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                 you’re not by my side
                               once again I was just dreaming of bumping into you


Lol so I finally tracked down one of the assholes sending me hatemail and was looking at their page (mostly to copy and paste their URL so I could then ignore them) but more importantly, THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING TUMBLR IS DEDICATED TO ME!! LIKE THEY CONTINUALLY REBLOG EVERY PIECE OF ART I DRAW/ TEXT POST I WRITE JUST TO BASH ON IT!!

This spans back to one of my first viral comics about “Things to Never Say to an Artist”. Literally, 90% of their posts are just my art/text posts and them ranting about me x]

I have only reaction to this:

Although tempting, I’m not going to write their URL. I’ve blocked them and there’s really no need to do anything else. I’m going to be the bigger person.

But… I had to share this with you guys, because I thought you might get a kick out of it. I know I’m laughing x]

I’m also extremely creeped out but hey I guess a nutjob here and there comes with the job

Have an amazing day as usual! You’re all amazing <3

Biker AU Jean

Finally got a moment to finish this. Jean in his biker AU, but I decided to make him scrawnier and more towards his cannon age. Lil’ Punk. Mouse said she doesn’t claim the AU per-say [along with some really nice comments she gave me], but she’s still the reason I drew this. 


I’m going to walk away from this or I’ll be up even later than I planned. 
Had 3 hours of sleep last night and it’s midnight. Bones are screaming for me to get some freaking sleep now.

  • me:oh boy i finally have an idea i want to write about i'm going to do that RIGHT now
  • me:*loses the ability to write halfway through as well as any confidence or skill i thought i had as i begin keyboard smashing in the hopes that the masterpiece in my head makes it through the jumble of unintelligible words and slowly disappearing will to keep going*
  • me:well that was... fun

i ache so much for underdog characters who don’t think highly of themselves and constantly feel like they need to be left behind or want to be left behind because they don’t feel like they’re deserving of the attention/time given to them

anonymous asked:

You mentioned cosplay, can we see maybe one at least? Please :D

This is primarily an art blog, but since you asked nicely ^^ Also just URL inspiration too I suppose. If you havn’t picked it up, I REALLY love dragons.

Thus why I drew out, made and wore my own version of human Smaug, cause he is majestic as frick. Thanks to Leyla Heylen for the photo!