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His ||Jungkook|| 0.2

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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The Start of Something Crazy - Chapter 1

A/N: Ahh! Here is chapter one of the prequel for Always Mine! If you have not already read Always Mine, no worries! You DO NOT have to read that to understand this! I really hope you guys like it! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! 

P.S: I am imagining Negan looks like his Ike Evans from Magic City :)

Summary: Before the apocalypse, Katherine was a normal twenty two year old girl. That was until she met the man who would soon change her life forever.

A loud, sharp, ringing jolted her out of her deep sleep. She let out a soft groan as she pulled her blanket over her head.

“Shut up!” She groaned, covering her ears with her hands trying to block out the noise. When the ringing stopped, she slowly pulled her hands away from her ears and poked her head out from under the blanket. She quickly ducked back under however when the bright rays from the morning sun hit her eyes. She reached a hand up to rub at her aching temples.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For by evansrogerskitten

Dean x OFC Ash (me!)

The night before her 34th birthday, OFC Ash wishes her life was different. Suddenly she and the Winchester brothers are sent back in time as she figures out what, and who, she wants.

Warnings: Angst, Feels, Implied Smut, Promiscuity, Binge drinking, saying fuck a lot, Fluff, mentions of drug use, time travel. WC: 5704 On AO3

A/N: Why am I writing about myself? I’ve been going through a lot of shit lately, plus I was bummed about my birthday. So I decided to channel my stressors into this fanfic. I’m sharing this with a sensitive heart, so be nice. It’s my birthday anyways LOL This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s Ghostbusters Challenge and this is my first attempt at crack fic for @trexrambling & @wheresthekillswitch Crack Challenge. Prompts are in bold.

I sighed as my elbows spread out across the shiny wood table in the middle of the library. Half a bottle of whiskey down, and I was getting sadder with each drink. I looked up as a whistle sounded from the bunker’s kitchen. Dean came around the corner, a beer in each hand. He stopped short when he saw me with the tall green bottle front of me.

With a tilt of his head, Dean walked up the short stairs to me.

“You okay?” He asked as he handed me a beer, and then moved the whiskey bottle to the other end of the table.

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27 Dresses (Part 6)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – None

Word Count – 1,478

Notes – And the plot thickens!!  For those of you who’ve seen the movie, this part will come as no surprise, but there are a few of you that either haven’t seen it yet, or don’t remember all of it, so you may be in for a shock!!  The photo toward the end is actually my mother!  I figured a picture would be easier than trying to describe it.  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!”

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

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Originally posted by justin-ripley


“Only you would wear Captain America pajamas,” he observed as he walked toward you.  “Can you get any cuter?”

“You’re just jealous you don’t have a pair,” you teased as he pulled you into hug.

“I am jealous,” he agreed, his tone more somber than it had been a minute ago.  “You have no idea how jealous I am right now.”

“Are you okay?” you asked as you pulled away to look at him.

“I’m fine, doll,” he replied.  “You need to get some sleep.  Give me your number and I’ll check in on you tomorrow.”

You recited your number for him as he added you into his contact list.  He put his phone back in his pocket and gave you one last hug, kissing the top of your head. You walked him to the door, locking up behind him.

You sat on the couch, pulling the blanket off the back cushions and wrapping it around you.  You were still a little tipsy, so you blamed the alcohol for the steamy dreams you had of wearing the slave bikini for a dark haired man with vivid blue eyes.


The buzzing of your phone woke you up the next morning.  Your head felt like it was about to come off of your shoulders, your mouth was dry and cottony, and your stomach was making a suspicious gurgling sound.  You tried to open your eyes, but the harsh light of day was too painful for you to try to focus.  You grabbed your phone off of the coffee table and retreated under the blanket. You dimmed the screen enough that it wasn’t too painful to look at and read the text message you had just received.

“Hey doll, just wanted to check and make sure you were alive.”  

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Papers of Homelessness - Chapter 29

(This banner had been made by the awesome and amazing artist @benteja​. i am so honored that she had drawn this banner for this story. please go and show her all the love in the world that she deserves!!! \[^o^]/)


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Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Chapter 1-16

Chapter 17: Please Check the Number and Try Again

Y/n loves sweaters, she loves when they’re oversized, sleeves draping over her fingertips, the loose knit ones, hoodies, fleecy ones, the ones that keep her warm and happy. Yet despite her endless adoration for comfort, here she sits, perched on her bed and staring down the pile of black as if it’s the vilest thing in the world. In her mind it might as well be, considering it belongs to none other than Min Yoongi. It smells faintly of his spicy cologne and something so sincerely him, it makes her frown. It’s dangerously comforting.

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So FAHC Jeremy right?

Jeremy who grew up in a bad home. Jeremy who’s dad never made enough money to keep them properly afloat, but was also the kind of guy who wouldn’t let his wife work. Jeremy who had to try to be the perfect student to gain any sort of parental approval, who was no stranger to a backhanded slap if he received anything less than an A.

Jeremy who went to school hungry more often then not, who rejoiced in free school lunch programs during the school year, because that meant at least one reasonably substantial meal a day. Jeremy whose growth stunted because of childhood malnutrition. Jeremy who spent a lot of gym classes as a kid trying hard to keep up on an empty stomach.

Jeremy who graduated high school with honours and almost 20,000 dollars in scholarships and STILL had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Jeremy who had 12 hours of homework a week and worked almost 30 hours on top of classes and still lived off of 99 cent stove top ramen.

Jeremy Dooley who graduated university JUST BARELY, and with so much debt he never thought he’d pay it off. Jeremy who moved to Los Santos praying to god he’d find a job, and just ended up on the street. Jeremy who did a hell of a lot of things that he is not even kind of proud of just to survive. He spent time as a go-for for a few gangs, picking up guns and dropping off threats, who did a hell of a lot worse to keep the crews from throwing him out or beating him up (who still has nightmares sometimes about the things that they did to him when he fucked up).

Jeremy who got picked up one night by a really sweet lady after being kicked out of the last crew he was working for (and left with quite the array or cuts and bruises), tired and freezing and so hungry. He wouldn’t have been able to make it into the penthouse if it weren’t for the gentle motherly hand on his elbow the whole way up. The kind woman who tells him her name is Jack, she gets him a fluffy warm sweater and some pajama pants that he needs to roll up three times to make fit, and sets him up at the kitchen table with a bowl of hot soup and some tea, and sits with him while he eats. She asks him his name, where he’s from, just a gentle probing to get to know this kid she’s brought in. He tells her his name, and that he’s from Boston. When she gently asks if he’s worked for anyone else in the area he clears his throat and can’t look at her for a solid five minutes before he mumbles out a ‘yes’. Jack doesn’t pry, she never pries, he’ll come to learn, and he appreciates that. She just gives him a smile and, very gently and slowly, puts her hand on his shoulder, and gives it a tight squeeze, and tells him not to worry, that everyone in this house has a past they’d rather not talk about, and promises him that no one will ask after his past if he isn’t willing to come forth with it on his own. Once he’s finished eating she leads him to an empty room, tells him there’s a bathroom down the hall if we wants to shower, and pulls some clean sheets out of a linen closet and helps him make up the bed. She leaves him with a gentle goodnight another a fond smile. It’s the first time he’s ever gone to bed full.

