just kiss each other already



“well they have lights i dont blame you” !!!! 😭🚴


So there’s this thing i noticed watching older episodes. We all remember the times Cas and Dean almost killed each other, but then ended up not doing it, because something overcame them.

Do you see how Cas holds Dean’s arm in both pictures? It’s like a connection. Cas is telling Dean everything is going to be fine. And he doesn’t even use words. And Dean knows it. He knows they will be there for one another. And not even manipulative angels or the mark of cain could ever change that.

the quiet days are few and far in between, but neither of them would trade those few moments for anything in the world

A Mixtape... O_O

OH MY GOD, A MIXTAPE!!! He made Cas a FUCKING mixtape!!

You know who does that for each other? COUPLES!!! Couples do that for each other!!

How in the HELL is Destiel NOT canon yet!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

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  • me and my dad: watching lego batman movie
  • that scene where batman and joker are like really close, saying how much they hate each other, but we all know they are so gay for each other: comes on
  • dad: god, just kiss already :///
  • me, in my mind: fuck yeah you thinkin the same thing???
Undertale fans zodiac sings.
  • Aries: I just want to taste papyrus' spaghetti already
  • Taurus: I don't understand how dETERMINATION is supposed to keep you alive, I mean you dyin when you dyin that's it.
  • Gemini: the puns makes me feel like I have a life with a meaning.
  • Leo: wait, wait, wAit. how does a fish breathe oxygen again
  • Virgo: sans is my baby if you do something to him I will seriously stab you in the eye
  • Scorpio: I love the music, I live for the music, the music, yes, music, mMmMMмᎷUSℹ︎Сc
  • Sagittarius: //downloads a lot of fanart, A L O T//
  • Aquarius: hOI!! IM ABOUT TO KILL FLOWEY.
  • Pisces: why the fuck you dyin why you always dyin mMMMM OH MY GOD STOP DYING.
Mingyu x You x Wonwoo

A/N- Meanie smut heh heh, plus this is just a straigt up threesum so yea right in your face
Genre: smut

A sigh escapes your lips at the sound of the two usual bickering boys, whom you are both friends with. Mingyu and Wonwoo always fought. There wasn’t a minute in a day where they weren’t fighting over some silly argument. It was honestly kinda funny sometimes about what they fight over, but it does get a little annoying too. You always thought that they sounded like a married couple fighting all the time. And by the looks of it, if it wasn’t for you they’d be divorced by now.

Wonwoo, “I already told you I came in first! Not you!”

Mingyu, “If you came in first then how come it says I did?!”

Wonwoo, “Lying cheater!”

Mingyu, “Sore loser!”


They both turned towards you and asked about who actually won the game. You told them you weren’t paying attention, making them sigh. They both gave up and sat on each side of you. Mingyu was on the left and Wonwoo was on the right. You put on a movie and all sat on the couch watching it together.

After a while you felt Wonwoo snuggle up next to you. Of course you didn’t mind it at first being just a little skinship, but what caught your attention was that Mingyu started doing it as well. They both kept trying to snuggle closer and closer on to you like it was some competition. Wonwoo had his arm over your shoulders, while Mingyu had his arms around your waist. Their hands kept brushing past your most sensitive areas and you had to bite your tongue to keep from moaning. But when you felt a hand suddenly grab your breast, full hand, you let out a small whimper.


They both looked at you whilst you instantly covered your mouth. Your face flushed red and you excused yourself to the bathroom. They had never heard, or seen you do anything sexual before and you didn’t know how they’d react. But you did know you couldn’t stay in here all night. And so you went out, expecting it to be awkward, but in reality they were at it again. Really, how could two boys find so much to fight about? You walked over and pulled them away from each other.

“Honestly you two should just kiss already I mean you’re acting like your married anyways.”

Wonwoo falsely threw up while Mingyu laughed.

Mingyu, “No way would I kiss someone like him!”

Wonwoo, “I’d rather kiss a dog’s butt then kiss you!”

Mingyu, “Well you do it everyday kissing your reflection.”

Before they could start another argument, you suggested that they play a game, “Look how about we play a game to pass the time okay? It’s getting late anyways so how about truth or dare?”

They both looked at each other and looked at you. Agreeing, you all sat in a circle on the floor. You got out a bottle and spun it around; it landed on Mingyu. You smirked realising what you could do to him if he goes with dare.

