just kiss me it took so long to upload


content : scenario
genre : fluff
group : victon
member : seungwoo
word count : 2,174 (really long sorry not sorry)
request : a dating seungwoo scenario where he tries to have his first kiss with you but the other guys keep on interrupting

a/n: sorry it took me two years to upload this but i hope you like it~~ 

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everything just feels so right..

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Dream Come True * Jack Johnson Imagine*

Johnson week has begun


*Pretend that this is a little more in the future*

“Babe let’s take a selfie” you told your boyfriend Jack who’s lap you were currently sitting on.


“You have an addiction I swear” he complained “Just shut up & take it with me please” “Anything for you” he kissed your cheek and you took the opportunity to take your selfie


“Thanks” you said while uploading the picture to every social media site you had


Pre concert selfies w. @JackJackJohnson<3”


You guys were currently in London for JanoFest. You both were so happy that you didn’t have to be separate for so long and that you could be there the whole time.


You love getting to travel with your boyfriend but unfortunately because they have such a large fan base you didn’t get much privacy if you wanted to go out but you didn’t get mad or anything because you were a fan girl once too


“Y/N get off of Johnson it’s almost show time!” Gilinsky yelled while passing by Jacks dressing room


“That sounds like a great idea” Jack said pushing you off him “Hey!” “Don’t be mad babe, I’m only saying this because then I won’t be able to keep my hand off my sexy lady” You giggled “You’re so stupid” “I know, now walk with me to stage beautiful” he said standing up


“Help me up” You told Him so he pulled up and as soon as you were standing he kissed you "I love you” you smiled “I love you too” You then left his dressing room and headed toward the stage.


“Did you to get your quickie?” James Yammouni asked you as you both approached the group

“Fuck off” Jack told him “Only if Y/N helps” he winked at you “You’re disgusting” you said while hugging your boyfriend “James is jealous because I have the perfect girlfriend” “No actually I think he’s jealous that I have the best boyfriend in the whole world”


“ Johnson mic time" one of the stage managers said interrupting your moment “I’ll be back” he told you then let go if you and left.


You took your phone out of your pocket


@Y/T/N: can’t believe I’m in London right now!!!! With @JackandJackReal & @Janoskians boys are about to go on!


You sighed then looked up at the boys; they were excited they loved performing for their fans and it made you happy to see Jack so happy.


You were watching from the side of the stage as you always did when Tides ended they started talking to the audience


“So do you all know my girlfriend Y/N?”


That made you look up


“Well she’s here tonight; do you guys want to meet her?”


Oh my god no what is he doing?!


“Yes Jack, I think they do” Gilinsky encouraged which made the crowd begin to chant your name


“I can see her!” Gilinsky said while looking at you which made you groan because you knew he would come and get you


Soon enough you had been pulled out on stage something you’ve never had done to you and you were a little freaked out


“Y/N say Hi” he put the mic to your mouth “H-Hi” “I think Johnson has something to ask you”


You were confused so you looked at Jack who was at the other end of the stage.


Part of you thought that this was just another one of his pranks that he pulled on you and the rest of the boys very often.


“Y/N, Babe come here” Jack called you over then Gilinsky practically pushed you toward him.


“So Y/N there’s been something I wanted to ask you for a while now” Jack began but he then got down on one knee and you heart started beating faster.


“Oh my god”


“Y/N it’s been two amazing years and I love you so much and I can’t see my life without you in it every single day for the rest of my crazy life so I’m just gunna get straight to the point, Y/N will you marry me”


You were in shock this was not what you were expecting at all, you both ever even talked about it.


You couldn’t even think straight


“Y/N if you don’t accept I will” Beau Brooks said from behind the stage bringing you back to reality


“Wow um, Yes Jack I’ll marry you”


Jack smiled up at you before sliding the huge ring onto your finger which then made everyone in the crowd go crazy although you knew that there were many girls with broken hearts now


You couldn’t stop staring at your ring; it was perfect just like your Fiancé.


You looked up at jack and kissed him “I love you so much” “I’m so happy you said yes” “I’m so happy you asked” “You mean so much to me” “Likewise”


“Hey guys we’re happy for you but we do have a show to finish” Gilinsky interrupted you guys which made you both laugh


“Right sorry guys, I just wanna say I’m glad you were all here to witness this I love you all so much I wouldn’t be here without” Jack told the audience then you kissed his cheek before walking off the stage still trying to get over what just happened.




You tweeted but you were shaking so it took awhile.


When the show was over, you now had a fiancé a soon to be husband every time you thought about it you would smile


Now you couldn’t wait to get home so you could plan your future with Jack something you had always wanted but never mentioned in fear that he didn’t want the same things


You sighed and smiled at your fiancé who was now back to singing and thought


Maybe dreams really do come true