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Overrated Crushes and Urges

Author’s note: First fic that I’m posting on my own blog, I’m so excited!! I decided to go for a RinRei fic because I’m in Free! shipping hell and this pairing deserves more love <3

Summary: Takes place during episode 3 of Eternal Summer. Rin develops a small crush on Rei and doesn’t really know how to deal with it. Though during their private practice sessions, he found out that Rei’s extremely ticklish and uses this as an excuse to touch him.

Crushes were so overrated. Not to mention pointless. Usually when you like a person, you just walk up to them, ask them for a cup of coffee or some cheap ass other thing, and that’s it. There was one problem, though. Rei was probably already taken, or at least, it looked like he was.

After a week of training with him every single day, Rin saw the Iwatobi group standing behind the glass windows, watching them. Seriously, they would be the worst spies, seeing that they couldn’t at least pretend they were hiding. Granted, Rei hadn’t seen them since he was so focused on his swimming, which was probably their main priority.

Nagisa’s pure look didn’t go unnoticed by Rin’s eyes. Either they were together or Nagisa was head over heels for the guy he was now holding firmly so he wouldn’t sink. The guy had squirmed a lot in the beginning, awkwardly admitting that he was ticklish and “Please don’t tell Nagisa-kun, Rin-san, I’ll die,” with a pleading look and Rin had reassured him he wouldn’t, casually leaving out that he had stored the information in the back of his head for later.


Rei was off limits. And it annoyed him.

He didn’t even think they’d form a friendship because of his anger. After seeing Rei swimming with Haru and the others for the first time, he had felt nothing but fury, not to mention he couldn’t even do the butterfly stroke justice. However, his anger morphed into admiration when Rei had let him swim with his old teammates and he thought that was it.

… Until he received a text the other day from an unknown number.

Good evening, Rin-san. This is Ryuugazaki Rei.
I hope you don’t mind that I got your number from Nagisa-kun’s phone, but I have a favor to ask

It didn’t matter whether he was up for it or not. He owed Rei big time, so he saved his number and texted him back right away.

They would have their last session tomorrow and Rin was absently playing with his phone, listening to Sousuke’s soft breathing coming from the top bunk.

It bothered him endlessly that he couldn’t even ask the guy out. Usually, he’d tell himself to move on with his life, but Rei was right there every night, doing his best to get better and Rin wanted nothing more than kiss him after every round to praise him.

With an annoyed sigh, he flipped open his phone, scrolled through his contacts and selected Nagisa’s number. He had to know.

Nagisa, you up?

Of course it only took a few seconds before he got a reply. “rin-chan!! (ᵔᴥᵔ) what’s up???

Just had a quick question. Do you like Rei?

of course i do! i looooooove rei-chan! i love all of you!!”

Nagisa was really dense sometimes. “Not like that, you idiot. I meant romantically”

oooooh. nah. if i did, i would have told you guys. why’d you ask? do YOU like him romantically?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) does rin-chan have a crush on rei-chan??” 

If you tell anyone I’ll steal all your penguin boxers”

“eeeeeeeeh, so mean! fiiine, i won’t tell. but you should! you guys would be cute together!!

Yeah, yeah. Goodnight nagisa

night night! rei-chan says goodnight too!

Hold the f— “OI NAGISA. I s2g, you didn’t let rei read over your shoulder did you?

But he didn’t get an answer. Rin groaned and laid his arm over his eyes, praying that practice tomorrow wouldn’t be too painful. It was very typical of Nagisa to not mention anything during a confidential conversation because, again, Nagisa was really dense and was never scared or embarrassed about anything.

So it wasn’t entirely surprising that Rei turned up the next day with bright red cheeks and awkward posture. It would’ve been utterly hilarious, hadn’t Rin been the cause of it.

Nagisa was so dead after this.

Eh, practice wasn’t too bad. Some small talk and avoiding the subject did wonders for the painful silence. It didn’t take that long for Rei to fully concentrate on his form and swimming and Rin was very grateful for that. Plus, he didn’t miss that Rei was exceptionally squirmy today, especially when he held his lower back for support.

So far, sides, back of the knees and lower back were the most ticklish and Rin couldn’t help but chuckle at the silly observations he had made. Every time he touched those areas, Rei would stiffen and press his lips together and it was hilarious.

“Good work today. Let’s go shower,” Rin spoke up around ten o’clock like he did every time. “You can show everyone how far you’ve come tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait to see their faces,” Rei smirked and gladly took Rin’s hand to help him out of the pool. “Thank you so much for helping me.”

“You gotta stop saying that, ‘cause you’ve already thanked me like a thousand times. It’s fine.”  

It wasn’t until they hit the showers that it grew immensely quiet between the two of them and Rin wondered if he had to do something. It wasn’t like Rei looked bored, or anything, just absorbed into washing every inch of his body and making sure there was not a trace of chlorine in his hair. Rin let his eyes roam over the other’s body, lingering on his accented collarbone, his hips that barely peeked out above his swimwear and his dark eyelashes that looked exceptionally long without the goggles and glasses.

Boy, he was in deep. He had stopped washing himself to just stare at him bluntly like a love-sick loser and he had to do something.

Rei, being the oblivious shit, hadn’t noticed and was still massaging his scalp, as if he was lost in trance. So, Rin did the first thing that came to mind and poked his side.

The reaction was very dramatic.

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