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So I saw a post by the account @sunnyoongi about Bangtan and how they were being “colorists” in their recent Vlive where she/he (Admin Matte) thinks that Bangtan viewed Jungkook when whitewashed more beautiful!?

I had to address this because it can go really bad and can really hurt their image. Just because someone/you misunderstood and post about it on tumblr and continues to keep their opinion on the matter even though many people are submitting that she/he misunderstood the whole thing! Why? Do you really want to ruin the image of the artists you stan?

Here is the real tea 🍵:

Here is the picture that we are talking about of Jungkook in Hawaii, where does it look tan to you? YES AROUND THE MOUTH AREA! (This is from bon voyage season 2):

Now lets get why it was funny (and merch worthy) and Jungkook said it and CLARIFIED IT HIMSELF in the comeback special on the comback special for lover herself, her:

And that the members thought it was “ugly” and things like that (here is a little Jikook moment for yall):

So still you think that they are colorist and lets not beat around the bush because colorist is another word for discriminating or being RACIST:

Here are screenshots from one of the episode of bon voyage 2 where Jimin liked the girl performing and said she was beautiful and others agreed, was she pale? no! :

How are they racist to begin with they had a program where they were with people of dark skin color and let me tell you they loved it, learned from them, and were happy around black women , dont come now and tell me they were doing it due the program to appeal to it and some shit because there are some youtuber girls who are dark skinned who said namjoon gave them alot of complimets when he met them, here is video from youtube:


Also they collaborated and still collaborate with dark skinned artists, if they hated and had prejudice they aren’t forced to, right? Their tutor was Coolio in American Hustle and currently they are collaborating with Desiigner, and Namjoon collaborated with wale!

And lastly the Vlive that erupted the volcanos, I think that they hated the fact it was photoshopped and hated the fact that its whitewashed:

Racism : error 404 not found. Yall complain when they dont whitewash and complain when they dont!

Lastly, Bangtan loves everyone and tries their hardest to not discriminate and didn’t even normalize heternormativity on interviews, and they spread live in their lyrics and show love to everyone from any gender, sex, race etc. So for someone who stan Bangtan you shouldnt spread things around them and twist it to make them look racist. That was a joke and it wasnt even about being tan it was about how he only got it in one place. Also they do not hate on Taehyung who have a darker skin tone than others bless his soul and tan skin. And in one of the episodes I cant find which one it was they said they were excited about getting a sun tan. Also our boys needs us now that MAMA is on the doors and that the votings are decreasing, we should be worried about this and not try ruining their image while stanning them at the same time. Who does this at such a time? Seriously? Just like I said think twice about what you write and publish because it can really ruin your favorite artists image. And also do your fucking research its not that hard! Shit can look wrong if you want to make it that way.

Love our boys and spread more love as Namjoon says love others and most importantly love yourself. DONT WASTE TIME AND GO VOTE!

Life can be really stressful at times, and it’s okay if you find it too overwhelming to keep dealing with gender things. Sometimes you don’t have the mental energy to continually correct people when they misgeder/deadname you, or you can’t be bothered to educate them on your identity. It’s okay to let all that fall to the wayside if you’re having a tough time. You’re still you, regardless of other people. Be kind to yourself. If you can’t handle correcting people about your gender, it’s okay to take a break.

Look at the Mans being fucking gorgeous and adorable! srsly, this puts a massive smile on my face and I just wanna give him a cuddle 😍 he is perfect ngl, I seriously Adore Sweet Pea more than any other character I have met, he just has that whole gray thing going on, not good and not evil, he’s a mix of both but he will always do the right thing for himself and the serpents, boy has got some serious survival skills.

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Tbh I think Sweet Pea got Pissed in the classrom cause Fangs dropped his laptop 😂 and tried to ductape it so Pea wouldnt know, poor baby Fangs, you can build a pipe bomb but not keep a laptop from falling 😂

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Request: idk if you’ll do it since it’s not a /reader prompt but like… i really want to hear more about home wrecker demon josh before he met the reader -ass boi
Member: Joshua
Genre: ?? There’s a lot of Josh but then later there’s a bit of angst-fluff
A/N: I have so much to say about demon Josh,,, and yeah you guys can totally feel free to request non-/reader prompts I’m perfectly okay with that!! I’m gonna add a little bit about the reader for the sake of keeping yall fed but for the most part it’s gonna be just Josh!!
Also keep in mind this is purely fictional, the dates and facts are probably not be going to be 100% accurate and some of the “figures” I mention will be made up so that I can play around with the au, but I do try to do research on these sort of things in order to at the very least make many aspects based on real life events

