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Haii, is it okay if you write smth with Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other??

Steve Harrington X Reader


Summary: You weren’t usually so bold but you really had to talk about it.

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Tony is really nervous. Even tho his mamma says he doesn’t need to be nervous. And his daddy. Well he can’t know that Tony is nervous or he would be really angry. And he is scary when is angry.

“You be a good boy for me, Antonio you hear?” Says his mamma when they finally are in front of a big building. Tony looks up at her and then nods.

“Use your words, bambino.” His mamma says and she smiles a bit.

“Sí. I will be good.” Whispers Tony, because he is really scared now. What if nobody likes him there? He never had a friend before in his life and… what if it stays like that?

“Hello Mrs. Stark.” A new voice says then and Tony sees a big men who smiles down at him. Tony gasps and then hides behind his mothers legs. He wants to go home now.

“Good morning, Mr. Rhodes. I’m sorry he is a bit shy.” Maria says now and she looks disappointed at her son. Tony makes himself even smaller and looks at the ground.

“Oh no problem. Hello there. You must be Anthony, yeah?” Mr. Rhodes says now and he kneels down in front of Tony. Maria takes a step to the side and Tony now has to face the men.

“Yes, Mr. Rhodes. I’m Anthony Stark. It is nice to meet you.” He says and then holds his hand out. He is supposed to give a firm handshake his daddy says all the time. Mr. Rhodes laughs.

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An Image To Protect pt.3

Matthew Tkachuk x Reader

Team: Calgary Flames

Warnings: Cheese

POV: First

part three for an image to protect!!

maybe in the next part you could have them become official?

About the part 3 to tkachuk, maybe something where you officially meet the wags as his gf or his fam?

Here are part one and part two!

I decided to go for a first “I love you” thing because I really dislike writing about meeting families and in the first part, it was a possibility the reader had already met the WAGS just not as a love interest. 

Originally posted by kevinhayes

How did I end up here? Sat on the couch, late one Saturday night, some random episode of Catfish playing on the t.v. while my fingers were playing with Matthew’s curls. The both of us were basically half asleep, Matthew even dozing off every now and then but jumping back awake. 

It seemed like just yesterday when I attended the family skate for the Flames and Johnny had dragged me along to meet his friends. 

Yet here we were.

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4cc 2017

Restlessly waiting for vids of the free skate at Four Continents, so… er, I’m just going to dump a bunch of things on the short programs.

Lol, I should be doing my paper what is this

Yuzuru Hanyu

I don’t really know what’s up, but he’s only so-so in the SP. Of course, I only say this because we know how great he is and this is really “so-so” by Yuzuru Hanyu standards. HE WAS SO GREAT AT THE GRAND PRIX OKAY, so people’s expectations are higher. The most glaring mistake was his failed 4S; my heart kind of broke a little then. Overall, I thought his energy during the SP was kind of low. BUT! The very best thing about Hanyu is that even when he is not on top of his game, he still lands on his feet. Even when the 4S turned into a double, he was able to do the combination. That was awesome. He will always be awesome even on his worst days.

Another thing I love about Hanyu is that he knows how well (or not well) he performs. You can see it on his face he was not happy with that SP. Lol, and his face when he saw his score! He is such a sweetheart. Yeah, the judges love him okay, this isn’t even the first time he got a higher than expected score. Everyone is biased towards Hanyu. We just want to see him keep skating. ♥

Shoma Uno

MY SON YOU JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. Yay yay yay, a score at the 100’s! I was so happy AND HE OUTSCORED YUZURU HANYU. I swear to God, I was following the scores on Twitter because I was out on a Friday night while the short programs were on-going, but I didn’t care, I didn’t care that I was like three blocks away from the office and people I work with could see me, I literally SCREECHED when someone tweeted that Shoma Uno outscored Hanyu.

I have no idea who I am rooting for anymore. Why am I even so happy about this when I was just mourning Hanyu’s jump. I think I just root for everyone, lol. ♥

Also, I would just like to say that Shoma doesn’t always have the best music. Sometimes his choices baffle me. I did like this one, though. He just makes me really happy, and he is always so cute out there like a small ball of… cuteness on the ice. (Nope, I am not a skating critic by any stretch. I’m just a humble spectator who likes cute things.)

Nathan Chen

Okay, you know what, congratulations, USA. I actually am not rooting for anyone outside of my country… and okay, Japan (because my God, Hanyu is a beast at this sport), but Chen got me at that 4Lz. I can’t. The quads he’s throwing out and the number of them he has under his belt… and just! Lutzes are my favorite thing to watch okay, this is so unfair! *ugly crying*

Man, I am so reluctantly rooting for him now. He deserved his place at 1st. Good job, Nathan Chen. *happy clapping*

Phichit Michael Christian Martinez

My boy wasn’t able to do the 4L he was aiming for, but he did land all his jumps, so I am really, really proud of him! To be honest, we are really, really behind in the whole skating game. MC still does not have any quads (while his peers are throwing them out like vomit like wtf) in this generation where jumps determine the champs. Our boy is also at that age when his body seems to be getting the better of him; I think he will grow up bigger than what is ideal of a competitive skater. This means he will have to keep working really, really hard. Still, MC is our first and still only world-class figure skater in… ASEAN? So I just want to see him succeed in this so much.

And whatever, we may be behind, but MC still has the BEST BIELLMANN OKAY FIGHT ME

Lol, bonus trivia about our Phichit: actually, here in the Philippines, figure skating is not that big. Any sport outside of basketball (and maybe volleyball because of the university rivalries), really, is not that popular. When you mention MC’s name, most people go, “OMG THAT BOY HAS ABS NOW!” Honest to God, I just had this conversation at the office pantry yesterday:

Me: Do you know our skater?
Colleague: Michael Martinez? He has a great bod now! I saw it on Instagram.
Me: Yeah, I’m really proud of him. I think it’s because–
Colleague: –he has a girlfriend now?
Me: …no. No. I was going to say it’s because jumps take a lot out of an athlete and they have to be really strong for it, but nevermind, because it just sounds lame after what you just said, you gossip hag.

Yep. Yes, that is pretty much what most people think about and notice. (Also, yes. Social media and IG. Everyone here is Phichit.) People only care whenever he wins because we get to see him on the news. Figure skating is not popular at all, and actually if you go to our ice rinks at the mall you’ll find that 70% of the skaters are flailing and falling on their asses. Lol, this is so not our sport.

Still, I love this kid for the work that he does. I’m really proud of him. I noticed his body changed significantly since 2014; that must have been tough. He’s taller now and bulkier, and while it’s a sign of his hard work (and wins him more fans lol I laugh about this so much because I’m gay and I can’t ride that bandwagon), it must also be even more difficult now to get those quads. His lack of quads is really hurting his scores. I’m glad he has not lost his flexibility, which is what people notice most about him. I. Just. Want. To. See. Him. Succeed. At. This. God damn. Keep working hard, MC! You’ve got this! ♥

Feeling Safe

Dino x Reader

(Plus a little Lee Taeyong)

Words: 1555

Originally posted by dino-net

You’ve known Chan for as long as you can remember. Your parents introduced you at a young age because his family had to babysit you often. Chan and you became really close friends throughout the years and you two were basically inseparable.

Of course that meant you knew all about the mafia and what he’s been going through. You’ve been there to keep his spirits up and make sure he’s okay.

At the beginning, you were confused on how such a nice family could be involved in such a crazy business. As time went on, you figured they really didn’t have a choice. Chan’s father was thrown into the boss position, and Chan was about to be thrown into it as well.

That was before his gang merged, though. Now you both share a resentment for Mingyu’s father. Mingyu is also a part of the gang, and currently he’s the underboss, to Seungcheol. You’ve only spoken to them a few times, but they still asked Chan about you all the time.

You were leaving to go visit Chan, but when you opened your front door, he was standing right there.

“Hey, [Y/N]. Seungcheol wants to talk to you. I’m sure it’s nothing important…” He didn’t sound very convincing, but you had no reason not to trust him.

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Hey there!

hi everyone! i just started a studyblr blog and i figured i should tell you guys a little about myself so we can become friends!

I’m currently 16, and am starting my freshmen year of college. sounds really kinda weird, but i’m basically a full-time dual enrollment kid who gonna graduate high school with an associate’s degree as well. i promise i’m not super smart or anything like that >.<

My Favorite Things

  • My polaroid camera
  • my gel pens
  • anime
  • cookie dough
  • my cell phone
  • my friends
  • math class! (I know i’m kinda lame)
  • my friends
  • chess (but i’m not any good- my brother always beats me)
  • music

that’s about it. my favorite classes are math and chemistry, and i’m studying to be a pharmacist someday! this upcoming semester i’ll be taking College Algebra,  Beginning Spanish, Film Appreciation, and Comp One!