“Truth or dare Mingyu?”

Mingyu, “Hmm dare!”

Exactly what you were hoping for. So many ideas came to mind about what you could do with him. That is until your eyes landed on Wonwoo. And at that moment you got the most perfect idea ever. Maybe this will change their minds about fighting all the time. You giggled to yourself and began to speak.

“Okay Mingyu, I dare you…to make out with Wonwoo!”

They both exclaimed, “WHAT!?”

A smirk grew on your face, “You heard me. And it’s a dare Mingyu, you can’t take it back!”

Mingyu, “B-B-But (Y/N), are you sure? I-I mean of all the other things you could do-”

“Just get on with it.”, you interrupted.

Mingyu faced Wonwoo sitting on his knees and took a hard gulp. Wonwoo hesitantly did the same and gulped down his nervousness. You sat on the side and watched with a grin. They both looked at the ground with tinted cheeks before Mingyu suddenly started to lean forward. Wonwoo started to lean in as well and slowly shut his eyes. Only just a few seconds later, their lips finally touched. They both flinched at the sudden feel of it but soon started to move against each other. Their lips molded into one another as each turn of the head was made. Mingyu even scooted closer to Wonwoo to get a better position. You felt your body start to grow hot and almost regretted this decision, now knowing what it was doing to you.

You saw Mingyu bite onto Wonwoo slightly, making Wonwoo jolt his lips to creek open. Mingyu easily slipped his tongue inside and they both gave a sigh at the sudden rush of heat their bodies were going through. Whilst they were in the process of their heated make out session, you had unconsciously had slid your fingers over your thin shorts and began to lightly finger yourself. You couldn’t lie, seeing your two friends feverishly make out in front of you, it turned you on terribly. And there was this small spark in your body that made you want to go out and join their little game, but at the same time you wanted to watch them have so much pleasurable fun with each other.

Accidentally, a small groan fell from your lips and caught the boys attention. They both looked at you making you turn your head from them. Mingyu smirked over to Wonwoo and him doing the same. They both then crawled over to you and sat by your side. You felt their heated bodies next to you and felt your core grow wet at just their presence. Mingyu came close to your ear and spoke to you in a low whisper,  "Is something the matter (Y/N)? You seem a bit troubled there.“

“A-Ah n-n-no trouble-I’m fine.”

Wonwoo, “Doesn’t look like it to me.”, He said as he slid his hand down the center of your thigh and only slightly brushed over your core. You hissed over his touch and pierced your lips together. Mingyu chuckled beside your ear and graised his lips along your neck. You whimpered, cursing yourself wanting more.

Mingyu, “How about we..take care of that?”

You knew exactly what he was talking about. You wanted to say no, and refuse him and Wonwoo right then and there. But there was this part in your body that took over you, and before you had even realised it, you had already gave your answer.


Both Mingyu and Wonwoo stood up. They each reached out one hand to you to help you up. Taking their hands, they led you into their bedroom and closed the door behind you. You all sat on the bed and in an instant you felt their hands swarm your body. Mingyu kissed at your neck while Wonwoo kissed down your chest. Each of them sucked on your bare sensitive skin making you moan. And with each whimper leaving your quivering lips, they feasted from it. You felt Wonwoo slip his hands under your shorts and tug and your wet panties. You breathlessly looked down at Wonwoo and saw him eye your womanhood with a smirk. He pushed his thumb over your core making your body jolt. In a light breath you spoke, “Wonwoo..”

That gave Wonwoo a devious smile, but your direction was instantly turned to Mingyu who had suddenly jerked your lips to meet his. His lips captivated your own as you felt his large hands slip under your shirt, removing it easily. As Mingyu kissed you whilst feeling up your body, a moan hummed out as you suddenly felt Wonwoo finally remove your panties and fully insert a finger. Mingyu silently cursed and shoved his tongue inside your mouth. He sucked and even bit at your tongue making to whimper. Unexpectedly he pulled away from you and held your chin to look directly at him. Mingyu’s eyes shot deep into your own as dominance practically radiated off of him. In a deep growl he said, “If you even dare as to cum from him, I’ll mess you up so badly that you can’t even stand tomorrow.”

