just kidding i want to travel with him everywhere

ace internalized so much negative stuff about himself that it’s insane, like. everything he did was to find a purpose, to protect the ones he loved (bc they are the only reason he is somewhat worthy of life), to be enough, to be worth it. all he ever did was to try and figure out if he deserved to be born. 

he was drowning in self hatred and yet -

god, he loved luffy so much. luffy was his whole world when they were kids. he protected luffy from garp, stood up to him, trained w him and saved him from drowning countless times. 

and even when they grew up and chose their separated paths, still he worried & cared so much about luffy. the scene of him showing luffy’s wanted poster to shirohige is just so amazing bc look at that!!! proud older bro in action!!! how he looked for luffy everywhere while he was travelling just to find him, so he could see he was okay.

im rambling but i guess what im trying to say is: ace hated himself a whole load, but in contrast he loved luffy so much - all the love he didn’t have for himself, he poured into his younger brother. and when luffy was in danger, he didn’t think twice about it.

because he loved luffy more than he ever could love himself.

Daddy Ethan would include

1) teaching your little one to skate before he or she could properly walk

2) Having a competition on what the baby will say first, mom or dad

3) coming home after work to find Ethan and your daughter napping together with Ethan wrapped around your baby girl

4) “Daddy is gonna take good care of you and Momma, I promise.”

5) him getting tattoos representing his children

6) Ethan telling you after your first baby that he doesn’t want just three anymore, he wants a whole lacrosse team

7) E and Gray competing on which baby is better

8) Grayson babysitting your kid while the two of you go out and all Ethan can talk about the baby and how much he loves both of you

9) him crying his eyes out every time you tell him that you’re pregnant

10) Lots of baby vlogs

11) E dressing your son in mini versions of his clothes

12) Camryn feeding your kids candy every two seconds when you two weren’t looking

13) Ethan taking extra time to teach his children to be the nicest they could be

14) Traveling everywhere with the kids and bringing them along to your adventurous trips

15) him looking at your daughter and saying “God you’re gonna be such a little heartbreaker, you look just like your momma. One day your gonna meet a special guy and I just hope that he loves you just as much as I love your momma.”