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If you love to write, just keep doing it. Keep writing. If you feel skeptical about your ability, keep writing. If you get stuck, take a little break, read, get to know yourself, collaborate with others, then keep writing. Keep writing. Eventually you’ll look back at some of the first things you wrote, then to what you can write now, and you’ll be astounded by your growth. Be in awe that you grew, because growing is so rarely easy, then write and grow some more. 

BTS Reaction - distracting you whilst you’re on the phone


It was during the home-cooked meal Jin had prepared for you that your phone had first rung, and then it’d rung again for a second time part way through dessert.  Almost an hour later and that call sounds like it isn’t anywhere near ending, and Jin’s becoming increasingly impatient waiting for you to finish.  He tries all his best moves; removing his sweater and making sure to properly stretch, emphasising his broad shoulders. He tries pulling you into his arms too, planting only two kisses on your neck before you push him away with a shake of your head, mumbling something about ‘merges’ down the phone as you exit to the bedroom.  That’s the final straw for Jin; if he’s going to have any hope of distracting you it’s going to take something drastic.  He strips out of his clothes, leaving them in a crumpled pile next to the sofa he gets comfortable on, ignoring how cold the leather feels against his bare buttocks.  Closing his eyes, he takes his soft member in hand and begins to fondle himself, thinking about how good your lips felt wrapped round him last night.  Soon enough his cock is hard and throbbing in his palm, quiet little moans spilling from his lips - moans that Jin allows to become louder when he hears your bedroom door open, your footsteps following.  He opens his eyes to see your stood in the doorway, shocked to a standstill, your hand over the receiver of the phone so your colleague won’t hear the sounds he’s making.  

“Jagi, please,” he groans, rolling his balls as he fists his cock, throwing his head backward against the leather, “I need you.”

Suffice to say your phone call was cut rather short after that. 

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It’s the sound of your voice that rudely awakens Yoongi from his slumber.  Blinking away the sleep induced blur in his vision he rolls onto his side to squint at the clock, groaning when he sees that it’s 1am and feeling instantly annoyed at whoever you decided it’d be a good idea to call at the time of the night.  He rolls over again with a huff, this time to face you, and the moment you notice he’s away you pull an apologetic face, cringing.  Listening hard, he can hear the shrill pitch of your best friend’s voice sobbing about something on the other end of the line, and some of his annoyance fades now he knows this wasn’t a call you chose to make.  He resigns himself to riding it out with you, shuffling closer and hiding his face in your hair, inhaling the scent of you as he places his arm across your waist.  He was never meaning to get turned on, but listening to your soft ‘mm’s’ of agreement, feeling the steady rise and fall of your chest beside him, the warmth of your body seeping into his… well, it was sort of inevitable.  Yoongi starts to nuzzle at your neck, his breath hot in your ear as he laves his tongue around the shell of it, goosebumps springing up all over your body in response to his sudden and fervent attention.  His hand starts straying too, trailing downward then coming back up again under your shirt, grasping at your breast and rolling your nipple between his fingertips hard enough that you have to bite back a gasp.  You feel him smirk against your cheek and then suddenly he’s taking the phone from your hand and disconnecting the call without a word, throwing it to the floor and pulling you on top of him.  

“Your battery ran out,” he states matter-of-factly, grasping your hips and grinding your core into his lap.  “Now, make me being awake worthwhile.” 

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All Namjoon had wanted to do when he got home was throw you against the wall and fuck the hell out of you; it’d been a stressful day and he needed the kind of relief that only you could give him.  He felt secure in knowing that the two of you had a safeword in case he ever took it too far.  It was rare that it was ever said, but tonight he felt like it might be one of those nights.  Yes, today really had been that shit.  That’s why when he comes home to find you curled up on the sofa on the phone, giggling with one of your friends, Namjoon’s only response is a deep, throaty growl of frustration - one that has you sitting up in alarm, your eyebrows knotting together with concern.  He strides towards you, radiating dominance as he throws off his smart jacket and starts loosening his tie, your heart starting to gallop nervously in your chest, suddenly lost for words even though you know you’re friend is awaiting a reply on the other end.  

“Hang up,” he commands, standing over you so his crotch is level with your face.  He’s aroused already, tenting the front of his pants.  “Now!” he barks when you hesitate.  The phone almost flies from your hand in your haste to press the button to end the call, stuffing it down the side of the sofa so you know it won’t get in the way for whatever it is Joonie has in mind.  He undoes the front of his pants roughly to pull out his long, throbbing cock, and then grabs a fist full of your hair to yank you towards him, your mouth automatically falling open.  

“You’re gonna take all of this and then you’re gonna beg me for more, you got that?” 

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Hobi had already been halfway into your pants when your phone starts to ring on the bedside table next to you.  It’s your mom, so you’ve got to pick it up otherwise she’ll start to worry, and when she worries she has an awful habit of popping round uninvited to check on you - and that certainly would put a dampener on things.  You answer the call, grabbing onto Hobi’s wrist to pull it out from the waistband of your jeans, unable to keep yourself from smiling at the adorable pout on his face.  He’s far too incorrigible, though, or maybe he’s just impatient, but either way, you’ve only been on the phone a couple of minutes when you feel his hand sneaking back in, his lips on your neck.  You smack at his arm but it does no good; his fingers find their way into your panties and back to your soaking wet core, a low hum rumbling in his throat as he circles your clit.  You squirm, biting your lip to keep yourself from moaning, managing the occasional ‘uh-huh’ back to whatever it is your mother is saying.  Honestly, you’re not really paying attention.  Knowing that you two could be caught out any second is just making you hotter, and despite common sense telling you you shouldn’t, you end up undoing your jeans and shimmying them down whilst still on the line, spreading your legs for Hobi to take full advantage.  

“Does your mama knows what a bad girl you are, baby?” he whispers into your free ear, fingertip teasing your hole.  You’re sure your lip is going to start bleeding in a second if you keep on biting it this hard, but it’s the only way you can keep yourself quiet, especially when Hobi slides two, long fingers inside of you, stretching out your walls.  “Think you can keep quiet when I make you cum?”