Studyblrs i look up to

@stuyblr @studyquill @studypetals @studyplants @quiietstudies @kaiistudies @saturday-studying @solsticestudies @academiix @junostudies @starcrossedstudying @kuroristudies @rafstudyblr

thanks for hearing my ramble- i hope we can be friends!

in memoriam

rest in peace, Club Penguin. 

maybe it’s cheesy and dumb of me to do, but I legitimately want to say a few words in memory of this game.

I was always a shy and awkward kid, suffering from bad social anxiety as far back as I can really remember. When I was 7 and stumbled upon Club Penguin, it was like pure magic, It was whimsical, funny, innocent, exciting, and enormous. I was in love.

As lame as it sounds, this game shaped me in a lot of ways. I realized that being goofy is okay, and humor can always lighten up any situation.

I learned that people of all different colors (literally!) can come together and share in their differences, learning from one another and creating a better community.

I realized that, sometimes, you really just have to throw yourself out there to achieve what you want, whether that be making new friends, getting people to visit your lame igloo, or joining in on a group.

As time went by, I stopped playing as devoutly as I had once done, but it was still something I came back to on late nights, in moments of nostalgia or sadness or being overwhelmed. It was always a comfort, a secret little wonderland full of goofy penguins that I could escape to for a while when I needed to.

And so, with all my nerdy gushing aside, I say this; as weird as it was, as childish of a game it was, and as long as it’s been around, Club Penguin was so much of my childhood. I’m gonna miss it a lot.

Waddle on, friends.

a lyric i really like that resonates with me is “class traitor, what fuckin ever, im just another middle class kid too”  cause (this is gonna sound lame) i always feel like im being judged or watched when im out in public dressed in my usual garbs and im glued to my phone cause im bored and punks are dirty and poor and dont like apple you commie hypocrite! 1st of all im very self conches and also all the cool punks are the train hoppers who are poor and shit but i feel safer having a job and a guaranteed place to stay i jus wanna be a millennial punk

Green, White and Red

Hey hey! This is @greenshi ’s present for @chibibreeby for @danganronpasecretsanta ’s secret Santa! I really hope you like this Brianna, and please have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

This party sucks.

You could barely even call it a party, really, but “get-together” or “slumber party” sounded too lame. It was mostly just kids from your school, some from your class, though there were a few kids from some other schools. You were all just over at Leon’s house, holding red cups and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, just like every other Christmas party ever.

This party sucks!

The only reason you even came was because Chihiro wanted to come, but was too nervous to come alone. Speaking of which, where did he go? Last you saw, he was whispering with Mukuro about something. Now, you’re all alone, left watching the sickeningly sweet couples surrounding you. You can barely keep yourself from gagging when you see a guy with spiky purple hair go in to kiss his pissed off looking girlfriend. Ugh.


You see that Chihiro has finally returned. Thank God.

“There you are, kid. Where’d you run off to?”

“Oh, me and Mukuro were just talking, that’s all. Hey, have you seen Ishimaru at all?”

You raise your eyebrow.

“Where’d that come from? You think he’d even be here? He isn’t exactly the party type, y'know.”

“I-I know, but I asked him to come too, and he said he would, so I’m just wondering if he actually showed up…”

Just then, you hear a faint buzz from Chihiro’s pocket. He pulls out his phone and stares at it for a second, before his face falls.

“Oh no…”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Chihiro quickly shoves the phone back into his pocket.

“It’s Ishimaru…he couldn’t get a ride, so he’s trying to walk here. That’s why he’s so late.”

“W-Walk? Is he insane?”

You glance out the widow at the snowstorm outside. Howling winds and freezing temperatures filled the cloudy night. To think, Ishimaru walking in this kind of weather…

“Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

You shove your way through the crowd towards the front door, Chihiro close behind.

“Mondo? Mondo, where are you going?”

“T'pick up Ishimaru. I’ll just take my bike, it’ll be quicker for'im.”

You throw your black jacket on and slide on your boots.

“Y-You’re going out there to get him? Will you be alright?”

You adjust your collar before looking back at the shorter boy.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ve done worse, trust me.”

Chihiro still looks unconvinced, but still gives you a nod of approval. You nod back, giving one last encouraging smile, and then head out the door.

The winds almost knock you off balance, but you manage to keep yourself up-right. You make your way to your bike, start it, and ride down the road to where you think Ishimaru is. It doesn’t take long to find him, just two blocks away.

“Hey, bro! What the hell are y'doing?”

You see two red eyes pierce through the snow to meet your eyes.

“Mondo? What are you doing out here?”

You shake your head and motion for him to get on the bike. After a short pause, he comes towards you and climbs on behind you, griping your waist.

“You forgot your helmet again!”

You roll your eyes.

“And you forgot how freaking cold it is out here! Seriously, what made you think this was a good fucking idea?”

“It’s not as if I was that far away. I could have made it!”

You start your bike again and head down the road, back the way you came.


You swear you hear Ishimaru mumble something behind you. Or maybe it just sounds like mumbling with how loud your bike can be.


“I said, thank you anyway! It was kind of you to come get me in this weather.”

You shrug.

“Least I could do, since Chihiro was all worried ‘bout you.”

Ishimaru might have said something else, but it was all drowned out by the sound of you driving. It wasn’t long before you reached the house again. You and Ishimaru climb off after you shut it off.


You look over to see Ishimaru looking at the window with confusion. When you look over, you see the curtains quickly close, hiding whatever it was.

“The hell’s going on in there?”

“I’m not sure. I saw Chihiro, Mukuro and Naegi watching for us from inside.”

You watch the window for another second before a particularly strong gust of wind nearly knocks you over.

“Whatever, we’ll figure it out once you get inside. C'mon.”

You start towards the front door, grabbing Ishimaru’s wrist on the way and dragging him along. He lets out a small sound of surprise, but soon keeps up with your pace.

You grab the doorknob and twist, opening the door. The first thing you see is a crowd of people, all staring at the two of you with wide, expectant grins. Creepy.

The first to speak up is a blond girl holding hands with some emo boy in a black hat.


You raise an eyebrow and look around the crowd.

“The hell are you all staring at? What kinda shit is this?”

You finally find Chihiro, Mukuro and Naegi in the crowd. Chihiro points up, above your head as Naegi does the same. Mukuro just glances between you and the spot above you. Taking the hint, you look up and see…



Oh no.

Your face almost immediately goes beet red. Since when was that there? That was not there when you left!

You glance to your side to see Ishimaru in a similar position, with his cheeks as red as his eyes. He looks back over at Naegi, Chihiro and Mukuro, with a look that you can’t really describe. Chihiro looks almost apologetic, Naegi just laughs to himself, and Murkuro gives a rare smirk.

“Well? You gonna do it or what? Come on, don’t keep us waiting!”

You recognize that voice as Naegi’s sister, who you’ve seen before attached to Toko by the hip. You’re not sure why she’s so excited, she barely knows you.

As you think that, two hands suddenly grab the collar of your Christmas sweater and pull you down. You have just enough time to face him as Ishimaru kisses you.

It’s quick, too quick. His lips are dry and chapped, but somehow warm and comforting, like coming inside from a winter storm. You don’t even have time to really react to it at all before he pulls away.

When you see his face, it’s somehow even redder than before, and he’s avoiding eye contact altogether, instead staring at the ground in front of him. You…miss his warmth.

The room erupts with cheers as the crowd disperses, soon ignoring and forgetting you and Ishimaru. Naegi, Chihiro and Mukuro approach you two.

“So…how’d you like our little surprise?”

If you could make yourself move in that moment, you would have probably thrown Naegi across the room for that stupid question.


“D-Don’t get mad! We just knew that you two liked each other, but wouldn’t say anything, so we decided to set this up for you! Once you left to go get Ishimaru, I knew it was our chance, so we set it up and then everyone else got curious so we told them and then-”

“I think they get it.”

As Chihiro rambles out an explanation, Mukuro stops him and reaches around you to take down the mistletoe.

No one says anything for a second.

“…Well! We’ll leave you two be!”

After Naegi says that way to cheerfully, he takes Mukuro’s hand and begins to leave, gesturing for Chihiro to do the same. Once they’re gone, you finally turn your attention back to Ishimaru.

“…Why’d they hafta get a crowd around us? It woulda been much easier if it were just us two.”

