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“well they have lights i dont blame you” !!!! 😭🚴


So there’s this thing i noticed watching older episodes. We all remember the times Cas and Dean almost killed each other, but then ended up not doing it, because something overcame them.

Do you see how Cas holds Dean’s arm in both pictures? It’s like a connection. Cas is telling Dean everything is going to be fine. And he doesn’t even use words. And Dean knows it. He knows they will be there for one another. And not even manipulative angels or the mark of cain could ever change that.

Undertale fans zodiac sings.
  • Aries: I just want to taste papyrus' spaghetti already
  • Taurus: I don't understand how dETERMINATION is supposed to keep you alive, I mean you dyin when you dyin that's it.
  • Gemini: the puns makes me feel like I have a life with a meaning.
  • Leo: wait, wait, wAit. how does a fish breathe oxygen again
  • Virgo: sans is my baby if you do something to him I will seriously stab you in the eye
  • Scorpio: I love the music, I live for the music, the music, yes, music, mMmMMмᎷUSℹ︎Сc
  • Sagittarius: //downloads a lot of fanart, A L O T//
  • Aquarius: hOI!! IM ABOUT TO KILL FLOWEY.
  • Pisces: why the fuck you dyin why you always dyin mMMMM OH MY GOD STOP DYING.

*Warning EoS spoliers*

Guys, I don’t see the whole Lysandra acting as Aelin going too well in the next book.

First and foremost, Lysandra doesn’t know every little detail from Aelin’s life, she could slip up (Ilias, Galan, Ansel have no clue what happened since they arrived to the scene like ten minutes late. Like come on guys, she gave you coordinates and a time to arrive, you couldn’t have shone up early? Well, I doubt Aelin told Lysandra about every little thing that happened in the Red Desert and Mistward so that could end badly).

Second, Aedion is being a crabby bum even though he would totally have done what Lysandra is doing if he was in her place. He would do whatever Aelin asked of him as he is in her court and he loves her. You can bet that Lysandra doesn’t want to live her life as any more of a lie, and that she is doing this because Aelin asked and she answers to her. Also she did not know that Maeve would take her. She only knew that Aelin believes she will die before all this is done. But if Aedion keeps up his crabbiness for too long and keeps ignoring her then someone will for sure notice since he’s been so dedicated to Aelin after all this time, even the 10 years they were apart. Forgive her already you butt hole! I ship you like crazy.

Third, what’s going to happen when Aelin can’t use her fire when trouble comes to Terrasen? When she’s expected to help the Bane or save someone’s life? Does Lysandra hold back? Or risk shifting and being caught?

Fourth, if they don’t tell Evangeline and instead lie and say Lysandra went with Rowan or something, she will probably figure out that she isn’t the real Aelin because of the tattoo that never leaves her wrist in any form or because she just knows Lysandra too well. (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Evangeline could accidentally say something and then we’re screwed).

Fifth, Darrow will still be a complete a-hole and will probably notice things like the lack of flame or the tattoo and that will completely suck (if that happens I vote we hog tie him up and let him sit in a dungeon for awhile, he was rude.) Even worse he would probably point something out in front of a lot of people, including the other lords (so we hog tie them all up for not putting any trust in Aelin and leave the Allsbrooks alone because they’re decent people).

And the Sixth reason?

Fleetfoot will know.

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how do you think the paladins end up in a relationship with their s/o?? like who asks who out, was it accidental or planned, was it in a quiet moment or in the middle of action etc. Thank you!!

It’s mod Enki! This was a really cute ask so thanks for submitting it! 


Shiro: His s/o probably has to ask him out first because he honestly strikes me as someone who would be completely oblivious to someone hitting on him. If his s/o is oblivious too and they’re both dumb nerds then it probably ends up with the other paladins stepping in and shoving the two together. In that case it definitely isn’t planned and they just kind of gradually accept their feelings for each other. There’s the whole “Just kiss each other already!” skit and everything and it ends up in a huge blushing mess. It wouldn’t be until much later that they find time to confess to each other after a lot of pushing from the other paladins. There’s a lot of nervous laughing and giggling when they finally get out the confessions. Over all it’s an adorable experience and kills everyone in the closest vicinity with how cute it is. Please help these nerds they’re too powerful.

