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Seventeen reaction to you wanting to give them a blowjob because you are bored.

Woozi: *you are in the studio* “But jagi… yeah never mind you can do it” *lowkey agrees and tries to keeps the moaning to a minimum in his little work area*

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DK: “just because you are bored? Okay” agrees as well because he is bored too*

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Joshua: “Listen baby, you can just do that when ever you are bored. You can try asking again later tonight when we get home though”

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Jeonghan: “Well if we can make this quick because I have to go get my makeup done for the concert that starts in a couple of hours.”

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Seungkwan: “Babe can I suck your dick?” “BITCH WE ARE IN PUBLIC… later okay baby”

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S.Coups: “If that’s what my baby wants”

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Wonwoo: “Well… this movie was getting lame anyway”

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Mingyu: “Right now? The guys are in the other part of the house though… hmm okay then”

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Vernon: *this boy is actually so ready*

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Jun: “There is nothing else better to do… why stop at a blow job when I can pleasure you too with sex?”

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The8: “Okay baby” *no arguing needed because this boy can’t turn down one of your blow jobs*

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Hoshi: *becomes a shy fluff ball but eventually agrees*

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Dino: “Well… you see… uhm… yeah this episode is so boring and there are way too many commercials” *literally tries to stay quiet but you are just too good.*

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Hi! If you're still doing the kissing prompts, could you do nurseydex and 5?

5.  Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

Dex has class, but he doesn’t want to go. “I have to go,” he says anyways, but he doesn’t move. Nursey is laying on top of him, and he doesn’t move either.

“So go,” Nursey says, and Dex groans. 

Instead of moving, Dex presses a kiss to Nursey’s forehead and then one to his lips, and then he says, “I don’t want to,” and flops his head back onto Nursey’s pillow.

“Class?” Nursey asks, and Dex groans again.

“I’m dropping out,” he says, and Nursey presses a kiss to Dex’s collar bone and then just kind of stays there, too lazy to move away.

“Do it,” Nursey says, his lips tickling Dex’s bare skin as he talks, “I dare you.”

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Finley: “I can’t believe you can’t even keep track of my daughter. Is she always left gallivanting by herself?”

Ruben: “Oh shut up, Finley.”

Elizabeth: “There’s enough of us here for a proper search. Rose, go back to yours in case she comes back. Do you think your mum would mind watching Wilf and Jacobina?”

Ava: “We can watch them.”

Elizabeth: “Well, Ben, will you stay here too? I think we need someone neutral. If Penny comes back to find you here she might bolt again.”

Ben: “Oliver and I can stay here and check the local area just in case she’s nearby.”

Elizabeth: “Thank you. Logan, Elsa, do you want to check the stations. Hope, do you want to take the car and just drive around. I’ll go to the Bluffs, and Ruben, do you want to check in town?”

The search was divided in military precision and the small groups set off in search of the runaway teen. 

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honestly, how do you come up with interesting/ dynamic poses? i try to follow several tutorials and all, but you manage to hit the nail everytime, tell me your secretssss (keep up the amazing work òwó)9☆)

Thank you so much! Glad you approve of my figure drawing, haha

Honestly though there isn’t like, a set way of going about it??? In my case I just go with the flow and erase a lot of duff versions before I settle on a pose I like; but some recommendations I can make from my own experience would probably have to be:

  • Being looser/sketchier with the roughs tends to help with keeping the ‘flow’ of a figure more natural
  • ^^on that note, if you feel like you’ve been stuck on one attempt for ages, open a new page or layer or paper and try to whip up a super loose rough version as quick as you can– a lot of the time i find those quickies look a bunch better than the versions I’ve gotten hett up on
  • Curves! bodies aren’t made of straight lines and all the parts tend to flow into eachother rather than clicking into place stiffly
  • Good tunes! rocking out to dynamic songs or tunes that get u pumped tends to help some, lol

wow this ended up longer than i thought it would– hopefully it’s at least a lil’ helpful tho, lol– cheers again! :D

About the Manchester incident

I hate to break this to you, but whoever planned the Manchester attack knew that Ariana Grande’s fanbase are basically teenagers and children. They knew deaths of young ones cause a much bigger impact and they knew we would suffer more, not just because of their age, but because it could have been any one of us.

We are all deeply sad with all the news and even though English is not my native language I am retweeting all the missing persons pictures in hope that it might help, but right now it’s not the time to feel sorry. It’s time to do something.

If you’re not from Manchester, keep retweeting and sharing everything, particularly things with a hashtag so it can go up to Trending Topics everywhere and thus, have more visibility. Also, don’t ever forget to share that there are children at a Holiday Inn Hotel near the arena. Their phone number is 0161 836 9600. Share all the information you have so it can gain visibility.

