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Shine bright for Jay - 8pm GMT

Hi all 

@aslowmotionaccident had the lovely idea of lighting a candle for Jay and posting a photo of it on here to show support, love, and solidarity. I think this would be a lovely thing to do, and hoped that you could spread the word if you would like to join in. 

If you would like to do this, 8pm GMT would seem good - in just under 2.5hrs time. If you want to tag your photo #shinebrightforJay i’ll keep an eye on it and reblog any I see. 

Just seems like a nice thing to do on such a sad day, and a way for us all to come together. 

Lucy x


And with this we kick off the impromptu Rin/SouRin Event! The event will go on until February 9th, but let’s be real, I’m always celebrating SouRin so it’s not like anything is going to change if you all keep creating sourin content *wink wonk*

REMEMBER: Just tag me in anything you create related to Rin and/or SouRin and I’ll reblog here! If I don’t reblog in the day, I likely missed it so just drop me a message and I’ll go find it!

ALSO NOTE: ALL WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN. It can be fic, art, AMV, gifset edits, whatever as long as it is of your own creation. Please do not repost things by other people. 


Since the anon hate disease seems to still be infecting writers’ ask boxes, I’ve decided to spread the love to some of my favorites. Just a little thank you for taking time to share your writing with those of us that actually care and are aware that y’all are human. I’m letting you know that y’all are loved and appreciated. Keep on doing you no matter what. Please and thank you.

Much love to those of you who have to step away for a while because real life shit is happening & you can’t do the writing thing right now. We’ll be here waiting for your triumphant return!

This is just a small list of writers that I follow/reblog as often as I can. Sorry if I missed anyone! (This is in alphabetical order cause that’s how I am. Lol.)

@atc74  @avasmommy224  @babypieandwhiskey  @bringmesomepie56   @chaos-and-the-calm67  @chelsea072498  @cleverdame  @dancingalone21  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  @ellen-reincarnated1967 @frenchybell @hellobitchpudding @helvonasche @idreamofhazel @ilostmyshoe-79 @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious @impala-dreamer @impalaimagining @inmysparetime0 @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps @jalove-wecallhimdean @jessica-bones-winchester @jpadjackles @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @kas-not-cas @kittenofdoomage @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @lipstickandwhiskey @mamaredd123 @megansescape @mrswhozeewhatsis @nichelle-my-belle @notnaturalanahi @redlipstickandplaid @riversong-sam @saxxxology @sis-tafics @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed @whispersandwhiskerburn

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Muffin Party!

So…it’s not really a party, but it should be!!!

As my way of saying thank you, I would like to do a small giveaway as an expression of my thanks. There will be three (3) winners.


  1. The giveaway will close SAT. 3/18/17 @ 10PM CST
  2. Open to followers aged 18 and over only
  3. Do not tag this as giveaway or anything similar
  4. Must be following me
  5. Reblogs and likes both count
  6. Must be willing to share their address (I promise I will not keep it or anything weird, I just want to be able to send you your prizes)

The prizes:

  • First place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following books: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley, Lady of Devices by Shelly Adina, and The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.
  • Second Place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following books: Lady of Devices by Shelly Adina, and The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.
  • Third Place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following book:The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

All winners will be contacted via message or askbox and MUST respond within 24 hours.

Happy writing, everyone!

What’s YOUR Opinion on These Things, Dear VLD Fan?

There have been a lot of controversies in the Voltron fandom, and I’d like to hear some VLD fans’ opinions.

Please know that I am NOT doing this to add more fuel to the fire, I am just curious on what other people think, and would like to read them all in one place (this post).

Reblog, comment, or, hell, even message me, I don’t care (keep in mind you don’t have to answer all of them, lol). It would be deeply apprecriated if your answers were well thought out, and if you stated your ideas maturely. Please refrain from attacking people who have a different opinion on you on these matters. 


Spoilers, duh.

Keep reading


Lots of new items were added for Twice, SNSD, EXO, BTS, f(x), Big Bang, Running Manand more! Feel free to message me for more details and/or pictures. 

There are lots of items, including some that are not pictured, so please do CTRL+F to find what you’re looking for. Crossed out items have already been sold, or purchase is pending. Shipping is free for those in the US. Prices may be negotiable, especially if you purchase multiple things.

Also, a small freebie can be included, but please message me to remind me and I’ll give you the link to things you can pick from :)



  • TT era large sticker sheet $4.99 (purchase pending)
  • Like Ohh Ahh and Cheer Up era extra large sticker sheet $5.99
  • Unfolded Twice TT magenta posters $8.75
  • TT official Jihyo cards $13 each
  • TT official Jihyo CD $15
  •  TT official Tzuyu hologram card $15
  • TT official Nayeon card $13 (I can’t remember if I’ve sold this tbh…but I’ll let you know if I find it!)