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When you’re on call both you and Jimin are all too aware of the constant threat of separation your phone poses - but rather than let it put you off for fear of being interrupted, it actually spurs the two of you on.  The sex you have those nights is always rushed and hot and passionate, never knowing just how much time you’ve got, and tonight looks like it’s going to be no exception.  He’s just peeling your panties off with his teeth when your phone does ring, and rather than stopping you simply lean over and grab your phone off the bedside table, answering it and trying not to sound too breathless.  They need you at the hospital your colleague tells you as Jimin licks and kisses his way up the inside of your thigh, smirking up at you.  She gripes about how busy it is while you’re flopping open your legs, Jimin’s tongue coming into contact with your core, and you morph your groan of pleasure into one of sympathy, winding your free hand through his hair and pulling him in.  You love how naughty it feels having him between your legs whilst she has no idea, grinning and biting your lip down at Jimin as he looks up past your pubic bone, flicking his tongue against your clit.  

When you flex your hips and pull his hair, egging him on, Jimin closes his eyes and really starts to concentrate on the task at hand, drawing figure of eights amongst your wetness, lapping up everything you have to give him as you arch your back soundlessly.  It’s only when he slides a finger into your heat that you can stand it no longer, garbling a promise that you’ll be there soon and ending the call just in time for him to start assaulting your clit with harsh licks and sucks.  

“You’re not going anywhere yet, kitten,” Jimin warns you from between your legs, lifting his face enough for you to see your arousal shining all over his mouth and chin.  He licks his lips, smiling salaciously.  “Not until daddy gets a turn.” 

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Of all the times for your phone to ring, it had to be whilst Taehyung is indulging in one of his little games.  He’s got you bound, immobile on his bed, handcuffs stretching from each of your wrists to either side of the headboard, an ankle spreader keeping your legs apart, allowing him to inspect your pussy to his heart’s content from where he’s knelt naked between your feet.  And normally you wouldn’t mind, happy to let it ring, but you had an important interview yesterday, and this might well be the call back you’ve been waiting for.  You pull against your restraints, begging to be released, but Taehyung just smiles that wicked smile of his and crawls on top of you, his cock weighing heavy against your stomach, and then he reaches under the pillow and brings your phone his ear, answering it for you.  You’re horrified, pulling at the cuffs harder and making them rattle in protest, your soundless mouth flapping indignantly.  

“I’m afraid she’s all tied up right now,” he smirks, delighting in the flush of embarrassment that colours your cheeks.  “She can’t really come to the phone.”

Taehyung takes hold of his cock in his free hand, shifting all his weight onto one side so he can manoeuvre himself between your legs, sliding the swollen head through your slick folds.  You whimper helplessly, your hips bucking towards him all of their own accord;  you’re as desperate to feel him inside as you are to take that call and torn between the two, reduced to a mewling, dripping mess as he toys with your powerless body.  His own breathing starts to get a little heavier as he dips the very tip inside shallowly, in and out, teasing you both as he hums in agreement with whatever the person on the other end is saying.   

“Oh yes, I’ll see that she gets it.”  Tae sinks into you with one agonisingly slow thrust as soon as those words have left him, biting his lip as he bottoms out, and you know if he hadn’t he’d have grunted with the force of it.  Your feel your walls stretch around the girth of him, a burn that has your back arching from the bed, your cuffs rattling again, and as he feels you clench around his cock Taehyung finally stop playing, hanging up the call and fucking you in earnest, moaning louder than ever. 

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You’ve known for days that you were spending tonight sleeping over in the boys dorms - so how on earth did you forget to pack your pyjamas?  Luckily enough Jungkook has begrudgingly leant you a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt to wear for sleeping in, and you’re just pulling the t-shirt over your head when you hear his phone start to ring.  Seeing that it’s only Namjoon calling it you decide to answer it for him, making pleasant conversation as you leave the bedroom to find your boyfriend where you left him sat in front of the TV, and as always Joonie has you giggling by the time you get there.  Jungkook looks up, his eyes narrowing when he sees you blushing at someone else’s words, tonguing the inside of his cheek jealously as you flop down next to him on the sofa, completely oblivious to his stare.  It only gets worse when he takes in what you’re wearing.  His baggy t-shirt shows off the beautiful curve of your neck and the delicateness of your collarbones, his boxers riding right up your thighs and revealing too much skin.  He’d never had guessed you’d have looked so good in his clothes, otherwise he would’ve shared sooner.  Jungkook’s both annoyed and aroused now, and when you giggle again and bite your thumb he finds himself wanting punish you, his cock twitching in his shorts at the thought of wiping that smile off of your face.  

You’re caught completely off guard when Jungkook suddenly knocks you off balance, pinning you down on the sofa with the entirety of his weight, his hair dangling into his lust darkened-eyes.  The phone is still pressed to your ear, Namjoon asking if you’re alright after hearing your little yelp of surprise.  The boy on top of you starts to grind his erection against your core through his shorts and his boxers, savaging your neck with his mouth, sucking purple marks into the skin, and it’s with a stilted stutter that you tell Namjoon that you should go.  

“Don’t you hang up,” Jungkook growls as he pushes his hips into you again, saying it loud enough that you know his friend on the other end will be able to hear, “I want hyung to hear me take what’s mine.”  

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Silent Treatment

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language
A/N: So I know not all readers are short, I will be making one specifically for tall readers in the near future so don’t worry if this doesn’t apply to you!!!


“I just don’t get it, Y/N, how did you even see above the wheel to pass the test?” Peter asked, a grin on his lips when you frowned, glaring at him.

You had only been in the car with him for a minute and he was already making a crack on your height. It wasn’t typical, but lately he’d seem to notice how much it pissed you off, and if there was anything Peter loved, it was getting a rise out of you.

Right now you were giving him a ride home from a study session, this being the first time you drove him since you got your license (not that you didn’t do it before, but May and your parents didn’t need to know that).

“I moved the chair up, dumbass,” you snapped back, “At least I can drive now, you’re still stuck with a permit.”