You nodded your head and nervously licked your lips. That made Mingyu look down and bite his own. He came close to you and licked over your lips himself. They molded onto your own as another moan hummed out of you. Wonwoo had inserted two more fingers and slipped them out of your womanhood. Wonwoo stood up and spoke low, “Hyung..” Mingyu stopped kissing you and looked over to Wonwoo. He stood at the edge of the bed with his length bobbing from his pants. Mingyu smirked and looked down at his own pants showing that he was also rock hard. Wonwoo smiled at you and crawled next to you on the bed. The boys both looked at you hungrily making grow wetter by the second. Wonwoo finally spoke out, “Lets finish this shall we?”

Mingyu nodded and positioned you where you were on all fours with Mingyu at the back, and Wonwoo in front. Wonwoo’s large cock hung infront of your eyes whilst you saw it drip with pre-cum. You felt Mingyu position himselt at your entrance and Wonwoo tilt up your chin. You instinctively grabbed onto his length and began to suck. As you did so, Mingyu began to ease himself inside you. You both groaned at the tightness of it but soon felt a pleasurable wave come over you. Mingyu started to thrust faster inside you, forcing Wonwoo’s cock to hit deep in the back of your throat. Wonwoo hissed at this amazingly good feeling and bit his lip. Mingyu looked up at him as he thrusted and grabbed Wonwoo’s neck. He pulled him in and began to kiss just as they did in the start of it all. Wonwoo didn’t fight back and melted into Mingyu’s kiss. Each of you were starting to hit your breaking point and knew you about to cum. And then, all at once you all moaned out, “C..Cumming!!” And you all felt your liquids pour out of you.

Your mouth and thighs dripped with cum and the boys releast out of you breathlessly. They both smiled and wrapped their arms around you. Wonwoo kissed your right cheek while Mingyu kissed your left. With one last word from the night they said, “I love you, (y/n).”


domestic!misawa, yes??

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I Kissed Him & I Was Home

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Modern AU

Authors: Lil Lambie

Words: 1260

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, fluff, kissing

A/N: Long time no see! I am SOOOOOO sorry that this was delayed so much. I’m still working on my project but I really felt like writing. This probably isn’t my best but I really tried lovely. Enjoy!

Anon: Hi! If I may request something could i get and A.Ham X reader where they have a flirtationship and the rest of the hamilsquad teases them and tells them to get together already but they don’t think that their feelings are reciprocated. (even though they both are in love with each other) and reader overhears him talking about his unrequited love for her and reader kisses him AND FLUFF

It was the end of a long college semester. You threw on a gray loose sweater and some black leggings and dragged yourself out of the door. You walked to Hamilton’s house. Before you could get a chance to knock on the door it swung open and three pairs of arms swarmed over you.


Your protests were drowned out by the admirations of the three guys. They finally let go and let you breathe. Laf frowned at you and said, “Amour, why so sad?”

“I’m not sad.” you said, slamming the door behind you. You slipped off your boots and threw your scarf on the nearest chair. “Just tired.”

You walked past the three concerned men and welcomed yourself to the feast of junk food.

“(Y/N),” John said, loose curls falling in his eyes, “forgive me for my bluntness, but you look dead.”

Sarcastically, you checked your pulse. “Oh, still alive.” you shrugged. “How unfortunate.”

Hercules frowned at you and gave you big a hug from behind. He let go and his face lit up with alarm. “She’s dying! I need thirty ccs of beer, stat!”

You laughed and pulled away from Hercules, but Laf and John presented a cold dark bottle of beer in front of you.

“Fine.” you laughed.

Laf popped the cap for you and held it to your lips. You drank. “(Y/N)!”

You put the bottle down to meet eyes with Alex. He was walking down the stairs with an armful of blankets. “It gets cold.” he smirked.

Laf, John, and Herc winked at each other and spoke wordlessly to each other in clear understanding. It was beyond you and Alex.

“Hey, are you okay?” Alex said, when he reached you. He put his hands on your shoulders and looked you in your eyes and smiled. You smiled too.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just exhausted. I just want a break from all the stress.” you said. You shivered.

Alex took one blanket from his armful and dropped the rest. He wrapped it around your shoulders, leaving his arm slung across. You blushed and held it with your fingers. “Thanks.”