Ishimaru doesn’t react to your comment. He seems nervous.

“Hey…s'alright, you don’t gotta be nervous or anything. It’s fine.”

For such an intense guy, it’s strange seeing him so quiet. You had to fix that. You chuckle to yourself before leaning down just slightly and press your lips to Ishimaru’s forehead carefully.

You swear you hear a quiet yelp of surprise from him as you do it, but it’s quickly silenced.

You pull back a second later, a content smile on your face. Ishimaru finally looks up at you, looking either surprised or as if he just realized something. Either way, it’s kind of cute.

“I-I…Is this alright? Us being together like this, I mean.”

You almost laugh at him for asking such a redundant question. To answer, you lean forward and finally give him a proper kiss.

This time, it’s lasts just long enough. Ishimaru takes your hand into his and laces your fingers together. It’s…pretty perfect.

You pull away, wearing a smile. You rest your forehead against his, with your hands still together and noses almost touching.

“Does that answer your question?”

Ishimaru smiles.

Peter and Mary Jane Parker in: We Keep Giving Our Alt Universe Kids Really Stupid Names

- May “Mayday” Parker (MC2): Listen guys, I love Mayday, but her nickname is all kinds of dumb. It’s like something out of a 90s sitcom that felt it needed to give its characters tortured nicknames no one in the real world ever would go by (ok disgustingly 90s is actually most of MC2’s aesthetic…I still love it and it’s cheesy, dumb second person narration, okay?)

- Benjamin “Benjy” Parker (MC2): Peter. MJ. If you were going to name a kid after Ben Rilley and Uncle Ben, you could have at least done right by their coolness cred to not warp it into a goddamn dog’s name (or let May warp it into a goddamn dog’s name). Good job, his name may as well be Fido.

- April Parker (MC2): Okay, I get this child is a bundle of issues and named herself. That does not change the the fact that someone should have sat her down and just been like, no, the month theme naming thing is dumb. Get your passive aggressive revenge on May some other way. Also, we should probably get you a nice, superpowered X-People therapist before sending you to your first day of school. That would have cleared up like three plot lines of stuff. Side note: the X-People is a dumb name. This has nothing to do with April or really even the Parkers, but it should be noted. Because seriously.

- Reilly Tyne (MC2): So this is actually Kaine’s fault for not finding him and his mother, Ben’s girlfriend Elizabeth, earlier and stopping this before it could be put on a birth certificate. But the clones all share Peter’s brain on a fundamental level, so I’m blaming him too. The blueprint for which this stupid started, began with Peter. But anyways here’s the point: He’s Ben’s kid even if he never knew Ben. If he were to start going by his father’s name he’d be…Reilly Reilly. He’s fucking moon moon. Also, Kaine. Sweetheart. You are not a role model in which someone should look for when choosing a code name. You go by freaking Kaine because of your issues with your brothers for goodness sake (oh god you’re where April got it from, aren’t you? This whole family is not allowed to name people). Darkdevil just drips the 90s edge trying too hard. I don’t care if it makes sense with how he got his power and having daredevils soul, and yada yada. It is a dumb fucking 90s code name.

- Anna “Annie” May Parker (Renew Your Vows): Will we ever stop giving this poor, sweet, adorable child grief about how her dumb name sounds like Anime? Probably not. Again, the naming kids after people thing is sweet. If you just had her go by Anna and picked a better middle name we wouldn’t have had this problem. But nope, Peter, you had to be selfish and put your aunt in there too. You named your kid anime. This is your fault.

- Mary Parker (that one future at the end of Sensational #40). Look it’s actually not that bad, especially when compared with the rest of these. But as someone that would have been saddled with the shame of being a third generation Edward if I had been born a boy (I would have grown up with that name at the height of Twilight mania in middle school), I think that sometimes we must consider that family names are dumb. And just Peter sweetie, that while you’re clearly going for honoring Mary Parker I, let’s not forget momma MJ is also a Mary. And MJ, sweetheart, it just kind of sounds like you let Peter talk you in naming your kid after yourself. Sweetie it’s lame. Like really dorky and lame. But also the least awful name on here…so kudos?

Cindy Moon (Peter Parker *Tom Holland* Series)


Disclaimers: This series will be loosely based on Cindy Moon (Silk). I’ll be including her abilities of course but her backstory will be different from her comic book origin. Her backstory in this series will be a mix of Gwen Stacy’s and my imagination. 

“Michelle, I’m paired up with Cindy Moon.” Peter gulped, rereading the printed names on the assignment partner sheet. “The Cindy Moon.”

Michelle rolled her eyes, tapping her pencil against the bulletin board. “Dude, chill. She’s a normal girl who just happens to hang out with a little bit of the populars.”

“She is a popular.” He scoffed, shoving his notebook into his backpack. “Seriously, she’s like part of the Perfect Trifecta, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah. Cindy Moon, Gwen Stacy, and Liz Allan. You and Harry talk about them all the time. Calm down, why don’t you? Like I said, they’re just normal girls.”

Peter brushed off Michelle’s comments, never fully understanding how she was so calm when it came to the Perfect Trifecta. She simply didn’t think of them as her superiors, but as her equals. Whereas Peter Parker practically worships the ground the three beauties walk on. 

“I guess.” He shrugged, making his way out the classroom door. “Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

She waved goodbye, walking to the opposite side of the schoolyard where her house was closer to. Peter and Michelle weren’t exactly friends but they were more than acquaintances. Besides Harry, Michelle was the only person Peter really talked to. The fact that Harry didn’t go to school with him left him no other option but to somewhat befriend the slightly nerdy, but nevertheless gorgeous, girl who sat behind him in Algebra 2. 

Peter knew he would never catch feelings for Michelle, and vise versa. She seemed annoyed by Peter most of the time they hang out but that didn’t really take a toll on their ‘friendship’. They both annoy each other so much, that it became one of the reasons why they think their friendship works. 

Peter took out his biology textbook and placed it in his locker, realizing that he didn’t receive any homework from his teacher that night.

“Hey Peter.”

The metal separating him and the sweet voice was his lifesaver. He gulped, hoping that the blush on his cheeks don’t embarrass him as much as he knew they would. He slowly shut the door of his locker and turned on his heels to see Cindy’s face. “H-hey Cindy. Did you uh, did you need something?”

She smiled awkwardly, tucking a piece of her dark hair behind her ear. “Yeah, we’re partners on that history project right? Or is there another Peter Parker here that I don’t know about?”

He mentally face palmed, completely forgetting his luck, or curse he hasn’t quite figured it out yet, that he’s partners with Cindy. “Oh! Yeah, I-I’m sorry. It slipped my mind. W-what about the project?”

“I was wondering when you’re free so we could work on it.”

“Oh uh, I’m free anytime. I don’t really have much going on.” Peter scrunched his face up, grimacing upon realizing how pathetically lame he sounded by saying that. “No, I uh I mean, who am I kidding? I don’t really have anything to do so just let me know when you’re free.”

Cindy, on the other hand, found his confession kinda cute. She laughed, looking down at her shoes briefly, “No, I get it. I’m not really fully booked either. Do you think we can start working on it now?” 

Peter’s eyes widened at her question. “Oh now? Uh I mean, yeah! Totally, for sure. We can go to my apartment or to the library if my apartment makes you uncomfortab-”

“Relax, Peter.” Cindy reached over and placed her palm on his shoulder. “Your apartment is fine, are we walking there?”

His eyes shifted to her perfectly manicured hand laying on his shoulder. His heart was pounding in his chest and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to ever bring it back to normal. “Y-yeah, we’re walking. If t-that’s okay.”

She retracted her hand, using it to fix the shoulder strap of her book bag. “That’s perfect.” 

He quickly picked up his backpack from the floor and started walking towards the school’s exit. “H-hey, uh, Cindy?”

“Mhm, Peter?”

“I really doubt that you’re not fully booked.” He slightly chucked, looking down, feeling the red coming back to his cheeks. “I mean you are the Cindy Moon, everyone wants to be with you.”

“Do you?”

“Isn’t the answer to that a little obvious?”

Cindy lightly nudged his rib with her elbow. “You’re adorable, Peter Parker. I’m glad I got paired up with you.”

“You and me both.”

There was a silence between the two of them. The only sound being heard were the leaves crunching under their feet as they stepped on them. Just be cool, just be cool, Peter repeated in his mind. He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans, letting out a breath. 

“Hey Peter, did you hear about that Spider dude?” 

His headshot up at the mention of his alter-ego. He coughed, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. “Yeah, Spiderman, is it? I heard he saved three people from a bank robbery.”

