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so I was re watching Haikyuu S3 and dear lord I really forgot that it was so freaking amazing…but even when I was super excited I decided to draw Tendou just chillin 

Wanted some slightly autumn-ish thing….Is kind of ironic that I’m here in summer in the US,  wishing for the Autumn to arrive when I’m leaving next week to a country that is freaking freezing xD don’t misunderstand me actually I love winter I prefer autumn tho

You know what I live for? The Paladins all bonding with their Lions.

  • Lance spending those rare, lazy afternoons laying against Blue just chillin’, them just kind of mentally resting against each other, not really forcing a connection, just touching and trying to get used to each other. I imagine they’re the most connected out of all of the Paladins, simply because they’re both so easily accepting and trusting, they were the first ones to find each other and it shows in their relationship. 
  • Pidge and Green bonding when they tinker with her, them complimenting her on her technology, how beautifully she’s put together, getting excited to work on upgrades and just generally get to explore her mechanics. They spend their downtime with Green showing them all the hidden and intricate parts of her body and it brings them closer. 
  • Shiro and Black always mentally touching, because she recognizes that Shiro is fragile, and that their bond can offer him strength. On his low days, she sends him all the encouragement she can through their mental link, and he thanks her by pouring his trust into her. When they fight together, he trusts her to know what to do, follows her without thought, guides her where they both need to go. She grounds him. 
  • Keith and Red having a really affectionately competitive relationship!! Red is always pushing him to do better, think harder, get stronger. Likewise, Keith pushes back, telling her she can take one more hit, get in one more shot, There’s a lot of respect between them. Her fire and ferocity keep him going. 
  • Hunk and Yellow!! Love each other so much!! Hunk always calling her his girl and petting her, complimenting her, her sending him affection and gratitude through their mental link, letting him know she feels the same. He thinks of her as one of his best friends, and it’s clear the feeling is mutual. There’s love between them that makes fighting together second nature. She’s willing to take damage for him, and his Pride. Their hearts are endlessly large and belong to each other. 

Just. Paladins and their Lions. Best Friends Forever.

I’ve really been exploring Pinnavoche’s character lately, so I decided to do her a kindness and draw her without all those scars.

Just chillin somewhere nice, thinking nicer thoughts, and doin mermaid-y things probably <3


Jamal 👅🍫

Do y'all see this fuine ass piece of Godiva chocolate 😩? No we’re not together. Mal and I met when I was doing a photo shoot for my blog about a year and a half ago. We’ve been talking for like 6 months now. Right now, we’re chillin, having fun (the good kind), and just enjoying each other’s company. But I gotta admit, we do look fine as hell together.

fredgolds  asked:

can u tell me abt My Boy Magnus

Yes I Can Absolutely Do This Thing

  • soft. like hes just. hes a soft guy. very sweet and kind and just soft in general and hes tough yeah but just day-to-day he is a sweet fella. the kind of guy that gives you half his sandwich for no reason and smiles at strangers
  • the kind of friend who makes it his business to know everyone’s birthdays and favorite foods and favorite colors just because he considers this important information
  • he’s that person who asks you a direct question or directly acknowledges a comment you made when he sees your voice is getting ignored in a big conversation
  • Him Big
  • like big enough to give grown ass adults piggyback rides which he does often and on request bc Hello, it’s fun, and also it can make people feel better sometimes
  • that guy who cries for like, every emotion. angry crying, happy crying, the whole shebang. but he can be real scary when he wants to be re: lucas
  • always needs to be doing something with his hands- woodworking mostly but sometimes on-base he crochets or makes little woven bracelets and stuff and everything he makes he gives to a friend. or sometimes just a complete stranger
  • talks to steven the fish and really always feels better after he does even tho steven’s just a tiny fish boy. he loves him and always wants to protect him
  • hums little tunes under his breath and sometimes plays the music on a real instrument while hes just chillin. im sure trav mcelroy knows what kind of instrument he plays exactly but i can see it being a like a harp or something you know
  • is always asking people if theyre ok or if they need help with anything even if theyre just like looking kinda glum or struggling to carry a heavy bag across the b.o.b quad or something. Magnus Rushes In To Help
  • people on-base really appreciate him because of this and sometimes come to him directly to chill or talk about their problems or ask his opinion on something. he’s very approachable and open and he treats every problem they present him with as something important even if it seems trivial
  • favorite way to sleep is in a puppy pile with good friends which he didnt get to do a lot before joining up with taako and merle but theyre usually down with it especially after refuge because they all kinda feel safer together

It’s like these are your boys and it’s thanksgiving or some kind of awkward family gathering and Harry’s still kind of shy around your family so he’s just chillin with your kids on the couch whispering funny stuff and lame jokes to them every once In a while and they’re sniggering and going ‘daaaddd’ cause he’s so lame but still funny and you tell them to smile for a picture cause they’re just so cute and this is what you get

title: happier new years

warnings: swearing & smoking

notes: this is an idea that popped up in my head so i put it down

this was rlly rushed at the end and i’m sorry it’s shitty

Cigarette smoke moved through the cool, winter air as Steven puffed it out. Music blared behind him (very shitty music at that), and he could still smell the sweat and alcohol that squeezed in between the small opening that separated the party from the balcony.

