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lol Erin after your old reblog posts I ended up dreaming about Clarke trying to fix her watch! Lexa had to sleep with the headpiece on because Clarke kept trying to 'borrow' it

HAHAHA I just had the mental image of Lexa sleeping and Clarke trying to stealthily puck it off her head and Lexa without opening her eyes says, “ClaaaarKE.” Then Clarke recoils back into the bed then 3 minutes later Lexa says, still not opening her eyes, “Clarke i can feel you staring. The answer is still no.” 

feel free to adjust sentences to make it fit your muse better!

  • [ TEXT ] I love her so much I can forgive her for wearing crocs
  • [ TEXT ] This is the second time this month a hookup cried when I left…bro get your shit together bar does NOT equal wife 😬
  • [ TEXT ] I bet your mom’s never met a girl who’s thrown up at the presidential inauguration before though.
  • [ TEXT ] Do you really want to know anything about the inner machinations of a furry’s mind
  • [ TEXT ] You snapped me at 3am drunk laying on your floor asking if I knew how we couldn’t have predicted the housing crisis.
  • [ TEXT ] I guess the weekly d&d orgies are treating you well
  • [ TEXT ] I woke up naked with a duck on my head. I think something went horribly wrong.
  • [ TEXT ] I saw a penis covered in glitter tonight.
  • [ TEXT ] Don’t tell me I can do whatever makes me happy while also saying I have to put on pants.
  • [ TEXT ] Don’t take a pillow from my bed. You don’t know which ones of them my vagina has been on
  • [ TEXT ] I just got a text giving me an hour window for when my vibrator is gonna be delivered. If that’s not awesome customer service, I don’t know what is.
  • [ TEXT ] my birth father cheated on his wife with my birth mother. it’s literally in my blood to be a home wrecker.
  • [ TEXT ] that’s what I’m here for. I’m literally just bad advice mixed with motivational sentences.
  • [ TEXT ] sorry for running off in the middle of that heart to heart. free food.
  • [ TEXT ] All she has to do is text me and my dick gets hard. She asked how my day was going and it got hard.
  • [ TEXT ] Dude I turned down free booze. I think I’m growing as a person.
  • [ TEXT ] Can’t tell if it’s the drugs or science magic, but I *THINK* that mouse just turned into a squirrel.
  • [ TEXT ] it was a hallmark card with butt plugs
  • [ TEXT ] Just asphyxiate me and toss my corpse in the Ocean. It’ll be easier than whatever the next four or eight years will bring.
  • [ TEXT ] It began the way the best stories do—with some naïve jackasses in a place they had no business being at.
  • [ TEXT ] His ex told me that she wanted me to “take care of” him but from the way she said it I couldn’t tell if she wants me to look after him or murder him.
  • [ TEXT ] If you fuck up my birthday by dying I will kick your fucking corpse.
  • [ TEXT ] We’re lying on the pavement outside of the college. No one has asked if we’re okay. I think they all understand.
  • [ TEXT ] Quick question—how good are you at digging holes? I mean, besides the one you’ve dug for yourself. asking for a friend
  • [ TEXT ] i found you laying on the floor staring at the ceiling and you kept muttering “why” in various inflections.
  • [ TEXT ] Drunk sperm are not productive sperm.
  • [ TEXT ] Of course I fucked him. He was wearing a rainbow cock sock and cowboy boots.
  • [ TEXT ] I couldn’t find my hair brush so I just brushed my hair with a cat brush. I should not be dating.
  • [ TEXT ] Why thank you for your unwanted opinion, person I’ve never met before.
  • [ TEXT ] Lol woke up with mangoes in bed with me
  • [ TEXT ] how do i act around someone who’s shoes i puked in while naked and blackout?
  • [ TEXT ] he made me cum so hard i had an asthma attack
  • [ TEXT ] I never imagine I’d say this, but can I ask Jeff for the butt plugs back even though it was a gift and we broke up?
  • [ TEXT ] Why can’t they just let me be the gorgeous cum dumpster that I know I’m meant to be?
  • [ TEXT ] There’s nothing like when u really click with a stripper
  • [ TEXT ] Yeah last night got weird fast. No lie, a kid pulled a butt-plug with a tail out of his ass.
  • [ TEXT ] I have booze and I wanna give you a bj. How can you be mad at me?
  • [ TEXT ] Hey! Happy Birthday! Could you do me a favor and bring my underwear to the bar?
  • [ TEXT ] He radiates elegant sexual dominance. I bet even his balls have pinstripes.
  • [ TEXT ] That dick was not the dick of a twenty year old
  • [ TEXT ] You stared at a Swedish dude for like 5 minutes then asked him “shouldn’t you be yelling at dragons”
  • [ TEXT ] I have to choose between charging my phone or my vibrator. This is bullshit.

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Anyways, tell us about meeting Scott!