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Silent Treatment

dannylopez1d said:

can you write an imagine were the reader applies the ice law to Peter ‘cause he has been so bad with her? End it how you want and sorry if my english is bad, im mexican. LY

Warning/s: swearing


summary: Pan says something mean so you ignore him 

Pan has been a dick to you ever since you were taken to Neverland. You didn’t know why but he’s always there to laugh at your mistakes, make fun of you or just simply make you feel awful about yourself and you will always insult him back or give a sarcastic remark. Pan enjoys seeing you annoyed so he does this every day. But today, he went too far and you didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

You were walking through the jungle, searching for dinner when Pan decided to taunt you.

“Hey Y/N! Keep up will you? No wonder your parents despise you. You’re a bit useless eh?” he chuckled, making the lost boys laugh. You opened your mouth to make a nasty remark but decided against it. What he said hit a nerve. Your parents did despise you but you always thought that it’s because they’re just one of those parents who neglects their child. You never thought that they hated you because you were useless. Are you even useless? Maybe you are. Maybe that’s why they hated you. Maybe that’s why everyone else hated you. Maybe that’s why even here in Neverland, everyone hated you. It’s because you’re useless. You looked down and ignored Pan’s remark. Pan on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Confused because you didn’t answer his stupid remark. He brushed it off thinking that you’re just not in the mood.

You were aiming at your catch when you let go of the arrow. It hit your prey directly in the head so it’s dead by now. “Impressive” Pan appeared beside you and smirked. You ignored his presence and walked over to the dead animal and picked it up. You walked off to tell the lost boys that you caught dinner.

You sat in front of a table eating peacefully with the other lost boys. Though at the side of your eyes, you saw someone walking over. And that someone is Pan. Just as he sat down beside you, you stood up, taking your finished plate with you. You can feel Pan’s eyes burning holes at your back but you ignored it and continued walking.

You were sitting on a log, sharpening your knife. Beside you was Felix. He wasn’t someone who talked much but he’s still comforting to be around so you’re sitting with him. “Something is wrong” he stated. “What?” you asked, confused. “You’re acting different. Why?” he looked at you. You just shrugged. “Hey lads!” Pan appeared in front of you two. “Hey Pan” Felix greeted. Pan looked at you. You stood up and walked away, leaving Pan very confused. Pan sat down beside Felix. “What’s up with her? She’s been ignoring me.” Pan sighed. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued sharpening his dagger.

It continued like that. You ignored Pan every time he tries talking to you and it agitates him. He wanted to hear your voice again. Even if it’s a stupid remark or something mean. He just wanted to hear your voice again. He can’t stand the silence anymore. He will do something about it and he will do it now.

You and the lost boys were ready to haunt again. You were about to dash into the woods when a hand stopped you. You turned around just to be faced with Pan. You went to tug your hand back but his grip tightened. “Look at me” he said. You didn’t so he gripped your hands tighter, “Look at me!” he hissed. You look at him and frowned. “What?” your voice was filled with so much hatred. “What are you playing at?” he growled. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Oh you know exactly what I’m saying! Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I don’t know. Why do you hate me so much?!” you yelled at him. He squinted his eyes at you, “What are you talking about?”. “Oh come on Pan! You’re the one who’s always there to make me feel like shit!” you tried getting out of his hand but his grip was strong. “What?” he whispered. “When you told me that my parents despised me because I was useless.. I can’t help but to think that you were right. I thought about it and I AM indeed useless! I don’t know what I did to you but ever since I set foot on this island, it’s like you just made it your mission to make me feel like shit! Well guess what? You already did. Congratulations!” you broke down crying. Peter caught you, held your crying figure and tried to hush you. “Y/N” he whispered, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “What did you think I would feel?” you cried through his chest. “I-I just did all that because I like it when your attention was on me a-and I guess I went overboard that time. I-I’m sorry” he said, hugging you closer to his body. “So you made me feel like shit for attention?” you sobbed. “I know it sounds fucked up but that’s the only way I can think of to get your attention” he sighed, “I’m really sorry.”. “You know you should’ve just been nice to me, right?” you chuckled. Pan pulled away from the hug and caressed your face. “Yeah, I was stupid. Forgive me?” he asked. You slightly smiled and nodded. Pan jumped around “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” he caressed your face again and kissed your nose over and over.

“Okay stop” you chuckled. He stopped and chuckled too.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your forehead.

I just watched x-men: apocalypse and damn evan peters :3

oh yeah.. I hope you liked this one hehe

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witchy reminders!

a healthy witch is a happy witch!

i know for me, anyway, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. you get caught up in updating your grimoire, you spend hours researching into a new spell, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to roll yourself out of bed. but it’s important to regularly remind and encourage yourself to do even the simplest of tasks to make sure you’re at your best. witchcraft is almost entirely dependant upon energy, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself, your energy can suffer, and that can effect your magick. here are some reminders and tips to keep you feeling tip top!

1. stretch! honestly what feels better than a good stretch in your muscles after a night’s sleep or any extended period of inactivity? Right when you wake up in the morning, do your best to wake up all the muscles in your body too: legs, arms, back, and neck. A quick Google search can show you some simple yet effective exercises to get your body raring to go for the day in order to prevent stiffness and injury. And if you don’t lead a physically active lifestyle, be sure to stretch regularly throughout the day, especially after any long period of sitting down.

2. hygiene! (this is a big one for me…) contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to shower every single day. I know I don’t have the energy to do so. But be sure to regularly wash your hands, and brush your teeth at least twice a day (and don’t forget to floss!) Also, i’ve recently found a good face wash can work wonders. and do your skin a favor and moisturize after your shower or bath! (you’ll feel and smell great).

3. eat! your body needs food! don’t ignore your stomach! if you’re hungry, eat eat eat. (not junk food though). if you don’t eat enough, you’re not going to feel good at all. I know appetite can be an issue, but you’ve got to do the best you can! you’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals. sometimes time is a factor, but there’s plenty of on the go options like smoothies and protein bars! you’re allowed to eat. you’re supposed to eat. please don’t deny yourself! (But don’t overeat either!)

4. hydrate! you’ve got to drink WATER!!! not coffee, not soda, not juice. w a t e r. And lots of it. if you’re not drinking at LEAST half your body weight (in ounces – ex. if u way 150 lbs, drink about 75 oz) in WATER every day, you’re going to get dehydrated, which can have lots of negative effects (I speak from experience!). I know, water is boring and ultimately tasteless, but you’ve gotta suck it up and take a lot of sips, babe. you might be thinking, “but I need caffeine for energy!” but caffeine can actually dehydrate you and thusly steal your energy! please drink lots and lots of water, ok?

