just kiss and make out already

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If they remake justin's video (just the first 2 mins) I would volunteer to be the girl. Please they don't need to pay me to be pushed at a wall and make out with Harry will already make me feel like I won a million dollar

Haha, yeah. The part where she drags her lip up his chest and then finishes by kissing him, I wouldn’t hate doing that. 

Luke would be such a dork with a crush on you. he’d never be able to hide it from the boys, they’d all notice the way he perked up whenever your name was mentioned, as much as he tried to cover it up chewing on his lip ring or scratching his neck, trying to be nonchalant. they’d be absolutely relentless in teasing him about it, too; calling out, ‘oh hey (y/n)!’ when you weren’t even there just to watch the way his eyes went wide and he gave himself whiplash turning around to see you. when you were actually around they’d be entirely obvious about making sure the only seat left was the one next to luke or making up excuses to leave the two of you alone and luke’s entire face would flush an adorable shade of crimson, his eyes suddenly incredibly interested in the laces of his black converse and your face would redden to match his when calum yelled out, ‘just kiss already!’ and even though you rolled your eyes and you could feel your cheeks on fire, you made a mental note to thank calum when luke shuffled a little closer and his eyes only looked up from his shoes to quickly catch your gaze with a sheepish little smile before he ducked his head and let his soft lips crash against yours.


This came to me and I can’t not write it.

Title: ……Drools…….

Word Count: Naw too lazy

Warnings: Suggestive, slight nudity and heavy make out

Prompt: From my very sleazy head

Multishot: If you want but it doesn’t seem to need one

You had been dating Isaac for 5 months now.  You’d had a long standing flirtationship that made all of your friends want to yell at you to just make out already.  He asked you out with help from the lacrosse team.

Even though it had been five months you had barely gotten farther than kissing. (Though it did get heated sometimes.)

“Wait, you haven’t even seen him shirtless!” Exclaimed Lydia.  She was sitting across from you at the lunch along with Kira, Malia, and Allison. You were all waiting for the boys to come after lacrosse practice finished.  You looked around trying to see if the missing part of your group was listening in with their wolf powers.

“Well….no.  Is that bad?” You sighed.  It’s not that you didn’t want to it’s just that there’d never been a good opportunity.  You definitely wanted to see our boyfriend half naked.

“Oh, yeah that’s horrible.” Stated Malia barely looking up from Lydia’s math notes.

“If you don’t hurry up he might leave so he can get what he wants out of a relationship.” Pitched in Kira.  You started to panic.  What if she was right?  What if he left because he wanted more?  

Your panic must have been evident in your face because Allison glared at Malia and Kira before trying to comfort you.  “It’s okay to go slow and if he really loved you he’d be okay with it too.”  She put her hand on your arm trying to sooth you and it worked because the panic started to ebb away.  A warm arm wrapped itself around your shoulders and you knew Issac had joined the group.

“Hey babe.” He smiled at you with his heart melting smile and your pulse quickened.  You knew he heard it because his smile got even wider.

“Hey, um, did you happen to hear what we were just talking about?” You blushed hopping he hadn’t heard you previous embarrassing conversation.

“Oh, yeah, the one about how you desperately wanted to see me naked? Yeah I heard that.”  He smirked and looked at you from the corner of his eyes.  Now you were beat red and super embarrassed.  He just smirked more loving the effect he had on you.

You brother Stiles who had joined the group when Isaac did spit out his water and started choking on it when he heard what Isaac said. “Whelp, I’m glad I don’t have wolfy power so I could miss that lovely conversation.”  

“We weren’t talking about that.”

“I’m pretty sure I heard something along the lines of ‘ohhh Isaac is sooooooo sexy. I just want to see his chiseled abs I bet he looks like a god’“  The last part of it was in a voice that you were pretty sure was a horribly off key version of your voice.  He had also clutched at his chest in a mock swooning.

“I did not say that.” You exclaimed

“I could smell the lust and want three hallways down.”

“Not true I don’t think any lustful thoughts towards you.” You challenged.  You crossed your arms and gave him a pointed look.  He just raised his eyebrows in an ‘oh really?’ fasion.

“Sweety I don’t even have to listen to your heartbeat to know that’s a lie.”  He had leaned in and whispered his response in your ear.  His warm breath made tingles run up your spine.