“Yup, he sounds pretty cool.” Cindy shrugged, throwing a part of her hair over her shoulder. “I don’t know though, I think he did something to me. I kinda have this small hatred for him. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“He did?” He furrowed his eyebrows, trying to remember a time he might’ve done something to piss off Cindy. Surely he would remember if he did something to her while he was Spiderman. “What did he do to you?”

“It’s personal.” She muttered. “I’m not even 100% sure it was his fault, but I’m pretty sure it was him. He kinda ruined my life.”

Peter’s heart dropped at her words. What did he do to her? He scanned Cindy’s body language. She was studying her fingertips, as if there was writing engraved in her skin. Her dark hair was flawlessly swaying with the small breeze, how could someone be this perfect? Her pink lips slightly parted as her left pointer finger trailed across the top of her right fingertips. 

“Oh, uh, I’m sorry to hear that, Cindy.” He finally spoke up. “I’m sure he probably didn’t mean it. I think he just wants to help out.” 

“Yeah,” Cindy shook her head, smiling to hopefully lift the heavy atmosphere. “So where do you live?”

“That apartment building right there.” Peter pointed at the small apartment building a few buildings down. “I live with my aunt but she’s not home right now, she’s working until 7. It’s just gonna be us two, if that’s okay?”

“That’s fine.” She said, waiting behind him as he unlocked the door of the main building. She climbed up the stairs behind him, watching Peter fidget continuously with his backpack strap. They stopped at the third floor, fifth room. 

Peter unlocked the door and opened it to let Cindy in. “Welcome to Parker’s residence, sorry for the little mess. Sometimes when my aunt is really tired, she just crashes on the couch.”

Cindy silently looked at the various pictures on the wall as Peter scrambled around the living room to clean up the pillows and blankets on the couch and floor. She stopped to look at a picture of Peter and what she assumed was his aunt. Her fingers lightly traced the outline of the frame, smiling to herself. 

Peter tried to run with three pillows and a thick blanket. He didn’t notice the thinner blanket inside the thicker one and got himself tangled up in the sheets. He fell with a loud thud on the wooden floors.

Startled, Cindy turned around to find Peter on the floor, sheepishly smiling. She held back a laugh, leaning against the wall.

He tried to kick off the thin blanket, resulting it to tighten around his legs even more. He sighed, propping his arm on the pillow on the floor and rested his chin on it. “Soooo, want anything to drink?”

My Last Imagine: Bubbles


Parental Headcanons 1/?

These headcanons will be either about the straw hat’s kids or the straw hat’s parents. Enjoy.


  • “Having kids is like having Nakama right? I want as many as possible!”
  • Will probably end up having one, if he’s lucky.
  • Doesn’t care what gender
  • He will probably fall into the family tradition of having a child with someone and leaving no hint of who that someone is.
  • He would try to avoid acting like his Grandpa due to how miserable that made him when he was a kid.
  • He might ask advice from his Nakama on how to do this and that, and for the first few times that happens, the crew would most likely do the Chopper dance, what with being trusted in that manner.


  •  On the of chance he wanted kids, he would wait until after all his friends dreams came true, not only because that would be one less thing to worry about on the battlefield, but also he wouldn’t want to put the kid through losing their father in a fight. (Not as sweet as it sounds. More of a logical thought. He still gets gushed over whenever he mentions it though)
  • One or two kids seem plausible.
  • Doesn’t care about genders, but if he gets a girl, he’s calling them Kuina (love that cliche).
  • He would teach his kid in the way of the sword. If the kid didn’t want to swordsmanship, he would be disappointed at first, but would eventually do whatever he could in order to help them reach their dream.
  • I have this headcanon that he would be good with kids, and often baby-sited at the dojo, so he would be a pretty good dad.
  • Zoro would be the ‘Cool Uncle’ to all of the Next Generation an they would all turn to him for advice before their own parents.


  • She would be more likely to adopt a child than give birth to one.
  • She would like to have a girl.

  • She would train them of the art of stealing and blackmail.
  • She’s be the ‘cool mum’, but I think she would fall into the trap of acting like an older sister rather than a mother, which would probably lead to some issues in the teen years.


  • Want to have lots and lots of children, doesn’t matter if they are adopted or if he got a very tough lover, he just loves kids.
  • Would cry a lot when the kid is born, when something bad happens, when something good happens, he’d be a pretty embarrassing dad.
  • Would do his best to see them as often as he could because he doesn’t want his kids to have a lonely childhood like he did.
  • He would be over-affectionate and over-protective.
  • None of his kids would be able to lie.
  • However, they would be very good and being able to tell when someone was lying.
  • Sogeking would be like the Santa Claus of the Next Generation


  • Would want lots of kids. Most or all would have to be girls.
  • He would treat the girls like princesses.
  • He would be more harsh on the boys and would have rocky relationships with all of them at some point in their lives.
  • He would also accidently make the boys girlfriends either creeped out by him or fall in love with him. Again, more rocky relationships with the boys.
  • If any of his boys came out as trans girls, he would first ask them if they had any intention of wearing bad make up, growing weirdly tall, and chasing men for two years trying to get them to wear a dress, they would say no (and be very confused). Sanji would be satisfied with that and do what ever he can for them (which includes beating up transphobic jerks).
  • Same if any of his daughter came out as a trans boy.
  • He wouldn’t be perfect in that scenerio, sometimes saying the wrong pronoun or name, but he would definitely make up for it and would always try his best to improve himself for his children’s sake.


  • Would be very nervous, fearing that her kids would hate her or she would do something to hurt them by accident.
  • She would most likely only have one. A girl sounds right.

  • She would read her kids bedtime stories

  • She would always feel so happy whenever her kids smiled at her or told her that they loved her or cuddled her or slept near her because it makes her feel like such a good mum.

  • She would be such a good mum.


  • He doesn’t care how many kids he has or what their genders are.
  • He would be very lame and cheesy.
  • His kids would either embrace this and act just like him or get really embarrassed by it, probably building even more rocky relationships.
  • He would have the same problem Nami has of treating them like a sibling than their own child


  • He probably wouldn’t have kids, what with the fact that he is immortal and stuff, it would be just to depressing. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect them to…
  • If he had kids, they would be adopted, or great-great-grandchildren.

  • He would have one, but as mentioned before, life can be pretty unpredictable.

  • They would probably be boys, but Brook isn’t fussy about what gender they would be.

  • Suprisingly, he doesn’t ask he son’s girlfriends to see their panties. He does however, ask to borrow some money, which is only slightly better.
EXO Getting Mad at Their Child Then Making UP {Requested}

“Can you do reaction when exo is getting angry on their teen son/daughter but then making up for them pls?”

Here you go anon! :)

  Xiumin: “You forgot to turn the water off in the tub and now the bathroom is flooded! Do we even have enough towels to fix this?! No, don’t cry I’m not really mad, just a little frustrated. We’ll somehow wrangle in the flood annnd we’ll do it before mom gets back home.”

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Luhan: “Okay break it up in here kids! I’ve been down the hall listening to you two argue back and forth all day long. If you can’t play nicely maybe you should separate.  Does that sound good? Fair? Okay let’s clap it out and keep it moving!”

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Kris: “You did not just tell me I’m a lame dad and that I’m being too hard on you! I’m not letting you go to the party because I LOVE you! You’re precious and important to me and I do not want you to potentially get hurt in a bad atmosphere. You don’t have to understand right now but just know that I’m trying to keep you safe.”

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Suho: “I saw that your room is still filthy so until it’s clean i will NOT be making you my world famous strawberry cake with extra frosting! I know that may sound tough but the time has to fit the crime.”

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Lay: “Hmm okay you have a few good points in your argument on why you should leave the house looking like a cheap stripper but no, you aren’t going anywhere til you change. And burn that skirt I never want to see something that small ever again.”

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Baekhyun: “You told your teacher if she wants the homework done then she should do it herself??! What am I going to do with you? You’re just like me. Part of me wants to yell more but the other part is proud.”

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Chen:  “Allowance…gone! Phone….gone! Weekends….gone! Now say one more thing about how you don’t have to listen to me and see if you’ll even have a computer left. I’m not asking for much. Just respect. When you can give it then you can have your stuff back.”

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Chanyeol: “Don’t smile I’m mad at you. You washed my favorite white hat with the colored clothes and now it looks like a rainbow!! It’s not funny! Stop you laughing is going to make me laugh too! Sighh this is kinda funny isn’t? Oh well.”