5. medicine! don’t forget your meds! even if it’s just a vitamin! if you’re anything like me, if you miss even one dose of your daily meds, you’re gonna regret it. and if you don’t take them consistently, you’re not going to feel much of an effect from them. lots of people feel like their meds don’t work, but it’s because they don’t take them regularly like they’re supposed to (I know because I used to be that way). however, if you do have any serious side effects, or if you are taking your meds consistently and feel they aren’t helping, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. they want you to feel better as much as you want to feel better. they’ll help you if you work with them. be sure to keep tabs on your mood, appetite, any pain or discomfort, energy levels, etc. If you can pay attention to your body, it’ll help you narrow down your options and find a solution to your problem.

above all, my lovely witches, just take care of yourself. you are powerful, magickal, and you are IMPORTANT. do the best you’re physically able to take utmost care of yourself. nobody likes to feel awful. and it’s okay to ask for help! you can ask friends to exercise with you, you can vent to your therapist and come of with constructive solutions to your problems, you can simply look online for support groups and inspiration for self-care! and if you ever need to just blow off some steam, or bounce an idea off of, or need some (non-professional) advice, my inbox is always always open.

do your best out there, my loves! and may the love of sun and moon shine upon you.


There for You.

Requested by couttsiecoutts: After you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, you call your best friend Eggsy for some help. Until an unexpected surprise comes up and you realise you’ve never been happier to have Eggsy in your life. (Summarised)
Pairing: Eggsy x platonic!Reader 
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Drinking.
Word Count: 990.

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Hufflepuff!Joshua x Ravenclaw!Reader

A/N: The request was for a flirty Joshua and an oblivious reader and I relate so much to this because I am a dense human being and will not know if someone has feelings for me unless they flat out say it. rip whoever tries to date me in the future

