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tbh aphobes go all "oooh how cringe" whenever they see harmless ace jokes and go "I post in the Ace Positivity tag because I'm Positive they're not LGBT" and I'm like… Really. REALLY. the joke made by some kids years ago is the cringeworthy one of these? Really? Also we all know if these were jokes abt being gay or lesbian instead they'd all hypocritically go along so can we stop pretending this is anything but an attempt to silence aces by pretending anything we could say is cringeworthy.

How is “the moon is a lesbian” less cringey than “aces have invisibility powers”? They’re both equally embarrassing statements but they’re just harmless positivity and anyone who makes fun of that is an asshole.

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Sorry to trouble you. The gif you posted previously of Louis raising his eyebrows at Harry and then Harry looking at Louis in a manner I can't quite accurately articulate - do you have a YouTube link, or would you kindly tell me which interview it is please? I'm new to the fandom and still trying to catch up on the last 6 years. Thank you in advance.

Just kidding! So a quick story of how and why I posted this gif…

When I see a gif I like I save it and then caption it later with something like “When people don’t like dogs” followed by something like this

Anyway that Larry gif is always a good one to have around in case of an emergency, so I was going to put it in my drafts but accidentally just posted it instead and 75 people were like ‘tru’ so it’s kind of a win-win mistake with sharing the love and lust and all that.

Uhhhh to answer your question it’s from an interview last year with a radio station where they gave them obscene scarves that Harry was massively unimpressed with. I was going to be like, “I don’t know which one and I don’t have the energy to find it,” but then I was also like, “C’mon…earn that A for effort,” and lo and behold:

It’s quite quick but it happens after the interviewer stares into Harry’s beautiful eyes around 1:25 in:

But yeah, I had originally intended to just file this away in my drafts (of which there are currently about 6,700) and label it “reasons to live” or maybe “reasons I want to die” because Jesus Hannibal Christ look at it

Anyway, I gotta Zayn. Thanks for stopping by! x

like the whole point of battle royale/the hunger games was that a bunch of teenagers being forced to kill each other in a controlled environment was so that the people in power could manipulate and control the population. the appeal of both series (and the reason they’re both so popular) weren’t just like, teenagers murdering each other for fun, it was the more nuanced commentary on things like reality tv and human morality.

like if avengers arena was going to rip off both of these series (and EXPLICITLY STATE IN THE TEXT THAT THIS WAS A RIPOFF OF THOSE BOOKS), the least the plot could do was incorporate that main underlying theme, and like, have the adult heroes be forced to watch these kids fight with no way of getting to them, or have it broadcast on tv to show civilians that the heroes protecting them are vulnerable and will resort to violence if pushed, or something. instead no one noticed that a bunch of kids went missing and were being forced to kill each other just so arcade could get his rocks off and prove how great a villain he is to…16 dead teenagers????

was it worth it, marvel. was it really worth it