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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

casual reminder that while the unholy trinity is by no means a good example of what a stable relationship should look like, they do portray a realistic dynamic between three very damaged people. and i no doubt believe that all three would lay down their lives for each other– regardless of circumstance. jesse, tulip, and cassidy are family, and nothing will ever change that.

According to another variation, the wolf-like beast will hunt down and kill Catholics who do not follow the rules of Lent. This coincides with the French Catholic loup-garou stories, according to which the method for turning into a werewolf is to break Lent seven years in a row. [x]” 

my feelings about actual Catholicism are weird and tangled up in family history and unpleasant school experiences, but catholic-adjacent mythology is fucking hysterical, every time.


sorceress in the stars 

who’s to say one of their campaigns didn’t take them into the stars?

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original sketch under the cut:

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Great Comet Closing

Honestly,i know I’m not the biggest Great Comet fan out there. I’m not technically in the fandom, and I haven’t been following it since it wasn’t on broadway. However, it made my cry today thinking about how no one else ( pun not intended) would see this show after sept. 3rd. This show is so magical and immersive and amazing and I hate that this show will be lost… not to mention the amazing characterizations that the actors put into their work, and how hardworking said actors are. They have to run up and down stairs, sing, dance, and play instruments all at the same time 8 times a week! How crazy is that? In conclusion to this rant, I deeply regret Great Comet closing, and I wish this could’ve been avoided.

Hogwarts girl’s dormitories not letting in FmM trans people since their first day at school (when some haven’t even realized that they are trans yet) And genderfluid folks being unable to enter their own room on some days

i would be the last person y’all would expect to hear this request from, but somebody give me a trashy / d**che white guy name, I am in need of a name for a kid you just really wanna punch in the face with a chair.


Guess who’s back? Shinee’s back~

Wait what

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In Which Archie is Stupid (Per Usual)
  • Betty: Now that we've solved Jason's murder, I kinda wonder what we're gonna do? Can't imagine going back to being "just kids"
  • Jughead: Well, I'll work on my book, you'll have cheerleading...we'll still have the Blue and Gold....and oh yeah, that "new thing" we just started with. That I can't stop thinking about. That we don't tell parents about and are apparently ridiculously good at.....
  • Archie: Heeeeyyyy!!! "New thing", huh? Sounds like fun! Can I join in?
  • Betty & Jughead: You can't sit with us

I’m getting tired of writing all these lil’ one-shots with just fluff. Honestly. I need something else. Don’t get me wrong, I love fluff. But some conflict would be appreciated too. Fluff is so easy to do.

But I have no ideas. 

‘A One Time Thing’ mini fic. Post epilogue. (Because of course Killian would coach a kid’s hockey team. Of course.) 

So this fic comes from ohmyohpioneer messaging me about seeing tiny tots playing hockey, and then it just spiraled out of control and this happened. 

So, you know. Enjoy.


It’s far from surprising when Aidan announces that he’s going to play hockey this year. 

(Because, naturally, he announces it, rather than asks.) 

He’s grown up being carted off to Killian’s games, and Henry’s; and while the men in his life get together to watch sports in general, as Killian, David, and Robin play hockey together, naturally that’s the one they’re most enthused about. 

Aidan’s also a very physical child, so it figures he’d choose a sport like hockey, as opposed to, say, golf. 

In another completely unsurprising turn of events, it is Killian who worries about it. 

“What if he gets hurt?” 

Emma rolls her eyes. 

“You play hockey. Henry plays hockey. He’s not made of glass.” 

(And while it is true—and while it is also true that Aidan is hardly a delicate flower, always wanting to roughhouse and wrestle, forever running at things and jumping off things—still, Killian worries.) 

“He’ll be fine, Killian.” 

“Of course he will,” he says after a moment. “Because I’ll be coaching.” 

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and when i look at you, the stars glow in my eyes. it’s strange, because my eyes have never held anything so warm and bright before without being burned.

Making it Official

Because my muse needed a little break from smut, have some tooth-rottingly sweet fluff!

Ten x Rose AU, ~2500 words, kid!fic

James finally gets a night alone with Rose to ask her the question he’d been burning to ask for weeks.


This was it. The big day. The day James Wilfred Noble asked Rose Marion Tyler, the love of his life, his very best friend, to marry him, and to join her little family. He was terrified.

He’d had the ring for weeks, but could never work up the nerve to actually give it to her, much to Donna’s annoyance. But now he finally had a Plan, and by the end of the evening, if everything went wonderfully, he would be engaged to the most beautiful, most perfect woman in the universe.

James had arranged everything so that they would have the night alone. Donna was going to take little Mattie along to see a production of The Lion King that a local theatre club was performing, and would keep the almost six year old – (yes, that distinction was necessary…ever since James had taught her the fundamentals of rounding numbers, the little girl insisted she “rounded up” to six, though her birthday wasn’t for another two months) – overnight to give her mum and James a bit of privacy.

“Are you excited for tonight, darling?” James asked, sliding into the booth beside Mattie with a heaping banana fudge sundae.

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