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I love your theories so I would love to know if you've watched tonight's episode already and if you have any theory on how they're going to resolve this new plastic angst for CS. Rumple is using Killian now to do his dirty work and they kid of repeated storylines putting him between a rock and a hard place again so he can't tell Emma and I'm honestly a little pissed off because it just seems redundant. I so preferred your theory that he was going to get magic from Rumple tbh...

Well, there are seven episodes left in the half-season, so I wouldn’t discount my magic theory just yet

Especially when you consider Rumple isn’t going to get the power in that hat, when all is said and done. He can’t! To give one of your characters unlimited power (especially a villain) is such a bad corner to write yourself into because then it just gets stupidly difficult to write yourself out of it. Unlimited power opens up a can of worms the size of Texas, and before you know it, you’ve got plot holes galore, and I’d like think the writers are a bit smarter than that.

So I’m going to make a not-so-crazy assumption—that Rumple is going to lose out on the power from that hat in the end. Who better to foil his plan than his character’s foil? Killian. And what better way to foil Rumple’s plan than to receive all the power that Rumple wanted for himself? I’ll get back to this later. But for now, Killian and Emma…

Rumple getting Killian to do his dirty work is something I called. The method that Rumple used to get Killian to do his dirty work is a little (read: “a lot”) convoluted, but okay. My way was simpler, but these writers seem to like complicated, what can ya do? So…here we are. Killian has one over Rumple in knowing about the dagger, but Rumple has one over Killian in that security tape he extorted from him. And he has an additional one over Killian in his possession of that hat, and the fact that Rumple is on a power-collecting binge and Emma has power that’s collectible. Which means this angst is more than just Killian not telling Emma because Rumple threatened to tell her. This angst includes Killian keeping Rumple (and his magic-sucking hat) away from Emma, thus he’s trying to protect her on top of it; which, I suppose, is old hat, considering the kiss curse last season, but whatever! Here’s the difference between that storyline and this one:

In 3B, Emma had zero faith in him and in them. Now, by contrast, she has complete faith in him and in them.

This episode established that. Hell, they spent three episodes getting her up to this point and across that threshold. As soon as she was past that threshold, there was no going back for her. After 4.03, she was in it to win it. Emma was one hundred percent down and committed, just like Killian. Girlfriend even worked up the nerve to ask him out in this episode! She had faith that he wasn’t going to break her heart. She had faith that she wasn’t going to lose him. She had faith that there was going to be a them, and this them was going to stay. This newfound faith of hers is exactly what’s going to be tested in the coming episodes. So, really, the circumstances may be similar (and I understand your frustrations), but the end results are what’s entirely different between them. Over the next few episodes, Emma is going to prove just how much faith she has in Killian and in their relationship.

To put it in the context of the fairytale they’re telling this half-season (The Snow Queen):