“Okay, what is the point of him besides making me want to throw up?” Stiles yelled clearly not liking the conversation about his sisters love life.

“Yes please seriously get a room.” Lydia smiled and winking obviously loving what was happening.

“Fine.” Isaac stated. He grabbed your arm and and pulled you up from your seat.  He was bringing you somewhere.

“No. Not fine, not fine at all.  Why would you say fine?” Stiles’ fading outcries of protests were barely heard.

You and Isaac rushed to the locker room.  When you got there you were out of breath and flushed.  You laughed, the adrenaline was catching up with you.

“Why did you bring me here?” You asked confused as to why he brought you to the locker room.

“To prove a point.” He took off his shirt before looking up at you.  You were basically drooling.  He had such nice abs and you wanted to run your fingers over them and trace them. “Is your mouth hanging open deary because you want to catch flies or is it because as you said before I look like a god?”

You gulped.  Your heart and hormones were racing and you knew he could tell.  So you did the only thing you could, you wrapped your arms around his neck and started to kiss his jaw line.

“(Y/N) that seems pretty lustful.  I thought you said that you didn’t feel that way towards me.”  You could hear the smirk and triumph in his voice.  You didn’t care.

“Shut up and kiss me.”  You said between kisses on his neck.

He groaned before picking you up and slamming you up against the wall.  His lips pressed against yours.  He paused just long enough to pull your shirt off of you. “Only seems fair.”  He whispered against your lips.

“We’re missing next class aren’t we?” You asked

“Oh, definitely.”

“I’d really like to kiss you.” Michael would say stifling a giggle, as his chin makes contact with your shoulder.  You’re nodding along with his words, trying to figure out where the exit was.  “No, but like, I feel like we’d kiss really good together.” You can’t hold back the laugh that comes out at the words his drunken mind decides to throw out.  And when his lips find your cheek he’s muttering, “See, this is just one half of us, imagine if you kissed me.  Just date me already, please.”  “I’m your girlfriend already, but okay.” Michael becomes so clingy after that sentence, not like he wasn’t already, but he’s given the encouragement to grab onto your waist.  “What the fuck, how did I manage to get you to say yes?!” Running your fingers along his jaw you gesture for the bodyguard to help you lead Michael out to the car.  “I’m so fucking lucky, woah.  Wait, you still haven’t kissed me!” 

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Just to add to the discussion... when I watched the commentary, I didn't take it as meaning the *kiss* was improvised. I thought they meant MMB brushing NR's hair out of his face *before* the forehead kiss was the part that was unscripted. Because they say "I like that. She improvised that, right?" before the forehead kiss even happens. *shrugs* It would make more sense that MMB and NR talked about how Carol/Daryl would do that moment (forehead kiss). Just IMHO, though??


You are brilliant! 

I went back and rewatched the commentary on that scene and I think you could be completely right about this! It does seem like the improvisation was actually more about the gesturing involved leading up/during the forehead kiss - more specifically about Carol brushing the hair out of his eyes/face as a motion during the exchange.
It would also make perfect sense too because we know that Carol and Daryl had a forehead kiss already (“Chubacabra” 205) and seeing how Gimple already had a parallel brought back in “Strangers” 502 from “Infected” 402, it’s very plausible that the kiss was there all along and the “tweaked” part was the hair brush-off! 

Either way the scene had to make sense for who Carol and Daryl are individually and ‘together’ for it to be allowed in the final cut of the episode.

Amazingly observant my friend ❤️

Thank you so much for sharing your input!
Come back anytime!



kellic appreciation post

because we all know kellic is cute as fuck

i don’t even know if this is an edit or not it’s just cute seeing these two together


the way they look at each other aw it’s so cute i’m in love

even only looking at them already makes me really happy

(more under the tab)

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Send in number and person/character

Request and this isn’t only for teen wolf:

1. “You want to do it in the back of your car?”

2. “If you walk out now, we’re over.”
3. “Just kiss me already.”

4. “Please, don’t leave.”

5. “God damn it! Because I love you!”

6. “If you love me let me go.”

7. “Can you just let me in?”

8. “You lied to me, and I can never forgive you for it.”

9. “Why don’t you make me shut up?”

10. “I’m pregnant.”