The five of you dismissed the conversation and walked down into the den, sitting on the sofa. You sat next to Angelica and hugged her. Next there was Eliza. And Peggy. Eliza and Alex were no longer an item, they hadn’t been for years, but they were still good friends.

For the evening, you all drank beer, watched movies and played board games.

“Why is it so cold in here?” Angelicia shouted, rubbing her shoulders.

Alex laughed. “Um, yeah, my furnace is broken.”

You found yourself searching for warmth in Alex’s arms. Alex was sat on the floor, against the sofa. You were on his side, but your head rested on his chest, feeling the rhythms of his heartbeat and warm laugh. His arms enclosed your body to him.

“When are you guys going to kiss already?” John shouted, throwing down his cards.

“What?” You and Alex looked at each other and strung apart.

“I-I-I um..” Alex tried to say.

You shook your head and moved a foot away from him, wrapping the blanket back around yourself. There was an awkward silence over the group.

Alex stood up. “I’m going to go find some more beer.”

Guilt and sadness feasted inside of you.

John, Laf, and Herc followed after him. “You don’t need that many people to get beer!” Peggy shouted.

Her sisters laughed at her. “It’s fine.” they said.

You sighed and sat back on the sofa and closed your eyes as you opened another beer. You let it flow down your throat and numb your fingertips. Numb the pain. Numb everything. It was the best feeling. It was the only feeling.

“Would you guys stop it?” you heard Alex yell from the kitchen.

“What? We aren’t doing anything wrong. We are trying to help you! We are doing a favor!” John yelled.

You continued to eavesdrop.

“Ami,” Laf said softly, “you must tell her or we will.”

Alex groaned and John laughed.

“You have had a major crush on her ever since she moved here! Alex, you need to some licking your wounds with Eliza. Okay? It’s over, she has someone now. You could too. You know you want this.” Herc said.

You stood up from your chair and started for the stairs.

Alex sighed. “I-I-I can’t. We’re just friends. That’s what all she thinks we are. Friends are easier to keep than lovers. Lovers you have to chase, but friends are always there.”

“Don’t you love a good game of chase?” John asked.

“It’s not like it was with Eliza. We almost got married, sure, but with (Y/N), I don’t know…it’s just different. It’s like, I loved Eliza but I wasn’t in love with her. I love her like my best friend, because she is. But, with (Y/N), I want to be more. I want to feel (Y/N)’s arms around me. I want to feel those lips on mine. I want to feel the warmth of that smile. I know it doesn’t make sense to say that (Y/N) smells and sounds like sunshine, but there is no other way to describe it. (Y/N), it’s like that time of day when everything is golden. Five p.m. when everything is cast in a beautiful golden glow, but it never goes away. The smell is everything that reminds me of my childhood, everything I miss and everything I love. But, that’s what would make her saying no so much harder.”


Alex turned at the sound of your lilting voice. He smiled with tears in his eyes. He laughed and covered his face. “Oh god, you heard all of that didn’t you?”

You laughed and nodded, your eyes welling up with tears.

Herc, and John were grinning wildly behind Alex. Laf thumped in the back of their heads and pulled them away.

It was just you and Alex.

Alex let out a big breath and pulled you into the next room in a doorway. He held your hands and smiled.

“I meant, every word of that. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. But, (Y/N), I’ve never met someone like you before. I can see clearly now, because of you. You help me to realize what is important in life and I don’t know how you feel about me. But, (Y/N)(L/N), I am madly in love with you.”

He was holding out on you. His heart was in your hands. He put himself out there. But the question was, were you going to.

The words rushed out of your mouth in a jumble before you could realize what you were saying. You only got half of them out before Alex kissed you.

He pulled away.

You breathed out. The two of you stared at each other hopelessly. “-already.” you finished your sentence. “Just kiss me already.” you breathed and you felt a burden lifted.

“I’m in love with you too, Alex.”

“Can I kiss you again?” Alex laughed awkwardly.

“Yeah. I would like that. Very much.” you laughed. You kissed again, passionate but gentle. Your lips danced like they had done this once before. They moved in time with each other. It was all so new and unfamiliar. But it all felt like home.