Part one here: x 

  • I could talk about fantasy aus for a million years,,, I’m not even kidding when I say I wrote almost strictly fantasy and fantasy romance for over five years,,, I’ve been sort of taking a break the past couple years from it just to kind of branch out a bit and improve in other genres but I’m still so down for fantasy aus oh my god,,,
  • Anyways more on demon Josh from before he met the reader
  • We all know he was very charming but didn’t have much of a soft spot before them/you/whatever 
  • He was still much more in touch with his devious side and yeah he’s not nearly as bad as some other demons but he was definitely moral by human standards
  • He didn’t like to stay in one place for too long and as a result, often found himself pursuing careers where he could travel around the world
  • Staying still made him feel like there was more risk of getting caught,,, which is inevitable but I’ll talk about that later 
  • One notable thing he wound up doing was actually stealing the bride of a prince
  • Demons feed off the feelings of fear, guilt, and sin in humans, as well as their souls (or at least parts of it) and Joshua,,, hadn’t sated himself in a while
  • And dammit he was certain that stealing this particular bride would bring up lots of feelings
  • Joshua Hong, stealing your girl since 1213
  • You see what I mean when I say Joshua is old? Dude has been around for a hell of a long time 
  • Probably has all the answers to the pressing historical questions we have but isn’t giving up any information smh BUT ANYWAYS back to the bride thing
  • So like,,, Joshua had been working with this one king for a while, just as an advisor, because Joshua had already lived through plenty of generations of humans and was thusly wiser than the average bear
  • And as a result, he knew the prince and heir to the throne as well
  • Of course he didn’t know him very well considering the prince had spent much of his life going and doing princely duties and wasn’t allowed to socialize with many staff during that time, but yanno they knew each other 
  • In the year 1213, the king announced the prince’s engagement to a noblewoman from another land 
  • They bring the noblewoman over to the kingdom Joshua and the others were residing in, since her groom was the heir and everything, and immediately begin the wedding preparations
  • Joshua, who was rather bored of the present coming and goings of the royal family, decided that he was going to stir up some trouble and volunteered to help the bride-to-be get ready and plan for her wedding
  • Okay but can we talk about the above statement because it essentially translates to “Joshua Was Bored And Decided To Ruin Everything” LMAO
  • The weeks leading up to the wedding, Josh was glued to the bride’s side, giving her tender smiles, compliments laced with sweetness, and then pretending like he didn’t notice her staring while he pushed his hair back
  • He leaned much closer than necessary when pointing out something in one of her books, his voice low and gentle next to her ears, his eyes flickering over to gaze to hers as she swallowed audibly
  • It didn’t take much effort on Josh’s part at all to make her fall for him, especially when she hadn’t been in love with the prince in the first place 
  • Two nights before the wedding, she kissed him, and then a little more again the night before,,,
  • Joshua told her that he loved her, but added the whole “But you’re engaged to another, so we mustn’t”
  • Joshua, in reality, was simply feeding on the feelings of lust and greed and guilt festering within her 
  • Pretending to be anguished, he broke away from her, whispering that he would see her at the wedding the next morning, and disappeared 
  • By the time the ceremony rolled around, the bride was fidgety and visibly on edge 
  • Joshua kept himself busy to avoid staring at her, but he could sense that she was up to something by the fear and guilt radiating off her in waves
  • It was definitely piquing his curiosity,,, humans were impulsive and he wondered what sort of thing she was going to pull that night
  • The big officiating moment had barely begun with the not-quite-blushing bride loudly exclaimed “WAIT!”
  • Joshua raised his eyebrows from his place next to the king as the woman looked down at her feet, her fingers clasping and unclasping together
  • “I can’t do this,” she whispered softly, and Josh had to hold back a scoff at the gasps echoing throughout the room
  • “What is the meaning of this?” the king roared and the girl looked over at him and Josh, the latter remaining as calm and collected as ever, his back straight and full of dignity 
  • “I love another!” the girl cried, pointing to Joshua. “That man there! I love him and he loves me! He kissed me and he told me so!”
  • “Joshua?” the king demanded, his head whipping over to look at him, but Joshua seemed completely placid
  • “I don’t know what the lady is speaking of,” Joshua responded, his gaze icy cold as he stared at the shocked and horrified girl 
  • “No- no you don’t understand!” she stammered out and Joshua rolled his eyes slightly
  • Gentleman Josh who? Idk him
  • (Because let’s be honest here, demon Joshie was a gentleman towards people before he met you, but it was fake and easily disappeared, and it only became authentic when you came around to soften him up okay anyways) 
  • “Get her out of my sight! Send her back to her own country, and make sure to tell them it’s her fault that the alliance doesn’t go through. Foolish girl, spouting lies about one of my advisors, I’ll find a better bride for my son,” the king commanded bitterly, and Joshua kept an aloof expression as the girl was ushered away by staff, her eyes searching his only to find them devoid of affection
  • It was easy to say that the whole ordeal kept him feeling sated for a while 
  • Joshua lingered around that kingdom for a few more years, not messing with the next and final wedding the prince had, but eventually grew bored again and left 
