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Slight Inconvenience

[ I seriously apologize for this one. I just needed to get this shit out of my head .-.]

J bites at your neck growling in your ear trying his damnedest to reve you up. But you keep trying to push him off of you, which of course makes him try harder.

Now pinned again the wall with no way to escape he kisses you with a hunger he hadn’t had in a while. And yet you try yet again to push him away.

“J stop seriously. Cut it out.”

Your words were curt and void of amusement. You already felt awkward enough as it was without him trying to get your pants off. He stops for a moment staring at you completely confused about why his tactics aren’t working on you tonight.

“And exactly why do I need to stop Kitten?”

He doesn’t wait for you to answer before he starts attacking your neck yet again leaving a line of purple bruises down your collar bone. You groan and just for a moment enjoy the sensations of his lips touching your skin. That is until he starts fumbling with the button on your jeans.

Quickly you slap his hands away cheeks tinted with pink.

“I said no J. I can’t do this today. ”

Eyes now pinned to the floor you refuse to look at him. J was starting to get agitated as the growing bulge in his pants scraped against his zipper. Like a petulant child he demands to know why he can’t play with his favorite toy causing you to flush crimson with embarrassment.

“It’s my time of the month J. I can’t.”

His eyes conveyed a look of confusion. He obviously wasn’t getting it. He goes back to trying to work your zipper. You push him back with enough force to make him take a step.

“Ugh, what’s wrong!”

Irritated now about how clueless he could be. And embarresed with your current situation. You hiss at him.

“I’m on my damn period J.”

He starts laughing at how disgruntled you looked.

“Is that all Pumpkin?”

A bit confused you nod your head.

“If it wasn’t for your slight inconvenience, would you want me?”

Thinking he just needed an ego stroke after you turned him down you assure him you would have loved to play with him if it wasn’t for your ‘inconvenience’.

“Well then baby that’s all I needed to hear.”

With that he scoops you up and drags you to the shower, turning it on and throwing you in.

“Strip for me baby.”

He had a smug look on his face that gave you a sinking feeling you were fighting a loosing battle. So instead of fight him you surrender and give him a show before he joins you clothes and all.

“You think I’d let something as stupid as a little blood keep me from enjoying my toy? You have a lot to learn my doll.”

And with that he unbuttons his pants and for the rest of the night shows you just how wrong you were.

when he flirted with a girl right in front of you over 70yrs ago and you gonna make damn sure he knows youre still steaming

Kiss and Make Better

Based off of THIS adorable art by @melamuse! (thank you to melamuse for the link~)

Dean winces and lets out a sharp, hissing breath. Cas’s hands immediately still.

“Too tight?” Cas asks, moving the roll of bandages closer to Dean’s arm to give it a little slack. Dean shakes his head.

“Just sore,” he says tightly. ‘Sore’ is an understatement. Dean feels like he’s been chewed up and spat out, then stomped on. At least Cas has already dealt with the deeper scratches on his chest, but Dean knows he’ll be feeling this hunt for weeks.

Cas nods and returns to his task. He continues wrapping the bandage gently around Dean’s arm, careful not to pull too tight and cut off Dean’s circulation. His hands are steady and sure, though the skills of human first aid are new to him. Dean supposes there’s not much call to learn how to stitch someone up when two fingers to the forehead can take care of everything from should-be fatal wounds to a mild case of the sniffles.

Cas holds the bandage in place and secures the trailing end with medical tape. Now finished, he runs his fingertips gently over the dressing as though checking his work.

His hands linger.

Dean swallows thickly. He’s been trying to ignore just where it is they are (Dean’s bedroom, door closed) and how he’s dressed (shirt off, loose pants), but in the silence, with Cas still here despite his task being complete, it’s difficult.

