Inside, he’s still a scared kid lashing out at a world that effectively abandoned him.

It’s Harry who suggests Merlin goes to therapy. Merlin tells him to piss off. He doesn’t tell Harry that he’s taken his advice.

It takes years for Merlin to get to a place he’d even remotely consider healthy. Where he starts to legitimately care for the agents and for the people they’re trying to protect.

But still. He keeps a book of the names. The people he’s hurt. He knows there are more, ones the news didn’t report or who were hurt more indirectly or who wanted to remain anonymous. But even still, it’s a very long list. And he does what he can, but he knows there’s no way he can ever make up for it.

So he dismantles his old network (a kind word for what he and Harry do to it) and saves the world a time or two with Kingsman and hopes that it comes even close to helping him balance the scales.

And Harry, who fell in love slowly with the man Merlin fought to become, hugs him and kisses him and helps him keep the nightmares at bay.

morning voice - finn

fandom: star wars

pairing: finn x reader

summary: you have a crush on finn and become jealous of his newfound friendship with rose

warnings: intergalatic swearing..

notes: this is very blegh, but i saw this and had to write something about it so here it is! let me know what you think, and requests still open. x

Originally posted by guillermodltoro

word count: 1,745

disclaimer: with this i mean absolutely no hate toward rose, i truly love her very much, it was just easy to do a lil’ jealousy with her character involved but honestly there isn’t even any hate just some green-eyed-monster

“What’s Rose doing here?” you asked, squinting across the room at the small girl sitting beside an empty chair. You weren’t trying to speak maliciously, but the envy that crossed your tongue turned your words somewhat spiteful.

Poe turned to you, then glanced quickly at Rose from the corner of his eye, “Uh, Finn asked the general if she could attend meetings from now on.”

The green-eyed monster living in your belly reared its head as Finn entered the room and took a seat beside her, “Oh.” You glanced at the empty seat you’d saved to your side.

Leia stood once most of the seats had been filled and began speaking, though you hardly listened. You kept watching the way Finn leaned into Rose, occasionally whispering in her ear whenever the general mentioned something she didn’t know of.

Calm down, would you,” Rey hissed, placing her hands over yours as you wrung them in your lap.

You hadn’t even noticed her switch places with Poe, “Sorry.”

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you’re my fifth season

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: sassyneki
Length: 13k

“I didn’t steal the condoms!”

“I totally believe you.”

“Then why are you blackmailing me?”

Jimin is an opportunist and so is Yoongi.


Reccer’s Note:
have you ever described something you really loved and just start getting annoyed by yourself because the only word you know how to use is amazing?
 l i t e r a l l y. like ive tried to write authors note for all these great fics but i just keep writing that they’re amazing when they’re so. much. more. than that but right now my vocabulary is shit so im very sorry i make them seem like less than they are they deserve the praise of the wooooorld. - N

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Fluffy Hibari hcs as a father with a petite s/o? (I love you so much Admins, you're scaring me with fhe 'Last Time'?

·         Hibari is a very loving father. His children will always know that he loves them. He will show it in his own way such as going to functions that they want him to attend, taking their word for anything, or just being back up for when they intimidate someone.


·         Hibari takes the family on a vacation once a year whenever he’s free to do so. Even if he has to physically o off the grid so that he has time for the vacation. They usually go to Japan if they aren’t living there now.


·         He is a very good problem solver for his children and his s/o. The kids know to go to his s/o when they want a helpful ear and someone to bounce ideas off of, but when they need something done they go to Hibari and know that their problem will be taken care of no matter how busy he may be.


·         He makes sure to have time for one on one time with his s/o. He goes on little dates with them whenever he can. He would get the children a babysitter and go on a weekend getaway when given the time. And if he’s busy his s/o will be given small gifts from him if he’s away on work for a while or something that just made him thing of his s/o.


·         Surprisingly he is not the strict parent in the relationship, even though he is pretty strict. He has his moments of weakness, mostly when the children are young. What can he say he can’t say no to that face.


·         He teaches the children and his s/o how to defend themselves. He would hope they never need to fight but he doesn’t want if the time comes for them to fight for them to be unprepared. He is a hard teacher but makes it up to them after.

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Even though there are plenty of delusional fangirls that can misinterpret it, Jealousy's profound for its grim content. It's a story of two awful people still trying to figure themselves and each other out, so of course it needs to be "unacceptable" sometimes, or else it wouldn't have any merit. I'm sure Scarlet Beriko's target audience is people who know things are wrong and still see the big picture. It's why I love Jealousy, and how I found this blog. Thank you for continuing it!

I absolutely agree!

I think that people who don’t like things like that just shouldn’t read it. Some people read and then they write long comments about how much they hate everything about it. xD I will never understand that.

Jealousy is brilliant like all of Sensei’s works in my opinion. The story is very well written, the characters are deep and it’s just different and brilliant. 

People seem to forget sometimes, that this series was never meant to be fluffy and cute and about lovey-dovey, healthy relationships. If you want that, Jealousy is the wrong thing to read for you. 

