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I genuinely never thought I’d reach this number, I remember how excited I got back in February when I reached 50 followers, and thought I’d stay at that number. And yet more and more of y’all came and now there’s so many of you!!! Thank you for all support and encouragement, I love y’all. But you knew that already, didn’t you? e v e

without further ado, here is what i promised y’all:


(a thousand thanks to @lazy-as-swipe for making such a delicious looking layout. love u bby ♡)

Frisk and Sans will take some time to answer questions as well, so feel free to ask them things too!ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

I will open up for casual rping n v n

ok.O.kay I just finished season 9 episode 8 of how i met your mother and. And if barney and robin don’t end up getting married or jus like together in general I swear to god I’m gonna? I’m gonna throw out my tv and never trust anyone ever again

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do u have any nice blogs to recommend?? xx

helloo hi xx thank u for asking yes lets see

@farinacaro she’s a nerd whatever follow her i guess idk (i’m kidding i love her,, she is a nerd tho. and emo. sorry. love u bby)
@hometownn their blog is so pretty, and yay twenty one pilots, i just really like it
@hufflepuffperks puff pride
@ofrainbows such. pretty. blog.
@niallsthecraicdaddy i’ve been following them for ages,, 10/10 would recommend
@cryingfrompayne cutie+content what more could you ask for
@the-last-airbadger they’re into so many cool things omg
@dont-make-me-look-bad two words: fictional lesbians. a blessing.

everyone keeps changing their damn urls all the time and i can’t keep up so i probably forgot someone important, sorry for that.
now please everyone recommen me some blogs you like.

Werewolf!Taehyung as a Father

And now it is time for my love, my bby squish who’s got the cutest lil personality and a cute face to top it off, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae aka I just really really wanna give him a huge hug like just cuddle all day that’s all I want maybe some puppies a kitten here and there in the background but mainly him like we can watch anime, idk if he’s ever seen Osomatsu but I’m gonna show him Osomatsu bc my love 

  • Original werewolf!tae here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • I could see Tae having kids before marriage
  • This kid loves bbys and wants a family as soon as he feels ready (which doesn’t take too long)
  • I’d say around the three or four year mark, he’s ready to start his lil family but he completely and totally understands if you need more time
  • If you want to wait until after marriage, he’s also 100% cool with that
  • As long as he gets his lil angels, he doesn’t care when
  • He would s u c h a good father
  • He loves kids so so much and they seem to love him just as much bc he’s basically a tall 5 year old why wouldn’t they
  • But also real quick I gotta talk about this
  • The kids being featured in the wedding
  • If you’re cool with having kids before marriage, he’s obviously gotta have his bbys be involved in the wedding
  • At the time of the wedding, there’s only one lil munchkin (his first son and child)
  • He lets his son be the ring bearer, even though Jimin has to be the one that’s actually holding the pillow
  • Lil teeny tiny version of tae is a lot more interesting in running over to tae than he is about carrying a pillow that’s just as big as his body so chim has to step in and make sure he doesn’t drop it bc rings you guys need the rings that’s kinda important
  • Lil bby boy being super giggly the entire ceremony bc why is dad in a suit since when ?? like this is the same dude that wears sweats and a baggy t shirt at home what is this
  • He h a s to sit on tae’s lap during the reception he has to do it
  • He needs to be able to right in the middle of you and tae so he isn’t left out of anything
  • And of course you both have zero issues with it bc it's your bby boy
  • And when it comes time for the dancing oh boY
  • Lil bby boy is dancing his lil heart out with hobi and chim
  • He even gets Yoongi to come dance with him bc everyone’s wrapped around his lil tiny fingers
  • But rewinding to before the lil munchkin is born
  • The pack is a huge part of your life
  • Tae’s a total family man and the pack is family
  • They’re constantly in and out, especially the fellow maknaes and hobi
  • You don’t mind though bc you’re just as close with all of the boys
  • And they of course do give you your alone time with tae bc they understand sometimes couples just wanna chill together and not have other people there
  • Tae makes sure you always feel loved and never feel forgotten bc he knows that can happen sometimes when there’s such a large amount of people taking his attention
  • Date nights every single week
  • Saturday is pretty much your day, it’s rarely switched around
  • He’ll do everything from a night in watching movies and cuddling to going out to a new restaurant and spoiling you with attention
  • Affection is actually just a 25/8 thing
  • Mornings with tae more like how long can he cling onto you
  • He likes to beat his record whenever he can
  • He really really likes snuggling into you while you make your coffee or snack on something for breakfast, which you end up having to share with him or else you get a whiny tae on your hands
  • Whiny!tae is fucking cute as fuck but also like he really just only wants one bite bc he’s more than likely heading over to the pack house once you leave for work/school/anything you have planned for that day and he’ll eat breakfast there
  • He would be s o happy once you tell him you’re gonna a mini Kim pup running around
  • He tears up a lil bit but doesn’t even notice bc he’s so happy
  • He hugs you for like an hour straight and is just lowkey in shock bc wait what is this really happening rn
  • Your growing bby bump gets like a weekly photoshoot tbh
  • Any time you two go on a late night hunt for whatever you’re craving, he films a lil snippet of it
  • Saves every single ultrasound picture
  • Also, in the nursery, he frames each of them and hangs them up so you two can see the process of your lil bby growing while taking care of the end result
  • He boxes all of those lil memorabilia up bc he needs it in his life
  • Also does the same things for the other munchkins bc he’s cute like that
  • Kisses the bby bump, hugs it, is constantly touching it, all of the things
  • The first time he feels him kick, he honestly smiles for like a month afterwards
  • Tells the bby story after story after story
  • “And that’s how we met, I fell in love right away”
  • “And that my bby boy is the reason why your uncle Jungkook isn’t allowed near the kitchen sink anymore”
  • “It was the best day of my life hands down, 10/10 wish you could’ve been there”
  • Heart melts at all of the tiny things
  • His hands are huge and when he holds the itty bitty bby shoes in his hands, it’s almost comical
my very sophisticated thoughts on rogue one

