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Two of my favorite historical figures were in the 101st Airborne. One is Ronald Speirs. On one attack, his commanding officer was drunk and more or less demanding a suicide mission. Speirs started to argue, the officer took out his rifle, Speirs put a bullet in his head and took command. 

At Bastogne, a similar thing happened. Major Winters sent a man named Dikes to take a nearby town, but Dikes forgot his instructions, froze up and got a lot of his men killed. Speirs went in and took command. At one point, Easy Company was in the town, but they had to communicate with I Company. Across the town. So Speirs stand up, runs straight through the Germans in the town square and vaults a wall to tell I Company what to do. Germans are so shocked they can’t fire. But then—get this—Speirs runs back. Still doesn’t get shot. He later went on to work a lot with Black ops and I think ran a prison in Russia for a while. 

My other favorite is Richard Winters. Winters was Easy Company’s only real lasting leader. He had to take over during D-Day when they lost their other officers, and he was known for two main things. Almost always making good decisions on the battlefield, and always being a damn good leader off it. He didn’t swear like the others, was deliberate in everything he did, and was just… a calming constant throughout the war. Winters didn’t like Speirs much because he thought Speirs was too brutal.

Funny how two of my favorite historical figures were in the same place at the same time and didn’t even like one another.

Band kids do the weirdest things

So at every competition, during awards our captains have this dance that they do on the field while waiting. Its literally just air thrusting. And every time, at least one band joins in. We’ve gotten our whole band to do it. Its literally just a bunch of high schoolers air thrusting. Its a tradition at this point it’s been going on for years.

We had an old snowman prop from a show just sitting in the copy room. A tuba player entered the copy room and turned the lights off. Everyone heard him moaning, the lights were turned on and he’s jerking off frosty’ nose.

People printed a bunch of pictures of our band director out and hung them up all around the band room. No reason, just because.

Feel free to add more stories!

johnny calling out mark for being a belieber on Live Radio was the BEST part of my day


You Were Beautiful Project DAY6

DAY6 ❤️: There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than when all the members are together. All the memories we’ve made so far are beautiful and I wish I’ll be able to remember everything forever. They’ve grown so much as a band in just 1 year and a half it’s amazing. Hope DAY6 will become a ‘super band’ just how the members wanted^^ Let’s walk together from now on or even more, let’s run together! DAY6 fighting!~

I think my favorite thing about non-band kids is when they actually go into the band room. They look lost. Terrified.. Extra points if they’re looking for the director, and they just kind of shuffle around for a bit until we ask them what they need.


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