Lmao ok so I’m sitting at the hair station getting my hair braided. My friend just got finished with hers and he just casually walks in and she’s like “is that Scott?” So I look up and I’m like…yes. Yes it is. And she just STOOD there so I was like GO UP THERE. And I swear to god I was about to jump up from that chair. This poor girl. I was halfway off the seat and she’s like “do you want glitter?” And I’m like HAVING THIS INTERNAL BATTLE BECAUSE I WANT TO BE SPARKLY BUT WHAT IF HE LEAVES? But the glitter won and I ZOOMED from the seat as soon as she was done and went up to him. He gave me a pick at this point and was talking about Taylor getting ready and how she’s so excited for the show and how great ATT is and then he started talking about them as a business and their stocks and I was just like….okay Scott. Your stockbroker side is showing. So I tried to get a pic with him but he left to go see another group, so naturally I followed him. In this group he asked how we got our tickets and this one girl got them because she’s in the military so he started talking about all the stuff Taylor does involving the military and veterans (or something like that, I didn’t catch all of it) and we were like wow, we didn’t even know that and he’s like “yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that she does no one knows about.” And then he moved onto another group and I followed again lol. This girl was wearing an Olivia shirt so he started talking about Meredith and Olivia and some mouse game on the computer (??? He said to YouTube it) and how Olivia loves it and goes crazy. Even when the computer is off she’ll go over to it and paw at it and Meredith wants nothing to do with it. She just stares at her like “what the heck are you doing?” He kept calling Olivia “Dibbles” lol. So then another girl was like your daughter is amazing and he was like “thank you so much. We like her too.” And I was like “yeah you did a good job with that one” and he was like “thank you! We tried!” And he started talking about how much she loves us and how this preparty is the only preparty of its kind, that there’s never been anything like it and all the planning that went into it to make it special for us. I kept asking for a picture but I’m shy and quiet and I didn’t think he heard me, because he kept talking (I wasn’t interrupting, it was always during a break in conversation). Another girl asked him for one and he finally was like “sure, but She asked first, come here sweetheart” and pointed at me and then I took the shakiest picture of my life.


“Kyle!” Misty yelled as the boy squirmed around in the tub.

“Kyle we have to get you clean please stay still!” Zoe yelled as she gripped his arms forcing him to stay still but to no avail.

“NO!” Kyle screamed as he continued to thrash around getting water everywhere. All over the floor and walls. The two witches tried their best to keep him still but he was acting like a toddler refusing to let them wash him.

There was a knock on the door and the three of them went quiet for a moment. Zoe stood and went to answer it while Misty tried again to bathe Kyle. You stood dumbfounded in the door way from the noise as Zoe stuck her head out but kept the door so you wouldn’t see what’s happening.

“What is going on?” You say, visibly agitated.

“Nothing everything’s fine,” Zoe lied.

Kyle suddenly moved his attention to the door and wailed out to it. He stuck his arm you and pointed at the door. Misty had to hold him steady as he tried to climb out. You forcefully push past Zoe and nearly slipped on the flooded tile. You stared in shock at the naked college student curled up in the bath tub with a soaked Misty crouching next to him.

Kyle kept trying to reach out to you and in that moment you understood. You bent to pick up the discarded washcloth and told the other two they could leave.

“Don’t worry, Kyle,” you said gingerly, “we’ll get you nice and clean and warm.”

Kyle just sat there and grunted in agreement.

(This turned into a one-shot lol. I love Kyle)

Sooo…I’ve met Papa, Fire and Aether after the show…aka the story how I died.
We were standing next to the tour bus and there where like..maybe 20 people (or maybe more I don’t remember) and my father was with us because he wanted to drive us home. So we told him that we want to wait for the Band to come out to sign things. He didn’t believed me that they will come out and he also kept telling us that we don’t know how they look anyways (lol if you knew). So my father was quite pissed cause he wanted to go home. That was so embarrassing because it felt like everyone was staring at us. We kept telling him that this is very important to us and that we know how they look. But he kept yelling at us lmao.

So after maybe 20 minutes or so Fire comes out. And let me just tell ya…he looks like a greek god. My heart was racing. I asked him to sign my ticket and he wrote my name on it. He signed the ticket on my shoulder and stole my fucking edding😂

After that Aether came out. He’s such a sweetheart and so funny. @ghuleh-101 showed him a picture where he jumped and he just screamed: look at my arse!!😂😂 He told me that I have a beautiful name and that I should check out a song by a certain band but I forgot the name of the band (god damnit).
I think after that Air came out. He looked a lil bit angry and went right into the tour bus.
Then theres Earth..he waved at us but also went right into the tour bus. I haven’t seen water at all lol.

And then…Papa came out. I was trembling like a little bitch. HE LOOKS EVEN MORE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON. And there was still make up around his eyes.
He’s so intimidating without even trying lol.
So he came up to me and I still don’t know how I managed to talk to him without sounding so scared. I asked him if he could sign my ticket and he saw my name looked me into the eyes and just said: Josephine, hm? HE KILLED ME. I CAME SO FUCKING HARD.
So yeah…he signed my ticket and I asked him for a hug. He gives the best hugs ever but I mentioned before that I’m very clumsy so I think I accidentally hit his nose with my arm while hugging him???
I thanked him for coming to Wiesbaden and that this was the best concert I’ve ever been to. He kept eye contact all the time and just smiled at me. Again…is he trying to kill me?
But after that my father dragged us away because he was so tired. I hope Papa didn’t noticed that, I mean I didn’t had the opportunity to say goodbye.
When we where at our car me and my best friend just started to scream lol. I really really hope that he didn’t heard that.
So yeah…That’s the story how I got brutally murdered.
(And sorry for grammatical errors. I’m too lazy right now to correct them).

