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Emotional Wreckage, One Line at a Time™
  • “Rubbish. We become rubbish.”
  • “Look. Look at me. Come wake me up. For still here I be.”
  • “I’ll never leave you again.”
  • “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”
  • “There’s a beast running wild no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.”
  • “Because he loves her.”
  • “Let’s go home.”
  • “We’re together now, its going to be fine.”
  • “So much for true love.”
  • “Lumière, my friend. It was an honour to serve with you.”
  • “I set her free. I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.”
  • “The outside world has no place for a creature like me.”
  • “Come back! Please don’t leave me. I love you.”
  • “It’s foolish I suppose, that a creature like me might one day earn your affection.”
  • “I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now but still not free.”
  • “It’s as if I’m seeing it for the first time.”
  • “I am not a beast!”
  • “Easy to remember, harder to move on. Knowing the Paris of my childhood is gone.”
  • “It’s dangerous” // “Yes it is.”
  • “Keep it with you, then you’ll always have a way to look back at me.”
  • “He’s not a monster Gaston, you are!”
  • “Why are we not human?” // “Because she doesn’t love him.”
  • “When the master lost his mother and his cruel father took that sweet lad and twisted him up to be just like him… We did nothing.”

Finally, Evermore in its entirety, but especially:

She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in. And be with me forevermore.


“I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty overwhelming keeping on top of it all – there’s the WhatsApp group with all the Call the Midwife girls … they’re champions in my life though – and we could all use more of those.” - Laura Main

I miss you so much but I know that’s it’s just the loneliness speaking. If I go back to you then I’m not allowing myself to feel true love and find someone who deserves me. What we had was nice and I wish it was real but we both know it was only real for me. I’ll always think about you but I refuse to let myself go back to you. I know what I deserve now and we both know you can’t give it to me.
—  I deserve better and I will not settle anymore but it doesn’t mean that I don’t still think about you.

I know we don’t even know Mark (faceless radio voice) and we love Bellamy, but like…cut the guy some slack?

Of course he’s angry and demanding and panicking. He’s watching his son die. He knows Bellamy is their only hope. Even if Mark had been nice and kind and gentle over the radio, Bellamy would still feel the same amount of guilt. 

Just like…chill on this parent who is literally suffering through a parent’s worse nightmare right now. Watching a child die, someone who you probably promised to always protect, and being unable to do anything about it. 

Also…he’s dead now sooo ????

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Hi! First, thank you so much for writing your books. I fell in love with Alanna in middle school (I’m almost 24 now!) and your books have been a huge part of my life ever since. Second a question… will we get to see more of Pounce/Faithful? He’s my favorite and I’d love to see more of what he gets up to in the Divine Realms!

Ask him! He doesn’t tell me his plans. He’s a cat.

I have yet to know a cat who followed a plan. (I’m not trying to be snotty, it’s just there’s some characters you know and some you don’t!)



The amazing @saladsnek made this for me and I am in love.

They recently took chibi and sketch commissions - I reblogged the post a week or two ago.  It was $5 for this masterpiece.  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.  WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ONE YET BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.

Now excuse me, I’m going to grab my phone, sit on the couch and stare at this with shining eyes. If you need me any time in the next hour, that’s where I’ll be.

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Ok, I'm absolutely in love with your persuasion au. I didn't know how much I needed something like this until I read it. It's a treasure. Thank you SO MUCH for it! Can I ask you why do you ship rebelcaptain? as a deep question, I just want to read your thoughts about them 'cause you write so well

First, thank you for the compliment no my Persuasion AU! I’m glad you like it! And I’m going to get working on the next chapter of it now that I’ve written this 1,400+ word treatise I wrote on rebelcaptain because of your question lol.