11. “S/he’s gone, I’m so sorry.”

12. “S/he didn’t make it.”

13. “You seriously ate it all?!”

14. “I hate you!”

15. “No, never in a million years.”

16. “Babe, I need you.”

17. “Is s/he drunk?”

18. “Go suck a dick!”

19. “You’re my mate… my soul mate.”

20. “If s/he dies, I’ll never be able to live with myself.”

21. “Don’t ever come near me again!”

22. “I’m only human!”

23. “No! Don’t listen to her!”

24. “Fuck you!” “Babe, that’s how we got into this situation.”

25. “Be quiet, my parents will hear you!”

26. “You wanna bet?”

27. “Why are you naked in my sister’s bed?”

28. “I would slap you but I don’t want to make your face any better.”

29. “Oh. My. God.”

30. “Where is she?” 

First Kiss

Their first kiss wasn’t kind, romantic or anything. It wasn’t warming, it wasn’t making Dipper wanting to just give in and it certainly didn’t made him fall in love with Bill more then he already was. It wasn’t one of those five minutes romance movie kisses or one if those six paragraph kisses out of a book. Although silently Dipper had wished for all that. Yet it never was that. Why? Easy.
Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher’s first kiss wasn’t even a kiss, it was CPR.
Dipper couldn’t believe it.
“Bill, how can you just forget to breath?!”, he exclaimed.
“Well, I’m not used to having my own human body I need to manage myself completely! I don’t have to breath as a triangle to live or think about it while possessing someone!”, the blonde explained, breathing heavily until he managed to get the right rhythm. Dipper stood up and turned around to walk back to the shack.
“Help me up! Hey- pine tree! Come back!”

Power cut - Luke Hemmings imagine

A/N This imagine makes me excited for winter and getting all cosy - Mill x

It was ridiculously windy outside and it was 7pm meaning it was already pitch black. The power had just cut out and neither of you got 3G where you were, you went around the house lighting candles and the fire was already on. You went and placed multiple candles around the lounge whilst Luke went to get pillows and your quilt. Luke joined you on the sofa snuggling under the quilt next to you placing his head in the crook of your neck. “What are we going to do?” He whispered kissing your neck gently. “We could always make a fort.” You say smiling, knowing he would jump at the idea. “Yes.” He said in all seriousness then running off to get things for it.

You moved the sofas and he ran back into the room dropping everything into a pile onto the floor. He smirked mischievously before pushing you onto it laughing as he did it. You grabbed his arm, pulling him down with you. He landed beside you face down and you both fell about laughing. He turned over  watched you intently before leaning in to kiss you, “I love you.” He whispered before kissing you. You pulled away slightly grabbing a pillow from behind you and swiftly bring it around you to hit him in the face. You jumped up from the floor laughing before running away. You screamed as he swept you off your feet, throwing you over his shoulder before chucking you back onto the sofa.

After messing about and play fighting you began to assemble your fort. You had draped sheets over the sofas, after being wrapped up and trapped in them all the while Luke was laughing finding it hilarious that he had captured you. You pegged them up so you could actually sit comfortably in your fort. Luke spread the two duvets across the floor and placed blankets on top of them. You then helped him bring all the pillows and cushions you owned down and into the fort. You went into your room to get the battery powered fairy lights and then attached them to the back of the sofa. Carefully placing candles next to your speakers and plugging in your phone to listen to music.

That night you spent listening to music, eating snack foods and talking about life the conversation getting too deep so you both just ended up laughing. You were now on your knees dancing to the music trying not to hit the roof of the fort, Luke was laid against the pillows watching you and smiling at you. He grabbed your hands and pulled you over to him, you straddled him and laughed when he pulled you to him and kissed you passionately. You bit his lip tugging at it slightly and you felt his hands move to your hips. He knelt you both up before flipping you two over so he was on top. Both of you losing your t-shirts somewhere along the way. “I love you so much.” He whispered kissing down your neck and marking it to say you were his. “I love you too.’ 


