just keep scrolling


                 you’re not by my side
                               once again I was just dreaming of bumping into you


I originally called these Bicycle Diaries because I would spill tiny secrets about myself. Thats what happens when you go on long bike rides, or at least when I go on long bike rides. These were all snapchats. Some people enjoyed them. I tried to upload them here once before, but they became super distorted. If you’re bored and want to kill a minute and a half by still being bored then watch this. Otherwise, don’t watch this. Don’t let me tell you what to do. But really, don’t watch this. 

  • me:oh boy i finally have an idea i want to write about i'm going to do that RIGHT now
  • me:*loses the ability to write halfway through as well as any confidence or skill i thought i had as i begin keyboard smashing in the hopes that the masterpiece in my head makes it through the jumble of unintelligible words and slowly disappearing will to keep going*
  • me:well that was... fun

So because mobile likes to be a cuntzilla troll, I can’t go on the shikaino tag without seeing every anti shikaino post ever and its funny because I see posts about how there’s sooo much in the anti shikatema tag like…there’s the same amount of shikaino haters (if not more, since people like to call us “crack shippers”)

And well I’ve noticed that shikatema shippers are VERY VERY confident like I don’t see any other pairing (even sasusaku and naruhina [which in my opinion are the most obvious and have the most chance]) being this way…but like you belittle our reasons for shipping but yours are the same if not more ridiculous…and when I see these posts, I’m happy that I’m a shikaino shipper, because our fandom is a lot cuter and sweeter and less cocky and arrogant and we love our pairing so much and we keep hoping and even if they don’t end up together, we still have our reasons to love them and wish they would. Idk, from everything I’ve read in these 12 years of loving naruto, shikaino has been hinted at more, they make more sense, and they are cuter cmon…

Its just at this point I don’t even try to argue with people that just state so arrogantly that shikatema is canon, the only practically canon, or whatever…like sorry but no…theyre not…shikaino is just as respectable and if you take off the shipping goggles both shikatema AND shikaino moments could be reduced to completly platonic…but you know…whatever idek where I’m going with this I just felt like ranting