  • You’re going to your Charms class one day, and as you head to your desk, you notice a cute box of candy heart just… chilling there.
  • You got there before the class actually began, so you ask generally to the class if the candy belongs to anyone.
  • Everyone is like “hmm nope. Not mine”
  • So you come to the conclusion that someone in the previous class probably left them on accident.
  • Because why else would they be there??
  • So when class is over you leave them… On the desk… For whoever left them on accident to come back and get them.
  • And with it you leave Joshua’s figurative heart. Rest in pieces.
  • Because basically eVerYone at this point knows that Joshua has a crush on you.
  • Everyone but you, that is.
  • Some people try to casually hint to you about his feelings towards you.
  • Like when Ravenclaw!Seokmin keeps mentioning all these great things that Joshua has done. But he’ll insert it randomly into a conversation where it isn’t relevant.
  • So you’re always like “that’s cool but back to Care of Magical Creatures, I think that with the Hippogriff it would be best to study it by…”
  • Some people are… Less subtle about bringing up Joshua around you *cough cough jeOnGhAn*
  • Jeonghan: “so what’s your deal with Joshua”
  • You: “I wasn’t aware I had a deal with him”
  • Jeonghan: “yeah but like… How do you feel about him”
  • You: “I don’t really get the chance to talk to him enough to answer that”
  • When Jeonghan reports back to Joshua on your responses Joshua’s just like “they’re literally not wrong like we haven’t talked much but I want to talk to them and I’m trYING”
  • Okay throwback to how y’all met:
  • This all started your first year. You were so eager to learn how to make cool stuff in your Potions class, that on the first day you didn’t bother to try and sit with someone you knew, you just sat next to a random kid.
  • That kid was Joshua. And first year Joshua in his head was like “oh god they’re very cute and it’s only the first day and wOw oKAy i’M fINe it’S fINE”
  • He’s too scared to speak to you for like half the year because you make smol Josh nervous with your impressive dedication to learning and really pretty eyes and the way you try to tuck your hair behind your ear whenever it gets in your face from looking down while you’re writing, but you never try to pin it back or tie it up and he thinks it’s adorable and that you’re the cutest and yeah he could probably ramble about you forever.
  • He’s like “the year is almost over, you have to say something to them”
  • So the next day he gathers up all his courage, turns to you, and is like “Hi, I’m Joshua”
  • And you’re like “Yeah I know that, we’ve been sitting with each other for months”
  • He’s screaming on the inside for two reasons because 1.) you know his name and he didn’t even have to teLL yOu iT and 2.) Dear god he’s actually talking to you and you’re talking back.
  • Next Joshua is like “Haha, you’re right. I left my textbook in my dorm,,, aha whoops so could we share one?? For today??”
  • And you’re like “Oh I’ll go get you one of the classroom textbooks, don’t worry!”, and shoot him a smile before leaving to find him a book.
  • And Joshua’s thinking “my plan did not work but I don’t even care because look at the way they just smiled at me”
  • After this, Joshua thought about trying to talk to you more during class, but you always looked so focused and concentrated and he decided it would be rude to interrupt you all the time.
  • But on the last day of your first year, he leaves a hair bow and some hairpins on your desk with a note reading “Y/N, if your hair is always in your face, why not put it up? Remember to take care of yourself, and keep doing your best!”
  • He wrote and rewrote that about 793 times because he was like “AM I TOO CHEESY?? What if they don’t like it. Is it too obvious that it’s from me? Do I want them to know it’s from me???”
  • You found the hairbow and pins and the note and quietly put it in your bag. On the outside your face didn’t change at all but on the inside you were “!!! asdfghjkl who the heck did this nICE THING for mE”
  • The first day of your second year, when the first years were being sorted into their houses, Joshua glanced across the dining hall to see you. Wearing. That. Bow. The one he gave you.
  • It was from that moment that he knew he was whipped for you.
  • And he’s been trying to do sweet things for you ever since but sometimes you just don’t get that it’s directed at you.
  • But when most people would be disheartened, Joshua is always like “I’ll do something bigger and better next time!”, after you end up not noticing him.
  • So Joshua’s attempts at flirting/confessing become more and more obvious.
  • To everyone but you, rip.
  • But even the most dense people eventually notice that something’s up, and you definitely do.
  • Some years have passed, and you’re cleaning out your dresser in your dorm, when you find the hair bow from your first year. You hold it with two hands, as if it’s the most precious thing in the world, when your roommate walks in.
  • They see you with this bow and are like “wow, by the way you’re looking at that, someone really special must’ve given it to you”
  • And you just sit there, dumbstruck. You knew that it meant a lot to you, but until your roommate pointed it out to you, you never realized how important it was.
  • Right then you decide, you’re going to figure out who the hell gave you this back then. You put it in your hair, so that if someone recognizes it, hopefully they’ll come talk to you about it.
  • You start by asking around, and first you ask Ravenclaw!DK, who is like “maybe you should ask some of the hufflepuffs… ;)”, but you’re like “why would the hufflepuffs know anything wth that’s not logical at all”, and you leave.
  • So next you go to Ravenclaw!Jeonghan and ask if he knows anything. It takes all of Jeonghan’s self control not to blurt out “IT’S JOSHUA, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW”
  • Instead he says “Instead of just that hairbow, has anything else… special… happened around you?”
  • You take a moment to think about it and are like “well… someone left heart candies on my desk yesterday… and there was that one time that I found roses in my bag…. But I thought someone just mistook my bag for theirs and put them in the wrong one… but maybe…”
  • Jeonghan: “yes you idiot, oh my god”
  • You: “they weren’t… from you, were they?”
  • Jeonghan: “Nope, wasn’t me”
  • You: “oh thank goodness, I mean you’re pretty I guess but you’re not my type and you’re always going on about-”
  • Jeonghan: “doN’T yoU haVe soMe gUY to fiND”
  • The weight of all the romantic gestures over the years is pouring into your head, to the point where you’re just trudging through the halls aimlessly, not looking where you’re going or paying attention to anything at all.
  • You feel awful for not noticing all this time, and are thinking that whoever keeps doing these gestures must think you’ve rejected them time and time again.
  • You’re legit about to cry when you stumble a little bit, expecting to fall on your face, but you collide with someone’s chest.
  • Tears start to pour down your face, this person’s shirt in you grip from you bracing yourself to fall, when you hear them ask softly: “You still kept my bow?”
  • You head snaps up and you look up to see Joshua, looking at you like you’re the entire world.
  • And it clicks. It was him. Of course it was him, he was always there, whether you noticed fully or not. That’s why Seokmin wouldn’t ever shut up about Joshua and why Jeonghan would ask you weird questions about the relationship between the two of you.
  • “But… why are you crying?”, he asks gently, cupping your face with one hand and brushing a tear away.
  • At this point you just break, and spill out everything that’s on your mind
  • “Joshua, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been paying attention enough to see all you’ve done for me, and I’m sorry for accidentally not accepting your kind gestures, and I’m sor-”
  • He takes yours hands in his, lacing your fingers together, and cuts you off in the best way possible- a kiss on the lips.
  • He pulls away and grins at you in a way that makes you just know that he’s not mad.
  • Joshua: “Who ever said it was me?”
  • You: “IT WASN’T?!”
  • Joshua: “Oh no, it definitely was me”
  • You playfully shove his shoulder because let’s be real how much more awkward would it be if it just wasn’t Joshua lmao
  • After this you two wander around the halls and catch up until it’s gotten so late that no one but the two of you are out of their dorms
  • You realize this and are like “frick what if Flich finds us”
  • So the two of you agree to meet up in the library tomorrow, but before you part ways, you’re like “so are we… dating?”
  • Joshua: “If I asked, would you say yes?”
  • You: “Well, of course”
  • Joshua: “Then yes. We’re dating”
  • You two walk to your respective dorms with the biggest grins on your faces.
  • You walk into you dorm looking like the happiest person in the world, and your roommate is like “smh maybe I should give someone a bow”
  • When you two are sitting together in the library the next day, Jeonghan walks up and says “Joshua you owe me, I’m the one who sparked all this”
  • And you’re like “um excuse you, I would’ve figured it out on my own eventually”
  • Jeonghan: “You’re right. It did only take you years to figure it out”
  • Joshua is trying so hard not to laugh but is desperately failing.
  • You: “Joshua who’s side are you on???”
  • Joshua: “yours!! Your side, I’m forever yours”
  • He gives you a quick peck on the cheek and you’re trying not to be flustered af.
  • But it’s okay, Joshua didn’t notice your cheeks turning a gradual pink because he was too distracted by Jeonghan making gagging noises and pointing at the two of you as he ran out of the library.
  • Neither of you care though, because even though you spent years apart, you’re both determined to make up for that lost time with each other.

The Colonel: Damien, i’m sorry, alright? i screwed up, i-i know i screwed up, i…

The Mayor: oh, great, of course! here it comes! you can’t keep doing this! you can’t keep doing these things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay! you need to be better.

The Colonel: i know, and i’m sorry, okay? i was in a bad place and there was all this pressure with proving my innocence, but that’s over now and i-i-i-

The Mayor: no, no! William, just… stop. you are all the things that are wrong with you! It’s not your wealth, or Mark, or any of the awful things that’s happened since you had an affair with that woman, or going back to when we were kids, it’s you. alright? it’s you.

  • Steven: Connie, I’m sorry, alright? I screwed up, I-I know I screwed up, I…
  • Connie: Oh, great, of course! Here it comes! You can’t keep doing this! You can’t keep doing these things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay! You need to be better!
  • Steven: I know, and I’m sorry, okay? I was in a bad place and there was all this pressure with my destiny, but that’s over now and I- I- I–
  • Connie: No, no! Steven, just… stop. You are all the things that are wrong with you! It’s not your Mom, or Homeworld, or any of the awful things that’ve happened to you recently, or before you were born, it’s you. Alright? It’s you.
Façade [Chapter 6]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue

You look out your apartment window, drained. You wish nothing more than to be able to sit here like this and just do nothing, think about nothing.

But you know in about half an hour you need to go back on set to film your movie. Seeing Chanyeol every single day like this is draining the life out of you and you don’t know how long you can keep this up.