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so this my second attempt at a relationship went sour because the guy saw me as a “project” and wanted to help me with my anxiety and depression which “we need to take care of”; he was making it a personal undertaking to “cure” me. he swooped in thinking he can fix my hands shaking and the panic attacks and the seizures (somehow?) if i would just go out more

he was already talking about our relationship in the months or years to come on our second date, kissed me even though i told him i didn’t want to, and is just way too handsy, i’d wake up to 5 texts and 3 missed calls

i’ve broken things off because one week, ONE WEEK, we’ve been talking to each other and he seems to think i’m his soulmate and won’t leave me alone for a hot second, and i’m just not into it

i was used again

Seventeen Reaction

“Hip hop unit + woozi you and him are going to be staring in a movie together and there’s a kissing scene”

Seungcheol: He’s out. done. He would be mature about it and watch through it, his arm still around you but inside he would be a mess. Once the kissing scene started he was already running half way home. he couldnt watch it without thinking of you.

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo would start smirking to himself, just thinking about him kissing you. He’ll look over to you to see you already starring at him.. Wonwoo would grow confidence and lean in until you touched lips 

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Mingyu: This poor thing would tense up right when they started kissing, he’d side eye you and start getting nervous. He’d try to make a move on you but chicken out and head right for the popcorn “You’re such wimp mingyu kiss them!” he’d think

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Vernon: This cringy boy would start smiling and getting blushy the moment they kissed, he would try to be smooth but he wouldn’t be able to. He’d end up embarrassing himself, “Are we next for a kissing scene?” 

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Woozi: Woozi would be a bit like Mingyu, he would be shy. When they start kissing he would look at the screen then you and back at the screen with a giant blush on his face. He isn’t one to overreact to this type of thing but all he’ll be thinking about is you. 

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Several hours later, Dante and Paisley are back home and are still trying to wrap their brains around the fact that their daughter didn’t die.  That she’d been wrongfully given away for adoption.

Paisley:  “What are we going to do?”

Dante:  “We’re going to do exactly as the clerk suggested and get our daughter back.”

Paisley:  “I’m sorry for not believing you when you said you came back for me.”

Dante:  “I’m sorry for falling for his lies and not trusting that you would never do that.”

Paisley:  “Just kiss me already.”

In the end, they decided to enlist big brother Remington’s help.  He had more power and resources than they did and could make things happen faster.  

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Timing’s a Bitch

Based on a post on @jaytalker‘s blog, I hope you like it. 

Words: 469

Rating: T 

“Ok, we go in there and tell them that I want to date you.”

“Great. Excellent plan, counterplan. You tell them, and I run for the hills!”

“RONIN! You agreed you would do this with me!”

“Only because I thought this would end up most likely in me just kissing you in front of everyone, dipping you as I did so with a large smile that makes you blush from the tips of your ears to your- OW!”

“You were about to make an innuendo don’t deny it!”

“Ok ok, calm down Sweetheart, how about we just go in there already and get this over with?”

Nya sighed, a month. She’d been debating dating this guy for a month. The idea had seemed just a little better in her head then it did out loud, even if he was handsome and annoying, but exactly what she needed in a guy- Not that she’d ever tell him that however.

But….. She was about to open the door on this. Tell Jay, tell the others then…. Possibly make out with a conman in his state of the art airship that had a goddamn stupid auto return which she’d tried to remove three times when he wasn’t looking… (It somehow always ended up back.) She didn’t do feelings they weren’t and you would never be her forteit.

She was going to be 21 in a month’s time. She was perfectly capable of making her own decisions and-

“Fuck it.” She watched it dawn on Ronin’s face that she had swore, and shook it off as she grabbed the door handle and pushed in the door……….

……Ok, that was unexpected………

“What. The. Fucking. Hell.” She didn’t even realise they had spoken in unison until Ronin appeared behind her staring at the disheveled 21 year old and 22 year old draped in black and blue making out quick vigorously on the couch.

The two ninja pulled apart immediately, but. Nya saw the hickey’s running up Cole’s neck, and the very ‘I did not just kiss my best friend- Hey! Look it’s my girlfriend!’ look on Jay’s face.

“W-We can explain-” “-YEAH WE CAN TOTALLY EXPLAIN-” “-Nya this was an accident I swear, and well-” “-Accident? You kissed me nightlight!”

The water ninja and wandering samurai looked at each other then back at the now bickering duo, as Ronin raised his phone and snapped a picture.

