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Remember me (Pt.1)
  • <p> <b>Requests:</b> Open!<p/><b><p></b> <b>A/N:</b> English is not my maternal language, sorry if this has any grammatical errors.<p/><b><p></b> <b>Summary:</b> Bucky and Y/N have a very close friendship. Both are part of the Avengers. He has a girlfriend and is going to take the big step. She instead, suffers a serious accident that changes everything.<p/><b>Characters:</b> Avengers, Bucky, Fem!Reader, OFC (Reader parents, brother...)<p/><b>Genre:</b> Drama, family, angst, romance, hurt/comfort.<p/><b>Warnings:</b> Curse/Swearing, car accident.<p/><b></b> •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°<p/><b></b> "Two pairs of ACEs, I've won you all!" I exclaimed excited.<p/><b></b> "Oh, come on!" Clint complained after his defeat.<p/><b></b> "For once that I could win!" Nat said frustrated.<p/><b></b> "For once that Tony doesn't play and I have a chance of winning, Y/N makes us to bite the dust! Great!" Bucky said passing his peanuts to me.<p/><b></b> "Thanks, Buck! I'll enjoy your peanuts!"<p/><b></b> "How is it possible that you've won? If you supposedly are bad playing at this?" Clint asked quirking an eyebrow while passing me his nuts.<p/><b></b> "Oh, well... Let's say that I have learned from the best!" I answered to Clint as I winked at Tony.<p/><b></b> "Anyone could win this game." the Stark genius said.<p/><b></b> "It also have to do with the thing that you usually visit Las Vegas?" Nat questioned to Tony, I laughed<p/><b></b> "Maybe." Tony shrugged while he laughed.<p/><b></b> I looked at all my friends who seemed to enjoy the moment.<p/><b></b> "Anybody wants some coffee?" I asked while getting up from the couch of the common room<p/><b></b> "I would like to" Steve and Clint said at the same time.<p/><b></b> "Thank you, Y/N." said Steve with a smile.<p/><b></b> "You are welcome, Cap!" I smiled at him.<p/><b></b> "I'll be back with your coffee, gentlemen." I said while I went to the kitchen.<p/><b></b> "Smells good." Bucky said as he approached me.<p/><b></b> "I know, my coffee is the best"<p/><b></b> "No doubt about it, doll"<p/><b></b> "Hey, how are things with Molly?" I ask to my dear friend.<p/><b></b> "Great, actually, everything is going well. The other day we went out and... well, I proposed marriage. She accepted"<p/><b></b> "Hold on... seriously?" I asked unbelieving, he nodded proudly. " Oh my god, congratulations, Buck!" I hugged him. "You deserve it! Oh, my... God..."<p/><b></b> A strange feeling woke up inside me after think and think again about what he said. I ignored it.<p/><b></b> "Sush, low your voice, Y/N!". He said in a whisper. "Nobody knows anything, you're the first person to know it."<p/><b></b> "Oh! Really? Why?"<p/><b></b> "Why will it be, Y/N?"<p/><b></b> "I do not know..." I shrunk my shoulders.<p/><b></b> "Because you're my best friend, why else?"<p/><b></b> Ouch.<p/><b></b> I laughed "Maybe because you love me?"<p/><b></b> "Well, maybe. Yeah. And you and Jeff? How are you doing?" He changed the subject.<p/><b></b> "We are doing... well." I lied.<p/><b></b> "Are you sure?"<p/><b></b> "No." I admitted "We broke up."<p/><b></b> "Why?" He asked "You were going to live together."<p/><b></b> "I know, but according to him..." I talked "I'm in love with someone else and you know, jealousy kills a relationship."<p/><b></b> "And that's true." he supported his hand on my shoulder and went to hug me "And how you feel about it? Did you talk again?"<p/><b></b> "Sincerely, I'm feeling better than I thought, we broke up the other day and... I don't feel sad or depressed, and that... makes me think that I am insensitive, I don't know, Bucky... We didn't talk since he left my house."<p/><b></b> "Don't say that! Perhaps now you maybe don't feel the need to cry and feel bad, it need not to be just after the break up, you know? It can be when you least expect it or just when you're ready to let you feel that."<p/><b></b> "You are right, Barnes, thank you." I hugged him again.<p/><b></b> "Hey... you know that you can count on me, right? Always"<p/><b></b> "I know. I know." I whispered "Thank you, Sergeant."<p/><b></b> "It is nothing. Come on, let's bring them the coffee." He said while the returned to the living room.<p/><b></b> "Yes, sir"<p/><b></b> [...]<p/><b></b> "So you will come, Y/N?"<p/><b></b> "Huh? Sorry, I was with the paper work... What's up?" I raised the view.<p/><b></b> "I was wondering if tomorrow you will come to the cinema with us, and with Laura and the kids?" Clint asked with a smile.<p/><b></b> "Yes of course!"<p/><b></b> "That's great!" Nat exclaimed "I won't be the only single while these two spend the film flirting!<p/><b></b> I laughed. That also make me it to my.<p/><b></b> My phone rang, it was my father.