  • “Remember that whole black plague thing that hit Europe and killed a massive amount of the population?” -Minhyun talking to Joshua at one point probably
  • No seriously when the black plague rolled around Joshua was lowkey tempted to stay because all these negative emotions were making all the demons in Europe insanely powerful and keeping them well fed 
  • But after a while he was like “Yeah no I’m sick of Europe,” changed his appearance, and left
  • He went to Asia briefly, which is where he had first… spawned, sorta
  • Demons were very complicated to bring into creation, and there were many ways to bring one into existence
  • Demons could have kids of course, or they could be created by other things 
  • Joshua did not have parents, rather he had been created and raised by a wizard who had long since passed away
  • But he did not live in Asia, more specifically Korea, for long once his sort-of-father died, choosing it as the prime time to travel the world 
  • Returning there was a bit nostalgic for him, but he wound up not staying long as the plague began affecting the people there as well
  • Instead he began ship-hopping, going to see what he could see around the world
  • And also to go see humans act foolishly or in an unfavorable way
  • He really did have a very poor view of humans for a long time, not yet finding them interesting and instead just finding them to be,,, well,,, rather daft
  • They kept him fed, and sometimes their unpredictability sparked a brief feeling of engagement in him, but other than that he did not care for them 
  • It wasn’t until 1444 that he became responsive to them in other ways
  • That was the year he returned to Europe, hearing that the printing press was invented and the continent was on the brink of something big
  • He stepped off the ship in fine clothing, oozing poise and dignity, bought himself a place to live, and observed as the renaissance began
  • He had never stopped to admire the things that humans could create before then, but as he watched the art and music and theater flow out of Europe, he began to see humans as more than just meat sacks full of ulterior motives lmao
  • For the next nearly two hundred years, he travelled around Europe (particularly Italy, since it was the heart of the renaissance) and watched as people like Leonardo di Vinci painted “The Last Supper” and Galileo invent and make huge leaps forward in science and math and Shakespeare write plays and Donatello create amazing sculptures
  • After he decided he wanted to see more of what humans in the rest of the world were creating, he travelled to places like Asia (again) and Africa and the Middle East and South America- anywhere he could get his knowledge craving hands on and explore 
  • However, he caused as much trouble as he could along the way, and it led to him being exposed more than once
  • The first time, however, was the time where it was really horrible for him 
  • Jumping back a bit to when the renaissance was still going on, Joshua had briefly lived in France 
  • He had gotten careless, too relaxed after decades upon decades of not being discovered and decided to feast on some souls
  • He pushed it a bit too far though, growing greedy as he left body after body in his wake 
  • Humans may not have been as smart as him, but they were smart enough to figure out was going on 
  • The village had a strong sense of superstition at the time, especially when it came down to demons, and often accused others of being demons
  • This time though, they were right
  • They chased Joshua out of house and home in the middle of the night, sending word to all the towns and cities nearby that there was a demon on the loose 
  • Demon-hunters came out of the works, and Joshua found himself on the run with no money or possessions, just the clothes on his back
  • Demons had,,, powers,,, yes,,, but Joshua had very few since he was still kinda young by demon standards, and besides,, using them in the mortal world meant repercussions 
  • Repercussions that often meant going down to Hell for a time, and Joshua despised it down there 
  • It’s Hell, like dude, it’s not a very fun place to be 
  • It’s even less fun when you’re a demon who got exposed and was being hunted down by humans 
  • So he ran, and sometimes had to fight like hell (no pun intended) for his life and survival
  • Those five years on the run were easily the worst of his life,,,
  • He often slept on the streets, not for very long out of fear of being caught by a human, and rarely had time to feed so he was often starving, which meant he was often slipping when it came to looking like a human
  • Meaning that he often wound up looking more demon than human,,, which only made things worse for hi
  • He didn’t have money to start over somewhere new, and he couldn’t even get out of France to try to in the first place 
  • Slowly, he worked towards escaping France, fleeing to Belgium to feed there
  • Once he was fed, he moved down to Italy again, working to gain his fortune back again for the next several years
  • Jumping forward again, let’s discuss what life was like for him after the first time you two were separated, shall we? 
  • Joshua missed you deeply, and everyone who met him again once he had left you could see that he had visibly softened
  • He rarely stole souls anymore, and even when he did he never took the entirety of a soul or from someone who was in love 
  • He was,,, kinder to humans as well, and his gentlemanly personality seemed much more genuine now
  • When he settled down in towns for long periods of time, he was much more interactive with the citizens
  • He still came off as a very mysterious man to them, but he didn’t avoid speaking to them at all costs like he had before he met you 
  • Your existence had changed him,,, and he regarded the world around him differently
  • It had all been fascinating to him once, he had been like scholar in a library full of mysteries,,, but now he didn’t just regard it with a searching and questioning mind 
  • He saw the beauty in the world, and saw humans with even higher value than before