My Experience at the B. A. P Concert

I sat on the second row, right at the center and the seats we’re empty beside me. The light would shine on me and I am tall lol. But I was able to be seen a lot so hmm lml.

Himchan: I made a heart with my hands and arms and him and Youngjae did one back. Then we kept going back and forth, over and over again. Then he waved at me. When it was like the goodbye song he kept waving at me, also when they we’re leaving all of the members did. Me and him kept making eye contact. And many interactions. When he blew kisses I blew some back and he’d smile💓💓😍

Zelo: me and him kept making eye contact. He waved at me and pointed at me. 😊

Daehyun: He waved at me and smiled. He saw me a couple of times tho and we made eye contact…only a little tho. He made a heart back at me too, when me and my friend made one at him. 😄

Youngjae: me and him kept making eye contact. When I did hearts, he made it back. He kept smiling at me and when they taught us the dance, he pointed at me smiling. 💓💓

Jonggup: he smiled at me and waved back a little. We had a little bit interactions.😌😌

Yongguk: During the talk near the end of the show he finally noticed me lol. We kept making eye contact. He just stared.

Overall: All of them are so fucking gorgeous.😍😍😍 Their vocals are amazing asf. People need to stop sleeping on em.

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Love your writing!! Can you do one where jughead doesn't want betty to know that he likes her, so he's kinda mean to her but he doesn't know that she likes him back? Thank you!!

I can do that! I feel bad making Jughead mean lol but I can see him definitely being defensive over his feelings! Here we go ~

Two Broken People

Betty Cooper couldn’t help herself - she just kept staring at him. 

She slowly brought her soda to her lips, sucking it through the straw. She didn’t break her stare. That damn piece of hair sticking out of his hat was driving her crazy.

It reminded her so much of Elvis’ curl, always in his face.

He was writing furiously in his notebook, his earbuds blaring music loudly.

Betty was sitting out on the quad by herself at a picnic table, staring at Jughead and eating her lunch. She pulled a carrot out of the bag in front and started chewing.

Jughead was sitting at the table across from hers, writing and listening to music, but not eating. Very uncharacteristic for him.

The wind picked up, blowing Jughead’s curl out in front of him. 

His eyes locked with hers, catching her staring. 

“What?” He said suddenly, glaring at her.

Shit, Betty thought, looking down.

She brought another carrot to her mouth, looking up. Jughead was gathering his things to leave.

Jughead rushed into the science classroom late. There was only one seat left - next to Betty Cooper.

He shook his head and walked over to the seat.

“Thanks for making time for us, Mr. Jones.” The teacher called.

Jughead didn’t say anything.

“As I was saying,” The teacher continued. “You’re going to be partnering up with the person sitting next to you for this lab. You may get started.”

Jughead groaned and looked at Betty. Why her?

He looked into her eyes - the perfect color of blue, he thought - then looked quickly to the beakers set in front of them.

“Maybe we could just work amongst ourselves for this one?” Jughead murmured.

Betty looked hurt. “She told us we’re in partners, Jughead, so I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but it’s what we have to do.”

Jughead sighed, then did as Betty instructed him. How was he supposed to concentrate when she smelled so damn good?

She brushed a stray hair out of her face, then added two beakers contents together.

Jughead wrote something down quickly. When he looked up, Betty was staring into his eyes.

God, she was perfect. 

“What?” He snapped.

“It’s your turn,” She snapped back. Jesus, what was up with him?

The bell rang and Jughead gathered his things quickly, his head down as he walked out of the room.

Betty rushed to gather her books and went out the door after him.

Science was their last class of the day, but Jughead didn’t stop at his locker. Betty followed him out the door.

“Wait up, Jughead!” Betty called after him.

She dodged students walking the other way, needing to catch up with him. “Hey!” She called again.

Jughead turned once he was out the doors. “What do you want?!” He demanded.

Betty’s eyebrows furrowed and she took a deep breath. “Why are you being so rude?”


Most of the students were on the other side of campus. The wind picked up, blowing Jughead’s stray curl again.

“Why do you keep looking at me like I’m the most annoying person on earth? Today at lunch, yesterday morning, last week. You keep giving me death stares and I want to know why, Jug. We used to be friends.” 

“Yeah, I used to be friends with lots of people, Betty. Look around - everyone’s gone.” Jughead mumbled. “I didn’t mean to be rude, but it’s better if you just leave me alone.” He said.

“You don’t have to be alone, Jughead. We didn’t abandon you.” Betty took a step closer to him.

“I’m used to it, Bets. It’s fine. I gotta go,” Jughead sighed.

