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  • 13: a favorite memory?
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  • 15: are you a daredevil?
  • 16: committed a crime?
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people from like, before ballpoint pens n shit (when they were using feathers to write) would TOTALLY see today’s straws and make them into pens like are you fucking kidding me??? theyd be like, “holy fuck, a somewhat flexible tubular thin thing. i guess this means i dont have to TEMPER my QUILLS anymore.”

like do you know how revolutionary just a disposable plastic straw would be to those people? do you know what you have to do to a feather to make it usable? like yeah you have to carve it into a nib n shit but even BEFORE you TOUCH your knife, you have to temper that shit. its basically sticking the feather in hot sand and waiting around for awhile for some chemistry shit to happen. like a few hours.

and then you have to get all that fluffy shit off the tip, and then you gotta carve it. and you gotta be really heckin careful you dont fuck up, because hell, you just waited three hours for this fucking feather, there’s no way youre doing that again.

but with STRAWS?? first of all, you can get identical ones, unlike with feathers. also they come in different colours and widths and shit. and you dont have to wait three hours for them to be usable.

basically im saying theres nothing inherently less legitimate about making a quill pen out of a straw. the long-dead would have done it, so you can too. just do it. it costs like zero money, so if youre considering getting into calligraphy, you may as well make your own nib outta a straw instead of spending $$ on a store made one.

also, life hack for the ink: get some bubble solution and put food coloring in it. there. youre cool. youre writing with a straw now. thats cool.

there’s mine ^


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Alright! Opening up commissions again, nice. Just had surgery and I’m trying to move out so I need some $$$Cash Money$$$

I’ll pretty much draw anything, furries, anthro, nsfw and gore included. As long as it stays within my morals I’ll probably draw it, message me if you have any questions regarding this.

Prices may go up a bit for the colored sketch and full drawing if your character is a little more complex! (etc. mech, armor, excess accessories)

I’ll only be accepting payment through paypal! Not kidding, paypal only.

So, if you have any interest in commissioning me or and questions for me, contact me through my tumblr! (Preferably via. messenger)

Also!! Signal boosting is highly appreciated! Thanks so much!

hey what’s up my name is milk and uh i feel kinda silly making this post but i think I’m in need of some new blogs to follow/mutuals. my main interest atm is dc/batfam and well.. it’s a huge fandom and i dont have much of a clue who to follow lmao, so ig like and/or reblog if you post about the following and I’ll check ur blog out

- dc (batfam and young justice mostly)
- kingdom hearts
- final fantasy xv
- jojo’s bizarre adventure
- jaytim, jaydick, brudick, birdflash, dickkory (my top dc ships 🙏)
- soriku
- josuhan

there’s more stuff I’m into and i have it listed on my blog but tbh these are what I’m most into atm so!!

Karasuno First-Years as Teachers

So I made this for fun, and the other admins thought that it would be fun to post this, because why not? HAHA I hope y’all enjoy this! [Reblogs would be very helpful especially that we just started as a blog! Thank you!]

Admin LaLa 


 -he’s the teacher that everyone likes 

-the actual fluffiest teacher of all aND GIVES LOTS OF BONUSES 

-“when i was like yall i had a hard time so i hope u dont end up like me!”

 -if ever someone would have a low grade, he’d be the comforting type of teacher!!! 

-“hey, it’s okay!!! let’s work hard to get your grades higher mkay? yOSH!” “s-sIR!!!” “HEOL DONT CRY!!!”

 -dude like hinata would actually tutor his kids and monitor them 

-oh my god stab me, hinata is the actual fluffball 

-“i hope you have a great day today everyone! see yall after the weekend!" 

-honestly everyone is thankful for this teacher 

-sighs when will i ever??? 0A0 



 -exactly hinata’s opposite = nO BONUSES cri 


-will collect the homeworks one by one and youll be highkey screwed 

-"i thought that youd be responsible students and finish your homeworks, but it seems not. youll get a zero for this." 