so yeah obviously this is spoilery so i’ll put everything under the cut

and yeah no i lied this isn’t sophisticated at all it’s just me fangirling and screaming, mostly about darth vader

ok here we go

  • so i just watched tesb the other day and i realized that during the battle on hoth, luke was rogue leader and then it goes rogue two, three, and so on. And why is this? because there was ALREADY A ROGUE ONE
  • when you realize that prolly luke and co and rey, poe and finn will look up to the crew of rogue one
  • esp finn- like, bohdi defected from the empire!! and became a hero!!!
  • ahh everything was just so gorgeous: places, planets, ships, music, plot, people (esp that one rebel dude who looked so Flawless™ in that too -short shot as rogue 1 was landing on scarif)
  • THE CAMEOS!!!! oh my gosh yeah I had been spoiled by tumblr about bail and leia and mon mothma but R2!!! 3PO!!! and seeing tarkin was cool too i guess
  • oh man, just…
  • gah he was amazing and so morbid it was great
  • like srsly dude ur gonna build your personal castle and spa overlooking the VERY LOCATION WHERE YOU BELIEVE YOU KILLED YOUR WIFE
  • and the bacta tank was nice
  • hoo boy lemme tell you
  • i never was scared of darth vader but i sure am now
  • the way he just *clenches fist* *two rebels get choked and thrown on two others as vader casually stabs two guys through the door*
  • just beautiful
  • ok i need to stop now or else i’ll spend too much time talking about my trash king son and no one wants that (except for me who am i kidding)
  • all right so
  • the main characters were pretty cool too
  • i kinda lowkey ship rebelcaptain and highkey ship everyone with LIFE
  • like WHAT THE HECKJ *incoherent yelling*
  • *sigh* at least darth vader doesnt die…yet…
  • also krennic was pretty rad. i didn’t think he was all that bad. i mean yeah he kills people and blows up planets… actually ok yeah hes pretty bad now that i think of it. but i wouldnt turn down having a nice tea with him bc frankly there are a lot of other characters out there that havent killed or anything but i would be terrified to be near *cough* heathcliff *cough*
  • confession time: when i saw the trailers for rogue 1 i was like ‘wow i cant believe they’re trying to make another 3PO happen‘. but im so glad i was wrong bc k2 is the best. his sarcasm gives me life
  • hey did anyone else notice that when jyn and co were in the hangar on yavin iv someone was calling over the intercom thingy for general syndulla… i mean, i dont watch swrebels but i do know about the characters and isnt that hera’s last name? i heard that the Ghost and chopper were there too but i didn’t see them
  • if any sherlock fans are out there reading this did you guys see that guy who plays anderson?? he was on the council i think and it was so hilarious bc he was acting just like anderson XD he was a riot
  • kinda wish there were more ladies but who am i to complain: we got SO.MUCH.DIVERSITY.
  • i wouldve liked more diversity of accents but idk maybe most of them had british accents for reasons only star wars knows (i especially enjoyed hearing the scottish and aussie ones)
  • ok literally chirrut is my fav. everyone else can go home now
  • (except ani of course. u can stay bby)
  • ugh his sass and little smiles and his badassery was just great
  • his staff-fighting skills are WICKED
  • “are you kidding me??? im BLIND“ just priceless
  • and his praying all the time?? like, that was what got me set on loving him (im religious too)
  • ok wow this is a lot maybe i’ll write more another day but for right now i’ll stop
  • did i mention darth vader tho
  • also i laughed when he said ‘dont choke on your aspirations’ bc that is so anakin to make a pun like that but then i was sad because that is anakin
  • ugh im sad now bye
yoonmin!couple au