And I love all of them exactly for how they are. Awful, selfish, broken… And Sensei still manages to put humor in it, to make you laugh and go “aaawww”. 
Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

Thank you so much for your message <3


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For the writing thing, maybe some soft Bangup? Being the more introspective members, they seem like introverts to me. Maybe quiet cuddling where they can just be, recharging from extroversion in a moment of peace? Sorry if this is too specific, I love your writing a lot and you capture a lot of brilliant intimacy with the boys so well. >.<

*hugs pillow* I love Bangup for that very reason. Thank you so much for this.


Whenever they’re backstage somewhere, before a big interview or concert, Yongguk feels cornered. There’s too many people, and even if most of them are people he knows – make up noonas, staff members, his members – the amount of human bodies in such a close vicinity always overwhelms him.

Sometimes they arrive early, and has over an hour to spare before they even get called over for make up. Like today. 

Yongguk walks down the narrow hallway, having to press himself against the wall to let some of the dancers walk past. He peeks into one of the rooms, but quickly ducks back out when spotting Daehyun holding the phone at arm’s length, Junhong towering behind him and waving at the screen. He can hear Himchan’s voice from somewhere, laughing, and Guensoo joining in. Yongguk heads in the opposite direction.

He finds Jongup curled up on a couch in another room, with only a few other people sitting around. Yongguk lets out a small breath, slipping inside and clicking the door shut behind him.

The younger stirs when he sits down next to him, blinking for a moment before looking up to see who’s at his side.

“Sorry,” Yongguk murmurs, patting Jongup’s folded leg. “Go back to sleep.”

“Hi, hyung,” Jongup just mumbles, a dopey smile stretching on his lips.

He moves from where he’d been curling in on himself in one corner of the couch, to instead sit up and lean into Yongguk’s side. Yongguk hums as he easily wraps one arm across Jongup’s shoulders, bending it to he can run his fingers through Jongup’s hair. The younger sighs contently, and drops his head on Yongguk’s shoulder. It doesn’t take long before his breathing turns slow and even.

Yongguk keeps his eyes open for just a moment longer, working on shutting out the other people in the room and the reminder of what’s to come. The weight of Jongup’s head on his shoulder is grounding. Being around him is easy, because they know they both need the same thing. That they need to just do nothing and recharge their batteries for a bit before being ready to stand in front of cameras and fans again.

Eventually, Yongguk lets his eyelids fall shut and nuzzles into Jongup’s hair. He tries to focus on nothing but Jongup’s even breaths, making his own match.

The Magnificent Seven (Thousand)

Hello there! @ohevansmycaptain here 😊 As you can tell from my not so subtle title, I have reached 7,000 followers! 🎆🎉🎊 Honestly, I am- just how? 7,000! My mind is blown by that. So I’m here to say thank you, thank you very, very, very, so very much for so many things. 

First of, thank you for your love, support, encouragement, and general good vibes. They are all noted and appreciated. Secondly, thank you for commenting. I know it’s a hassle, maybe you just wanted to read and run. But it truly means a lot to me, and to all the other Tumblr writers. It is always humbling to hear what you, our lovely readers, thought of our works. We want to know how we made you feel, whether you smiled, and cried when we did writing it. We like hearing how we made your day better, or how we took your mind of something bad. It makes what we do, the time we put in, the mind-numbing writer’s block we’ve all suffered at some point in time worth it. 

Side note: I may not respond in the comments section, but if you send me a private message or leave me a question in my inbox- I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Thirdly, thank you for being here, even when I’m not; for reading my masterlist, for reblogging and liking the stories I posted months ago. I am aware I’m not as frequent as I used to be, so thank you for still popping in to read whenever I do find time to write and post. Lastly, but most importantly, thank you for helping me figure out what I want to do with my life. The idea of being a screen writer would not have come about if it weren’t for all my lovely readers. So thank you, and I love you. I truly, truly do.


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question, does the same apply to yuri? im not into it, i just wanna know for reference if i come across anything like that on tumblr

!!!! I recently reblogged a very helpful post in understanding the difference to yuri and shoujo-ai (girls love)

in summary: in japan the word yuri means “lily” (the flower) and the word is coined and used by the japanese lgbt community! This means its good to go!

shoujo-ai is used by pedophiles and fetishists

here’s the whole post talking about the differences between the words and what you should know -> http://superemeralds.tumblr.com/post/169832530720/smuganimebitch-smuganimebitch

Thank you so much for being kind, curious and willing to educate urself instead of just going like “why :/”

You are the real MVP, anon.