You woke up cuddling next to Luke the sun pouring in through the window into your fort. You admired the boy next to you, his face beautiful and peaceful as he slept soundlessly. His hair messy from your fingers, his chest revealing a few pale hickeys and his arms wrapped protectively around your waist. You traced the lines of is collarbones and then his jaw bring it closer to you so you could kiss him. “Wake up.” You mumbled on his lips and he groaned before stretching his arms and opening his eyes. To find you sat up naked infront of him with only a white duvet wrapped around you, hickeys on your neck and scratches on his back the only reminder of what happened the night before.

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 439

You found your spot next to Dino and he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest. You shift to find a comfortable spot to rest, only to have yourself lying down with your head on his lap. You rolled your eyes when you heard him chuckle at you.

Dino leaned down and gave you a kiss on your forehead, making you smile to yourself. Someone turned the lights off just before the beginning credits began playing on the TV screen. It hasn’t been five minutes yet when Wonwoo already started dissing the movie.

“What?” Wonwoo blurted out. “How does that even make sense? Why didn’t they just go into the house in the first place,” he chided.

“Shut up,” S. Coups demanded in a groan. “The movie barely started. Complain about it after the movie ended.”

There were a couple of chuckles that filled the air, along with yours. You started to feel tired when Dino begin running his hands through your hair. With his free hand, he played with your fingers.

“Ay man, Dino’s getting more action than any of us,” Mingyu says out loud, making some of the members turn to look at you two.

You blushed but then stuck your tongue out at them. “It’s not Dino’s fault that you guys have no game,” you said to them. Someone made an ‘oo’ sound.

“Yah yah, should you be saying that to someone who’s older than you?” Mingyu shouted across the room.

“You’re the one who started it,” Dk said to him. “But let them be, they look cute together.” His comment made you blush again.

“Ah, young lovers,” Hoshi sighed, adding to his comment. You looked up to see Dino smiling to himself. You pouted, thinking that he was quiet all this time. What is he thinking about?

He looked down to see you pouting at him. “You’re so cute,” you heard him murmur before leaning down and giving you a kiss on the lips.

“They’re kissingggg-”

“Ok! That’s it,” S. Coups suddenly exclaims, lights turning back on. You sat up. “Everyone go to bed. Dino, I don’t care what you do with Y/N, but remember to not rub it in our faces that you have a girlfriend.”

You were shocked to hear his sudden exclamation but an idea came to mind when the other member started leaving the living room. “Dk, can you turn off the lights?” you asked and he did willingly.

Dino eyes you as you intertwine your fingers with his, leaning your head on his shoulder. “How about we make this a late night movie date then?”

Admins needed. Check out this post to apply.

Imagine coming home one day to see Jimin cuddling with a puppy. He claims that you’re going to keep it, so you go play with the puppy. As you play, he whines that he’s already jealous that the dog is getting more attention than him. You kiss his cheek and tease him that the puppy might just be cuter than him. He immediately takes the puppy from your hands and runs it over to the other side of the room. He tells you that now the puppy is out of the way and you can focus on him. This makes you laugh and want to play with both the puppy and him.

EXO’s reaction to getting caught in the rain while on a stroll with you

Sehun: “And you were making fun of my outfit of the day earlier, HA! Who’s looking stupid now?”

Kai: “This is so frustrating, I planned a whole date with romantic chicken eating at the river and now that idea is just ruined…!”

Tao: “Oh oh my god, I hope this make-up is really waterproof like it promised to be in the commercials… I can’t have it smear or fade or I might just look uglier than my date and that is a no-go!!”

Kyungsoo: “Oh well, if Jongin was here, I’d already have an umbrella over my head… just saying.”

Chanyeol: “Did you hear that kissing in the rain is supposed to be very romantic? Wanna try it out?”

Chen: “Ah my clothes are so wet, might as well take them off! Just kidding.”

Baekhyun: *starts singing* “You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh…”

Lay: “What… it’s just a few drops of water… no big deal… we can still go through with our date plans… right?” 

Suho: “Don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything. Let’s just buy new clothes and go to a fancy restaurant instead of strolling around!”


Luhan: “Aaaaaah I need to find shelter right now, my hair gets all curly if it gets wet, I can’t have that happening today!”

Xiumin: *casually fixes his wet hair while the sound of your ovaries exploding plays in the background*

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Bakapandy SouRin headcanon time! So, in your headcanon, who kissed who first? Was it a good kiss?