“Um.. hey.” A voice called out as he also heard the sliding door fully close. Thank god, that smell was starting to give him a headache. Steven gave a small glance at the taller man that had broken his small trance.

“Hey.” Another puff from the cigarette. He turned around and stood up straight, still leaning against the balcony though, examining the tall guy.

“I’m Anthony.” He mumbled, holding out his hand. Steven hesitated before shaking Anthony’s hand.

“Steven. Nice to meet you.” Another drag. He blew the smoke over the banister of the balcony, so he wouldn’t be rude and accidentally blow it in Anthony’s face.

“Didn’t have any fun inside? Seems pretty hype in there to me.” Anthony said, standing next to Steven and putting his elbows on the edge. He shook his head.

“My roommate dragged me here. Said it was gonna be awesome and that he really hoped I could come. He pretty much guilt tripped me into being here.” One more puff.

The Italian nodded. “I get it. But, c’mon, you can’t blame him. It is New Years Eve. Maybe he just wanted to-“

“I’m… kinda of an introvert. Big crowds make me really uncomfortable, and not in a claustrophobic way. In a ‘what if this person tries to talk to me and I royally screw it up I’m gonna look so dumb and no one is going to like me’ kind of way. I’ve just been… chillin’ out here since we arrived. Maybe he tried to pull me out of my shell.” He took several drags of the cigarette now.

“Oh, um… well hey, you’re talking to me, right? That’s a start.” Anthony nudged Steven slightly with his elbow, giving him a small smile. The shorter of them returned it.

“You wanna ditch this shithole of a party and go somewhere fun?” Anthony asked, walking away from the banister.

“Like where? Dude, everywhere is fucking closed. It’s New Years Eve.”

The taller man rolled his eyes and grabbed Steven’s wrist. “Don’t be such a downer. You obviously haven’t been in New York very long if you don’t know what places are open.”

After being dragged through darkness, sweaty bodies, and people making out, the two made it out of the front door and were confronted by fresh, crisp air.

“It smells horrible in there.” There goes another puff of smoke.

“I know. Let’s go, were going in my car.” Anthony began to walk, but the Canadian stopped him by his wrist.

“How much have you had to drink?” Steven asked.


The shorter man him in the eyes for a few seconds with his eyebrow raised. Then, out came a sigh from the other.

“2 beers, but I’m-”

“Give me your keys, Anthony.”

“Steven, I didn’t even get a buzz, why-”

He interrupted him with a hand held out, palm up. “Keys.”

Along with a long groan, out came Anthony’s keys from his pocket and dropped into the other’s hand.

“I don’t give a shit what you felt, you still have alcohol in your system. I’ll drive, just tell me where to go.” Steven proclaimed, signalling for the other to lead them to his car.

“Fine, but there’s no cigarettes allowed in my car.”

One huff and one cigarette stomped into the ground later, they were on the move.


“Go karts? Are you serious?” The shorter one inquired, putting the car in park and shutting off the engine.

“Dude, lighten up. You’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

Both of them hopped out of the car, and headed inside, where it was pretty barren of people.

“Are you sure that this place is open? It looks dead.” Steven taunted as he crossed his arms.

Anthony ignored the mocking as he paid for both of their carts. “Whoa, whoa, why are you paying for me? I could’ve-“

“Because I’m trying to be courteous, plus I had the idea to come here. Chill out.” The taller one chimed. “Now, get in. It’s time for me to whoop your ass.”


After hours of go kart fun and two boxes of very shitty pizza, Steven realized that he still had to bring his roommate, John, back home soon enough, so they headed back to the party and ended up back on the balcony again.

“Hey, uh, thanks for that Anthony. I had more fun today than I thought I would.” The Canadian blurted out, somewhat stumbling over his words. The latter of them smiled.

“Don’t mention it. I didn’t really want to be here either, so I’m glad we made the best of it.”

Their conversation kept on until they both heard the simultaneous yells of the number 10 of everyone inside.

Anthony stood up straighter. “Oh shit, we should-“

He stopped when he felt a hand squeeze his. “Dude, chill. No one’s gonna miss us in there. S’okay. Let’s just… stay here.” The other proclaimed.

They were at the number 3 by now. It was almost a new year. “Yeah.. you’re right.”


“Happy New Year!” Everyone inside was screaming out of happiness, hugging and kissing their significant other, or just another random person.

Steven went completely red-faced when he realized that Anthony’s lips were just moving back from his cheek.

“Happy New Year, Steven.”

He looked down at his feet and then back at the taller one, biting his lip. After gaining up whatever courage he had, he grabbed the Italian by the shirt collar and pulled him closer.

“C’mon, get in the spirit, Anthony,” were the last he mumbled before pressing his own lips against the other pair. Arms snaked around his waist as he was pulled into a tighter embrace than before. Then he felt Anthony pull back.

“Now this new year is a little bit happier.”