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I notice you tend to pair Allura and Shiro together in your fics(which I love and adore and I’m a very neutral multi shipper in this fandom ^-^). I’m just curious on your thoughts of matt and shiro? Would you ever pair them together or are they purely friends? I love your fics so much, have a great day!! <3

hmmm good question, someone else asked me this too and idk, like i really dont know how i feel about matt and shiro? I honestly think i would ship them to hell and back if we had more content with them interacting (im a fucking sucker for two people with a traumatic history together omfg) but I feel like i havent been given enough material to fall in love with the ship. like, i know their separate personalities, but havent seen them interact enough. does that make any sense at all? or am i just an idiot? lol 

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Wow, well ugh hello! I just kinda wanted to say that all your stuffs really cool, and I really like how you look at things and your perspective it’s all so great, and despite not agreeing with you on every single thing I really love all your stuff Σ੧(❛□❛✿) and honestly the way you talk about Lance is so calming compare to the toxic character he’s become in the rest of the fandom.

ahhhh thanks so much you’re very kind~! :) and yeah i know how some parts of the fandom feel about the hype over lance, so i like talking about how great he is in canon bc he really is such a good boy (and he loves my favorite girl so much how could you not adore him?)

I’m sorry

I’m really sorry you guys, there’s a lot happening in my life right now medically. I have cystic fibrosis, and today I’m now on antibiotics and I was told I probably have CF related diabetes. I am really sick because since the healthcare system sucks so bad, I can’t get my vital medication, therefore I am in constant pain until god knows when.

That’s why I’m not posting as much, I just don’t feel good. It’s hard for me to be psychic right now because I am in a lot of pain, and I’m trying to accept the fact that I could be diagnosed with diabetes on Monday.

It’s really really hard, and I love all of you and I’m sorry that I haven’t been responding. There is a lot, and this is very personal, but I wanted to let all of you know since you reach out to me for support. Thank you for understanding

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(before I ask my question I wanna say y'all are literally doing God's work and I love it) Okay! So I've been given the chance to speak to a (very) small club for religious LGBT peeps at my very not religious school (it's an unusual club for a secular school, I know), but I don't know what to talk about! We're supposed to talk abt our faith journey & being LGBT, but I don't know where to look for passages I can relate to my being trans (and/or gay). Do you know some passages offhand? 💕

Hey anon! I love you so much and you are doing the Lord’s work!! Both by this awesome thing you’re doing with your school group and by just being your wonderful self every day! Okay, buckle up I have a whole journal full of verses.

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21 actually this whole passage is awesome and you definitely wanna read it but I love this verse for me and for our community at large because it is so tempting in our situation to give into anger, but this is what motivates us to do things like we are, leading our community in practicing hope and fixing our eyes on God. So that’s one thing you could talk about!

“How great is the love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it does not know Him.” 1John 3:1 I think this verse is so relevant for a lot of obvious reasons. For one thing, it starts off with a reminder of his love, which is so beautiful and so necessary. Then it reminds us that we are his children, and since so many of us have broken relationships with our parents, this is oh so important. And that last sentence? Dead on. Written specifically for marginalized groups like our community. I love it.

“The faith that you have, keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgement on himself for what he approves.” Romans 14:22 This is a verse I talk about here all the time for that kind of initial questioning of like “wait but am I sure this is okay?”. This verse assures us that not only are we supposed to make decisions for our own faith that may not match others, we’re blessed for it, and shouldn’t judge ourselves for it. A lot of my personal faith is built upon this verse, and I think it’s something we don’t talk about much that could make a really interesting discussion for your group.

If you wanna talk about community check out Galatians 6:2 or Ephesians 2:9 or a bunch of others (trying to make this brief). If you wanna talk about hope from mourning, maybe your group’s going through a hard time, you can talk about Psalms 147:3 or Matthew 5:4 or some others. If you wanna talk about strength against hatred you could talk about Deuteronomy 31:6 or Psalms 3:6!

Pray about it, talk to God, see where They’re leading you. I’m so proud of you and I know it’s gonna be great! Have fun! I love you!

-mod sarah

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You are so open minded about these movies I feel like if you of all people is mad about Newts death i’m gonna hate it

we all have different opinions you know maybe you’ll actually like it. it’s not that i’m mad about it because i’m just very happy that my favorite book was even made into a movie, i just kind of feel disappointed

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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I just finished "Code Seventy Seven" and I loved it! Thank you very much for telling me about it and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Daaaaang….did you read that all in one sitting?? That’s like 180k. You might need to rest your eyes ha. Glad you enjoyed it!

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This is going to sound super super cheesy, but seeing your posts about your husband both on here and on your fic make me incredibly happy. My mother and grandmother before her were both in abusive marriages, and I've just gotten out of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, so it's just really nice to see relationships like yours and your husband's - it kind of makes me hope that there's a love like that out there for me. Wishing you all the best!

The first thing I want to say is that you are tremendously strong. It is HARD to get out of abusive relationships and I am so very glad that you did.

I’m really happy that my marriage can give you a bit of hope. I never know how much of it is what he and I put into it or just dumb luck, but whatever it is, I believe that there is love out there for everyone. 

I’m a huge romantic dork and I used to write letters to Mr. Downing before I met him, just believing he was out there. Your person is, too.

Thank you, Anon. <3