Diego Luna and Felicity Jones have and had amazing chemistry as Jyn and Cassian. The eye contact, the lack of personal space, and the passion they conveyed as their characters with and without words was really impressive. Even when Jyn and Cassian were arguing and angry with one another, you got the sense that they fought as they did because the other person mattered. Their arguments are never about romance, but they were about the important basics of any relationship, romantic or platonic: truth, trust, faith, belief, and how you choose to act (or whether you choose to act at all).
But their chemistry isn’t just sexual or romantic. They also have chemistry as a battle duo. They work together well almost instantly. When she’s sporting for a fight on Jedha, he knows exactly when to pull her back. When a Partisan bomb is about to blow her to bits, he saves her—it’s not a question. On Scarif, they seem in sync the whole time from when she gives her speech to when they die together on the beach. They don’t question the other because there’s implicit trust and they seem to instinctively understand that what the other person is doing is the right or best way. They’re on the same page if you will.

Individually and Individuality

I love them as individual characters. They are my murder son and my murder daughter.
They both have defined and deep character arcs in the movie, and they grow because of it. They act as catalysts for the other for the change to come. They grow because they met each other, and they do so in the platonic sense.
Jyn’s forced herself into apathy because she’s been hurt, abandoned, and traumatized by “the cause” and the battle between the Rebels and the Empire. She lost both her parents. She was abandoned by her foster parent. She was stripped of anything that ever felt safe, that felt like home. The passion and fight intrinsic to her personality was temporarily snuffed out. She’s given so much but what has she gotten back but misery? She now only fights for herself. But meeting and knowing Cassian reawakens that passion and drive in her. The catalyst moment is when he gives her his trust on the U-wing to Jedha, and it builds from there. He pushes back against her resistance, and where others may have not cared enough to do that, he does, and that fight wakes her up again. Then he offers her a home and a family in him (and Kaytoo, Baze, Chirrut, and Bodhi). Thet cause, which has only taken from her, has given her something back. It has given her people she cares about and who care for her to fight for.

For Cassian, after 20 years of war, I think part of what traps him in this prison of his own making is that he feels like he’s fighting for abstractions now. He’s lost everything and everyone he cares about. There’s only the cause, and it’s made him do terrible things that have been cutting him into little pieces. But then he meets Jyn, and she’s not an abstraction. But it’s not love or love for her that acts as a catalyst for his change: it’s her inner fire. I think he sees in her what he used to see in himself. It reminds him of what he’s fighting for, in part, too, because he sees the tremendous losses she has also suffered at the hands of the fight. In her push to go to Scarif, she also gives him a specific way he can justify everything he has done as a soldier. And like it is for Jyn, I think Cassian finds himself now with people he cares for specifically, people for whom he fights (aka the found family he has personally collected over the course of a week).

Complementary Personalities

I like the idea of opposites attract, but I love more the idea of complementary personalities who share a lot of similarities. I think Jyn and Cassian fit this bill. They’re both orphaned child soldiers (essentially). They’re both passionate fighters. They are iron-willed, confident, resolute, and strong people. They’re different enough, though, that they can balance the other out.

They are complete people when they meet—there’s no need for one to “complete the other”; it’s rather like I argue above, that parts of them have gone dormant, and meeting each other brings them back to life; they fill in the cracks.
And they are equals. There’s no power differential. Sometimes he takes lead. Sometimes she does. They’re a team. It’s beautiful.


The intimacy between these two characters scrambles my brain, to be honest. The first time I saw the movie, it didn’t hit me until late (HI, ELEVATOR SCENE), but it hit me hard when it did. The intimacy in that elevator scene goddamit it—it made everything click for me. Not just the shipping but like, the wholeness of their character arcs. They are both initially cast as loners who guard themselves really closely from others—from affection, from attachment, from any ties to another living thing. But in that elevator scene, it’s all there flashing in their faces. For the first time, Jyn looks soft and lost as he stares at him in the darkened space, a whole future they won’t get to live flashing before her eyes. For him, he looks at her like she’s the only person in the galaxy that matters, and for him too, it’s colored by this sadness of what if. How long has it been since he’s been touched like this? When was the last time he had someone he could love before now?
With the idea of intimacy, too, I would argue that they both let their guard down around one another in a way they don’t with anyone else. Cassian is supposed to be this cool-headed, seasoned solider and spy, but he meets Jyn and is almost immediately running around, disobeying orders, screaming her name, saving her at all cost to his own life and to the cause. Maybe this is how he’s always felt about things, but he’s been able to push it all down before. He can’t with her. She’s triggered something in him that makes him feel. Jyn can also read him like no one else can. He’s an open book in her hands.