“Wait.”  Betty took a step closer to him, her hand out. She brushed Jughead’s pieces of hair back off his face. 

Jughead’s eyes were closed.

“Jughead I’m sorry that you feel like you’re alone.” Betty murmured. “You’re not alone, I promise you.”

Jughead shook his head, not wanting to look into Betty’s eyes. “I can’t do this, Bets, I can’t… I can’t -”

“What, Jughead?” Betty said, taking another step closer. “Talk to me, please.”

Jughead opened his eyes and looked at Betty. God, that smell. It was flooding his nose, intoxicating him. 

He took a step forward and before he could overthink it, enveloped her lips with his.

Betty sighed and sank into the kiss, her hand playing with his hair underneath his beanie.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long” Betty murmured as they broke apart.

“Really?” Jughead said in surprise.

Betty nodded. “Stop pushing people away, Jugs. Amazing things happen when you let people in.”

“Sometimes people break you if you let them in.”

“Sometimes two broken people can make each other whole.” Betty shrugged.

oh yeah, i had a dream Bakugou and Uraraka had to learn how to ballroom dance together for… some reason. they were wearing their blue tux and the pink dress from the colorspreads

Bakugou kept staring at her with an entirely blank sorta glare while she was starting to sweat at the intensity of his stare

the implication was that he had no idea his stare was starting to freak her out lol. he wasn’t doing it on purpose. that was just his resting face lmao

Why’d they send you?”

“Either because I specialise in water habitats,” Harry said, “Or they wanted me out of the country.”

Jones froze. “Are you on the terrorist watch list? We had you all checked when your Ministry gave us your names, but if you’ve hacked the system—”

“Not that I know of,” Harry said quickly. He was perhaps not awake enough for the spirit of this conversation. Maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut. “The British Ministry just worries I might try to take over. I honestly have no idea why.”

Jones continued staring. “And would you?”

“I’ve not even done so much as write an op ed,” Harry said, tiredly. He really should’ve kept his mouth shut. Now he was going to have to deal with both countries distrusting him. “I’ll say this: My best guess is that the current administration doesn’t trust anyone with my magical power level who could defeat a dark lord, no matter how little such a person might care about their oliga—I’m sorry, I mean their republic. You know how it is.
Things We Never Say (Karamel)

PROMPT: [anon] Can you write a karamel fic based off the still of Kara and Eve they just released for 2x12. Things look deliciously awkward, making for juicy drama in their human world ( like Mike and Kara not their superhero egos).

SHIPS: Kara/Mon-El

WARNINGS: Angst bruh.

A/N: Okay so I’m sorry it’s kind of short and I’m really nervous and I hope you like it lol it took me a while and I’d love to hear what you think my lovely anon (sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting :/). [takes place just after argument between James and Kara shown in the trailer] Also: GIF ISN’T MINE!

CHAPTERS: One-shot :)


Kara stared, lips parted and brows furrowed at James. She could not believe he was presuming to know her friend. She swallowed and shook her head, standing and turning.

“Kara! Kara, wait–!” He began but she was already out the door.

She kept her eyes trained on the ground. She didn’t know why, but she felt so personally attacked. It was like James didn’t believe in her; like her belief in someone wasn’t enough for him anymore.

She had all these things swirling around inside her; all this fear for his safety and fear for the end of their friendship mixed with everything else in her life she had to deal with. She felt so confused.

“Kara!” A voice called cheerfully, making the Kryptonian stop short.

“I, uh–” Kara blinked, “–Eve.” She said slowly.

The name didn’t seem to have any emotion in it as it left Kara’s lips. But, if the recipient of her tone had known of all the tumultuous emotions raging around inside her, she may have detected a thin hint of disappointment. This was because, as this alien girl stared into the eyes of an effervescent woman with blonde hair and a kind smile, she could feel the organ inside of her chest sinking slowly down into the pit of her stomach.

“Hey!” Eve beamed, completely unaware. “So, I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Uh, okay.” Kara nodded, touching the rim of her glasses.

“So, James asked me to go get a layout from downstairs, right?”

“Mhm,” Kara pursed her lips together.

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Turbulence in LA Hi-Touch

Here it is!! Finally had time to sit down and write about this. I was supposed to post this like two days ago but I got sick and I’m preparing for my snowboarding trip!! Hope you enjoy reading about my experience~

For those interested in Part 1, you can read it here!