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Your Stupid Frappuccino

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,127

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Synopsis/Prompt: “You always give me fake names, but you’re kind of cute and I would really like to know your real name, but here I am, writing ‘Magneto’ on your stupid Frappuccino and shouting at you that this is getting old.”


Originally posted by jimiyoong



You stared at the guy that claimed that ‘Tarzan’ was his actual name for a good thirty seconds.

“Are you for real?” You said.

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Dysphoria/Self Affirmation Tip

It is hard to love yourself, especially when you have hated yourself for so many years, maybe due to low self esteem or dysphoria. It takes a lot of hard work and recovery to love yourself. Even just looking in the mirror without thinking negative thoughts is hard, but it can be done.

Small things like buying yourself a cute t-shirt or pair of jeans, treating yourself to a hot chocolate or meal in a cafe, going to the library and picking out a book and going for a walk down the beach and collecting sea shells can help you remind yourself, that you are worthy of being treated and that you are able to go out and do these things. However, the hardest thing to do is to self affirm, such as writing little post it notes with “I am beautiful/handsome” or “I am a woman/man” on them.

You may struggle to write positive words on paper, but trust me, just do it. Even if you don’t believe it, write it down and stick it next to your bed or mirror so that whenever you look at the mirror or wake up and feel awful, you will be reminding yourself that you are a beautiful woman or handsome man. No matter what anyone else thinks of you or what you think of yourself, having yourself on your side is the most important thing.

It may sound silly but I did this when I was dysphoric and had no support by my side. I wrote on my wall with permanent marker, self affirmations such as “You are a boy no matter what anyone else says”, “You are strong” and “Just keep going” with little decorative doodles around them.

Whenever I was feeling dysphoric or down, I would just look at my wall and it would make me feel better. I was reminding myself of who I was, what I can achieve and that I was the one who wrote it, not anyone else, me. This meant I had strength, even if it were little, I had the strength to make myself feel better.

Friendly reminder that it is NOT okay for your parents (or any other guardian) to make you feel guilty about that fact that they had to raise you and look after you.

If they call you ungrateful, or try to make you do things with the reasoning of “It’s the least you can do after we spent the best years of our life raising you!”, then what they are doing is super manipulative and shitty.

No, your children are not indebted to you because you took care of them.

Guess what, that’s your fucking duty as a parent. You chose to have kids, or at the very least, you chose to keep your kid if it was an unplanned pregnancy. This child is your responsibility. It is your job to protect and nurture it and give it its best chance. No, of course that’s not easy. But you should never, NEVER make a child feel like a burden. 

And if you do it on purpose just to make your kid compliant and guilt-trip it into obedience, then go fuck yourself.

NCT 127+Ten Reaction to their idol s/o passing out due to exhaustion.

Hey! I really love your reactions, you really capture the members personalities really well! Could I request a nct 127+Ten reaction to their idol girlfriend passing out because she overworked herself?

Hi there anon, thank you so much! We’re both super happy you think our writing fits their personalities! I’ve written this one in bullet points because I feel it’d get super repetitive otherwise since there’s so many members! I hope you like it :)


Originally posted by 1aeyong

  • He would rush to you without even thinking about it
  • He’d bring your head into his lap and he’d be ordering the boys to call a doctor
  • He’d be stroking your cheeks, waiting for you to wake up
  • “Please baby, open your eyes”
  • He’d be most mad at your manager for letting you overwork yourself and he’d demand you get more time for rest


  • I think he’d be so scared seeing you faint that he would just freeze up
  • Someone would have to help take care of you
  • He’d approach you really slowly, a couple of tears escaping his eyes
  • He’d kneel down next to you and hold your hand as you slowly regained consciousness
  • If you didn’t live together he would come over all the time to make sure you went to sleep, and he’d phone you a lot to make sure you were resting
  • “I can’t see you like that again”

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“The Talk” Continued

So ya’ll seemed to like the idea of Harriet teaching Harry about his sudden “urges” (he’s a growing teenage boy, it happened at some point). I decided to finish writing the song, so enjoy this weird write up I made. Also, remember Harry is like 14-16 years old. Harriet is just being a jerk but it’s funny!

Harriet: “Aw look at my baby bro, all grown up. / It’s about time these feelings showed up! / I’ll keep my speech simple if you keep yourself composed, / but what you want is to see your best friend with no clothes.”

Harry: {nervous and blushing} “WHAT?!”

Harriet: “Don’t be alarmed, there’s no need to be scared. / Nothing on this Isle ever got you prepared / It’s only natural you feel this for your precious Sea Pearl / but I’m gonna let you know what ya want from a girl.”

Harry: “Want?”

Harriet: “Just trust me and close your eyes. It’s time for the imaginative part of the lesson.”

Harry: {reluctantly closes eyes}

Harriet: “Now when you think about her legs, you probably think they’re the best, / and once or twice you most likely have stared at her chest. / Moving on to her eyes, her lips–it’s all such a sight!”

Harry: “This feels wrong.”

Harriet: “Then you’re doing it right! / Now class is still in session, so you better listen. / This goes beyond the Auradon ‘True Love Kissin.’ / If you find you can’t control yourself, well that’s alright. / Just make sure you’re careful if ya’ll are alone at night.”

Harry: “Wha-?”

Harriet: {Whispers everything else in his ear}

[Five minutes and a loss of innocence later]

Harry: {red faced} “Enough of this nonsense!”

Harriet: “Dude, you’re overreacting./“

Harry: “It’s gotta be something else.”

Harriet: “With the way you’ve been acting?/”

Harry: “There has to be something-anything I can do!/“

Harriet: “I know something?”

Harry: “What?!”

Harriet: “She’s right behind you.”

Uma: {Just walked in} “Hey Harry, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where’d you run off to?”

Harry: {Very startled and jumpy} “Uh I was j-just um…”

[Uma moves closer, and Harry moves back]

Uma: “What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”

Harry: “Yeah, I’m fine! Nae worries!”

Uma: “You sure?”

Harriet: “My poor brother’s feeling under the weather. / Maybe you could do something to make him feel better.

Harry: {Through gritted teeth} “Shut up, Harriet!”

