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Freshman Jungkook x Senior Reader

SOOOOOOOOOOOO YALL THOUGHT I WAS PLAYING ABOUT THIS FIC!? I am wrecked to the highest level right now! Like I saw this gif yesterday (thanks to admin Niss) and have not stopped talking about it!!! just GOD DAMN IT ALL JUNGKOOK!! LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Lia 


“I can’t believe I have to take Sex Ed 101 to graduate, like this is ridiculous.” You mumble to yourself as you quickly jog across the freshman quad, bobbing and weaving your way through the crowd.

It was your senior year and you had 3 classes left to take . The two major core classes filled before you even got a chance to sign up , so you would have to wait till the next semester to finish. But your counselor had so loving forgot to tell you that you were missing a basic general education class. And of course everything was filled except dreaded Sex Ed . 

You rolled your eyes and sighed heavily as you pushed the large door open to hell. You had made it just so on time to score a seat in the back. You cringed while taking in the room full of freshman , all so eager to be adults they were dressed to the 9s, all with fully coordinated outfits and faces full of anticipation. You, however had just rolled out of bed and still were sporting the leggings you wore to bed and a hoodie with a dried up toothpaste stain dead center for the world to see. 

As you settled in your seat and raised your hand to support your face while you blankly stared at your professor droning on and on (AND ON) about the importance of his class , the importance of his syllabus, and the importance of protection, the large door suddenly swung open . If this class was hell the devil himself had just come home. He made his way to the back of class whispering “sorry ” and “excuse me” all the way until he finally settled in the seat next to yours.

Oddly enough this so called “devil” was as cute as a bunny. He’s fresh innocent face radiated youth , and his bowl cut hair style almost gave him a child like appearance. You were blatantly staring , I mean he looked like he was 12, but if he was a freshman he had to be at least 17 . Either way he was still a baby, you concluded. He finally looked over at you and locked eyes with you. After a few seconds he pulls his eyes away from you and looks down at his notebook and quickly scribbles something and pushes his notebook to the edge of his desk so you can see what is written. 

“Is this where we get the free condoms ? ;) ” 

You had to physically force yourself not to yell BOY and threaten to call his mother . Thank god he was in this class he was going to need ALL of the help he could get, or at least all of the “free help” he could get. You rolled your eyes and mouthed “Pig”. He only grinned and sat back in his seat. He pulled at the neck of his fitted white tee and then pulled at his grey sweat pants causing certain attributes of his body to become very apparent. He runs his hand through his hair pushing it back , almost seductively, and giving you a sly grin and casually biting down on his lower lip. You try your best to seem unphased. You roll your eyes and redirect your attention to the professors droning . This is why you called him the devil, how could someone physically go from cute little bunny smile boy to sexy and grown as hell in a matter of seconds . How !? 

The weeks dragged on in the same fashion. Jungkook ( you learned his name from roll call) was always 5 minutes late . And because of this, he always sat in the back , next to you. You both never had a full conversation, communication usually consisted of Jungkook writing some crude note and you replying by calling him either a pig or a baby , or sometimes a baby pig and him laughing and shooting you seductive looks , all of which you pretended you never saw.

By week 7 it was project season and your professor assigned partners. The assignment: Get to know your classmates and keep a sack of flour with you and pretend it is a child ! As the professor read from his list , calling off pairs like they were guest at some fancy ball it became extremely clear who your partner would be . You fold your arms on your desk and bury your head in them. Naturally only you would get stuck with the devil in hell.

After class Jungkook looks over at you , holding “your child” on his desk with both hands . 

“Sooooo” he starts , “are we staying at your place or mine ?” He says chuckling at his own lame pick up line. 

“Just give me the flour baby and l keep it all weekend, I promise it’ll be returned on Monday and we’ll get an A.” You huff . 

“Now wait just a second Y/N , the professor said this isn’t just an assignment, were supposed to get to know each other too.” He says as he gets up and gathers his things .

“You already know my name and that I think you’re a baby pig , what else is there to know . " 

He chuckles to himself again ,almost psychotically, "Alright then Y/N , we’ll go to your place . I’ll be there at 8 and just so I know you’ll let me in, I’ll take the flour baby.” He says picking up the sack. “You can’t deny the father of your child ” he says winking and rushing to leave the room. 

What the literal heck ??? You wonder as you walk to your dorm. How does he even know where I stay, and why is he so persistent with the flirting? Almost and hour after he said he’d show, Jungkook comes and knocks on your door ,shouting “It’s your baby daddy!! Let me in!” 

You swing open the door and quickly yank him in. “God you’re annoying!” You sigh. 

He gives you one of his cute bunny smiles before placing the flour child on your desk. He starts wondering around your room while you take a seat in your office chair , causally spinning from side to side. 

“Wow! So this is what one of the senior singles looks like! I can’t wait to get one, right now I share a room with two other guys and believe me.. it’s hell.” 

“Oh it must be with you there.” You say laughing at your own insider. 