-but irl he just really wants his students to grow and flourish on their own

 -when someone improves he’ll try to compliment them even if he’s not used to it??? man… 

-most students think he’ll never smile but when one of their classmates actually cracked up a good joke mAN HE WAS HIGHKEY LAUGHING AND EVERYONE WAS SHOOKT 

 -"jeez kids, im not that emotionless HAHA" 

-when the year ends, everyone will actually miss his rules and kags will be so happy to see them graduate 

-thank god for him ;A; 

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After a period of losing like 70+ followers, I finally reached 1.2K!! so to celebrate those of you who stuck it out with me and to those of you who just arrived, I have THIS!


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  • choose ur own adventure aka make up your own thing, if I can, I will. if not I will do something dumb instead🌚

also if you compliment me I’ll probably do yours first cause I’m a butt like that :p (just kidding I do like compliments tho)

honestly fuck everyone who makes fun of harmless obscure interests like GOD what is wrong with you people.
if some kid on the internet makes a post on how theyre excited over something “cringey” (especially things aimed at little kids) and you arses begin reblogging it ironically to make fun of the person in question then youre a total douche asshole.
instead of mocking people for liking Spongebob, Minecraft, Bubbleguppies, etc. and just having fun with their interests why dont you go back to jacking off to your pedophile Voltron ships. thanks.

Being borderline is kinda like having a child who throws tantrums in inconvenient places and inconvenient times

Like. You’re the mom at the grocery store whose kid is currently on the floor screaming and crying and youre just nervously looking around and silently apologizing like “im so sorry, i know this is annoying and you dont wanna deal with this but i literally cant stop him no matter what i do”

Except you are both the mom and the screaming child and you’re screaming because someone said something that hinted towards them possibly abandoning you

anonymous asked:

the v1 cryptonloids for the tumblr ask meme???

I already did the twins and Luka, so I’ll do the rest!


Their blog URL: princess-hatsunegi01

The kind of posts they’d reblog: the Kagamines’ posts, Luka’s posts, Kaito’s posts, Yuuma’s posts, music/audio posts, green/teal aesthetics, video games (especially Sonic), robotics (with her commentating on people’s facts, being a robot), fanart so she can compliment it, musical instruments/digital interfaces, cat pictures, memes, really bizarre aesthetics/shitposts/quotes, astrology

The first person they followed: Len

What kind of theme they’d have: streamlined, organized, but cutesy, with lots of black, cyan and pink, and little pixel art versions of herself

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “why DO we not short out when we drink water”


Their blog URL: dont-touch-my-sake

The kind of posts they’d reblog: Kaito and Rin’s posts to snark at them, the others’ posts, scientific posts, fanart of Miku, text posts asserting her ability to punch you in the face, fashion

The first person they followed: Kaito

What kind of theme they’d have: A default theme just colored red

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “@ rodarorin go the fuck to sleep”


Their blog URL: aisu-is-naisu

The kind of posts they’d reblog: any and all of Meiko’s posts, the kids’ posts, ice cream, men’s fashion, ice cream, scientific posts, robotics, music/audio posts, ice cream, funny cat videos, uplifting quotes, ice cream, Studio Ghibli films, blue aesthetics, orchestral arrangements of video game music, and ice cream

The first person they followed: Meiko

What kind of theme they’d have: Fun, blue-colored theme with cool arrows on the sidebars/post borders (like the ones on his coat)

What kind of text posts they’d make at 2am: “Mei-chan just caught me sneaking into the fridge and now I’m lab-grounded”

anonymous asked:

i followed you bc of the wolfieplier stuff. are you kidding me ?youre reblogging those pages shit stuff 294939292992times a day to cover up that u just dont want to draw or have an "artblock" yea good 4 you ,but its something about perspectives 2. whiny human beeing

I reblog it so I wouldn’t have to scroll 50 blocks to get to it again… sorry for the constant reblogging… :/
But the update should be up in the morning or so… prepare for hell, Anon (or just unfollow to avoid them just like everyone else)


*updated with 90% more eyebrows, and updated caption*


hrm. whut?

i didnt use my good art stuff, except on the skin. i couldnt find a cheapo marker in that color. also fuck crayola for making such a dark grey. :U

also my hair isnt that red. but w/e

i dunno why you would, but dont repost, just reblog

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i have a lot of minor followers so i try to keep my blog as free from any… raunchy jokes or inappropriate content i can because i dont want to be exposing minors to stuff like that if theyre following me but. sometimes i feel like i probably reblog posts that have a joke in it that i just completely didnt get at all so i didnt notice. and what if my kid followers notice. listen i am a lot better at figuring out puns and robot jokes. example; why was there a bug in the computer? it was looking for a byte to eat. listen a joke is the most fun when it is for everyone. my host only wheezes and gives himself an asthma attack when i ask what the new age raunchy memes mean

Can everyone please report this person? 