Hm…ooooh this is a tough question…I feel like it would be Sousuke. I mean he probably hid his feelings for a long while, but once he and Rin talked it out and Rin showed that yeah he actually likes Sousuke too, probably for a long time already too, Sousuke probably just…loss control of himself and leaned in and kissed him. I think at first it’d be a pretty chaste kiss. Just a touch of lips on lips. Then Rin would jump him and they’d make out like two seconds later lmao.

Imagine telling Castiel that he is handsome in his trench coat and suit.

“Oh, you look very handsome today, Cas”, you say blushing as Castiel looks shocked at your words. 

“Tha…thank you (Y/N) Uhhhh… you always look handsome… I mean beautiful.” Castiel also begins to blush. 

“Ugh! Why don’t you two just make out already and stop being so high school about it.” Dean said calling from the kitchen. 

Both you and Cas stand in the open looking at each other like deer in head lights. Moving in closely you quickly give Cas a kiss on the cheek, running to your room, heart pounding and close the door behind you and press your back to it. Smiling and biting your lip, you can’t believe you just did that.  

Part 2 coming soon. 

Also I am thinking of adding more characters in this blog. For example some of the fan fics, imagines, and oneshots will be about other characters in supernatural as well as other characters from different shows. Don’t worry I’ll still write tons of stuff about Castiel but I think it’ll be fun and more inspirational to write about other characters. Let me know what you think. 

16. “Do you want me to kiss it better?” - Emon

To the anon who asked and already got the same sentence with Vikklan. My first Emon but probably not the last even though there don’t seem to be many people anymore who ship it.

I had to realise that my principals of no swearing result in everyone being really out of character when I write about the Sidemen. Oopsie? Plus you know I haven’t got to watch videos in ages

Vik makes a cameo and acts like a pleb. Also the Sidemen totally ship Vikklan, just saying.

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Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction, nothing is true. I don’t mean to disrespect or offend anybody. I’m not making any money out of this. Please don’t sue me.

WARNING!! THIS IS PROBABLY THE SMUTTIEST NASTIEST DIRTIEST FIC I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. It started as a prompt for a dom!Sergio fic with a daddy kink. Since It’s already so naughty I just decided to go big and not go home.

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. This fic is to be read in your own time, with a wall behind you. It’s really not for public reading.

If you still want to read… i hope you enjoy.

Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

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whats ur 3 favorite headcanon of haise and touka when they officially become a couple?

I love headcanon~ ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃

- Touka being a big teaser and absolutely love it when Haise turns bright red especially when she comment about him being a huge pervert, they barely have time to talk when they meet because he literally just pull her face and start kissing her until she’s out of breath 

- Haise being a big cuddler and Touka always having a hard time to break free. It’s like once he hold her in his arms, he never want to let her go. 

- Haise constantly visit :re after work and stay with her until she closed the shop. He literally disturb her and steal kisses while she making coffee for the customers. Most of the customers plus everyone else already know about their relationship so they just watch them silently with a smile.

2 ½ years old.

I can’t believe how much Peyton has changed since she turned 2. She has grown so much, physically and mentally, in the past 6 months. I wish I could bottle up all the fun things she does to remember them forever. Already, I think, “I remember when she used to *insert cute thing* I wish I would have written that down/taken a video.” She changes by the day and it’s so hard to keep up.

Peyton has made leaps and bounds with how she treats Logan. They love each other and just laugh and play. They give kisses and hold hands. She gets excited when she sees him after he’s been asleep or out of the room for awhile. I’m seeing this awesome relationship bloom before my eyes and it makes me so happy. It was a struggle getting to this point but I think it’s made me appreciate it so much more. I’m excited to watch how their bond grows.

Some things that she loves right now are peppa pig, dinosaurs, justice league, shoes but not without socks, band-aids, playing dress up as either a princess or soo-ro (super hero), taking 10 baths a day, making forts or hiding under pillows/blankets, doing anything outside.

She dislikes shadows, going to bed, sharing her toys with brother, drinking anything besides orange juice.

The latest potty update: I’m close to saying she’s officially potty trained. It’s been a week of successfully going #2 and also waking up dry at night. Instead of having to ask her constantly, she now let’s me know when she needs to go, even when we’re in the car.

Height: 35"
Weight: around 24lbs
Clothes: 24m/2t
Diapers: NONE 😀