Also, keep looking on photos and videos of the incident for the missing people. While it doesn’t mean they’re exactly “found”, you might find a clue that can help them be found.

If you’re from Manchester and is using Twitter, then you probably know there are tons of friends and family members looking for their children, so please call Holiday Inn and all the hospitals near the incident looking for these people. Try sending to hospitals pictures of missing people so they can be aware. Here are some phone numbers:

Manchester Royal Infirmary

+44 161 276 1234

North Manchester General Hospital

+44 161 624 0420

St Mary’s Hospital

+44 161 276 1234

Spire Manchester Hospital

+44 161 447 6677

Withington Community Hospital

+44 161 434 5555

Wythenshawe Hospital

+44 161 998 7070

Trafford General Hospital

+44 161 748 4022

Also, blood donations will be necessary. If you’re between 17 and 60 years old, is healthy and weights 50kg, you can do it. I did it three times and it is very safe. You can find out more information about blood donation in England here. And click here to see some places that are receiving blood to help with the incident.

If your blood is O negative, don’t hesitate.

Also, don’t make this about Ariana. She’s safe and sound and is probably under a lot of stress and guilt because well, she must be feeling guilty of all this. No artist want to be associated with something so tragic and she is definitely not the protagonist of this story. There are a bunch of missing people out there who need the spotlight right now. Help by spreading their pictures and sharing all the important information.

External image

These are some of the missing people from the incident. I’ve read that some were already found but others are still missing, so if you’ve seen any of these people go to your Twitter account and inform us by using the #MissingInManchester hashtag.

More importantly: STOP hoaxing by uploading fake pictures of missing people. This is not some freaking joke.

Redbubble merch: gogenevieve

Hey guys so a lot of you have been asking about merch, and some have suggested Redbubble and, after reading reviews (versus Society6, threadless, etc.), I’ve decided to try out Redbubble for the doll art merch! I’ve uploaded 1 artwork so far, which is available as stickers, shirts, cases, scarves, etc. I’ll keep updating the shop a little at a time (need to clean up the artwork in photoshop before I post), so hope you guys can check it out in the meantime! ❤️ Side note: I’m just absolutely grateful and floored by all the love and support and encouragement from the community here in Tumblr, especially from the Riverdale/ bughead/ sprousehart fam. Thank you guys so much!! I will do my best to keep the artworks going. ✌️

Dylan Klebold Imagine

Mom Approves

You sat with Dylan in his living room with a binder of schoolwork laid on your lap. Your legs were draped over Dylan’s lap as he had fallen asleep while in the middle of studying.

The Klebold’s house was way quieter than yours so you decided to go ahead and finish your paper there and then you would go home.

“Dyl? Y/N? Are you guys doing okay?” Dylan’s mother called out before she turned the corner and entered the room.

She was incredibly protective so she liked to keep an eye on the two of you but at the same time she believed in giving Dylan some space. He was 17, after all.

“I was just about to leave, Mrs. Klebold. He fell asleep a few minutes ago.” You say as she laughs.

“No, no! You can stay a bit longer if you’d like. This is so cute. Let me go get my camera.” She gushed awkwardly before quickly exiting the room.

You laughed to yourself as you looked at Dylan sleeping. His hair was messy under his baseball cap and he wore a KMFDM shirt.

Mrs. Klebold came back quickly with her camera in hand.

“He’s gonna be so embarrassed when he sees these.” She says as you do your best to pretend you don’t notice her taking a picture.

She took a minute to look at the few pictures on her newly bought digital camera.

She smiles while she hands you the camera, allowing you to look at them.

“These are great.” You say as you hand the camera back to her.

“He looks so peaceful. And you look beautiful. You make him happy and I could never repay you for that.” Mrs. Klebold was the kindest woman you had ever met and it showed all the time. You could never repay her for bringing Dylan into the world.

I keep breaking down. I really can’t believe that 19 people are dead. every time I stop crying, I go back onto twitter or tumblr and I just see it all again and I break down. ariana is hurting. fans are hurting. their families are hurting. I am hurting. all of us are hurt by what happened. I don’t know how someone could do this. I mean, how could someone want to hurt and kill other people? how could someone want young kids and teenagers dead? how could someone want to cause such deep physical/emotional pain to other people? my family just got smaller,, and I am hurt and upset. my heart is aching for those we lost and for those that are injured. you can’t even go to a concert now without something horrific like this happening. there is pain happening everywhere and it will not go away. all we want is peace but there will always be someone out there who wants chaos. I just can’t believe we live in such a world.

