just kidding im crying a lot

People have been discriminating me for watching yuri on ice and saying bad stuffs about it like ‘ew thats so gay why are you watching it’, without even knowing what this show is all about. This show saved me a lot of times. Ive been having a lot of anxiety attacks last december to the extent of having suicidal thoughts just for it to end, and around that time i began watching yuri on ice out of curiosity and to see yuri katsuki’s character development truly inspired me. And knowing that a lot of people like/ LOVED this show made me so fucking happy. I just cant hide my happiness on how this show is so successful. I just cant

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

thank you to everyone who helped with with my script for coming out. i rehearsed a bunch of shit but i ended with winging it and crying a lot and my mom just said she kinda already knew and as long as my future girlfriend isnt a serial killer she’s happy. then we went to dinner. everythingwentbetterthanexpected.png

dirty laundry

“I don’t care about what you did, I just care about what we do”

FIRST OF ALL any music video involving Alex getting undressed is automatically an A+ in my book.

This song made me emotional. the influences from Stranger Things are made super obvious not only in the video but in the sound of the music.

I was expecting some upbeat poppy sound like Future Hearts or Kids in the Dark but I think it’s really fresh that their single has a lot more baggage to it. It’s not a feel good song. It’s a song about the way you deal with someone’s past (their “dirty laundry”) when you’re with them. I think it’s super powerful that ATL did this instead of some feel good poppy song you’d hear on the radio.

One thing I didn’t like is how the music video was pretty much all about Alex. I love him to death and I could stare at him for days, but in a music video I want representation from the other members too. We only briefly see Jack put his jacket on and Rian at the drums. Other than that, it’s pretty much all Alex. Maybe it’s symbolic of his relationship with Lisa, because the video does show them getting hitched with the actress in a wedding dress and all, so I have no doubt that he wanted to make a nod to the fact that HALF OF ATL are now married/getting married.

Overall, the sound is really good and refreshing, and I’ve only heard it once so far. I liked Take Cover a lot better but I know these boys have something huge planned for us now and I’m super excited about it. :)))

What are your thoughts?!


im not normally like… a huge fan of shipping in general? it’s kind of rare that i get super into a ship? but i literally ship zerith so much? that sometimes i think about them getting married and having kids and growing old together? like what the fuck? 

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this is gonna be a bit of a mess bc im not doing so well right now, super on edge very dysphoric very stressed. But I just started scrolling down my dash and saw some asks you replied to and there was a lot of validation and nice words and I just started crying. Just wanted to tell you you're great I'm very glad this blog exists, keep doing what you're doing <3

Thank you so much!! It’s good to hear when our blog is helping other trans kids!

And it’s okay to feel stressed/dysphoric, we all get like that sometimes! I’m just here to tell you that it will be okay and you will get better, whatever you’re going through won’t last forever. You’re not alone in this! Stay strong my dude x

- Aidan

Being married to Calum would involve…

  • Him writing you songs whenever he feels like
  • Naked at least 200000% of the time
  • Angry sex
  • Him trying to cook for you
  • Having more dogs than humans in the house
  • Him bringing home every dog he sees
  • Your home would practically be an animal shelter
  • Surprise breakfasts he spends a lot of time over
  • Laughing at every fucking thing
  • “ok babe but u have to let me feel your boob”
  • Lots of teasing
  • Eating you out randomly adfghj
  • “calum our child is 3 you can’t teach her to rap busta rhymes”
  • Coming home from studio so excited to show you what he did
  • Taking random days off just to be with you
  • He’d spoil your kids so MUCH    
  • Cashton road trips
  • Dressing your kids up like him
  • Lots of twitter banter
  • “babe what’s a smut”
  • Slow grinding with you on top to rnb
  • Lots of “babe” “darling” “sugar”
  • Him crying while watching you give birth
  • Texting you cheesy pick up lines 24/7
  • Him watching suspiciously every boy that goes near your baby girl
  • Saving each other’s numbers as something like “trap lord” and “trap queen”
  • Sending each other nudes even tho ur fuckin married
  • Family dinner at the Hood’s
  • “babe can we have sex im so bored”
  • “ya I know you’re topless but let me show u this video of a dog eating pasta lol”
  • “stop touching my dick im about to lose at fifa”
  • “babe if I beat luke at table tennis then will you suck me off”
  • “OI STOP she’s my wife FUCKTARDS” when the boys make plans with u but not him
  • Always lowkey trying to make him jealous
  • Teaching your daughter how to play soccer
  • Hands always on your ass
  • Sitting at one spot with his phone while ur shopping
  • ROAd trips with the band and their fams
  • A shit tonne of doggy style with spanks mmmmhmmmm

U ASK WE GIVE dont forget to request for more blurbs! ashton and luke ones are coming up tomorrow :-)

love, shreya and shazza!!!