  • When it came to his friends, he was warmer to them, and acted more carefree, laughing and smiling easily
  • But they could all see he carried a grief with him, and often his eyes would turn somber as a bittersweet smile crossed his features 
  • They knew it was because of you,,, honestly they never thought they’d see a day where a human would make Joshua have a change of heart like this
  • But Josh knew he had never been happier than when he was your husband, and he would spend the rest of his days chasing after you
  • He knew he likely wouldn’t end up with you in every lifetime of yours, and that it would probably be a long long time before you remembered him and it stuck for you
  • But he didn’t care so long as he could, at the very least, see you from time to time 
  • A year after news of your death travelled to his ears, Joshua was introduced to another demon his friends new
  • Her name was Pele, and she was young and foolish and full of energy
  • And she also happened to attach to Joshua like a damn leech the moment she met him
  • She had a huge crush on him, to put it mildly, and begged him and some of his friends to teach her the ropes of being a demon 
  • So for he agreed to stay in a lodging with her and other demons and supernaturals for the next few years
  • She knew nothing of your existence, and sincerely thought that if she got enough face time with Joshua, she could make him return her feelings
  • She was always seen clinging onto him, pestering him with questions and a smile on her face that never seemed quite right thanks to her sharp teeth and devilish features that seemed to be present even in her human form 
  • Joshua tried to pay her no mind and managed to even shake her off an impressive amount of times
  • He literally felt no attraction towards her, or anyone else for that matter,,, his heart was completely filled up by you 
  • It wasn’t until nearly a year had passed when Wonwoo met the girl and finally just broke the news that her pining was useless
  • When she demanded to know why, he told her that, simply put, Joshua’s heart belonged to a human and he was waiting for them (you) to be reincarnated so he could be by their (your) side again
  • Not able to believe what she was hearing, she whisked off to find Joshua
  • He was sitting in the home library, flipping through a novel, and didn’t even bother to glance up when Pele slammed the door open
  • She blushed in embarrassment when he mentioned “This is library, Pele, you’re supposed to be working on your manners” 
  • So she shut the door quietly and sat down next to him, peering at his face as he continued to read silently, his face indifferent to what was happening
  • “I heard you’re in love with a human,” she said bluntly, and that got him to stop, his body going rigid as he look up from his book to the wall
  • The rush of emotions in his eyes was obvious to the demon sitting next to him, as was the way his features seemed to visibly ease
  • He sighed and closed his book, setting it down on the table before speaking
  • “I do love a human, they passed away a couple years ago,” his voice was low, his eyes growing a bit distant as he thought of you. 
  • “Why would you love a human? I can’t stand the things, they’re just food,” Pele asked, disgust and disdain in her tone, and Joshua chuckled slightly. 
  • “That’s how I can tell you’re still young, Pele,” he told her gently. “When I was still young, I didn’t care for humans much either, and then I saw other sides of them. I saw that they could create things more beautiful than anything I could imagine, I saw how deeply they could care for things, I saw how brave they could be, even when facing a demon like myself, I saw that they could hold goodness in their hearts.”
  • “You’re a demon, you’re supposed to hate good things,” Pele argued, scrunching up her nose and crinkling her eyes together, but Joshua just shook his head
  • “That’s not true at all. Younger demons are so angry and full of that endless energy, but they soon realize that it doesn’t have to be good against evil. Just because you are a demon and inherently malevolent doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of virtue in you as well. One of my best friends is an angel, he’s one of the reasons I’ve learned to at least appreciate goodness,” Joshua responded
  • The contrast between the young demon and the now much older one was growing more and more obvious to the former of the two, and she found herself quietly asking “What is it about this human that you like so much?”
  • And with a love that could’ve put Romeo and Juliet to shame, Joshua began to describe you
  • He described your features that, in his humble opinion, formed the most perfect looking human, only enhanced by the faults you had 
  • He told her about how the two of you had met, how you treated him as though you had known him for years when he had in fact just met you and was only looking to buy some bread 
  • He talked about the wedding with a lingering smile on his face, one Pele had never seen on the demon before and was full of devotion and longing 
  • He illustrated what an amazing person you were, how warm and admirable your personality was, how you always greeted him when he came home with a grin and a kiss that he swore he never wanted to break away from, how you were so wonderful in contrast to his wicked he was at his core
  • How you made him feel like more than just a demon who had done plenty of horrible things, from breaking up relationships to stealing lives and souls to thievery to countless other stuff 
  • “I miss them every single second,” he admitted, his tone a bit conclusive as he finished up his speech, but it was clear his mind was long gone, to a place where he was still with you, his arms tight around you in the morning before the world called the both of you out of bed “But I knew it wasn’t good for me to be around them much longer and I had to leave. I hope that someday, I’ll be able to live long and happy years with them again.”