And for Jyn, because he’s shown her the first semblance of trust in years, the fact that he just refuses to ever leave her behind, opens her up. Even with Saw, she puts on this air of “don’t care” (“It’s not a problem if you don’t look up”). Again, the personal space issues! The touching and closeness (she touches his arm when they get the clearance to enter Scarif; she notes how he smells [of blaster oil and Eadu dirt]; elevator, beach, he’s the most beautiful person she’s ever seen etc etc.).

He makes her care about someone again because he cares for her. If you watch the scene on the beach when they hold hands—note how Jyn reaches for his hand first. But when she does, it’s tentative and unsure. He senses her hesitation and then he reaches out and takes it.
And the hug to end all hugs. I can’t even.

Unrealized potential

With most of what I ship, it’s usually the unrealized potential that sets my brain on fire. I love a good established couple (Baze and Chirrut) but because they seem to have had their happiness or their happy ending, it doesn’t tug at the heart strings as hard. I don’t actively ship because I don’t have to wonder. To quote one of my favorite shows, Veronica Mars:

Veronica: Come on. Ruined lives? Bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?

Logan: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

And I still contend that I’d ship them just as hard if they had survived and the ending of Rogue One hadn’t given us an explicitly romantic ending (kissing, declarations) because it would still be unrealized potential. Their deaths just make it more tragic and force more sad whale noises from my mouth.

fionaisaway  asked:

Hi mama! Recently I've been questioning whether or not I'm ace and I was wondering if you could help me out?? I feel romantic attraction to others but nothing sexual (it's too overwhelming and just not for me) but I'm not sure since some people have said "I'm too young to know". What are your thoughts? P.s. I know some people don't like the new chapter but I loved it! Thanks for all your hard work <3

Okay, everyone who says “You’re too young” needs to stop. Sure, maybe you ID as ace now and as you mature you realize that sexual attraction comes to you in a way, but even if that were the case: so what? If you think ace is the label for you right now, because you don’t experience sexual attraction, for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine! It’s not set in stone and you know best what you feel and how you experience stuff, so you fucking go! 


gone | a post-last battle susan pevensie playlist

i. interpret your eyes as they die, should i cry? // ii. all my friends, i forgot // iii. without your love, i’ll be so long and lost // iv. oblivion is calling out your name // v. you will still be all alone // vi. you couldn’t see how it ends // vii. just the memory of your face // viii. i am carrying my cold heart home // ix. i don’t know if i’ll get through // x. everything is actually a mess // xi. drug me now, so i can feel you // xii. i’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.


@askvelora IS THIS HOW YOU LEXY?????

so i tried to draw @askvelora ‘s sexy OC Lexy just waking up from a nap :3

i know its not 100% Lexy but i did my best this is also a gift for them so i hope you love it ;u;

dont ask me about the Canadian leaf a friend randomly yelled “CANADIAN BRAND PANTIES” 

this also took me a long time to finish and now my hand hurts

i also have no idea how bras work pfft

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Every time I see little snippets of you talking about Lucky Us I get so excited you have no idea, cause then I'm like it's coming. I never know when but I know it's coming and I love it.

Considering I’m 2700 words into this chapter and Adrien is just now introducing Marinette to the ridiculousness that is his life, it’s going to be a couple days. And a long chapter!! When was the last time we had a long chapter? The first date? The second? One of the date chapters was long.

I might post another preview because poor Adrien has lost most of his ability to function properly and, as a consequence, made a joke about his birthday suit.

(Non-native English speakers: your birthday suit is your naked body.)

Thank you @nindr0id​ that you create this awesome #SteelShipping. As i saw your fanart i could not stop to think about it!

Why i have not seen that they are so cute together? I really really love you for this idea and by the way i love your fabulous arts!

