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Dawn Squad

From top to bottom: Darren, Connors, Ralon, Lyrene, Cyrus

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Opinions on France, and will you come visit us?

I’ve been to France a few times! It’s a good country. Expensive and really scathing of Brits unless we speak some French – I know you guys are still sore about Agincourt, though, so I’ll let you off.

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Diff anon how about Ryan and Roger? What would you want them to say?


“I found you, faker! …Heh, just kidding, who cares about who voices me? I’m still the fastest thing alive you know and love no matter what!”


“I just shaved my arms again for the new game! People love to make a big deal about them when they’re unshaved for some reason…”


I don’t know what am I doing with my life :”D 
Make me stop (no) :D 

I think tickling is the most cute thing in the world ^^ NO, don’t ever think about me, I mean tickle only my favorite characters or people, not me :”D (heh, just kidding. I like those feelings from my closest friends :”) 
Anyway, it’s really cute for watching (or drawing, aha) and some friendly, gentle tickles are the best for cutiest moments for the friendship and memories. 

I’m talking too much. Uh-hu.. 

Welp. Some skelebro tickles :”D 
Might be a little tickle-fight :”3 

“ Seventeen’s reaction to when you’re showering peacefully but suddenly a cockroach appears and you start screaming” 


He out. honestly this kid is just as scared as you are of this bug, so his solution is to bring as many pairs of shoes as possible to the bathroom and throw ‘em all on that cockroach! In less then 5 minutes, there’s gonna be a pile of shoes in the bathroom. Jagi, I got this! Just..Just one more shoe I swear! I’ll be right back, let me get those really expensive pointy shoes you have! Those should do it” 


Hahaha nope. Bye Jagi He waves as he slowly walks backwards towards the living room and out of the bathroom. “ I’ll miss you, Jagi, stay strong! He says once he closes the bathroom door in front of him. Seconds later  Heh, just kidding! Where’s that cockroach? Basically this kid would play a couple little jokes on you before he actually escorts the cockroach out. 


He’s definitely not getting his pretty hands dirty, like we all know it. So this ‘gentleman’s’ smart idea is to get the youngest in the group to do it for him, but of course with a blindfold cause no one but him gets to see your beautiful soft skin Do what your hyung ask you to, kill that cockroach for me~ Okay rude Joshua 


Okay now this kid, this kid right here is smart as hell because he’s going to be quick and easy about this situation! He’s going to grab a cup and a piece of paper and looks for that gosh dang cockroach. Once he sees it he’s going to put that cup on top of that the bug and slip the paper under to make sure it doesn’t escape while he throws it out. “ I got you Jagi, that’ll be 5 kisses Jagi~” 


He’s not doing it, nope your on your sweet own. He’s going to join you in the shower because he’s so afraid of the cockroach, and note he still has his clothes on. Yah!! Kill it, it’s so big, why can’t you kill it!? Then from behind the shower curtains he’s going to be throwing his shoes at it,missing both timesJagi, we have to live in the shower from now on. We’re running short on foot supply, what’ll we do now!?” Yah! 


This sweet, sweet, sweet baby is going to use food to lead the little nasty thing out. He’s going to rip off tiny little bits and pieces of bread that lead out of the bathroom, into the living room, and out of the door! It worked slowly, but surely that thing was out in an hour! ..Jagi, you owe me some bread, 8 kisses, and 4 hugs.” 


He doesn’t even understand how that thing got in the bathroom or in the house in general! Like Woozi keeps that house so god damn clean, he’s just standing in the bathroom so confused as he watches the cockroach scatter and panic around the bathroom floor Jagi, did you..did you secretly each cookies in the bathroom again?” 


Tbh this kid is scared at first but he just laughs at the fact that your still screaming at the tiny cockroach.  Aish, Jagi your such a baby~ He says as he basically stomps on that cockroach /THUMP!/  It’s gone now!  Then the cockroach lazily crawls from under his shoe and Seokmin hurriedly jumps into the shower with you~


Oh god this kid is going to start and end up like Seokmin confident, cool, scared, and wet. Once he sees the pest he goes right for it with his hands, smacking it down so hard into the tiled floor. Then he moves from under his pawn and he screams falling back onto the floor. Jagi!! Jagiya!! Jagi!! Save me!Next thing you know, the kid’s taking a shower with you and his clothes on. 


This kid’s going to pretend he doesn’t see anything, not the bug and not you naked in the shower! Wah jagi, you make me come all the way in here just for nothing! I see no bug, maybe you were seeing things. Go finish your shower or else you’ll waste the water~” 


Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeeenn. This baby right here is going to tap dance that cockroach the heck away from his precious jagi. He’s going to be the most graceful out of all thirteen boys to be honest. Every step he takes is on that cockroach, after taking a total of maybe 16 steps on the cockroach, the poor kid gives up and throws the bug out the window. “ I should be in the performance unit huh? Jagi answer me, you know it’s true!” 