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Good evening! Any ideas on how to stop/limit intrusive thoughts?

The first thing that comes to mind is something that helps me a lot which is positive self talk and I made a post about it. 

On top of that, I just try to breathe and like keep saying something else in my head like “it will be okay,” or some little mantra like that. I try to counter act the bad thoughts. To do this you need to calm your body as well as reassure your mind. Also try focusing on other things when you can. 

Recognize the thought, but then mindfully let it go. Just be really mindful of yourself and your emotions and make your body and brain calm and safe. 

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Hey Matthew, I hope you are doing ok and wanted to ask does the bear ever speak to you or does it just sit there sometimes smiling at you?, also what do you do in your spare time?, cause i imagine you must keep yourself busy somehow ^~^

“I’m doing well! And of course Kumajuno talks to me! He’s my best friend, and a very clever bear.”

“In my spare time? Well, I enjoy ice skating and hockey whenever I can, sometimes maybe go out hiking, or visit family…but I also like to stay home and relax too.”

sun and moon are just as challenging as the original pokemon games, theyre just a lot less boring.

like i do not believe for a second ANYBODY enjoyed grinding for hours to keep their red/blue team somewhere near balanced. or having to go around and talk to a very specific npc to get an item you didnt even know you needed.

sumo & usum take the boring bits out, by giving you an exp share early on your team can remain fairly evenly-leveled throughout the game- by clearly outlining your objectives and checkpoints you never get lost running around in circles. but battles against totem pokemon, or tough trainers, are still REALLY challenging and require skill and strategy to win! its a really good game! i love it!

imagine being forced into doing the same thing everyday which includes going to school/college/work, meeting people, smiling back at people when they smile at you in order not to sound rude, engaging in non-intellectual everyday talks and gossips, staying away from the things that actually keep you motivated like isolation, being forced to exchange social media accounts with other people, being forced to go out with a group of people because everyone else said so and you can’t just say no, like?????? WHY YOU NO LET ME INTP PEACEFULLY.