For all people around the world who see this know:

Please do not throw stones. it is just a crazy shipping that i start to love! And well… for all dudes that now wished that i am dead. sorry, i am a ghost.  xD Oh yes!

See ya later Alligator

Peter asked, “Lord, why can’t I follow you now? I am ready to die for you!”

Our words doesn’t mean anything if our actions says otherwise. We can always proclaim to follow God and to tell other people how much we love Him but if our life is built on just hypocritical words rather than wholehearted obedience, it will all be meaningless. God wanted Peter to learn how to humble himself, to take heed less he fall, for him to know that strength is not found in taking pride of oneself but it is found in total reliance on God. 


aurum88  asked:

I am in LOVE with the night club au. I would love to see more of it if you ever felt like it. I know you mentioned them sitting through a police raid... Also I love when you do fahc from an outsider's perspective, it's so good and so enjoyable. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks so much! I really didn’t stick to the perspective as well as i meant to but i just wanted to knock something out without going back to fix it so it is what it is. 

As for the raid, well. Normally Geoff’s contacts are enough to keep that sort of thing from happening no matter what kind of business he’s meddling in, but every now and then someone fresh and optimistic comes along trying to change the world, or one of Geoff’s crooked pals forgets what they owe him, and the club is subjected to a night of privacy infringement and poorly veiled insults courtesy of Los Santos’ finest. The notoriety of a raid never hurts FAKE’S business but any night spent entertaining the boys in blue is a night not spent raking in the cash from the public, and that just does not make Geoff a happy man.

Still, when the police descend and pull him from his office Geoff stays cool and calm and infuriatingly smug, Jack professional and blasé at his side, and the pair conduct every interview with the perfect polish of upstanding citizens despite everyone in the room knowing they are as guilty as sin. They’ll smile, will answer questions as their property is invaded and their people are harassed, they’ll pointedly refrain from mentioning that the police chief is a close friend of the business, and no matter how thorough the search is they’ll never be caught with a scarp of incriminating evidence.

None of the casual workers have anything to say, not privy to any of the background business, but even if they were they’re all smart enough to keep their mouths shut, and all too soon they’re deemed useless and sent on their way. Steffie and Matt tend to play themselves out with the crowd and laugh at the others come morning, saved yet again by their ability to refrain from stirring up a hornet’s nest, avoiding aggravating the cops in a way the rest of the FAKE’S crew is oddly incapable of.

The main team are not so lucky, though for the most part they bring it on themselves; intentionally infuriating and insufferably cocky they all toy with any member of law enforcement they’re faced with no matter the rank, daring them to bite back, safe in the confidence that there’s no trouble Geoff and Jack can’t get them out of. Corralled to the side of the bar to await their questioning and watch the raid unfold not one of FAKE’S diehard employees can refrain from commentating, calling out particular officers who look like they’re slacking or making suggestions of places to look, slouched together in their insolence, collectively laughing off every attempt to bring them into order.

Ryan, Jeremy and Michael always play their interviews the exact same way; stoic and unimpressed with crossed arms, incredulous looks and just enough menace to keep things interesting without tipping all the way into threat.  Lindsay and Mica swing from overtly airheaded to ruthlessly clever brutally enough to keep any member of law enforcement too busy trying to dig themselves out of the pit of offensively sexist stereotyping to bother collecting any viable information. Trevor pleasantly answers every question without ever actually answering a single question, and Gavin is, as always, a menace. All big guileless eyes and affinity for starting trouble he pokes and prods, taunts and teases, chewing up and spitting out officers like they’re regular patrons of the club, but the detectives are another matter altogether. They always circle back to Gavin, closeness to Geoff making him a prime candidate for interrogation, and for all Gavin hates them they tend to hate him right back, or pity him, or on one notable occasion that instantly turned the tone of the room from amused to quietly furious, call him all kinds of unpleasant names casting aspersions on his character and role at the club.