In the following weeks he’s timid at first, ready for anything the other boys can throw at him, but not sure he’s ready for the intimacy of the household. He spends a lot of time in his room at first, the door cracked a little because the other boys keep coming to ask if he wants to play video games, or plan a heist or watch a movie with them. At first he declines, but that British Fucker with the beautiful smile eventually wins him over, so he comes out one night and sits on the couch with Gavin and Michael and Ray and watches a movie, and then another, and soon it’s four in the morning and he’s laughing along like he’s known them for years, at some point Gavin falls asleep on his shoulder and he couldn’t care less, because he’s mesmerized by how pretty he is when he’s not constantly squawking and making stupid bets. He carries Gavin to bed when they all decide to turn in, and Gav presses his stupid big nose into the crook of Jeremy’s neck and Jeremy blushes bright red whenever he sees Gav for almost a week after (Gav doesn’t tell him that he wasn’t actually asleep that night and did everything on purpose because he thought Jeremy was the cutest) 

Jeremy who falls so easily into step with the others once he lets himself, who can sit for hours across from Ryan in their little makeshift library reading in companionable silence, who can go toe to toe in a fight with Michael and win at least 50% of the time, who will sit quietly on the floor of Ray’s bedroom playing the same DS games adjacent to each other, trading tips and tricks to get through this puzzle, or to catch that pokémon. Jeremy who shyly asks Gav on a date a few weeks after that movie night and gets a peck on the cheek and an enthusiastic yes to the proposition. Who helps Jack in the kitchen at breakfast every morning, and dinner every night just like he did with his own mom when they had the resources to do it, and who has helped Geoff plan half a hundred getaway routes just in case one gets blocked off during a heist.

Jeremy who never fit in anywhere finally finding the place he belongs in and the people he missed without even knowing they existed.

{ fluffmas prompts // #21 with alexander }

note: (S/N) stands for sibling name. thank you to the anon who requested it. hope you like it!

21 - meeting the family! 

“Alex,” You remember the conversation like it was yesterday. You were eating breakfast together–just another day in the apartment–when you finally mustered up the courage to ask him. 

“Mm?” He didn’t look up from the article he was reading on his phone, but you knew he was listening. 

“My parents invited me over for dinner on Christmas Eve. D-Did you want to come with me?” You bit your lip. “Maybe meet … them?” You finished, your voice raising slightly. 

He looked up at you, clearly surprised at the proposition. 

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Light a Candle in the Window

(A “Foundations” Christmas Special)


“Foundations” Series: Part one, two, three (you’ll want to read these first if you want to get the universe we’re in)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Everything else in your lives may change, but Christmas will always be on December 25, and he will always want to spend it with you. 

Note: This is 100% @letsgiggletogether‘s fault. BASICALLY we made a deal and to get her to write the super adorable fluffy thing she’s posting right now (it’s literally so beautiful i’m going to be crying about it for the rest of my life GO READ IT FIRST BECAUSE IT’S BETTER AND SO AMAZING) I had to agree to write this garbage. (lmao remember when I was done with the foundations-verse??? WE’RE BACK KIDS WATCH OUT IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE)

ps this is somehow both a prequel and a sequel and i apologize

Word Count: 3,088


Your family had always been something of a mess.

Sasha, you twin sister, was probably (definitely) the most put together of all of you. Your mother hadn’t been the same since your dad had passed away, and it had fallen to the two of you to make sure that she took care of herself. The holidays were particularly difficult to get through.

For the longest time, all any of you had was each other, three strong (if somewhat broken) women, trying to find joy in anything they could.

Your mom didn’t like December. Your dad had passed away in December.

She always collapsed into herself for the entire month, so you and Sasha would take on the responsibility of taking care of her. You always came home for the holidays, making sure she had food (Sasha’s job) and getting her out of the house (your job). It was a routine, a scheduled family rough-patch each and every year where you’d spend Christmas in her small apartment and try to pretend that you weren’t just trying to get through the goddamn day.

When Lin first came into your life, it all started changing.

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deathbycaptainswan  asked:

Heyy! I dont know if your taking prompts right now but i really love your fics and would like to know if you can write a smutty fic of Killian noticing Emma's flowery shirts which ive seen on the show are pretty :)

Thank you!! Gonna try to get this one done quickly. Clothes porn? Clothing kink? Height differences???? Puns????????? Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He’s used to her in leather. He likes the leather, he likes that in this simple way they are once more kindred spirits. He likes her sweaters – though he likes her more without, for when he peels the warm cloth from her body she never fails to tuck her body against his, claiming, “It’s fucking cold, Killian.”

He loves her trousers, the nigh-obscene way they cling to her legs and her shapely hips, and the boots that reach for her knees and give her enough height so that he doesn’t have to quite bend in two to kiss her.

(Though he loves her, too, in her stocking feet, when she allows herself to feel vulnerable and their bodies fit together perfectly – her head on his shoulder, tucked just under his chin.)

But there’s been a change recently, and one he’s not entirely opposed to.

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Before the Fall - Part 6

Originally posted by awesomepsychostyleus


Part 5

Summary: Before he was known as the Joker, he was Jack. Just a normal man, who fell in love with his bosses daughter. After being caught, he’s thrown onto the path of madness and has no choice but to become the clown prince of crime.

A/N: Sorry for how long it took me to finish this X3 Work has been crazy lately so I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on writing stuff. But here it is! We’re getting so close to the actual “Fall” and I’m so excited~Sorry about the filler chapters but I don’t want to go jumping right into it!

Pairing: Normal!Joker x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Your father was a cruel man, he was showing his true colours to you everyday that he kept you locked away. The only real interaction you received was from a man your father had assigned to look after you. Or rather assigned to guard you. Although, you were grateful for the man he had chosen. Jonny Frost. He was a man who had actually been close to Jack and it seemed like he was the only one who was sympathetic for how you were feeling. Around him you didn’t really have to pretend, it was refreshing.

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Let Me Help - Part Two

Part One

Summary: You and Sam learn more about each other, with some unwanted help from your sorority sister Charlotte

Words: 1,103

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Charlotte is biphobic and also just a bitch, mentions of previous sexual encounters

Your name: submit What is this?

“Holy shit,” Sam breathed, and you huffed a laugh in agreement, “Why didn’t Ellen tell us she had another kid?”

“I was really young when Dad died,” you shrugged, “Mom sent me off to boarding school as soon as I was old enough. Jo was already sort of into the life, but they didn’t want me to get dragged into it too.”

Sam nodded, his eyelids feeling heavy, “How come you know about hunting, then?”

“I know about monsters and how to beat them, so if it comes to it, I can protect myself,” you explained, “But I don’t actively go looking for them. Mom would kill me if I did.”

