just kidding

Gratitude list

I’m going to start my list early today because it’s that kinda day… and I’ll add more things later because I want today to stay like this.

1. I’m grateful for starting the day with opening my eyes to a shining sun.
2. I’m grateful for my English teacher and for watching Capote in class.
3. I’m grateful for that moment earlier today where I realized that English is my calling. It was so odd and a tiny bit beautiful, and I’ve almost always known that English is my thing, but this was different. And I know it sounds ridiculous.
4. I’m grateful for being less scared of studying at university.
5. I’m grateful for the English language and literature.
6. I’m grateful for that cup of tea I had in class while slowly waking up early this morning.
7. I’m grateful for my mom who seems to be in a good mood.
8. I’m grateful for having done somewhat a lot today, I even napped for 30 minutes, and I almost have a whole day ahead of me.
9. I’m grateful for being able to sit in the afternoon sun and draw as soon as I leave my bed.
10. I’m grateful for dark chocolate with mint.

When you gotta get married at 2 but have to go hunting w/ the Winchesters at 5


Oh no, its green PewDiePie, RUN!!!