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Happy Valentine's Day! I actually came up with another Bughead prompt today. Basically, Betty injures herself doing a lift during cheer practice, and Jughead "just happens" to be there (really he was watching her cheer). Betty can't go home because she doesn't want her mother to get angry at her for being reckless, so Jughead takes her to his place and cleans up her wound. Lots of worried, protective Jughead :)

YOU GOT IT! You can tell how old this is (1) By it being sent on Valentine’s day and (2) Because it asks for Jughead’s place lol. Sorry about that, but I made it really long so I hope that helps :)

I improvised for the lack of jughead’s place + I have cheer experience so leggo (I have been informed this turned out super fluffy oops)

1311 words / G / AO3

It’s a sunny day at Riverdale High, with the cheerleaders and football team outside for practice due to the nice weather.

It’s the middle of cheer practice and time for the vixens to practice their lifts. This will be the first time in their new formation on the grass, and Betty is excited as she is going to be the flyer in this one. She is going up.

Veronica sees her excitement and comes up to her for the water break before they do their first attempt.

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That’s What Friends Are For

@hamwriters write-a-thon: femslash day (2)

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

summary: Pippa is reader’s childhood best friend and when reader finally gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she is right there for her through all the tears. 

warnings: swearing, very brief mention of sex, i think that’s all?

words: 2894

a/n: this is going to be a little two part bit of fluff. i was just going to make it into one part, but that was a LOT of writing to finish in one night, so i decided to split it up. i hope you enjoy!!

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

“Luke, I can’t keep doing this!” You snapped as your boyfriend came stumbling through the front door of your shared apartment. It was 1 am and he reeked of alcohol and another woman’s perfume, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Falling limply into your arms, Luke let out a loud groan from the back of his throat then mumbled a few incoherent words. You grabbed onto him tightly to drag him over to the sofa just a few feet away and tossed him there with a sigh.

“You were supposed to be at a meeting for work,” you hissed at the dark haired man.

His response was much less coherent, but you were able to figure it out through the slurs. “But baby, I was!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! I have proof right in front of my eyes that you weren’t at a meeting!”

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tecdora  asked:

do you think the karamel haters will stand in the way of their relationship in future seasons because i want them to be endgame sooo bad

You and me both!! You know how I like to keep it positive so I don’t think they will but it all depends on what they have in store for Karamel and how the audience, in general, will react to it. I’m like 90% sure that for now, Mon-El and Karamel aren’t going anywhere so we can just enjoy it because we’re about to get a lot more than we even asked for and there’s no use worrying about what will happen next.

I feel like everyone in the Supergirl Staff must know, just like I do, that the reason why antis are being so loud right now is because Karamel just got together, the whole thing is very new and fresh and they’re all going crazy. Just give them time. I believe that they will eventually get tired and the hate will die out (even if it never really disappears) because no one can be that negative and whiny for too long. It’s exhausting and they will soon get tired and find something else to obsess about. I’ve seen that happen in other fandoms. Moreover, Mon-El is still growing and his character is still changing. He’ll be a superhero soon and that’ll win some people over as he becomes more “likable”.

Also let’s be honest, Karamel is creating a reaction from the audience. People aren’t apathetic like they have been toward past romantic relationships on the show. It is one of the most talked about couples right now whether people love them or hate them and that’s actually good for the show. They want people to talk in order to create buzz around the show and attract some new fans which is actually happening right now mostly thanks to the amazing chemistry between Melissa and Chris. The Karamel fandom is growing considerably and that’s for sure. I’ve had blogs that I follow from other fandoms starting to watch the show because of Karamel, I see people reblogging my posts and commenting about how they want to start watching Supergirl because of them. So as time goes by, the Karamel fandom will grow and the antis will increase and I’m sure whoever makes the creative decisions for Supergirl also know that and they aren’t about to throw away the relationship anytime soon when they have so much potential. 