Lance: He definitely asks his s/o out first. But not before copious amounts of flirting everyday all day. If they aren’t completely sick of him after weeks of constant flirting then he knows that they’re the one. Lance would go for a surprise attack and asks them out after getting them alone somewhere. Tbh it goes pretty bad and he loses his breath so he can barely get it out. He ends up leaving his s/o completely confused and runs off to rethink it. It takes him at least 3 tries to get it right and by then his s/o already catches on via a not so anonymous tip from Pidge. By the time Lance can try for the nth time his s/o just interrupts him by telling him that they like him too. It practically kills him because HE was supposed to look cool by smoothly asking them out. RIP Lance.

Keith: Surprisingly asks his s/o out first. He refuses to admit that he has feelings so it takes him a while to figure out what to do with him. Begrudgingly asks one of the other paladins for help in regards to helping him express his feelings. He can never really figure out when to ask out his s/o and ends up asking them out during a mission??? Probably when they’re exploring a new planet and he’s watching them gaze out onto the landscape or looking at the stars. It’s not as smooth as you’re probably thinking. He pretty much grabs them by the shoulders and loudly/almost aggressively tells them that he likes them. Keith scares his s/o half to death with that stunt and it takes them a second to actually register what he just yelled to them. His poor s/o has no idea what they’re getting themselves in to. He then spends the rest of the mission awkwardly close to them. Poor s/o.

Hunk: He’s such a nervous child so his s/o has to be super patient with him when he tries to admit his feelings for them. It ends up being a situation where the both of them have to ask each other out at the same time. It’s a very shy event and it most likely happens right before bed or something around that caliber. They’re both really sleepy and it’s about the same as being drunk so they both end up spilling their feelings during a heart to heart session. It doesn’t really hit both of them until like a few minutes later and they’re like ??? “Did we just confess to each other??” It’s very confusing and they end up in a giggling fit together and agree that they’re finally dating. Hunk gets very flustered later because he can’t believe that he just did that?? When he sees his s/o in the morning he pretty much showers them in affection because this cutie is his s/o now! He deserves to be happy let this child live.

Pidge: She’s never going to admit her feelings until she absolutely knows that her s/o likes her first. It therefore falls on her s/o to ask her out first. Her s/o probably falls asleep by her when she’s working on tech stuff and just trying to figure out upgrades for her lion. Pidge tries to resist the urge to reach over and try to move their hair out of their face but she fails and ultimately ends up giving in. She gets caught red handed when her s/o wakes up and is a little confused. Pidge freezes leaving her s/o to gaze up at her before they smile at her and make some sort of jab at how great it is for them to wake up to her pretty face. She probably hits them or something while she gets really flustered. Her s/o eventually just asks her out and she acts a little mad but is secretly super happy about it. They start teasing her for being flustered so they get into a playful banter with each other. It’s very much a love/hate relationship sometimes with lots of teasing.  

all i want in life is a divorce!miyusawa au where they fight about their kid’s custody and shit but there’s still sexual tension between them and their kid has to ask help from uncle mochi cuz dammit dads why cant u just admit you STILL and WILL ALWAYS have the hots for each other and dammit just kiss already and mochi is crying and proud because its been 495992940 years and still those two doing this shit to him

So basically miyusawa love child is all of us but their OTP is their parents


But maybe all that we were meant to be
is beautifully unfinished;

Lafayette Imagine: For the Best

User: @oakdragon253
Prompt(s): “Why can’t they see that they’re meant for each other?” “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