@honestlygot7makemewannadie @defsouljaebum @whaaaalep @defjaesbum @marksonmandu @husbandsjjp lol I finally wrote about the hi-touch LOL

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A Tyler x reader hc where the reader is an actual sports nerd but has kept quiet about it but then super bowl(or whatever major sporting event you'd like)rolls around and the reader kinda just goes off and leaves Tyler shook lol Ps: I love you and your hc's, hope you have a lovely day ❤️

Aw thank you!! Please enjoy 😊💕


- You’d lie at first and say you’re not one for sports but you gladly watch the Super Bowl with Tyler and the gang

- ‘I’m only here for the commercials’

- Yelling swear words whenever your team would have bullshit called on them

- The gang staring at you and agreeing

- Tyler just like *you have me quite a spook*

- ‘I thought you didn’t like sports’

- Going the rest of the game yelling and hollering

- Being really salty when your team didn’t win and you’re just mad

- 'I should watch sports with you more often’

- 'No you shouldn’t’

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Hello~ I just wanted to request if MC and the RFA members + Saeran and V met MC's ex-boyfriend. How their reaction would be. I guess it would be great. ^^

omg this is like @myetie‘s comic strip!! it’s seriously the best thing ever so please check it out!! <3


  • ok so MC and yoosung are inside a gaming store right cuz he needs the new COD game edition and MC wanted to check out SIMs 4 
  • im sorry idk i don’t play games lmao
  • so they were at different sections of the store and suddenly
  • “Yo MC! long time no see! how ya doin’?”
  • that guy grabbed MC’s shoulder and had this really gross grin on his face 
  • “Uhh… yea, about that, I actually have to go-”
  • yoosung is STOMPS over to this guy like he’s ready to go
  • *in the voice of a squeaky mouse* “fight me” lol


  • they were at the beach and yenno MC was smokin’ hot so she got catcalled by a few guys
  • obviously they earned a few death glares from Zenny but one guy walked over with, seemingly, no shame
  • “MC! Don’t you remember me?”
  • dude this guy was a real f@#ker and MC wanted nothing to do with him so she was about to walk away until he made another comment
  • “still rocking those hips MC” and he did this disgusting cringe worthy wink omfg ew
  • and he started to TWIST HIS HIPS EARNING A FEW HOLLA’s from his friends wtf
  • but before MC could retaliate, Zen literally just kicks him in the balls :D
  • “Suits you right.”


  • man MC was her were having a great relaxing time at the park when this stranger plops down next to MC 
  • he obnoxiously holds onto MC’s arm and puts her head on MC’s shoulders 
  • like im sorry do i know you?
  • Jaehee is mortified just omg what the heck who is dis
  • so MC tries to brush that guy off but he just tightens his grip
  • Jaehee notices MC’s discomfort and literally starts calling the police
  • “Hello, yes, I’d like to report…”


  •  they were at a real fancy restaurant and Jumin went off to pick the best wine to go with their seafood dinner
  • so MC was sitting alone enjoying the view and the live classical music when suddenly
  • *tap tap* someone tapped her lightly on her shoulders
  • “Hi, MC.” the waiter smiled kindly and gave her a gentle wave
  • MC was pleasantly surprised and nodded at him to acknowledge his presence but apparently that wasn’t enough for her ex because
  • the waiter leaned in and said kinda loudly
  • “I see you’ve now down-graded to ‘gold-digger’”
  • MC was shook like excuse me that was rude
  • funnily enough um Jumin had just come back from the wine cellar (with the manager) and kinda overheard everything so 
  • he noted:
  • “And now I will see you be down-graded from waiter to ‘unemployed’.”


  • they were at this anime convention and Seven and MC were cosplaying as the couple from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (so cuute)
  • and it was common to take pictures so when some guy asked MC to have a picture with him, she agreed without much thought
  • until they were about to take the picture when some asshole threw a bucket of water over her
  • “MC! looking good ahahah” some guy dressed as a titan from AOT laughed
  • dripping wet and shivering MC was about to flip him off after realizing it was her ex when 
  • 707 DEFENDER OF JUSTICE came back from a stand with a handful of gudetamas
  • “TAKE THIS!!!”
  • *Seven then proceeds to attack on the ‘titan’ with his new gudetama plushies*
  • do you like my pun or what


  • MC and Saeran were at the library because MC wanted to do some studying
  • and Saeran was the perfect study buddy because he was really quiet and polite and he also liked reading new books too
  • when suddenly this loud and disrespectful fella stomped over to their table and threw his books down
  • shit it was her ex.. he was known to be very aggressive
  • “Look, we’re in the library can we just talk later?” MC just didn’t want to make a ruckus
  • the dude was about to yell but with one swift motion, Saeran pinned the guy down on the table with one hand and silenced the him with the other
  • “Shh.. we’re in the library. You and I can take this outside like real gentlemen.”
  • *cue sparkles, sunset glow and wind blowing on SUPERMAN SAERAN*


  • they were going on a photo shoot date and MC was acting as his modèle so she dressed really really nicely
  • and as she was posing for a shot with the flowers some guy comes and fricken photobombs it like
  • “HEY WHAT’S UP!!!!” and proceeds to hug MC like a koala on a tree
  • MC was obviously uncomfortable and V wasn’t just going to stand there and stare
  • “Excuse me sir, you’re disrupting our shoot. I would appreciate it if-”
  • she gave Jihyun one of her save me looks as she kept trying to push him off
  • so V did the most logical thing he could think of
  • *cue him throwing the ice cream prop at the guy so it splatters all over his shirt* (amazingly it didn’t get on MC lol)

ahh I’m sorry this took so long~ it’s hard balancing school and tumblr hahah

I hope you like thisss <3

~Cherry L.