Girls’ Generation 

  • 2014 SMTOWN LIVE - Girls’ Generation Stationary Set (unopened: comes with mouse pad, notebook, 3 buttons) $20
  • SM Official Goods - “Yoona” Photo Card Mr. Mr. Version (unopened) $5
  • ‘Lion Heart’ Album & Seohyun photocard $18
  • ‘Original’ Lion Heart Poster $11
  • Kwon Yuri Socks – Genie Era $4
  • “Into the New World (Asia Tour)” Button & Post Card $5
  • Girls’ Generation Post Cards – pack of 30 with different pictures (OT9 is on there) $7
  • Ball Point Pens $8
  • ‘SNSD’, ‘SONE9′, ‘DJ Put it Back On’, and ‘Jessica Jung’ 3D printed bracelets $3 each

       Soshified Goods – from KCON NYC/NJ in 2015:

  • SONE Party Tank Size Small (never worn) $20
  • SONE Beanie (never worn) $20
  • Soshified Vinyl decal pink (in cursive) $5
  • Soshified Vinyl decal white (in cursive) $5


  • Rap Monster Wings official photocard $8
  • Dark & Wild Ver. B Group Photocard and Jimin photocard $8 each
  • You Never Walk Alone official Stand Doll $12
  • ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’ (White Version, New, Unopened) $30
  • Boy In Luv Era Poster $6


  • postcards (group ones as well as Chen and Sehun only ones) $4 each
  • logo tattoo $3
  • folded posters $3 each
  • EXO 3D printed bracelet $3
  • Luhan fake paper money $3
  • pen $4


  • ‘Pink Tape’ & Krystal photocard $18
  • official Pink Tape poster $10
  • Red Light special cards for Victoria and Sulli $2 each
  • ‘Jung Soojung’ 3D printed bracelet $3


  • Mwave shop authenticated Signed Good Luck album with card $35
  • Heart Attack album with a random card $18
  • unfolded Heart Attack poster $8.75
  • double-sided large folder $6


  • Running Man 7012 shirt size Asian small $14.99 
  • Running Man extra large sticker sheet $4.99
  • Big Bang Collection Cards – 2 Daesung & 1 T.O.P (Tonight/Love Song Era) $7 for both (message if you want one specific card)
  • Big Bang Love Song Special Limited Edition (comes with a Daesung photocard and a random printed photo I was given with it) $50 brand new online is over $230 (purchase pending but you can make an offer higher than $50)
  • unfolded EXID Ah Yeah poster $8.75 
  • IU Chat-shire album $18
  • Blackpink In Your Area/Playing With Fire shirt $14.99
  • Wonder Girls ‘Wonder World’ (& photocards) = $18
  • 2NE1 ‘1st Mini’ Album $12
  • My Love From the Stars postcards $3 each
  • Kim Soohyun tattoo $2
  • T-ara Hwayoung official card $2
  • 2AM “Saint o’clock (1st Special Limited Album, there’s a slight rip on the box) $20
Tips for Baby Witchlings

As a newfound baby witchling myself, I feel like I am in a good position to make this post because I have just kinda figured out where I am headed and as I go I wanted to share some tips for VERY beginners.

1. Make a witch blog and a word document titled “tags”. Follow tons and tons of witch blogs, go through witchcraft tags, follow blogs that the people you follow reblog from. Continually do this until you follow like 200+ witch blogs. Then start reblogging and tagging things. Everything you reblog that isn’t aesthetic should be tagged as something. Everytime you tag something, write in your word document list what that tag is (make sure you are consistent with if your tags are plural like ‘sigils’ or singular like ‘sigil’ and keep that similar with all tags). Don’t know which category a specific thing goes in? tag it with multiple things!

2. Get a notebook or binder and start your grimoire like immediately. Don’t make it fancy, just don’t. You will spend too much time planning and no time actually writing. I suggest just taking notes on EVERYTHING until the ontebook is full, then if you want a fancy grimoire, go back through the full notebook and pick out things you for sure want in a fancy copy, then you can reoganize and decorate with only your most important notes and summaries. This way you have a working grimoire for everything and a fancy one for if you want to “pass down to your children”

3. Read the posts you are reblogging and tagging. Don’t just assume you will read it later, because you will probably put it off and not actually learn a lot. If it is a big post full of tons of links on every subject, I tag it as reference and put that one off. Everything else gets read all the way through (or at least skimmed and certain small things focused on for the long correspondence lists)

4. Learn about everything but don’t be afraid to let yourself focus and narrow down as you find things you want to learn more about. For me I started out thinking I would never really care about tarot and now I am obsessed and starting a tarot journal, you never know until you try! Once you find areas you are really into you can calm down with your huge expansive search, no witch has to be good at everything, you can pick and choose a few small things.

5. You don’t have to immediately start off with huge spells and crazy magic. I just started by making my own little sigils when I was nervous about something to help me feel better about it. I offered to make sigils for my boyfriend when he was having family troubles. I also light a candle every night for at least 20 minutes while I am in bed on my computer. No specific reason, I just light a candle, it feels good and ups my magicky-ness. Eventually I bought a second-hand tarot deck and cleansed it how I thought was best, some smoke and water and mint. 

6. Don’t reblog and save every single spell you see. Look into the spell first, see if it is actually something you would see yourself doing. If you can’t imagine actually doing it, don’t bother reblogging and tagging it. I reblog spells that I know for sure I will adapt and use. I am not one for chanting, so many times I cut chanting out of it entirely.

7. Keep a draft and as you think of questions about specific topics, add them to the draft. Then watch for popular witch blogs to make a post saying their ask box is open and ASK ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! Don’t overload them, maybe split them up or only ask a couple at a time, but don’t just let a question flit through your mind and be forgotten.

8. Stop sending asks saying “help I’m new what do I do” and expecting everyone to do all the work for you. Starting out is the hardest part and nobody can do it for you, you just gotta dive in. You will feel like you are drowning in information, but slowly you will start to gain your footing, don’t fret, just jump in.

anonymous asked:

Hello! i hope you're having a great day. Anyhow, whenever i think about posting my art on Tumblr, i think i'm not good enough to post, although i have been taking art seriously for 2 and a half years. Do you have any advice for anyone who has this same issue?

I always just say to post what you want, wherever you want to share with other people! Don’t focus on the notes or likes or reblogs your art gets - just post things to share with other people :) Keep in mind that it might take some time for your stuff to gain momentum in an online art community. There’s no such thing as “not good enough to post”. All art is post-worthy ^_^

Zodiac Signs and Intimacy Issues

Aries is determined to do things their own way. Because they take care of things so well on their own, they may shy away from letting others know just how much they need them.

Taurus is dedicated to keeping their commitments, which can cause them to stubbornly refuse change. They need to trust that change is good, and embrace it with open arms before love can flourish.

Gemini is a bit of a flirt, so they never stay put long enough to establish any deep-rooted ties. They do this because they fear that connecting with someone will allow that person to see their deeply hidden dark side.

Cancer wears their emotions on their sleeves, causing them to be revealed more often than they’d like. This often puts them at the mercy of others. Cancer’s key to successful relationships is to allow themselves to be vulnerable in these situations.

Leo loves being in charge, but also knows this can mean others keep their distance. Other people will sometimes let Leo run the show because they seem so capable. However, the true key to healthy relationships and intimacy is to share power.

Virgo is in a constant emotional state of unworthiness, which causes them to think that if they reveal their imperfections others will run away. However, other people know Virgo holds themselves to a rigorous standard and would rather they feel free of expectation.

Libra tends to sweep relationship issues under the rug, preferring harmony to discord and quiet compromise to communication. However, intimacy is about being genuine, not pretending that things are great when they aren’t.

Scorpio thrives on delving deeply into emotions. However, Scorpio can sometimes be so intense and blunt that they keep other people at a distance. They need to learn to trust that others can and will learn on their own.

Sagittarius is footloose and fancy-free. They will also fiercely guard that freedom, and can turn tail and run when someone gets too close. Their biggest obstacle to intimacy is seeing intimacy as a trap. 

Capricorn desires to be seen as strong, which forces them to hide their vulnerabilities. While they’re always open to supporting others, they often find that there’s no one left to support them. They need to learn to let others past their defenses.

Aquarius prefers logic to feelings, which can lead others to seeing them as cold. While they have a brighter and quicker mind than most, they still haven’t figured out how to let others into their heart.

Pisces is so skilled at being everything that everyone else wants to see in them that they don’t know what they want for themselves. They need to take a step back from others and spend some time learning what they need from themselves.

Thanks for your unwanted input and reblog, Darthyaoi.

Now can someone kindly tell @darthyaoi to not reblog my posts with her toxic negativity

Or not kindly, because I don’t want to be associated with a lack of class when it comes to seeing something I disagree with on my dash. At least I know to keep scrolling and not hate on what brightens someone else’s day.

torn-and-frayed  asked:

So I read Love Letters earlier and I queued the reblog but it's really beautiful and I just thought you should know. You gave me feelings again. Not a lot of people illicit a lot of emotion from me but you keep doing it.

Aww Steph!

I’m just writing what I feel, or have felt, but I’m glad that it is pulling at your heartstrings. Rob hasn’t completely taken you away from Jensen I see. 

I’ll tell you, this 30 days of Jensen and Dean are causing me to write some of my favorite things. I had never intended for Love Letters to be the third part of that story, but because I’m pushing myself it was born. 

And personally, I love it. 

Love Letters

hendrik-b  asked:

jesus fuckin chrst dude you just dON'T STOP KILLIN ME WITH YOUR ART I'TS LIKE EVERY FREAKIN DAY YOU KNOW why do you do that?? everytime i thing i have moved on A WILD MASTERPIECE wich you did APPEARS IN MY DASH keep doin the good job love you and your art ♥♥

IMMM———-sorry im dying everyday from feels the series give me I NEED TO PASS IT ON SOMEHOW even with my average skills but thank you so much I really can’t believ still that people like my art  T_T and i’m always grateful for people who like and reblog my stuff ahhhhh

Sorry for the absence, lovelies! In the midst of final projects and my upcoming finals week, things are pretty hectic and exhausting around here. I’m doing my best to keep things in order and stay on top of everything, so I just wanted to drop by with an update! I see all of your lovely (and beautifully poetic) messages in my inbox and ask box, and they keep me going! I’ll still be reblogging content on here, and I have lots of writing works-in-progress saved up for the break. I hope everyone’s week is going fantabulously and you all know how lovely you are and are taking care of your amazing selves! 💗💗

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Dear rude anons :)

Dear anons, who’s messages have since been deleted because I did say this blog was a positive place.

If you’d like me to write more nsfw fanfics or to just write more in general, rather then telling me to stop fucking around, show me your support!

All you have to do is leave a comment, an ask, a note, a follow or a bloody reblog! These makes me want to write more and do more in general, no support makes me unmotivated and just makes me wonder why I’ve spent time on things.

Please everyone if you love a particular writer or want them to keep going, show them support, sometimes all it takes is a simple comment or the press of a button. Rather then telling them to ‘fucking write more’

just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.    repost and tag away !  PLEASE REPOST : DO NOT REBLOG.


01.   happy
02.   loving
03.   warm
04.   cozy
05.   gratitude


01.   pale blue
02.   soft pink
03.   white
04.   light purple


01.  sweet
02.  vanilla
03.  fruity 
04.  peach  


01.   chapstick
02.   peach body butter
03.   plushies
04.   plants
05.   watercolor palettes


01.  smile
02.  tilting his head to the side
03.  fiddling with his hands/phone/sweater
04.  keeping hands in pockets
05.  rubbing eyes


01.   rainy days
02.   nature (forests)
03.   pastries
04.   galaxy
05.   bath bombs

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fandom-frenzy  asked:

okay I know nothing about Mercy Street other than PBS but I keep seeing Bryce Pinkham in your reblogs which makes me want to watch, so do tell. what is said show?

I’m actually so surprised that you haven’t watched this show yet – because I’m always just assuming you watch all the PBS shows.  Because you do.  HA.

Basically, it’s a show set in Union held Alexandria during the Civil War, and kind of revolves around the army hospital that set up in what used to be a hotel.

God I don’t even know where to begin with how to explain it, to be honest.  (Other than it has consumed my liiiife.)

A lot of the drama emerges out of the conflict born out of what the war actually means – like the realities of it.  It kind of starts out with some people so convinced they know which is right and which is wrong – and then they have to face the fact of the matter that within the hospital, people are wounded and dying and at that point it literally doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

And it touches a lot on how the war affected people – families.  Slaves that are now free in Alexandria.  And what that means.  And what the union army having planted themselves in Alexandria means for the south and southern families.  

First and foremost though, it’s a medical drama.  Which is sometimes easy to forget because you get so wrapped up in what’s going on.  And PBS always has this disclaimer at the beginning of each episode about how fucking gory it is and you always just brush it off and THEN TWO SECONDS LATER THEY’RE AMPUTATING SOME GUY’S LEG AND IT’S SO REAL YOU JUST LOSE IT.

BUT IT’S REALLY ABOUT THE BOSS ASS WOMEN.  The men are so secondary in this show, it’s kind of amazing.  HAHAHAHAHA.  There is not a single weak female character in this show at all.  And I fucking swear, every single male character walks around the show with heart eyes for every woman becaUSE OF HOW BOSS THEY ARE RUNNING THE FUCKING SHOW.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  

WOMAN.  YOU JUST NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW.  (Tomorrow is the season two finale – and if there isn’t a season three imma fucking riot.)

onetallday  asked:

I just wanted to say, of all of the blogs I'm starting to follow, yours is one of my all time faves. It gives me life. And your tags make me lol forever. <3

Oh man, that is such a sweet thing to say, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I will do my best to keep reblogging and (occasionally) posting as much good stuff as I can!

And I’m glad to hear my mad rambling in the tags amuses you XD