<p/><b></b> "Excuse me, I'll be right back, guys." It took me a bit to answer the call. "Dad?"<p/><b></b> "Hello sweetheart, how is everything going with the Avengers?" my father asked<p/><b></b> "Dad! It is been so long without knowing about you!" I said as I looked around "Everything is going really well. And you? Who are you doing?" I questioned happy.<p/><b></b> "Well, hey, bubble..."<p/><b></b> "Dad... how many times I said do not call me that... Tell me, what happen?"<p/><b></b> "Listen, I'm coming home"<p/><b></b> "Really? If so, when?" I asked excited, since it would be the first time that I would see my father in 18 months.<p/><b></b> "In two days I'll get to New York."<p/><b></b> "This Sunday, I..." I whispered "Then I'll pick you up at the airport, yes?"<p/><b></b> "Y/N, you don't need to take the trouble." he said calmly.<p/><b></b> "Dad, like it or not, I'll do it. And then we're going to enjoy the best lunch ever, alright?" I smiled.<p/><b></b> "You're just as stubborn as your mother." he said nostalgically.<p/><b></b> "So? What we can do now about that?" I said funny. "How long is going to be your permission?"<p/><b></b> "About that is what I wanted to talk to you. Honey, I've retired, I've left the army."<p/><b></b> "What!? When!"<p/><b></b> "Bubble, I have to go, this weekend I'll explain you everything."<p/><b></b> "Okay, bye dad. I love you."<p/><b></b> "I love you too, Y/N, bye." I smiled, finally I would see my father.<p/><b></b> Once finished the brief conversation with my father, I finished the paperwork that I had, then I cooped up my things, I said goodbye to everyone and went to my apartment. I was accompanied by Bucky, who had been waiting for a while. We were heading to the garage.<p/><b></b> "Do you want me to take you home?" I asked him.<p/><b></b> "No- well, Yes." he said awkwardly.<p/><b></b> "Yes or not, Barnes?" I laughed.<p/><b></b> "Not or Yes? What?"<p/><b></b> "Oh, god! This is been the weirdest conversation ever!"<p/><b></b> "Yeah, actually" he smiled at me.<p/><b></b> I loved his smile.<p/><b></b> "Y/N, can you take me to the Italian restaurant?" He asked nervously.<p/><b></b> "Sure! Will you be dining there with Molly?"<p/><b></b> "Exactly, doll. Why?"<p/><b></b> "Nah, for nothing, I wanted to congratulate her."<p/><b></b> "Congratulate her? Why?"<p/><b></b> What a dork.<p/><b></b> "Of course, aren't you going to marry her?"<p/><b></b> "Oh, yeah!" He laughed.<p/><b></b> After that and the short trip to the restaurant, I congratulated Molly for agreeing to marry Sergeant Barnes, because thankfully, I would not be the only one next to Steve that we would have to worry about him.<p/><b></b> But it saddens me in some way, although I do not know why I feel this, that there are things that are going to change.<p/><b></b> [...]<p/><b></b> I snorted.<p/><b></b> "I hate traffic! Damn traffic!" I said taking my hands to my head. "I should have gone through the other way ... But no! I had to go down the main street... Great! Just great!"<p/><b></b> I turned the radio on. The music they played rumbled in my head, but at least it made something more enjoyable the wait.<p/><b></b> Again. Damn traffic.<p/><b></b> It waited 15 minutes, when the thing finally seemed to move on and I was able to follow the road without more problems, but the traffic light turned red, so I had to stop, again.<p/><b></b> My phone started ringing. I could not find it, it had to be on the seat next to me. I looked for it and it appeared under the passenger seat, I bent to take it.<p/><b></b> It was for an instant that all around me was illuminated, a blinding light prevented me from seeing well and a sound like the horn of a truck. It came from the same direction as the light.<p/><b></b> A strong impact, hit my car and caused several dangerous turns. I saw the crystals break and I heard a loud metallic noise before everything darkened.<p/><b></b> Everything happened very fast.<p/><b></b> I saw nothing. Everything was dark, it was like if the world had disappeared. As if there was nothing.<p/><b></b> "Miss? Help! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! We need help!" I heard a distant voice shouting for help, I suddenly opened my eyes and saw that I was face down, inside the car yet.<p/><b></b> I shook my head a little, I looked around, everything was backwards. I saw everything double and each time the voices were more distant. I tried to stay awake, but I felt my eyes close. I really tried not to lose consciousnes.<p/><b></b> "Now I understand that... What Jeff told me..." I thought. "Funny. It was true."<p/><b></b> Shit.<p/><b></b> "I'm in love with him. I'm ... in love with Bucky," I whispered before being embraced by the darkness.<p/><b></b> And well, then, everything just changed.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