Uma: {puts her hand on Harry’s forehead, making him flinch} “Are you running a fever?/“

Harriet: “He’s definitely feeling hot.”

Harry: “Uma, don’t believe her./“

Uma: “Are you sure you’re alright?”

Harry: “Yes, I’m right as rain./”

Harriet: {fake pout} “But he was just lamenting on his internal pain./”

Uma: {grabs Harry’s arm} “Let’s go to the shoppe.”

Harry: {flustered} “Why?”

Uma: “So I can take care of your infection./“

Harry: {gulps} “Just the two of us…alone?”

Harriet: {slides something into Harry’s pocket and whispers} “Use protection.”

I love poetry


Lin x Reader

Uh, hi. It’s been about…4 weeks? Since I posted an actual fic of my own? I just finished my first year of college and it has been a stressful set of weeks, but it’s summer now so I’m going to try to be more active. Ps. I suck at titles. 

Thanks to @angeilca-s for being great and helping me through the writers block that has plagued me, being my second set of eyes, and just kind of being the absolute best.

Warnings: None, other than the fact that I can’t write without including swearing and some very slightly implied smut but it’s all joking.

You were pissed. Practically fuming in annoyance and you speed walked your way from your apartment to your best friend’s. A walk that would normally take about 20 minutes was cut down to about 10 as and before you knew it you were walking right through his front door, not bothering to knock because you never needed to.

“I’m done. I’m fucking done with guys. My life is over” You exclaimed, walking in and flopping down on the couch. Lin walked in the room, laughing lightly at your dramatic entrance, two beers already in his hands.  

“Hello to you too,” He handed you one before sitting down next to you, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“You know that guy? Greg? Yeah, we went on our date, if you can even call it that-”

“Greg. Is that the one from Tinder? Or Match? Famers Only?”

“Oh shut up! Tinder. I only use Tinder,” He only raised his eyebrows in response, making you role your eyes. “Can I vent? I came here to vent.”

“You’re right, I’ll shut up.” He gave you his usual smirk and took a sip of his beer.

“Greg seemed like a decent contender, he didn’t seem like he was just like all the other gross, horny guys on Tinder. He took me to dinner and then we get to my place and he tries to have sex! Why can’t I just meet a nice guy who isn’t thinking with his dick? I’m getting too old for this crap.” You sighed, taking another drink of the beer. The irony of the situation was not lost on you. The fact that the only reason you were even attempting these dumb dates was because you loved your best friend, not that you would ever tell him that.

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British Invasion | 8

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: Getting closer to finding out what happened in London that made them come home!!! Riley also finally apologizes to Lucas for how she acted in Texas. 
Chapter Eight: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Word Count: 3,823


Riley stared at her father in horror as he silently walked across the living room to her. He looked disheveled, his hair was more unruly than usual and his normally expressive eyes looked like they had sunken in significantly. She swallowed hard, now very aware that Sam’s hands were still holding her. She nudges him off, terrified that her father would chase him out of the building or kick him out and tell him to get lost but the closer Cory gets the easier it is to see that he was looking right through them.

He walks past the startled teens, not saying one word as he saunters over to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a large gulp before turning to face them again. He pinches the bridge of his nose taking a deep breath before he addresses them.

“How long are you here for, Sam?” He asks, now massaging his temples in attempt to relieve some tension.

Sam stumbles over his words for a minute, trying not to freak out as the father of the girl he was just kissing glared at him from across the room. “Um, just for the weekend sir. I’ll be gone on Monday.”

“Topanga know you’re here?” Cory asks, taking another big gulp of his water bottle.

“Yes sir.” Sam nods, “She made up the guest room for me.” He adds in, hoping that’ll put the man’s mind at ease. He didn’t want him to think that he and Riley were sharing a bed, or even a room.

“Why don’t you go on over to bed.” Cory motions to the door. “I need to speak to my daughter.”

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anonymous asked:

My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me. We shared an apartment, a dog, a cat, a life. I thought we had a future together. I had to quit my job and move to another state to live with my parents. I got left with nothing. I've never been depressed. I've never felt suicidal. But I honestly cannot take this physical and emotional pain I'm feeling. He's just over me and I'm still in love with him. Do you have any advice?

Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine how awful and confusing that must be, but things will get better. Keep yourself busy - read a book, start a new TV show, go out with friends, go on adventures with your dog. You could always consider therapy or anti-depressants to help too. Just remember that things will get better eventually and you’ll come out the other end stronger! 

I recently became friends with benefits to a friend who has an ace partner that rarely experiences/wants that. Both of them agreed to it, but the ace partner has been more into that sort of thing lately and I’m no longer sure whether I fit in the dynamic. Recently I’ve now kissed both of them, and the ace one has made some comments about threesomes I’m unsure if are serious. As the third party I’m not sure if I should press a discussion about the dynamic shifts?

Yes, you as a third person absolutely have the right to “press a discussion.” 

Hey, quick aside to everyone but the letter-writer: We all, collectively, as a polyamorous community, need to do a much better job to squash this weird cultural notion that’s out there about “thirds” having less agency, less security, and less of a right to assert their needs. Let’s just end that. Okay? 

Back to you, letter-writer: of course you can bring this up. They already kissed you. You have every right to talk about that. To know where you stand. To get some clarity on the shifting-but-unspoken terms of the relationship. 

Say something like “Hey, can we talk about something? We’ve kissed a few times, and I just want to know where we stand on that and how you’re feeling about things.” or “Can I ask you about something? You’ve made some comments about threesomes, but I’m not sure if you’re serious. Here’s how I’d feel about a threesome - what page are you on?”

If they act like you are somehow out of line asking for clarity on this, to know what you can expect and what is expected of you - then they’re not healthy to be in this arrangement with. But give them the chance, first, to have this discussion in an open and intentional way!

Now again to everyone, though I’m mostly speaking to my past self here: if you feel, in a relationship situation, like you have to just sort of go along with your partner; if you feel like something fragile will get unbalanced if you set any boundary, ask for something, make the unspoken spoken - that’s such an insecure place to be, and it’s awful, and don’t let yourself linger there. There’s a big difference between someone who is mature and independent and someone who just never ever causes a fuss. Be more willing ask for things! Any relationship that’s threatened by you articulating your needs and asking for clarity from them is not worth preserving with all the emotional labor you’re doing on their behalf.

