just keep making those hearts

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The tragic events that happened at that academy, what was called Hopes Peak Academy. Truly it was devastating to here what had happen to the students and the teachers. How could you not when it was on the news and not only that, but the television was the heavy damage that had happen, and no one wanted that around-that is why they had heroes to make sure the danger would not happen….

but for how long will there be peace?

All Might couldn’t help, but just think about all this at the moment. It was something he would have to think about once he was by himself. They found out that there was a survivor from the tragic event. A teenage girl was able to make it out, and she was sent to the hospital to get medical attention.

Being who he was, All Might may not have known the kid that went through some type of on speakable hell, but that didn’t stop him from trying to put a positive aspect view for them. No child should have to go through negativity at all. That is something that needs to be balanced out from both sides of that coin.

‘You can do It All Might, go ahead and show them why you are the Symbol of Peace..!’

Prepping himself to see the young lady, it was his time to at least bring a smile to her face, and give her sometime of hope. It was who he was and it was his job as a hero-not just any kind of a hero either. He was the symbol of peace, the hero that so many loved and respect!

Opening the door, the hero stepped in with that heroic smile on his face-that smile that could even brighten the grumpiest of people, unless if you are this one type of hero whose name will not be said, and with that letting out the heroic strong voice that so many have head of before.

“Never fear for I am here! You there young lady, you must be Nanami Chiaki! A pleasure to meet you! I decide to come by and check up on you personally!”

i feel like it’s really important that we dont shut up about how disgusting we find calvin and oli because they’ve literally been accused of sexual offences. like this isnt some dumb rumour these are real accusations made by real people….every time calvin or oli pop up at a one direction concert or get papped with louis, it’s like a kick in the stomach for all the people that have been affected by what they’ve done. and not just the girls who they targeted specifically, i mean anyone who’s ever been a victim of anything similar. we know that 1d and their team see everything we say online and if we’re loud enough about this then they have to do something about it, because at the moment there are people in 1d’s entourage who have had multiple allegations of sexual offences made against them. like these people need to be kept 10000000 miles away from underage girls, but instead they’re literally being flaunted at us through pap pics and fan pics. i dont know what more we can do apart from talking about it and expressing our disgust and concern and hoping somebody listens to us? but dont let this die guys because it’s really important and something needs to be done