teruniverse  asked:

I shall sink myself in the deep of your blog to find those tags, then. Don't worry. I like sinking deep in someone's blog *whoops* I agree. I mean, Iwaizumi knows how to handle Oikawa and Yahaba knows how to handle Kyoutani. Like parents like sons xD I don't know why, but I keep thinking that Kyoutani is softer inside x3 THANK YOU~~~~

I’m glad~ The dynamics are the same, because it’s a mutual support. 

While it’s more easily noticed that Yahaba handles Kyoutani so that he can get his head in the game and that Iwaizumi keeps Oikawa from hurting himself or going overboard, it’s also true that Tooru was there to support Iwaizumi and has his utmost faith in him. KyouHaba is like seeing that trust blooming: Yahaba gave Kyoutani his first and possibly only toss of the game against Karasuno, he tried to trust him to make that point, and Kentarou has gone all the way to spiking it with his left hand as to not let that chance go to waste. Their first point together was technically speaking a mess, both of them struggling to adjust to each other, but it went in anyway because they both worked for it. It’s a rough version of the extraordinary toss Tooru sent from one side of the court to the other, mid air, just to have Hajime spike it. KyouHaba is still sour, but I trust for it to mature into an exquisite fruit for next year. 

All in all, Seijou is in good hands! (Watari’s hands)

I think Kyoutani comes off as softer inside through some little details we see in canon. For example:

  • The fact that he left the team as a first year but kept on playing with a neighborhood association: he probably couldn’t fit in with people his own age, he’s probably really awkward with social interactions, but he loved the sport, the one his dad brought him to see a match of when he was little, so much that he kept on playing anyway, training hard enough to be placed straight into the warming box as soon as he was back and on court before the end of the first set. 
  • The fact that he came back when the second years asked him to may be, but that’s my assumption, due to the fact that the third years of the time had graduated?, so maybe he had troubles with them? Who knows. 
  • The way he got attached to Iwaizumi, though, makes him look like a little kid desperate to be acknowledged by his older brother: he’s like “notice me, notice me, notice me!” because he’s not just aggressively challenging him, he recognize Hajime’s strength and respects him deeply. This kind of relationship doesn’t exist with Oikawa probably because Tooru is more under-handed with his methods, whether he is a really forward person. 
  • He doesn’t trust his teammates at the beginning of the match -he steals Kindaichi’s spike- which shows he’s not used to play in a team (which makes me wonder, what kind of team did he play with in middle school?) and he’s not expecting Seijou to actually let him play if he doesn’t bring in scores. Again, it’s Iwaizumi that confronts him directly and straightforwardly about it (he punches him in the head, but that’s something he always does with Oikawa too and Oikawa is his best friend: imagine little duckling Kyoutani knowing his senpai treats him as he does with his best friend).
  • When Yahaba confronts him, he listens silently. When Yahaba slams him against a wall, he lets him. Kyoutani may look like a full fledged delinquent but we’ve never, ever, seen him raise his hands on anybody. And Seijou is a pretty physical team and his idol Iwaizumi even more, let’s be honest. He actually pays attention to Yahaba’s words, he actually tries to incorporate them into his play when he realizes Shigeru is not the dork that wants to flirt with Karasuno’s manager (I will never forget his face in that frame, damn), but a player with some balls that’s fighting in his own way even from the sidelines, just for the sake of his senpai. Like he’s thirsty for Iwaizumi’s attention, he realizes Yahaba has a similar attitude toward Oikawa.
  • That frame where he turns after he made the spike and he looks so surprised that his whole team is coming to crowd around him and is cheering for him, really, who hurt this kid, just hug him.
  • The end of the match, after his loss, when Yahaba doesn’t tell him “You fucked us up”, but instead makes him and Watari look at Karasuno celebrating and tells them to burn the picture in their mind so they can get revenge next year. Next year. Kyoutani doesn’t object, doesn’t even try to deny. He’s come back and he’s here to stay. Yahaba has full intention of using him to get the team to win, and he’s going to let him. I don’t think it’s stated anywhere who is going to be the next captain and who the ace, but the fandom knows it will be these two because of these interactions, because we all felt that they’re going to grow into a deadly combo. 
  • (Little mention of the fact that Yahaba probably, like Ennoshita, already knows he’s quoted to be the next captain, but Kyoutani was betting his position on the team for next year and his chance at being the ace, his idol’s successor, on the match against Karasuno, but when he lost, just like Yahaba, he refused to give up.)

In short, I love these assholes and I want them to become great together.

P.S. Sorry this turned into an “I Love Kyoutani” Masterpost ^^”

I Will Wait Chapter 2


Sorry for the late post… I wanted to write this earlier..but life got in the way

You can catch chapter 1 here


Day 18 (since Stefan said he would wait)

Caroline parked her car outside the Salvatore Boarding house and made her way to the door. She and Bonnie were in Mystic Falls for the weekend. Bonnie had decided to spend some time with Damon and meet Caroline later for dinner…so here she was picking her friend up. 

She sees Stefan right as she enters the door. He’s standing there with a glass of Bourbon. She can’t quite place his expression.. it was as though he was worried and confused at the same time.. She looked to the direction of his gaze. The house was..well..a mess.. there were traces of burnt furniture, broken glasses, empty whiskey bottles and 3 very drunk people. Alaric looked like he was ready to pass out. Damon and Bonnie were quiet..lost in their own thoughts, sitting on the floor as if exhausted.

“What . ..happened here?” Caroline asks in a bewildered tone 

“Well you weren't kidding about Bonnie’s RAGE… issues…” Stefan says in a sarcastic tone.. he was clearly not impressed.

Bonnie over-hears Stefan’s comment, turns back n breaks his glass with one wave of her hand. 

Caroline and Stefan instinctively turn to look at each other..with their ‘what-just-happened’ face. . 

Caroline steps forward towards bonnie .. “Bonnie.. listen.. I know this is a painful time..”

“Go away Caroline..” She cuts her off, almost yelling… She is clearly distraught and in pain and very drunk “ I'm not in the mood for rainbows and butterflies…” She adds mockingly yet in a very sombre note.

“I…” Caroline starts, only to be interrupted by Stefan . “Caroline..why don’t we just give them some…space.. lets..uh.. go to the grill.. grab some dinner..?”

“Yeah…I guess…” She replies, her eyes still fixed on Bonnie.. She doesn’t notice Stefan taking her arm and guiding her to the car.


They are in the car on their way to the Grill… Stefan is driving and Caroline is quiet.. It worries him.. Caroline quiet always worries him. 

“Hey”, he says, reaching for her hand.. ‘It’ll be okay..”

Caroline looks at his hand on hers.. she’s trying to work something out in her head.. he can tell.. “Yeah.. “ She finally says..more chipper than she actually feels…  “Everyone deals with grief differently right ??” She looks at him and gives him a faint smile.

“Although.. “ She continues before he can respond, “You should probably take everything that has sentimental value and keep it somewhere safe..before its burnt to a crisp !”

Stefan lets out a half sigh - half laugh, shaking his head at his predicament.