Lafayette looked down at you and muttered, “Tu es ma joie de vivre.” (You’re the joy of my life). You let out a small laugh, and you nudge him with your elbow. “Laf, I don’t know what that means.” He simply smiled sadly, and Alexander rolled his eyes at the two of you. “Je ne sais pas pourquoi vous ne vous contentez pas de lui dire,” (I don’t know why you don’t just tell her.) Alexander said, obviously annoyed. You had no idea why they were being so secretive by speaking in a different language, and you glanced at Lafayette’s stressed face. He was biting his perfect bottom lip, and his eyebrows were scrunched up, as if something was bothering him.
“Monsieur, je dois me marier à la femme de mon père m'a trouvé. Il est pour le mieux.” (Sir, I must get married to the woman my father found me. It is for the best.) Lafayette’s deep voice sounded absolutely magical when he spoke his first language. You stared at his mouth as they formed the words, and you were mesmerized. Beside you, Alexander sighed at his friend, and he turned to John Laurens.
“Why can’t they see that they are meant for eachother,” he whispered to Laurens, and you wondered who they were talking about. You turned toward Lafayette, and you held out your arm smiling. “Care to walk me home?” Lafayette grinned and locked arms with you, and the two of you began your journey to your house.
A few minutes into the walk, you slowed down, causing Lafayette to stop and look at you with curiosity in his eyes. “Laf, you know you can tell me anything, right?” You say, worried for your best friend. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, and he responded, “Of course mademoiselle.” As soon as he noticed the serious look on your face, he frowned, “Is there something wrong?”
You shrugged and said softly, “Just feels like you’re not telling me something, that’s all.” Lafayette unhooked your arms, and he played with his fingers. Both of you stood there, an uncomfortable silence lingering in the air. He glanced up at you, and his eyes immediately went back to the cracked concrete. He refused to meet your eyes, as if his life depended on it.
“It’s just,” he paused, “the wedding is coming soon, and I am having a hard time coming to terms with it.” His strong accent once again captivated you, and it took a few seconds to process what the Frenchman had said. You could feel your heart shattering into multiple pieces, and it was your turn to stare at the hard concrete ground. You had completely forgot about the wedding, and hearing about it made reality hit you in the face.
“Oh.. yeah. Why are you having a hard time coming to terms with it?” Lafayette thought for a second and, he took both of your hands. Your heart raced as he put them against his chest while his hands were still over yours. “Because mademoiselle. Je t’aime.” You groaned inwardly.
“Laf I don’t know what you’re saying,” you say frustrated. Lafayette frowned slightly, and he stared into your (E/C) eyes.
“I love you (Y/N).” Someone behind you groaned, and the two of you turned, so you could face the person who made the noise.
“Just kiss her already!” Exclaimed Alexander. John Laurens smacked his shoulder, and Lafayette chuckled. He pulled you into a close embrace and carefully pressed his lips against yours.

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75 with T'Challa please? Thank you!

75. Just kiss each other already! Prompt idea list here

You stepped into T’Challa’s lab, one of the most sophisticated science institutes in the world. You saw Bucky sitting on a bench while a bunch of scientists huddled around him, taking tests and reading his vitals to make sure he was in top condition.

You ignored him and went straight for T’Challa, taking him by surprise as you hugged him suddenly. “T’Challa! Guess who’s back!”

He turned around slowly, his white teeth flashing. He smiled as if he hadn’t seen you in weeks, which, unfortunately, he hadn’t. “(Y/n)! You’re here!”

“I am!” you agreed.

He hugged you one more time, squeezing you tight, before letting go. He let one hand linger on your shoulder. “I have missed you so much, (y/n),” he said. “Not being able to see you was like not being able to see the sun.”

“That is so sweet,” you smiled. “I’ve missed you, too. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” His hand ran down your arm affectionately.

A loud cough came from the other side of the room. You both turned to see Bucky sitting there, an unamused look on his face. “Just kiss each other already!” Bucky complained. “Or at least move to a different room or something. Not what I want to see when I wake up from cryofreeze.”

You blushed and apologised. T’Challa simply grinned. “He is right, (y/n). We should move somewhere else. Upstairs bedroom?” He offered you his arm and you took it, giggling.

Bucky’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he groaned as he leaned backwards. “That is totally not what I mean. Can somebody please put me back in cryofreeze so I can forget this?”