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January 21, 2017 the day Jackson Wang had the audacity to notice me!

Hello chingus it is finally that time to tell my story about Jackson Wang and how he do love him some colored girls. So when me & my crew got into the venue we were on the rail right in front of the speaker and about two chairs the boys were sitting in when they finally came out Jackson was sitting in the chair directly in front of me so me being the extra person that I am, I had to wild out.

He could see me and my friends almost perfectly and we all happened to be WOC so at one point he had stared at all of us for so long and he finally just said fk it and paid attention to us lol. The WHOLE time during the I kept pointing at my eyes and pointing to him so i could get his attention like on the real.

He then like really looked at us so i stared blowing him kisses and what did he do BLOW A WHOLE KISS BACK uh i literally stood there like

then he laughed and looked away like no you didn’t just blow a kiss at me boy have you lost your mind

so throughout we like planned to just keep getting his attention because trendsetters and he kept looking like he really did. At one point he looked over at us like…

but honestly just like this i can’t even make this shit up right now. Then when it was time to call fans up to the stage he asked who wanted to come so I looked at him & said pick me bih & then he pointed at us!

After he pointed he proceeds to gesture us to come up like:

boy I’m TIREDT, NO HE DIDN’T. then during Just Right the music cut off & our group decided to keep singing & GOT EVERYONE IN THE VENUE TO SING TOO (Video).

So at one point in Just Right he came over to where we were, tryna look all sexy licking his lips. So I pointed at him like YES DADDY! WHY DID HE POINT BACK?….. WHYYYYYYYY?

He points back so i was like bih “Shoot Your Shot 2017” and I did the eye thing again to make sure he was looking at me and when i tell you… WHEN I TELL YOU HE TURNED TO BAM BAM AND DID EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING TO HIM TO BAM BAM I ALMOST…

the video is shaky but you can see him point and then turn to bam bam and………


so i’m officially shook to my core right but he kept coming to our section being EXTRA AF like nooooo why.

He looking right at my camera someone help me please [video].

OK so the concert is over and all that remains is Hi Touch so I’m sitting in my seat plotting how ima get his attention again. So i think let me just do the eye thing cause he know me as the eye thing girl so we’re all siting there lotion-ing our hands and plotting. This bitch uhkennedy had P1 so when she got on stage we start screaming YES BITCH FUCK IT UP GET YO MAN! So we’re screaming and all of Got7 start pointing at us and go “AYYEE“.

Alright so i walk on stage and the first hand is Jinyoung, i just stare at him because beauty, then YUGYEOM my bias wrecker next to him. Yugyeom eye smiling for days and my heart can’t take it WHY WAS JB THE NEXT PERSON AFTER HIM??¿¿???¿ so i just grabbed tf out JB hand and then i can’t remember who was next either Mark or Youngjae but i reach for Mark’s hand and his eye brows raised and he says OH… nigga what you mean??

So Mark said Oh and i just said MMMM and pointed at him like MMMMMMMMMM BITCHH. So next is Youngjae i think and i grabbed his hand with both of mine and just said YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND HE JUST LITERALLY MADE THIS FACE

then after is Bambam and i feel so bad but i literally ain’t even look at him cause last was JACKSON MF WANG BIH. YALL LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY I DID THE EYE THING AND HE DID IT BACK HE DID IT BACK! So im shook and i reach for his hand and he grabbed it and started rubbing his other hand on top of mine i’m..


to end this i started wildin on IG after and commented this on his photo about Miami i really hope he saw it lol ok bye 


Wildehopps as teens who are forced to live together...

Judy screamed and fell onto the floor in her effort to jump away. While on the floor she hurried to pull her pants back up and saw Nick standing in front of the open closet door. “What the hell are you doing?” she whisper yelled. Judy rarely cursed but the situation more than justified it.

Nick put his paws up. “This is not what it looks like.”

“What does it look like then?!” Suddenly she remembered what she’d been doing in the mirror and her face burned in embarrassment.

“Y-you stole my- you took the pants from the library. I was gonna wash them and they were gone! Then you came in and I wasn’t just going to let you keep them for whatever plan you had, I mean-”

“But why were you spying on me?!” Nick was babbling and Judy spoke when he took a moment to breathe.

“Shhh. I wasn’t!” Nick waved his arms frantically, trying to quiet her down.

“What do you call that then?” Judy stood up, throwing her arms at the closet he’d just exited.

“I thought you’d leave the room or something!” Their heads whipped towards the sound of knocking at the door.

“Judy? Are you okay? I thought I heard you yelling,” Sylvia’s voice asked.

“Uh, I’m fine!” Judy replied, trying to keep the shrillness out of her voice. The doorknob twisted but caught on the lock. Nick rushed back in the closet and slid the door closed. Judy shook her head and opened her room door a crack, forcing a smile.

“Why did you lock your door?” Sylvia asked, peeking through.

“I- I was just changing clothes,” Judy stammered.

“Oh. Well have you seen Nicky? I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Um, I don’t think he’s home yet.”

Sylvia frowned. “But his backpack is downstairs.”