Also,never ever keep someone in this emotional zone. Especially couples who date thirds, and men who date women, but also, everyone: take heed.  

Your Stupid Frappuccino

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,127

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Synopsis/Prompt: “You always give me fake names, but you’re kind of cute and I would really like to know your real name, but here I am, writing ‘Magneto’ on your stupid Frappuccino and shouting at you that this is getting old.”


Originally posted by minblush



You stared at the guy that claimed that ‘Tarzan’ was his actual name for a good thirty seconds.

“Are you for real?” You said.

The guy just stared at you back.

“Sir, there’s like six people standing behind you, waiting for their turn to get coffee and their patience is slowing running out, so can you please just give me your birth name and all of us can just get on with our day?“

“Uh, how about Dooly?”

You gawked with disbelief at the, somewhat, amusing and attractive male. Rolling your eyes, you hesitantly wrote “Dooly” on his coffee cup.

“Your Chai Latte will be ready in about five to seven minutes. Have a nice wait.” You said to him.

“Thanks, um-”

“(Y/N).” You finished for him.

He flashed you a quick, heart-fluttering smile before walking away. You continued to take other customers’ orders, but every so often, you would sneak a glance at the guy who proclaimed his name to be Dooly. After serving him his coffee, you took one last glance at him, only to find his eyes staring back at you. He gave you one last breathtaking smile before heading out of the cafe. What a charmer, you thought.

It was a week after his first visit, and twhere was no sign of him. You almost had forgotten about him until your best friend nudged you, while you were in the middle of taking an order. In return, you gave her your famous death glare.

“What is it.” You asked, after finishing the previous customer’s order.

“Isn’t that the cute guy who was here last week giving you weird names for his coffee cup?” She answered you, before taking someone else’s orders.

You turned your attention to where she had hers, and there he was, staring at the menu with his eyebrows furrowed together. Cute, you thought. Seeming to have made up his mind, he walked up to the cashier. Since your friend was already taking a customer’s request, he went to you.

“It’s nice to see you again, (Y/N).” He said, before giving you a shy smile.

“It’s nice to see you, too.” You said. “So, what would you like for today?”

“Let’s just go with a regular-sized Caramel Macchiato.” He responded.

“Alright, that would be a total of $3.99.” You stated.

“Keep the change.” He said, after handing you a five dollar bill.

“Alrighty,” You told him. After taking a regular-sized coffee cup, you uncapped your Sharpie.

“Dooly, right?” You asked.

“No, it’s ChimChim,” he said, “I was just messing with you last week.”

“How can I trust you that you’re not messing with me again?” You shot back.

“Woah, no need to get so sarcastic. I swear on the moon that I’m not joking.” He replied with a serious expression.

You narrowed your eyes at him before writing ‘ChimChim’ on his cup.

“It will be ready in a few minutes. Enjoy your wait.” You told him.

“Thanks again, (Y/N).” He said, before shooting you a wink and walking away. Should have known he was the flirty type, you thought.

You saw him again the next day. He came into the cafe with one of those head-turning smiles. You both locked eyes the second he reached inside.

“What would you like this time, sir?” You asked him once he reached the cashier.

“I’ll have a large Frappuccino, please and thank you.” He responded.

“That will be $4.98.” You declared.

“Slow business today?” He questioned after handing you a ten dollar bill and telling you to keep the change.

“Is it not that obvious? There’s only you and me here, and the other employees are in the back.” You retorted.

“Hey, I was just trying to bring up a friendly conversation.” He said, faking a hurt appearance.

You grabbed a large coffee cup and your Sharpie.

“It’s Magneto.” He told you before you could even write ‘ChimChim’ on the cup.

“Oh, for the sake of my sanity, could you just give me your real name? Didn’t you tell me before that you swear on the moon that 'ChimChim’ was your real name?” You said.

“Well, here’s the thing, (Y/N). You should have known that when I told you that I swore on the moon, I was lying. Because the moon constantly changes, the truth of my sentence will change.” He spoke back.

“This is getting old. Here am I, writing 'Magneto’ on your retarded Frappuccino. Each time you come here, you provide me another name. The list just keeps on going. Let me guess, the next time, it’s probably going to be 'Mochi’ or some stupid nickname.” You ranted.

Him, on the other hand, was trying so hard not the burst out laughing.

“What so funny?” You spat at him, feeling yourself heating up.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that you look so cute when you’re angry.” He answered.

You opened your mouth to say something witty back, but nothing came out. You utterly closed your mouth, wrote 'Magneto’ on his cup, and gave him the silent treatment.

“Aw, cat got your tongue?” He teased.

You merely ignored him and told your friend to make his order.

“Look, I’m sorry if I got on your nerves. It’s just that you don’t see a cute barista every so often, okay? However, when you do see one, you would do just about anything to simply have them notice you.” He confessed.

You could only gape at him.

“What I’m trying to say is that I would really like to get to know you. So, to put it in bluntly, will you, maybe, go out with me sometime?” He said, looking at you in the eyes.

You stared at him back before cracking a smile.

“I would love to go out with you, but only on one condition.” You said, firmly.

“Really?” He said. “And what would that one condition be?”

“Your name.” You said.

“It’s Jimin.” He quickly answered.

There was an awkward moment between you both, but it was quickly broken by your friend, bringing Jimin his Frappuccino.

“So, how about I pick you up after your shift?” He asked

“That would be awesome. My shift ends at 5:30. So, see you soon?” You asked.

“Definitely,” Jimin replied. He grabbed his coffee and started head out. Halfway to the exit, he stopped and turned back.

“Forgot something,” He said, walking up to you.

“And what would that be?” You asked.

“This.” He said before pecking you on the lips and running out the exit.

“Yah!” You yelled after your brain had registered what had happened.


Hey, guys! I wrote the same scenario on my primary blog. Sorry if there’s any grammar/spelling mistakes, and if there is then you should totally tell me since my OCD won’t allow it but I’m too lazy to go back and edit. Please request since I am really slow at coming up with scenarios. Bye!

~Admin Rose