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I needed Philkas fluff so I wrote some for myself 👏🏼😤 and I’ve decided to share the wealth

• Philip hates the cold. Like, really hates it. He tries to stay out of it as much as possible and wears thick jackets when he can’t avoid it. So one day when he’s slept over at Lukas’s after a midnight booty call and Lukas has to do some chores on the farm, he offers to go with.
“Can I borrow a jacket?” He asks, already sniffling from the cold air coming in from the open window.
“Ah, yeah,” Lukas nods, rummaging through his closet for his warmest one. He pulls it out: a denim jacket with a thick wool lining.
“Thanks.” Philip shrugs it on and cuddles up in it. It fits him around the middle just fine, but the sleeves reach almost to his fingertips. He rolls them up to his wrists and looks up at Lukas. “We going?”
Lukas nods, fighting a blush. We almost wishes that Philip would have just kept the sleeves as they were. The term “boyfriend shirt” flashes across his mind briefly, and he can’t help blushing now. When Philip asks about it, he blames it on the cold.
• The first time Lukas meets Philip’s mom, it’s an accident.
She’s standing outside the Caldwell-Torrence house smoking a cigarette. She’s been making slow but steady progress in rehab, and the court has granted her a visit with Philip. Of course Gabe and Helen had wanted to supervise, so she’d come out to the country for him.
Lukas was not informed of this. He guesses that Philip had only recently found this out too, which is why he hadn’t told him. He came over to ask if Philip wanted to go for a ride, which was just sort of an excuse to drive out onto the woods and make out a little. Maybe talk about their lives and share a bottle of whiskey.
He startles when he sees the slight woman wavering on the porch like she’d be blown over by the wind at any moment. And, because she bears little resemblance to Philip himself, Lukas figures she must be some guest of his foster parents’. He walks up the steps and gives her a polite nod, rapping sharply on the door. As he bounces on his toes, eager to be invited in from the cold, the small woman wanders over to him and flashes a warm smile.
“Hi,” Lukas says, eyes flicking back to the door for a moment.
“Hi.” she parrots, finishing her cigarette and stamping it out under her boot. “You must be one of my son’s friends, right?”
Lukas’s eyes widen. “Your so - you mean, you’re Philip’s…”
She extends her hand. “Mother, yes. Nice to meet you…?”
“Lukas.” He responds, pulling his hand from inside of his pocket to meet hers. Then he remembers that Philip said he’d told his mother about him and continues stuttering. “I’m his - well, uh, I guess you know. I was just coming over to see him, I didn’t know you were going to be here.”
“Yes, Gabe and Helen wanted it to be a surprise. I just slipped out for a quick smoke while Helen called out for pizza.” She tucks her sweater more tightly about her, and Lukas softens at the fact that she seems to be as affected by the cold as Philip is.
Speak of the devil; the door finally swings open and there he is, floppy-haired and bright-eyed as he looks out in alarm at the sight of his mother and his boyfriend seeming to be having a casual chat on his doorstep.
“Mom,” he says, shutting the door behind him and joining the two. “Hey. This is, uh, Lukas.” He jerks his chin onwards the taller boy, who reaches out to rub his arm for warmth.
“Yeah, we just met.” She grins, leaning in towards her son and giving him a gentle elbow nudge. “I like this one.”
He looks from his mother up to his boyfriend and allows himself a shy smile.
“I do too.”
• Sometimes Philip brings his camera with him when he and Lukas hang out. He’s always taking pictures when Lukas least expects it, and won’t show him no matter how much Lukas pesters him to. One time, when Philip is downstairs getting them drinks, Lukas decides to feel around underneath Philip’s bed. Every guy hides his porn and stuff under there, right? Lukas is just curious…
He stumbles upon a shoebox. Bingo. He slides it out and tugs it up onto his lap, carefully unfolding the flaps to reveal…
“Envelopes?” Lukas frowns, turning them over to see that they’re pictures developed from their local drugstore. He opens the first one, not even knowing what to expect. Nature? Bike tricks? But why would he need to hide those away?
The first picture he finds is one of himself - leaning against his bike with his helmet tucked under his arm. He’s looking off into the tree line, seeming to be laughing at something Philip had said.
He’s never seen a picture of himself like that - not stiffly smiling for the camera or posed at all - just enjoying the moment and being captured within it.
The next one was shot from a bit closer up. He was looking straight at the lens, though didn’t seem to know he was being photographed. Checking again, he sees that he was actually looking a bit above the lens at the photographer. He remembers this day. He and Philip were sitting on the dock eating lunch, their feet idly splashing in the water. He’d looked up in the middle of a story about how this kid in his class had hurled during the pregnancy video in health class last year and there was Philip with his camera. He snapped a quick shot and darted away from Lukas when he’d tried to grab at him, ending up pushing him in the lake with Philip yelping and holding his camera high above his head as his legs were submerged in icy water. They’d gone back to Lukas’s house after that, Philip calling him an asshole as Lukas tried to make up for it by lending him dry sweatpants and warming up his feet with his own.
Lukas begins quickly flicking through the rest of the envelope and they’re all pictures of him. At the farm. At the station. On the bus. One of him during class with a cocked eyebrow and a raised middle finger that makes him laugh.
Philip comes back, propping the door open with his hip. He shifts the coke cans and bag of potato chips to one arm as he uses the other to shut the door. Lukas tries and fails to hide what he’s looking at, but Philip’s cheeks tinge pink and Lukas knows he’s been caught.
“What are you doing!?” Philip yelps, scrambling to set aside the snacks on his way to snatch the pictures from Lukas. Lukas smirks, pulling Philip down on top of him when he gets close enough. Philip begins to protest until Lukas’s arms snake around his waist, roping him in for a long, slow kiss. Philip defeatedly bunches his fists into Lukas’s T-shirt, enjoying the feeling for now until he gets the chance to chew him out for snooping.
It won’t do any good in deterring him, though. Because even as they kiss, Lukas is sneaking a picture Philip took smiling next to Lukas’s sleeping face into his inner jacket pocket.
• For some reason Philip gets really flustered whenever Lukas randomly picks him wildflowers on their walks, so on their first anniversary, Lukas buys him a bouquet of roses.
He’s never seen Philip smile so wide.
• Oh yeah, they go on walks. Usually deep in the forest, where they can hold hands and spill their guts to each other, quietly treading on leaves and pine needles.
• Lukas gets sick in the middle of flu season. He’s basically bedridden, unable to eat solid foods due to his sore throat and huddled up with a pack of tissues that make the tip of his nose red and raw. He texts Philip that he won’t be able to hang out today and flops back onto his pillow, falling asleep almost instantly.
He wakes up to a bed clean of old tissues and a box of new lotion ones, wondering vaguely in his sleep-hazed mind what small woodland creature had come in and done this. Said small creature appears in the form of his boyfriend, carrying a bowl of hot soup and smiling softly.
“Good. You’re awake. You should eat this.” He squats next to the bed and blows on a spoonful gently, raising it to Lukas’s lips. He takes it into his mouth tentatively and is pleased to find that it is clam chowder, his favorite. He eagerly finishes the bowl with Philip’s help and blows his nose a few dozen times before becoming sleepy again. Philip pats his head and tells him to rest, that he’ll be back in the morning. As he kisses Lukas’s forehead goodnight, he swears he hears a half-asleep Lukas mumble,
“I love you.”
• Philip seems to be using up more money than necessary for lunch every day. When questioned, he definitely doesn’t tell Gabe that he and Lukas are stockpiling for a trip to the city.
He and Helen find out after minimal detective work, saying nothing when he says he’ll be spending the night at a friend’s house the next weekend.

Bad Influence

{Do you take requests? If so could you write a smut about it being lukes birthday and he gets a lap dance from someone and you get jealous and go all sub¡luke???} <– I changed the request a little

{could you write a smut where youre at your aunties bbq and luke is there as he lives next door,youve never met him and he realises you dont really want to be there so you sneak over to his and it escalates into intense sex? Please :)}

So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone on this one. I hope you guys like it. c:

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Graduation/ Love isn't always enough

Quick AN: I’m not used to writing in second person so there shouldn’t be any ‘I’ or ‘me’ in this. Hopefully I didn’t miss any of them. Haha


You’ve begun to learn more and more that love isn’t always enough. You need more than love to make a relationship work. You need more than love to push through those hard days at work. There’s commitment, responsibilities..a list of other things you need to make it through. When you start to lose those pieces? Everything begins to fall apart.