Judy had no idea what to say next. “It…is?”

Sylvia tapped her chin. “Ah, I think he dropped his stuff here and went out again. He does that sometimes. I’ll just call him.”

Judy made a quick sound of agreement and shut the door.

“She gone?” the voice in the closet asked.

“Yes,” Judy huffed, “Now get out.” This was enough stress to last a week.

Nick stepped into the room, cautiously this time. “Can’t. I’m not in the house remember?”

Judy rolled her eyes. This had to end. “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Good, you can cause a distraction.”

“What? I’m not doing anything for you.” She couldn’t believe Nick would ask her for anything after the way he’d been treating her.

“Well the other option is having to explain this.” Nick crossed his arms as if he’d already won the argument.

“I don’t understand enough to explain it anyway!” Her voice was becoming panicked again. It was his fault they were in this mess. His fault she had to leave school by herself and his fault she would never feel at home in this place. And, on top of that, he’d been watching her like some Peeping Tomcat.

Nick bent down to Judy’s level and shushed her again. Judy was seeing red. Nick had no right to ask any favors. “Alright calm down, Fluff.”

“Calm down!? You snuck in here and spied on me like-”

“No, uh-uh. You’re not gonna twist this so I look like the bad guy. This is your fault for taking my shit.”

Judy felt her chest heaving as her anger boiled over. He had some nerve trying to blame her. Nick kept talking, “I already told you I thought you’d just leave. That little show you put on was cringey at most so don’t-” He didn’t get to finish speaking before Judy’s paw connected to his face, hard. She didn’t even have time to think and she wasn’t sure whether to stand her ground or apologize. He deserved it anyway for what he was putting her through.

Nick stood straight up and held his cheek, staring incredulously at her with glowing green eyes. “Did you just slap me?”

Lol the rest is on Ao3:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/9255905/chapters/23594865

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how's emma???? she's so amazing

She’s doing really good! The day just started of course, but omg last night?

I did a face mask and Emma was not happy lol. She had the most concerned look and kept softly touching her own face to make sure everything was right for her. And she softly poked my cheek and just made little unhappy noises! She just didn’t know what was going on.

She adjusted pretty quickly but every so often she’d run over and get real real close and just stare at me, then run off to play some more


People kept tagging stuff like “HOWW??” and “wtf why not me??” in my last post on Tumblr, and… it’s really just practice.

So, here’s some old subway/metro sketches.These are from a few years ago actually lol
Keep a pen and sketchbook on you at all times, no eraser or pencil, and you’ll get better at freehand sketches. Force yourself to do it. Mess up? Sketch right beside it and try again. I bought the cheapest pen and sketchbook that I could find (dollar store stuff).Also, I’m that creepy girl staring at you and drawing on the subway. Lol
On the other hand, I’m going back to work tomorrow for the first time in about half a year so I might not post as much…but I dont post that frequently here anyways so…XD;;

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for those of you who have asked about how me and the boy have met, here ya go. i normally wouldn’t go into such detail about my love life on here lol, but it’s quite the story and i’m to happy about it to not share hehe😌

so, starting at the beginning of this semester i was running on the trails by my school and i ran past this guy who was really cute and his friend and he gave me a high five! of course, this is just a kinda cool runner thing and i didn’t think much of it besides that he was cute hehe. later on the same run, i was coming back and i see him again and this time he’s with my schools cross country team(he was on the team) and they were being nice and kinda cheerin’ me on and he went to give me another high five and tripped and fell in front of me😂😂anyways, that made him even more memorable and i just thought he was a major babe. of course though, i didn’t think much of the situation because it was just someone i had seen on the trail(who happened to be very very cute hehe)

fast forward to a couple months later, i’m running on the trail again and i see the men’s team up ahead(i got a little nervous inside bc i remembered he cutie lol). next thing i know, as they’re running toward me he starts like jumping up and down and getting super excited to see me and is like “it’s you! it’s you!” and i was super smiley and surprised and nervous and i just smiled and waved back hehe. HE WAS SO CUTE. i wanted to find out who he was lol.

so, i decided to do a little instagram searchin’.(him being on the team made it easy) and so i followed a couple people from the team. i didn’t expect much out of this, other than just to follow him hehe. later that day, i come back from showering and i see that i have an instragram message and it’s from him!! he said something along the lines of “hey are you the girl from the trail?” and of course, i said yes and we stared chatting hehe. we were basically just talking about running and he mentioned how i should join the team and stuff. the conversation basically kind of faded after we discussed running and all that jazz.

later on, i’m at my friends house and i cant get him out of my head lol and i keep telling her how i think he’s soooo cute. my friend was encouraging me to ask him out on a date or to hangout, but of course i was frightened by that idea and kept saying no lol. i had never done anything like that before. but then i started thinking and i was like you know what, what do i have to lose?! and i talked myself into being brave lol. i messaged him again and in a somewhat sly way said “hey would you want to maybe grab a cup of coffee so we can talk about the team?”(i only through in the team part to make it less obvious lol) he said yes and i was so excited and we picked a day to meet up and ah i was so pumped! then a few minutes later, he messages me and says “also, sorry to be presumptuous, but i feel like i should mention that i’m currently seeing someone right now. i know your intentions probably aren’t there and are just about the team, but i thought i should mention that.” i was so embarrassed lol. i played it off by saying somethin like “yeah, yeah i just wanted to talk about the team no worries!” lol lol. i was mortified lol. i was like this would happen to me, the ONE time i try and be brave and put myself out there haha!