He drove me into a full blown PANIC ATTACK because of all the drama he caused.

He said my mental disorders were MY PROBLEM and i should fix it.

I am shaking and crying.

He bullied me and hellokitty221

His reason for bullying was that hellokitty221 was annoying.

He called me an attention seeker just because i said i was crying.

(That made it worse)

And he also tried to make people who came in the room late sorry for him.

He said stuff like:

“THEY WERE BULLYING ME!” (me and hellokitty)


(crying emoji) 

Overall, people were generally on me and hellokitty’s side, but many people were against just ME because they didn’t believe me that i have depression, anxiety disorder, aspergers, and more. (ik im messed up af)

I beg of you, if you play aj, REPORT MAWLI. If you have an aj blog, PLEASE REBLOG THIS. NOT LIKE, R E B L O G.

Thank you. 


Reblog this with your IC, moon, Saturn, and Ceres signs, and any placements you would like your children to have (if/when you have them) & why.

tagged by @delta1327

Name: Lance
Nickname(s): lancelot jamison tudor parké, lancey, pye and sometimes sonic
Gender: me boy
Star Sign: taurus
Height: 5'4
Time Right Now: 18:40
Last Thing I Googled: why was falsettos robbed (not kidding)
Favourite Bands: bands whom?? ive been listening to only musical soundracks recently
Favourite Solo Artists: ⬆⬆⬆
Last Movie I Watched: groundhog day…..
Blog Birthday: no clue
What do you post? mostly just art of fandoms i like and some reblogs
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak? i dunno
Do You Have Any Other Blogs? nah
Do You Get Asks Regularly? *crying* no
Why Did You Choose Your URL? i am Gay
Following: around 200
Posts: 1623 (i think)
Hogwarts House: slytherin i guess
Pokemon Team: dont
Favourite Colour(s): red maybe?
Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-5
Lucky Number(s): 5
Favourite Character(s): DONT
What Am I Wearing Now? a hoodie
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With? 1
Dream Job? costume design probably
Dream Trip? as ive said before, the void,, but going to berlin again seems nice

i tag literally any of my followers who sees this. yes you


*cracks neck*

alright its time to deconstruct the entire Welcome to Tumblr video because clearly it flew over peoples heads

“are you a white straight middle classed male with a penis and comfortable with a penis? GET OUT”

This is pointing out the various attack posts on cis het dudes that go around on tumblr, and whenever someone calls them on it the response is “TUMBLR IS A VOICE FOR THE OPPRESSED. OH WAH THE OPPRESSORS FEEL BAD WELL GET THE FUCK OUT THEN”

“every other website is terrible”

So many attack posts on facebook, havent seen many for deviant art or 9gag, but im sure they exist

“make a cosplay blog”

its a pretty cheap way of getting tumblr fame, you just look up cosplay and put it on your blog, or have people submit. 

“art blog”

I’m not familar with the art community so I cant really comment on this. 

“penguins are extinct”

People on tumblr are stupid as shit. There was this post going around about how adventure time was getting canceled because of Marceleine and PB. A simple google search which took five seconds to do revealed that it wasnt true at all. Later on it was proved fake but not before the original post got like 30k notes. 

“this girl went missing in 1987”

no idea what this is making fun of since ive never seen this post. I sincerely doubt its making fun of missing kids. 


a jab on social justice how theres politcially correct terms and which terms are offensive or not and how theres now a goddamn dictionary to the entire LGBT community when there used to be just 4, now theres like 32

“straight, well off, shoe polish, mental disorders" 

a jab on how white cis people cant ever have problems in their lives because they arent oppressed by the majority of the population.

"if you dont reblog these problems you are a heartless monster”

a jab at how theres posts with people with cancer and the comments have some guilt trip inducing comments like “if you dont reblog this im judging you” or some other shit like that. 

“superwholock and fandoms”

A jab on how fandoms can be fucking insane and overbearing and just overall unpleasant. also, Madoka magooka. 