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D.O.: “Nope….nope. You’re done talking, it’s daddy’s turn. I don’t want to hear any more excuses on why you didn’t do the chores. Just do them now. If you complete them fast enough THEN maybe we can talk about you still getting to go on vacation with your friends.”

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Tao: “Stay in here til you calm down Tao, just breathe. If you go out the door and see your son and your wrecked car you may lose all your marbles. Relax imagine his graduation day and you kicking him right out of the house….Inhale…Exhale.”

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Kai: “Don’t try and cuddle now. Earlier you were having a tantrum on the floor and not sharing with your sister. I won’t be drawn into those chubby cheeks……ughhhh fine. Do you want me to make you a snack too?”

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Sehun: “You skipped school to go to a fan meet?? Your teacher called and told me you weren’t in class. I am going to ground you for skipping but ONLY for a day because back when I was young fans use to skip to come see me.”

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Thorn and Flame part 6

(part 5)


The night after his homework session with Alcor, Max slept better than usual. He wasn’t sure why, but he had a sneaking suspicion.

School went on as normal. Max’s demonology class was a little awkward, but he coped - and the rest of his classes, while a little more difficult this year, were about the same as they’d ever been. Tali took to her classes with enthusiasm, while Journey and Max sat back and made private wagers on how long she’d last before the homework and deadlines started to get to her.

Enna came by the apartment sometimes. She was friendly with everyone, but it was clear to almost everyone that she would rather spend time with just Max. She helped Max with his essays, like she’d offered to, and she praised his work in the class.

“I don’t know why you ever worried about taking demonology, Max,” she said one day. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’ve been studying it for years.”

In fact, it seemed to Max as the days wore on that she talked about very little besides demons. He tried to brush it off as a consequence of studying her topic of expertise; she hadn’t talked nearly this much about demons when they’d lived together, back when he’d made it clear he didn’t want to hear about them. Still, it wore on his nerves a bit, and every now and then he would try to avoid her company just so that he could think about other things.

September rolled around. For a few days Max noticed everyone acting a bit odd. Since he was working on an important project in his creature studies class, he didn’t think much about it.

Journey called on Saturday afternoon. “Hey dude, let’s go see The Divides again.”

“I’m a bit busy with my project right now, Jo.”

“Dude no, come on, this is the last day it’s in theaters, we’ve got to see it on the big screen again just one more time. Pleeease.”

Max sighed - loud enough for Journey to hear over the phone - and rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he said. “Which theater are we going to?”

“Stellar. I checked and there’s a showing in an hour. If you leave now we’ll get there in time to get snacks before the show.”

“Alright, I’m going.” Max stood up and shook some feeling back into his legs.

“Great. I’m halfway to your place already, I’ll meet you on Gold Street, bye!”

Max put away his laptop with another sigh, changed into a different hoodie, and said goodbye to his plans of quiet afternoon homework. If it wasn’t for the project, he wouldn’t have minded going out with Journey at all. He just wanted to get it done as soon as possible.

Journey practically raced Max to the Stellar Cineplex, getting them there in time to watch all dozen trailers that played before the movie. They exchanged comments about which trailers looked interesting and which ones looked like awful movies, and which ones they’d probably go see even if they did look awful. Having already seen The Divides, they spent much of the time pointing out things they hadn’t noticed the first time, and making random commentary that consisted mostly of stupid jokes.

Afterward they walked together back to Max’s apartment. Max checked the time as they neared the building.

“Ugh, Tali’s probably going to be home by now. I probably won’t have any quiet time to work on my project until she sneaks out to go get in trouble again.”

“Maybe I should come up and ward her off for you,” Journey offered, only half joking.

“Sure. I’ve still got some of your soda in the fridge.”

Journey looked askance at Max. “Signs you’ve been hanging out with a certain demon too much?” he said.

Max paused. “Shit, I hadn’t thought about that. Wow, yeah.”

The lights were off when Max opened his door. “I guess she’s not home yet?” He had half a second to notice Journey’s suspiciously large grin as he flicked the living room light switch.


At least a dozen people emerged from the other rooms, blowing noisemakers and waving streamers. Someone was taking pictures, and a couple people were letting loose with the cans of silly string they’d snuck in. Max was definitely surprised. Most of his friends from school were there: Nico and Leila, Carmae and Nicky, Nona and Kip - and Journey, of course. Tali was there, hiding a silly string can behind her back when she saw Max looking her way, and so was Tyrone, but he didn’t see Enna’s white-blonde hair anywhere. There were a few other people Max knew less well, but still considered close enough friends that he wouldn’t have minded having them in his apartment under normal circumstances.

“How the hell did you figure out my birthday?”

“It wasn’t hard, Max,” said Tyrone. “And why are you so upset? You like parties, and you needed a bit of a break.”

Max tried to think of an argument that didn’t sound lame, and gave up when he realized that he really had no reason to protest.

“Well, when I was a kid I always wanted a surprise party,” he said at last.

Tyrone threw his arms up. “I told you he’d like it!” The assembled partiers cheered, and more streamers and silly string flew across the room. “Don’t worry,” Ty said quietly so that only Max could hear, “I soundproofed the apartment just for tonight.” He winked.

It was a birthday party to remember. There was a triple-layer cake baked by Nicky, half of which ended up on the kitchen floor. Someone turned the tv to a live concert of The Third Eye with the volume way up. Various other friends and classmates showed up as the evening wore on, and very few of them left until it was late.

Max and Tyrone spent the first hour or so trying to keep Tali away from the booze, since she wasn’t quite at the legal drinking age yet. “That’s not fair!” she protested. “I’m only nine months away from 21, and besides, everyone else here is drinking!” She probably managed to sneak enough to get a slight buzz, but by that point Max didn’t care anymore.

Max himself let loose and drank more than he ever had before, and the effect was amazing. All of his seriousness and sarcasm dropped away, and someone who didn’t know any better might have thought he was a teenage girl at first glance. He danced and sang along - loudly and badly - to the music blaring from the tv, he played drinking games like there was no tomorrow, and he hit just about everyone with silly string from the cans that seemed to have mysteriously multiplied. Journey laughed so hard at Max’s antics that he nearly peed himself. By popular demand Tyrone did some of his usual party tricks, earning him many cheers from people who probably could have figured out how he was doing it if they really wanted to.

About halfway through the party, Enna showed up. “I can’t stay,” she said, “I’ve got too much work to do. But I got you a present. Happy birthday.” She left a small box in his hands, and a kiss on his cheek, and disappeared through the crowd and out the door. Max set aside the gift to open later.

Shortly after that Ty pulled Max aside. They were both a bit drunk at this point, and neither of them was capable of being very serious, so Max wasn’t entirely paying attention to what Tyrone said. “You gotta watch out for that one. She’s tricked you before.” But before Max had a chance to ask what he meant by that, Ty was pulled away by someone asking him to do the card trick again.

The next morning Max woke up with a hell of a hangover. He stumbled into the bathroom and squinted at the mirror to see his face covered in strange lines from whatever he’d been sleeping on. He quickly matched the marks to what he was wearing, which appeared to be a brightly colored knitted hoodie. After splashing some cold water on his face he trudged out into the wrecked living room. It wasn’t nearly as messy as he expected, but that might have been due to the fact that Tyrone was there cleaning up.

“How’s it going?” Ty said with a smile as he picked silly string off the tv screen.

“Nngh,” Max replied. He moved a couple beer bottles off of his chair and then tipped himself over onto the soft cushions. “Next time, something a bit less loud, please.”

“There’s a couple presents here you still haven’t opened.”

Max looked up at a misshapen envelope and a small box that sat on the coffee table. “I’ll get ‘em later. What am I wearing?”

“The sweater? Here’s the tag.” Ty tossed a small piece of card, which spun gracefully over the table and landed next to Max’s hand.

‘From Mizar,’ the card read.


“My sister made it,” Ty explained. “A long time ago. She was fond of sweaters and didn’t want her future selves to be deprived of them, so she made a bunch. Considering your obvious love of hoodies, that sweater was clearly meant for you.”

Max looked down at the sweater hoodie. It was comfortable, he had to admit, and it wasn’t like he was picky about colors when it came to what he wore. He looked back up at Ty.

“So who am I supposed to thank, if it’s a present from myself?”

When the morning was over he thanked Tyrone for cleaning up - pancakes were involved. Ty then left with Tali, to have ‘a little talk’ with her parents, leaving Max alone again - finally - to get back to work on his project for class.

Even as he immersed himself in his work, he had the feeling there was something important he’d forgotten about.