When Shawn and you first began dating love seemed to be everything. You two weren’t necessarily blinded by it, but you fell so quickly it felt as if it would never go away.

Now, over a year later, you had begun to realize when times get hard the one thing that had started your relationship was lost.

How is someone suppose to know how to have a healthy relationship, yet alone see each other enough when one of us is so busy?

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Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I will have another part to asylum done by this coming Wednesday hopefully!! I’M SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT I HIT A SLUMP!!! Hopefully this makes up for it :( I’m starting a new story along with asylum, this story just randomly popped in my head yesterday and I have read other stories similar to this! I hope you will enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed ❤️

Genre- high school au, fluff (smut in other parts)

Word count- 2161

Pairing- Jung Hoseok x Reader

You hear your alarm blaring through your phone speakers, you huff, rolling over to inspect how much time left you have to be lazy but not look like trash for school.

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When You’re Gone

I wanted to do something a little different so I wrote Bechloe! And it features their lovely future aca-child, Emily :)

Imagine your OTP sending their kid(s) off to camp. Who gives them a hug before they go? Who pesters the kid to make sure they’ve packed absolutely everything they need? Who cries when they leave? Who worries about them after they’ve gone?

“Em, seriously?” Beca sighed as she leaned down to pick up yet another abandoned t-shirt, the brunette easily folding it with a roll of her eyes. “Little dude, you’re going to a music camp, you don’t need to look all fancy.”

“It’s a big deal, Mom,” Emily huffed as she poked her head from her closet, her brows furrowing as she looked at the woman. “I-It’s nine days of intense vocal training, insane choreographed routines, and more cardio then Aunt Aubrey could dream of.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Beca chuckled. “So I’ve heard.”

“Emily,” Chloe called as she walked into her daughter’s bedroom, her brows dipping as she looked around the destroyed bedroom. “Sweetheart, what are you doing? We’ve gotta leave for the airport in fifteen minutes.”

“I’m looking for the shirt Aunt Stacie bought me, it’s good luck.” Emily mumbled as she dove back into the closet, materials flying over her head as she dug through her things. “I can’t leave without it.”

“Em, I packed that three days go,” Chloe reminded her with a shake of her head as she moved to collect the thrown shirts and shorts. “Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of. I promise. Go get your shoes on, okay?”

Emily stood from the closet and frowned slightly before giving a small nod as she lumbered out of the room, her rapidly growing form stumbling before she turned to shoot her mothers a lopsided grin before vanishing.

“I think somebody is a little nervous,” Beca noted as she looked to her wife a look of amusement, Chloe snorting before nodding in agreement. “I don’t think she’s the only one though…”

Chloe paused, “What are you talking about?”

“You’ve packed and repacked her suitcase four times, you’ve called Cynthia Rose at least eight times to ask her questions about the camp, and I heard you sneak out of bed last night.” Beca smirked. “You’re freaking out, aren’t you?”

“She’s going to be across the country, Beca!” Chloe exclaimed, her cheeks darkening to match the color of her hair. “I think that warrants a little bit of a freak out. She’s only thirteen. Are you sure she’s ready for this?”

“What? Chlo, of course she is. She’s been counting down the days.” Beca scoffed as she moved towards the redhead, twining her arms around her trim waist. “You and I have been counting them down too, remember?”

“No, you’ve been counting them down,” Chloe mumbled with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey, I’m gonna miss the kid like crazy but it’ll be nice to have some time with my wife.” Beca shrugged, Chloe rolling her eyes before dropping a kiss to her lips. “She’s going to be okay, she’ll have a great time.”

“She may have a great time, but it’s going to be weird not having her around,” Chloe noted with a small, defeated sigh. “She’s gone to sleep away camp, but that was only for two days. This is almost two weeks.”

Beca smiled sympathetically before giving Chloe a small squeeze, “She’s gonna do great, alright? Cynthia Rose will keep an eye on her and in eleven days she’ll be right back here where she belongs.”

Chloe hesitated before finally smiling softly, “You’re right.”

“Haven’t you learned that I’m always right, Mrs. Mitchell?” Beca teased.


The whirl of the tires cruised easily through the familiar streets of LA, Chloe glancing towards her wife who was focusing on the road while shooting occasional glances towards the rearview mirror to steal glances of their daughter.

Chloe could see the dread flickering over Beca’s face as they neared the airport and she couldn’t help but bask in the fact that she wasn’t the only one terrified by the idea of shipping Emily off to New York.

“You packed a few sweaters, right?” Beca asked as she reached out to turn down the radio, her mix falling away to background noise. “And did you bring your phone charger? Your mom and I expect a call at least once a day.”

“Mom, I already went through the check list with ma,” Emily whined with a slight pout. “Ma packed me a few sweaters, an extra phone charger, and a new battery in case the one in my phone mysteriously stops working.”

“You can’t be too prepared.” Chloe shrugged once she caught sight of Beca’s amused smile. “I want to make sure that she has everything.”

“I’m going to be fine,” Emily sighed as she gave a dramatic roll of her eyes. “I’m gonna be with hundreds of other kids so if my phone somehow stops working then I’ll be able to use theirs. Plus, Jake is gonna be there.”

“Jake?” Beca snorted. “Is that supposed to comfort me?”

“Beca,” Chloe said, the warning clear in her tone as she shot her wife a glare causing the woman to release a long sigh before tightening her fist around the steering wheel. “I’m glad that Jake is going to be there, Em.”

Beca couldn’t help but shake her head at the idea of Stacie and Aubrey’s son being with her daughter for two weeks; it was bad enough his hormones had led him to kiss Emily last month, but the idea of them alone together terrified her.

“You just make sure to remind that kid that I will know if anything happens,” Beca grumbled as she turned into the airport. “I expect him to keep his hands to himself and his lips better stay far, far away from yours.”

“Mom,” Emily whined, a blush brightening her cheeks.

“Leave her alone.” Chloe scolded as Beca drove into the parking lot, the brunette pouting slightly as she pulled to a stop before the pair glanced towards their daughter. “You ready to go, baby?”

Emily beamed before nodding happily, “So ready.”


Beca glanced over her shoulder to watch as Stacie and Aubrey fussed over their fourteen-year-old son, the woman rolling her eyes before she turned to catch sight of her wife doing the same with Emily.

Chloe licked her thumb before smudging it across a supposed stain on Emily’s cheek, the teenager whining as she shoved at her mother’s hand while cringing away as the redhead reached for her once more.

“Ma, stop!”

“I think you missed a spot, Chlo.” Beca smirked as she moved towards the pair before licking her own thumb and playfully rubbing at one of Emily’s cheeks. “Jeez, Em, when was the last time you took a bath?”

“Apparently right now,” Emily mumbled as she swatted at both Beca and Chloe’s hands before narrowing her eyes at the pair. “Can you two stop already? It’s gonna be great. Like, super great. It’ll be fun.”

“For what I paid, it better be the best time you’ve ever had.” Beca scoffed before grunting as Chloe’s elbow made contact with her side, the brunette rubbing at her aching ribs. “I’m just kidding!”