 “You remember back when nobody ever stepped foot in the Salvatore house?” He asks.

“Yeah back when you guys were all ooh so mysterious?” She teases, smiling from ear to ear.. He loved that smile. He could spend all day just looking at that smile. 

Stefan smiles, not the restrained smile he normally gives, this is the smile that takes him over, puts a sparkle in his eyes and makes him look like a completely different person.. “ Hey don't mock me..”  his tone is borderline flirtatious. His gaze lingers on her lips for a fraction of a second.

Then he looks ahead, eyes on the road and he’s serious again.. He sighs and adds “I miss that sometimes…”

Caroline puts her free hand on top of his.. She knows.. she knows he misses the quiet house where he could be at peace, gather his thoughts, write in his journal without worrying about someone setting the house on fire.


They enter the grill. The mood has changed from worried to happy banter. They look for a booth when Caroline spots Matt. She hadn’t apologised to him for what she did during her no-humanity phase. Not that she didn’t want to, she just never got the chance. 

“You know what.. why don’t you grab us a booth, I need to talk to Matt…”

Stefan’s eyes follow her as she makes a bee-line for Matt, who was behind the bar with a towel over his shoulder fixing a drink.

“Hey” she says, “How are you..” she continues awkwardly trying the break the ice..

Matt looks at her and goes back to making drinks. “Whatever it is you want, I’m busy, as you can clearly see…and I’m on vervain so don’t bother compelling me..” 

Stefan is worried about the way the conversation is going.. Matt is obviously not in a forgiving mood.. he contemplates whether to step in or not. .

“Matt.. you have every right to be upset at what I did to you, at what I made Tyler do.. I just.. I need you to know how very sorry I am… you know I would never do that if..”

“If you had your humanity on??” He scoffs. “the cliché My-Humanity-Was-Off excuse ” he says mumbling to himself.. 

“Matt I’m not..”

“If you are looking for forgiveness, I’ve got none to give.” He says looking right at her,  “no one forced you to turn it off Care, that was all you..”

Caroline wants to say something to fix this, but she struggles with the words.. What can she possibly say to that ?

“ I gotta go get some stuff from the back.. try not to eat anybody while I'm gone..”

Caroline looks down defeated and turns around and catches Stefan’s eye… his brows are furrowed, he doesn’t look pleased. He is worried about her.. and hurt that she is hurt. She can’t continue to meet his gaze, she looks away and heads to the girls room. Stefan is right behind her as she enters the washroom.


“DONT OKAY ?.. JUST DONT !!.. He is right..” She says breaking down.. “This is all on me.. I don’t deserve any forgiveness at all” She says tears streaming down her face.. She’s leaning against the sink.. 

 He shakes his head, tears welling in his eyes hugs her and lets her cry for a while.. then he breaks the hug and wipes her tears, pushes her hair back from her face as she continues to cry and starts talking to her.. “Listen to me.. there’s no easy way to say this, but….”

She looks at him lost and confused.

“The truth is, not everyone will forgive you and not everyone will let it go.” He says looking into her eyes and stroking her hair.. “We can’t go back and stop ourselves from killing those people and we cant expect everyone to forgive and forget” He looks despondent .. he wished he didn’t have to tell her this.. what she was going through was all his fault…he wipes her tears again and says “there are some things.. you can’t fix….” he lets the words hang in the air for a bit.. “ the only way you are going to move on is by finding a way to make peace with everything.. by finding a way to forgive yourself…” 

She buries her head into his shoulders again.. and he holds her and lets his head rest on hers..


They are at Caroline’s house…Its very late..they are both tired. She told him he could stay at her place. She had an extra room and his house was a war zone. He was better off at her place.. and she was better off with him there. 

“There aren't unicorns on the walls are there.. ‘cause I don’t think I can handle that” he says in mock seriousness.. 

“Shut up ! ” comes the instant reply swatting him with the back of her hand.

It felt good to see her smile again.


Chapter 3 coming up..

alderaani-rebel  asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask you a question. Have you discovered a way to relate to teens without sounding cheesy? Our school has all these anti-drug anti-bullying campaigns, and it's always something like misused internet memes on the walls- Sarcastic Willy Wonka with a message that reads "Don't smoke!" Sometimes they just put hashtags in front of everything, or make text message posters, et cetera. Most of the kids ignore it and make jokes about it. I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Thx.