This poop right here is going to make you suffer. He’s just going to watch you yell and scream as the cockroach runs around the floor with it’s 6 or 8 little legs. Jagi~ Do you need some help? No? Weeell okay, I’ll be outside eating some cookies, call me if you need me” 


If he does this one thing for you, he’s going to want something big from you. Hm, let’s make a deal Jagi! If I get this cockroach out..you’ll have to do some stuff aegyo for me! And if I can’t get it out, I’ll do some aegyo for you~And of course being the smart kid that he is, he makes a bet only on things that he know’s he can do. So he get’s that pesky bug out and gets his daily amount of cute girlfriend aegyo. 

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Here you go anon~ I really hope you like it! This is my first ever reaction! It might not be great but I worked hard on it. It took me two hours!

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Him: ‘Tsk, why would you want to read something like that? The real thing is so much better.’

*you smile at him and lean towards him*
Him: ‘Nuh uh, you lost your chance. Enjoy your silly fanfic!’


Him: *sitting around bored waiting for you to get off the computer* ‘Jagi, what are you even doing?’
You: *says nothing*
Him: *looks over your shoulder* ‘What the heck is this?’

You: *laughs nervously*
Him: ‘Come on, pay attention to me~ I’m more fun.’ -sexy Jongin-


Him: *reads over your shoulder and gets annoyed by what he reads* ‘Please, I’m so much more suave in real life! No way would I confess in such a clumsy way.’

You: *laughs* “You were even worse when you confessed to me! You forgot your own name!’
Him: ‘But…’


Him: *sees what you are reading, starts laughing and making fun of you* HAHAHAHA Y/N IS READING A FANFIC ABOUT ME!

*you get upset and glare at him*

Him: *sees he is in trouble* ‘Heh.. Heh.. Just kidding jagiya, I love youuuu~!’


Him: *walks up behind you* Whatcha doin jagiya~? *sees the screen*

*completely stunned by what your reading* ‘Oh my god, you read stuff like this?!’


Him: ‘What are you reading?’

*you jump in surprise and try to cover the screen*

Him: “What is this? Is it your diary? What? A fanfic…? What? But why?


*sees you reading a smutty Suho/reader fic*

*smirks* ‘All you had to do was ask..’


*pops up out of nowhere and scares you*

*sees you reading a fluff fic* Awe you’re so cute~ Were you lonely?


*comes to see what you are doing after calling your name ten times with no answer, and when he sees you are completely focused on the computer waves a hand in front of your face* ‘Earth to y/n~’

*sees what you’re doing* Eiiii, why are you reading a fanfic about me? Do you like me by chance? I knew it~


*sits next to you on the couch* What are you reading?

You: A fanfic.. About you. *smiles cheekily*

*you show it to him* Oh my god, so embarrassing *but still can’t help smiling*


*sees what you’re doing* Babe, what on earth are you doing?

Heh, so many girls fantasizing about me, can’t help my charm.


You: Oppa~!

*peeks head in from the other room* Yes baby?

External image

You: Come and see this cute fanfic I found! It’s very accurate. You’re so cute in it!

*raises eyebrow* Yes but I’m not just cute..


@ job interview
  • interviewer: so what would you say are your unique talents you could bring to this job?
  • me: well
  • me:
  • me: I can rap laganja's entire rap from gimme all your money
  • interviewer:
  • interviewer: yes gawd

// Noodle Doodle to satisfy my weird needs to draw my favorite characters. Every time I go to make a comic I realize I don’t have time so I get lazy and just change expressions. SORRY.

// Sorry it’s a cross…world..thing…IT KINDA WORKS? Just don’t judge me okay. IM SORRY

// Sans was going to make a pun, but Monster Kid was too fast to answer so he got lazy as well.

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To: Elmer From: Grey Baby Ball Man™ SOUNDCLOUND has left the AMERICA'S, and was studying abroad in NEPAL when the New Tapir Militia™ took her. Seeking Dark Tapir Secrets, SEYMOUR arrived to uncover clues regarding whereabouts of a Long Lost Cosign who dwells within the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS. Seym has KIDNAPPED soundclound and is planning to use her power for BASTAD SWEEMORE AGENDA. YOU MUST SAVE SOUNDCLOWN Heh heh Just Kidding It Was A Scary Story Gan You Imagine.. Now Clik That Foking Like Boy!!


Hole Mole… You’r Scare Me With That One.. . Ooh Hooh . . Blease Dot Do That Again