“Just remember that you’re perfect the way you are,” Chloe ordered as she fidgeted with the lapels of Emily’s jacket, the woman clearing her throat. “Don’t let anyone tell you different, okay? You have so much talent to offer, Em.”

“Thanks, Ma.” Emily whispered as she wrapped her arms around Chloe, the taller woman falling into her daughter’s embrace as she pressed a loving kiss to her head. “You gonna be okay without me?”

“Okay? Ha. She’s going to fall apart.” Beca teased.

“Would you like another elbow to the ribs, babe?” Chloe asked in a sickeningly sweet tone, the woman drawing away from her daughter as she glared towards her frowning wife. “That’s what I thought.”

“Your mom is right though, you’re gonna be the most talented there. Don’t let a single nerd tell you that you’re not.” Beca ordered as she stepped towards her daughter, her arms curling around her lanky form.

Beca swallowed hard when she felt Emily’s arms twine easily around her body, the brunette releasing a shuddering sigh as she squeezed her eyes shut; apparently sending her daughter off to New York was harder than she had planned for it to be.

Squeezing the teenager to her, Beca tried to remind herself that it was only eleven days and then her kid would be back in the safety of her home; releasing Emily, Beca stepped back and forced a smile.

“Be good, alright?” Chloe murmured as she brushed a strand of her daughter’s hair from her face, cupping a hand under her chin. “Remember your manners and treat everyone with respect, even if they don’t show you any. Be the bigger person.”

“I know, Ma.” Emily sighed.

“And remember that we love you, okay?” Chloe added in after a beat of silence, the redhead dropping continuous kisses to Emily’s forehead till she whined in annoyance. “We’re going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you guys too,” Emily assured them with a lopsided smile before she noticed Jake making his way towards him, the brunette scooping up her luggage. “Try not to miss me too much, okay?”

“It’ll be a struggle, but we’ll make do.” Beca chuckled. “We love you, Em.”

“Love you guys.” Emily chirped.

Chloe whimpered as she stepped forward to gather her daughter in one last bone crushing hug before the teenager squirmed her way free and followed behind Jake, Aubrey and Stacie joining the couple as they watched their kids walk away.

Emily paused a few feet away and glanced over her shoulder, Beca lifting her hand for a small wave before the teenager gave a nod and once again turned to walk towards the security area where both she and Jake disappeared.

“Do you think it’d be weird for us to show up at the camp tomorrow? Maybe Cynthia Rose could use some help?” Stacie suggested as she glanced towards her wife with a hopeful expression, Aubrey lifting an eyebrow slowly. “No?”

“He needs some space, this will be good for him.” Aubrey assured the woman as she rubbed comfortingly at the brunette’s back before looking to Chloe and Beca. “At least we have two more at home to keep us occupied.”

“Hey, Emily is definitely enough for us. More than enough.” Beca scoffed with a quick shrug of her shoulders before folding her arms over her chest. “Let’s be honest, no kid is gonna be able to top her. She’s perfect.”

“I miss her.” Chloe whispered, her lower lip quivering.

Beca chuckled softly as she looked to her wife and caught sight of her tearfilled blue eyes, the brunette reaching out to intertwine their fingers before giving her hand a small squeeze as she looked back to Aubrey.

“Think we can borrow one of your kids for a few days?” Beca asked.


“I wish parents could actually go out and see them perform on the last night,” Beca muttered as she stripped back her bedsheets. “It’s kind of weird that we’re not allowed, right? We should talk to CR about that.”

“Becs, we get a DVD of the performance,” Chloe reminded her as she walked from the bathroom with her toothbrush in her hand. “Cynthia Rose said it puts too much pressure on the kids for parents to fly out to see them perform.”

“I think it’s lame. Maybe I want to make my kid nervous. She needs to be at top of her game at all times.” Beca smirked before catching Chloe’s stare, the older woman arching an eyebrow at her. “Kidding.”

“She’s going to be fine,” Chloe assured her as she tucked her toothbrush into her mouth.

“Says you.” Beca grumbled. “The longest she’s been away from us is four days, Chlo. What if she gets scared or upset? It’s not like we’re going to be able to be there to comfort her, we’re thousands of miles away.”

“Beca,” Chloe sighed, her words muffled by her toothpaste. “She’ll be okay.”

“Weren’t you crying earlier today about her leaving?” Beca pointed out as she dropped onto the bed, the brunette tucking her legs under the comforter. “I’m just saying, we’re far away from her and it’s weird.”

Chloe rolled her eyes before turning to walk back towards the bathroom, Beca laying back in bed and twiddling her thumbs as she stared at the bathroom doorway before her wife appeared with a small smile.

“You’re so cute when you worry.” Chloe teased as she pressed a knee to the bed before leaning over to drop a kiss to Beca’s forehead, lingering for a moment. “Our daughter is going to be so wrapped up in music that she won’t have time to miss us.”

“Well, that’s not a very comforting thought.” Beca scoffed.

Giggling, Chloe scrambled into the bedsheets before her phone chirped, the redhead reaching for her iPhone and grinning happily as she opened the picture message that her daughter had sent her.

“Moms, having a great time already. Miss and love you.” Chloe recited.

“Lemme see.” Beca ordered as she reached for the phone.

Beca chuckled at the sight of her daughter smiling brightly from her place in front of the building she would be stuck in for the next ten days; it warmed her heart to see the excitement sparkling in Emily’s eyes, the happiness clear on her face.

“She looks so happy.” Beca noted.

“She is. She’s wanted to do this for a long time.” Chloe reminded her as she pulled the phone from Beca’s grasp before typing out a reply to their daughter. “She’s going to do great, and she’s going to have an awesome time.”

“I still miss her.” Beca sighed.

“I miss her, too.” Chloe assured her as she set her phone on her bedside table before laying back in bed, snuggling closer to her wife. “Just eleven days and she’ll be back. We can do that, right?”

“I’d say yes, but I think I’d be lying.” Beca chuckled as she rolled into Chloe’s embrace, nudging their noses together. “You know, it’s not too late, we can take that trip to New York that you’ve been…”

“Goodnight, Beca.” Chloe giggled.

“Okay. Fine. I get it.” Beca grumbled, silence surrounding them for a beat. “We should call Cynthia Rose tomorrow.”

“No.” Chloe yawned.

“…what if we FaceTimed her tomorrow?” Beca offered.

“We’ll see.”

“We’ll see? I can live with that.” Beca nodded as she settled back against her pillows, Chloe’s head tucking comfortably underneath her chin as the brunette smiled lightly. “Goodnight, Chlo.”

Exterior Decorating

for @gameofshipschallenges ‘Until Hell Freezes Over’

Author: @myrish-lace-love
Ship(s): Jon Snow/Sansa Stark
Trigger Warning(s) if applicable: N/A
Brief Summary: Sansa loves decorating for the holidays. Jon Snow, Robb’s best friend, does too, and they manage to spend some time alone together during Christmas, even with the boisterous Stark family around.

Sansa hopped off the ladder, admiring her handiwork. The twinkling Christmas lights made the Stark home look magical, an enchanted house, ready for joy. Sansa loved every part of decorating for Christmas, from stringing lights to trimming the tree. She got sentimental hanging ornaments, and Bran and Arya called a brief truce from their epic snow battle later that afternoon to come watch.

