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All their paths seem too distant apart, but Jongin was an angel craving chaos and Kyungsoo was a demon seeking peace, and that’s how they balanced each other out~
Mafia boss!Soo & Petshop owner!Jongin ft. corgi…and lemme tell you it was a perfect excuse to draw a corgi *wheezes*

DAY-1. DAY-2. DAY-3

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if i put aside half of my paycheck each week i should? have enough for a new laptop in about four weeks??? i think, depending how big the hit to my pay is with how much theyre cutting hours,,, but atleast this gives me a chance to practice traditional art for awhile? or maybe develop jacques’ story better and get to writing that,, work on homework.

I    WILL    DELETE    THIS    IN               a    hot    sec    but    i    just    wanted    to    say    that    im    okay    with    you    criticising    my    work    here    and    giving    me    the     chance     to    disagree    even    if    i    think    it    is    harsh  .        bc    i     did     ask    for    feedback  .        but    i    tried    to    be    polite    and    now    ive    just    received    U gly    messages     that    i    will    no    longer    be    responding    to  .         PLS     be    polite    and    positive    on    here  .        it’s    uncalled    for  .        i    am    always    happy    to    discuss    this    off    anon  .            also    i    meant     talent    for    BALLET     since    i    have    been    dancing    since    i    was    two    years    old    and    i’m    fairly    certain    you    can’t    comment    on    my    level    of     capability     in    that    department  .

account theme ideas?

Last few posts have been reblogs from soft, pink, LGBT, and support accounts. Thoughts on continuing this type of content??

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Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??

“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

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“God I love you,” he gasped as he broke away for air.

Ladybug froze, her eyes widening in awe at his sudden declaration. Adrien was poised above her, his shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders, one arm holding his weight while the other hand ran lovingly through her hair. He looked at her with eyes full of pure adoration, as if she was the sun and moon and stars all wrapped together into one glorious being.

For all their months of stolen kisses and secret meetings, they had never put a name to their relationship. Never once had they put words behind the feelings that drove them together.

super quick ladrien for bane for her new nsfw series of fics, drawn to you :D this one is from chapter 1, which i died over. it’s so sweet ;0; it’s smut but it’s super jdkfsklfjskl just really romantic and i’m still dead about it srsly ;0; bless u baneeeeeee 


I….I finally did it after a along ass time scrapping scenes

The lyric comic is based on a comment in the music video which was this: “This version sounds like she’s mourning the potential.”

The idea began from that, where a different color on your skin represents the love and affection you have for the person. If you don’t see your color on them, then your love is unrequited.

There is some elements of my GTA 5 AU in this comic hence the guns and stuff. Also fun fact: Wildcat’s convo with Vanoss hints to my Minicat comic that I made before. Wildcat knows what Vanoss is going through and he didn’t want his friend to suffer the same heartbreak like he did.

Anyway hope you enjoy it!

Sometimes I wonder how I can love books so much but not have read many of them but I recently started rereading a 17 book series for the 4th time and I think I’ve worked it out


Quote 14: “Great, what did you bring home this time?” for @aconsultinghobbitinthetardis and @johnlockismyreligion

I wanted John to be the one who brought home some unwanted stuff instead of the usual “Sherlock has brought home a dead (insert species)’s head” XDD

Hope you don’t mind:)

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