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Just curious are their any dreamons (or any of your characters in general) that you don’t enjoy drawing a lot? How do you you get motivation to draw them? Thank you for your time ^u^

Most of my characters are pretty self indulgent so I dont think there is one that I dont enjoy drawing. Sometimes I do get frustrated with designing them. Proportions can get wonky and stress me out for characters like oranhamme and b. jacks. Ultimately what keeps me going though is that I just really like them and want to draw them right. Its frustrating but its okay if I mess up. You’re bound to have bad drawings and I think with each try I learn so if it takes 1, 10, 100 drawings I’ll keep going because I know in the end I’ll get what I need out of this. But also researching and reference help a lot.

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hey, so i'm a trans boy who came out in June and started using my preferred name. i always though it was a masculine name, but people keep assuming it's a shortened version of a feminine one, misgendering me. should i change my name to something else or should i just tell them "no, that's not it" considering i can SOMETIMES pass, but not always?

Lee says:

This is your choice, there’s nothing you “should” do in this situation. If you want to keep your chosen name then go for it! If you would rather change it, then go for it! 

You can make a pro/con list to help you make a decision. Does your happiness with the name outweigh folks thinking it’s a girl’s name? Do you think that’ll become less frequent in the future as you continue your transition, or do you not want to take chances? How attached are you to your name? How upset do you get when people think it’s short for a feminine name? Do you care, or are you ok with brushing it off?

unpopular opinion


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Hi there! There are two things that I want to do. First, tell you how much of an amazing person you are and how much I love your writing! Keep going strong! Secondly, how about some Sidon, Yunobo, Daruk, Revali, and Teba reacting to having their s/o take multiple photos of them in the hopes of creating a scrapbook of memories for them to look back on?

Thank you!!! I know I haven’t been on much due to a cocktail of depression, arm brace and just stress, so I really appreciate it sweetie! I’ll keep doing my best!

And heck yea you can have some sweet headcanons!

-Mod Pinks

Scrapbooking s/o (BOTW)

  • Sidon
    • The second takes a picture of him, he’s immediately curious as to what they’re up to. Why were they taking pictures? And why did they seem rather shy about it?
    • Has no idea what scrapbooking is, mostly due to the fact that photos aren’t a really common thing, but is delighted when s/o explains it to him.
    • From then on, Sidon almost always ask for one photo whenever they do something fun together. Might “borrow” the camera and sneak a few of his own in.
  • Yunobo
    • “E-eh? You want to take pictures of me, goro?”
    • He’s a bit (hella) camera shy so he’s not quite sure with the idea of it at first. What if his hair looks bad? Is his smile too goofy? Bluno keeps photo-bombing, how is this going to work???
    • But, again, the fact that its such a sweet and heartfelt concept gets him to open up more, and with time Yunobo even makes a few suggestions!
  • Daruk
    • “A photo? GWAHAHA why didn’t you just ask?”
    • He doesn’t even need to know why- if s/o wants a photo, then s/o is going to get a photo! Doesn’t mind how many they get of him too, though s/o will struggle to get one of him relaxed- somehow he always manages to pose showing off his muscles.
    • Might be moved to tears when they show him the finished product- he wasn’t expecting it at all! Will sit with s/o and go through all the memories smiling.
  • Revali
    • “Get my good-side!”
    • Another one who doesn’t really question it at first. They want a photo, he’s pose epicly! So long as he’s in flight, that is. The second they’re taking photos of him, like… reading, he’ll be more self-conscious and ask.
    • Might not admit it to anyone, but when he does see the finished product he needs a moment to make sure he doesn’t get tears in the scrapbook. He’s really touched and loves it!
  • Teba
    • The reason he finds out s/o is photographing him is because they can’t get a single shot of him not moving! Everytime they try to take a shot, even if he’s sitting, they somehow wind up with a blur.
    • Is… unsure how to feel about photos, bu t knowing what the end product will be warms his heart and gets him to sit down and stay still for pictures.
    • Loves the scrapbook, and anytime he’s feeling nervous or uneasy, going through it relaxes him quite a bit.

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I can't stop crying this max//vid shit keeps popping up on my feed and I??? Don't want to see it??

I want you to do a couple things for me.

Breathe in for 5 seconds, out for 7. Do this repeatedly until you feel a little better. Then get some tea or any hot drink, even hot cocoa, and distract yourself. Keep off the Camp Camp tag for a while until you can handle it just a bit better. It’s hard sweetheart, it’s really hard. But it’s going to be okay.