look at me expanding from nct dream

-yoongi is the softest thing for jimin

-the SOFTEST thing

-yoongi with holly is like yoongi with jimin 1000000000%

-heart eyes min 

-yoongi is SO in love with jimin it hurts

-he would give jimin the fucking galaxy because he knows jimin would do the same in a heartbeat

-jimin likes staying up late with yoon at the studio because he wants to make sure he isnt lonely oh my gosh

-but yoon always forces him to go home and sleep

-so on the nights jimin doesnt stay up with yoon, he msgs him every so often to check up on him instead of sleEPING AW

-yoongi doesnt always reply to them but that’s ok!

-jimin doesnt expect him to

-he knows he’s reading them anyway

-sometimes they facetime so yoongi can show jimin the songs he’s been working on

-but shh it’s just an excuse to see jimin’s pretty lil face again

-and sometimes jimin will be so tired and sleepy from practicing so hard that day

-and he’ll doze off slowly but he tries sososososososo so hard to stay up for yoongi

-but sometimes he just cant stay awake 

-yoongi never ever minds

-he loves sleepy jimin so much

-he loves seeing jimin’s eyes slowly close and dart open when he tries to stay awake and he loves how jimin’s cheeks puff out when theyre smushed up against his pillow

-it makes yoongi wanna go home and hug him ;-;

-if something reminds yoon of jimin at the store or something, he’ll buY IT FOR HIM 

-it makes jimin feel so loved and happy and blushy and aWH

-yoongi likes holding jimin’s hands more than he’d like to admit

-he likes watching their fingers intertwine aWH

-yoongi likes giving jimin smol kisses on his face and it makes minnie feel so gigglY AH

-forehead kisses

-F O R E H E A D K I S S E S

-temple kisses too aW

-jimin always feels so small with yoongi around (even tho the height difference is like non-existent bYE )

-so smol

-so safe

-jimin brings yoongi coffeE

-if yoongi cant get a part of the choreo down, he NEVER admits it but jimin always notices so he helps him out <3

-yoongi likes napping with jimin in the room

-like, min doesnt even have to sleep with him

-yoongi just likes his presence awh

-falling asleep together is just the best thing

-jimin likes burying himself in yoongi’s chest and yoongi likes playing with his hair

-and jimin draws mindless patterns on yoon’s back and they just talk about the most useless things but they wouldnt have it any other way

-yoongi likes laying his head on jimin’s lap or stomach 

-whenever yoongi lays his head on his lap, he does this thing where he closes his eyes for a few moments and the two of them just sit in silence

-and jimin cant help but stare at his face and smile his squishy smile because “god howd i get so lucky i love him so much what a lil baby i love him”

-and then yoongi opens his eyes and sees jimin smiling down at him and then a smile slowly grows on his face and it grows to the point where it meets his eyes and his eyes crinkle into half crescents and his smile is all gummy and jimin just loves him so much

-every time jimin sees yoongi he feels like some highschool kid falling in love for the first time 

-all yoongi wants to do is grow old with him honestly

-yoongi has written COUNTLESS songs about jimin but no one knows about them bc noBODY CAN KNOW HE LOVES JIMIN THIS MUCH!!1!1111

-psttt yoongi everybody already knOWS

-he’s so blatantly obvious about it

-like, tae stole my hat and is wearing it?? giVE IT BACK U BRAT

-oh jimin did the same thing? bBY BOY I LUV U SO MUCH

-subtle yoon subtle

-yoongi wants to act tough and be a man for jimin!!11!!11! but jimin melts him and he just becomes a pile of goo

-yoongi makes sure jimin eats well and isnt always focused on losing weight!!11!! getting abs for the fans!!1!!1!

