just kidding totally gay


totally self-indulgent.  I wanted to write fluff but this happened instead…

thanks to @potato-fan-girl for inspiring me :)) you need sleep babe please sleep

Word Count: 1304

           Hinata had called Kageyama and told him he was going to be just a few minutes late to practice.  He told Kageyama to run to practice, to not wait up.  Everything was normal with Hinata save for the delay in his schedule.  Kageyama, however, was not having a good day.  His alarm did not go off because his phone wasn’t plugged in and charging all night like it normally was, so it died.  Kageyama rushed around his house shoving food into his mouth and brushing his teeth and charging his phone as much as possible.  In a moment of peace in his already hectic day, Kageyama noticed that he was feeling off, but he chalked it up to him just being anxious over the possibility of being late.  

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