  • IN THE FAIRYTALE, the first story and a little bit of the second story established the presence of a demon who created an evil magic mirror, and the presence of an evil Snow Queen who blew broken demon mirror glass fragments into people’s eyes and hearts and kidnapped them
  • ON THE SHOW, 4.01 introduced the arcs of Regina, who broke out Sydney and made him her magic mirror again, and Rumple, who tricks and manipulates and makes people do what he wants. Thus, Regina = demon with the evil magic mirror, and Rumple = Snow Queen
  • IN THE FAIRYTALE, an entire story (the second one) is spent establishing the relationship between a little boy (Kai) and a little girl (Gerda). This little boy and little girl loved each other very much. They were inseparable. They did everything together. They missed the other when the other wasn’t there. This little boy and little girl had complete faith in one another.
  • ON THE SHOW, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, and the beginning of 4.04 were spent establishing this for Killian and Emma. 4.01 and 4.02 established a boy and a girl who were inseparable from one another, they did everything together, they missed the other when the other wasn’t there. In 4.03, it’s practically established that they loved each other very much. By 4.04, this boy and girl had complete faith in one another.
  • IN THE FAIRYTALE, one winter night, when Kai was looking out the window for Gerda, he sees the Snow Queen, and soon enough, pieces of the demon magic mirror strike his eye and his heart. He turns cold. He starts acting unlike himself. Gerda questions him about it, confused, but he’s under the mirror’s influence, so he doesn’t answer her. Regardless, she still loves him and has faith in him.
  • ON THE SHOW, In 4.04, one day, Killian has a date with Emma, so he sees Rumple about his hand. Soon enough, Rumple returns his hand, but does so after messing with his mind, planting seeds of doubt that make him question himself and his actions throughout the evening. He starts acting unlike himself. Emma questions him about it, a little confused, but he’s under Rumple’s influence, so he doesn’t answer her. Regardless, she still loves him and has faith in him.
  • IN THE FAIRYTALE, Kai is kidnapped by the Snow Queen to do her bidding. Gerda is sad at first, confused about where he’s gone, thinks he’s dead, but then starts to doubt it. She goes out in search for him. She goes through five (5) legs on her journey, each time getting closer and closer to finding out about what happened to Kai. She first travels down the river and stumbles onto the Woman Who Could Conjure and her Flower Garden. The woman tries to keep her, and tries to trick her into forgetting about Kai. It works for a time, until a rose on the woman’s hat reminds Gerda of Kai. She gets sad; asks the flowers in the woman’s Flower Garden what happened to him. They tell him he’s not dead, before spouting out a bunch of fairytales. Gerda escapes the woman and meets a crow. The crow tells her Kai could be the Prince, who won the heart of the Princess. The crow sneaks her into the royal palace and they wake the Prince. He’s not Kai, but the Prince and Princess help her in her journey to find him by providing for her and giving her a carriage. When the carriage is on its way, it gets raided by a robber clan, and Gerda meets a little robber girl who terrifies her, and keeps her and a bunch of animals, including a reindeer, at knifepoint. One of the captive birds say they saw Kai kidnapped by the Snow Queen. The reindeer says he knows where she lives. The robber girl agrees to let her go and help her on her journey to find Kai. The reindeer takes her to Lapland, where they meet a woman who redirects them to the Snow Queen’s new palace. On the way there, they meet the Lapland woman’s friend, the Finland woman, who tells Gerda what happened to Kai to make him act so cold, and also tells her that the most powerful weapon she has in her arsenal against the Snow Queen is the love she has for Kai. She goes to the Snow Queen’s palace, her magic protects her, she finds Kai, melts the mirror in his heart and eye with her tears of joy, and rescues him. They go home, and they find they have grown from children to adults in their absence.
  • ON THE SHOW: Obviously, we’re not going to get this exact thing. We might not even get all of these things, so here’s the important points to keep in mind:
    • Killian is going to be distracted and not himself. He’s going to spend less time with Emma, because he has to be out, doing Rumple’s bidding. Emma is going to notice and question him about it. In the back of her mind, she’s going to remember the last time he acted this way, and she’s going to be able to put two and two together eventually, after some investigating, possibly. (4.04, 4.05)
    • The Woman Who Could Conjure (1). Someone is going to try to get Emma to doubt Killian. Probably Regina. Or the Snow Queen. Or both. Emma may start believing them, but then she’s going to stand firm in her conviction, and is going to keep the faith, despite not knowing what’s going on with Killian, and despite him not acting like himself. She’s going to know something’s up, but she’s going to have faith that he’s going to handle it. He told her that she didn’t have to worry about him. She’s going to take him at his word, ignoring the seeds of doubt others are going to try to plant in her mind. (4.05)
    • And Her Flower Garden (1.5). The fairytales spouted out by the flowers in the Flower Garden are something we are going to see (from casting calls and spoiler pics), and I’d be interested in finding out how that’s integrated into the story, because as of yet, I have no clue. But I do know Henry is integrated into one of the flower’s fairytales (the one with the brother, his two sisters, and their temperamental black dog), and that they’re doing the one with the three princesses on the way to the ball, who then die in the woods. (4.07)
    • The Prince and Princess (2). Snow and Charming are going to help out in trying to find out what’s up with Killian. Maybe they help do some investigating for Emma, who’s bound to start suspecting Rumple is behind Killian’s strange behavior at some point. (4.06)
    • The Robber Girl (3). This could refer to either one of two people—Will Scarlett (reversed, as the little “robber boy”), or Emma herself when she way younger, since I project this leg of Emma’s “journey” to “find Killian” (figuratively) would probably be featured in the episode, “The Snow Queen”. It’s been established that the Snow Queen knows Emma from before she even came to Storybrooke, so at this point, in this episode featuring the Snow Queen’s backstory, it’s entirely possible that the “robber girl” is Emma herself when she was younger and still stealing her way through life. Or it could be the both of them—Emma herself in flashbacks, and Will Scarlett in the present day. Either way, it’ll help bring Emma along in her journey. It’s at this point that she finds out for sure that Killian’s behavior has to do with Rumple. She won’t know how, yet, but she’ll know Rumple is the cause of it. (4.07)
    • The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman (4). Emma, at this time, is going to find out two things—why Killian is acting the way that he is (she’ll find out about Rumple’s entrapment), and how she can help his situation. The Finland woman, in this case, could quite possibly be Anna (we’ve got bts pics of them finding her and Kristoff in this episode). Since she was the last one in possession of that box, she knows exactly what happened to it, and whom she entrusted it to (if she indeed entrusted it to someone at all). The key to the resolution of this storyline lies with who had that box before Rumple got his hands on it again. (4.08, 4.09)
    • The Snow Queen’s Palace (5). Emma is going to free Killian from Rumple’s influence through her love for him. Maybe she might even do it by “inspiring” (word used by producers to describe how Emma is going to influence Killian this season) something magical in him that will allow him to finally break away from Rumple and take a real stand against him. This would be consistent with Emma being the hero this half-season, helping Killian against Rumple, the villain (which would then be reversed in 4B with Killian, Emma and Regina). Apparently, there’s going to be a major street fight, or something, in this episode. I’d kill to see Hook and Rumple battle it out with magic in the street. Mostly because I just want to see a fair fight between them. But I’ll get back to this point a little later. (4.10)