That particular detective didn’t last long; for all he mocked Michael’s sudden snarling appearance and Gavin’s scathing response, sneer only wobbling in the face of the cold, silent judgement of the FAKE’S around him, he wasn’t laughing when Geoff caught up to him later. Wasn’t laughing when he slunk back into the club the next night, face burning with humiliation as he issued a full blown apology in front of everyone, suffering through Gavin’s haughty dismissal and turning on his heel to leave. He certainly wasn’t laughing when Ryan, Michael and Jeremy sprung into motion at a nod from Geoff, effortlessly cutting through the rolling crowd like wolves as they silently followed the detective out into the night. Safe inside the dancers keep dancing, keep drinking and flirting with the staff, keep gossiping about FAKE’S latest brush with the law as they pour their hard earned cash into the club, utterly oblivious to the free lesson in minding one’s manners that is transpiring in the unlit alley out back.

If I was the music meister, I’d be meddling with my problematic favs too. Like, that’s the villain I would be. I’d probably be a little less magical and flashy though. I’d just sit them down in a room and be like “Okay, we all know you love each other. Now both of you say you’re sorry and make out.” Actual footage of me as a villain fixing my problematic otps:

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Curtsies- Duke. (I must say that there has been a reprehensible slide in courtesy amongst your querents who have not shown you the correct amount of deference recently. Please curtsey all... ) I booked my nephews aged 15 and 13 in to see the Bell Shakespeare(Australia's leading Shakespeare players) production of Macbeth. It is especially aimed at students and only runs for 90 minutes. My nephews said "We would rather slit our throats" which devastated me. I know they would love it when they 1/2

when they went but getting them there was too traumatic for all involved. Do you feel that a coerced exposure to the Bard can do more harm than good? And it’s best just to leave it for now?

*Curtsies* I think forced exposure to anything can be harmful. I think the best way (possibly) to go about this would be to try and explain why you think they’ll enjoy it. Macbeth is all about violence and murder. Tell them it’s a war play. Tell them Game of Thrones is partly based on Shakespeare’s more violent plays (because according to the author, it is). Here’s another thing I’ve found works well with teenage boys: mention how impressed a girl will be if they ever take her on a date to see a Shakespeare play. This is literally how I got like a dozen of my dudebro friends from high school to show up for a production of Midsummer I was in in college. I just went, “Guys, look, it’s going to be two hours of sex jokes and love poems by candlelight under the stars. You take a girl to that and trust me, she’s going to be into you.” They all came and they all brought dates. And moreover, they all actually enjoyed it. So, win-win. This is a long way of saying I think you can and should try to get them interested but I think you should leave the decision of whether or not they go up to them, because if you force them to go when they don’t want to they’ll view it as a punishment, and chances are they’ll never forgive Shakespeare for it. 

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Omg okay I'll keep it on 😂 now that I think about it, I don't think I've actually ever read the lyrics for it 🤔 not sure if I should now lmao but I cannot watch any fan cams because I just cringe and hide behind my hands 😱 like yes it is a good song but the dance is so EXTRA bap pls - shower/stairs anon (omg I should just come off anon lol you actually know me)

Whaaat? How have you not read the lyrics? You will truly die but honestly even though it’s a sensual song the lyrics are actually really thoughtful, like I really love how BAP aren’t nasty or demeaning towards women with their lyrics <3 but if you haven’t read the lyrics yet I suggest you do because you’re missing out on quality content such as:

“We just ride tonight” (yall know which kinda ridin Yongguk’s talkin about 👅)
“I love everything about you, even your smallest trembles” (Himchan makin all the girlhoods tremble if you get this reference ily)
“I make you love me, if I have you, all day” (Yongguk’s a freak bYE)

Also same, I legit already have a hard time watching fancams of all their songs because I cry since I couldn’t see them live myself, but Body&Soul is just one that makes me giggle like it’s sooo ridiculous how that’s the only fancam I’ve watched 😂

Also omg??? Fam what are you doin lol come off anon 😂

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Do you hate Camren now or are you just realistic and know they mostly aren't together now so you just kinda let it go but still love the idea of it? That's how I am, like I know it's in no way real but I love the idea of it

i’m far from hating camren, i just think they’re not together and i’m sure they’re not together even tho i hate that idea, still ship them on the low tho