(( extremelyquestionable inspired me to write some shit so i did. yaaaay ))

Ok but imagine a climbing class punk/nerd au 

Like punk!josh is that broody silent guy who’s kind of an asshole and one day he’s just chillin in the back of the classroom with a couple of friends and then new student nerd!chris comes walking in and Josh is just like

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So from that day forward he always tries to become with friends with Chris (and maybe something more ) but Chris absolutely despises him. Josh doesn’t stop though and keeps pestering him until they basically form this weird friendship where they just tease each other and make snarky comments.

“ Wow Chris, I see you’re just as full of yourself as always. Maybe if you pulled that stick out your ass you’d be less full. ”

“Just for your information Josh, I know how to have fun. Look I’ll tell you a joke. Your birth. Now go away I have to study.”

The signs as Dates

Aries: ‘’let’s go to a party together’’, kind of date. At first it’s awkward to be with them and their friends, but as soon the beat drops, that mofo is leaving ur ass and hitting the dance floor.

Taurus: the ‘’just chillin on the grass’’ kind of date. They love laying on a grassy field and looking at the sky, while you have fun conversations about their childhood.

Gemini: the ‘’shows up to your place outta no where’’ type of date. so random, and will probably involve hooking up. So trim down the bush, you never know when this mofo will show up.

Cancer: the kind of date that hates going out and would rather stay in and watch movies or ‘’cuddle’’ (u little dirty u kno what im talkin bout)

Leo: they have a jam packed schedule filled with super romantic activities, they’re so full of energy and by the end of the day you’re gonna be so tired

Virgo: they’ll try to please you by taking you where ever you want, but if they feel out of their comfort zone, they’ll stick to simple, easy, starbucks dates.

Libra: the simple ‘’let’s just go to the park ‘’ kind of date, but deep down they really wanna go somewhere preppy af like a shopping date

Scorpio: they like creative dates, the ‘’I actually put thought into this’’ kinda date. concert, going to a special art exhibition, an exotic restaurant.

Sagittarius: calls u up late and convinces you to sneak out and go on a night adventure at the very last minute.

Capricorn: the classy ‘’let’s go out to dinner’’ date. Capricorn men can be gents and will insist on paying and wow you with their class.

Aquarius: any sort of museum or convention where they can yap all they want, making strange but funny commentaries.

Pisces: they’ll take you to a super indie cafe, and talk hours and hours. funny and charming, time will slip away as they drink a tea and stare into your eyes.

Tango has questions like Johnson has answers. Tango doesn’t mean to discover the Haus ghosts, he just kind of… Sees them one day, chillin’ on the stairs. Girls in the Haus, other than Lardo or Farmer… Are you here for Ransom and Holster?

But they’re just frozen, watching him wide eyed and whispering frantically to each other . “Is he talking to US? Like can he see us? Damn, this is officially some Stephan King shit-” before the drift off to hide in the attic.

Tango promptly goes on a question bonanza.
“Did you know the Haus is haunted?”
“Do you know what there names are?”
“Have you ever seen them before?”
“Have you ever felt them?”
“Which room do you think is theirs?”
“When’d they die? How’d they die?”
“I wonder if they understand snapchap?”
“I wonder if they had Google?”
“Do you think they can smell Bitty’s pies and get jealous?”
“I wonder if they like EpiKegster?”
“Do you think the Haus ghosts follow the by-laws?”
“Do they have their own by-laws?”
“Do they hate the LAX bros too?”
“I wonder who they like to haunt the most?”

Holster gets mad at Tango because all his questions are flipping a switch in Ransom and now Ransom won’t go into their room by himself for fear of spectral groping. No one is as invested in those ghosts as much as Tango is, so when everyone brushes him off he gets frustrated enough that he goes to the library in search of an explanation. Tango finds the old newspaper film, learns their names, buys some flowers and visits their graves. He makes a copy of their pictures and after a visit the nearby thrift store, finds a small chipped picture frame with ‘BFF’ written in glitter, Tango gets to work.

Tango is building a small shrine on top of the water heater when an ice cold hand gooses his butt, another pinching his cheek. He swears he hears a giggle, but Tango has a feeling that after so many years being invisible, they’re probably shy.

Tango and the ghosts become fast friends, but everyone gets suspicious when Tango suddenly starts knowing things. When they ask him he just says “The Haus ghosts told me.”

One by one everyone starts to believe. When Tango tells them about the shrine he made, Lardo replaces the grainy black and white newspaper clipping with two tiny legit oil painted portraits before moving the shrine into the living room. Slowly everyone contributes to the shrine, leaving little trinkets or flowers. Chowder a small stuffed shark. During a jester someone leaves a pair of shot glasses and for the rest of the year everyone makes sure they’re always topped off. Bitty even leaves a mini pie… That he finds Tango eating less than an hour later. At first Bitty is pissed when Tango tells him that he was under strict orders to appreciate it on behalf of the ghosts… Until Tango guiltily admits the ghosts also told me ALL about Jack Zimmermann and Bitty just retreats, blushing madly after telling Tango that if he or his ghosts like pie he’ll keep his mouth shut.

And that’s all I got. Sorry.
I couldn’t help myself. The Tango Who Knows Things was just so much more fun than The Tango Who Knows Nothing. Besides, we all know Tango knew first.

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