This all seems to be consistent with recent spoilers from Bobby that state that Rumple is going to experience a major backslide in episodes 4.09-4.10. So…yeah. That’s what the fairytale tells us is likely going to happen between the two of them in the coming episodes, if the parallels I drew are anywhere near the same ones they use on the show. The thing to remember is that now it’s Emma’s turn to fight for Killian and their relationship, and in the end, she’ll be the one to help him triumph over Rumple.

Now…getting back to my Killian magic theory, I want to re-emphasize the line I italicized above:

The key to the resolution of this storyline lies with who had that box before Rumple got his hands on it again.

Consider this:

I highly suspect that the house that Rumple found the box in, the place that he and Belle squatted in during their “honeymoon,” is closely connected to Killian. Did you notice the paintings of bodies of water on the walls? The giant model tall ship behind Rumple’s head in nearly every shot? The nautical-themed furniture about the sitting room? The fact that Belle said she could see the ocean from nearly every room? The presence of those objects and that line is not a coincidence! They were intentional.

That house belonged to a man of the sea—a very powerful man of the sea, judging by its size and the size of the property. Could it possibly belong to Killian’s father, who we’re supposed to learn more about this season? Possibly Davy Jones? If all of these theories are correct, what would he be doing with that box, when the last we know of it, it was in Anna’s possession? Did he buy it from her? Or did she entrust it to him for safe keeping? And if so, why him? Did he have some kind of magical power that was strong enough to keep the box safe? Anna knew what kind of power that box held. She wouldn’t entrust it just anybody. Or could Davy Jones be the Sorcerer to whom the hat belongs?

Regardless of the circumstances that led to his possession of the box, if this theory about it being Davy Jones’ house is correct, Rumple just essentially stole that box from Killian’s father. And now he’s dragging Killian around, with his family’s stolen property, trying to strong-arm Killian into helping him gain more and more power.

Forcing Killian’s hand, when Killian could possibly be related to the current “Apprentice” guarding the hat, or even the “Sorcerer” himself, could be the very advantage that Rumple presses that leads to his downfall; just like when the Snow Queen pressed her own advantage against Kai, and it led to Kai’s release.

Also consider this:

From Killian’s very own introduction episode, the show has been teasing a fight between him and Rumple. Hell, they did it twice in that episode—first when Killian challenged Rumple and he declined, and again when Rumple challenged Killian and he accepted. The thing is—the fights between them have never been fair. In the first instance, Rumple had a limp, thus Killian had the advantage. In the second instance, Rumple had magic, thus Killian had the disadvantage. Every time these two have fought, it’s never been a fair fight. Now, thinking as a writer for a second, why would you tease the audience time and again about a fight between these two men if that fight is never going to be a fair one? It’s cruel! It’s torture! It’s a horrible, horrible thing to watch! Unless…

…you intend to epically balance those two sides at some point within the narrative.

And then let them duke it out.

You see where I’m going with this?

Okay, so Rumple may not have been the one to give Killian magic, but in addition to all the other parallels I drew in this post with regards to Emma, Regina, Rumple, Killian, and magic, there’s an additional one I failed to see until last night:

  • Regina was born with magic, just as Emma was born with magic (parallel between foils)
  • Rumple received magic from an object, just as Killian…??? (parallel between foils concludes he might just get it from that hat…)

I’m still hanging on to this theory because everything else in this show seems to balance themselves out perfectly except for that little niggling, and I’d like to believe the writers are more than a little aware of this piece of egregious injustice. 4.01-4.03 foreshadowed magic for Killian. So we’ll see how this storyline plays out…

And one final thing…if you need any further proof as to Davy Jones’ involvement (whether good or bad) in this plot, consider this:

In one of the filming pics from 4.09, when Emma and Elsa find Anna and Kristoff again, they appear to be coming out of a locker, which had washed ashore from the sea. When they’re walking through the town, they’re soaking wet and disoriented. Now I ask you this: do you know of anyone else whose locker is associated with the sea??? No, I didn’t think so. :-)

I’m sorry. I’m hella excited right now because I just noticed the whole Davy Jones’ locker thing. Here are the pics I’ll leave you with. (Obviously they’re not mine, since I live in LA, but I’d kill to live in Vancouver)

So, anyway…I hope this answered your question. There was a ton here because I just took your ask and started theorizing out loud around the end of it, but I think I got to the heart of what you were asking. I think. Anyway, let me know if you have any follow-up questions, or anything.

Thanks so much for the ask! :-)


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