just just just cute

In a bit of an art rut atm, but I was able to will myself to sketch my best girl, Rei. She’s doing a good job being a hero. Probably will make this a real picture later.


SeKai being domestic again! 

Imagine Woozi subconsciously patting Dino’s head during an interview.

BONUS: Because he know it was a habit of Woozi’s to subconsciously do that, Dino just kept quiet and let the older continue patting his head.

AAAAAHHHH~ My MM Summer Zine Bundle came!!!



OoOoOoOoOoMmMmMmGgGgGgGG!!!! IT’S MAH PIECE!!!!!!! 


Thank you SO MUCH @mmsummerzine @karenaikara and mehgumi for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this amazing zine!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! You have been amazing to work with and honestly you’ve done such a fantastic job with it. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PAGE. You should be very proud of yourselves ^-^ I will treasure this for life~ <3