“onceler and shipping”

How dumb shipping is. 

“Wrist Cutting/baby ur bootiful’

A jab on how a lot of people on tumblr romanticize cutting/self harm. another jab on those stupid fucking "reblog if you think this person is beautiful” posts. 

“searching tags”

PORN. This speaks for itself, there is a shit ton of porn on tumblr, a lot of it is kind of disturbing. 

“ask blog/oc’s”

a jab at bad oc's 

“being sad/everyone is beautiful/send messages telling people this”

because we’re not allowed to be sad right? we must be HAPPY ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

“content stealing”

eh….not much to comment on this, it happens. 

“night blogging”

Im one of the people who think night blogging is one of the stupidest fucking things ever. So this part speaks for itself. 

“tumblr is a safe place for boys and girls/everyone/every human”

the whole pronoun debacle and how retarded it is. 


Ok this is talking about the people who dont know what triggers are. 

A trigger is something that causes a violent flashback and hyperventallating and basically you freak the fuck out. Wreack it Ralph has a great example of this. 

A trigger is NOT something that just makes you angry/irritated, the way tumblr uses it. 

Kankri Vantas was a great parody and satire of what triggers are NOT, and surprise surprise, HE flew over everyone’s heads too, and im quite sure is responsible for the continued misconception of what triggers actually fucking mean. 

So yeah, this is what I got from it. For all the “deepness” tumblr is said to posses and the analytic approach it takes to things, I mean look at fucking Frozen. It can be really fucking dense.

this is the last thing im gonna post on the issue bc talking about it is giving me really bad anxiety but for all the people who think tagging food is stupid or pointless im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just dont understand. just off the top of my head i can think of these reasons why tagging food may be helpful

  • for people who have eating disorders (exposure therapy is only beneficial when in a controlled setting and the person subjected is willing, and even then it isnt always effective)
  • for people who are fasting
  • for people who cant afford to eat much right now (people can have access to internet and technology without having access to food)
  • for people who physically cannot eat right now (sickness, surgeries, dental work, etc)
  • for people who have food aversions to specific kinds of food (for example, the sight and smell of freshly baked, gooey cookies makes me sick to my stomach because i got violently ill when i was a kid from eating cookies that werent baked enough)

so please try to consider things like that when you form opinions. if you still think its stupid then idk, you’re probably just an asshole void of empathy

types of obnoxious non-adhd people on my adhd posts:

tier 1: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd.” like they just announce that on my post and thats it. they dont say anything else. like?? do you want medal for knowing a person who has adhd or?????

tier 2: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd and i can confirm this”. about same as then one above. except seemingly confirmation of someone who knows a person with adhd is necessary on post that was made by person with adhd.

tier 3: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd and based on this, i can say that this post is bullshit because as person who knows this one person with adhd, my opinion/comment/knowledge is more accurate than this information about adhd given by a person with adhd” dont.

tier 4: “i know that this post was made for people with adhd BUT i dont have adhd and this is so me!!!!!!! lol!!!” if it was not made for you, dont make it fit for you, you shithead.

tier 5: “you, a person with adhd, told me that the comments i left on this post were ableist or offensive. because i, a person without adhd, do not find this offensive so it means that its not offensive, so shut the fuck up” you know. its not offensive for you because. you dont have adhd. and you cannot be target of it. maybe, MAYBE you should consider listening when someone tells that your behavior was not acceptable.

tier 5 bonus round: they pull the “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd” card.

tier 6: “adhd is just a fake disorder created for med companies so they could just put kids on drugs!!11″ eat my entire adhd infested ass that is attached on my adhd body that is being piloted by my adhd brains.

This happened on my bus today. i did not record it but one of my good friends did. The kid being assaulted his name is Christian Suarez and he has a mental disorder which it is very hard for him to control his words and actions. This is bullshit. Too many kids are being assaulted by authority only because they think they have power. Yes, they have power but not to this extent. It is no okay to be physically assaulting a minor. You could go to jail for this. Too many things like this have been happening in the last 2 years it needs to fucking stop right now. Get this video viral REBLOG IT OR SEND IT TO PEOPLE I DONT CARE. just send awareness to make these awful people stop.