Back at the garrison

Back at the Garrison, Lance is waiting with Hunk to enter into the simulator. Keith, his (crush) rival is in it at the moment and like always, he’s doing everything perfectly.
When Keith comes out, everyone is there to congratulate him, even Iverson is smiling. But Keith’s face only expresses indifference. Lance can’t stand his attitude. “Hi, I’m Keith Kogane and I’m too cool for school” he starts to say to his best friend, with an annoyed voice “I’m the best pilot of my generation and everyone loves me because I’m so awesome. Ugh, I hate Keith, Hunk. Look at him, with his soft mullet and his stupid pretty eyes” Hunk is trying to hide his enormous smile, because he knows that Lance doesn’t hate Keith. Not at all. “I know, buddy. He’s very handsome” “Yeah, its so unfair!”
He continues his little talk with Hunk, too concentrate to notice the way Keith is looking at him. Because Keith can’t stand that the prettiest and funniest boy in his class is not congratulating him like the rest of the people. “Why am I angry about this? He’s just Lance McClain, the cargo pilot. Yeah, he has a cute laugh and a beautiful smile but it’s not a big deal. I don’t even like him, he’s very obnoxious and I hate that kind of people” he thinks. But inside, he knows he’s not being sincere. Because he likes Lance. A lot.

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Tythan prompt Mark: "god you two are always together why don't you just kiss already" (sarcasm) Ty and Ethan: "okay" *kiss* Mark: *freaks out* Ty and eth: lmao *kisses again*

This is so cute!

-Eth and Ty in the kitchen cooking

-Eth laughs at frustrated Ty and puts flour on his nose

-Ty fakes mad and chases Eth out of the room

-They nearly run into Mark

-”Woah slow down, whats going on?”

-”Tyler is grumpy and chased me out of the kitchen!”

-”Ethan put flour on my nose!”

-Mark rolls his eyes and crosses his arms

-“You two are always together, why don’t you just kiss already?”

-Eth and Ty look at each other, a smirk playing at both their lips

-”I mean, as the boss wishes” Ethan laughed and pulled Ty down by his shirt and kissed him

-Mark literally clamps a hand over his mouth

-Mark screaming he knew it as the boys keep kissing

-”Okay..You guys can stop now..I get it.”



-…..”Okay stop you’re going to swallow each others faces.”

Miss Right

taetaebears said: Hello~! Just wanted to say that I really like your writhing^-^ And a request, could you do like a fic where Suga is in school, he really likes the reader and the boys do everything to bring him to confess to her but they struggle really hard to do it? Thank you<3

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: The most fluffy thing I have ever written

Warnings: Too much fluff  None

Word Count: 1.6k

A/n: Okay so, I have finally finished it! I hope this is what you were thinking of! If it’s not I’m sorry :(  Also the verse used in this scenario is from Miss Right by Bts, Yoongi’s part!

“Okay, see you later!” She said getting up from the chair next to mine, starting to gather all her stuff.

“See you!” I smiled and closed my notebook. Watch her leave the classroom made me sigh.

“YOONGI!” An annoying and unfortunately familiar voice called.

“What, Tae?” I answered, not bothering to look at him.

He took a seat in her chair and grabbed my shoulders making me look at him.

“Please just kiss already, and love each other, and marry, and have kids, and die together.”

Jungkook came behind him and hit Tae’s head.

“Shut your mouth!” He whispered. “what if she heard?”

I sighed and finished closing my bag.

“See you around guys.” I told them getting up and in some seconds I was outside the class.

I finally got to my locker. I saw her some meters away taking her headphones and books from inside her locker. Suddenly, all the books fell from her hands and I noticed a girl behind her, who just pushed her, making her head hit the lockers as her hands eventually let go of the books.

Quickly I closed my locker door and run up to the beautiful girl bleeding from the head on the floor.

“Are you stupid?” I asked the girl, who was standing next to her friends. I didn’t know what they had expected me to say, but they all looked surprised. “Are you ok?” I asked, changing my attention to y/n. “No, you’re not. Here, let me take you to the infirmary.” I helped her up, one arm on her waist and the other taking her hand.

“I can walk Yoongi, don’t worry.” She let go of my hand.

I took her bag and still with my arm around her I stood in front of 5 girls. Any boy would love to be with them, but I didn’t. I never understood why a boy could hook up with someone so… egocentric and bitchy.

“Touch her again and you’re done. And I honestly wouldn’t give a shit of the fact that you’re a girl.”

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