“Here we go,” Arya said as Sansa lifted the dainty glass swan. “She’s gonna cry. Ten second countdown.” The swan had been a gift from her grandmother. Sansa remembered her gentle voice singing her to sleep as she carefully nestled the bird in the branches. “Five seconds,” Bran said. They were smiling at her. Sansa wiped her eyes. “Hush, you two. Don’t you have a snowball fight to win?”

“Yeah, it looks like Rickon’s building a stockpile out there,” Jon said as he shook his boots off at the door.

“Race you!” Arya and Bran sprinted outside.

“Hi, Sansa.” Jon’s face was red from the cold, and his hair was longer than she remembered from last Christmas. He was wearing a dark red sweater and jeans. “You look nice.” Sansa wondered if Jon would ever learn to compliment a girl without blushing. Not that she minded. She’d put more thought than she cared to admit into choosing her outfit: a fitted grey sweater with a dusting of clear sequins paired with black pants.

Jon hung up his checkered scarf in the closet. “You left some lights for us to put up, right?”

“Of course. Let’s check out the garage.”

Jon liked decorating as much as she did. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t wax poetic about it, but Jon came to visit regularly, and during the holidays she’d see him in the driveway at night after he thought everyone was asleep, gazing at the lights, and smiling. He’d caught her peeking from her curtain last year, and ducked his head.

Sansa insisted on having the entire house lit up, not just the front, but in the back, too, just like her family was filled with love all the way around. Arya had gagged when she’d called it “filling the home with the light of the season.” But it made her a little sad to see other houses where the lights stopped as soon as the neighbors across the street couldn’t see them anymore. To her, the whole house should brim with joy. Her father grumbled about the cost, but Sansa got her way. The past few years, Jon had been her partner in crime, helping her dress up the backyard with rows of white and multi-colored Christmas lights.

Sansa and Jon rummaged through the bins to check for extension cords in the attached garage off the entryway. They’d gotten caught in the cold last year with only a few feet of lights left to go. Sansa sighed. “I think I used them all installing the snowflakes in the front windows.”

Jon sat back on his heels. “We’ll need to go get a few more. Up for a drive?”

Sansa regretted her responsible nature as she answered. “We should probably offer to take the kids. They’ll be swarming the kitchen soon and I think Mom would appreciate the break.” Jon nodded and poked his head back in the house.

“Mrs. Stark, we’ll be back in a few minutes, we need to grab a few things at the hardware store. Would you like us to bring the kids?” Jon still tiptoed around her mother, and not without reason. Catelyn Stark hadn’t offered a warm welcome to Jon when Robb brought home in the sixth grade and announced him as his best friend. At that moment, though, with Arya and Rickon and Bran likely to traipse snow into the house after their snowball fight, she looked relieved. “All right. Thank you, Jon.” Jon hollered out just as Arya was about to slip a snowball into Bran’s coat. Arya dropped the snowball and beat Bran and Rickon to the car.

“Shotgun!” Arya whipped around to the front door of the van.

“Arya, you don’t even know where we’re going.”

“Who cares?” Arya grinned. Sansa settled herself in the back of the silver minivan with Bran and Rickon.

“Where are we headed, anyway?” Bran was curious.

Sansa suppressed a smile. “Home Depot.”

“Man, we gave up on Bran making us hot chocolate for a trip to the hardware store?” Arya slumped in her seat.

“Why was Bran going to make you hot chocolate?”

“Because Rickon and I pummeled his snow fort.” Ayra high-fived Rickon. At four years old, Rickon just managed to reach up and smack Arya’s hand.

“Though you did fall for my moat trick.” Sansa had to strain to hear Bran in the back.

“He’s not wrong. I’m still scraping leaves off my shoes,” Arya muttered.

“We’re here.” Jon pulled into a parking space, and they all tumbled into the store. Huge glass ornaments hung from ceiling, and every time the sliding doors opened, Sansa could smell fresh-cut pine from the trees and wreaths for sale outside. Holiday music blared over the tinny speakers.

“Electric’s in aisle three.” Jon was about to head off when Sansa gasped. There, in the storefront display window, was a six-foot tall prancing reindeer, curly antlers and all, glittering amidst cotton snow.

“Jon, look, it’s Rudolph!” She hadn’t realized she’d taken Jon’s arm.

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panickingatthediscowfabkilljoys  asked:

Your ideas for Black Panther were amazing!! Btw my name Annika, one letter difference with the name you have the oldest bodyguard! You are wonderful


But wait. There’s more.