Title: Daily
Characters: Reader, Jeonghan
Genre: Fluff
Trigger Warning: None

You were sitting on the cold and hard rock that lay only five feet from the sparkling pond. Everyday, you came to observe and sketch all the beautiful wildlife that lived in or near the pond.

This was your daily routine. Come out in the early morning and sit on the rock and sketch the heron, or the geese, or the pond itself. 

It was peaceful, calming and beautiful. You loved being out here. Just you and nature. 

Until a jogger came along and ruined your plans. 

“Excuse me?” He came, his long hair pulled back into a pony tail, “I think I got off trail. You wouldn’t happen to know how I could get back on the south trail?”

You were shocked. No one, no one, was ever out here. You nodded and pointed behind you. 

The man smiled, “Your sketch looks great. I’m Jeonghan, by the way. Could I stay here for a little?” 

You nodded again, gave a small smile and went back to sketching. You turned your head, knowing your cheeks would be flushed. 

“Is it okay if I come here again?” He asked, hoping you’d say yes. When he saw you nod he thanked you and left.

And from then on Jeonghan “wandered off trail” more often. Every day he would come, watch you sketch and then leave. Sometimes he brought breakfast which you two ate quietly. You didn’t want to be rude so you accepted but you were silent. He would always make conversation and you would smile, never speaking back. 

Today you waited patiently. You began sketching Jeonghan. His hair always pulled back into the pony tail but the one section that would always lay perfectly against his face. 

You waited. And waited. And waited. 

Although you knew before Jeonghan had come into your life you sketched by the pond alone. But now, it was like you had forgotten what that was like. You missed having Jeonghan’s presence, you missed his smiles and how he never pushed you to talk. Being as shy as you were you had a hard time making friends but Jeonghan was patient and stayed for some reason. 

He must have gotten tired of my silence. It wouldn’t be a first. You were used to it. People were patient, but they all had their limits. He must have reached his limit. 

You put your sketchbook back into your bag and called it a day. 

Jeonghan didn’t show up the next day. 

Nor the day after that.

You were sure that he wasn’t coming back. 

You were sitting on the rock ready to sketch, enjoying the serenity of the pond. The water was still until fish began nibbling at the surface for any hints of food. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind and trees. You took a deep breath simply living in the moment. 

When you felt like your sketch was finished, you closed your book and tucked the pencil into your pocket, getting up from the rock. 

Just like the day you met, Jeonghan came jogging. 

“Do I have permission to sit with the cool kid?” He joked. It was a lame joke that you didn’t really get but you smiled. 

“I’m so sorry I didn’t come for the past three days! I had a really bad fever and was stuck in bed-” 

“Jeonghan,” You quietly interrupted, “Will you walk me home?” 

His eyes widened, he broke out into the widest grin he could manage and began rapidly nodding his head. He regained his cool but the large smile remained on his face, “I’d love to.”

#7: When he leaves you a voice message


“I’m going to have to schedule our date to something in doors. It’s pouring and well…I have 12 lame kids I have to watch.” *inserts loud cries from seventeen* “ANYWAY…please come by tonight in something comfortable so we can watch a movie at the dorm. I hope you don’t mind skipping out on a night out and staying indoors. Call me back when you get this. Okay, bye. I love you~”


“You’re probably going to think I sound weird, but I really thought I saw you today when we were at a recording. The person from behind looked just like you and probably wore what you would wear too. But when the person turned around, I was heart broken because it wasn’t you. Long story short, I miss you so much that I think I’m seeing you everywhere. Call me when you’ve landed home safely. I love you.”


“Hey…it’s three in the morning here. I know I should be asleep, but I can’t sleep. I’ve had this melody stuck in my head and I’m trying to play it on my guitar, but it just won’t come out right. So what I did was I remembered how you told me to just push everything away, take a deep breath, and count to three before I exhaled. I did and now, I feel a bit better. It’s probably silly to just call and tell you this, but I just wanted to let you know the simple things you tell me help. Call me back in the morning. Sweet dreams, beautiful. I love you.”


“Hey, ______. Did you see it? Did you see the first episode of my drama? I hoped you thought I looked cool. I was trying really hard to look nice for you. It was fun, playing as a vampire and being in the element of acting, and I hoped you could see that through the first episode. Ah, it’s probably really late where you are. Call me back when you get this message. Sleep tight and dream of me! I love you.”


“______…Where are you…? I’ve called five times and you didn’t pick up. So this time, I’m leaving a message. I’m sorry for blowing up your phone, but I’m worried about you. I hope you’re okay. Please remember that whenever you’re feeling sad or hurt, I’m always here for you. Call me back right away after you get this message so I can just hear your voice and that you’ll hear mine, telling you it’s going to be okay. Also, don’t forget that I love you.”


“Hey, it’s Wonwoo. Mingyu’s dumb self dropped my phone into the sea at Busan so I had to get a new one. I decided to leave a voice mail rather than text you because I’m pretty sure you would rather hear my voice. I hope you’re doing okay and I just want you to know that I miss you. Please call me back when you get this message. Bye. I love you.”


“It’s only midnight and I’m feeling really dead on the inside. There’s a lot of pressure to make our second album sound nice and capture even more fan’s hearts. But I can’t go on because I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. This hasn’t happened before…where I’m so lost to the point I’m staring into space. It’s late…but I really need you right now, ______. Call me back when you get this.”


“AH! I’M SORRY,______. I know I said I would’ve called this morning and wish you good luck on your exams, but I forgot!!! You’re probably taking them right now…I’m sorry! I’ll apologize as much as I can because I couldn’t wish you good luck. But when you get this message, I hope you did very well and worked really hard. Call me back once you’re done. I have a surprise for you. I love you~ Bye!”


“Hey, it’s Mingyu. I’m counting down the days till I get to see you again. My members told me to shut up since I keep bringing it up, but I’m just too excited to see you again. It’s just a simple message I’m sending, but I hope you can hear the excitement in my voice. Three more days, ______…three more days till I get to see you again. Call me back once you get this. I love you!”


“Hey ______? I’m already at the store you sent me to and they don’t have the shirt you wanted in your size. They checked for me, but didn’t have it so now, they’re showing me other styles and I don’t know what to do. They keep complimenting me on how I’m a good boyfriend, but all I’m feeling is embarrassed! Please come to the store! Call me back as soon as you can. Oh! And I…love you!”


“I’ve been practicing my vocals lately and I think I strained them too much to the point I sound hoarse. Sorry for sounding like this. I know I should’ve listened to you to relax my vocal chords instead of straining them all the time. Guess I didn’t listen and here I am…sounding like I’m dying. So…can you come by the studio later and get me some warm tea please? With lemon and honey! And don’t be late! Thank you. I love you lots~”


“Did I leave my jacket at your place again? Or did I let you borrow it? Either way…I kind of left my spare key to the dorm in it. Would it be okay if I dropped by and got it? Seungcheol hyung was bickering at me earlier for losing it. So, I’ll be swinging by in a bit to get my key. You can still keep the jacket! I’ll see you soon. Bye!”


“Hey, _____. Haha…you’re probably wondering how I got your number…it’s Chan by the way; fifth period math class…Anyway, what’s the math homework? I kind of zoned out and forgot. And you’re the only person I trust in that class to give me the right homework. Oh and umm…are you free Friday night? I-I was wondering if you wanted to hang out and catch a movie together…? Call back soon. B-Bye!“

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #12

Harry and his family were coming a bit earlier than the other guests to help us with the decorations and other stuff from the party, along with one of my aunts. It turned out that mom had already called Anne a few days ago to invite her to the party, and apparently Harry was the only one who didn’t know. Of course, I should’ve expected mom to invite Anne, they were like sisters! I guess I just let that one slip.

When I was finally ready for the party (http://www.polyvore.com/birthday_party/set?id=166482552), I made my way downstairs to help the others. Mom was still making some food while Keith and dad were just moving stuff around. When dad spotted me, he handed me a large bowl filled with chips. “Thank you, this is what I always wanted!” I gasped.

He rolled his eyes. “I need you to put that on one of the tables in the backyard. Do not eat them on your way there, please”

“No promises” I smirked.

“And when you do that, you come back and help us with these other things” he added, right before I started making my way to the backyard.

The tables were already set. There was a bowl of punch, snacks, sodas, and just everything you needed for a small birthday party/family get together. Placing the bowl next to a tray of sandwiches, I went back inside, but not before taking a single chip into my mouth. When I reached the living room, dad and Keith were already taking out the decorations. And at that same moment, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it” I said, heading to the front door.

When I opened it, I saw my aunt standing there with a big smile on her face and 2 bags in hand. “Well, if it isn’t Henley Jade Mathews”

“Why do you say my whole name, aunt Jessica?” I asked, chuckling.