He gives you a weird look before turning to look at some photos on your wall. While he’s attention was directed away from you , you finally get a chance to take in a side you rarely see in class . Unlike his deceiving front side his back , was all man. His perfect undercut only complimented his thick neck that flowed into his thick, broad shoulders. Almost as if on que he removed his jacket, his thick back muscles fighting against the frail fabric of his tank. He turned to throw his jacket on your bed. Locking eyes with you he makes his way across the room and pushes your chair again the desk, leaning in and heavily he whispers . “Now Y/N , how about I show you what I’ve been learning in class ” and slowly he tilts his head and presses his lips against yours . 

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Lol so I finally tracked down one of the assholes sending me hatemail and was looking at their page (mostly to copy and paste their URL so I could then ignore them) but more importantly, THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING TUMBLR IS DEDICATED TO ME!! LIKE THEY CONTINUALLY REBLOG EVERY PIECE OF ART I DRAW/ TEXT POST I WRITE JUST TO BASH ON IT!!

This spans back to one of my first viral comics about “Things to Never Say to an Artist”. Literally, 90% of their posts are just my art/text posts and them ranting about me x]

I have only reaction to this:

Although tempting, I’m not going to write their URL. I’ve blocked them and there’s really no need to do anything else. I’m going to be the bigger person.

But… I had to share this with you guys, because I thought you might get a kick out of it. I know I’m laughing x]

I’m also extremely creeped out but hey I guess a nutjob here and there comes with the job

Have an amazing day as usual! You’re all amazing <3

  • me: oh boy i finally have an idea i want to write about i'm going to do that RIGHT now
  • me: *loses the ability to write halfway through as well as any confidence or skill i thought i had as i begin keyboard smashing in the hopes that the masterpiece in my head makes it through the jumble of unintelligible words and slowly disappearing will to keep going*
  • me: well that was... fun

Biker AU Jean

Finally got a moment to finish this. Jean in his biker AU, but I decided to make him scrawnier and more towards his cannon age. Lil’ Punk. Mouse said she doesn’t claim the AU per-say [along with some really nice comments she gave me], but she’s still the reason I drew this. 


I’m going to walk away from this or I’ll be up even later than I planned. 
Had 3 hours of sleep last night and it’s midnight. Bones are screaming for me to get some freaking sleep now.

i ache so much for underdog characters who don’t think highly of themselves and constantly feel like they need to be left behind or want to be left behind because they don’t feel like they’re deserving of the attention/time given to them

I think that people need to move on about Dunn’s death. It sucks but it’s not like any of you had a personal relationship with the guy or anything. “Poor Bam” right? Well he’s trying to get on with his life and move past it but it’s hard when fans keep shoving it in his face on every social media site he has. Like, get the fuck over it already! Stop acting like you’re all so depressed over it cause guess what? You didn’t know him and he didn’t personally help any of you!

Marco WIP


WIP since I’ve recolored 3 times and will probably come back to it. Still not pleased and almost decided not to post my shitty coloring..  TO THE BACK STORY!

So as my blog has become completely dominated by LAD fanart might as well continue with it. My head-cannon for LAD Marco dresses very well due to being a Momma’s boy. He always dressed nicely to please her and takes care of his appearance. I also felt Jean would have influenced a coffee addiction on him; Mostly with Marco saying up late to comfort Jean only to then go with him the morning to the coffee shop. Like the sweet “No homo”-boyfriend he is. Jean you’re in deep shit with 1. How much Marco cares and 2. somehow getting a snappy dressing “Not your” boyfriend.SHUT UP IT’S CUTE.

Truly Happy

So yea my girlfriends family is awesome. On the car ride to her place her dad and I had a conversation literally the entire ride there for an hour. So good start, and her family makes me feel so at home… Like I haven’t been this happy in so long. Like quick backstory, I’ve only have one other girlfriend beside her… And we lasted 3 weeks and she hooked up with my friends ANYWAY. I don’t just date a girl to say I’m dating someone and I don’t hook up with someone unless I care about them. So when I find a girl I want to be with it has to be someone special in my opinion, so when I met this girl is just hit me. And the fact that this all worked out, she’s smart, beautiful and has an amazing personality which is the first thing that truly attracted me to her. Me and her just clicked. Anyway, just being at her house and talking to her sister and parents and everything is amazing. Like. We were cuddled after everyone went to bed and I just looked around the house, looked at her and couldn’t stop smiling, like I haven’t been this happy in my entire life. I just can’t believe that I found a girl who likes me for me, and we’ve been together for a month. Sorry for the length. I literally haven’t been this happy in ever. She makes me happy. End of story. Much love guys and gals

Quick update: her dad talked to me with her in the room and said you’re an amazing guy and a gentleman. I hope to see you around here more often.”

I’ve never been so happy in my life, for once in my god damn life everything is going my way. I took her out to a movie tonight and such (I paid of course ) and idk. We were driving back and I just started smiling for no reason and I just told her I’ve never been this happy before, said thank you and kissed her, I’m at a loss for words…