OKAY, so this turned out way longer than I expected it to! But I’m so glad you asked, because apparently this is something I feel very strongly about and did not realize until I started to talk about it. So here goes.

What I have found from working with teens is that they do not appreciate being patronized (shocker) and therefore do not respond to it at all. Putting a hashtag in front of something does not make it trendy. Those damn text message posters – while a pretty lame idea to being with – are often made even worse because WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WHO MAKES THOSE KNOW WHICH SIDE TO PUT THE INCOMING ‘TEXT’ ON AND WHICH SIDE TO PUT THE OUTGOING ONE ON? I have never owned an iPhone and even I know which way to do it so the conversation isn’t backwards and nonsensical.

So anyway: yeah, teenagers are going to make fun of that crap…because it’s total crap. And it’s actually little offensive that some adults think they can “get through to those damn kids” by co-opting their culture (I call this kind of stuff “youth culture”…I don’t know if that’s mislabeling it, but I don’t know of a better term to use) and misusing their colloquialisms. I’d be pretty annoyed, too. Especially when the teachers who come up with these brilliant ideas basically fall into one of three categories. They are pretty much always either:

a) completely missing the mark on how absolutely ANY of this stuff works and therefore are only embarrassing themselves and subsequently the students they are trying to reach,

b) unironically trying to “get in with the youth crowd” by using words they think the kids are using (pssst – that never works and they think you’re weird), or

c) purposefully trying to ruin something that teenagers enjoy simply because they do not understand it, and are super bitter humans who apparently can’t let anybody have fun without pitching a fit when they’re not invited to the party.

Think about it – how many times have you heard an adult say something along the lines of “Well I’m just going to use every slang word they use until it isn’t cool anymore, because I, an adulty adult, am using it [probably out of context and with an air of superiority and mocking in my voice every time I do so].”

So on to your actual question – how can we relate to teenagers without patronizing them? I think it’s simple – drop the nonsense. I 100% promise that you can have a conversation with a teenager about an important issue without having to use the word “hashtag” even once. You can talk to them – about real, important things – in a mature, real way. 

AND, believe it or not, doing so will get you so much farther than if you hang up a poster where it looks like Jesus is texting me to not do drugs but, lo and behold, the creator of the poster did it backwards so now it just looks like I’M the one trying to talk Jesus out of getting high this weekend. As a teacher, if I wanted to talk to my students about drugs…I just would. It doesn’t have to be prefaced with me trying to rap about anything. It doesn’t have to involve me trying – and inevitably failing – to sound cool. It’s more genuine that way.

So what do I do to ‘connect with the youths’? I don’t try to be one of them. I am not a teenager anymore (thank god). I am an adult who loves a lot of teenagers and wants what’s best for them. 

And yes, sometimes I would have long conversations with my teenage students about One Direction…because guess what? I legitimately like One Direction, so our conversations were two-sided and our shared interests were genuine. You know what I DON’T like? Those popular teenage boys who make the Vines and then have people pay money to meet them in a hotel lobby (??) or whatever it is. So you know what I DIDN’T reference in any of my conversations with my students? Those Vine boys. Because I just don’t care about them, and so any attempt of mine to talk about them would put me into one of the three categories listed above.

I’m not saying don’t try to connect with your students. Of course do that. I know about a lot of things that I personally don’t care about. I know about them because my students care about them, and they talk about them, and I listen to them. But there is a difference between listening to someone talk about something that belongs to them – their slang, their friends, their interests – and trying to take that thing and use it to manipulate them.

Your students will know if you’re being authentic. I’ve said it before in a million other contexts, and I’m saying it again now. Be yourself. (Now, definitely do keep up with current slang – I do so I know what the kids are talking about and can intervene if I know what they’re saying is offensive.) But don’t feel like you need to use that slang to connect with your students. 

You’re not friends with them. You’re not going to be. Leave the youth culture with the kids and just be yourself. Let them know you care. Find ways to connect with them that don’t involve mocking the way they speak. Even a nine-year-old can see through your bullshit if you try to act like something you aren’t. No need to put on a show to love your students.