“Just because,” she said, extending her arms. “Give me a hug because I haven’t seen my beautiful niece in a long time now”

Smiling, I let her embrace me in a bear hug, since I was already being used to getting crushed by my family. When she pulled away, she pinched both of my cheeks before I let her come into the house. “I’m here!” She called to the others.

“Oh, great, hello sis,” Mom was the first one to walk towards her and give her a brief hug. When the other two greeted and hugged her as well, aunt Jessica placed the bags on top of the counter. “I need you here in the kitchen. Henley, dear, Anne called and said that she was close, so leave the door unlocked”

“Okay,” I said, making my way to the living room once more, where dad had a box in his hands and Keith was taking out the karaoke. “Need some help?”

“Uh, yeah, this thing is kinda heavy” Keith said. I went to help him.

“Why do we need the karaoke anyways? Nobody really uses it” I said, the two of us heading to the backyard.

“Yeah. But It’s just in case, I guess. Anyway, they also use it to play CDs so whatever” Keith said.

“They’re probably gonna play Kids music in this” I chuckled, the two of us placing the karaoke down on the ground.

“Can you imagine them playing those kids who always ruin the songs by changing some lyrics? That really dumb group, um… Kidz Bop?” He said, laughing.

“Jesus, gross, no!,” I said, Keith laughing harder. “God, I really hope they don’t! I just hope they play Disney songs, not that!”

“Don’t worry, Jimmy wouldn’t let them” Keith said.

I rolled my eyes. “He’s four”


“You’re stupid” I said, grabbing another chip and placing it all in my mouth.

“Thanks” he smiled proudly.

Whilst I laughed at him, I heard mom and Anne’s voices as they greeted each other, letting me know that they had just arrived. “Come on, let’s go say hello” I said.

“Right… I know why you really want to go there” he muttered behind me.

“Shut up” I said, at the same time we reached the others, who were just having small chats.

Dad and Robin were talking whilst aunt Jessica was talking about how long It’s been since she last saw Harry and Gemma, whilst mom and Anne were already in the kitchen as Anne was starting to talk about the traffic. She saw us when she placed her things on the table. “Hello, you two lovelies, good to see you again!” She said, walking towards and giving each other a small hug.

“Good to see you too, m'am” Keith said.

“Oh Lord, please don’t call me m'am ever again” Anne said, pretending to be hurt as we laughed at her.

“Oh my God, you brought donuts!,” I exclaimed, walking towards the small box full of glazed deliciousness. “Thank you, Anne, you’re the best”

“You’re welcome, sweetie” she said, grinning.

But before I could open the box, mom was quick to slap my hand away. “Not yet, Henley”

“Just one, I won’t eat them all!” I said.

“Lily, don’t torture the poor girl” Anne chuckled.

Mom rolled her eyes. “Fine, just one”

“So, that means that I can have one as well, right?” Keith asked, walking towards the now open box as I took out a donut.

“Yeah, yeah, take one,” Mom waved her hand in a ‘Whatever’ way, stirring whatever she was making with the other. As we took a bite of our donuts, she said, “Anyways, I need you two to run to the grocery store and get me some chocolate icing”

“Great” Keith said sarcastically.

“Take Harry and Gemma with you”

“Oh, with pleasure” he said, taking his car keys and walking towards Gemma, wrapping an arm around her as they made their way out the door laughing like a couple in love.

When I made eye contact with Harry, both of us smiled at the same time and I walked towards him. “Let’s go then, my dearest Hazza”

“Of course” he said, copying the same actions as Keith and wrapping an arm around my shoulder, while I wrapped an arm around his waist.


While at the grocery store and after we picked up the chocolate icing, Keith wanted to buy a few more things. So, we went home with the required stuff, cookies, ice cream, and Nutella.

When we got home, we helped with the remaining details while having random conversations as we did. It wasn’t much work, we just needed to fill up some balloons, set up the chairs, and place the now finished cake on one of the tables. By the time everything was perfect, the guests were starting to arrive.

Emily was one of the first to arrive. I had driven her home before I got ready, since she didn’t bring any clothes and mine didn’t fit her much. She was curvier than me. So, I just drove her to her house and she came back in her own car. Valerie, Louis, Niall, and Ray arrived a bit later. Liam, Amy and Joseph couldn’t make it for the different reasons, unfortunately. Still, everything was pretty good. The little kids were running around playing with each other; there was music playing in the background; people were chatting happily with each other; others were chatting inside the house; a few of them were dancing; mom, Anne, and two of my aunts were still in the kitchen talking and laughing, and everything was just great.

And us… we were all just sitting in the stairway, each of us holding green and blue cups of soda. “Damn, Henley, you have a lot of cousins” Louis said.

“Yup,” I nodded. “And most of them are little, so It’s quite the handful”

“But they’re all so cute!,” Valerie squealed. Yeah, she was a sucker for little kids. “Especially Jimmy!”

I chuckled. “Not to sound weird or anything, but one of your older cousins was staring at me” Niall said.

“Which one?”

“Black hair, shoulder length, side bangs, brown eyes…” he described her.

“Oh, that’s Jennifer” I said.

“Oh…” he said, nodding. “She’s pretty”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “I thought you had another admirer”

Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, he gave me a weird look. “What are you talking about?”

“You know, last night, when you guys went out with those girls… and they gave you their numbers” Emily smirked.

“Oh, okay!,” Niall exclaimed in realization. Then, he scratched the back of his neck. “Well, It’s not like we’re in a relationship or something like that! To be honest, I don’t think we’ll ever be in a relationship. But, I’m not saying that I’m gonna go to Henley’s cousin and ask her to be my girlfriend, I was just curious!”

“Sure, Niall” I chuckled at him.

“I’m being serious!”

“We believe you, Niall, chill out ” Ray laughed. “You didn’t do anything wrong

“Anyway, let’s do something else, instead just of sitting here doing nothing?” Harry said, taking a sip of his soda.

“We are doing something. We’re talking” I said, smiling widely at him.

He rolled his eyes. “You know what I mean, smart mouth”

“Hey, now that we’re here, we can play those horror video games you have, Henley!,” Louis said, shaking my shoulder. In a not so gentle way. “I mean, yeah, it sounds pretty anti-social, but we don’t really hang out with these people!”

“Yeah, we can play horror games so the little kids around see them and get scared and then they won’t be able to sleep at night. That’s great” Valerie said sarcastically.

Louis gave her an annoyed look. “Bitch, the kids are outside!”

“Don’t go all sassy with me!”

“Then don’t go all lame on me-!”

“Hey!,” I cut them off. Even though I knew they were just joking around, they were being too loud. “Man, you too can give anyone a headache in just a matter of seconds!”

Niall laughed. “I’ve been saying that for years”

“No, but seriously, let’s go play some video games!” Louis whined.

I groaned, standing up. “Fine, let’s go”

“Yes!,” Louis bumped his fist in the air in ‘victory’ and then pointed at Valerie. “In your face, you little witch!”

Valerie placed a hand on her chest. “Oh my God, I am so hurt. Like, seriously, I wanna cry”

I laughed at her constant sarcasm. “Come on, let’s go to my room. There are people in the living room ”


So, we stayed in my room for a long time just playing video games and taking turns. I didn’t even know how long we were there, but it felt like a lot. We didn’t even bother to go downstairs and get some food, but knowing mom, there was probably still food left for us to eat later.

Mom came into the room whilst we were playing Beyond: Two Souls, and she told us that we had to go downstairs because 1) we were gonna sing Happy Birthday to Jimmy and 2) we couldn’t be upstairs “wasting time on those consoles when there are a lot of people in the backyard socializing and having fun”. So, we went downstairs, we sang to Jimmy, they cut the cake, I ate 3 slices, and we just stayed there with everyone else for a while. Niall actually went to talk to Jennifer and they seemed to get along pretty well. While he did that, Emily also took the chance to talk to my other cousin, and Jennifer’s older brother, Andrew. The rest of us just sat in a small circle, admiring little Jimmy who was sitting on my lap. I was feeding him a piece of cake. “Oh my God, I wanna kidnap him and keep him as my little brother!,” Valerie squealed, ruffling his hair softly. “Sadly, all I got were two older siblings”

“Yeah, and I got Keith” I said.

“I got Gemma,” Harry added. “But I would’ve loved to have a younger brother or sister”

“Yeah, well, I’m an only child, so…” Ray shrugged.

“Well, I’m the oldest of all my siblings” Louis said, looking proud.