  • I know that in canon, T’Challa treats his young bodyguards like daughters, but on the flip side consider:
  • As more women join the Dora Milaje, they kind of follow Aunika’s lead. Which is how T’Challa gets about 30 women, aged 13 to 25, all treating him like their small son.
  • “Look at you! So handsome! Have a good day, sweetie!”
  • “My king! Did you pack a sweater? Where’s the big woolly scarf Onia knitted you?”
  • “I packed you a lunch, T’Challa. And I did cut the crusts off your sandwich.”
  • T’Challa is totally mystified, because he’s older than literally all of them. The worst offender is Onia, because she’s 13, five foot nothing, and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. She has to stand on a stool to give him a forehead kiss before he goes off to meet with the legislators (and she does). She has a pic of him in her wallet. She openly refers to him as her smol son.
  • T’Challa is always two seconds away from spontaneous combustion from embarrassment. He brings Onia along with him to missions anyway.
  • No one knows how old Aunika really is. If anyone asks, she says she’s 113 years old. And obviously she’s not 113 years old, but if you get her talking about her childhood it doesn’t seem implausible. Aunika has seen so much in her lifetime.
  • When T’Challa can’t go on adventures with the Avengers, he sends one of his bodyguards. After a few times, he just sends Nakia to fill in for him. Not because she can represent him necessarily better than any of the others, but because the Avengers request her by name.
  • (She is so good at Super Smash Bros omg!)
  • Okay, so from what I read, the different tribes of Wakanda would send girls to be part of the Dora Milaje, kind of like representatives for that tribe, in the hopes that the king would pick your tribe’s rep as a wife. That’s, like, extra representation AND bragging rights. I like to imagine all the different tribes throwing together beauty pageants to pick out the loveliest bodyguard-to-be, but instead of a swimsuit part of the pageants, there’s a mixed martial arts tourney in the middle. And you would think it would get really heated and vicious, but really when a winner is picked all the girls cry and hug and exchange email addresses and the winner wants to serve her tribe and bring honor to her little corner of Wakanda, but she also hates to leave behind her corner of Wakanda, ya feel? And it’s super bittersweet, and it’s kind of scary, but that’s the way it goes.
  • We all love Aunika and Nakia, but also remember there’s, like, 28 other bodyguards. 
    • We already met Onia a little. She is smol but powerful. She got picked to go because she’s very sweet and chatty.
    • Nomsa is the next youngest in age, clocking in at 15. You know that one kid in middle school who went through a dinosaur phase? Nomsa never grew out of her dinosaur phase. She has an encyclopedic understanding of pre human Earth.
    • Thandiswa didn’t win her tribe’s beauty/martial arts pageant. She just kind of packed an overnight bag and showed up at the royal palace like, “Whatup I got a big sock.” (It’s a novelty duffel and she is crazy proud of it. Her mom made it for her. It’s the most ridiculous thing she owns.)This is kind of confusing because the rightful representative from Thandiswa’s tribe is
    • Lulama, and it gets more confusing because Lulama never intended to win? Like, she went and got in on the pageant at home because everyone was doing it. And she’s all about serving the king, yadda yadda, but she feels a little bit like an imposter the whole time. There’s this nagging feeling that she shouldn’t be here that she just. Can’t. Shake. She gets homesick within five minutes of living at the palace, and she cries at night, and she just wants to give up but she hates to disappoint anyone. Luckily, someone helps pull her out of her slump, which brings us to
    • Majobo. Majobo is a bright beacon of love and light, which is ironic because she just wants to fight everyone all the time. She is one of the most ambitious assholes in the Dora Milaje ensemble. She wanted to be here, and now she’s here. She sweated, bled and wept to get where she is. Someone scolded her mother once because they thought Majobo was an irreverent snot, so she memorized the Quran. The whole thing. That’s the kind of person Majobo is.
    • Ntombifikile is a treasure. When she arrived at the palace, T’Challa got an email from her home tribe. He opened it up, and all it said was, “She’s your problem now. :)” The decision to send her to the palace was mostly political, tbh. Her father is a major mover and shaker in the community, but he’s also a giant asshole. His daughter is ten times worse. She would not only lobby for major social reform, but she would do it while wrestling a bear. And then she’ll smoke a cigarette afterward. Ntombifikile and Majobo have a lot in common, and they don’t get along at all.
    • Lerato came in third during the martial arts portion of the pageant, but she came in first for beauty, poise, and talent. Really, she’s more of a lover than she is a fighter, and it’s kind of a problem because she is hella gay. And she is so far in the closet her mailing address is in Narnia. And she gets really freaked out once she gets in the palace and unpacks her stuff, because even if the king isn’t looking for a wife right now, he might in the future. And Lerato knows she is gorgeous af, but how is she going to deal with T’Challa if he catches The Feelings? Should she come out to him? Would he freak out? Should she just go along with it and fake it for the rest of her life? Should she offer someone up as a human meat shield? On top of those worries, she has to deal with her ongoing Gay Crisis, working out her sexuality and how it fits in with the rest of her being and what the hell should she do about it?
    • And then there’s Tanga, who is Out and Proud. She is very pansexual, and very vocal about it. At least once, while bodyguarding T’Challa, she sees an Avenger—probably Scott Lang—being weird and she just “I’m too gay and beautiful for this white nonsense.” She’s too gay and beautiful for most of the Avengers’ antics.
    • Thembeka doesn’t like to travel outside Africa. She doesn’t trust the water, the people, or the wifi in Europe and the Americas. Tony Stark tries to call her Becky as a nickname and she explains to him, in tones soft with menace, that if he calls her that she will be forced to action. No one calls her Becky anymore. As she gets more comfortable in her role, she gets weirdly overprotective of T’Challa. “Are you eating enough?” she says into her phone. “Do you have enough changes of clothes? Are they feeding you okay? Are you warm enough?” T’Challa is like, “Thembeka, I’m in Quebec, not Antarctica. Yes, I am staying warm. No, they haven’t let me starve to death. Not even a little bit. We’re going out for sushi later.” Thembeka makes a strangled noise and tells him to put Aunika on the line. “Sushi isn’t real food, Aunika! This is clearly an assassination attempt.”
    • Vuyo has plans. Honestly, she’s part of the Dora Milaje because she needs to beef up her resume. In a few weeks she’s getting her Bachelors degree from University of Wakanda, and then she’s going to keep T’Challa from dying for a bit, and then she’s going to go for a doctorate in either astronomy or astrophysics. Either way, her end goal is to get in a spaceship and explore the cosmos. She’s the kind of person who walks outside on a clear night and shouts “LOOK AT THE MOON!” She is so fierce and smart and pure.
    • Phathu is basically a human question mark. T’Challa is pretty sure she’s a mutant, but it’s hard to pin down what her mutation is. Besides that, she is a really skilled hand-to-hand combatant, mechanic, and explosives expert. She doesn’t talk. Ever. Aunika is about 80% sure Phathu escaped a terrorist organization, but her tribe sent her to the palace in good faith and, let’s be real, if Phathu isn’t putting her talents to use in the service of the king, then she might go work for someone dangerous. And no one wants to meet Phathu in a dark alley. So she gets to stay, and Aunika keeps an eye on her, and everyone gives her space to just be.
    • Candace showed up 15 weeks late with a Starbucks. “What kind of name is Candace?” She’s from the Wakandan diaspora in New York City. Her neighborhood was alive with a mishmash of languages, Hausa and Xhosa and Swahili, all these people from different factions of Wakanda who came to make a life in New York. Most of them have normal names, but some parents gave their kids White People names to grease the wheels, Candace an unfortunate one of them. In her entire life, she has been to Wakanda twice; once as a very young child, and again when her mother’s parents died and they had to travel for the funeral. That said, Candace has always felt this deep, burning love of the Old Country. She loves America, too, but part of her belongs to Wakanda and always will.
    • Ntswaki is seven feet tall and 240 pounds. She’s the kind of person who greets the day with enthusiasm; at the break of dawn the palace trembles as she launches out of bed and yells, “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE TRANS.” She routinely gives T’Challa piggyback rides, and she is the one responsible for introducing the rest of the Dora Milaje to Tetris.
    • Hawa is super quiet and kind of shy. She can’t speak English for the life of her, but she can read it as easily as French or Arabic or Hausa. She barely has a high school education but she loves reading. And she will read anything, everything, which makes her something of a scholar. She’s a good listener and she likes to learn things, which is how she picks up a lot of skills. She’s only nineteen, but she can check the fluids in a car, tune a piano, build a deck, bake a cake, tailor an outfit, thread a sewing machine, repair a VCR, and operate small sea craft. After two months in the Dora Milaje, hardly anyone knows her name but she can fly a helicopter, drive a van, disarm up to three hostiles and apply winged eyeliner.
  • So all these personalities live in the palace, and even if they’re not all in the same room at any given moment, it gets loud. And crowded. And messy. T’Challa has never lived in a frat house before but he suspects it would be like a regular Wednesday night with The Girls.
  • At one point, Aunika checks the girls’ rooms to make sure everyone is in bed after curfew, but no one is in their room!? And she takes a moment to panic a little, and then she sprints around the palace until she comes to the ballroom. There’s the girls! They took their mattresses and blankets and pillows down to the dancefloor and are having this huge slumber party. Tanga and Ntombifikile are doing their nails, and someone brought henna so Thembeka and Majobo and Candace are getting inked. Ntswaki is talking about modern philosophy with Thandiswa. Hawa and Phathu are pretty much observing and T’Challa is in the middle of all of it, because of course he is. Someone painted his toes.
  • T’Challa loves all of his bodyguards; it’s ridiculous. On one hand, they’re kind of like the sisters he never had, but on the other hand they all treat him like their son. It’s embarrassing but kind of nice? And he feels safe, knowing that each and every one of them could kill a man, and that they have his back no matter what.
  • When he’s away, he texts them on the group chat basically nonstop.
  • One time he spends two weeks straight at Avengers Tower, and the Avengers think he lives a peaceful life for some reason. It’s a jarring thought. Thor, Tony and Vision do something very loud and stupid, and Sam gives a nervous laugh like, “You’re probably not used to all this noise and confusion, huh?” And it strikes T’Challa full force that these are his teammates, but they know nothing about him. They don’t know about Mojobo and Ntombfikile fighting nonstop, a kind of background noise he learned to tune out. They don’t know that he sleeps with his door open at home, because Aunika always likes to check on him, and that Phathu will sometimes wander into his room and sleep on the floor, and he’s almost stepped on her more than once. The Avengers have never seen Candace casually bench press him while he tried not to laugh. They don’t know that Ntswaki gives the best hugs. Or that Vuyo will orchestrate a stargazing party at the smallest provocation, and Nomsa will be the one to remember to bring snacks.
  • T’Challa has never been homesick before. His entire life has been full of traveling, and for the first time he realizes he was never homesick because the things worth missing are people, and he always had Aunika and his father at his side when away. But now he has about 30 different people he loves, all this family he never knew he so desperately needed, and it’s like a gaping chasm just opened up in his chest.
  • “Hey, if it’s too loud in here we can step out on the balcony.”
  • “No. It’s fine, Sam. It’s fine.”
  • His phone buzzes and he pulls it out. It’s the group chat. He opens the attached image and there’s Hawa, Lulama,Thembeka and Thandiswa all sitting around the kitchen table with a huge pile of food in front of them. The caption says: There are starving kings in New York. Eat your veggies! He smiles softly and texts back, I’ve been here ten days and I haven’t starved once. He hits send and then realizes that Sam is watching him.
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “Nothing, man. Just wondering who you’re texting that can put a smile like that on your face.”
  • “I have a harem of thirty women waiting for me at home,” he says, completely deadpan. 
  • “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.”
  • T’Challa grins. Maybe one day, the Avengers will come to Wakanda, and they will sleep in the ballroom, and he will know what it’s like to have two families converging to be as one, just for a few hours. And Nakia will draw a penis on Steve’s face in sharpie, because she just crumbles under peer pressure. And it will be one of the best days of T’Challa’s life.