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i need advice please?¿ so i have SUPER shitty grades. like i have a 0.8 GPA. i try my best, i really do. the information just won't stick in my brain ya know? and it makes me wanna cry cause i feel so stupid compared to the other kids cause i can't remember it like they do. i know im not dumb. im starting tutoring every Wednesday for math. people make me feel like shit cause they assume that im a slacker. and i have trouble asking for help cause i have anxiety. can you give me advice? please?

This sucks and I understand a lot of what you’re saying. I’m really sorry you have to deal with that. That number totally has nothing to do with your true intelligence but it still has such an impact. I’m no expert but it sounds like you might benefit from some kind of medication. It’s not my favorite route but if you have the means financially, I would think about getting tested for ADD/ADHD or talk to a trained professional and get their opinion. You seem like someone who cares and is trying to learn the information which is great. Keep on trying your best to stay organized. If you aren’t already, go to your teachers with questions and see if they have extra time either before or after school to give to you. I understand that your social anxiety will be a huge obstacle but at least give it a try if you are able. If your teacher(s) is part of the problem, try to learn more on your own time. Khan Academy is a great online resource. Just know that you can still end up happy and in a sustainable career despite how it might seem now and what people will tell you. That sounds like such a cop out but it’s true. I’m assuming you’re in high school? I’m not sure what year you are in but if you are unable to graduate, there are alternative options. For one, you can get your GED and then attend state college (if you are seeking a higher degree). This is just one option out of so many. If you are in your earlier years of high school, you can also see if it is possible to transfer to a technical school or online school. My friend with learning disabilities and social anxiety transferred to a technical high school and she is doing much better there than at my local public school. Then there is online school. There are cheaper options but I know Keystone Academy is fully accredited and reliable. It would also be beneficial if you, with the help of a guardian or psychologist/therapist/etc., called the school/talk to your guidance counselor and told them about your disabilities. They might accommodate you. They can tell your teachers to be more understanding. Also, if you haven’t already, look into getting an IEP. I know a lot of this advice requires money and/or support from a guardian but I hope any of it was the least bit helpful. I know this is probably very overwhelming so I’m going to stop here.


I just hate that she’s going through this. I mean, she’s such a good kid. She’s so nice to everyone, she cares about everyone. And she’s walking around in this unbelievable pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. She still won’t talk to me. She won’t tell me what happened.

Trying to explain ML to friend
  • me: its like a kids show where teenagers have magic creature friends that go in their jewelry and make them superheroes-
  • friend: oh
  • me: - and theres a giant eternal love circle where im crying most the time because the main characters love each other but dont know and its really irritating that they dont notice whos who and-
  • friend: o-oh
  • me: - its really obvious but they don't notice and theres going to be so many episodes in the future so they probably wont find out forever and everyones just really irritated so theres lots of really good fanart and fanfiction and good stuff-
  • friend: ......i see
  • me: - and youd really like its really good trust me
  • friend: ??????? ok??

im getting really emotional and crying while watching steven universe because it’s just such a fucking important cartoon. it’s so so important and the representation in it is so important. the show itself is so amazing. lgbtq kids are going to watch these episodes and see themselves in them. they’re going to have the representation i never had. it means a lot to me at 18 years old, imagine how much it would’ve meant to me at 7. im so jealous of the kids that get to watch this show on their tvs after school and feel something other than inadequacy. this has been said billions of times before but it’s that important and i want everyone to know how incredible this show is, not only for its amazing animation and remarkable storyline, but because of the representation it upholds. it means the world to kids. they don’t realize it at the time, but cartoons help to shape kids’ reasonings and their idea of what’s right, wrong, etc. you have to utilize cartoons in order to get messages across to kids, and steven universe does that perfectly. i grew up thinking i was abnormal and unimportant due to not seeing any girls liking girls in cartoons while i was growing up. but now you’ve got a cartoon that has more than 1 gay pairing, and one absolutely canon lesbian one that even shows them kissing and being in love with each other? i can’t even begin to express just how important that is!!! rebecca sugar has blessed us with what has to be the best cartoon of the century, possibly ever made, in my opinion(and ive been obsessed with LOTS of cartoons). and it makes me cry thinking about it every day because she’s not only entertaining a group of lgbtq adults who didn’t get representation as a kid, she’s providing that representation to the newer generation and ensuring that there’s a self-confident, self-assured set of kids that won’t hate themselves for being something they can’t help. it teaches love and acceptance and it’s going to do great things for these children, as well as great things for us adults because it really does brighten up my life