She couldn’t help it, it bubbled up inside her slowly and she let it out. The laughter was loud, and disbelieving as she straighten herself, then fell back into giggles.

“I- I knew- You- You were made for each other! Jay I’m officially breaking up with you on the grounds that we both like making out with other people!”

The redhead stopped, turning to her.


arthur-tristan-kingsmen  asked:

"I want to smooch you all over your cute face, Vivi."

“Awww well aren’t you just adorable Arthur.” Vivi snuck a kiss on his cheek before he could give one to her. She loved when Arthur got in an adorable, cuddly mood. A thousand kisses from him wouldn’t satisfy both their need.

At first Vivi thought to let him off easy and take back his revenge for the time she jumped on him with the belly raspberries. However why give it away at first? Why not make this a little more challenging for him?

“I’ll let you smooch my face iiiiiif you can catch me!” Vivi sped out of the living room in record time and already made it to the stairs, jumping them two at a time and giggling the whole way.  

the other day my sister and I went out in the fields to watch some meteor showers and at some point we just lay on the grass, and it was already so peaceful and perfect, but then we put some music by Sleeping At Last, and maybe thirty seconds after we did we saw a huge shooting star followed by another, and… it felt so magical that I actually got teary-eyed

so let me tell you this: I’m never doubting the stargazing scene in Those Colours We Share ever again

Polyship Week Day 1

So I’m doing @polyshipprompts​ Polyship Week, and I’m challenging myself to do a different ship for each day - except for the angst day because I don’t do angst.  About half of them will just be headcanons, and the other half will be short ficlets.

Day 1: Fluff

Pairing: ares3some

Format: Headcanons

Prompt: Person A and B are dating when they meet C. Both start liking C but feel guilty about it and so start silently freaking out until person A snaps and tells B who responds with a ‘you like them too?!??’. They talk and agree to try and talk to C who figured out that A and B liked them and had been waiting for them to make a move. When A and B manage to talk to C, C yells out finally and tells A and B to just kiss them already.

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tagged by the darling sun ray @nightships to list 10 things I love and tag 10 people.

  • the beach/lakesides/anywhere similar I can sit and listen to the water
  • when I’m squished in the backseat of my friend’s pickup and singing along very loudly to music with people that mean so much to me
  • that blissful tiredness that comes after a good workout
  • CATS
  • discovering new music that makes me feel all the feelings
  • that moment when the plane takes off
  • waking up really early in the morning in the cold weather and sitting outside with a sweater on
  • a good lead up to a kiss in movies/books/etc (if you haven’t figured it out already: I’m a sap)
  • solo dance parties after a really long week (sometimes, a really long day)
  • when I finally get the words down and they sound perfect and just in place 

tagging @bisexual-killian-jones, @killianswench, @cutieodonoghue, @wenchswan, @thejollypirate, @thegladelf, @high-seas-swan and @mermaidswans (this isn’t ten I know sssh)

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kaisoo finding a place to kiss at ikea, shopping for more black sweatpants, what do they get at starbucks, if they were poor and won the lotto what would they do, what does ji does when ksoo is sick/injured

Gen ur killin me

1. Ive never even been to ikea (the closest one to me is in nj) but ive heard that you can get lost very easily. The first time they get lost they probably get tired of trying to find a way out of furniture hell so they just sit on a random couch and make out until and employee finds them

2. ksoo already has like 20 pairs of black sweatpants but he looks so good in them that ji insists he needs more and ksoo doesnt complain. The cashier knows them at this point and is very confused

3. Gen we’ve talked about this ksoo gets a soy chai latte and jongin gets those fruity teas or frappes with WAY too much sugar bc he is child

4. Theyd probably travel the world to try the worlds best restaurants or maybe open their own restaurant after they finish traveling  

5. He gives him foot rubs, goes out and gets food for him (he used to try to cook but that never ended well), and makes stupid jokes to make him laugh. Also he does Things to him that are very Nice which ksoo enjoys A LOT

send me scenarios and I’ll give my kaisoo headcanons for it!!!!

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I've been talking with this guy for 3 months noe but we never kissed yet. I personally am holding it up because I've never kissed anyone before, so basically how do you kiss someone? Like can i have tips or advice thanks!!