One of these days they will need to learn through their thick skulls that it isn’t an okay ship. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction.

If you’re on mobile, I don’t have a solution other than keeping off the tag. But if you’re on PC, https://dadvidismycanonheadcanon.tumblr.com/post/166848690742/okay-so-quick-question-how-exactly-do-you-block this will save you.

Directium has also offered a blocking list, and due to her wishes and requests I can not give you the list. So you’ll need to go to her.

I’m sorry again that this happened to you. It makes me cry just by knowing you had to see that. I’m not kidding. That shit is awful and you deserve so much fucking better. Please PM me if you need anything else. Even if I’m not awake and you need to vent.

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Hey so I don't know if you heard about The FCC trying to take Net Neutrality away but it just frustrates me so much like seriously Trump and his administration is starting to make me hate being and living in America like I'm seriously considering moving to Canada or Europe my sister and dad don't think that they're actually going to be able to repeal Net Neutrality but still I'm worried what do you think

I think if it doesn’t repeal now, they’ll just keep trying. They’ll keep trying to repeal the ACA and pass their shit tax plan until we can overtake their Republican agenda. They think that if they keep trying that we’ll finally stop fighting, but that’s not gonna happen.

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Okay, not a secret or anything, but I just gotta say this: Every time I go on Tumblr and scroll through my dash, I can almost be certain to find some small little heartwarming post from you that makes me smile and regain a bit of my faith in humanity! Seriously, you are such a nice person! Just keep on being lovely :)

Thank you so much for this, it means the world <3 It’s what I want - to try and bring a smile on people’s faces. And it makes me happy to hear that I am able to do that, for at least one person.

Thank you for sending this *hugs you tightly* <3333

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(this is urgent) so animal crossing pocket camp has come out and like!! i was so excited to play it!! but i can't because it isn't supported by my phone,,, it's just like what happened with pokemon go!! pokemon and animal crossing are special interests. so now i'm seeing it all over my dash and i keep crying.. it's not like i can blacklist tags because i'm on mobile but.. it really really hurts and i can't stop crying and i don't know what to do,, what should i do?

I think the best thing to do here is to take a break from Tumblr until the hype calms down. If seeing these things are upsetting you this much, then you need to make sure you don’t see them. 


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For Frangi: love your choice for RF's best smile, the one w/ CD, "Fic Writers Heaven". If that was of Carrie & Quinn, how would you caption it? And what about that one of the 2 of them running toward the camera all smiles? Mine: "Hey Carrie & Quinn, you just quit the CIA. What are you gonna do now?" "We're going to Disney World!" 😂

That’s a fun ask!

Carrie: I am still not sure about this.

Quinn: Too late, Mrs Quinn. It’s a done deal, you signed and said yes.

Carrie: Oh fuck, Saul had too much cake.

Quinn: Just keep smiling, Rob will drag him out.

Carrie: No, Rob’s busy dancing with Martha.

Carrie: Fuck, I can’t believe we did it.

Quinn: Whatever you need Carrie.

Carrie: Again? Now?

Quinn: Just give me five minutes.

Carrie: Fine. My car. Now.

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so this might be a weird question but do you think there are just some people that cant be little? I enjoy being one more than anything but i dont think i can keep going without a caregiver. Im shy I tend to stay away from people so ive never had a caregiver and i feel alone when i regress plus i have to take care of myself in a way so i dont fully regress. Littlespace is incredible but maybe im not good enough to be a little or have a caregiver? Sorry for this long ask. Have a nice day!

I believe anyone can be a little under the right circumstances. I know being a little without a caregiver is hard especially because you still have to take care of yourself when you regress. Have you maybe tried to take a day when you are off work or school to do all of your chores and any other responsibilities you have to take care of. So then when you have everything done that you need to do then you could try getting into little space and you could fully regress. You could try and watch some little shows or color/draw/paint. 

You do not have to feel alone when you regress. Have you tried to make any little friends? Sometimes having a little friend to talk to in little space can help because you can both be there for each other. I know it is scary but you just have to reach out to someone who seems nice and let everything happen from there. I know there are a lot of littles that follow me that are always looking for new friends. I am sure there is someone who would love to be your friend and be there for you when you are in little space.

Life can be stressful and I know being little can really help take some of the edge off. Please do not give up on being little. You are more than good enough to be a little and one day you will find a caregiver to help take care of you.