-yoongi isnt about any of that bullshit smh

-does the arthur fist thing if anybody touches jimin byE

-probably snapchats each other tbh

-yoongi saves all of jimin’s selfies im calling it now


-yoongi’s lockscreen is a selfie he took while jimin was sleeping on hiM

-jimin’s lockscreen is a pic of yoongi when he fell asleep at the studio and jimin found him in the morniNG IM DEAD

-jimin takes pictures of dogs he sees on the streets and sends them to yoongi

-one time he found a stray and took it home

-he took care of it for like a month with yoongi before the boys found out

-yoon likes it a lot when jimin helps him with his songs

-like sometimes yoongi will just ask him to sing a line to hear how it sounds like

-and jimin likes helping him come up with lyrics

-but yoongi never seems to need any help bc whenever jimin’s near him, he just spews out lyrics about him <3

-yoongi has an album on his camera roll just for jimin and holly

-on shows, they always instinctively reach out for each other but they have to remember to pull back and not do something theyd regret


-yoongi wonders if theyll ever be able to be together for real one day

-but it makes him too sad to function

-jimin probably sits on yoongi’s lap when he’s in the recording studio

-by probably i mean most definitely

-i luv yoonmin but not as much as yoonmin loves yoonmin

Hello people. 

I’m so sorry if I frequently reblog and queue-ing. I’m too busy with my school works and my personal works that I can’t avoid, I want to be so active here, but it’s hard to do my works and using tumblr at the same time. It’s distracting me. 

I just want to make sure if you guys remember me. (LMAO WTF, NO JUST KIDDING GUYS. LOVE U) 

And my internet friends @gentlekingsmen @unwinnedhart @mywifeeringilbert and @allnightbooks , I’m sorry too if @mittooo and I are not active in our chat. We wanted to chat with all of you more but sadly our free time gets thinner and thinner everyday. We are really sorry, but we’ll try to talk with you all bbys someday! 😞 

And to my followers, I know I’m not posting something but reblogging and queue-ing some shit. I wish I could post something exciting, something that you all wanted to see, but I don’t know what to post LMAO. BUT I’ll try to make something omg. Just for you all 😍❤️  (Omg I’m being cheesy all of a sudden)

That is all. 

I’m sorry guys again.

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Do you talk to your mutuals? I am always so scared to talk to my mutuals first tbh. If you do, how do you do it? Idk how to begin a conversation lol. Thanks in advance loveeee ❤️

yup i talk to my mutuals, not all of them but some of them, yes! i love them v v much! i guess you just have to give it a try, say hello and try to talk about their blog or anything else. im sure they’d love talking to their sweet mutual, don’t worry about it! ive been an annoying kid and started spamming my mutuals by telling them how much i love them and now i became good friends with quite some people here on tumblr! im sure u will too :) let me have a lil shout out to a few of my bbys i talk to @negativeseparation/ @mono-bts, @chocochims/ @hugmepjm, @ii-starry-taehan, @lifelessgirll (lol i know her irl but whateva), now that i think about it, i actually have such angelic friends on tumblr ??? i love u guys so much :((( 💞💘 lmao make sure to follow those babes tho

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as a kid who was abused I really appreciate the post you just sent out. summer is always the hardest time for me because it corresponds with important dates in regards to overcoming the abuse I faced. maybe you weren't posting it for positivity reasons but It helps regardless. I hope you have a good day and I hope you can influence more people to think the way you do in terms of the shit parents don't deserve their kids rather than the kids just got dealt a shit hand.

bby this is a lovely message and i’m sorry for what you’ve gone thru. you didn’t deserve that. i think the way ppl interact w children and more to the point, raise them, really needs to be examined and changed because we’re damaging them so badly. i’m glad m’lil posts helped u love and i hope you have an amazing day

Okay since i’m close to 4k i decided to make another follow forever yaaayyy!!

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to increase your chances:

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i’ll be picking as soon as i reach 4k so yeah get reblogging, ily all (: