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I would like to take a second to thank everyone in the Lazytown fandom

I started watching Lazytown because of a meme I found a while back. I loved the villian, the hero, the children, basically everything about it. I made this blog thinking I could just put out stupid head cannons and random thoughts and the few people in the fandom would like it. But I never expected to be surrounded with love and support. Like, for example, I now confidently dance and sing to Lazytown songs because I know others are doing the same thing. I promote my love for the show because no matter who makes fun of me for it, I still have all of you. Even aside from Lazytown stuff, the friends I’ve made through this goofy kids show are absolutely amazing and supportive. I just can’t express how thankful I am to see so much positivity and talent and enthusiasm come from this!! Seriously, everybody who is in the Lazytown fandom seem so kind and genuine. Plus, we all have our sport dad and our meme dad to guide us. If you don’t think that’s a beautiful and amazing thing to come from a simple childrens show about exercising and being healthy, well I don’t know what to tell you.

Anybody please feel free to message me if you need to talk, need support, have questions, wanna rp, chat about lazytown or are just looking for somebody to vent to. I am always jere ♡

Mini Taylor is a month old today and sleeping much better, so I actually had time to load up my game (after catching up on all the downloads I’ve missed!!)

Unfortunately it keeps crashing >:( I already did the 50/50 thing multiple times and it only crashes when I have all my build/buy mode stuff in, so I’m thinking I’ve hit the mesh limit. Guess I’ll load it up again and start picking out stuff to delete


@im-not-so-sin here’s a cute little dan that took way too long. hope you like it!! (also i love your art too)

has anyone else been through this, where you like a character so much but the fandom makes you resent them cause the fandom sucks balls? yup. it’s happening.


So, okay, okay, let me get this straight… I blocked this person about two years ago, for good reason, and forgot about them because they’re not worth my time. ((What person that’s fine triggering and attacking another is worth anyone’s time?)) I move on and forget all about them! Meanwhile, they stalk my fanfiction and trash it on twitter and stalk my blog and take screenshots of things to post on their blog because ????? I don’t know they’re so bitter? They’re so lame! I can’t even fathom how sad and desperate they must be L O L

Thanks for the warning, anon, but people like that, they’re just… god, they’re not worth anything? So they stalk my blog and take screenshots of stuff, that’s their choice. While they’re busy doing that and being so extra, I’ve got an incredible writing career, another contract about to go through, 3 trips to different countries ((including one directly to Japan for most of July)), I’m surrounded by people that love me ((people that I’m wholly devoted to)), I get up every morning excited about what the day will bring, and I’m fucking happy. Happy people don’t stalk people they don’t like, only sad and desperate people do. Their actions are their own choice and I think you did the right thing by blocking them! Such negative and toxic people aren’t good for anyone and they’ll only bring you down in the end! 

Truly, thank you for caring and for your support! It means so much to me and you seem so sweet!! Just please don’t let people like that bother you and please don’t say or do anything to them. I don’t want anyone to lower themselves to that person’s level for my sake and they’re truly not worth your time, so let’s forget about that person and just keep enjoying Gintama together <3