 So we’ll see but for now just enjoy and don’t worry too much ;)

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I'm so proud of all of you. I'm so glad you don't have to worry about Shredder anymore. There's still bad guys out there to fight, but I know you can do it. I know Leo's going to be under a lot of pressure being the knew Sensei, but if any of you can do it it's him. Keep up the great work. I wish you the best of luck. ^ ^ ~Courtney

I know Shredder is not a worry anymore. Also, just because of that, it’s not over. Of course there is always gonna be bad guys out there!

But Leo’s not alone. He has all of us! And there is nothing he can do about it! Heh heh…

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I am a white, queer, 15 year old girl, and I am heartbroken with everything that is going on in America right now. Is there any way I can speak out or help my country in this time of distress, even as a teenager?

I feel like the most concise advice I can give you is to speak up. Whether it’s online or in “real life,” we just gotta keep speaking up. We have to let the monsters in power know that we are not going to let them do these things without resistance.

Sharing articles on social media, calling out bullshit (which is rampant, due to the poisonous presence of islamophobia and racism, in particular, here in America) when you see it, acting as an ally to vulnerable groups who are directly threatened by this regime, supporting and elevating the voices of other people who are speaking up (even if it’s as simple as a reblog), looking into local activist groups and attending rallies or protests (if you’re able to do so), supporting politicians, whether in office or running for office, that aim to combat the actions of Orange Nightmare and his cronies, contacting your representatives to let them know how you feel about what’s going on (there’s a great app called Countable that lets you keep track of what’s going on in congress, share your opinions about it, and directly message your reps), and whatever else you can do that will send the message that we will not go down without a fight.

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"To have faith in what you're doing... can we help you up your confidence, do you think? Or is that just something that'll have to come with practice?"

“I think it’s just something I need to practice… it’s hard to really keep my nerve when I know someone’s going to be physically there, watching me do this. But I know you guys will be there ‘in spirit’, as always - so maybe I don’t have too much to worry about?”

“Anyway, I just need to drop off some books at the library, and I’ll be heading home. Keep sending questions if you want, and I’ll catch up with you guys in a little while!”

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Hi can you do a Kara x female reader we're Kara gets really jealous and possessive cause someone keeps flirting with the reader please thank you

Originally posted by lenacorp

When Alex tells you about the new club that just opened, you decide to seize the opportunity to go out with all your friends and your girlfriend after a long week at work. 

“This place is sweet!” exclaims Winn as you all walk in. The club is swarming with people, the booming music resonating in your ears. A young girl stumbles over to you and mutters something incoherant in your ear before walking away to join some equally as drunk girls on the dance floor. You raise an eyebrow in confusion, curious to know what she said, but ultimately brush the thing off as simply some drunken combination of randoms words. 

You’re at the bar ordering a drink for Kara when a man approaches you. 

“Hey, sexy.” He leans closer to you, an overwhelming scent of cheap beer and cigarettes filling your nostrils. “I saw you walk in earlier, and I just knew I had to have you.” You roll your eyes at his words. He takes a step closer to you. “My girl likes you too. In fact, she saw you before I did.” A brunette appears by his side at that moment, linking arms with him. It’s the same girl from before. 

“Damn right I did.” She slurs. She breaks away from her boyfriend, stepping towards you with shaky legs. “You’re really hot-” She gently brushes her hand against yours. “-so, why don’t you join John and I out back, hmm?” 

You’re so taken aback that you don’t even know what to say, but thankfully you don’t need to say anything, because Kara is by your side the second that girl reaches for you again. 

“She’s not interested.” She growls, snaking her arm around your waist and pressing your body tightly against hers.

The brunette ogles you one last time before turning to Kara. “She can speak for herself, bitch. Besides, who are you to say what she is or isn’t interested in?”

“I’m her girlfriend.” Kars snarls. “I know what interests her, and sex with you and your boyfriend definitely doesn’t. So back off.”

You try to contain your smile as the couple walk off and Kara pulls you closer, kissing you passionately. When she breaks away from the kiss, you’re still grinning like a toddler. 