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DenNor with nr. 6? :0

“I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think i’m attacking you”

 I hope you like it, anon.

Lukas didn’t even want to talk to him. He decided that he was going to give him the cold treatment. He deserved it.

It was quite difficult but he managed to not to talk to Matthias for almost six hours. Six hours that Matthias almost lost this mind.

“Come on! Lukas, you can’t keep doing this!” Matthias was begging him. He was so desperate to hear just one word from the Norwegian’s mouth.

But Lukas was committed to his purpose. He was sure that if he started to talk to him back, Matthias wouldn’t learn his lesson. So until he felt it was enough, he would continue doing his own stuff in silence. It wasn’t easy but he had self-control.

The last words coming up from Lukas’s mouth were: “I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think I’m attacking you “

While Matthias still thought that sometimes Lukas complained way too much, he would do anything to stop the silence treatment.

He was going nuts.

“Lukas, please!!!” Matthias sat down next to him and grabbed his hand. He was suffering.

The Norwegian just gave one quick look to his partner before looking the other way. Maybe he was being somehow cruel. He shook his head, he knew that Matthias was about to pull out his ultimate weapon: The puppy’s eyes.  He had to avoid it at all cost.

“I love you” Matthias tried to soft him “You are the only one. Come on, Luke” Matthias begged.

Lukas turned around just to look at him. Maybe he was going off limits with his punishment. Maybe.

“You can make all the sarcastic remarks that you want. I just want to hear your voice again” He wasn’t sure how much time Lukas was able to continue with that, but Matthias had the will to do whatever it was needed for a long, long time.

That morning Matthias got a little upset when Lukas made fun of his tie. And last night he told him that he looked like a beer barrel because he was drinking way too much alcohol, which was kind of true. And last weekend he said that he looked like a roasted meat because of his sun burns.

Lukas took a deep breath. He couldn’t say no to those big blue eyes. He was truly sorry. He couldn’t do it any longer.

“Fine…” Lukas agreed

“Really?” Matthias hugged him so hard than they both fell in the bed.

“Well, what do you think fine means?” Lukas asked him and then he rolled his eyes.

“I do want to hear the magic words though” Matthias reminded him “I’ve been six hours without hearing them so…”

Lukas thought that he was dating a really dumb guy. But he was his dumb boy and he couldn’t deny him what he asked for, even though it was embarrassing.

“I…”Lukas took his time before replying. He gently touched one of Matthias’s cheeks and then smiled “I love you, dork”

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So I kinda keep envisioning Eda being little Olwyn's babysitter in the Demon AU. Like she's older, early 20s, and knows Thenvunin from birds or something. I dunno, but I keep imagining Eda and Olwyn having a girls night, wearing pjs as they are tucked in bed and eating popcorn watching Olwyn's favorite movies. Or dancing around Eda's apartment in socks and oversized shirts. And also Eda has a dog. A big, sweet mabari PoPo. I dunno, just wanted to share my warm fuzzies with you.

That is beautiful and I love it. Some nights Olwyn’s nanae and papae have to go do things that little girls can’t know about. Adult things, Olwyn explains very seriously to Eda.

In reality Uthvir and Thenvunin need to restock their powers, and maybe have a nice date night by themselves. So babysitter Eda and PoPo the mabari are perfect.

Also I imagine that Olwyn talks about PoPo nonstop after the first meeting. And she knows that maybe she can’t have a dog but if she DID well, you know nanae, Popo is SO SMART and SO SOFT. Prime puppy material.


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Hi! I just wanted to let you know if you're doing badly in school or if you're having trouble keeping up with your grades you need to file for a grade forgiveness of your entire semester. If you can stand the pain of going to a school provided therapist they can recommend you getting any money/scholarships back too.

Thank you so much!!!!!! I’m gonna post it on public in case anyone else may need some college tips~

i like that conservative type of love, like i dunno. like, you dont have to post everything online for everyone to see, but you get to keep what matters most between you two. you can still post pics yeah, go ahead, i aint bitter, if you’re into exposing every bit of you out there. in the right amount. you’re proud of her, you’re proud of him. you love each other, and we get it. when you do post stuff, make it count. are people gonna give a nut about it? ask that cos when it gets excessive it just comes off as, i dunno, showing off that aint cool tbh


Mireille: If things go well, I’m looking at a steady source of income and I’ll be able to get my own place.

Lawrence: What’s wrong with just staying here?

Mireille: Nothing. I just don’t want to overstay my welcome.

Lawrence: That won’t happen. I told you, you’re my guest here.

Mireille: I know, I’m just not used to that.

Lawrence frowns.

