just just just cute

Taking my usual break between VLD seasons to catch up on things I’ve put on the backburner to watch~ My friend suggested this series a long time ago and I never got around to reading/watching it until now. 

I marathoned this whole series in a week HAHAA. Ofc I love Todoroki the most!!! He’s so precious T_T Plz save him……my new son…….


“Just the idea that in the background they’re, like, basically ‘I love you. I love you.’ “

….so, you guys think that Spock and Nyota managed to do other things at the party beside staring at each other with heart eyes the whole time? lol
It wouldn’t surprise me if he spent the whole evening at her side and was alone only when she left him to get a refill of their drinks.^ he’s hopeless(ly in lurve).

The best thing about these two is that I’m still undecided if the looks they share here are the flirty ‘my body is here but my mind is on last night and I can’t wait to be alone with you and have you in my bed again’  we-did-the-do look (especially when she smiles at herself before touching the necklace and starting to tease him about his previous plans), or they are at the very beginning of getting back together but have not yet restored the physical intimacy part, entirely, yet and they can’t wait to be alone and do-the-do.
I imagine that between the party and them leaving together for new vulcan in the comics a lot of things must have happened, and I like to think they healed by sorta going back to when they firstly started dating.. lots of talking and cute dates.

Au where in Chapter 2 they all challenge Pennywise to a dance battle and shame him into submission with their sick moves and they all live happily ever after and no one dies