“What?” She laughs, holding your hands in hers. 

“Nothing,” you say, giggling. “I just never pegged you as the jealous type. It’s kind of hot.”

The fire in your girlfriend’s eyes from before faded, leaving just the striking yet soft blue ones you know and love. 

“It’s just…the thought of you with anyone but me, it drives me crazy.” You gently tuck Kara’s hair behind her ear. 

“You have nothing to worry about, babe.” You assure her. “I’m yours.”

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You know people bashing j-army's because they don't "support BTS" can leave. Some of them don't have enough money to buy BTS albums, merch, tickets etc. it's disappointing seeing in the army fandom bashing others country's :/ just because BTS is going there

yeah i’ve seen some people saying that it’s not japan that gets bts on billboard so why do they get so many dates, and i’m just like?????? y’all are stingy man. i mean like i’m obviously upset that i can’t go to any of the tour dates in america bc they’re too far away from where i live but that doesn’t mean i’m hating on people that live closer north?? they keep announcing dates, and yes bighit should totally capitalize on the fact they they have a large european fanbase, but just bc japan gets a lot of dates doesn’t mean you should blame them for that? like cool you guys get 13 dates with bts, that’s great maybe one day they’ll get to perform at the tokyo dome which is a goal for almost every kpop artist, and if it takes them a month of stops in japan to get one step higher to achieving that goal then that’s great

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Ooh for the four word prompt can you do 'don't be so rude'? Thanks

The puppy was starting to drive Dan crazy. You had told your best friend that you would watch her little pup for the next few days while she went home to visit her mother and father. 

“He never stops playing. He’s like a play monster. How can one little thing keep going and running and biting and crying and peeing and eating.” Dan loves dogs but you were sure he just forgot how much work puppies are. 

“You forgot sleeping. That would be everything a puppy does.” You couldn't help but smirk as the puppy kept bringing every toy in the room to Dan’s feet, The pup took an instant love towards Dan. This, of course, made Phil sad because he was trying so hard to get the puppies attention. 

“That’s the only thing I haven’t seen the puppy do.” Dan picked up a bunch of the toys before tossing them around the room to make the puppy a little bit busy for the next two minutes.

“Why are you so grumpy? Puppies are meant to bring people happiness and love.” The little wiggle butt was now jumping up at your legs begging to be picked up and cuddle. You give in and place him on the couch between yourself and Dan. The pup couldn't help himself from wanting Dan’s attention. He was a bit like you in the need of Dan’s attention department. He still has to learn the lesson that if you want Dan’s attention you never pick when he is editing a video. 

“Why on earth is he licking my hand. I need this to edit little brown fuzz ball.” This was one of the first times Dan had actually talked to the dog and not about the dog. 

“Don’t be so rude. You love your mum and dad’s dog with all of your heart. Why not this little guy.” You now had the puppy in your hands holding him up to Dan’s facing praying that the baby would give a little lick to his dimple.

“He’s too cute. What if you replace me with him?” Where was this playful Dan hiding for the last few hours? 

“I love him because he is soft and cuddly. He also begs for my attention. But he could never replace your kisses as his are sweet but you don’t lick your own balls.” Dan tossed his laptop to the coffee table before tackling you in kisses as the puppy barked along with the play fighting. Hopefully, the dog starts to grow on him because if a puppy was annoying him imagine him finding out about the baby inside of you.

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Upcoming lake house episode (based on promo stills) seems like a Q intervention. What do you think it means when Showtime promotes it as "Quinn accepts his situation?" I feel like this is the episode when we get a Q breakthrough and, for the sake of TV, we establish that Q is finally "recovered" and he can go back to his bad ass Quinning self. I am curious, though, as to what it might mean for CQ. Not asking for spoilers, just your thoughts.