Well first kisses are always bad, I think for anyone. Just lean in and kiss him it’s not hard. If it doesn’t turn out the best just laugh it off you’ll get the hang of it. Tips wise I don’t really have any just practice makes you better :) I’m sure he’ll understand if you tell him but gurlllllllll its been 3 months lean it already

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Think about the what the World is missing when his back is to the closet door with locked knees and sliding feet. Sometimes we push just enough to crack the door and breathe the air that doesn’t smell like moth balls. The timer has been ticking. Not trying to relinquish ourselves from the 4 squared feet of sweaty secrets. We just want to briefly feel the cold air let in. Just for a second. Not trying to rush seven minutes in heaven, but her touch would be just as tender out there as it is in here, right? Although, in here no one can see the sloppy kisses, the fumbling hands, and aggressive embrace. But that’s what he’ll think about. That’s what he already thinks about. To him, I’m not grabbing her face to say, “you are good enough,” when she is anxious about the day ahead. It’s only to scandalously make out and it will probably happen in public. She won’t be holding my hand for a physical representation of her emotional belonging to me. It’s to make a statement that his kids shouldn’t see. I don’t hug her to let her know she has my support and love. It’s just an excuse to rub up against her and entice the sexual perversion that we should run from. So, never mind. If stuffy and sweaty are what it takes to be with her right now until forever, I’ll take it; all of it. When the clothes get knocked off the hangers as we slow dance to our favorite songs. When she stumbles over the shoe rack crawling over to my emotional rescue. When we pull a dusty blanket down from the shelf to cuddle and hold each other under. Or how about the beanie she found in the floor that frames her hair and face perfectly. It’s not so bad in here. We only have 3 and a half minutes left.

sombra isnt even out yet and people are already making headcannons and fan art of her being a lesbian and kissing widowmaker??? we dont even know who or what sombra is and all you care about is getting her naked?

Kissing Meme

I was tagged by @char7

Rules: Post 10 characters you would kiss and then tag 10 people.

Probably nothing too new, but here we go:

1. James Flint. No explanation needed. If I could be transformed into a gay pirate just have a sliver of a chance for a kiss with him, I would. 

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2. Daryl Dixon. I don’t even have a thing for the grimy biker type but there’s just something about him that makes it hot.

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3. Maggie. Also of TWD and my current female celeb crush. I love her personality and her adorable dialect as much as her general hotness.

Originally posted by emskinney

4. Sherlock Holmes (RDJ). Jesus, I was already in love with Robert, and then these movies came out. I have a giant cardboard cut-out in my spare room. :) No shame. And the fucking bromance, omg!

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5. Agron. It’s hard to narrow it down for Spartacus, ;) He had great hair and a smile that just brightened everything. And of course a body to die for.

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6. Roux. From the movie Chocolat. One of the only films Depp did looking mostly like himself, which of course is AMAZING!!  Ironically he played a “river pirate” in it before PotC came out and before Sails existed and oh my god I have a type

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7. Spike. I remember how all the girls loved Angel, but I was never overly impressed with the guy. Guess I was holding out for someone better. :)

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8. Tyler Durden.  From Fight Club. When Pitt was still smoking hot. And his character was great in this too. And he was built. And THE HAIR. Ugh

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9. Faith. Just fucking sexy. And an empowered bad girl. :)

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10. Malcom Merlin. I totally crushed on him and then I found out John Barrowman was gay. That’s my type too obviously. ;)

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Tagging anyone who wants to do it bcz I’m lazy and don’t know who’s already done it. 

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(also u can come talk to me off anon I don’t bite!!)

Sooo… I started watching Sword Art Online (loving it btw) and instantly started shipping Kirito and Asuna a few episodes into it and when I saw this scene, I fan girled so much because this is one of the few ships that I ship so hard that has become canon… I’m REALLY late to the party… I understand that Sword Art Online has been out for awhile now but I couldn’t help sharing their first kiss as a gif even though it’s already been done. My gif is awful quality but I don’t care. I just wanted to make my own gif of this moment. This is the first canon ship that I ship wholeheartedly.