- It’s almost like you think I’m not happy to have you here. I know it’s a little weird with how we met and all, but like they say, “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.

Mireille nods. 

- I know. I’m just really used to doing things on my own. It’s a personal thing. 

She takes his hands and looks him in the eyes.

-And just because I’m going to be living elsewhere, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep on seeing each other.

Lawrence: I suppose. Just know, you’re always welcome here.

Mireille: Thank you. It means a lot to me.

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pretty girl are you okay??? I just got on here and your post is the first thing i see. i hope it's okay and not serious (???). please take care of yourself and if you can keep us updated... -*moon emoji*

Umm I guess I’ll explain it by going basic and saying I can’t breath, swallow or do anything that requires the chest in anyway. I am in so much pain I really can’t put it into words besides saying it feels like I’m honestly being stabbed repeatedly and it doesn’t stop for about 30 seconds at a time. this pain makes it impossible to swallow saliva or drink or eat or breathe. I haven’t eaten in basically 2 days because of it. I feel like I’ll pass out at any second. I’m spitting everything because I can’t swallow and I’m trying not to breathe. The pain is starting to spread and it’s happening now just sitting here doing nothing so idk. I’ve been here for 4 hours in emergency while they run preliminary tests before doing anything because they don’t know what’s happening either

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The one day I go to Taco Bell for a bean burrito, the dude gave a beef burrito and I took a bit of a cow for the first time in 2 years 😫

Hmm yeah… our world really isn’t as vegan as I wish it was. It was beyond your control and there was nothing you can do so there’s no point feeling bad about it now, we all make mistakes, just keep on eating yo plants girl you’ve still got your principles 🌱💪

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I'm a Scorpio rising and I can't describe to you how uncomfortable I make people feel when I'm talking to them (no matter how friendly/casual the conversation seems) because I like to keep eye contact and I feel so bad because I'm not going to hurt you but they're all intimidated and I'm sorry.

Ahhhhhhhh, I see what you mean. I do think that those with Scorpio Rising or Scorpio placements in general could be pretty intimidating, especially if Pluto is strong in their chart too. But YEAH what you just described is commong for Scorpio Risings for sure. :~)

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ooooooh can you do 34 for the richjake fic thing

//Screams// my boys

Rich glanced for the hundredth time over at his best friend, Jake, who was driving them down the road in his old red pickup.

“Can you please tell me where we’re going?” He begged once again, and Jake smiled.

“Just someplace I thought you might like.”

Rich sighed and looked out the window, watching the trees go by.

Eventually, Jake pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, and got out. Confused, Rich followed him into the woods.

“What in the world are you doing?” He called, his short legs trying to keep up with his friend’s long ones.

They ran through the woods, laughing. They didn’t know why, it was just fun. The most fun they’ve had since before the SQUIP incident.

Rich gasped and stopped as the figure in front of him crumbled, and a pained cry filled the air. 

“Jake!” He called, and ran over. The tall brunette was on his back, gasping for air. “Jake, are you alright?”

“I don’t think… I don’t think my legs are healed enough for that…” He huffed with a quick laugh. Rich sighed in relief.

“The stars are beautiful…” Jake murmered, peering around Rich’s head to gaze at the sky. His light blue eyes were dazed and bright.

“Are you okay?” Rich asked tentively, concerned.

“You wanna know something?” Jake continued, ignoring the question. “These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”

Rich’s mouth fell slightly open, and he blushed. “God, did you hit your head as hard as you hit your back?” He mumbled, trying to help Jake up.

The tall male gently pushed his hands away. “I love you, Rich. That’s what I came here to tell you. I love you, and I have since the first day I saw you in fifth grade. God, you were so cute back then… Not that you aren’t now! I love everything about you. Your streak, your tooth gap, your freckles, even your burns and lisp. And when you had those purple braces in eighth grade-“ He was cut off as Rich smashed their lips together.

After hetting over his shock, he returned the kiss, tilting his head. 

It was gone as quickly as it came, and Jake’s heart fell. But it lifted once more when he saw the loving look in Rich’s brown eyes.

"I love you too,” whispered the short male, and leaned in to continue what they started.

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How can people be so mean and show that kind of hate towards someone who has just a tumblr about 2 people she really likes ?! I feel for you and your story. Believe in what makes you happy and feel good. Love your tumblr. Haters gonna hate forever. ♥️♥️ lots of love.

Thank you so much for your kindness, gorgeous. I appreciate each and every one of you lovely souls on here who do their bit to spread some joy and happiness.The fam’s overwhelming support here is what keeps me going. :*

I am of the firm belief that love will triumph over hate. *wink*

Lots of love to you too, beautiful soul