By now you probably also saw the Astrid and Quinn promo clip about the deal Dar Adal has apparently made to keep him out of lock-up? Seems to me like the situation he will (seemingly?) accept is that he has to stay out of the city and the public eye for a while. However, so far Quinn has been right, and not paranoid even though it looks like he is, so I am not yet convinced he really needs to “accept” anything. If he feels he needs to go back to the city and figure things out, he is probably right. So I don’t really know what “breakthrough” he needs other than to articulate his suspicions in a logical way, and to not react quite so aggressively.

My hope is that when Quinn gets back on his feet, he and Carrie will work together again. After all, they fell in love in a professional setting, and partly because they were such a good team. It should be really good for them and it’s also really entertaining to watch.

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I really love your matt style! He's so cute QwQ can you show your process of drawing his face and hair? I really want to know how you get the cuteness in him. Only if you want to though! No pressure! Just wanted to say I love your style and to keep going on your amazing work! ❤️

since u r such a sweetheart, here have a matt^^

aaaaaah!!! >////< tysm!!! tho i dunno how to show u how i draw him, cause i…just….draw him…like i normally do, i guess? lmao ^ ^;;;

ok, this might make some of you sad, but I’m going to weed through requests that have some redundancy - too many of the same sexual act or plant type.

also, if you sent me a request via messenger or as a comment, please send the request to my inbox so I can keep track of it - otherwise I’ll probably forget about it…

If I do happen to delete your request it’s nothing personal, I like all of the requests I’ve read - just trying to pare down. c:

So I was thinking about everything all night and all morning and like yes I DO want to be with him so much but I do understand that why he might feel it’s a lot of pressure or whatever right now even though he does want to be with me so I feel like I can be okay with it if he just wants to keep things as they have been for the last few weeks because that’s been going really well, I just can’t handle the thought of him having feelings for anyone else or doing anything with anyone else and I don’t want to do that either I’d die so uGhhehdhdhshshjfkkdkfkskkf

Sorry for always posting all this stuff on here guys it’s just helpful for me to talk about it like this 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Hey, a lot of people were talking about SE selfie day and I thought that you guys can make a post about it making it formal or not doing the selfie day thing.

Hey braycereal, 

At least for now, we are going to keep out of fandom affairs unless we are invited to certain fandom events. We want to keep the SE community as free and unrestricted by the staff as possible. You guys do you.

You can organize anything you want, but we will always ask before officially participating in things like that. This might not apply to individual staff members who just want to have some fun, but the staff won’t officially make something formal when it comes to fandom events. 

Serena, Project Manager

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Can it be our names? Can the name be made up? Can the name be half real and half fictional?

haha well the name should be accurate to the character - a white british eighteen-year-old boy. aside from that… go wild i guess! suggest what you want! but keep it reasonable lmao. i do have the right to say no to your suggestion if you suggest something that just wouldn’t work or was inappropriate. and the name should not be one i’ve used before, obviously haha

i did assume CLIC Sargent would include the full character description that i provided them, but they didn’t. so here’s what i gave them:

This character is a secondary character, though still has an important role in the novel. He is a white, British, eighteen-year-old boy. He is eager to appear cool and on-trend, and is overly friendly in an attempt to make connections with others, though this just makes him appear slightly fake, generic, and almost like he’s lying about something.

This character has formed a close online relationship with a girl named Juliet, and in the book, they meet in real life for the first time and become even closer… until things get complicated. The book’s first narrator, Angel, who is Juliet’s friend, doesn’t trust him and finds him annoying.

Hey friends,

So due to my health and mental health, this blog will slow down. I no longer can keep up with the channels I follow and haven’t been able to find help running this blog.

I will still do my best to keep the queue going but there will be days with more reblogs instead of my original posts.

I really apologize to anyone that actually follows this blog with regularity, I just don’t have the energy at this time to force myself to keep up and keep everything tagged and queued. And I’ve been really stressed about letting this blog down for some reason.

Hopefully if my health gets better I can do more again in the future.

But hopefully you understand and are okay with more reblogs for now.