Maebe prompted:
“Mike with a man cold and Ginny being on Lawson duty.”

Mike opened an eye and groaned, shoving his face into his pillows. The cough medicine he’d drunk was definitely taking effect because he was hallucinating. “What the hell are you doing here, rookie?”

“Apparently you have the plague.” Ginny walked over to the wall and opened the curtains. Mike whimpered as the light hit his eyes, then fell into a coughing fit. “Out of bed.” Ginny ordered.

“No.” Mike replied. “I’ve earned my rest.” He covered his eyes with his arm. “Whaddya want?”

“Out of bed. You’re taking a shower, changing clothes and eating this soup that Evelyn made.” She said.

Mike let out another groan, pressing his face into the pillow. “No.”

“Mike,” Ginny sounded like she was trying to be patient. “That bed is covered in your germs. So while you’re showering and changing, I’ll strip the bed and put on new clean sheet.” She grabbed his comforter and pulled. Mike curled into a ball, shivering. “Out. Come on; it’ll make you feel better.”

Making sure to make a lot of complaints and grumbling, Mike swung his legs out of bed and slowly got to his feet. “Now I know this isn’t a hallucination.” He muttered as he opened the bathroom.

“Oh?” Ginny asked.

“Because hallucination nurse Ginny would have been nicer to me.” He shot back, squinting at Ginny’s sweater and leggings “And would have been wearing-”

“I’m going to assume that’s the cold medicine talking.” Ginny cut him off. “And not let you finish that sentence.”

Mike nodded solemnly. “Probably for the best.” He mumbled, going to the bathroom. Then he stuck his head back into the room. “Wait, how did you get in?”

“Evelyn.” Ginny replied, grabbing his pillow and pulling the pillow case off.

“How does Ev-” Mike trailed off. “Nevermind.” Evelyn was in league with powerful forces that Mike knew better than to question.

When he came out of the shower, Ginny was holding a tray table with a bowl of soup. She also had a huge smirk on her face that made him nervous.


“Nothing,” Ginny grinned. “Just got myself acquainted with your linen closet.” Mike’s widened. Surely she hadn’t…

Then she pulled off the comforter, revealing his Star Wars bed set. “I found this in with your ridiculously large collection of silk sheets.”

“Well when a person entertains as much as I do, you have to keep the ladies happy.” Mike snapped. She was never going to let him live this down. Climbing into bed, he reached for the tray table. “Gimme the soup.”

She handed him the tray table and sat on the bed next to him. “So what’s the story?” She asked, watching him as he blew on his spoon.

“What story?” He asked, swallowing a mouthful of soup. It was delicious, he definitely owed Evelyn big time.

“Why does a grown man have Star Wars sheets?”

Mike stirred his soup slowly, trying to come up with a response. “Answer’s not as funny as you think it is.” He mumbled, looking at the bowl. He could feel Ginny’s eyes on him and she shifted closer to him. It was probably the cough medicine talking, but he felt nothing wrong with telling her. In fact he wanted to tell her. “I liked Star Wars when I was kid. I’d save up pocket money and…and hide it from my mom so I could rent the videoes.”

“Why didn’t you go to the library?”

Mike let out a humorless laugh that turned into a couch. Her hand went to his back, rubbing small smoothing circles. Mike swallowed and leaned back.

Never had an address that was permanent enough to get a library card.“ He mumbled. "I even had a dog named Jedi at one point…” He grimaced. “But I…I wanted to be like the other kids who had action figures and bedspreads and lunch boxes…”

“Stuff that made it seem like you had a home.” Ginny whispered. He nodded.

“After Rachel and I split up…” He sighed. “I just…I was doing some online shopping and saw it and thought, why the hell not?” He coughed, clearing his throat as he ate a spoonful of soup. They sat in silence, the only sound was his spoon in the bowl. Mike fidgeted, suddenly uncomfortable with being so vulnerable in front of her.

“I didn’t have…many personal things in my room either.” Ginny said, breaking the quiet.  She moved so she was next to him, her body inches from him. “My dad didn’t like me having distractions. If it wasn’t baseball…” She flexed her fingers slightly and let out a humorless laugh. “You should have seen him when he found out my mom had taken me to get my ears pierced.”

She understood. The relief that rushed through him left him drained. Mike leaned his head on her shoulder sighing with relief as she pressed her cool fingers to his forehead. “You’re burning up.” She said.

Mike nodded. “I’m sick, Baker.” He whined. It felt nice to have someone comforting him when he was sick. In fact, he couldn’t remember when the last time was.

“Shut up, Lawson.” Ginny said, rubbing his back again. “It’s just a cold.”

“mmmmm.” Mike said.

“Eat.” She urged, pointing to his bowl.

“I’m weak.” Mike whined. Ginny arched an eyebrow.

“I suppose in your advanced years, a cold could be fatal.” She said, taking the spoon. “Open up.”

“Baker?” Mike asked a few hours later. They were watching A New Hope, Mike shamelessly curled around Ginny. (It wasn’t his fault; he’d been shivering and she’d climbed under the blankets and pulled him closer).

“Yeah?” She asked, her eyes glued to the screen.

“What types of personal things did you have as a kid?” He asked. Ginny chuckled, shaking her head.

“There was no poster, Lawson.”

“I’m on my death bed and you’re lying to me?” Mike said. Ginny laughed. “Not cool, Baker.” He smirked up at her. “I almost had you, though.” He said.

“Nothing to get.” Ginny retorted. “Now hush. I’m trying to watch this movie.”