“Yeah, we know” Valerie said, rolling her eyes.

Before any of us could say something else, I felt Jimmy’s small hand tugging lightly at my cardigan. “What’s wrong, little fella?”

I leaned in close to his face so he could speak to me. “I wanna go with mommy” he said in my ear.

“Is that so? Are you sleepy?” I asked him. He nodded as a reply.

“So, you don’t want any more cake?,” He shook his head. “Well, okay. Let’s take you to mommy”

Handing Louis the unfinished slice of cake, I stood up from my chair with Jimmy in my arms. Harry stood up as well. “Can I go with you?”

“Of course” I replied.

And just like that, we went inside to find aunt Vivian. She was having a conversation with mom, Anne, aunt Jessica, and aunt Jane at the dining room table. “Aunt Vivian,” I called her, her attention turning to me instantly. “This little guy is getting sleepy”

“Oh, is that so?,” aunt Vivian smiled, taking Jimmy, who was already half-asleep, in her arms. “Well then, we should get you to bed”

“You can put him in my bed for now” Mom said.

“Thank you” aunt Vivian said, she and mom standing up and heading to the stairs.

I waved goodbye to Jimmy as they fled. He was the cutest kid ever. Pretty obedient, too.

When I turned back to Harry, he was smiling at me. “What?”

“Nothing, It’s just that…” he shrugged. “I have a feeling that you’ll be a great mom someday”

Letting out a light laugh as I brushed a strain of hair behind my ear, I said, “Well, you’ll be a great dad as well. Don’t think I haven’t seen you playing with my little cousins. It’s the cutest thing ever!”

He blushed at the comment. “Well, yeah, I do love kids”

“I know,” I said, folding my arms across my chest and tilting my head to the side a bit. “You look so happy and cheerful when you’re around them”

As he smiled, the two of us just stood there staring at each other. It was true. Everytime Harry is holding or playing with a child, his eyes just have this tiny sparkle that just makes him look even more beautiful than he already is. And I enjoy watching him spend time with my little cousins, since they adore him. Before we stopped talking to each other and Harry used to come by a lot, there were times when my aunt and uncle would visit with my cousins, and Harry and I would always play with them. It was pretty tiring, but fun. And just seeing him with kids lets me know that he’ll be an amazing father.

When I turned to look at the table, Anne and aunt Jane were staring at us, smiling. Anne’s smile was bigger, as if the view was beautiful to her. When she saw me looking at her, her smile got wider, if possible. “I’m just glad that you two got back on speaking terms again,” she said. “It makes me happy”

When she said that, I looked back at Harry, who was still staring at me. “What?” I chuckled.

He shook his head. “Nothing”


It was already dark when people started to leave the party. Niall had gone home earlier because he had to be there early. And then my grandparents left. And then my aunts and uncles started leaving with their children, not before taking a bit of the food that was left. And then Valerie left. And then Ray. And then Louis. And then Emily. And the house was getting quieter.

Mom, dad, Anne, and Robin were still chatting in the dining room; Gemma and Keith were sitting in 2 chairs outside, whilst Harry and I were just laying on the grass side by side, a bag of chips between us. The night was chilly and there was a calming breeze that just made us lie down and just stare at the sky. “So, what are we looking at?,” Harry asked. “Because I don’t really see that many stars right now”

I shrugged. “Just look at the clouds, then”

“You can barely see the clouds”

“Then just stare at the sky that doesn’t have anything in it” I said.

“Okay then” he laughed.

“This is pretty calming, don’t you think?,” I said. “It’s peaceful. I could build a tent and sleep here”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Maybe there’s a huge frog around here”

I sat up straight quickly. “Oh shit, I never thought of that possibility-!”

“Hey, I was just kidding!,” he cut me off before I could stand up and run inside. “There are no frogs around here, it was just a bad joke. I’m sorry for that”

Glaring at him, I punched his arm. “You’re a jerk. You scared me!”

He laughed a bit louder. “I’m sorry, really. But… you had to see the look on your face”

“Shut up, It’s not funny!” I said as he laughed harder.

“It is pretty funny” he said once he calmed down.

I rolled my eyes, lying down. “Whatever”

He sighed. “You know… I was thinking today… when I saw all these loving people around me, who have known me for a long time now, I thought back to when I started hanging out with Ned and the others… and I just wanna slap myself for being so stupid. Nothing compares to this”

I smiled at the sky. “You were pretty stupid, huh?”

“Thanks” he said sarcastically as I laughed.

“I’m messing with you,” I said. “It’s okay, really. All of that’s passed and now you’re back. And that’s all that matters”

“Yeah” was all he said.

Letting out a satisfied sigh, I extended my arm to reach for the bag of chips. But when I was about to grab some chips, I felt Harry’s hand meeting mine. ‘Oh my God, isn’t this a cliché?’ I thought to myself as I gulped. Slowly turning my head to look at Harry, he did the same, his eyes meeting mine for a brief moment. Quickly snatching the bag of chips from him, I gave him an innocent smile as I brought some chips to my mouth. “Hey, no fair!” He said.

“What? I just want chips” I said, shrugging.

“Well, I want chips too, so give me the bag” he said.

I shook my head.

“Henley, give me the bag, It’s not yours”

“Well, actually, dad bought it, which means that It’s from this house… which also means that It’s mine” I pointed out, smirking at him.

“Well then, share!” He said, trying to reach for the bag.

I laughed. “Nope”

“Oh, so that’s how It’s going to be?,” he said, sitting up and looking at me. I held onto the bag for dear life. “Alright then”

And before I knew it, Harry was almost on top of me, tickling my sides without me seeing it coming. “NO, HARRY, S-STOP!” I shouted, laughing so much that what I just said wasn’t even understandable.

But Harry didn’t stop, he just kept tickling me, and I was already running out of breath. “Give me the bag, then” he said.

“N-no!” I managed to say.

“Oh, well okay, then” he said, resuming the tickling.

As I laughed louder and louder, I couldn’t stand it anymore. But it took me a few more seconds to say, “O-OKAY, YOU WIN!”

"Good to know you learned your lesson” he smiled at me as I tried to catch my breath. It was when I handed him the bag that I realized how close we actually were. His nose almost touched mine and I could see his facial features clearly, despite it already being dark. It was incredible how his eyes looked greener the closer you looked at them. “What?” He asked. 

I shook my head. “Your eyes, they’re… beautiful" 

He let out a soft laugh. "You think so?" 

I nodded. "Yes" 

He kept eye contact for a few more seconds before reaching up and pushing some hair out of my face. "You’re beautiful” he whispered. 

“I’m okay, I guess” I said while chuckling. But it was because I was starting to get a bit nervous. 

“No,” he said, shaking his head slightly. “You really are beautiful" 

Giving him a closed-mouth smile, I felt my stomach turn into knots as he said those words. I tried to convince myself that I would’ve felt this way also if anyone else told me this. And that the butterflies in my stomach were just because a boy was complimenting me. I tried to think that this was just a silly thing, but my mind went completely blank once I saw Harry’s eyes move from my eyes to my lips, over and over again. And I didn’t really know what to do… 

‘Should I say something…?' 

'Should I stand up…?' 

'Should I turn my head…?’

'Should I go with it…?’

It was a pretty confusing moment, because Harry and I have never shown this type of… affection. I mean yeah, we had flirted with each other before, but this was way more. The way he was looking at me and the way I was looking at him was different, completely different. I almost forgot that we were lying on the grass, with our siblings just a few feet away from us. But I didn’t pay much attention to that. 

Harry’s fingers caressed my cheek so softly that it was as if he was afraid that I would break somehow. His touch made me feel tingly, and my heart rate wasn’t normal. What was he doing to me…? "Gemma! Harry! We’re leaving!” Anne called from inside the house. 

Harry and I turned our heads to see that Gemma and Keith were now making their way inside. Slowly, he started standing up, offering me his hand once he did. When we were both on our feet we looked at anywhere but at each other, trying to evade the awkwardness that had built between us. “Um, well, I gotta leave now” he said.

I nodded. “Yeah”

I ended up following him to the door because I had to say goobye to the others. I hugged Anne, I hugged Robin, I hugged Gemma, and reluctantly I hugged Harry. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice how uncomfortable we were. “Thanks again for having us, we had a great time” Anne said, all of them stepping out. 

“Thanks for coming! Let’s meet each other soon, again!” Mom said, the three of them waving at Anne and her family. They waved back, except that Harry was staring directly at me, waving one last time. And I, ignoring the tightening feeling in my chest, waved back, giving him a small smile.

He definitely wasn’t making it easy.