so then a few days later we go to meet up for coffee and i reaaally didn’t want to go lol. i was so incredibly embarrassed and i almost backed out lol. but i went anyways, and i felt awkward the whole time because of my embarrassment lol. it went well and we just talked about the team and very slightly went off subject and then it was over. the whole time though i was like “oh my god he’s so cute this sucks lol” so then, that’s it and we didn’t talk after that. he actually asked for my number, but said it was to give to the girls team lol.

then, flash forward a little bit and he adds me on snapchat and i’m sitting in my 8am 3 hour lecture bored as heck and i see a snapchat from him. i was so so so caught off guard, but also quite happy about this lol. he had snapchatted me coffee(lol) and though it was super random, i thought ya know what why not reply! so then we started going back and forth all day talking and i asked if there were any good coffee shops in sac he knows of and he mentioned this one that he had never tried, but heard it was good. and then he said “we should try it together sometime” and of course i was down, because coffee+cute guy…yessss. he picked me up the next day and we spent 4 hours freezing our butts asses off sitting outside sippin on coffee and just talking all night! it was so cool. we just had a ton to talk about and had so many stories and things in common and i felt like i could listen to him forever.

so then, from there we continued to hang out and go on dates and drink coffee and…kiss hehe and talk and have so much fun and just ahhh.

then, the cross country coach invited me out to the distance teams time trial so i could watch and meet some of the team(keep in mind he was on the team, not anymore. long story, but his best friends are all from the team). so, i go to the meet and the guys team keeps coming up to me and each one of them is like “are you trail girl?” “you’re the girl from the trail?” “oh my god you’re trail girl!” and i’m just like “uhh,😂yes i guess lol!” i was like i mean they’ve all seen me on the trail so i guess that’s like a nickname idk lol?

anyways, the next time me and him are hanging out, i mention how i went to the time trial and i was like you know it’s funny all the guys kept coming up to me and calling me “trail girl”. and he got this cute little smirk on his face and started laughing and was like “umm that’s kind of from me heheh” and i was like whaaat explain! explain! and so he told me that the first time he saw me on the trail(when he gave me a high five) he was with his best friend and he was like “oh my god , dude. she is so pretty.” and was just like kinda in shock. so then, when he saw me later on my run, he was with the team and he was bragging and was like “guys, i just found like my dream girl on the trail AND i high fived her” so then, i come runnin back and he sees me again and he’s like “guys guys there she is WATCH i’m gonna do it again”…that’s when he tripped and ate crap in front of me lol lol. he said he was so bummed because he thought there was no way he could find me again and he was so mesmerized(lol). he actually showed me an old tweet from that day and it said “just found the girl of my dreams on the trail today. retweet to help me find her! #findtrailgirl” hahahahahaha. so, that’s why he got so excited months later when he saw me again and was like “it’s you!!” he said he actually through like a minor tempor tantrum in the locker room after that run because literally the day before he had started “seeing” that girl and was like “what the heck dude i thought i’d never see trail girl again and just when i start seeing someone else there she is!!!!”(btw he saw the girl for like a week and a half and said it was awkward and he wasn’t into her and nothin even happened. but he’s a respectable dude and of course did the right thing by telling me he was seeing someone..i give him maximum kudos)

he said, he got so excited when i messaged him, he was in dennys with the team and flipped out and was like “NO WAY NO WAY!! trail girl found me!!! omg trail girl followed me” and all the guys were like “YEAAAAAH!!!!” and he was blown away when i asked him to coffee and wanted to go so bad and not just talk about running(but he did the nice thing by being respectful and not just ditchin the girl hehe). so yeah then, when things ended with the girl he was like this is a sign to talk to trail girl!

…and yeah. so then we went on many dates and everything felt(feels) so great and we get along so well. we have such similar humor, we have so much to talk about, we just feel really connected(which is so cheesy, but true)

right before i left for home, we spent the whole day hangin out and it was so fun and we were talking and he was like “sooo, what do you want us to be? hehe” and we talked about how we feel so frickin compatible with one another and just how amazing everything feels and how like it’s almost fate that everything happened the way it did and we made it official hehe.

…soooo, that’s the story hehe. met on the trail, never thought we’d see eachother again and here we are. i’m his trail girl and girlfriend hehe and it’s really really cool. i’m such a cheeseball of a person and our little story just makes so much sense. everyone i told, including my family said it’s such a mel’s story and is literally such a cute story(which we both totally agree with hehe) anyways, i’m just so happy and this is so crazy and amazing and i feel great and over the moon. can’t wait to be back.

thanks to all of you who read through this mass of a story lol i give you mad props😌